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What are your thoughts when you see a smoker?

huzaifaarifawan’s Profile PhotoHuzaifa Arif Awan
He burns his lungs to chill out !! 😏
If he knows how much the lung price now
He 'd have preferred to sell his lung lobe and then chill out in a limo
It is okay to be sui*ci*dal and creative at the same time😂

What are your thoughts when you see a smoker?

huzaifaarifawan’s Profile PhotoHuzaifa Arif Awan
When a person is smoking he/she isn't only letting it effect their health, they're effecting the people in their surrounding as well. And as per my knowledge, passive smoking is more lethal. I've seen many educated but dumb people smoking while they have their children around and tbh, it seems to be the most ridiculous thing ever.
P.S I can't stand people who smoke. If you're smoking, I'd stay miles away from you.

Biggest red flag in a relationship for you ? - For me if he's a smoker or doesn't pray

karimantariq’s Profile PhotoKariman khalil
اتفق معاكي انا مش بنجذب لمدخن نهائي و لا لشخص مش مهتم بدينه مش من حيث الصلاه بس لا كله.
بنسبالي برضه يكون بيتكلم عن نفسه كتير ده تخافي منه ده نهايته وحشه و بيبقوا مرضي لان حسب تجربتي اغلب اللي اتعاملت معاهم بيتكلموا عن نفسهم كتير بصيغة انا انا انا
و بيقولوا بوضوح رهيب.....
انا جميل و دمي خفيف و و و ده نرجسي
ده مش ريد فلاج ده سرينه يابا🚩🚨
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Say you got picked up to become a voice actor, what kinds of characters do you think you'd be able to play with your current voice? 🎤🎧🗣

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
✦ ───────────── ✦
. συт σf ρσтαтσ qυєєи
✦ ───────────── ✦
If I ever trusted in anything then probably it's in my voice, so I would boldly assume I could try close to everything except for those voices that sound like someone was a smoker for many years.

if someone has an addiction, is it common for them to resort to that addiction more often when they're stressed out, if that makes sense? for example, if ur a smoker. when ur stressed u smoke more than usual.

Probably not. If it’s a true addiction that would mean that they “need” to do it constantly or get sick if they don’t do it(if it’s substance based… knew someone that would be sick if he didn’t smoke weed constantly) If it’s only a habit then yes, I would say this may apply.

Is there still a stigma of girls smoking cigarettes publicly?

arooshariaz’s Profile PhotoAroosha Riaz
Depends on the area and the people, a male teacher of mine said to me girls should not be bold enough to smoke publicly, he wasn't worried about the side effects of it, he was upset that how could they find the courage to own it.
P. S. He is a smoker himself 🌚

Imagine that you are at hospital or at a care home and there is a person who suffers from severe breathing difficulties. He has COPD and many more. He is a smoker and he wants to smoke more and more cigarettes. Would you give him more cigarettes?would you follow the doctor's advice to smoke only 2?

I'd sue him for putting my life in danger (him smoking next to me) and me being forced to inhale that shit.
If he wants to commit one due to smoking, he can do so. People with lung cancer dug their own graves (I know 2 people who passed away recently due to severe drinking and smoking which led to lung cancer)
There's nothing holding him back.

Is it a betrayal if someone hides from you that he's a smoker and he's with you in a relationship?

wardazzled’s Profile PhotoWardah Shafi
عشق کرنے کے لیے جذبوں میں شدت چاہیے
لڑ سکو دنیا سے اتنی تو ہمت چاہیے
دیکھ کر تمہیں چھپا لی اس نے سیگریٹ اپنی
اور اس لڑکے سے تم کو کتنی عزت چاہیے !

Do you like or dislike friends smoking/ vaping around you ??

fattbboymedic’s Profile PhotoFatboy93
I’m a non smoker that includes non vaping I was brought up in a household of smokers it honestly was horrible definitely effected my health when my dad passed my mum was the only smoker in the home but when she got ill she was told to stop so she did so because I was used to non smokers if a family member came over and smoked I’d have to leave the room or be near the window as I’d constantly cough it’s not my place to tell people how to live but I have a friend that now smokes she knows I can’t be around it so she does try her best to limit her smoking when around me she does open the windows for me and spray air freshener baring in mind I’ve never once asked her to change her ways for me but she does it from the bottom of her heart to make me more comfortable in her home but once I’ve been there a couple of hours I do have to go home and shower and change my clothes if not I’ll keep constantly coughing so I personally do dislike smoking because of the smell but vaping I don’t dislike as you can’t smell the nicotine as most vapes have nice scents

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what cigarettes do you smoke?

While I was smoking, I always bought Davidoff Gold cigarettes, I totally loved them.
Now I'm kind of a social smoker, I only smoke at parties & in situations other ppl around me are smoking & ask me if I want some but I never buy my own cigarettes anymore, so I smoke whatever others give me lol.

What is your smoker status? Do you have a negative opinion of those who do choose to smoke?

amycheetham09’s Profile PhotoAmy Rose
* Have not tried it, not interested.
* yes, I have a negative opinion, because there are two types of smokers. Active and passive. Those who don't smoke are passive, because those who smoke force us to breathe that thing in.
*they're inconsiderate, because they're allowed to do everything they want - like smoking under my window and there's nothing I can do about it, because they don't care. Laws protect them.
* I don't care if they smoke when they're not near me/around me.

Glaubst du könntest mit dem Rauchen aufhören (only smoker)

jugo069’s Profile PhotoElmir Ffm
Also ich rauche nurnoch IQOS (Tabakerhitzer) von den herkömmliches Zigar.ette.n bin ich schon fast 2 Jahre weg von. Das einzige, wo ich noch normalen Tabak rauche, ist mit W££d. Kann aber W££d auch nicht pur rauchen, ich muss das mit Tabak mischen😅
Es fiel mir aber, muss ich sagen, relativ einfach mit dem "normalen" rauchen aufzuhören. Es geht, wenn man will😌 und mit k*f.fen will ich sowieso nicht aufhören hahaha

If you're a non-smoker, does it bother you when people smoke around you in an indoor space? If you're a smoker, do you usually ask the people around you if they're okay with you smoking in an indoor space?

I vape ; I am actually in the process of quitting.
I hate when people smoke cigs around me/in the house - i hate that smell & it sticks to everything!
If youre a nonsmoker does it bother you when people smoke around you in an

If you're a non-smoker, does it bother you when people smoke around you in an indoor space? If you're a smoker, do you usually ask the people around you if they're okay with you smoking in an indoor space?

I smoke socially, or when I'm very anxious. I'd never smoke in an indoor area, though. I was at a friend's house the other week and he said it was fine to smoke inside, but I still chose to do it outside. I don't like smoking indoors at all. You can't get rid of the smell.

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Rebecca_Magali’s Profile PhotoRebecca Magalí
Smoker observo al soldado tirado en el suelo, retorciéndose en silencio de dolor. Su subordinada Tashigi todavía se encontraba agachada a su lado intentando contenerlo con la ayuda de otros dos soldados marines.
‒Lo que sea que haya pasado Smoker-san, lo ha dejado en estado catatónico.
El Vicealmirante soltó despacio el humo del puro por la boca y nariz tras una profunda calada. Coloco una pesada mano sobre el hombro de la Capitana capturando su atención.
‒No…No esta mudo por eso ‒Alejo su agarre del hombro de la mujer consiguiendo también el interés de los soldados‒. Esta mudo porque sus cuerdas vocales fueron knockeadas.
‒¿¡Knockeadas!? ¿Cómo puede estar tan seguro de eso?
‒Una persona en estado de shock, al menos sería capaz de emitir gemidos ahogados…Él por mucho que sufra ahora, ni siquiera puede hacer eso ‒Metió una mano en el bolsillo de su chaqueta rebuscando su den den mushi‒. He visto esto antes y son muy pocas las personas que pueden lograrlo.
Disco rápidamente por el marcador directo del pequeño animal y aguardo pacientemente hasta ser atendido. A su mente llego, la imagen de una muchacha de negro cabello como la noche y piel pálida, la había visto en un par de ocasiones unos dos años atrás, pero la sonrisa en su rostro que conformaban una expresión burlesca y temeraria, más su mirada lobuna y penetrante era algo que no olvidaría fácilmente.
‒Moshi Moshi~ Al habla Kizaru~ ‒Finalmente respondieron la llamada. Todos los presentes alcanzaron a escuchar la tranquila y característica voz del otro lado de la bocina.
‒Puede moverse de su posición Almirante. Porque al parecer ella sigue aquí.
Un breve silencio reino en el lugar hasta que el hombre mayor respondió.
‒Ya veo…Daré el aviso también, estaré ahí lo más pronto posible ‒Esta vez, su tono había sonado ligeramente distinto antes de volver a ser el de siempre, parecía turbado‒ Tienes toda la libertad de moverte por el perímetro Smoker-san~
El caracol se durmió apenas Borsalino corto la llamada. Smoker guardo nuevamente el aparato y les indico a los dos soldados frente a él que llevarán al compañero a la enfermería para atenderlo debidamente. Camino hacia el frente sin esperar a la Capitana.
‒Vamos Tashigi ‒Smoker estudió el área rápidamente. El desastre de lo que seguro fue un ataque se alzaba delante de sus ojos. Pese a la densa capa de nieve, la desolada y triste imagen de los restos de una ciudad que alguna vez fue prospera, era capaz de sacudir a cualquiera con un mínimo de sensibilidad y empatía «Es posible que no queden sobreviviente además de ellos…O quizás sea solo ella» pensó para sí mismo.

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What would you do on your ideal day off?

My favorite way to spend a day off is by just staying inside and relaxing. Sometimes I just head into town and meet up with my friends or go to the park and read a book.
I'd like to say travelling or something interesting, but honestly, sitting on the couch and watching movies / playing video games and making Mac & Cheese for lunch really recharges my batteries. Especially if it's a rainy day. Wake up. Do something physical (run, bike, hike, etc.). Shower. Get stoned. Play Xbox. Order pizza. That is my favorite way to spend the day off.
Getting chores done, prepping meals, and then enjoying an afternoon drink.
Visiting a city centre with a few shops I like, getting a fresh haircut, watching some football (like the European Cup) right now.
Being able to sleep in, not having to keep track of time. Clothes. Random junk. I guess the weirdest thing I buy is a stuffed animal every now and then. But I spend on clothes mostly. I'm basically a thrifting Goddess. I find tons of brand name or high end things that I get tons of compliments on. I rarely pay over $20 for anything, yet I have a lot of nice things. And to prevent myself from getting into a hoarding type of situation I often give clothes I don't wear away on Craigslist. I've given away over 10 trash bags full this year of really nice clothes to people in need. So it's a win for everyone.
Just relaxing at home not having to go anywhere 👍🏻 Sitting outside in the sun with my wife and kids, with the smoker going with a brisket or some ribs, good friends, good brews.
What I’m doing now, sleeping and relaxing. No obligation to do anything and I love it.
Alone at home working on my hobbies while listening to scary/creepy stories.
I like a good 'catch up with life' weekend. Do all the things that need doing early on, and then spend the rest of the weekend doing what you want but don't have time for. For me, that's whatever crafting project is on the go coupled with netflix and good food, mixed with a long walk and hanging with the SO.
I haven't spent any time with my family in twenty years. After our mother died, my siblings decided they didn't want to associate with each other, or me, anymore. I moved 1200 miles away. I have a brother who moved 4000 miles away. We are all strangers now. My wife and I make the three-hour drive to see her family once or twice a year. We're doing it on Christmas day. We'll all spend time with my wife's grandma in the nursing home. Our scintillating conversation will almost definitely consist of rundowns of their various medical ailments. They're going to take us to dinner at a restaurant because my MIL can't cook for shit. Then we'll go back to our hotel, and drive home the next day. Woot.

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How to get rid of smoking

Osama0213’s Profile PhotoUsama Maqbool
First of all you gotta make up your mind that you don't wanna do that shit anymore.. And then start using velo. Use it when you crave for a cigarette. Its affective. I used to smoke. 8 years. Chain smoker tha full charsi. But its been months and i haven't smoked. I feel the freedom and the air now. I feel like a damn Hawk.

Ask is now a dating site. So get off here. You are married

Why is it that y'all feel like you have to tell me about MY life, as if I didn't know shxt about myself lmao. 'You're a smoker, you're married, your name is ____, you're this age, I know what Florida is like not you' y'all are so dumb. I can promise you that my knowledge of my life is ridiculously higher than yours. Sit tf down. And ask isn't a dating site lmao.
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Dans votre vie, quelle est la chose que vous regrettez le plus ?

Now, years later I regret it. She would've been a perfect fit for me, we have similar interests and hobbies, similar taste in music and movies/tv-shows.. If I could travel back in time I'd probably kick myself in the nuts for that. Not visiting my grandma the last few years she was alive. I thought "yeah she's going to be there, I want to be with my friends now". Stupid fucking idiot. Second, thinking "yeah I have no more feelings for her, we can be friends now". Six years after that massively stupid thought I wish nothing more than go back to that moment and throw my past self off a cliff. That I wasn’t more curious and didn’t ask my family more questions about family history and things before they all passed away. Having sex and being with a sweet guy who genuinely liked me, was ripped and showed interest in everything about me. It wouldn't have lasted but still... Why didn't I? Nothing. Everything I've ever done lead me to where I am and to be who I am, I'd be a completely different person if not for my past mistakes and all.
Allowing the narrative of "nothing is more important than family" get to me for as long as it did. I eventually cut some toxic people out of my life, but let their presence ruin several of my young adult years out of a misplaced sense of guilt.
Even though I quit both 35 years ago, I wish I had never smoked cigarettes or weed.
I did it for 13 years. I thought everything was innocent and 'natural' and everyone around me was doing it. I thought I'd do it forever. It was harmless.
That's the lie I told myself. It wasn't till I quit that I saw just how much both held me back...financially, mentally, emotionally, and even physically. My life was so much better after quitting. I can't even wrap my brain around how much money I saved over 3 and a half decades. When I quit smoking the cost of cigarettes was $10 a carton. I wish I had never smoked anything. I would have had a much better life a lot earlier.
Many of my smoker friends died in their 50's. I have 2 friends going thru chemo right now.
I'm 65 years old and I miss my friends and family members who didn't live this long.
I hate losing so many friends and family due to smoking. My mother died from it, my stepdad had a major heart attack and had a 5 bypass surgery and then ended up getting a heart transplant, my sister died of smoking a year ago, my childhood best friend has double lung cancer, my uncle died of esophageal cancer, another uncle died more than a year ago of lung cancer, and that doesn't include the many classmates and other friends. It's insane.
I didn't say I wish I hadn't loved her. I said I wish I hadn't failed her. Meaning that I fucked our relationship up and she left. That's what I regret. I regret not doing the things that would have saved our marriage.

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Ex-smokers, what actually worked to get you to successfully stop smoking?

I am a horribly addicted smoker and have been since I was around 11 to 14. I think I started right out chain smoking.
I want to quit but when I try to quit cold turkey I find myself looking at my watch and saying " Yup... 8 minutes and no cigarette".
Also it seems each time I try I come back smoking more.
So I finally decided to get a little more proactive about it and I found vaping.
Now the appealing thing about vap is you control the amount of nicotine that is in your vap so you can slowly lower it while still having the sensation of smoking.
Well it turned out that it makes me super tired so that is out. Now I have decided to chew my way out.
Red man to the rescue.
Chewing tobacco seems to be my last resort.
I tried the gum and I would chew two pieces and still smoke.
I thought about the pills like Chantex but there is a possibility that it could have mental issues with some people and I already am medicated for that and the doc doesn't want to chance the possible side effect. So chew I am trying. Nicotine patches worked for me.
21 mg patch
At night I would put it in the night stand ready to use in the morning (when I craved the most)
I would set the alarm for about an hour before I was due to wake.
Put it in and go back to sleep. Just before I woke up the nicotine would kick in. Really helped. You can put it on for 24hours with the brand I used if you were a heavy smoker. I tried to limit it to just the day. That way in the morning when it kicked in I felt the buzz.
Hope this helps. Also like to mention
I invested in lots of toys to keep my fingers busy.
Available to me at all times.
Chewing gum
Fidget spinners
Fidget poppers
Infinity cubes
Anything I could quickly pick up and distract myself when I felt my hand was empty.

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Attention plz for every smoker here... :

Winne_thepooh’s Profile PhotoN A D A
انا لسه مكملتش شهر ف عناية الصدر وتقريبا 80% من حالتها ف المركز الأول بسبب السجاير... المكان هنا مرعب يا جماعة انتو مش هتموتو بسبب السجاير ع طول انتو هتعانو ف المكان دا الأول هتشوفو سواد الرئة سنين الأول قدام عينكم وهتحسو معاناة الرئة ف العناية الأول، محدش هيحب المكان هنا محدش هيتحمله يوم واحد ")
Attention plz for every smoker here

You're such a polite smoker! Like I think secondhand smoke isn't really a serious issue, but still I get that people are uncomfortable about it indoors so I try to be respectful, you know? I think treating it like smoking a cig is the right approach.

there's not much known about secondhand smoke in terms of vaping, but establishments treat vaping the same as smoking cigarettes — you can't do it inside either way.
there was one time i was at the bar with a friend mid-afternoon and we were the only ones there, so the bartender said i could vape unless another customer walked in, lmaoo. that was the only exception.

Kissing smoker is like licking ashtray 🤔😬

Ehhh, who said stoners want to be kissed when they're already being kissed right after they lit a joint having a strong potential to turn high mode on.
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