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شنو اكثر شي تخافين منه بزوجج المستقبلي

I think we’re especially prone to insecurity, self-consciousness, and fear of rejection.
For me, getting rejected/hurt is my worst nightmare
-Getting too emotionally attached. I'm very affectionate, and loyal to the people I've chosen to love. I'm worried about losing my long-term partner if he - cheats (might even give him up to 2 chances if he does) - leaves me for being too emotionally unstable and self-destructive (have a mood disorder and mild depression)
- It’s scary how quickly two people can go from talking to each other every single day, to not talking at all ever again.
- Being surrounded by people who make you feel alone.
- You never know someone’s true intentions with you.

What is it like to live a life as single forever without wife/husband/children?

It's actually good because noone to make you compromise your plans, more time for self improvement, the BEST ONE YET: Travel wherever you want, More time to be spent with friends doing YOUR THING.Your time is all YOURS,No pressure from either side,No drama, No jealousy, No insecurities, No expectations of anyone to make you happy, Don’t have to wait around for anyone to text you, Make plans and cancel at YOUR WHIMS, Your schedule can be as flexible as you want, No heartbreaks.

Do single people live longer healthier lives than people with families?

AhmadBakheitMndo’s Profile Photo∆HMED
مش قاعدة للاسف ، القاعدة هي حالتك المادية و الاجتماعية و انت جوة حاجة منهم ايه ، دة اللي بيخلي الانسان يعيش بصحة احسن و اسعد و وقت افضل ، يعني سنجل من غير فلوس و تعليم كويس و مستوي اجتماعي هتعمل ايه ؟ هتفضل محبوس في مكان غلط لا منك عايش مع ناس تهون عليك مثلا ولا منك بتسافر و بتتبسط بحياتك و بتشتغل شغل يحقق ذاتك و العكس كمان للناس اللي عندهم اسر ، مهموم و شايل المسؤلية و مش عارف بكره شايل ايه لانك مش عارف تجاري متطلباته هتكون ازاي سعيد وقتها ؟!

I am single, 31 And want to adopt a child from Syria or Turkey after the earthquake but even before that I wanted to adopt from the orphanage in Pakistan, I discussed the idea with mom and she welcomed it I need to betterment my income 4r pursuing the duties perfectly

Just make sure to not change his surname and always remember one thing:
"This very effort of yours can either take you to Jannah or jahannam very easily."

Have you ever met a person who was single and wondered why they've been single for so long? Bc they are super good looking, and they seem to have decent social skills too, charisma. So what could be the issue, why would a person like that be single?

Maybe because they don't want to be in a relationship yet? Or maybe because they are waiting to find the right person? Perhaps they just aren't interested in dating? Not everyone is in a rush to date just for the sake of not being single

Stay single if U love hard , because people don't value that kind of love anymore.

SallySayed1312’s Profile Photoسالي
"وأَتذكرك‏ وأَعرف جيدًا أَن إسمي سَيظل جُرحًا مفتوحًا في خاصِرتك، ‏وأنَ ألتهامنا المتبادل الوحشي كلٌ منّا لكيان الآخر ‏سيظلُ نبضًا سريًا في ذاكرتنا، وأنَ ما كانَ ‏لن يكون أبدًا.. أبدًا، وسَتتذكرين بِحسرة حُبي، ‏حينَ يقولُ لكِ رجلٌ آخر.. نصفُ نائم، نصفُ ثمل، أنهُ يُحبك."

If you are a parent, what is the scariest thing about being a parent? If you are not, what do you think is?

That you're responsible for another human being for the rest of your life. Being a first-time parent is the scariest time of your life and all the firsts that come with it and what you don't know. The scariest thing for me is knowing that you can't trust anyone and that predators are everywhere. Being a child of that makes me terrified every single day for my kid's safety and overly aware of my surroundings. You're always worried about their safety if you're doing things right, and if they're being a good person when you're not around. There's something about being a father to a girl that scares the crap out of me and I think it's because I know just how horrible guys are. Don't get me wrong, I'm scared for my son too because I know firsthand how truly evil women can be but holy crap... there's a lot but keep in mind it is also a blessing 🙌.

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Come fanno molte ragazze a baciare sconosciuti con una facilità imbarazzante quando vanno a ballare e ad andare al mare con perizomi con i quali si vede tutto e a stare bene con stesse? Le ragazze che frequentò io non sono suore ma non farebbero mai cose del genere, voi cosa ne pensate?

nikidn93’s Profile PhotoNIKITA KOLLOCKS
1) una ragazza da single è libera di fare o di baciare chi le pare, è single e sceglie lei il modo per divertirsi, alla fine non fanno del male a nessuno dato che sono single.
2) al mare come ci vai? Col cappotto, coi guanti? Potranno scegliere come andarci o devono chiedere il permesso a nessuno, poi se specifichi 'eh si vede tutto', vuol dire che sei il primo che guarda, quindi ti piace 😜
Se una ragazza da single vuole baciare qualcuno, non vuol dire che nel momento in cui ha una storia, non sia seria, non vuol dire niente.
Mettere un perizoma non vuol dire che una ragazza non è seria, è la mentalità che fa la differenza , non il modo di vestirsi.

Single for Valentines Day ? ❤️

funny_hot’s Profile PhotoMegan
And on St. Valentine's Day, I am alone, and on other days, too, without a partner. I've been alone for 7 years and so far I'm fine with it. Most likely, at this period, there is still no girl in my life with whom I would like to build a relationship. And not for a couple of days or months to play in love.
If a suitable girl suddenly appears on the horizon, then I will not avoid her. And building a relationship with someone out of principle and for the sake of having a relationship for the sake of a relationship is incredibly stupid. I don't want to be one of those guys who doesn't last long with one girl. They jump from one to the other, justifying themselves that they were mistaken and she is not the one with whom they even fall asleep and wake up. And also spend almost everything together 24/7

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Single for Valentines Day

Hypothetically speaking if you were single and using bumble for dating and you came across a very hot guy but his photo is a photo of him with other girl would you swipe left or right?

I don't really need to think about it cause I would never use a dating app aha, I have no idea which way means what 😂

Красиво выглядишь ☺💋🌶️💋🌶️💋🌶️

vlaseeekk’s Profile PhotoЕлизавета Власова
Красиво выглядишь

Смогут ли люди жить в мире без конфликтов?

id137480867’s Profile PhotoИгорь
of course, immediately after all existing states are abolished and the planet earth will be governed by a single world government.
Смогут ли люди жить в мире без конфликтов

Speak your heart out.

We do not realize how many different lives we are living all at once. One at home, one with friends, one at uni or office, one with strangers, how many different ways we react to the same thing according to the surrounding. Sab se mazy ki baat to ye hai k how smoothly we can switch between these lives. Sometimes humay khud ehsaas ni hota but if you sit back and think, you would find out surprising patterns in your behavior and you would know how many different perceptions of you do people have and you deal with it everyday... I am a single human being yet I never try to bring those perceptions of me to a single point. Why? because we get used to it? because we are not the same everywhere? or perhaps we are afraid of the reaction we would get if we showed them a side of ourselves that they have never seen. Whatever the reason is, we carry much more than it can be be judged from the outside.

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First priority of your life is..?

scarcy2’s Profile Photoscarcy2
-Feel good, in as many ways as possible.
-Trust yourself, deep down inside . Know what’s best for you. Release fears , self-doubt ,regrets & makes space for clarity.
-What matters in the end is how you lived your life, not how well you understood it,
-The single greatest life hack is to stop convincing others of your beliefs to preserve your energy.
Just Chill.!!

Erzähl was über dich :)

ich heiße Natalie, bin 25 Jahre alt, habe am 06.06. Geburtstag. Habe eine Ausbildung zur Sozialassistentin Schwerpunkt Heilerziehung gemacht, arbeite in einem Kindergarten als 1:1 Betreuung für ein autistisches Kind. Bin in Sögel (Emsland) geboren, wohne in NRW & wohnte knapp 5 Jahre in Hessen.
Bin Single aber glücklich 😇

Who is someone you admire and why?

Funkyali’s Profile PhotoZargham
My Father.
What I admire about Dad is his resilience, his perseverance, his work-ethic, his rationality, and his unending love and support. there isn’t a single day where Dad isn’t joking around, laughing or smiling. It would be easy, even acceptable, if he was an angry, bitter, or broken man. But there is not even an ounce of resentment or regret. He's so calm and passionate about his goals & our goals. He is the only person I admire the most, and I aspire to be like him. My dad never gives up!

Romeo and Juliet... A three day fling between a 13 year old and a 17 year old who kill themselves and four others. And is deemed one of the greatest romances in history... why?

deeda_dahi’s Profile PhotoZalaam
Maybe because there are several themes in Shakespeare's tragedy and they have resonated with many people over the years: rivalry, friendship, intrigue, religion, prejudice, irony and the complexities of people or events and life in general. The nuanced peculiarities of an imperfect world are on full display and while the ending is tragic, it is more than some syrupy slop with a predictable conclusion - they lived happily (n)ever after. Subtract the emotional dependence(?) angle which is coupled with raging teenage hormones and it would still be a scintillating series. I wouldn't miss a single episode. ❤️
Romeo and Juliet (1884) / Sir Francis Bernard Dicksee
Romeo and Juliet A three day fling between a 13 year old and a 17 year old who

How'd you describe your habits in general? Are they good or bad? 🚿🚰🏃‍♂️💤

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Getting better! I haven't smoked a single cigarette in almost 3 weeks & I don't drink. I cut down on soda a lot. I'm still drinking 1-2 a day but I was at like 6 a day lol, with how insanely tired i've been I need the caffeine. Getting more or less 8hrs of sleep at night & kinda trying to eat better than I used to. So while i'm not perfect by any means i'm making progress towards healthier habits lol. I've always had excellent hygiene habits & generally try to keep my home clean. Hard with 5 kids & 2 other adults tho lol
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Apart from being pretty, what other nice things do you do in life?

MehrAR’s Profile PhotoAR Mehr
I read & read until I fall asleep with a book over my chest
Then I find links between Iqbal's paradigm of nation states & Foucault's biopower in my sleep
Then I wake up & choose to incorporate science instead of digital humanities into literature
Then I think of putting Russell & Nietzsche in parallels while I browse banal twitter hashtags
I sometimes imagine Ulysses on a span of years instead of a single day whilst painting whirling derveshis
And at night, as I close my eyes to sleep I try to find contexts of the disjointed letters at the start of some of my favorite Surahs
It ends on the same note: a book over my chest, my body on rest & a mind endless.

Do you think someday you will get married? If you find that peace within yourself and maybe your person?

I can't predict the future, I can only talk about the present and present me is very against dating all together. People forget that people can be single and live a fulfilling life. You don't need to be with somebody, and there's absolutely nothing wrong with not wanting to be with somebody.

Sometimes you just need a single word of validation.

Don't seek approval. This may be the toughest suggestion for you to follow -- and the most important. Whether you're a teenager seeking approval from your peers, a middle-aged parent seeking the approval of your kids, or a man or woman seeking the approval of a partner, it all amounts to the same thing. You're giving your personal power away every time you seek validation from someone else for who you are.
T. J. MacGregor
Sometimes you just need a single word of validation

Ist es hart Single zu sein

Hart ist nicht das richtige Wort dafür. Denn man brauch niemanden um durch dieses Leben zu gehen, die Kraft liegt in einem selbst, auch wenn man es nicht immer so sieht gar glaubt. Wenn man selbst in der Lage ist für sich einzustehen, dann kann man es auch für jemand anderen. - Man fühlt sich manchmal alleine, man möchte manchmal gerne körperliche nähe und sich mal fallen lassen, auch mal schwäche zeigen, liebe geben und bekommen, all das.

Lottery question: Do you tend to participate in lotteries? What was the last thing you won? Do you win rarely or never - or can you say that you're very lucky?

M1ssSemy’s Profile PhotoStar. i
Nooooooooooooooooooooo, I don't tend to participate in lotteries . . .
This guarantees I win .......... every single day
It's the only way!
Lottery question Do you tend to participate in lotteries What was the last thing

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