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if your house doesn't have a bedroom for each person, you have no business cramming multiple people into your house. How do you have 7 people living in a 3bd house? Where do these people even sleep, on the kitchen floor. No one could live in such drastic conditions. Humans aren't feral dogs.

I have a 3 bedroom house & there's currently 7 people in my house🤷🏻‍♀️ my SIL & her 2 kids come & go as they please too. Every single person has their own bed & nobody's living "like a feral dog"🤡 House is clean, there's plenty of space for everyone, everyone is happy & living their best life here. You have no business shaming people for where they can afford to live.

What is something that has had a big impact on your that you observed from afar?

iWillSpamYouAsk’s Profile PhotoSpam Ask
This is going to sound silly, but I drive extra miles to drop off packages at a specific mailing station. There is a special needs employee there whose kindness radiates like the sun itself. I love to see him interact with customers. There’s not a single person who isn’t smiling when they leave. His energy is infectious.
What is something that has had a big impact on your that you observed from afar

هو انا ليه كل ما اتكلم مع حد خاطب او متجوز ويعرف اني single ! يقولي يابني احمد ربنا علي النعمه اللي انتا فيها ! و الاقيه مروح منزل صورته مع خطيبته او مراته و كاتب عليها عمري ابتدي يوم ما قابلتك ! مش فاهم هو بيشتغلني ولا بيشتغلها 🤔🤔

Hazem42089’s Profile PhotoHazem
لا ويقعد يعقدك في مصاريف الجواز وحرفيا اتقالي أرقام خزعبلية ملايين حرفيا طب انت راجل ربنا كرمك واتجوزت بدل ما تفتحها في وش غيرك بتسددها وتقفلها ليه طيب الواحد متضايق بسبب الناس دي ومهما تسكت فيهم مش بيسكتوا ودايما بيشتكوا وخلوا الواحد نفسه اتسدت

هو انا ليه كل ما اتكلم مع حد خاطب او متجوز ويعرف اني single ! يقولي يابني احمد ربنا علي النعمه اللي انتا فيها ! و الاقيه مروح منزل صورته مع خطيبته او مراته و كاتب عليها عمري ابتدي يوم ما قابلتك ! مش فاهم هو بيشتغلني ولا بيشتغلها 🤔🤔

Hazem42089’s Profile PhotoHazem
الناس ديه مهمتهم ف الحياه انهم يعقدوا اي حد سنجل و هما بيبقوا عايشين حياتهم فل الفل و مبسوطين و لو رجع بيهم الزمن هيخطبوا و يتجوزوا عاادي ف اسمع منهم و اعرف ان العكس صحيح 😂😂

Looking at how people treat each other nowadays in relationships, would you say it's still worth trying to date or look for someone? (Immature comments getting blocked. Or hell, just block me).

toxictaurus6’s Profile PhotoDawn
I think it’s always worth it because I believe there’s someone out there for everyone. I’ve been let down and heartbroken without even being in a relationship but this taught me lessons I needed to learn. If I didn’t try to talk to anyone in hopes that we might date in the future, I wouldn’t have personal experiences to talk about with others or understand the meaning of red flags. I’ve been single my whole life and sometimes think that this single life just isn’t for me, despite being rejected and let down in the past.

Have you ever wonder how in the world you are single?

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Yes but I also realize that being home all the time and not having a social life outside is lowering my chances of finding someone. I guess I have to wait until the day I find likeminded individuals at work and/or the day I make new friends and get introduced to someone that way. I won’t be trying dating apps since I doubt that the guys on there are looking for something long term like I am.

Have you ever wonder how in the world you are single?

FreshICYGirl’s Profile PhotoBe Yourself Always
Sometimes. Men are intimidated by me . They just want to use me for s*x or money. Don't want to fully commit. Wrong timing but right person
Hell, I was looking for a date last night for today and came across some people I didn't want. One seemed familiar only to realize we had a one night stand before. He creeped me out when he called me princess and came...

Hello. And you know that this account @Jack22288 is a fake and a cosplay of me. You see that there is not a single real photo

jack22226436’s Profile Photo@Jack22288
Stop accusing Jack because he looks ugly, stop chasing him, Jack wants to live in peace, I believe him because I like Jack and his profile is fake because it has few questions and answers. Stop being a bad person with Jack 😡😡😡

How do you make emotional pain stop?

✦ ───────────── ✦
. συт σf ρσтαтσ qυєєи
✦ ───────────── ✦
feel every single bit
rant about it
let it out - with friends or family or a special person
sing about it
draw about it
write about it
and then when it finally stops hurting - you know, you've let go.
you don't need to forgive, but just let go.
better days will come.

Is it true you would get freak out if your date is talking about marriage and kids on the first date? 😂 Good way to stay single forever, right? 🤣

FreshICYGirl’s Profile PhotoBe Yourself Always
Yep, it would be a good reason for me to not get involved with them since I prefer getting to know each other more instead of thinking ahead and wanting to marry/have kids in the beginning stages of a relationship. I would think that we aren’t on the same page and would call it quits.

Opening up to women is a breakup hack. Women hate men who have problems. If you ain't Superman, u doomed. Tryna be single? just tell her all ur problems and watch her disappear. The worst thing u can do around women is to act human. Be a comedian and wallet, and they’ll love you.

True. I can’t deal with a man who’s suffering in his life i mean text me when your problems are solved

na jakim etapie życia jest twoje rodzeństwo i przyjaciele? studia, końcówka studiowanie albo już po, praca, singielstwo i imprezki czy mieszkanie z rodzicami, a może już rodzina i dzieci.?

Moje rodzeństwo to ma już własne związki i dzieci, obaj bracia są nawet po rozwodach, jeden jest w drugim małżeństwie, jest też szefem firmy, więc szkołę i studia to ma już dawno za sobą.
A przyjaciele? Każdy czym innym się zajmuje. Większość mieszka jeszcze z rodzicami, jedna przyjaciółka planuje ślub z chłopakiem i przenieść się do niego (jest wojskowym z innego województwa), a mają małe dziecko. Ona jest na macierzyńskim teraz, a tak to każdy pracuje, jedna osoba jeszcze kończy studia. Trzy osoby to single. Jedna moja przyjaciółka jest po studiach, ale zajmuje się czymś zupełnie niezwiązanym z kierunkiem studiów. Życie każdego jest inne i nie ma sensu ich do siebie porównywać.

Rant about something.

gawnferal’s Profile Photohudیٰ
Why do socks always disappear in the laundry? I swear, I put two socks in the washer, but when I take them out, there's only one! It's like there's a secret sock-eating monster living in my machine. And don’t get me started on trying to match socks. I have a drawer full of lonely, single socks just waiting for their partners to magically reappear Seriously, it’s like a never-ending mystery.

Likes and dislikes lol?

I enjoy a great many things, far too many to list in a single answer as a matter of fact. But of the top of my head, some of my favourite things include: Writing, baking, road trips, live music, the little “mrrrp?” noise my cat makes when I call his name, the smell after it rains, that feeling when you get so engrossed in a good book that you lose track of time, finding something beautiful in a place you wouldn’t expect to, and pineapple on pizza.
The list of things I dislike, meanwhile, is considerably shorter. Love tends to come more naturally to me than hatred. Some of the things I don't particularly care for are as follows: Writers' block, any loud or crowded environment that isn't a concert or a gig, people who write annotations in the margins of library books (rude!), baby carrots (don't ask me why but they freak me out), buzzing insects (they also freak me out), and AI "art".

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Marriage is scary what if____

- he considers street food unhealthy 🚩
- he thinks ASMR videos are creepy 🚩
- he doesn't react/reply to every single message in the chat box 🚩
- he believes in just watching reels, not exchanging them 🚩
- he uses Snapchat 🚩
- he doesn't let me drive his car, provided how expertly I drive 🚩
- he thinks I'm a red flag 🚩
- he comes when I'm almost dead from all the waiting. 🚩
Damn. That's a lot of expectations. But still, a girl is allowed to wish. 😌

Can a sorry fixx everything...? 🌸

Ayesha0a’s Profile PhotoAyesha0a
The effectiveness of an apology is deeply rooted in the complexities of human psychology and social dynamics. An apology can be powerful, but its success and impact depends on several factors (and no, it's not a guarantee of 'fixing everything').
Most people are generally adept at sensing insincerity, so a heartfelt apology that genuinely conveys remorse and an understanding of the impact of one's actions is more likely to be effective. The way an apology is delivered, including body language, tone of voice, and eye contact, plays a significant role in how it is received.
The nature and severity of the offense also matter. For minor offenses or misunderstandings, a simple apology might suffice. However, for more severe breaches of trust or harm, an apology alone may not be enough. Repetitive behavior that has previously been apologized for might make a single apology seem inadequate without accompanying changes.
Relationship dynamics are another critical factor. In close relationships, apologies can be more impactful due to the existing emotional bond, but expectations for reparative actions are also higher. The history of interactions between the parties is important; if there is a pattern of unresolved conflicts, a single apology might not repair the relationship.
The perception and willingness to forgive by the offended party also influence the outcome. Empathy and the ability to understand the apologizer's perspective can facilitate forgiveness. However, forgiveness is a complex emotional process, influenced by the offended party’s emotional state, personality, and past experiences.
Cultural and social norms also play a role. Different cultures have varied norms regarding apologies and forgiveness. In some cultures, a verbal apology is highly valued, while in others, actions to make amends might be more important. Social expectations can dictate the appropriateness and sufficiency of an apology, and public versus private apologies can have different impacts.
Reparative actions and long-term changes are often necessary to complement an apology. Actions demonstrating a commitment to change and making amends can significantly enhance the apology’s effectiveness. Consistency in showing remorse and taking corrective actions over time is critical for rebuilding trust.
However, a simple "sorry" often falls short in fixing relationships broken by deep-seated trauma. Trauma fundamentally alters trust, emotional security and perceptions, creating wounds that an apology alone cannot heal. The psychological impact of trauma can lead to long-term emotional distress, making it difficult for the injured party to feel safe or valued again. Genuine remorse and consistent reparative actions are essential, but even these might not be enough if the trauma is profound. Healing requires time, patience, and often professional help, as rebuilding trust and emotional bonds is a gradual process.

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You definitely wouldn't.You now have his baby and don't want a single life at all.

A baby wouldn't make a difference, I could easily handle her on my own, I'm with her 24/7 while he works, lmfao a woman can very much have a child and be a single parent, 90% of men are bare minimum fathers anyways while the women do 95% of the heavy load a childcare duties. So you're logic is flawed.
My husband is an amazing father, and I'm lucky he's so involved and goes above and beyond, but I also could easily take care of my child alone if some shit ever went down, which it won't.
You also forget i have an amazing support system with my parents, friends and sisters who would be there in a instant.

I often hear people, including married couples, saying that they don't want children, and the reasons are always superficial. Don't you think that's kind of selfish? I understand not wanting kids due to health/financial reasons, but losing your body figure, free time, job etc., aren't valid reasons.

Every single reason is 100% valid regardless of how you feel about it. Not having a reason for not wanting kids is 100% valid too. You don't get to tell people their reasons & feelings aren't good enough or that they should have children they clearly don't want. And children shouldn't have to be born to people who don't want them anyway, children aren't stxpid they'll pick up on that.
I love my kids more than life & most of the time love being a mom but being a parent is exhausting & sometimes really sucks. Children aren't for everyone.

I often hear people, including married couples, saying that they don't want children, and the reasons are always superficial. Don't you think that's kind of selfish? I understand not wanting kids due to health/financial reasons, but losing your body figure, free time, job etc., aren't valid reasons.

I personally don’t think I want kids at the moment or anytime soon due to not only being single right now but also because I don’t want my kids to have to go through the same issues as me. But, I also think I’d be able to relate to them more if they did end up turning out like me so I’m not completely against the idea and can still see the positives about having kids one day. The thought of childbirth isn’t something that I’m looking forward to but thinking about a life where I have someone to live for that could possibly bring me joy makes me feel happy. I do think we are all selfish by nature but it isn’t our place to try to convince others to have kids if they’re determined to not have any. As for me, I’m all about sharing my life with someone and can only hope that kids will change my life for the better if/when I have them one day.

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If you've been to a convention of any kind, what did you think of it? 📚🎮🦸

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
My favourite band has a 4 night convention at Centre Parcs in the Netherlands every two years (extended to 5 nights next year). They completely take it over and every house/apartment is filled with fans, with the band's music playing in the bars and on the TVs, three full gigs with a different setlist each night, loads of support acts in the evenings and afternoons, quizzes, Q&As, autograph sessions etc. The band and their families stay on site too, so you meet them in the bars, in the shops, in the pool, in the restaurants etc. About 3500 people go, and if you're on your own or can't fill an apartment yourself (and want to avoid a single occupancy supplement) then they will match you up with similar people to share (nationality, gender, age, non-smokers etc). I always used to go on my own and made loads of new friends that way, but now I book a large house with a group of friends who I met previously. Everyone is very friendly and excited and approachable and there's a real buzz about the place, but you can still escape to the beach or the pool or the next-door nature reserve (on the free hire bikes) if you need some space. The normal age demographic of the fans is fairly old (50+, it's an 80's prog rock band), but a lot of people take their whole families, so in practice there's actually quite a good age range there and it's a family friendly event.

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Как перестать бояться не встретить того самого человека?

Гораздо важнее сначала встретиться с самим собой. Воспринимать одиночество, как период личностного роста и изменения себя к лучшему. Ведь более подходящего момента, чтобы усвоить все уроки и больше не поверять ошибок — не существует.
Попробуйте найти ответы на вопросы: что из себя представляет «тот самый» человек? Какими качествами он обладает? Соответствуете ли вы им? Действительно ли вы сейчас готовы к встрече с этим человеком?
Иногда стоит просто сместить фокус и перестать воспринимать поиск отношений, как единственную и самую важную цель в жизни. Уметь наслаждаться статусом «Single» 💅🏻
Я верю, что когда ты ощущаешь свою целостность и живешь с открытым сердцем, то встреча с достойным человеком — неизбежна :)

Hypothetical situation: I break every bone in my body and end up in a cast from head to toe after trying to do some incredible tricks with my motorcycle! The question is: what could you write on my plaster to make fun of me?

Why is it that every single day now I tell you to stop sending me this. Like why can't you just stop the first time.

Myslíte, že člověk, který vůbec nevyhledává vztahy, protože se sám single bez vztahu cítí šťastnější, se může označit jako asociál?

Nemyslím si, pokud je šťastný na úkor sám sebe je to daleko lepší než kdyby své štěstí měl pošlapat s někým kdo za to nestojí. Pokud samozřejmě není plačka a nestěžuje si, že nikoho nemá když ani sám nehledá.
Až ten pravý člověk přijde, tak prostě přijde ve správný čas.

Preferisci la vita di coppia o da single?

Sto bene da anni come sono al momento. Se capita nella vita reale bene, sennò fà nulla. Non è necessario per me avere una relazione al momento, in futuro vedró che capita.

Чи може дівчина бути щасливою без почуття любові, на твою думку?👉👈

cdbuldzon’s Profile PhotoЄвген
А почему девушка, а не ещё и парень? 🤔
Да, но не каждая, даже если остальные базовые потребности у них плюс-минус удовлетворены. Потому что есть ещё такая штука, как социальное давление 😁 что распространено и на территории постсоветского пространства. Если ты не в отношениях, то на тебя смотрят как на белую ворону 🧐 как это - счастлива без "штанов"? Женского счастья без мужика не бывает, бред же!
И вот девушка или женщина порой ощущают себя какими-то неполноценными, даже с высшим образованием и хорошей работой, прекрасной внешностью, незаурядным умом и талантом, кучей друзей и поклонников... И начинают влезать в отношения, не всегда удачные.
Надеюсь, что нынешние девушки становятся все менее подвержены общественным установкам и находят кайф быть single lady, а пары создают только по зову сердца ❤️

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Чи може дівчина бути щасливою без почуття любові на твою думку

How is this harassment? I thought maigua said she got harassing messages https://ask.fm/maigua_rocha/answers/174191355716

It's not. She's forgetting that she had to send me copies of everything she was going to submit to court, so I've seen all the messages. She responded to almost every number that texted her and had long conversations with a few of them. I find it very hard to believe it was a stranger she was having conversations about the drama with. It was either herself or one of her friends. She didn't take any action to stop being contacted, like blocking the number or changing her number. Devon and I changed our phone numbers to try to stop the text messages. I blocked every one of her Facebook accounts that would message me, and when her 4th account started messaging me, I got sick of blocking, but I still didn't respond to a single message, and she STILL messaged me 50+ times a day for months, now that's harassment. She also tries to say my sister harassed her, but she responded to all of her messages and had a conversation with her. She should be glad she submitted her text messages too late, and the judge didn't get to see them cause he would have laughed at her.

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Why don't the serious and apparently "sober" personalities on Ask stop using it if they find everything on it "lame" and "boring". Ironically, these people have a problem with every single shoutout that they reply to. Whyyyy? xD

Because people are dum dums, they would rather rant instead of solving their problems. Even though it's pretty simple, you find someone annoying, block them. You are not comfortable with some app or any place in your life, leave it. What's the point of bitching about each & everything but nope, why would people bother to understand this simple & basic concept...

You're prejudiced and judgemental

And you don’t know how to accept the fact I’m not obsessed with someone I broke up with. You persistently harassed me and accused me of being dumped, accused me of not being able to move on when I persistently told you I want to be single because I am sick and tired of dating men who don’t know how to have a life of their own how to support themselves sick of dating low life’s but you persistently BLAME ME and accuse me of shit. I’m not judgmental or prejudice I’m just sick of your shit

obsessed with him that's why not interested when others flirt with you.

Totally obsessed with him he’s not at all hoping for a future with me. I’m just here waiting around for him to choose me right. When will you learn to shut the fuck up? I’m not interested because I am LIVING MY SINGLE LIFE IM LEARNING TO FOCUS ON MY CAREER AND LOVING MYSELF it’s that simple. If I wanted to be with someone I FUCKING WOULD
obsessed with him thats why not interested when others flirt with you

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