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What style of clothes do you prefer to wear?

Oh that's so different.!
I don't even have a style, I have 50's style retro dresses, hoodiedresses, formal dresses, oversized Hoodies, fitting hoodies, skinny jeans, baggy jeans, high waist, different shapes of skirts, crop tops, loose tops, leggins..
The only thing that's always the same, I'm colourful 😅

Have you ever hated yourself? Why or why not?

used toooooo, cuz i wasn’t skinny lmfao. now im comfy in my skin. i love my body, its softness, my baby face, my lips, all of it. ofc still self conscious abt stuff like chest size but there’s always things u can do but tbh baddies with big tiddies.. v jelly

What is the story of you adopting your cat? ☺️

Ann1219’s Profile PhotoAnna Panchenko
Ted was a stray, he kept turning up at my back yard and he was really skinny at the time also, so I gave him some food which he very quickly devoured and rather than leaving my house, he had a look around and settled down to go to sleep, he's been with me ever since 😌
What is the story of you adopting your cat

let's be honest . perempuan kurus sangat tk cantik langsung pftt 💀

Tak elok do bodyshaming macam tu. Tak tau ke orang kurus tu act struggle gila nak naikkan berat badan. Makan macam there's no tomorrow, tapi naik sikit je. Kalau engko nampak orang kurus/keding ni pun ada masalah jugak. Bila skinny sometimes nak cari baju susah sebab even size yang paling kecil pun still besar untuk diorang & selalu jugak kena perli dengan orang, cakap diorang ni ikan bilis la, tiang lampu la etc. if nak kutuk pergi kutuk yang kurus tapi acah gemuk. Itu takpe!

So I don’t have much beard, I am skinny and I look very young. But my age is older, how can I accept myself? People make fun of me being like a teenager rather than an adult. Thanks for your attention 🙏

You’ll appreciate it when you’re actually old and look young. Depends if you want to change yourself for it, you shouldn’t have to but hitting the gym I guess and using a derma roller in your beard, there are ointments that are proven to help you grow a thicker, fuller beard too, go check them out.

Why are you a picky eater?

I'm paying with my own money, and living under my own roof, so if I want to have fried fish (without tartar sauce) and chips WITHOUT any vegetables on the side, I will.
I was extremely sick as a kid and I had to be fed certain foods and certain amounts, even when I wasn’t hungry. It made me constantly feel more sick. Now it’s is really hard for me to eat and I have an eating disorder.
My sense of smell wins me over most times. If something doesn’t smell good enough, or straight up stinks, I will not try/eat it. Also, if the plate I am offered/served has an ingredient I know I don’t like, I won’t eat it neither.
I starved myself too. Food has been a struggle for as long as I can remember. I have no idea why. I'm still skinny and I still don't eat much on a daily basis. But force-feeding me has only made it worse. If my parents had tried another way maybe I would have been able to eat normally now that I'm adult.
I was too, but it was only because I had a habit of starving myself out of pickiness. I do wonder if that hasn't contributed to my eating problems as an adult.
At restaurants and stuff, it's not too bad. They usually have something I can find that's alright, or I just order it without/with a bunch of stuff (I always feel bad for the waiter/ress though because I'm so high maintenance). Same thing goes with the cafeteria food at uni. It was a little harder in high school, so if the entree was something I didn't like, I'd either not eat or just eat the sides. It's kind of hard at other people's houses. I'll usually just not take a lot of it and stomach what I have to to be polite.
I've been a picky eater for as long as I remember, but I'm not a dick about it. I'm not a vegetarian, and I don't have any dietary requirements... I'm just weird when it comes to food. I usually have a packed lunch instead of cafeteria food and when I stay at my friend's we usually get a takeaway or I just eat what they give me.I was a very picky eater in my younger years! Interestingly, I read that picky eaters consume a diet of mostly orange/yellow coloured foods. This proved accurate in my case so I began trying to create colourful meals.
So far every person I know that is picky about food was forced to eat things they didn't want as a child. Since my parents never forced anything on me I grew up liking most everything. When I was little I loved broccoli and brussels sprouts and just couldn't fathom that none of the other kids would touch them.

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wiesz gdzie mogę dostać tego casa poza skinny dip stronką? bo jest wyprzedany +

Да и пусть говорят. Всё это толстая, худая так относительно. Визуально одно может быть, а на деле. Бывают же и худые "толстые" - skinny fat. Такой себе вариант. Главное что самому комфортно! А какой у тебя рост и вес, если не секрет?

Да я уже их и не слушаю. Просто суть в том, что смысла делиться с предками своими проблемами все равно нет - не дослушают, раздадут советы, скажут что сама виновата и тэдэ.
Я не считаю себя толстой или некрасивой уже давно (ну не щщитая разных там гормональных всплесков как при пмс😆). Но такие люди могут сломать твою самооценку за один день, хотя выстраивала ты ее годами.
По хорошему такое надо с психологом прорабатывать. Но я предпочитаю ныть тут или погружаться в работу до бессилия💩

Have you ever went skinny dipping. 😘

it's sacred🖤
lake, midnight, champagne, the water acquires a special warmth, when a light rain begins, the water becomes dark, some irresistible force wakes up in it and not planning to swim, a light sparkling intoxication gives way to this prank ...
I recommend😉💫🔥
это святое🖤
озеро, полночь, шампанское, вода приобретает особую теплоту, когда начинается легкий дождь вода становится темной, в ней просыпается какая-то непреодолимая сила и не планируя купаться легкое игристое опьянение дает выход этой шалости...
Have you ever went skinny dipping

I'm skinny and whenever I look at other guys with good muscles and tougher bodies, I would tend to think that they're better than me. Do I have a low self-esteem?

KeepYourEyesPeeled’s Profile PhotoKeepYourEyesPeeled
Possibly. If it starts to control your thoughts and make you feel bad then you should be taking steps to work through that cos no-one is better than anyone. It's normal to think about it from time to time like "oh I wish I was more this or more that" but if it makes you feel bad about yourself all the time, it's definitely a confidence issue or perhaps body image issues.

Skinny is better! you know you looked great skinnier you looked like a model. Why would you wanna get fat for? That shxt's nasty

Well I’m not fat either so there’s that lmao. It’s weird you rather females be under weight . Yikes 😬. Being under weight isn’t cute or model like
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Wie das Amortentia eurer OCs riecht, wurde nun schon öfter gefragt, doch wie steht es mit den anderen Sinnen? Welches Geräusch, Gefühl, welcher Geschmack oder Anblick löst in euren OCs pure Glückseligkeit aus?

GreenHillMoonlight’s Profile PhotoMina
tangentially related: ich glaub' ich hab' die ambrosia-frage noch nie bekommen. das krieg' ich dafür, dass ich so mmff-faul bin. :))
aber, hm...schwere frage. äh. puh.
Takuya: Der Geschmack von Kukicha, das Geplapper seiner Geschwister durch die Hauswände und der Anblick von Sommersprossen.
Ambrose: 👁️👄👁️ Weil Ambrose Ambrose ist...der Geschmack von Wein. Der Klang eines Klaviers. Das Gefühl von Bücherseiten. Das Gefühl von kühler Nachtluft auf der Haut. anything that's pretentious enough
Mercie: Geschmacklich Käsekuchen! Und ansonsten natürlich Musik aller Art!
Neele: Der Anblick von Finn macht sie glücklich~...und das Gefühl der Sommersonne auf der Haut...und der Geschmack von Himbeeren.
Shixin: Der Geschmack von Guotie, bitte möglichst gar keine Geräusche, danke (höchstens das Rauschen in den Ohren wenn man Ohrenstöpsel benutzt)...und zum Gefühl das Fell seines Hundes. :)
Enid: Ich würd' ja sagen der Anblick von schönen Kleidern, aber, jah, well. :') Deshalb sag' ich alternativ das Gefühl von teuren Stoffen - wenn die zu einem Kleid vernährt sind, umso besser. Oh, und alles bezüglich Trankzutaten, duh.
Yrjö: Das Gefühl von frischer Winterluft auf der Haut. Zirpende Vögel. Und der Geschmack von hausgemachtem Kissel.
(und weil ich nicht anders kann...für insu der geschmack von sehr scharfem ramyeon, für inhwa das geräusch von fußstapfen zu hause, für hyemin das gefühl wenn man nach einem langen tag die super skinny jeans endlich ausziehen kann (was, ich und spezifisch?) und siwoo meldet sich in drei bis fünf werktagen noch mal, wenn er's rausgefunden hat)

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فستان نبيتي البس عليه طرحه ايه بسررررعه🥺🥺

اللون ال skinny دا بيبقا حلو اوي ع النبيتي وممكن اوف وايت برضو وممكن لو هو سواريه ع نبيتي او اسود ع هيلز نفس لون الطرحة

Co je pro tebe asexuální u pohlaví, které tě přitahuje?

Ok. V poslední době se nám tu (dobře, hlavně na Twitteru, ale hádky na Twitteru přenechám lidem, kteří se fakt hádat chtějí) rozmohl takový nešvar. Dneska si proto vysvětlíme, proč je urážlivé používat slovo asexuální ve smyslu neatraktivní, nepřitažlivý.
Asexualita je definována jako sexuální orientace, pod kterou spadají lidé, kteří nepociťují sexuální přitažlivost. (Pod pomyslnou střechu asexuálního spektra spadají i greysexuálové a demisexuálové, kteří pociťují sexuální přitažlivost v jiné míře než allosexuálové a asexuálové.) To neznamená, že tito lidé se nechtějí cítit atraktivní nebo že nemají sex nebo že nevyhledávají vztahy. A používáním slova asexuální ve smyslu nepřitažlivý vlastně předpokládáme, že jsou asexuálové nepřitažliví.
Je to stejná situace jako když použijeme slovo gay nebo homosexuální, abychom vyjádřili, že je někdo nebo něco feminní, když by „měl být“ maskulinní.
Posunuli jsme se od dob, kdy si pod pojmem gay představíme feminního muže v růžové košili a skinny džínách. Tak bychom se mohli posunout pryč od toho narativu, že jsou asexuálové osoby nevalného vzhledu, které o sebe nedbají. A jaká slova používáme na to má vliv, přestože jsme „to tak přece nemysleli“.
Slova mají větší sílu, než si mnohdy uvědomujeme.
Vtipy jsou jiná kategorie, basically záleží na tom, kdo je říká, jak a komu.

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Findest du dass es überhaupt ein frauenoutfit gibt bei dem man annähernd berechtigt sagen kann "sie ist selbst schuld wenn sie angemacht wird"?

Sag mal.. Wenn du deinen Geldbeutel in der Hand hältst, bin ich dann dazu berechtigt dir den zu stehlen?
Wenn du skinny Jeans trägst oder einfach eine Hose, die untenrum zu viel zeigt, dann bin ich doch dazu berechtigt dir zwischen die Beine zu treten oder? Ich meine.. Wer zeigt sowas denn schon, ohne tatsächlich zu erwarten zwischen die Beine getreten zu werden?! Das ergibt keinen Sinn..
Das sollte man doch eindeutig schon erwarten und nur deshalb tragen Männer skinny Jeans!
Das wird ja geradezu schon damit provoziert! Wie kann man da denn bloß davon ausgehen, dass ich mein Bein weiter kontrollieren kann. Ich kann sogar nicht mehr nachdenken und muss dann einfach zum Tritt ansetzen. Uff...
Nein. ._.

What makes a relationship toxic?

brittbratt34690’s Profile PhotoMamabear
The examples from my unfortunate experience:
"I have a lot of attention because I'm very attractive. You should be happy that I'm dating you"
"I kissed her but she was very 'sticky'. It wasn't my fault"
"Well, other people are doing even worse things. Say thank you that I'm not like that"
"I was flirting with them because I don't mean it and it's just funny to see their reactions"
Anytime I did something that he didn't like "You made me so upset! Why would you do that?! You didn't think about me when you did that"
"You are pretty enough but you are still too skinny. You should make yourself eat more to have a better body"
And every time when he cheated "It was her fault. She manipulated and I fell for it"...

Only skinny women are attractive to men ? 🥺😔

That's certainly not the case. Everyone has their own individual preferences. Some men might prefer thinner women, but there are also plenty of guys who prefer just the opposite...
Take it from me, as someone who has never been "skinny" and who has had zero problem finding men who've wanted to date me, the idea that you have to have a certain body (usually, a smaller body) in order to be attractive is a total myth.

Thoughts on those lazy, uncaring mothers who let their children eat junk food b/c they're too lazy to cook a healthy meal, or at least buy something healthy? they feed their kids that garbage cause it's cheaper and effortless, being completely ignorant of how an unhealthy diet affects a child.

Yes because taking care of a child (or children), spouse, house, possibly also working one or more jobs, and trying to keep up withctaking categories of themselves is so 'lazy'. God forbid a mother actually feel human emotions, get tired or need a bit of a break. My kids are skinny little shxts & they get junk food whenever tf I feel like letting them. My aunt's kids are heavily overweight and she's picky about food & vegan. There's nothing wrong with having something easy or relatively unhealthy once in awhile. Just like with healthy food, it's all about balance, how much you eat, and exercise.

Have you ever gone skinny dipping?

this is a sensual and erotic treat that awaits me in a very mysterious Cornish quarry
but I may bring my bikini briefs just to be on the safe side,
who knows ...they may be slipped off and I will be ravished by the Donkey that never sleeps
and before Mrs Ask gets her knicks in a twist I mean Bob this is NOT an allusion to bestiality !!!

There is no friend like a true friend who has shared our days, no greeting like his welcome, no homage like his praise. what's your opinion?

Yeah? You haven't seen much. Give him a fucking week or two, and he will be back and ask you for money. Within a fucking month, he will be walking around and farting in his fucking underwear and eating all your fucking food.
I bet my skinny ass that before this fucking summer, all of his fucking friends will be moving in and be doing the same shit while you are sleeping in your fucking car. I would love to see you come back in a year and write the same shit when you are living like a fucking baglady.
People these days... You are soo naive.

Zi-mi ca ai 15 ani fără sa îmi zici ca ai 15 ani.

“Euphoriaaa, cel mai tare serial”
“Fac orice pt un Starbucks cu capsuni🥺”
“Uaaau, fumez, nu-i așa că sunt o baddie?”
“Nu e politically corect ce ai zis.”
“Mie sa imi vorbesti la plural masculin, de unde ai tras tu concluzia ca sunt fată? Sunt mai multe persoane. Îmi știi numele, nu povestea.”
“Nu mă mai epilez că așa a zis Kardashianca cutare.”
“Să-mi tai breton scurt sau să mă vopsesc roz?”
“O sug pt Mc Donald’s, mama nu stie, sunt misterioasă și interesantă.”
“I’m baby.”
“Am vape cu bubblegum, sunt cea mai tare”
“Trapul e viata mea, coa**”
“Cuum, nu ai tik tok?”
“Ai blugi skinny, ce fraiera”
“Mi-am tras-o cu el pentru ca e zodia Papuc, ce smechera sunt”
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if people want to consider their pets their children they can. some people love and care for their pets more than ACTUAL parents do for their own children. i mean, some so called mothers be on the internet, smoking and drinking instead of feeding their children. a good parent wouldn't.

1. I literally never said there was anything wrong with that. I said there's something wrong with those people comparing pets to children & something wrong with them claiming they deserve to celebrate mothers day. I spent NINE MONTHS creating a life, I spent HOURS in labor, I destroyed my body, I dedicated the rest of my life to the human being that I MADE. You spending $60 on a dog doesn't compare to that & it's beyond insulting to act like it does.
2. Mothers are allowed to have social media, so you can sit tf down. And if you're trying to throw shade...I don't drink but there's nothing wrong with one here or there if thats your thing, there's nothing wrong with me smoking & my kids being skinny doesn't mean they're starved lmao. Stop mom shaming. We're humans we exist outside of motherhood lmao

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Sorry, the real MODELS are the ones who are super models, and skinny. That's always been the standard and shall continue so. Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss, Linda Evangelista, Adriana Lima. Are any of these women fat or short? No. Modelling is for a certain category, not for everyone. Nothing wrong w tha

Ah you're toxic and don't see beauty in all!
Got it :)
Well have a nice day, but kindly keep your negativity to yourself! Much appreciated :D
Sorry the real MODELS are the ones who are super models and skinny Thats always
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If you were good looking and skinny, would you consider a modelling career?

Well for one, I do think I am attractive in my own way :)
And I like how I look! But thanks for your concern lol
Also models don't have to be "skinny". People of all body types, colours, ethnicities etc are beautiful in their own right!
Anyone can model if that is what they want to do. And quite frankly, thinking models have to be "skinny" and flawless or what ever is quite a narrow and toxic outlook on what you deem attractive...
If you were good looking and skinny would you consider a modelling career
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Someone said only fat lazy people use delivery services. Some people sometimes don’t have time to cook

Lmao there are 'skinny' people who are disabled. Laziness isn't the only reason for getting delivery lmao
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What should I do if I wanna lose like 20 lbs until May, when I'm going to my bff's wedding? I'm currently at 132 and I'm 5'6 tall. I prefer myself skinny, not fat. Is it possible to lose weight until then?

132 pounds isn't even fat. I was that weight at 14 years old & was literally twig thin skinny.
Keep your fatphobic ass off my page. Bye.

What should I do if I wanna lose like 20 lbs until May, when I'm going to my bff's wedding? I'm currently at 132 and I'm 5'6 tall. I prefer myself skinny, not fat. Is it possible to lose weight until then?

It’s quite unhealthy to lose 20lbs in such a short time in my opinion, but it’s definitely possible to lose weight 😊
You need to be in a calorie deficit: aka, you burn a bit more calories than you consume. That means that you either have to exercise more, or to eat a bit less.
Mind though: not eating enough will have the opposite effect of what you want to achieve: your body panics and will hold on to your fat harder instead of burning it.

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