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plavání x běh x jízda na kole x tanec x aerobik x posilování x pěší turistika x tenis x bruslení x fotbal x golf x gymnastika x házená x hokej x horolezení x jízda na koni x karate x lyžováni x pilates x volejbal x potápění x surfování x skateboarding x šerm

Plavání je velmi cool a dost mi jde, ale záleží na tom kde. Moře? Top tier, ano, mmm. Zatopené lomy, funky jezera? Ano, prosím. Bazény? Éééh.
Pěší mám ráda, ale hodně záleží, s kým jdu a kam - pokud mě bude na fucking Lysou horu táhnout blb, co se mi bude vysmívat za to, že jdu pomalu, tak vám garantuju, že mě to bavit nebude, ale jinak roznáším poštu a mám loveckého psa, což asi mluví dost samo za sebe.
Na koni jsem jezdila dost dlouho a mám na to vcelku hezké vzpomínky! Vlastně bych se k tomu někdy znovu ráda vrátila, ale spíše pozoruju, že než samotné ježdění mě bere spíš práce ze země a všechna ta šílená věda kolem přirozené komunikace a korektního pohybu koní.
Lyžování je velmi cool a poněkud při něm ztrácím pud sebezáchovy, vůbec nevím, kdo může být ten motherfucker, co kolem vás prosviští plnou rychlostí bez jediný zatáčky na svazích, kde se... nemá jezdit bez jediný zatáčky, hm.
Potápění mě asi nemine, pokud budu pokračovat ve své fascinaci oceány a životem v nich, akorát momentálně nemám moc peníze ani na kurz, ani na výbavu, a ani nežiju v oblasti, kde bych je mohla využít, lol.
Skateboarding na kolejích praktikujeme s podložkou pod květináče a šerm je sexy, chci být zabita mečem, co mě zabije, haha.

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I don't know if you've been following the Olympics, but Australia will play Belgium in the finals. Belgium beat India 5-2, and Australia beat Germany 3-1 in the semis. India and Germany will play for the bronze. Who do you think will win!? This is in hockey by the way. Field hockey, not ice...

thecasualfanrises’s Profile Photocf
I haven’t seen the hockey yet. Seen the skateboarding. Have you seen that? They’re so good. Keep a hold of the board when they’re so high up in the air. How do they do it?

I've got all these scars and stuff all over my back from this time I was skateboarding and crashed down the side of the ditch. Because of it I'm extremely self conscious of what I look like without short sleeves or no shirt.

cirruskye’s Profile PhotoCirrus Skies
I have scars on my tummy from burning myself 5 years ago with a heating pad that was straight out of 1992. I’m pretty self conscious about it, but hey, it happens. 🤷‍♀️

Are you lookimg forward to the cooler seasons? What are your preferred things to do as it gets colder out?

ErinWolf4919’s Profile PhotoErin Wolf
Yees I am. Cuz then I'll be able to go outside for skateboarding and lots of other stuff. Cuz where I live it's soooo hot during summer. It's impossible to stay outside ?

As a child, growing up, were you ever into rollerblading or roller skating? or maybe skateboarding or longboarding? PAP or share a GIF maybe along with your answer if you'd like. ? Don't have to tho.

Ice_Frozen_Vocals’s Profile PhotoŞωεεT† ɮȩ̷̠̝͙̎̑̆ℓℓล ♡♪
I used to rollerskate, rollerblade, and tried my hand (or foot?) at skateboarding. Wasn't pro or anything but it was fun

As a child, growing up, were you ever into rollerblading or roller skating? or maybe skateboarding or longboarding? PAP or share a GIF maybe along with your answer if you'd like. 😊 Don't have to tho.

Ice_Frozen_Vocals’s Profile PhotoŞωεεT† ɮȩ̷̠̝͙̎̑̆ℓℓล ♡♪
I used to get dropped off at the roller skate rink when I was a kid all the time
Plus mode events were held at the roller skate rink as well... birthday parties, holiday parties, etc.

I've been consciously taking time to be still. No media. And just hear what I really want. Come to terms with it. Then pray or meditate & listen. After work/school, etc take time to wind down. It's so important to destress. Do something u like every week. EX. Cooking, drawing, skateboarding etc

AskKeishaJ’s Profile PhotoKJay
I cook every single day whether it’s one meal or more. :) I’m a stay at home mommy so I’m pretty occupied with that! I need to work on patience for sure too.
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️️️ ️ ️ ️️️️️️ ️ ️ ️️️️️️ ️ ️ ️️️️️️ ️ ️ ️️️️️️ ️ ️ ️️️️️️ ️ ️ ️️️️️️ ️ ️ ️️️️️️ ️ ️ ️️️️️️ ️ ️ ️️️️️️ ️ ️ ️️️✴ BASIC INFORMATION ✴

࿐ Name; Maxine Mayfield.
✧༄ Fandom; Stranger Things.
✧༄ Age; 14 [ Season Three ].
✧༄ Species; Human.
✧༄ Sexual orientation; Heterosexual.
⧽ Personality/Biography; Max is a tomboy, having many interests that some wouldn’t consider "conventional" for a girl during the period. While growing up in California, she displayed no interest in things like press-on nails, perms, nor getting a tan. She greatly enjoys skateboarding and is skilled at arcade games (such as Dig Dug), being proficient enough to achieve the top scores. She also displays a slight interest in horror films, having dressed as Michael Myers for Halloween. Max has some driving experience and was able to drive her brother's car fairly well.
Due to moving to Hawkins and her brother’s abusive treatment towards her, she was initially anti-social and cautious towards other people and frequently proved to be highly acerbic and overall aloof. Her distrustful demeanour made her sceptical, and she often had a hard time believing the strange events that occurred in her new town. Nevertheless, she was willing to lend a helping hand once she accepted the gravity of the situation. While she initially brushed off Lucas and Dustin’s attempts at befriending her, she was shown to be eager to become a member of the Party, continuously enduring their harsh treatment to be included. When she was eventually accepted into the Party, she was immensely loyal toward her new friends, self-identifying as a "zoomer" as her role in the group and going so far as standing up to Billy to protect them.
A year after moving into Hawkins and having new friends, Max has shown to be more social and less sarcastic. Even after witnessing the Upside Down and its monsters, Max still has some doubts about the supernatural and strange mysteries, but she believes in them; highlighting the fact that Max is slowly understanding and accepting the paranormal events. Max also is shown to give good advice, especially to Eleven whom she strikes a friendship with after the latter starts dealing with relationship problems with Mike, as Max had problems with her relationship with Lucas. It was later revealed that although Max despises her stepbrother's abuse and behaviour, Max deeply cares about him as she and friends find out that he's possessed by the Mind Flayer, revealing her concern for him. After Billy was killed, Max was left devastated and continued to mourn for him three months later, showing that despite his ill-treatment of her, Max did somewhat love Billy.

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"Converse or Vans"? Converse is short for convertible and Vans is like a truck......lol. Hiiii silly friend. Stay sweet.

Alicia861’s Profile PhotoAlicia + Jenni
I grew up with both throughout my life. With going to school and with skateboarding with them I have owned dozens a pairs of both. Owning more Converse than Vans. I own many different kinds of designer Converse. Including the pizza Edition two different pairs of the All-American. The newspaper Converse and a few others including the originals. I have had knee high ankle high and the original height Converse. I definitely prefer Converse but I love Vans 2.

Kannst du den Charakteren vielleicht ein Tier, ein Essen, einen Ort auf der Welt, ein Muggelhobby und eine historische Epoche zuordnen? :)

GreenHillMoonlight’s Profile PhotoMina
Uff, das war echt schwer, vor allem die historischen Epochen.
Renshin: Schnappschildkröte | Natto | Tokio | Skateboarding | 70er Jahre Punkbewegung in New York und London
Mal: Pandabär | ein Comfort food, sowas wie Hühnernudelsuppe | die Provence | Picknick auf der Wiese | Bürgerrechtsbewegung der 60er in den USA
Tamar: Kolibri | Zuckerwatte | Salar de Uyuni | Malerei | Belle Époque
Adam: Rotfuchs | Schokoladentrüffel mit Goldflocken | Las Vegas | Weinverkostung | Roaring 20s
Joan: Viper | Sashimi | New York’s Wallstreet | Auf Pferderennen wetten | Kalter Krieg

Oh ok. What made you want to be a skater? And what changed your mind? Also how come it takes you a long while to reply?

I was like really young and just enjoyed doing things that were not youre typical girl things. And skateboarding was like my biggest interest. It wasnt until I was like 8 that my life took a different direction. Christina my oldest sister wanted to be in a band but it wasnt working out with her friends. My mom has a degree in music and vocals so we were all taught how to sing from a very young age. Originally .... It was just me and amy and christina who started a band at the time but it didnt really take off at first. In 2010 that when my mom suggested we just started a band as a sibling group since our schedules were all the same and we lived together. The band consisted of our brother michael, christina, katherine,lisa, amy and me. Dani was to little at the time to join. We all took musical theater as well so we knew the basically foundations and kinda picked up on playing instruments the further we went. Our grandmother used to book us gigs at nursing homes as well at the time. When Danielle was a little bit older she joimed the band and Michael eventually backed out from being a member but still helps with the sound and technically things for our concerts and what not today. growing up I wasnt really motivated or focused on actually being a singer and it took a long conversation with christina to actually get me to stay motivated and focused on music. I just thought it was never going to work out but then kath suggested we post a cover on youtube of party in the head which went viral at the time ... And left us shook ... So we kept doing more and more which more views kept coming ... Etc. You can read more about it ... But I think I really realized that I wanted to be a singer around the age of 18 when I decided to go to college and realized I was basically wasting my time because I already had a career that I had since I was 8 ... And I'm just doing extra work for basically nothing... And was really stressed out. There were times when I wanted to quit the band but thank god we took therapy sessions and we are all in a good place now...

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Ya...it looks good ...but we can't wear them daily basis...mostly fit for glamour world...or other work places...

mamtabanerjee02’s Profile Photo..batsy batsy..
I don't think I've ever have worn a legit high-heeled before? Haha ? is this sad? I have always been the Tomboy type of girl... I grew up around the guys playing sports skateboarding playing in the mud water balloons trampolines street basketball playing out in the fields with the guys playing baseball with them video gamer
+3 answers in: “Noo...dear...that's something girls always love to try but mostly end up flip flops...n sneakers...??”

Do you do much skateboarding at all, or did you use to do it back in the day? If so did you master any decent stunts?? 🏂🏆

Nope, had an operation in September and I was pretty much scared to pick up my skateboard and then winter came.
Can't wait for spring to do this kind of stuff again. :D
Do you do much skateboarding at all or did you use to do it back in the day If

Do you do much skateboarding at all, or did you use to do it back in the day? If so did you master any decent stunts?? 🏂🏆

I used my skateboard for transportation. Much like my bicycle, I was not interested in stunts but in getting from point a to b. Nah, I just did it for my own amusement. Last time I tried that, the ballbearing from the wheels beat me down the hill. I just used to skateboard to get around, I was in middle school. I tried it, but I had a terrible sense of balance back then and couldn't do anything more than move at a slow pace.
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الواحد فرحان عشان حضرتك بترد عليا 😂 لو كنت فاكرني يا دوك؛ كنت سائل حضرتك سوال كدة (عن قانون كنت فاكر نفسي اكتشفته بس حضرتك قلتلي ده بتاعpythagoras) و في الاخر قلت لحضرتك تيجي تلعب معايا Skateboarding قدام الكلية 😊

ايوة يا عمرو فاكرك .. ابعتلي لينك الفيس بتاعك

would you rather wake up tomorrow being: a solid skateboarder, a proficient drummer, or basically fluent in Italian?

HeyGuysWantStuffJustAsk’s Profile Photoeggsy
ooh.... any of these would be cool!
i think i’ll go with fluent in italian. skateboarding looks fun though and if i could skip to the “basically able to cruise without falling on my ass” stage that would be radical.

Faaainnn Eu sunt fata si sunt obsedata de skateboarding, doar ca ai mei nu imi permit sa-mi cumpar unul, pentru ca ei cred ca skateboarding ul tine doar de baieti :///

Asta este o prostie, eu am o prietena aici in zona care e foarte buna cu skate.ul, si plus de asta nu e neaparat sa il cumperi, eu am inceput de la placi gasite la groapa de gunoi, reparate si reconstruite, acum am si longboard si skate, daca vrei hai sa vb pe messenger ca pot sa iti dau un sfat cum sa faci cu parintii

Real T individuals don't claim you, a dumbass kid who thinks they're trans. Tumblr obsessed teens like you give the trans community a bad name

- i'm an adult
- i haven't been involved in "sjw" tumblr for over 2 years bc i hate it
- i literally just said i hate tucutes aka those uwu 13 year olds who think papergender or whatever the fuck is a thing and they're trans bc they like skateboarding and that's "a boy thing" when they're dfab
- i've been diagnosed with gender dysphoria for 3 years
-go away dude the trans community doesn't claim YOUR headass self who whines about a dude online who has said/done nothing wrong other than admit they are indeed trans which... wyd fam?

"È una rivista di skateboarding mensile, fondata nel gennaio 1981 da Eric Swenson e Fausto Vitello.La pubblicazione consiste principalmente di articoli di skateboard e musica, fotografie, interviste e recensioni di skatepark." Ecco a te ,direttamente da Wikipedia

No aspe, partiamo dalla prima domanda che mi hai fatto, mi hai chiesto il significato con da cosa è nata. Ghesboro tutti sono capaci a guardare su internet, ed è vero quello che ho detto, cazzo me ne frega se prima era così o colà, ORA è una marca che dovrebbe interessare solo gli skater. Quindi che cazzo fai il fissetto cercando di prendermi per il culo. Ma anche se fossi che non sappi niente di questa felpa, MA CHE CAZZO ME NE FREGA DIO PORCO. Scommetto su quello che vuoi che tu non sai la storia di tutti i vestiti che hai.

?C o l e c t i v a? Espero que estén pasando un excelente día(。≖ ‿ ≖。 ) Esta vez tienes que poner 5 o mas cosas sobre ti >\\\<?

Haru_Kun__’s Profile Photo✱ Haru Senpai ♕
1. Color favorito: azul, rojo & negro
2.amo los tacos
3.amo el fútbol
4. Amo los tulipanes, gerberas & claveles
5. Me gusta el skateboarding

Es tragen viele jordans, die bb spielen aber halt net gut und das finde ich okay. Aber is ja jtz auch scheiss egal😂

sarahm286’s Profile PhotoSarah
Aber Skateboarding ist anders. So ein Mittelding gibt es da nicht. Entweder man ist 100% Skater oder gar nicht. Und du gehörst zu letzterem.
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😍Me Llamo:👑Me Dicen:💔Nombre De Mi Ex: 🎶Canción Favorita:👫😍Me Gusta:🎁Cumpleaños:👭Mejor Amiga: 💙Mejor Amigo:😂Fumo:🍻Tomo:😡Celos:😂Extrañas A Tu Ex:😄Color Favorito:😏Algo Que Te Vuelva Loc@:❤️Deporte Favorito:🌇Calor O Frio: 😎Día Favorito:😘Fecha Que No Olvidaras:👌Una Frase:📷Foto Fav:

Yair 🏻
Yayis o siemplemnte yair jajaja😂👌🏻
No me importa cómo se llama mi ex :)
Rubén paz THE BOTTOM buena rola🏻
1 de agosto :)
Juan Carlos..🏻❤
Si 😂🏻
Muy celoso :$
Neeewl :) 🏻
Rojo y azul 😂❤💙
El skateboarding me vuelve loco 😂👌🏻
Viernes :) 🏻😍
11 de septiembre 2016😭❤
Lucha siempre y no te rindas:)
Gran foto👇🏻👇🏻👊🏻❤
Me LlamoMe DicenNombre De Mi Ex Canción FavoritaMe GustaCumpleañosMejor Amiga

😚¿Nombre?💁¿Edad?🐧¿Soltero En Relación?👩¿Mejor Amiga?👫¿Mejor Amigo?🐶¿Mascota?🌼¿Color Favorito?👶¿Fecha De Nacimiento?🎶¿Cancion Favorita?🏣¿Escuela?🎭¿Pasatiempo?🍕¿Comida Favorita?👻¿Snapchat?👾¿Youtuber?🎼¿Que Género De Música Te Gusta?⛅¿Frio O Calor?🌒¿Noche O Día?📷¿Foto?😍¿quien te gusta?

- Valentina Aldana
- 13
- soltera
- @dayis012
- @jsantiamor
- perro
- Verde y Negro
- 17 Septiembre 2003
- Drama Free Stayla
- Aun No Tengo jaj
- Skateboarding
- Pizza
- lvalentina75
- No
- Hip-Hop
- Frio
- Noche
- Nadie :(
NombreEdadSoltero En RelaciónMejor AmigaMejor AmigoMascotaColor FavoritoFecha De

Hi , GS :-) how are you ? you have a new girlfriend ? What's your style ? What's your name of your guitar ? Do you love your guitar ? What do you think for this - hey stop does not make it very hard they will kill ? Describe yourself in one word ? What are you going to very beautiful ? Thank you :)

Hi :-) Fine , thanks . Yes , i have the most beautiful girl in the world <3 . My style .. mm .. skateboarding style . Factor , my guitar she is my best friend <3 . You really ? I adore her.Mm , i think this is normal , this is the life and i'm ready for that :-) In one word is very difficult ... Maybe - Normal .Very beautiful , only her smile <3 *_*
Hi  GS  how are you  you have a new girlfriend  Whats your style  
Whats your

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