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what is your favourite song that you hear on a loop?

armeentahir492’s Profile PhotoArmeen
I was listening to Blockbuster song by Coke Studio and came to knew that Xulfi is the music director. So, it took me back when I was a kid and used to listen the call band. Xulfi for this generation is music director whereas for 90s kid like me. He is a great singer and guitarist
https://youtu.be/f3iN0lwdEL0?si=NfNaTDIDHgcj-W4Qhassanjamal4’s Video 175304256945 f3iN0lwdEL0hassanjamal4’s Video 175304256945 f3iN0lwdEL0

What is your current favorite quote, song, or meme?

tristanandiseult3’s Profile PhotoMarie the Clumsy
My favourite song? It's difficult to answer, there are many of them.
I listen to a lot of wonderful songs for me personally, from singers and groups. Favorite singer - Amy Winehouse.
Favorite quote: "To the world you are someone, but to others you are the whole world".
What is your current favorite quote song or meme

What type of music do you enjoy? 🙂

ManWithout1plan’s Profile PhotoManWithout1Plan
I am a music lover, but I prefer the genres of soul, jazz, blues, rock, hard rock, r&b, club and metal. I love the singer Amy Winehouse and the 60s bands, The Ronettes, for example.
I also love the group Rasmus😊
What type of music do you enjoy

Яке взуття ви носите літом?

lenaaa0_0’s Profile PhotoLENA
В літньому взутті. То не цікаво. Краще я розповім про сон. Сниться мені рання весна, дерева ще голі, ледь бруньки з'являються. Але доволі тепло. Тепло настільки, що я як стародавній кельт ходжу топлес і босий, але в штанях. Штани шкіряні, рокінрольні, чорні. А я по всьому тілу маю блакитні візерунки. Чи було довге волосся, непамятаю. Але ходив і всіх лякав поведінкою рок- співака. А потім, я відчув що можу дуже високо пригати. А потім і літати. Тільки почав думати над тим, як це мені вдається літати, сон закінчився, і я прокинувся. О, я то ніби босий був, ніби у сандалях римського легіонера. Дивні дивності візуальні.
In summer shoes. That's not interesting. I'd rather talk about a dream. I dream of early spring, the trees are still bare, buds are barely appearing. But quite warm. It is so warm that I, like an ancient Celt, go topless and barefoot, but in pants. Leather pants, rock'n'roll, black. And I have blue patterns all over my body. I don't remember if I had long hair. But he went around and scared everyone with the behavior of a rock singer. And then, I felt that I could hypnotize very high. And then fly. I just started thinking about how I manage to fly, the dream ended and I woke up. Oh, it was as if I was barefoot, as if in the sandals of a roman legionnaire. Weird oddities are visual.

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﹅⠀ʟᴠᴄɪꜰ⠀︰⠀♡﹒﹙ honestly ﹚Podaj 5 ciekawostek o Twojej postaci.

REVERIE__ARCANE’s Profile Photo♡﹒lvcif
Zna hiszpański, przynajmniej jego podstawy.
Jego znak zodiaku to byk.
Pseudonimy Sama to m.in. agent Hamill, Robert Singer, pan Berkowitz, detektyw McCreedy, ojciec Frehley, dr Jerry Kaplan, detektyw Dante, szef policji Phil Jones, agent Page, detektyw Bachman i agent specjalny Gabriel.
Sam cierpi na koulrofobię, czyli strach przed klaunami.
Jako dzieciak i nastolatek miał zacięcie sportowe.
ʟᴠᴄɪꜰ honestly Podaj 5 ciekawostek o Twojej postaci

Yeah Lucky 🤨 As I always say, I had to ruin it and marry her... we were so much better without the paper. Oh well, life goes on. You live you learn <---Alanis Morissette Song 🥰 My all time bada$$ favorite singer... Wacky, like me

Apeshitz’s Profile PhotoApeshitz
Yup. Been there. I was always in a rush in relationships. The best things take time. I know that now.
Yeah Lucky  As I always say I had to ruin it and marry her we were so much

What is your favourite Amy Winehouse song? 🎶 😇

redoasis2017’s Profile Photo★ ☮ ♫ ƬΣПΛᄃIӨЦƧ ƬӨMMΛY™ ▩ ♚ ☻
To be honest - all Amy's songs! Amy is my favorite singer, and as a person she is very close to me, I understand her experiences, because I had a similar experience, my first toxic relationship, which miraculously did not destroy my soul.
What is your favourite Amy Winehouse song

Is there a song that gives you a peaceful vibe and calms you down? I love listening to 'Say a Little Prayer' by the Queen Aretha Franklin. That song never fails to calm me down and give me a sense of peace and comfort.

Sober by Cheat codes. It makes me reminisce on the past but also gives me a sense of comfort as the singer thinks back to the time when she was with someone else (that she thought she was over) while sitting at the same bar they used to go to.

What's the scariest thing you've ever seen or heard?

Yesterday my brother told me there was a moroccan singer who recieved a call and was invited to a wedding to perform. Later when she was performing on the stage.. While singing she saw one or two men having feet like a cow when she focoused on everyone All of them had feet like cows. She fainted right there and later died. This haunts me. 😭

You have to marry the 10th person in your camera roll who are you marrying?

chocochipcookie984’s Profile Photo◦•●◉✿Becky✿◉●•◦
If it's the tenth person then that's on photo #1 and it's a soprano opera singer from last night. That's a Yes from me ♥️
If it's the 10th photo then I'm marrying a cheesecake.
If it's the 10th photo which has people in it, then that's myself. I'm sure I'll be very happy together.

If you have shared your name or are willing to, how did your parents choose it? (I completely understand if you’d rather skip this question) 🙋💡

anonamouse89887’s Profile Photoanonamouse
My birthmother didn't name me, my grandmother did. I don't mind my name, it's not a common one but also not rare. I was named after English pop singer (she's over 50) 🤪 I don't know any songs of hers. Or anything besides my grandmother telling me... you know what, I'll keep it to myself 🤣

Where do you feel most safe?

No is 29-31 January 2024 Photography in @LiborMilian1 and City.And weekend new videoclips Photo Shoot Two.Weekend and Friday presents in Stars Tv CD Singels Wounded Heart and Products and One Hours Juboxe in Singer @TheRealLiborMilian and Someday in Questions in Singer @LiborMilian1 in fans live in tv
Where do you feel most safe

If you were in a band, what type of music would you play? 🎶 😇

redoasis2017’s Profile Photo★ ☮ ♫ ƬΣПΛᄃIӨЦƧ ƬӨMMΛY™ ▩ ♚ ☻
I'd probably be the singer! I'm quite rusty nowadays but when I was younger I was quite decent at singing! Even did solos during our annual Christmas concerts at school! Have sung parts of both "Hallelujah" and "We are the world" in front of big crowds. When it comes to the genre though, it'd probably be pop-rock or even power metal, though I definitely don't have the voice for that 😂🎤
If you were in a band what type of music would you play

Did you hear Paula Hartmann (german singer & actress) has russian roots ?

Все мы от динозавров произошли😁давай начнём с самого начала, "губки", первая живая хрень на планете земля, а значит)

What did u like bout middle school

I like that I actually started making friends back when I was in 6th grade and went out of my comfort zone by choosing to be a lead singer in choir for the first time, only to embarrass myself later by not showing up the night that I was supposed to perform in front of an audience after school. I was doing not as great in 7th grade by making myself look like a fool in front of others the entire year by being obnoxiously loud in front of my peers, trying to entertain everyone by being the class clown and not caring about my reputation whatsoever. In 8th grade, I didn’t have any friends left in school but I did join a small group outside of school, where I met up with Turkish girls like me every single weekend and when I was at school, I would remain quiet and try to keep to myself as much as I could. It was an amazing year, even tho my grades and reputation weren’t the best at the time because I felt like I found myself again while I was very much lost in 7th grade and ended up feeling lost again when I separated from the girls and started high school a year later.

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how does gen z not know who dido the singer is? gross. this generation is lost

In the same way you won't know who half their singers are. It's not gross; it's just different generations having different exposures. Your attitude is gross and why there's so much hostility between generations. You literally cause it and then whine about it. You're a disgrace.

Your favourite singer

mohamedroshdyrashedalhamida’s Profile Photo
مكنتش مهتمه قبل كده اعرف الفنانين نفسهم ايا كان نوع العمل اغاني او افلام او رسم او نحت او شعر و ادب ..
في اصلا اعمال بحبها بس اصحابها ليهم معتقدات او طباع مش بتقبلها، عشان كده مش مهتمه اوي..
و يعني في النهايه المهم هو اثر العمل نفسه على المستقبِل، و ده معتمد بدرجه كبيره على طبيعة و تاريخ خبرة المستقبِل و ميوله..
للتذكير، كل ده رايي الشخصي في الموضوع، معرفش حقيقة الامر واقعيا ايه بصراحه..

Your favourite singer ♥️

قلبي يُحَدّثني بأَنّكَ مُتْلِفِي
روحي فِداكَ عرَفْتَ أمَ لم تَعْرِفِ
لم أَقْضِ حَقّ هَواكَ إن كُنتُ الذي
لم أقضِ فيِه أسىً ومِثليَ مَنْ يَفي
ما لي سِوَى روحي وباذِلُ نفسِهِ
في حُبّ مَن يَهْواهُ ليسَ بِمُسرِف
فلَئِنْ رَضِيتَ بها فقد أسعَفْتَني
يا خَيبَة المَسْعَى إذا لم تُسْعِفِ ..

Da steht "Singer" in deiner Bio. Wusste gar nicht, dass du singst 👀 Bist du in einer Band? 🤔

cybersnails’s Profile Photocybersnails
Meine Tags/Interessen hatte ich gar nicht mehr auf dem Schirm 😅 nie gedacht, dass es jemandem auffällt.
Aber ja, ich singe tatsächlich, aber in keiner Band. Bzw bin ich in Grunde meine eigene Band. Das umfasst neben Gesang eine Hand voll Instrumente, die ich selbst spiele. Den Rest bastel ich mir mit einem Drumsampler und Virtuellen Instrumenten am PC zusammen.
Ich glaub, "Singer" hab ich deshalb reingeschrieben, weil sich im Grunde (so gut wie) keiner für den Rest einer Band interessieren würde 😅

If you could establish a shop, what would you sell?

Idk😅, but thought of starting something once.. it can be said as a service. But now I realise it's very difficult to establish 😅 like on the basis of finance, and depending on the social circle factor..
I liked my idea very much at that time🥰.. BUT 😅
Moreover, I keep on getting ideas in which it can be difficult to be successful..
Like once I thought if being a singer then YouTuber then Instagram Influencer..😵‍💫🤦‍♀️
However, Now im a singer at home🥰, experienced being a youtuber also😎, and opened an Instagram account on which i post randomly. However, I have so many following as compared to followers lol🤣
If you could establish a shop what would you sell

Is the Band Nirvanas Lead Singer Still alive

Nope… Or do you mean as a conspiracy? I haven’t looked much into his death in any recent years. I remember all the Courtney stuff though.

Day 9 Che emozioni provi quando ti innamori?

Ila_cre’s Profile PhotoIla♥️
Qui è un po' complicato io in amore sono tipo un misto tra Alvy Singer e Massimo Troisi:♍, con complessi e destinata a rimanere sola.Credo di aver sfiorato un grande taboo personale in questo momento ma poco importa, qui si parla di cosa provo io. Non mi ci sento di appartenere all'amore moderno che tutto vuole e anche in fretta, io sono più un tipo che va in letargo tutti i giorni l'anno, alla possibilità di poter essere amata neanche ci penso, un po' come nel favoloso mondo di Amélie.Eppure una volta io provai interesse per qualcuno, pensai a tante cose, tipo che finalmente avrei potuto iniziare a provare qualcosa, qualche emozione nuova, ne ero assai convinta. Certo, per come sono fatta mi presentai più resistente di quello che era il muro di Berlino, far capire a qualcuno che mi interessa mi risulta un po' difficile. Che tipo di emozioni provai? curiosità e rigidità, nulla che comunque mi facesse sentire a mio agio,sapevo già che dichiararmi o meno nulla sarebbe durato più di quello che stessero vivendo le mie amiche dal cuore spezzato, con visibilmente più chance di me. Per cui per fortuna e per ignoranza nulla andrò oltre: Per fortuna perché per come andarono le molte risposte alle mie domande sospettose sarebbe stato un gioco da poche settimane, alla fine dell'avventura io avrei potuto starci molto più male di quello che è il mio umore giornaliero. Per ignoranza perché il mio pensiero sull'amore in confronto al pensiero sociale è sempre stato stupido, la mia amica ancora oggi mi ripete "se non cambi testa vivrai come tua zia Pina" il che è vero, mia zia Pina è per eccellenza la cronologia di tutte le seguenti disgrazie cadute sul ruolo femminile della mia famiglia, dopo aver rifiutato di sposare un uomo dalla grande passione per l'alcool e di rifugiarsi in un luogo sperduto tra i boschi, dall'ora, poche si salvano dal finire come lei, come Eleanor Abernathy. Però non mi lascio intimorire da questa teoria, mi innamoro di molte cose ma, nulla di più al momento.

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Day 9 Che emozioni provi quando ti innamori

Die Valley-Teens im Sturm der Gefühle. Wer war oder ist denn so der Celebrity Crush deines Characters?

somewhatunpretentious’s Profile PhotoHitchhiker
Da habe ich eine kleine Übersicht vorbereitet, jedoch habe ich das auch auf fiktionale Charaktere ausgebreitet, weil davon Enyas celeb crushes beeinflusst wurden 😄 Die Kommentare wären Enyas Bemerkungen 🙌🏻
An erster Stelle steht der Charakter Terminator, wobei sie den ersten Film bei einem Autokino-Date geschaut hat. Auch, wenn er damals ein Bösewicht war, so hat seine Entschlossenheit sie sehr in ihren Bann gezogen. Daraufhin wurde ihr Interesse für Arnold Schwarzenegger geweckt, den sie sehr hot fand.
Aerosmith sticht so ein bisschen heraus, verrät aber etwas über ihr gut gehütetes Innenleben. Am meisten mochte sie den Lead Singer Steven Tyler, weil, naja, Lead Singer 😂
Madonna war in den 80igern Kult und sie hat oft ihre Lieder mit ihren Freunden gehört. Ihre starke Persönlichkeit (ihr feminstisches Bedtreben) hat ihr sehr gefallen und Material Girl war ihr Favorit unter Madonnas Liedern, weil es ein bisschen Enyas Beziehungen zu Jungs widergespiegelt hat.
Claire Standish wies starke Ähnlichkeiten zu Enyas Persönlichkeit auf, was ihr imponiert hat, als sie The Breakfast Club mit ihren Freunden im Kino geschaut hat. Daraufhin hat Enya auch ein bisschen Molly Ringwalds Karriere mitverfolgt haha.

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Die ValleyTeens im Sturm der Gefühle Wer war oder ist denn so der Celebrity

Was haltet ihr von der Hypothese des "nicht menschengemachten Klimawandels"? Die Theorie, dass der aktuelle Klimawandel nicht durch den Menschen, sondern durch die Natur oder andere Einflüsse verursacht wird?

elfenlied7197’s Profile PhotoElves
In der Klimaforschung ist es weitläufiger Konsens, dass der jetzige Klimawandel hauptsächlich anthropogen verstärkt ist. Selbstverständlich unterliegt das Klima natürlichen Schwankungen (siehe Dansgaard/Oeschger Zyklen), jedoch nicht in diesem Ausmaß, das seit der Industrialisierung vorliegt.
Es ist eine beliebte Strategie der Anti-
Klimawandel-Bewegung, eine namhafte Liste an angeblichen Forscher:innen zu nennen, die den menschengemachten Klimawandel für unplausibel halten (oft wird dabei eine Dunkelziffer von 500 Personen genannt, die bei näherer Betrachtung Laien in diesem Gebiet sind oder dem Klimawandel durch den Menschen nicht unbedingt widersprechen. Diese Liste wurde vor allem durch, Avery und Singer begründet).
Um die Sachlage selbst genauer zu beurteilen, würde ich IPCC-Berichte des globalen Klimarats empfehlen. Daran sind Expert:innen beteiligt, die von ihrem Fach Ahnung haben und nicht populistisch unterwegs sind.

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22 летний певец-миллионер Sheba Singer. Он же сын министра обороны Сергея Шойгу Данила.

вспомнила почему-то слова генерала лебедя :
если на войну отправить детей нашей элиты, то война закончится за два дня.
у каждого нашего чиновника, начиная сами знаете с кого - все по феншую скрепно - дворец, вилла, любовница, внебрачные дети, внж за бугром и все другие ништяки
но враг конечно - ната и хахлы
насколько же надо быть тупым, чтобы после таких видосов верить им??
https://youtu.be/vwy5-MF8hIIgrafskierazvalinu’s Video 174732094822 vwy5-MF8hIIgrafskierazvalinu’s Video 174732094822 vwy5-MF8hII

22 летний певец-миллионер Sheba Singer. Он же сын министра обороны Сергея Шойгу Данила.

Навряд ли кто-то из россиян не в курсе, кто такой Шойгу. У него есть свои достижения и провалы, но первых до недавних скандалов, было больше, а значит, претензий не возникало. Также Шойгу всегда был известен как скромный человек, спокойный семьянин. Он растит двух дочек. Плюс пресса откопала сведения о внебрачном сыне-спортсмене… Сегодня о нём и поговорим.
Шебунов Данила не остался без внимания отца. Его мать – бывшая стюардесса из МЧС отрядов, служившая некогда вместе с Сергеем Шойгу. Кстати, Каминскас Елена не только родила последнему сына, но и сумела получить ряд невероятно выгодных госконтрактов. Видимо, по удачному стечению обстоятельств. Также она является собственницей роскошного рублевского поместья.
Сам Данила с 2019-го выступает в составе футбольного тульского «Арсенала». Клубом руководит бывший зам Шойгу Дюмин. А еще юный футболист – известный бизнесмен. Ведь уже в возрасте 19 лет он сумел стать долларовым миллионером. Шебунов владеет недвижимостью в центре столицы, стоит которая не менее 150 миллионов деревянных.
Что на счет армии, фронта и все такое? Уверены, такой вопрос возникает у большинства «простых смертных», которым Шойгу не раз рассказывал о великой миссии умереть героем, а не просто так. Шебунов нигде не служил и наверняка не собирается. А в возрасте 18 лет пошел не в армию, а в автомобильный салон за новенькой пятой Ауди всего за 4.5 млн. рублей.
Впервые информация о сыне Шойгу появилась еще в 2006 году. «Экспресс-газета» утверждала, что у Сергея Кужегетовича есть сын Даниил на стороне, который родился в 2001 году. Матерью мальчика называли Елену Шебунову. Эффектная молодая блондинка познакомилась с будущим министром обороны, когда устроилась работать в ГУП «Пищевик». В то время организация находилась в подчинении МЧС.
В 2001 году Елена родила от Шойгу сына, которого назвали Данила. Однако сам Сергей Кужегетович не признает наличие детей от других детей, он уверяет, что у него есть только две дочери от Ирины Антипиной.
Но инсайдеры убеждают, что Шойгу на протяжении почти двух десятков лет состоял в связи с Еленой Шебуновой. Пара рассталась в 2021 году. За это время финансовое положение бывшей стюардессе претерпело ряд изменений. Она обзавелась элитной жилплощадью квадратурой более 180 кв.м, также в собственности Елены Шубиной находится элитный московский ресторан, а общее состояние оценивают почти в 2 миллиарда долларов.
Молодой человек появился на свет в 2001 году. Школьное образование Данила получил в частной школе «Президент» в Жуковке. Он активно занимался спортом, делая упор на футбол. Сегодня Данила является выпускником футбольной академии ЦСКА. Молодого перспективного спортсмена заметили практически сразу и пригласили занять место в тульском «Арсенале». Данила всего за год успел принять участие в семи играх клуба и провел на поле почти 250 минут

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22 летний певецмиллионер Sheba Singer Он же сын министра обороны Сергея Шойгу

Who are you? According to you?

✦ ───────────── ✦
. συт σf ρσтαтσ qυєєи
✦ ───────────── ✦
❥ a writer
❥ a singer
❥ an impressionist
❥ an introvert - INFJ
❥ a slightly misophonic person
❥ an idealistic person/ a moralist
❥ a hypocrite
❥ an imposter
❥ a nerd for many types of media
❥ someone who loves nature and animals
❥ not a people person
❥ ex-people pleaser
❥ hopeless romantic
❥ but a pessimist about people in general
❥ an addict to good food and drinks
❥ open-minded
❥ tolerant - but won't tolerate discriminating thoughts in any direction
❥ an expert at distancing myself from basically everything xD
❥ hobby psychologist

Drop down your most hillarious memory!

logophile_I’s Profile PhotoAdonis
I was the only singer in my class. Our Urdu teacher was very strict. There was this poem ''Jugnu", was included in our syllabus and that day we were doing that. We were doing the ''mashq" section and last question was ''Nazm Jugnu ko tarannum k sath parrhen'' and because I was the only one who could sing, Ma'am asked me to come forward and sing Jugnu infront of the class. Ufffffff only I know how I did that infront of my friends lol upr se ma'am itni strict. Sb friends chup chup k hanss rhe thay aur me ny kese hnsi control ki aur wo tarannum kesi thi jis me Jugnu gaya me ny muje he pta ha 😂😂😂

Pretty good so far though to be honest I could be better. How about you though?

taesuga’s Profile PhotoSabrina Spellman
I could also be better. If you’re wondering why you can’t find my previous account, it’s because I had to deactivate it to prevent it from being banned. A woman by the name of Tiffany Woodson told her best friend Desi to report my account because I wouldn’t help Tiffany get her together with the 1D singer Zayn Malik. She’s been doing that to a lot of people here lately, Ask isn’t really a safe place anymore because of what Tiffany and her friend are doing.
Tiffany is 31 and she’s obsessed with Zayn Malik (Gigi’s ex boyfriend). She’s tried to convince a lot of people here that her friend Desi has been talking to the real Zayn on Google chat when in reality, Zayn doesn’t use Google chat, therefore Desi is being scammed by a scam artist. Tiffany will do just about anything to get your account banned even if you didn’t say anything that was against the rules. I don’t want to lose that account so I deactivated it. Hopefully Ask will ban all of Tiffany and Desi’s accounts permanently. Ask was so much more fun when Tiffany wasn’t here. Now she’s pretty much ruined it for a lot of us.

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