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What'd you do if you suddenly grew to be as tall as a highrise building? 🥾🏢

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
If I suddenly skyrocketed to skyscraper stature, I'd probably start by apologizing to the birds for invading their airspace without a permit. Then, I'd have to learn to navigate streets without accidentally picking up cars like stray Legos. And forget about indoor activities - I'd be too busy dodging ceiling fans and accidentally using telephone poles as toothpicks.
But hey, on the bright side, I'd be a shoo-in for basketball tryouts. Slam dunking would be a piece of cake. And don't get me started on the new career prospects. Move over, King Kong - there's a new skyscraper-scaling superstar in town.
Moreover, if I towered over my village like a misplaced Jenga piece, I'd probably start a new career as the world's tallest tourist attraction. Forget about selfies with statues; people would line up to snap pics with me. I'd charge admission, of course. Gotta fund those giant-sized groceries somehow.
But let's be real - being a colossal colossus comes with its challenges. Good luck finding pants that fit. And don't even get me started on the awkward conversations with the neighbors. "Hey, Fey, could you please keep your music down? You're shaking the whole block ... literally."
Oh, and I'd have to invest in a really, really long ladder for those pesky rooftop rescue missions. Firefighters would be out of a job with me around - just call me the friendly neighborhood skyscraper-saver.

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Bfs friend hearts my selfies and requested me on snap. Also hugs me every-time he sees me. Is that strange? Or just friendly

It could be his friendly nature if he’s like that with others too but it could also mean that you have a special place in his heart and he’s letting you know how much he appreciates your selfies and appreciates you by giving you hugs. You’ll only know why he is the way he is if you ask him why he does what he does. I wouldn’t assume anything unless he confesses that he sees you as more than just a friend.

What are your plans for Eid Day 1? (Anything apart from 'sona hai', pleasee!) 😤

I used to stay up all night to watch a comedy season or something and be super charged the next morning.
Going to the Eid prayer, then literally every boy from our area would gather at my place for Eid snaps. I'd take some with my boys and head out for some desi nashta then sleep a bit and do something else.
This time I'll watch something funny cuz last year I didn't but I want to quit Eid prayer. I want to sleep after Fajar and wake up in the evening.
What about the mandatory customary Eid snap session you're asking? Well they don't gather around anymore. I guess that's life, everyone important to you will eventually find someone important and you will just eclipse. That's not even the most sad part.
Wanna know what that is? You knew this would happen. You lied to yourself and did every fukin thing possible to hold on to your friends or that boy you loved or the girl you cherished. But they jumped ship, so you lose. If you had left them, you'd have won.
Maybe at the cost of some morals or something idk.
Who's the dunce now? Lol, you! Morals and loyalty won't take Eid snaps with you. It got you stranded.
If only you were fake, manipulative, toxic and disloyal.
If only, if only if only if only....
If only you hadn't lied to yourself that it'll be okay. Or that you're important to anyone when you weren't.
The heart tells beautiful lies.
The Eid makes you believe them.
The prayers are just false hopes.
Faith, the morphine for the gullible.
So this Eid, I won't pray, I'll celebrate. With myself, I'll maybe ask you for Eid snaps and pretend like you sent them, I'll be amazed at your beauty and write a poem about it. Urdu or English? Bta dena, likh du ga.

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Ahhhh it's so CUTE! 😍 Do you see them often out and about? We don't get much regular wildlife outside of gulls and squirrels 😂

DovahMonah’s Profile PhotoDovahMonah
We see about 25 devils a month at the mine so yeah not as often as wallabies or roos but more often than quolls
If you spot them during the day they usually play dead and you can pick em up easy, like this little fella but they will snap at you when you’re putting them down 😂😂😂😂
The big ones won’t let you pick em up without screaming their tits off but they don’t attack you 😁

Does anyone honestly still use snap and enjoy it? I find it so dumb and horrible now.

ceciliaaurora04’s Profile PhotoCecilia Aurora
I don’t use it as much anymore and currently only have streaks with one person but it’s been going on for 800+ days so I definitely don’t want to lose it. I mainly go on there because my life isn’t that interesting so I like seeing what friends are up to on Snapchat to pass time. It’s mainly just influencers trying to entertain everyone at this point and isn’t as interesting as it used to be in the past (imo) 🤷🏻‍♀️

Do you wear boots? And if you do does the leg fit exactly in it or there is a small space between the side of the boot and your skin on the leg?I only ask cause I want to know if boots are a good fit for my legs and I have never worn boots before

Yes, I wear boots . . . . always , but not in bed, nor in the house . . .
For a correct & complete answer to YOUR QUESTION . . . . post a photo of your boots , as worn by YOU , on you . . . . better still a gif or short vid , full screen , dancing a wee jig !
And I will give expert appraisal and advice . . .
This will also be specific , whether you be male or female ; whether the boots be low, mid, or higher/calf-top-length ~ like riding boots . . . or , , even thigh length . . . or even higher ~ maybe even , like ; puss-in-the-boots !
I wear these illustrated . . . . they are easy ~ get the right size & tie as comfortable ; the top 2 pairs of rings are not rings , but open ~ the 'fancy' laces will snap at around 6 months ~ make sure you have a spare set & if soccer-boot laces they'll last a year !
And then there are welly-boots (no laces!)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fLqaMtIInJMigotamatch’s Video 173940750458 fLqaMtIInJMigotamatch’s Video 173940750458 fLqaMtIInJM

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Do you wear boots And if you do does the leg fit exactly in it or there is a

Hast du snap wenn ja wie heißt du dort

wtzg’s Profile Photowtzg
Hier mein Social Media:
Facebook: Sophia Marie Kleinert
Snapchat: LexiBeats666
Instagram: LexilliaDollarusButUSuck
Kik: LexiLexiUeberAlles
ICQ: 9118765458972
Skype: LexiSlayer420
Threads: LexiScheißtAufMeta
WhatsApp: Auf Anfrage
Signal: Lexillia696Spiderman
Wire: SophiaFirewall
Corona Warnapp: LexiNonCorona
Twitter/X: SophiaGamingUltraXD
Playstation Network: SophSoph
OnlyFens: LexiDiePimpin
Meine IPv4:
Meine IPv6: fe80::/64
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Eu cand le zic fetelor ca nu am fb ele cred ca defapt sunt insurat si ma ascund de ele

Eu când handralaii de pe tinder îmi ziceau sa vorbim pe wapp sau snap și eu eram gen "ești însurat, nu?" =))))

Khari hon aj bh wahi 🥀

nimraibad021’s Profile Photonimra ibad
Why on Earth do some wannabe doctors turn surgeries into Insta-worthy events? Like, "Hey, let's snap a pic of this dude's open chest – perfect for my Snapchat story!"
Seriously, are they aiming for a "Cutting-Edge" social media presence or just majoring in Dumbassery 101?!?!?!?!?!?

Hätte jemand interesse so bilder tausch auf snap zu machen bitte nur mädchen wenn ja gerne melden können aber auch normal snappen

Typen wie du widern mich an, und werfen ein schlechtes Licht auf andere Männer. Wenn du Nudes sehen willst im Internet gibt's genug, ansonsten such dir ne freundin und hoffe das die dir welche schickt wenn dir das eher zu sagt.
Außerdem bin ich mir sicher das keine Frau deine Bilder sehen will

Maak je nog gebruik van deze website? en heb je ook facebook, instagram, tiktok, snap, twitter Waar mensen jou kunnen vinden?

Als je op mijn profiel zou kijken, zou je gezien hebben dat ik regelmatig nog antwoord geef op vragen. Dat is het antwoord op je eerste vraag.
Ik heb Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, Twitter en meer, maar alles is privé.
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Chcel by sa niekto kamarátiť ? Pripadne stretávať ? Mám 22 rokov Kľudne dám insta alebo fb alebo snap ^_^

Toto nie je zoznamka.Nevidiš tu je Svk komunita Libor Milian.Po preslaveni v zahraniči 7 Number 1 a celkovo 22 umiestneni s Nominaciou na Lyrics Awards a ine Ocenenia vyda Cd Singel Wounded Hsart spevak Libor Milian.Od noveho roka začiatkom januara 2024 sa možete tešit na 3 nove videoklipy Photo Shoot One,Photo Shoot Two a 3 s učitelkou spevu.Rozhovor a fotky zo stretnuti s majitelkou firmy na Capuchina.Tiež nove fotky pri Biografiach NBC,CBS,Fox,Nebraska News Channels a ine Americke programy a rozhlasy.Potom ako sa dostal do Billboard Hot 100,Radio Tour Wounded Heart a stretnutia v BB,Ba,Ni,Ke,Katowice a Warsawa a inam.Sleduj ešte viac od noveho roka 2024.
Chcel by sa niekto kamarátiť  Pripadne stretávať 
Mám 22 rokov
Kľudne dám insta

I just added a random guy on snap chat and boom he develop courage to treat me as sl*t and asking most personal questions like he hired me and sending his images . Instead of talk it became a sin and in end I had to block him with guilt of adding a random without knowing

Apna mazak khud banwati hain aisi larkian random larkon ko add kar k. phir kehti hain sab larkay aik jese hotay hain 💩

Wie schaffst du es nur, auf jedem deiner 3 Profilbilder so verschieden auszusehen? Würde ich nicht genauer hinschauen, ich würde meinen, dass es 3 verschiedene Personen sind.

andy4me’s Profile PhotoNur die Wurst hat 2
Liegt wahrscheinlich an einigen Filtern oder einigen Überarbeitungen das erste da ist ein komischer farbfilter drauf beim 2 hab ich das Bild einfach in einer besseren Qualität umgewandelt und 3 ist ein Snap Filter also mein aktuelles ich schau immer anders aus je nachdem wie ich wie ich gerade gucke 😂

Would you like to recommend some active id here those are good at keep up the conversation?

Omg ever since today when my phone updated to iOS 17 the app storage issue is getting out of hand. All the apps from the App Store are consuming excessive amounts of storage and now I don’t have any storage on my iPhone 😤When I was on iOS 16 my snap was only using 7GB and now since I updated to iOS 17 snap is using 17GB. And all my apps are now all of a sudden using much more storage.
Is this happening to anyone else who has iOS 17????

Lekker meid. Wat schafte de pot?

Waarom kom je elke keer terug als ik je blokkeer?
Waarom zeg je elke keer weer ‘meid’ tegen me als je weet dat ik wil dat je dit niet doet?
Vind je het leuk om tegen mensen te schoppen of ben je dom?
Ik wil dat je mij met rust laat. Ik blokkeer je nog maar een keer. Snap een keer de hint en stuur me niets. Ik wil niet met je in gesprek.

If you Loved someone really loved someone but the didn't love you back what would you do and how would you go about it?

Timewehad’s Profile PhotoEgg_Headz
I’ve had this happen before and initially, I was a little surprised and taken aback when they blocked me on Snapchat after I took a screenshot of them on their story (and I didn’t know how the app worked because I just downloaded the app at the time). Things between us as friends were already going downhill anyways so it’s not like I had much hope that our friendship would continue, especially after they rejected me and tried pushing me away by encouraging me to talk to other guys when they found out that I liked them as more than a friend. I then saw them again a few years later at this hotel we were both staying in (because there was a Turkish gathering happening in the hotel and him and I are both Turkish) and I cried nonstop afterwards because they refused to even look at my face/acknowledge my presence and that hurt a lot because to me, it was their way of saying they couldn’t care less about my existence. Eventually, I got over them but still hoped that we could be friends so a few years later, I added them again on Snapchat through their new account they made that I saw due to having mutual friends and they admitted that they couldn’t care less about me adding them and we talked for some time… only for them to unadd me once I sent them a selfie and then I got ghosted when I sent them one last message on snap. Now, I’m the one who couldn’t care less about them and every desire to interact with them/see them again is completely gone. The love that I had for them isn’t there anymore.

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Warum gibt es in diesem Forum Leute, die eine Frage nicht kurz oder auch mal mittellang beantworten können? Manche schreiben derart umfangreiche Texte, die man als Buch herausgeben könnte. Dies soll ein Appell zur Vernunft sein.

Ich muss dir vollkommen zustimmen, liebe anonyme Person. Es ist eine absolut untragbare Frechheit, welche Freiheiten sich manche der Userinnen und User der Fragen-und-Antworten-Plattform ask.fm heraus nehmen. Es ist mir im wahrsten Sinne unbegreiflich, wie man es wagen kann, sich derart respektlos aufzuführen, auf eine simple „Snap?“ oder „Was haltet ihr von der Zeitumstellung?“, „T.tten oder Orsch?“-Frage oder auch lyrische Ergüsse a la „Du wirst schon sehen, was du davon hast!1!11 ich weiß von deinen Chats!“ mit einem Text von mehr als 140 Zeichen zu antworten! Immerhin heißt diese Plattform hier nicht umsonst Twitter! Achso, nee „X“ Quatsch „ask“! Denn das bedeutet viel mehr als nur „frag“. Ich würde es mir anmaßen, einmal frei zu übersetzen. Du und ich wissen natürlich, was es heißt, aber für all die Frechdachse und Wildschweine hier, die immer noch glauben, einfach antworten zu können, was immer sie wollen:
ask.fm bedeutet übersetzt, „antworte so kurz, für mich“. Hinter dieser scheinbar einleuchtenden Abkürzung versteckt sich nämlich die Aufforderung, stets adressatengerecht und knapp zu schreiben. Dies ist auch ein Grund, warum ask.fm die Anonymfunktion eingeführt hat. Somit ist es Nutzerinnen und Nutzern noch einfacher, stets in genau dem Umfang, Sprachgebrauch und auf dem intellektuellen Niveau zu antworten, das die Fragenstellerin oder der Fragensteller sich wünscht.
Man weiß ja, dass es in erster Linie bei Sozialen Medien darum geht, anderen etwas recht zu machen, das ist allen klar.
Also abschließend auch von mir noch einmal die Aufforderung an alle:
Bringt Bücher heraus und seid vernünftig!
Ich kann Ano nur zustimmen!
In diesem Sinne, haut rein, ihr Halunken! 🦡🐗🤡

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دكتور لو سمحت انا عندي ناب ناقص وعملت بانوراما وطلع أنه مش موجود اصلا الحل اي عشان الفراغ دا هو كبير غير التقويم

الحل الأفضل والأحسن طبعاً التقويم،،لكن لو هنشوف الحل البديل يبقي تركيبه "كوبري"، لكن لو أخدت رأيي هقولك ي إما تقويم ي إما نتعايش بيها كدا.
شكلها مش قادره تتقبليه؟ ولازم حل؟ ممكن نفكر في Snap On .. دي زي طعم أسنان خفيف بيتلبس ع الأسنان، حاجه جماليه يعني، نقدر نلبسه ف الخروجات لو فارق معانا المظهر والفراغ مضايقنا.

How do I find out who my gf has on snap because I only had her and my friend and it said +2 mutual friends under users in quickadd how do I ask them without sounding like a weirdo if they have my girl

It's not an enjoyable situation to be in. But if you can't address this with your girlfriend then maybe this is a message from the universe to you. Look out for your mental health broski

51 : ᴘᴏsᴛᴇ ᴇɪɴᴇ ᴄᴏʟʟᴀɢᴇ ᴢᴜ ᴅᴇɪɴᴇᴍ ᴡᴇɪʜɴᴀᴄʜᴛᴇɴ. ✿.

thinkthrough’s Profile Photo❴ • Rome and Ami • ❵
"Das werde ich nächstes mal tun.
Aber gerade muss ich etwas anderes tun.
Ich habe nun die Tage nachgedacht wie ich mit der Nachricht umgehen soll, dass mein Kik gehackt wurde und ich alles verloren habe. (Eigentlich ist es nicht schlimm, kann mir einen neuen Account machen aber der Grund und wie und alles Andere ist fucking nervig.)
Es tut mir an der Stelle für jeden Leid.
Ich bin eigentlich gegen Kik durch die gruselig und sehr nervenauftreibende Erfahrung aber ich will auch weiterhin schreiben und nicht aufhören. Ich versuche es noch einmal und hoffe, dass so etwas nie wieder mehr passiert.
Denn auch mein Insta, Snap und noch paar Apps wurde geknackt."
Mein neuer Name, bitte addet mich, ist: Sugarbabehaku ♡
51  ᴘᴏsᴛᴇ ᴇɪɴᴇ ᴄᴏʟʟᴀɢᴇ ᴢᴜ ᴅᴇɪɴᴇᴍ ᴡᴇɪʜɴᴀᴄʜᴛᴇɴ

أبيض سناني إزاي..بغسلها ع طول بس أما احط أي كريم او فاونديشن بتبقا صفرا أعمل أي

السؤال دا علشان نقدر نجاوب عليه هنتكلم ع 3 نقط؛
• أول نقطه "أبيض سناني إزاي"؟
لو غسلنا أسناننا 3 مرات في اليوم بعد كل وجبه ونركز بعد كل وجبه دي لإن في ناس بتصحي الصبح تغسل أسنانها وبعدين تاكل، إللي هو إنت عملت إي الوقتي مش فاهم؟! .. إحنا بنغسل أسناننا بعد الأكل علشان نشيل بواقي الأكل ع الأسنان علشان هي إللي بتسبب التسوس، ف يبقي نغسل أسناننا 3 مرات، مره بعد الفطار ومره بعد الغدا ومره قبل النوم .. لو عملنا كدا يبقي عدينا أول مرحله، ندخل ف إللي بعدها، نستخدم المضمضه أو غسول الأسنان هيساعدنا أكتر إننا نحافظ عليها .. نمنع أو نقلل المصبغات زي السجاير والشاي والقهوه والحاجات إللي بتسبب إصفرار الأسنان .. آخيراً بقي ودي إختياريه، في معجون إسمه Depurdent نقدر نستخدمه مره أو مرتين ف الإسبوع فقط لمدة شهر مثلاً هيفتح لون الأسنان شويه!
• تاني نقطه "بغسلها ع طول بس لما بحط ميك أب بتبقي صفرا"؟
لإن الأسنان عامله زي المرايا، بتعكس لون الحاجه إللي بتظهر ع الوش، يعني مثلاً لما بتحطي روچ بتلاقيها لونها مقرب للإحمرار، ف دا طبيعي، وحلها إنك متحطيش حاجه ع وشك 🤡.
• تالت نقطه، أكيد جه ف بالك الممثلين أو المشاهير عموماً إن أسنانهم بتكون بيضه وهم حاطين ميك أب، إشمعني هم وأنا لأ؟
لإن بكل بساطه هم عاملين Hollywood Smile أو ع الأقل لابسين Snap On ودا بيكون فينيرز راكبه ع الأسنان لونها أبيض مش بتعكس اللون زي الأسنان الطبيعيه، علشان كدا بتكون بيضه عادي.
بس كدا 🦦.

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لو أن مرآتك تتحدث، ماذا ستقول لك؟

A7md_haroun’s Profile Photoأحمد هارون
Usually when I stand in front of a mirror the first thing I notice is the yellow hairs in my beard then I notice the white hair starting to appear on top of my head, then I look in my eyes and snap I start cursing and saying some motivational stuff like when are you going to f**in grow up, pure motivation if you ask me, I don't know if my mirror would be merciful and say you're good the way you are or it would just mirror my actions and start cursing at me as well

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