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Śledzisz Zimowe Igrzyska Olimpijskie w Pekinie?

piotrekp’s Profile PhotoPiotrek
Oczywiście, że tak.
Dla osób, które interesują się sportem, takich jak ja, Igrzyska Olimpijskie to wyjątkowe wydarzenie, pozycja obowiązkowa.
Najstarsza, największa, najbardziej prestiżowa impreza sportowa.
Niestety, ze względu na zawodowe obowiązki nie mogę bezpośrednio oglądać zmagań olimpijczyków, większość konkurencji odbywa się bowiem w godzinach roboczych.
Wynika to z różnicy czasu, dzielącej Warszawę od Pekinu, wynoszącej 7 godzin do przodu (teraz np. u nas jest 15:00, u nich jest 22:00).
Niemniej raz na jakiś czas przeglądam w internecie relacje tekstowe, a wieczorem oglądam skróty albo retransmisje.
Zimowe Igrzyska Olimpijskie Pekin 2022 zawierają 15 dyscyplin, w ramach których odbędzie się 109 konkurencji.
Każdy może znaleźć coś ciekawego dla siebie.
Poniżej pełna lista dyscyplin, w nawiasach liczba konkurencji:
biathlon (11), biegi narciarskie (12), bobsleje (4), curling (3), hokej na lodzie (2), kombinacja norweska (3), łyżwiarstwo figurowe (5), łyżwiarstwo szybkie (14), narciarstwo alpejskie (11), narciarstwo dowolne (13), saneczkarstwo (4), short track (9), skeleton (2), skoki narciarskie (5), snowboarding (11).

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Śledzisz Zimowe Igrzyska Olimpijskie w Pekinie

Do you like to play in the snow? Have you ever been ice skating, skiing, snowboarding, or sledding?

Snow is fabulous for one solid day! A good strong show of some precipitation just enough to build a snowfamily, and then I expect it melted the next day… with the sun out, and like 75 degrees. 😂 I really don’t like the cold.

What was your life like growing up?

I had mostly everything I could ask for. I learned how to ride a bike at a really young age. I was born and raised in the west coast so I was always outside doing something like riding my bike around town or playing basketball.
Growing up was pretty shitty. I was a fat kid from a single mom home. Mom worked her ass off for us, but wasn't around too much because of it. Went to school in a not-too-nice area. Wasn't a complete ghetto with bullets flying around, but there was a stabbing on campus while I was there. 2 people I graduated with are now on death row for rape and murder. So it wasn't Compton but it wasn't exactly safe either. 50% of the school spoke no English. Entire classes were taught in Spanish. Was pretty crazy. Got bullied a ton. I wanted to do well in school and I learned that if you fight back you get suspended too, so I just took it. I had kids who would kick/hit at me just to laugh at how white skin changes color (becomes whiter for a second) from the pressure "Look it left a footprint on him!" Kept my head down, worked hard at getting good grades, and got the hell out of there. Went across the nation for college because I wanted to get the hell out so badly. Now life is good. I've got a good job that pays well, a lovely wife, 2 great young kids (2 years and 3 months each). College was a blast. Made all the world of difference to get the hell out of a bad area and into a place where people wanted to be smart. Spoiled only child who got most of the things I wanted, although I was taught not to want too much. Learned to talk and read early, school was a joke, got good grades every year without trying and largely without studying or doing the required homework. Now I am not even a year out of college making good money working regular (7-5ish) hours. Personality is largely unchanged, I'm very nice to most people but also very entitled to my opinion and don't do well around stupid people or people who can't be criticized. Main hobbies include guns, art, music, snowboarding, videogames, weightlifting. Tl;dr, I was a spoiled only child and I think I ended up becoming a pretty good guy (especially taking into account the type of people I see more and more every day. The quality of people I see on a daily basis is becoming more and more disappointing.)
I had a tough time, we were on and off homeless, my mom bailed on my dad right after my brother was born. My dad is back to being homeless My life's not terrible, trying to figure out ways financially to afford college and work in Ca, and I live with roommates. Trying to find a new job so I can struggle a little less, I definitely work too hard to be this poor.
I was hyperactive in grade school and I got yelled at so much by my teachers I started wearing hoodies every day by 5th grade and by freshman year of highschool I had become mostly antisocial outside of my small group of friends. Still don't do well making new friends.

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But we go to the mountains and snowboard. plus never dealing with forest fires. oh and all the beautiful snow did I mention our mountains are awesome 😂

ThePrideful’s Profile PhotoJim Bradley
Just stop!!! Lol I can go from the beaches to the mountains in a day I can go snowboarding and surfing in the next day lol. Next!!!
+4 answers in: “Do you like Winter or Summer better and why?”

Siempre he querido hacer parkour 🙊❤️, pero soy mala hasta para dar una marometa 😂, ¿tú tienes una habilidad parecida 👀, es decir, sabes hacer acrobacias 🍒 o algo parecido? 🤷🏻‍♀️🌺

Hace un par de años hacía parkour 😂 Me gustaría lanzarme de un paracaídas o hacer snowboarding 🏂😎
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When asked to name a country you'd like to visit, which one would be your first choice? What country would you rather not visit? Why those countries?

Cameliee’s Profile PhotoCamelié.
I have a bucket list of dream destinations as i'm interested in travel. And so far I've just done only three of them..
My first next choice would probably be Canada. Because its nature is extremely diverse. Also there's a wide range of outdoor activities such as mountain biking, camping, hiking, climbing, skiing and snowboarding and so on. And -of course- the Northern Lights.. 🖤
I'd rather not visit North Korea, because reasons. -_-
https://youtu.be/oF_OAe-9lHkwenii313’s Video 161602034900 oF_OAe-9lHkwenii313’s Video 161602034900 oF_OAe-9lHk
When asked to name a country youd like to visit which one would be your first

Independientemente de que te guste o no te guste, si te obligaran a hacer un deporte de riesgo o aventura ¿qué elegirías? No se vale decir "nadie puede obligarme" ni nada por el estilo. Simplemente ponte en situación.

albaask98’s Profile PhotoUna noche más ☆
Yo quiero y deseo hacerlo algún día, el paracaidismo, puentismo, parapente, montañismo, snowboarding y también irme de mochilera. 💕
Me llaman mucho la atención y la verdad si me atrevería, se ve excitante y mega sensacional. ❤

How well do you think would on a Whipeout course? 😂 Why do you think so? Would you ever be on the show for real if given the chance? 🤔

Dreadful! I‘d be out in two seconds...
This reminds me of the snowboarding simulator we had at work and I went on for less than a second and instantly nope‘d out...
Have a video of that fail.. it’s so sad
Ainiwaffles’s Video 159600155205
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What do you prefer more a hot beach vacation, a cold skiing vacation or a vacation where you visit old cities and historic sites ?

hot beach in a historic area! :)
I've never been skiing. or snowboarding for that matter.
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Wenn du weg fährst, willst du eher Erholungsurlaub mit wenig Aktivität, oder möchtest du auch in die Kultur eintauchen und Sehenswürdigkeiten anschauen? Oder gar nur Sightseeing-Hopping wie Rundreisen?

Wir sind heute in den Urlaub gefahren und nach 500km in 9 Stunden endlich angekommen. Hat sich heute mit Stau's - unter anderem wegen einem Faschingsumzug - echt gezogen.
Das ist der Urlaub, auf den ich mich Wir sind heute in den Urlaub gefahren und nach 500km in 9 Stunden endlich angekommen. Hat sich heute mit Stau's - unter anderem wegen einem Faschingsumzug - echt gezogen.
Das ist der Urlaub, auf den ich mich jedes Jahr so unnormal freue. Und zwar den Ski Urlaub. Dementsprechend bevorzuge ich viel Aktivität, weil mir besonders Ski fahren so unnormal Spaß macht. Aber natürlich ist dann auch Entspannung via Sauna und anschließender Liege ein fester Bestandteil in meinen Planungen.
Im Sommerurlaub war ich schon lange nicht mehr, aber ich würde mir dann auch das ein oder andere anschauen wollen. Habe noch die Urlaube damals mit meinen Eltern in Erinnerung, bei dem mit 2 Wochen Stand chillen viel zu langweilig war.
War jetzt aber auch für die kommende Woche die letzte Antwort, hat gerade von der Fragestellung noch so gut gepasst. In diesem Sinne: Genießt - wenn möglich - die Woche so sehr wie ich 😍💛
PS: Schön, dass ich mit meiner Umfrage so viele Nutzer trollen konnte, und 60% auf dem Holzweg waren. Fand das Bild so klasse, weil es mMn eher auf Snowboarding schließen lässt 😂

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Wenn du weg fährst willst du eher Erholungsurlaub mit wenig Aktivität oder
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what games do you remember playing as a kid? I remember Tony Hawk Pro skater 4, sims, harvest moon, animal crossing, ratchet and clank, etc.

xbox -- tony hawk's pro skater 4, tony hawk's underground, 4x4 EVO 2, dave mirra freestyle bmx, and amped: freestyle snowboarding !!
gameboy -- wario land, tony hawk's pro skater 2, and pokemon yellow !!
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1. Your mother and father names. 2. The name\names of your pet (if you have). 3. The city in which you are now. 4. Your brother\sister names. 5. Attach a photo where you baby. 6. Zodiac sign your, your mother and your father. 7.Your height and weight right now. 8. What roots are there in you?

You know. I would rather not. I have better things to do that answer some dumb questions on ask.fm. In all honestly your account is dumb. the " attach a baby pic" is so silly. Most celebs have their baby pics on google and anyone can steal it. I am not going to sit around and have some childish pathetic person telling me I am fake. I know who I am. You really need to get a life instead of asking annoying questions on ask.fm. Now I have to get back to golf and snowboarding to get more medals in the Olympics. Have a speeded day
1 Your mother and father names 
2 The namenames of your pet if you have 
3 The
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@ your anon; my brother in law goes snowboarding in VT, i believe! LOL. they usually go up for a weekend and stay in a chalet but i’m sure there are places in upstate NY too.

interesting !! i'm sure there are places everywhere, especially considering we live in new england. i remember there were a hundred places to go when i lived in massachusetts for that brief period of time.
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Lolo's QOTD : Winter is here ! ❄️⛄️ Do you like snow ? Have you had any at home ? Are you more snowball fight, creating a snowman or drawing an angel in the snow ? Your favorite clothes to wear in winter ? What do you like/hate about winter ? Your favorite activity when it's cold outside ?

xLonelySoulXx’s Profile PhotoLoréleï.
Do you like snow?
→ YES, I LOVE IT!!! ❄️ Winter is my favourite season (next to summer ofc!)
Have you had any at home?
→ Yes, it snows in Hungary every winter but in the last few years we got less snow than in the previous years...blame it on the global warming -.-
Are you more snowball fight, creating a snowman or drawing an angel in the snow ?
→ I LOVE snowball fights!!!!
Your favorite clothes to wear in winter?
→ Knitted jumpers and boots!!! 💖
What do you like/hate about winter?
→ I love the beautiful view, the snow, the atmosphere of these cold and chilly nights with a cup of hot tea or hot chocolate while you're sitting in front of athe tv, watching a great series or film covered in furry rugs....awww I LOVE WINTER NIGHTS!! 💖 I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT WINTER!!! ❄️💖
Your favorite activity when it's cold outside ?
→ Snowboarding and skiing!!

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Lolos QOTD  Winter is here   Do you like snow  Have you had any at home  Are you
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Tak wiem, ale tam są tylko takie info ogolne, wzrost, wiek, waga itd., i w jakich filmach/serialach grał a ja bym chciala takie ciekawostki typu "nie lubiał matematyki" haha. Mam nadzieje ze wiesz o co mi chodzi :D

Nie wiem czemu ale blog nie wyświetla ciekawostek, będę musiała to naprawić. Więc tu ci napiszę kilka:
1. Jest 15 minut młodszy od Dylana.
2. Swoje imię dostał na cześć pianisty i artysty jazzu - Nata King'a Cole'a
3. Uprawia snowboarding odkąd skończył 4 lata.
4. Nienawidzi Donalda Trumpa.
5. Uwielbia gry wideo.

Na śnieżycę - owszem, czekam. Lubię wtedy widok za oknem, wszędzie biało i czysto, póki nie wysypią piasku. A dobra bitwa na śnieżki nie jest zła, chociaż chyba wolę lepienie bałwanów :D Nigdy nie jeździłam na snowboardzie, na nartach zresztą też. Uprawiałaś snowboarding już wcześniej, czy dopiero..

TheRoyalRangerNumber49’s Profile PhotoSphinx
Znaczy ja mieszkam w małej wiosce na pomorzu do miasta najbliżej mam 22km i mamy tam chyba 3 duże góry. Zamówiłam deskę z antypoślizgowąpodstawą i tam się na tym stoji normalnie w kozakach albo w normalnych butach śniegowych. Wchodzisz na to łapiesz w rękę sznurek i przychylasz się do przodu i jedziesz z góry. Słyszałam że to trudniejsze od takiego snowboard`u profesjonalnego. A ty chciałabyś uprawiać profesjonalny snowboarding? @TheRoyalRangerNumber49

Hace un rato decidí crear una cuenta en you tube xDD y ya subí mi primer video (medio estúpido pero lindo♡) hahaha suscribanse y si les gusta denle like: https://youtu.be/PqLyeTs7AfY los quieroooo

Hola Mayavi, querible criatura ?
Pasaré a hacerte una visita por tu cuenta y por la nueva de youtube ?
Ten un buen día, un abrazo y un beso ?
Three Days Grace
Nombres: Groundswell, Three Days Grace, 3DG
Origen: Norwood, Ontario, Canada
Actividad: Groundswell (1992/1997), Three Days Grace (1997/2017)
Género: rock, metal, grunge, alternativo, nu
Web: www.threedaysgrace.com

Apocalyptica, Avenged Sevenfold, Breaking Benjamin, Buckcherry, Bullet For My Valentine, Chris Daughtry, Flyleaf, Groundswell, Halestorm, Linkin Park, My Darkest Days, Nickelback, P.O.D, Seether, Sevendust, Shinedown, Thousand Foot Krutch

Matt Walst - vocal, guitarra rítmica (2013/2017)
Barry Stock - guitarra líder (2003/2017)
Brad Walst - bajo, coros (1992/2017)
Neil Sanderson - batería, coros (1992/2017)
Dani Rosenoer - teclado (2012/2017) Tour
Adam Gontier - vocal, guitarra (1992/2013)
Phil Crowe - guitarra líder (1992/1997)
Joe Grant - guitarra rítmica (1992/1997)

Album estudio:
Wave of Popular Feeling (1995) Groundswell
Three Days Grace (2003)
One-X (2006)
Life Starts Now (2009)
Transit of Venus (2012)
Human (2015)

Película: Raise Your Voice (2004)
Serie: Ghost Whisperer. Episodio: The Curse of the Ninth (2006)
Videojuego: ShaunWhite Snowboarding, Smack Down vs. Raw 2007, Rock Band 3

Break (2009)
https://youtu.be/_4VCpTZye10salquial’s Video 140044619833 _4VCpTZye10salquial’s Video 140044619833 _4VCpTZye10

The Good Life (2010)
https://youtu.be/tzRk5EIHAoIsalquial’s Video 140044619833 tzRk5EIHAoIsalquial’s Video 140044619833 tzRk5EIHAoI

Chalk Outline (2012)
https://youtu.be/8AKF-wfmNAIsalquial’s Video 140044619833 8AKF-wfmNAIsalquial’s Video 140044619833 8AKF-wfmNAI

Misery Loves My Company (2013)
https://youtu.be/QkSASi_eN_ksalquial’s Video 140044619833 QkSASi_eN_ksalquial’s Video 140044619833 QkSASi_eN_k

I Am Machine (2014)
https://youtu.be/8Zx6RXGNISksalquial’s Video 140044619833 8Zx6RXGNISksalquial’s Video 140044619833 8Zx6RXGNISk

Human Race (2015)
https://youtu.be/50WH8OpSTS4salquial’s Video 140044619833 50WH8OpSTS4salquial’s Video 140044619833 50WH8OpSTS4

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Hace un rato decidí crear una cuenta en you tube xDD y ya subí mi primer video

Прикачи снимка на зимата?❄❄ Защо зимата понякога ни кара да се чувстваме тъжни? Кой е любимият ти зимен спорт? Обичаш ли снега?

SilviaSavova19’s Profile PhotoСиси
• Не знам. При мен не се е случвало.
• Snowboarding ?
Прикачи снимка на зимата Защо зимата понякога ни кара да се чувстваме тъжни Кой

-Smoker? -Virgin? -Age? -Siblings? If yes how many -Kissed anyone? -Sport? -Punched anyone? -Scooter, Bike, or Skateboard? -Snowboard or Ski? -Cell #? -Singe or Taken? -Favourite Colour? -Gamer? -Got high? -Crushing over someone? -Favourite song? -Date of birth? -Person you miss? -Disabilities?

no, yes, 14, yes- 2, yes, competitive snowboarding, yes lol, bike, defs snowboarding aha, 403 580 9383, taken, purple, not at all, nope, yes, have to many to choose, 10/18/2002, a few people, and none

tbh Tyra u are my closest girl friend😏😂 and I trust u with anything. u aren't that funny but u think u are, u are pretty lame and awful at snowboarding😂 but I love ya and I'm glad u eventually stopped hating me and realized that I'm just as lame😂❤ we gotta go out for lunch soon faggot

love youuuu 😛💕& yes i know i suck at snowboarding don't hate on me :( . yesss we have to go out for lunch 😝
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1) Oblibena barva? 2) Oblibeny sport? 3) Oblibene jidlo? 4) Oblibene pití? 5) Oblibeny alkohol? 6) Oblibene seriály? 7) Oblibeny herec? 8) Oblibena značka obleceni? 9) Oblibena/Vysněná země? 10) Oblibeny koníček? Odpověz a pošli všem, co sledujes. :))

1. neřeším, asi šedá 2. tenis, snowboarding 3. No přímo jídlo asi nevím, ale musí to obsahovat od každého něco (prostě v každém jídle musí být nějaké maso, zelenina a příloha) 4. zelený čaj 5. joo, jasně v mém věku pít alkohol 6. Mr. Robot, AHS 7. Liam Neeson 8. neřeším tohle? ale třeba The North Face je dobrá 9. Švýcarsko, New Zéland, Kanada 10. zpěv
Noo, sleduju dost lidí, takže asi ne

Mistrovství světa v ledním hokeji je za dveřmi a mě by zajímalo, zda se o to zajímáš či fandíš? Znáš nějaké české/slovenské hokejisty kromě Jágra? Popřípadě zajímáš se o nějaký jiný sport?

otazkoidniclovek’s Profile Photomotyka
co ja viem ja sporty dajak nekukam :D občas ten hokej si kuknem :D no ale uz to neni to čo to bývalo neviem prečo😂
a hej zaujimam sa o iny šport o snowboarding :D to si občas kuknem:D ale nejak neni čas kukat športy :)

Favorite moment: that is very hard too but most likely one of our many snowboarding trips! Next year we need to meet up next year on the mountain! But i also love those new year parties you throw 👍😂

thanks bro! and yeah we need to pull a stratton day!!!
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E plictisitor sa fi racit :( Q:Care este cel mai frumos lucru si cel mai urat lucru facut in viata ta? R meu: Frumos: Cand m-am dat pe o tiroliană de vreo 100-200m Cel urat: Cand am fost cu bicicleta pe deal si m-am lovit foarte urat

Anonimul747’s Profile PhotoAnonimulCurios
Cel mai urat lucru cred ca a fost faptul ca am fost în coma. Iar lucrul frumos.. Pf. Sunt câteva... Ciclismul, schiatul, vara lui 2015, snowboarding - ul, fotbalul etc

If you were given the opportunity to open any business of your choice, all expenses paid for 5 years until you built it up, what would you choose? I'd definately open a really cool recreational dispensary.

ashleeinthesky2’s Profile Photoflower child
Weed's legal where I live, and we're kind of a stoner snowboarding town, so I think a food truck that specializes in "munchies" kinda foods would be cool! I could park it near dispensaries and stuff, it would be rad.

what's the difference between either, neither and nor? Would you please explain in what condition will we use that? Thankyou in advance!

We use EITHER ... OR when we want to refer to a choice between two possibilities:
- Nan feels like eating EITHER tacos OR ramen for lunch.
- Henry will EITHER wash his car OR write 100 test questions today.
- Peter will be EITHER skiing OR snowboarding when we see him later this afternoon.
We use NEITHER ... NOR when we want to say that two or more things are NOT true:
- NEITHER Henry NOR Peter feels like going to the gym today.
- We like NEITHER to study NOR to write papers on such a beautiful day.
- Nan wants to watch NEITHER the movies on Netflix NOR the videos on YouTube.
For the other usage of "nor," read this: http://tmblr.co/Z90tLy1WPvRGV
(⌒ ͜ʖ⌒)-b

Mate learn how to ski or snowboard and we can go Austria or something after your exams I get my lvl 7 in snowboard soon

one of my white brothers does snowboarding so i'll get him to teach me

What's something you love about your home state? :) (one you have lived in the longest and consider home)

lokithegoldengod’s Profile PhotoNicole
I've lived in California and Minnesota about equal but I consider my home state Minnesota.
I love it because we have so many awesome things going on here.
I love that some days we can step outside and not know whether we should wear our winter boots or flip flops. I love it because you can go longboarding one day and go snowboarding the next because there's SNOW IN FRIGGIN' MAY and the fact that "up north" can be considered a valid vacation spot. And the fact that building an igloo is something that you get graded on in class in many schools ?
It's just a weird, loveable place
Whats something you love about your home state  one you have lived in the
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Hi stranger :) and... 1) you must not just for the food 2) snow is fun...you'd love it 3) lets do it together ;) 4) me neither 5) I don't like seeing people get hurt 6) Not sure what that is 7) Recommended 8) Both amazing films (and I don't watch many) 9) You should honesty is rare nowadays 10) Me2

1. don't really want to go to america for anything else as i have heard from american friends its shit
2. i have tried skiing before and didnt succeed at that kept crossing the blades so snowboarding may be better for me
3. i would have to be dropkicked out of a plane
4. if you try it tell me
5. im not bothered by it tbh, most ufc fighters respect each when fighting and its entertaining to watch like i just watched mcgregor vs diaz
6. comic con is basically an event for people who like nerdy things and get to meet stars such as jenson ackles or christian bale if he ever went
7. i will go to london one day
8. i will watch those two movies - any movies you recommend me watching other than those two
9. there are a lot of people who do youtube shows and honestly i would hate being in front of a camera
10. it would be awesome

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meni Cam izgleda kao da ima 16-17 a Dolan twins da imaju 21-22 *-* takoo su presavrsenii sva trojicaaa^^

• Jαoj, imαmo isto misljenje. Kαdα sαm prvi put videlα Cαmeron - α mislilα sαm dα imα 16 god., α kαdα sαm videlα Dolαn Twins mislilα sαm dα imαju 20 god. Ko bi rekαo dα Cαmeron imα 21. god i dα 08.09. puni 22. god., α dα Dolαn Twins imαju 16. god. Oni jesu sαvrseni, mα nαjsαvrseniji ! Evo jedne slike njih trojice http://prntscr.com/a1lmxn , tαko su ααα sαvrseniii !
x' Cαmeron je juce bio nα skijαnju sα nekim momcimα iz grupe Mαgcon. Postαvicu vαm neke slike koje je izbαcio nα svom Snαpchαt -u .
x' Evo slikα sα Snαpchαt - α koje je Cαmeron izbαcio :
• [ http://prntscr.com/a1lqj0 ]
• [ http://prntscr.com/a1lqsz ]
• [ http://prntscr.com/a1lr1w ]
• [ http://prntscr.com/a1lrd6 ]
• [ http://prntscr.com/a1lrm6 ]
x' Ovαj snimαk je Cαmeron izbαcio nα svom Twitter - u : https://twitter.com/camerondallas/status/697271452379320320 [ 😂 what the heck ]
x' Cαmeron je izbαcio nα Twitter -u dα mu je mukα. Pre je bio kod doktorα i dαo mu je neke lekove http://prntscr.com/a1ltq9 .
💎 Sαvrsen su 💙
💙 Cαmeron, Aαron & Tαy 💎
x' Novα slikα nα Instαgrαm - u
[ camerondallas Snowboarding @aaroncarpenter @taylorcaniff ]

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meni Cam izgleda kao da ima 1617 a Dolan twins da imaju 2122  takoo su

Tak to máte vskutku erudovaného fyzikáře :-D a nebydlí ještě pořád v 50 u maminky? Pak by skoro stejnej jako ten náš :-) Jinak snowboarding už dávno není cool.... teď frčí snowkiting... prý :-D Tak dobrou Memory, opatruj se

Narrenschiff13’s Profile PhotoNarrenschiff
Využiji k pochlubení se, zda-li můžu :3 Sice to ještě není hotový... mehh.
Tak to máte vskutku erudovaného fyzikáře D a nebydlí ještě pořád v 50 u maminky
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Tak hlavně těch pamětníků 30 leté války nebo husitských tažení je snad mezi námi ještě míň žejo... přijde mi, že přeživají snad jen na některých školách hlavně v kabinetech fyziky a matiky... A když jsme zmínili toho lyžaře... co lyže? Jezdíš na lyžích nebo snowboardu?

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To mi připomíná, že náš fyzikář prý pracoval pro NASA a viděl UFO :D
Ne :( Já jsem jen taková ta malá chyba v rožku, co si kreslí a ignoruje naprosto všechno a všechny :'3 I když snowboarding vypadá strašně cool...

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