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You definitely wouldn't.You now have his baby and don't want a single life at all.

A baby wouldn't make a difference, I could easily handle her on my own, I'm with her 24/7 while he works, lmfao a woman can very much have a child and be a single parent, 90% of men are bare minimum fathers anyways while the women do 95% of the heavy load a childcare duties. So you're logic is flawed.
My husband is an amazing father, and I'm lucky he's so involved and goes above and beyond, but I also could easily take care of my child alone if some shit ever went down, which it won't.
You also forget i have an amazing support system with my parents, friends and sisters who would be there in a instant.

Are you a middle child, first child, or the youngest? Has that influenced your personality?

nousernameavailable31645’s Profile Photo♠phlegmatic♣
You send the best questions! I need to make it a point to answer them today. I was the first born and as much as I’d like to claim it’s attributed to my head-strong, independent, perfectionist, rather rebellious nature, I think it’s more genetics 😅. Me and my sisters are all strong independent females that challenge the status quo. We are all very different in how we approach things though. I suppose that may be our personality difference when interacting with others. I tend to use nurturing and exhortation, my middle sister leans on reverse psychology, and my youngest rigidly uses rebuke.
Are you a middle child first child or the youngest Has that influenced your

how do you have so big bobs and your sisters have so small bbs

My boobs aren't that big. They're bigger now because I had a baby. Everyone's tits are different and me and my sisters all have different bodies, nessa has more ass then me and mel. Simple. Everyone is different and we're all beautiful either way so whoooo the fuck cares who's has bigger tits. My god. Are yall like 13? Cus grown men aren't this obsessed with boobs or women's bodies.

😄😄😄 Lubisz zupy? Jaka jest najsmaczniejsza?

pelnaobaw’s Profile PhotoLizá.
PL: Wczoraj siedziałam z synem siostry mojego chłopaka i zastanawialiśmy się, jaka zupa jest najlepsza.
Tak sobie myślę, że chyba nie ma zupy, której nie lubię.
ENG: Yesterday I was sitting with my boyfriend's sister's son and we were wondering what soup is the best.
I guess there's probably no soup that I don't like.
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Your Highest Streak ?

Athar_Lati’s Profile PhotoAthar Lati
I dont play streaks, usallay i keep my things private, my swarrows my happiness, by blessings and rewards.
I keep my share circles private, just 2 3 female cousins other than my brothers and sisters by blood and my husband.
So i have nothing to send as a streak. Whatever i am enjoying i am enjoying with these dearest people .. so i dont have to snap and send.

Damn, you and your sister are hot! I'm not sure which one I'd choose... https://ask.fm/kandydevil/answers/173191080187 Sisters or relationship? What do you like about giving me difficult choices? I never met your sister before. Still got my number? Call me if you want to introduce us. 🤣🤣🤣 💗

talionislexx’s Profile PhotoLex Talionis
Oh, she’d love you. 🤣 She loved when people used to say we looked like sisters. And my grandmother, she used to tell everyone that my mom was her sister when she was a kid. My mom hated it. And my grandmother used to take me to play in public and I’d yell out “grandma” and she hated it so much because she wanted people to think I was her daughter. She still talks about it. 🤣 My family and age obsession. I didn’t inherit that. 🤣🤣🤣💗

كُل عام وانت بخير 💚 عيد أضحى مُبارگ 💚

abuzuhairhdt’s Profile Photoمُحَمّـد حميـدات || الطَنـُّوس
May the Merciful Allah accept our prayers and fasting and good deeds and protect all of us, Muslim brothers and sisters, from hellfire and torment of the grave and help all the oppressed….Eid Mubarak

Dua is especially answered on the Day of ARAFAH, so make dua from wherever you are, especially between Asr and Maghrib. Your belief is the most important thing! Also remember me in your prayers 🙏🏻

princess567l’s Profile PhotoMiss multiverse
JazakAllah. And may Allah ease things for Palestinians and bless them in this life and hereafter. And may He put this onslaught to and end soon InshaAllah
Please don't forget to pray for our brothers and sisters

To anyone: can we assume that humans and angels, as well as demons and many other races, are considered brothers and sisters among themselves? After all, God created us all. and also, if he created all of us, then who created him?🐇

Ba'al: This is one of those questions I myself have had but there's saying he has always been. Always from the start. A being of pure eternity.
Melech: Is that possible. How can you always exist out of mere nothingness?
Ba'al: Can't wrap your head around it now can you? How is it possible? Imagine, a being of infinite proportions. It never ends. Do you even know what he looks like? He is you and I. He is everyone.
Gadreel: One of my favorite things to ponder!
Ba'al: Gentlemen, we have much to discuss tonight it seems. Another interesting book of books studies.
Hemot: Mmhmm! It is curious. A being of absolute infinity. Knows and sees all. Allows things to happen for a purpose. *Laughs* Scary. To think father is such an entity.

Space ✨ #Free_Palestine🇵🇸

yazan1996kayyali’s Profile PhotoYazan Kayyali
May Allah humiliate those who can and should help and do not do so, cowardly men are not men,,,, Let Him humiliate everyone who, calling themselves a Muslim, shook and continues to shake hands of those who kill our brothers and sisters.


What is the best memory you have of a vacation trip? What made it special?

tristanandiseult3’s Profile PhotoMarie the Clumsy
Well.. i don't sure about the vacation but it was in other country so it counts i would say.
It was in Japan. I've worked there for some time and lived like "family stay" with one lovely Japanese family. The best memory and feeling is a feeling what true family really is. I felt how it could be to have a big friendly and.. full family with younger brothers and sisters (they had 4 kids).
IDK every memory from that time is so warm. It was funny to cook Russian cuisine with their mom and drink with the dad at 1am, play with lil daughter and study Japanese with their elder son.
There was such unusually calm and peaceful time in my life. :)
What is the best memory you have of a vacation trip What made it special

Have you ever been refused access to a bar or a club, and if so for what reason?

lostineden’s Profile PhotoLost in Eden •°•☆
Once I had gone out with my mum and her sisters and I was 21 and I couldn't get into one bar even with ID I think it's cause everyone else was older than me in there 40s but I was miffed because there was people in the club who I knew where basically children so we moved onto the club across the road.

Saray fasaad ki jarh kia hai ???

rafayarslan12’s Profile Photoرافع قریشی
I think human consciousness, is a tragic misstep in evolution. We became too self-aware, nature created an aspect of nature separate from itself, we are creatures that should not exist by natural law. We are things that labor under the illusion of having a self; an accretion of sensory, experience and feeling, programmed with total assurance that we are each somebody, when in fact everybody is nobody. Maybe the honorable thing for our species to do is deny our programming, stop reproducing, walk hand in hand into extinction, one last midnight - brothers and sisters opting out of a raw deal — True Detective

Are u Benjamin Netanyahu supporter?

We will break the barrier of nationalism.We will raise our coming generation for Palestine cause and they will surely come for them, there will be no mountain to hide no tree to give shade we will never forget the crimes of Zionists on our beloved brothers and sisters. Our leaders are cowards we are not. Our next generation is coming for Zionists. They must count the days.

15 million likes??? for what??? and for what period?

No thing but true love and sincere brotherhood 💚
They are all my brothers, sisters and sometimes sons and daughters!
ده سؤال لطيف وصلني في الشات أوت من واحدة لفت الحساب نظرها فيما يبدو.
بعدين خدت لفة باين ووصلت للنتيجة دي في الصورة.
يجبر خاطركم ياللي عملتوني أمير 🤴😌
15 million likes for what and for what period

Wieso weshalb warum hast du dich für den Namen deines OCs entschieden?

somewhatunpretentious’s Profile PhotoHitchhiker
Ich wollte schon länger einen Charakter Prudence nennen, aber dank @lunaphile hab ich wieder begonnen, The Cure zu hören und dadurch auch wieder Depeche Mode, Bauhaus, The Sisters of Mercy und unweigerlich auch Siouxie and the Banshees, deren Cover-Version von Dear Prudence einfach klasse ist. Well und damit war der Name wieder präsent in meinem Kopf, als die Frage nach dem Namen für meine Selwyn-Tochter aufkam. 😄 Und da auch noch eint traditioneller britischer Name gewünscht war, dachte ich mir: wieso nicht?
Ebenfalls hoch im Kurs standen Thelma, dank Thelma und Louise, sowie Harriet, wobei ich da den Rufnamen Hettie gewählt hätte und niemand nennt sie Harriet. Bei Harriet selbst denk ich immer an den Pudel aus Animal Crossing. Vielleicht wäre Hettie ja Frisörin geworden und deswegen enterbt. 😂💸
Aber ja, letzten Endes wurde es doch Prudence, weil Siouxsie und ein bisschen auch weil Charmed und Prue. Als japanische Vornamen standen neben Miyuki noch Kiyora auf der Liste. Ich wollte ein full-on Schnee Namen, der zu Yukinas Namen passt, und der einfach absolut nicht zu Prus späteren Charakter passt. Kiyora bedeutet sanfter Schnee und Miyuki schöner Schnee. Heavy Schnee emphasis hier. 😂

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Do you like a pantomime?

Yeah, it’s a great British tradition and good slapstick fun.
British pantomime had the “principle boy” character (e.g. Robin Hood) played by a woman and the “principal girl” characters (usually someone like Cinderella’s Ugly Sisters or Old Mother whomever) played by men in drag long before there was any of this nonsense outcry about it from offended politicised campaign groups.
As a kid I used to go to see the pantomime each year on my Birthday as it falls in pantomime season, and as an old fart I’ve gone with my nieces to see panto.
It’s good how serious actors/presenters from British film and tv also get involved and star in pantomime.
Do you like a pantomime

I have no words left about today's kite incident in faislabad. Phly to yh ptangbaz mafia phr accident hony p bht sy log gario or bikes p asy e chly gy ruky hi jo ruky un mh sy majority phones p video bnany lgi or jan bachany rescue call krny walo sirf kuch log . Afsos .. boht dil bura horha h

princess567l’s Profile PhotoMiss multiverse
I've just watched that video, my heart shattered into pieces totally, what a handsome young boy! 😢 Feeling really sorry for her family, especially her mother and sister's. May Allah give sabar e jameel to his family and Grant him the highest rank in jannah, Ameen, Sumameen! 😢❤️🕊️

Is it a pj kinda day or are you going to get dressed?

It's going to be a busy day today for me lol so my pjs :) it's laundry dayyyy
I'm going to be cleaning my house, and then I'm going to make some homemade jam (: and then I'm going to cut up some potatoes and freeze them and then meal prep :") funfun
Oh also ordering more stuff for my candle business.
And watching 1000 pound sisters 😅

كُل عام ونحنُ مُسلمون لله، فَرِحين بشعائِره، كل عام وأنتم بخير وصحة وسلامة كل عام والأمة الإسلامية بخير

May Allah forgive all our sins and accept our prayers, duas and good deeds. May our disadvantaged and suffering brothers and sisters have opportunity to fast, receive plenty of food, and finally all these horrors will end. ✨Ramadan Kareem ✨

When your siblings and yourself are together, is it obvious that you are related? How much do you look alike?

We have a similar smile n mannerisms n stuff sometimes, but we don't look much alike at a glance, she is more tan, dark hair, brown eyes etc. I think you can really tell we are sisters when we go out together though because that's when the joint mannerisms and the inside jokes and stuff come out 😂

Do you have a specific activity that you only do on Sundays? If not, how do your typical Sundays unfold? My weekends are usually dedicated to family. We go on short trips together, eat together, and enjoy various activities like watching movies or shows.

My parents always did Sunday lunch together as a family, we still try to do them when I visit but sometimes my sisters work. Weekends used to be family Day in the summer when we'd go to water parks and stuff, we still do it as much as possible but we have to book time off now.

E frumos la Constanța, te mai împuști cu cineva, mai bei o cafea la terasă, te mai tai cu unii, mai bagi o prăjitură...

😂Priveste partea buna, avem cofetarii excelente, am mancat la Giorginio o Pavlova asa buna, si nu doar acolo, avem Silvian, Clara, Sophie, Sisters, unde am mancat cupcakes, macarons, boeme, tort de 3 ciocolate etc, imi lasa gura apa.

On the last eve of 2023,would you like to lend us some of your thoughts?

dictator_1059’s Profile Photoexistential crisis
I can never see spacebuns the same way, or chubby hands, a piece of bread brings me pain. A wedding dress, a baby, young people in love, big innocent eyes, what to mourn? What to leave?I see in my teenager brother's eyes the eyes of thousands of teenagers teared apart from their families. I see abductions when i listen to new ideas. My routine is the same, why is it that I am grieving but my lips won't move, won't make a sound? How are we supposed to just go on, live our lives while our brothers and sisters on the other side are being massacred and our countrymen are vanishing. Why is it that oppressors are of the other side, but also our own? And why is it that the people I have never spoken to, I think about them every moment of the day. So tell me, what is the name of this feeling? What do you call it? How do I even began to name the feeling that has entwined itself with my heart, it runs in my blood and yet...

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What did she tell you that turned out to be untrue?

That he was ok on his own.
He isn’t ok on his own at all. I haven’t been able to do much the whole of December (visit my parents weekly and my sisters cafe) due to him not being ok on his own. We had a day trip planned out to see Santa before we even said ok to having the dog, and my best friend had to come down to have Charlie while we was gone all day.
Said he doesn’t chew up toys and is happy with his own, but took a very big liking to Leo’s doll and now the doll has no hands.
Is ok on walks, he isn’t, he pulls, he barks at every person we pass and if he sees a big dog he gets big dog syndrome.

Czy można być feministką i jednocześnie złośliwą wobec niektórych koleżanek?

Tak. Akurat w gronie feministek można sie dokopać fałszywego siostrzeństwa lub jakiej kolwiek relacji miedzy jedna a druga kobietą wcale nie mówię tu o miłości lesbijskiej tylko po prostu relacji na stopie przyjacielskiej czy moze miedzy matką a córka lub odwrotnie albo miedzy szefową czy tam kimś innym miedzy podopieczną.
To jest ogólnie śmieszne, bo feminizm kiedyś a dziś to są dwie skrajne zestawienia. Kiedyś kobiety walczyły o mozliwosc edukacji, mozliwosc zarobku, głosowania, decydowania o sobie samych itp. W większość nie wiem o co walczą dzisiejsze feministki, jak przecież te same w sumie praw i przywileje posiadamy, czasem nawet wieksze przywileje więc o co ten cały jazgot? Tu nie islam by były jakieś ograniczenia, albo ponowne niewolnictwo jak z 200 lat temu od zaborami. Jak kraj zniewolony to i kazdy ma przejebane. I mówię to ja jako kobieta. A to że trafia się czasami na zjebanych ludzi i dostaje się od nich bęcki nie zawsze słusznie to nic na to nie poradzimy, bo zjeby są wszędzie. Ludzie są wrednymi kurłami, bez względu od płci, wieku, statusu, charaktery i tak dalej także trzeba uważać i sie uzbroić w umiejętności, jak sobie radzic i się nie dawać. To samo tyczy się drugiej strony medalu kazdy bez względu na wszystko ale potrafiący się zachować i taki człek co wyznaje normalne podejście do życia i człowieka i wiecie, ogarnia człowieka jako cos wiecej poza jego poglądami to naprawdę, to świadczyć o tym ze sa i mozna trafic na wartościowych ludzi ktorzy nawet moga zmienić nasze postrzeganie na jakis temat.
Mam często wrazenie ze dzisiejsze feministki są tylko po to by pluć jadem na byle jaki temat i obojętnie na kogo a ta otoczka power woman lub love sisters to jest dla picu tak jak bycie eko terorystą lub body pozytiwistą . Oj czuje ze ta odpowiedź poleci, haha.

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Do you enjoy hiking? If yes, where is the coolest place you’ve ever been hiking?🧗‍♂️

n11shake’s Profile PhotoShake
I like going on hikes!! Especially when I get to take some nice shots along the way! I think the coolest place I've went on a hike was in the Blue Mountains outside of Sydney! Seeing rock formations such as "the three sisters" and how the distant mountains actually sorta looked blue was so cool! 🇦🇺
Do you enjoy hiking If yes where is the coolest place youve ever been hiking

Du schreibt nur über Israel und nie über Gaza also bist du Pro Israel ?

Das stimmt. Ich schreibe nie über Gaza. Aber die Wahrheit ist - ich wüsste nicht was. Ich habe keine Worte für das, was dort passiert.
Auf Instagram verfolge ich zwei wunderbare unglaublich mutige Journalisten aus Gaza: motaz_azaiza und byplestia, die seit 60 Tagen unter größtem persönlichen Einsatz filmen, was uns westliche Medien nicht zeigen. Aber ich musste zwischenzeitlich aufhören, ihre Videos zu schauen. Ich halte es nicht aus, weder geistig noch körperlich, ich könnte sonst nicht essen und nicht atmen und schon gar nicht in meinem Alltag funktionieren.
Ich antworte dir jetzt, weil Motaz heute ein Video gepostet hat, das mich vorhin ungehemmt flennen ließ. Weil weißt du was? Ich bin überzeugt, in einer anderen Welt könnte Motaz mein bester Freund sein. Es fühlt sich so an. Aber ich kann ihm nicht helfen. Ich kann ihm nicht helfen.
Und er ist nicht der einzige. Ich kenne Menschen aus Gaza persönlich. Ich habe palästinensische Freunde, die Angehörige in Gaza haben. Zu drei unserer Freunde aus Gaza fehlt seit den ersten Kríegstagen vollständig der Kontakt. Da ist nichts mehr. Sind sie tót? Ich weiß es nicht und es zerstört mich.
Einer davon war ein engagierter Friedensaktivist, der eine eigene Seite auf Facebook betrieb. "Across the wall" heißt sie, er interviewte einfache Leute aus Gaza über ihren Alltag und für viele Menschen aus Israel war das der einzige Draht/Austausch zwischen den Zivilbevölkerungen. Die letzte Nachricht auf dieser Seite lautete am 23. Oktober:
"The whole family of the founder of this page in Gaza, who wrote here countless messages to Israelis over the years for peace and a just future, was bombed to death this week by the Air Force. Twenty-three people they were. All his loved ones: his father, his little sisters, his brothers, nephews, and even the babies that were in the house - they all died. Some of their bodies were found burned or torn apart but most of them are still buried under the demolition of the house in Dir El-Balach. For this reason, unfortunately, the posts on the page will stop for now."
Was soll ich da noch über Gaza schreiben? Bitte sag mir, was. Mein Herz ist in tausend Teilen.
Der einzige Grund, warum ich hier überhaupt was schreibe, ist, weil ich selbst von diesem Kríeg betroffen bin und im Schreiben ein bisschen persönliche Heilung suche. Meine Angehörigen sind/waren zufällig Israelis. Ist so. Ich habe nicht das Privileg, diesen Kríeg objektiv betrachten zu können oder objektive Texte zu schreiben, weil ich selbst Trauma durchlebe und mit unfassbarem menschlichem Leid konfrontiert bin. Das heißt aber nicht, dass ich das Leid des palästinensischen Volkes und insbesondere der Menschen in Gaza nicht sehe. Ich sehe sie. Ich sehe ihr Leid. Trotz meines Leidens. Wir müssen uns nicht entscheiden. Wir weinen alle gleich.

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People always criticize adults who still live with their parents. I am almost 30 and still live with my folks. What would be the point of moving out? We have a 4000 sqft house, I don't pay rent, I don't pay utilities, my job is 20 mins away. Why do people want others to struggle so badly?

I think people want others to do what is expected of them or the things that almost everyone else at their age is doing rather than minding their own business and using common sense. My little sister’s friends have told my sister that I should’ve been moved out of my parents house since I’m over 18 but I couldn’t care less about what an 8 year old thinks. I think people that believe it’s easy and better to move out once you turn 18 don’t consider how hard it can be for someone to pay all their bills and the negative emotional affect it can have on the individual to live alone. A person should only move out of their parents house when/if they want to and/or if they really can’t stand living with their parents but other than that, I don’t see a problem with continuing to live with them.

tell us about the most beautiful friend you ever had ?. just send him or her a message and if you can't just write here.

Nora, God have mercy and forgive her, A beautiful girl I have never seen any girl like her . She has a unique characteristics. She is kind , know how to love all people in her life . I meet her at the university and become friends and sisters. I have many friends that they are very close to me and I love them so much . As usual I support them in their problems but If I face a problem I don't tell them . 3 years ago, I was ill for around one year no one of my friends know about my illness except Nora . I was always tell her I am fine but she didn't trust me that I am fine until I told her . In this period, she suffered from depression. But she was the most person who support me after my family. I lost her because she died from around three years. I really miss her so much.💔

Do you dress casual or smart usually?

I am often mistaken for a teenager in Lisbon,especially by those who come to work.They asked me:you are 16 years old,are you someone’s child?I then showed how old I was, and they were simply amazed.
Just for example,my middle sister is an adult,and she is considered an adult.I don't know if it's because of the clothes she wears or if she's just taller than me.
What I wear is still important to me.I like to wear whatever I like.But I don’t like it when they call me Shket when I walk around the city.This annoys me,I think that if I had not worn pink sweatpants and sneakers with a black jacket,then nothing would have changed anyway.
I just know one of my friends,so she braided my sister’s hair.This is stretchy fat from her panties,and no one believes that she is 24,they usually say that she is an adult,she is about 35 years old.
And to me,as always:go hand out leaflets,are you the right age?It’s okay that I need work experience in order to have a good pension in the future.But as a rule,people cannot understand this.They have sawdust in their heads.
I just don’t understand why my sister looks more mature if we dress almost the same?
P.S. What am I?that my sister keeps the money on the card,and my mother has the card,and she and her father decide on her own what is best to buy.But with my sister it’s a little different,they love her more,and accordingly she earns and buys what she wants.But mom manages the money.

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