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hi, can u tell something you like about yourself?

nottheusualrheya’s Profile PhotoAngeluna ☾
Hello! Well, my pseudo name is Psyche. In most of my social media accounts I used it as a username since I've read hers and Eros' story and got fascinated with it. I'm into any forms of art. Be it painting, sketching, sculpture, dancing and music. I like guitars, pianos, ukulele and violins. I am.. trying my best and trying to find who i really am.

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hi can u tell something you like about yourself

I have seen a lot of people with loads of friends, but indeed they are the loneliest the most. We live in a contemporary world, where we are entitled to portray that we are so happy and have so many friends whom we can rely on.

Okay that feeling of inadequacy or being empty on the inside is what I struggle with too. I bet you need an alternate source of expressionif you're not voicing your opinion in your friends circle. I only really express myself here, or in my personal journals. There were lots of techniques of expression that my therapist once told me. Cooking, sketching, painting, singing, dancing, etc. Try any of those if talking isn't your thing. Or simply come here and have an anonymous chat from time to time. We are all lonely but we gotta deal with it amirite?

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You don't do that at all. Some of your work is very evocative & it forces people to think about what precipitated it. You making people think and feel is a sign that you're doing something right. Some of what they think and feel might not have any basis in your reality, but that's not your problem!

Thank you! I've been trying to branch out and make other forms of art not just sketching or paintings. I really like to make art that has a point or a meaning and I sometimes hesitate because I know some people can be sensitive to some things and I don't want to hurt someone's feelings that way.

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What are your plans for the rest of this week?

klonetron’s Profile PhotoHalbery Jones
I’ve finally got a few days off from work, which is a real relief! I’m planning on getting some art done, mostly.
Tomorrow I should be home alone, so I’m planning on reworking an old oil painting so I can submit that to a couple of open calls, and possibly make some pancakes too because… priorities 🥞 😄
Depending upon how that goes, possibly start sketching and painting the background of my current art piece too, over the next few days, before I’m back at work again :)

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How do we get over someone? Please answer only if you have really done this. Cause the one who really did that knows how hard it is. Rest of people dont know how hard it is.

Get a pet and take care of that, the way you wanted yourself to be taken care of...
Dont be alone, sit with family or friends as long as its possible...
Spend some time with your hobbies, i.e. gardening, music, games, painting, sketching, writing or whatever it is, but dont spend all the time with that...
Share your feelings with someone yu can trust your life with...
Wake up early, go to bed early...
Change your room setting immediately ...

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Does that mean you only decide to care about things that you think you can win? Is there no fun or worth in trying your hardest at something that you can never be the best at?

I only care about being the best in things that I'm actually interested in, like say arts for example. I'm definitely not the best artist or anyway near being one at the moment but I'd give it my best shot. There's a lot that I know I'm no way near being the best at but I am passionate about. I'd say I can be a little jealous at times due to my competitive nature. I remember back in 7th grade there was this new kid in class who was amazing at sketching and before him when it came to art I had no competition in my class. So I was a little envious of him at first not gonna lie.

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+7 answers in: “Which fictional character traits do you relate to yourself?”

Hi, your sketches are very beautiful; did you attend any Sketching School or College? I have other questions and comments, but I am afraid that Bobby Singer will come after me too, so bye now and I wish that you will have a wonderful day.

No, I didn’t attend any sketching schools but I did go to college. And you can ask Jim any questions. You don’t need to be afraid. We’re nice people. ❤

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