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I recently (well for 4 or 5 weeks now) cough a lot when I smoke, never had this problem before. When I’m not smoking my breathing is fine. But for some reason I can’t smoke anymore without breaking out into a huge coughing fit. This has never happened before

im_rss’s Profile PhotoR$$
Well , you've damaged your lungs haven't you . . .
There comes a point , when the constant abuse starts to show the damage
The fact that it appears ok when you're not smoking , indicates the damage MAY be repairable
But , soon , if you continue , you will be fukked beyond repair
Simple choice
If the nicotine addiction is unbearable , there other ways of ingesting (NOT VAPING ~ it actually is MORE harmful in the long term cos the toxins go deeper in the lung)
patches , chewing gum , lozenges ~ supply the drug without throat/bronchial/lung damage ; but will still cause arterial & heart damage eventually

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What is your opinion about smoking?

Most people nowadays 're completely brainwashed .. they truly believe that being within a 1-block radius of a lit cigarette can fix all their problems ..get 'em out of the darkness or they ascend through it to the seventh sky 😁
Azrael salutes u cuz u speed up his work👏
helping the tobacco mafia in life & the angel of death in the end ☠️
Good job guys keep it up 👏 😂

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Why do people smoke?🔥

mariamdar777’s Profile PhotoM.D
Some Smokers love the thought of lighting a cigarette, holding it in their hands, and blowing out smoke. Even when they don’t really need to smoke, they smoke because they have formed a habit mentally. Some take that as a cure to their heartbreak or depression and after smoking they think they are calm and relaxed but its just their credulity. Smoking is more a mental problem thn physical.

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Kalo kita mau nginap dihotel bintang5 caranya gimana ya trus bilang apa ke kasirnya?

Yaa bilang ke resepsionis nya mau nginep nanti diminta nama sama id card, berapa orang, lalu dikasih opsi dari resepsionis nya mau tipe kamar yang seperti apa, abis itu ditanya punya request gak biasa nya si request nya minta smoking room, beer set up, view ruangan nya. Abis itu dikasih jumlah tagihan yang mesti dibayar terakhir dikasih key card, voucher makan di resto sama voucher laundry ini cuman buat 1 pcs aja seinget gua. Oke sekian :) wkwk

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One thing that you will never do? 🙃

fatimazameer3’s Profile PhotoFatima ✨
I despise cigarette smoking I mean why would i deliberately do smth that's going to culminate in me dying a miserable premature death. I'd like to say something to our women as well; if you started smoking cigarettes owing to peer pressure, to fit in or you know just because we men do it, trust me when i say this men who smoke are hypocrites. They think of you(girls who smoke) as vile women and are never going to marry you.

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Why ppl find smoking so COOLLL??!!!! 👀👀 Just asking.....🌚

farwa15baloch’s Profile PhotoFarwa
یہ بالکل بھی کول نہیں ہے بھینچو۔۔۔ یہ ایک نشہ ہے۔۔۔ دنیا کا سب سے گندا اور ظالم نشہ۔۔۔ کیونکہ کرنے والا کبھی مانتا ہی نہیں ہے اہنے اندر کہ وہ نشہ کر رہا ہے ۔۔۔
اسے سوشل ہیبٹس کے خانے میں ڈال دیتا ہے۔۔۔

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Write a few words please. (Anything you are thinking about right now or these days or at this particular time in your life, please share with us if you may) Stay dope and peace on you 🙏🏽🌸❤️

tarekdaud’s Profile Photothelameassdude®
This photo reminds me of the time when four of us recorded washroom's video of our few classmates and they had to give us a treat few times to get them videos deleted. So called bad boys of class btw. And that charsi type look guy behind is the homie i started smoking hash with 😁😂

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Write a few words please Anything you are thinking about right now or these days

Holiday season is heading closer and closer. What is your one great plan for summer holidays?

we will go to queq river in front of uncle Hamyed
then will buy the aleppoian fstoq and the watermelon bzr and spit on the going and the backing and we will put music for mother of Kalthom for Estehajing with the a cup of tea and the RED smoking and live in this paradise
do you have 100$ for the last of the month ?

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If you could change three thing about your country, what would you change?

my country does not needs to change. its people need to change. 🥺🙂
i would change only two things.
1) everyone back to personality fixing schools,
more than taaleeem we need tarbeeyat !
2) i would eliminate this paper knowledge i will be having schools for skills. the baking, the carpent-ing, the engineering, what so ever they wanna learn they will get degree of that.
no books, no exams, just skills + perfect personality.
no reading no stress, just working on things they like,
plus basic human actions to keep world safe. no littering, no smoking, no stealing, no greed, no fucking around. JUST BEING GOOD PEOPLE WITH PRO SKILLS.

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