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abbey didn't do anything as bad as what erika did! Anxiety is huge for a smallgirl going through a hell of a lot! Abbey has been so upset about this and never even wants to come to school again! So can you pass this on to erika! Abbey has done stuff to erika but tiny things! Erika is the blame this1

Okay so maybe she hasn't. If you received the things me and Erika got.. You'd also start to question as well, you would second guess yourself even when you'd start believe and trusting that it's true. Maybe Erika did what she did.. Cause she was sick of doing this over and over again.. Believe me I got sick of it too. I got sick of things she'd say like you don't know what I go through, yet never considered that others might be going through worse. Erika has apologised for what she did. Abbey hasn't, though she has tried in the past but always seemed to start it again.. Erika is not the blame. All three of us are.

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