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What song never fails to hype you up? 🎧😄

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I discovered a song recently called "Landmine Blast" by a Polish prog metal band called Riverside. It is written in the weirdest time signature which is impossible to count. Most pop/rock songs are with in 4/4 time, but this one is in something really weird, possibly 13/8 time. It continually drops beats in unexpected places which gives it a real sense of urgency, mania and panic. It's genius in songwriting but it must be murder to actually play it.
https://youtu.be/VuFb-TRibSYjigsaw20216838’s Video 172526653722 VuFb-TRibSYjigsaw20216838’s Video 172526653722 VuFb-TRibSY

ღ w h i t e n o i s e ღ

lost_souls__’s Profile Photolost souls
White Noise (화이트 노이스), also stylized as WN, is a South Korean girl group under Mania Entertainment. The group consists of 11 members: Binna, Summer, Spring, Belle, Leewoo, Soleil, Spark, Nala, Punch, Kanae and Sooyun. They debuted on February 22, 2022 with their first mini album "Significance" with the title track "Dazzling".
b i n n a [kang solbin] by WeisesFrettchen | leader . main dancer . lead rapper . choreography leader
s u m m e r [song nara] by celestae | lead vocal . songwriter
s p r i n g [kang saebom] by Skotophobia | lead vocal . songwriting leader . composer
b e l l e [annabelle dupont] by -Nessaa- | main rapper . sub vocal . producing leader . songwriter
l e e w o o [lee woori] by solasta | main vocal . composing leader . songwriter
s o l e i l [ha yurim] by Eternal Daisy | lead dancer . lead vocal
n a l a [nam narae] by s e r a p h i c - | main vocal . sub rapper . visual
s p a r k [salonga tala] by BlueElixir | lead dancer . lead rapper . sub vocal . art director . choreographer
p u n c h [harada kaoru] by moonchildren | main rapper . choreographer . center . fotg
k a n a e [im kanae] by chaewon | lead dancer . sub vocal . visual
s o o y u n [hyun sooyun] by redamancy | main dancer . sub rapper . producer

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i mean, which things you are really scared of..... but never show to the world..that I'm scared of that things

Ah! Thank you for clarifying! That's a good question... to be honest I fiercely guard myself from the world because I'm scared of being vulnerable in front of crowds of people, especially when it comes to live performances and gigs... It's silly, I know. Why pursue music if I have major anxieties and mild stage fright, right? Haha. I ask myself the same question but I refuse to let my songwriting skills go to waste, my pen game is godly.
+4 answers in: “Which do you choose truth or dare?”

What are some of your hobbies? How do you pass your time? What skills do you have?

D&D, fiction writing, songwriting, playing guitar, reading, listening to music, social networking. In the past martial arts, cycling, voluntary work.
Most of these are on hold while I’m so ill though.

What are the main things that inspire you in life?

asgardarts’s Profile PhotoLivi;
📝 My songwriting was usually inspired by characters and situations in life, including composites of these, plus occasionally dreams.
🎵 My music was kind of inspired at least somewhat, by listening to other music - for a period of time, The Moody Blues in particular.
📚 My writing was indirectly/abstractly inspired by things like forest walks, holidays to certain parts of the country, the character of places I lived, and so on. Ideas came randomly in these circumstances, usually unconnected to the places.

QOTD⚡: Which creative endeavour/s do you engage in? Do you consider this an outlet for your emotions, or do you just have the urge to create? (Or both!) Lastly, have you or would you ever take this beyond a simple hobby to become your occupation/side hustle?

📚 Creative Writing (full fiction less often, but I’m currently involved in a micro-fiction project)
🐉 D&D
🎸 Music (guitar, mandolin, songwriting if/when I can manage it these days)
👉🏼 Yes, performing music and creative writing were both important sides-hustles for me.


✏ ... ❛What do I know about love? Nothing. Where does the love go and it runs out? When does it leave? Why does it die? Do you kill it in one violent blow? Or is it a million unattended, unhealed little cuts and scratches? What do I know about love? Everything. It creeps into my chest, uninvited and untamable. I know love has no mercy on anyone rich, poor, independent, codependent, confident and insecure, it will bring you to your knees - if you did it right. But I know for sure about love is that you never come out of it the same. The other person is a chemical and I'm a chemical and we're both will come out as different people than when we met. I know when you're in love kissing is everything. Because words aren't the only way to tell someone how you feel. I know when you fall in love, you feel like you're the first and only two people in the world. Every kiss, every touch, every caress is like something you feel nobody has ever felt before. And you think - has everybody that's fallen in love just walked around this nonchalantly the whole time? You're at a restaurant with your friends and you can feel it, this secret under your tongue. Burning like fire but sweet and it creeps up to your cheeks it makes you smile and suddenly you look down and you see your heart's veins reaching, reaching, clinging to someone else's heart. I've learned a lot about love in my 20s but not enough to maintain any control in the face of its power and for every new thing I learned, there was something else I couldn't understand. All I know is love changes you, if you're lucky, to something better. What I know for sure is falling in love with life itself makes an artist out of everyone. I thought I was making art before. Writing songs for me making art but now I want my life to be the work of art. And my songwriting to be the camera that I take a picture of it with. It's what I'm living. That's the art. What do I know about love? Maybe nothing. And that's why it's everything.❜ ¿♡?

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Kannst du einige Zeilen oder Worte zu jedem U2 Album schreiben? Ich höre mich gerade durch die Alben und fände deine Meinung als U2 Hörer interessant.

elairrsinn’s Profile Photoela
- Boy : Das erste Studioalbum. Sehr rockig, geht in Richtung Punk teilweise, wirkt sehr frisch. Das Songwriting ist aber noch nicht sehr ausgereift finde ich. Lieblingslied: "Out of control"
- October: Bin mit dem Album bis heute nie warm geworden....Ich höre das auch nur sehr selten. "October" mag ich gern von der CD, fast schon symptomatisch, ist das kürzeste Lied der Platte...
- War: Das ist für mich das letzte Album der "ersten" Phase, danach änderte sich der U2 - Sound deutlich für mich. Auch die Scheibe hat noch Punk - Einflüsse. "Sunday Bloody Sunday" ist für mich einer der besten Polit - Songs überhaupt, "War" war das erste sehr politische Album von U2.
- "The unforgettable fire": Das erste U2 - Album, das ich wirklich liebe. Der rauhe Sound ist noch da, aber die Arrangements sind ausgeklügelter und "erwachsener". Die Texte sind wunderschön, verletzlich, wütend, kritisch. Ich erkenne mich in vielen Lieder der CD sehr wieder. "Bad" ist mein Favorit.
The Joshua Tree: Achtung Baby oder Joshua Tree, die ewige Frage der U2 - Gemeinde. Ein Meisterwerk, für mich eines der besten Alben ever.
Achtung Baby: Für mich ebenfalls eines der besten Alben, welches ich jemals gehört habe. Im Gegensatz zu Joshua Tree sehr risikoreich, ein völlig neuer Stil, die Band hatte sich vollkommen verändert musikalisch. So gut wie auf JT und AB waren U2 später nie wieder.
Zooropa: Noch ein sehr experimentelles Album. "Stay (Faraway, So Close!)" ist eines meiner absoluten U2 - Songs.
Pop: Das war leider mein erstes U2 - Album, dass ich bei meinen Eltern hörte. Kein guter Einstieg, die Platte ist sperrig und in der zweiten Hälfte nur noch mit langsamen Songs. Heute mag ich die CD sehr, das letzte Album, auf dem U2 Risiken einging.
All that you can't leave behind: Sehr konservatives Album, ohne jeden Risiko. Die erste Hälfte besser als die zweite. Mit "Beautiful Day" einer meiner absoluten Favoriten drauf. Eine schöne CD, die kann man sehr gut durchhören.
How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb: Bin ich auch nie mit warm geworden. "Vertigo" zb mochte ich nie sehr. Die Platte ist mir zu risikoarm und langweilig. Höre ich nur selten.
No Line on the Horizon: Ich glaube, nicht sehr beliebt bei Fans. Die Platte hat keine richtige Single, aber das mag ich an der Scheibe. Eine CD, bei der man genau zuhören muss, mit "Unknown Caller" ein Lied drauf, das ich sehr sehr sehr mag.
Songs of Innocence: Für mich nur Durchschnitt. Die Produktion sehr zurückhaltend, die Gitarren von Edge sehr im Hintergrund. Musikalisch nicht voll überzeugend, höre ich auch eher recht selten.
Songs of Experience: Mag ich mehr als Innocence!. Wieder eher ruhig, wieder kaum laute Gitarren, andererseits sind die auch älter geworden, also was solls. Schöne lieder, mein Favorit ist "The Little Things That Give You Away ".

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Welchen Song assoziierst du mit dem Wort “Traum”? (gerne mit Verlinkung) Kannst du deinen Bezug dazu näher erläutern? Auf welcher Ebene bewegt dich der Song? Welche Erfahrung, Gefühle, Gedanken etc. verbindest du damit?

Fruhlingspfutze’s Profile PhotoLebenstänzerin
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pwT9G6t-SKIpluescheimer’s Video 152288461701 pwT9G6t-SKIpluescheimer’s Video 152288461701 pwT9G6t-SKI
Da ich vor allem Musik auf Englisch höre, hat mein Kopf sofort an "Dream" gedacht und da bin ich ziemlich schnell auf "Dream Of Mirrors" von Iron Maiden gekommen.
In dem Song geht es um das verwirrende Gefühl, eine reale Situation oder einen Traum schon mal geträumt zu haben. Hier erscheint der Begriff "Traum" also weniger im Sinne des schönen Tagtraums oder Wunschtraums, sondern eines nächtlichen, sich allzu real anfühlenden (Alb-)Traums. Ich kann mich oft an meine Träume erinnern, der ein oder andere Albtraum war auch schon darunter und es gibt Traummotive, die immer wiederkehren. Richtig schlimme Albtraumerfahrungen hatte ich schon eine Weile nicht mehr, trotzdem weiß ich, was für ein beängstigendes Gefühl so ein Traum auslösen kann und kann den Song daher gut verstehen.
Ansonsten ist es auch einfach einer meiner Lieblingssongs von Iron Maiden, der wie gewohnt mit eingängigen Melodien, großartigem Songwriting und der herausragenden Stimme von Bruce Dickinson punkten kann. Ganz so toll singen kann ich zwar nicht, aber auch hier macht mir das Mitsingen einfach großen Spaß - Iron Maiden ist für mich eine dieser Bands, wo ich immer mitsingen muss!
Andere Songs, die mir zum Thema Traum/Dream einfallen, sind Somebody Else's Dream von In Strict Confidence und Ever Dream von Nightwish. Ersterer hat auch eine recht emotionale Bedeutung für mich, die ich aber nicht wirklich erklären kann, letzterer Song begleitet mich schon ziemlich lange, da es einer der ersten Nightwish-Songs war, die ich kannte.

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pluescheimer’s Video 152288461701 pwT9G6t-SKIpluescheimer’s Video 152288461701 pwT9G6t-SKI

The only people I think get very overrated as musicians are probably rated that highly because of their singing and/or songwriting ability, so I tend not to get too upset about ratings (everyone has his/her own opinion anyway).

Agreed,for sure everyone has their own taste and what I might find overrated someone might love. Yeah,I'm sure there are different reasons for different people as to why they think an artist is overrated.

Lolo's QOTD : Are you a creative person ? Except vidding, do you have passions related to creativity ? 🎨 (drawing, singing, dancing...)

Yes, I believe I am :) Beside vidding, my biggest passion is writing, been doing this since I was old enough to write. I always have too much imagination and too many stories in mind, all the time, but unfortunately it seems like I can never fully commit to any of them. I started like, 3 novels, wrote about 7 plot summaries, but never finished anything, so it's a bit annoying. And I also get very shy about my writings, I always chicken out when I have to let someone read them, I feel so stupid about that!
Other than that, I LOVE dancing, on a daily basis! I pretty much tried everything - contemporary, hip-hop, oriental, Indian.. but then, once again I never stick up to one thing, I always jump from one activity to the other after a few classes.
And then there was songwriting - a long time ago (I was young and my lyrics didn't make any sense xD), music creation with a software that my cousin introduced me to. Out of all the hobbies I had - apart from vidding - this was the one I really loved the most, and if I hadn't lost the program I would've probably kept it going because music is such a great part of my life and it felt great to create my own - even though I was still a beginner when I stopped! My next project though is to learn how to play the piano, so I won't totally give up on that.
And yeah, that's about it I think.. The only creative hobby I never liked was drawing, painting, and all the photo-related activities because I plain out suck at those!

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Dude, I absolutely love your music and other synthwave musicians, and I see you guys are influenced by metal music. But when I listen to it, I can't enjoy. Can you recommend some albums for someone who wanna start listening to this genre?

Haha, of course
I believe a very good introduction to metal would be the band Cult Of Luna (one of my favorite bands of all time). The songwriting is so good and i always had a huge admiration for their sense of melody. it's one of my biggest influence for Perturbator. I think it's not too hard to get into and most of it's appeal comes from the simple yet effective riffs, aswell as the general atmosphere their music has. It also has some synth parts at moments, so you may even recognize things that can remind you of my music or other synth artists.
Check out the whole album "Vertikal", which is a masterpiece in my opinion. Or if you want a quick first impression, try listening to the track "Cygnus" which i find beautiful.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DVdHw4fskj4&t=494sPerturbatormusic’s Video 140809735648 DVdHw4fskj4Perturbatormusic’s Video 140809735648 DVdHw4fskj4

They're nothing too special but haha thank you. I started out writing poetry then the songwriting thing came naturally. So it's cool that you're into that too ❤

I think its cool youre into it as well ??
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I'm your opinion,what made Metallica stand out from their peers like exodus,overkill,testament,slayer etc.?What made their first 4 albums so brilliant,not like the other bands mentioned above had bad albums but Metallica's early material is held in way higher regard.

Metallica were the complete package. They had the songs, the attitude, the musicianship, the live act - everything. That's not to say the others didn't. It's just that Metallica just always seemed to have more.
If you take a look at the most successful thrash bands of all time, you'll find that the ones with the most 'attitude' made it right to the top
In terms of sales, crowds etc, these bands have always been the most popular. And the reason Metallica is at the top of the heap is because of three reasons in my opinion.
1) Accessibility - Even when Metallica were at their vicious best, their songs still had tons of hooks. Whether vocally or musically, their songs always had a chorus or a riff or a melody that would stick in your head.
2) Hetfield - Say what you will about other thrash frontmen, Hetfield was operating at a much higher level than everyone else. He was absolutely commanding. Live shit is ample proof of that. The guy was a total beast on stage, and he had the pipes and the chops to back up his presence.
3) They always broke new ground - Metallica never gave a fuck about what anyone thought of them. I'd wager they still don't. They always did what they wanted. Back when ballads were spat upon, they put out Fade to Black and made it work, and suddenly all the other thrash bands followed suit (except bands like Slayer etc)
Let's take a look at why the others never made it to those heights
Exodus - Apart from Bonded By Blood, they never released anything that topped that. Bonded By Blood is a phenomenal album, but is it as good as Kill Em All? Not to me at least. It's more vicious for sure, but from a purely songwriting perspective, it doesn't quite match Metallica's debut. Metallica also got better with each subsequent album, while Exodus merely stayed solid before losing steam slowly.
Overkill - Great band. One of my favourites. Lots of attitude, great songs, but they just don't have the accessibility that Metallica has. Plus Bobby Blitz's voice isn't for everyone. Overkill could've been huge if their songwriting was more memorable, but some bands have a limit, and Overkill reached that a long time ago and have been riding it ever since.
Testament - Testament COULD have challenged Metallica, but unfortunately they came into the scene a little too late. In my opinion, The Legacy is one of the greatest thrash albums ever released. Every bit as good as Kill Em All as far as debuts go. But, by the time it was released it was too late for them. They missed the boat. And, while their next few albums were excellent, they just weren't as good compared to what Metallica was putting out.
Slayer - Slayer are probably the most successful thrash act after Metallica, and arguably Pantera. There was no way they were ever going to top Metallica simply because of their super aggressive style and over the top imagery. However, they knew what they were good at and they did it better than anyone else.

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What are ur favourite exo songs in terms of lyrics, melodies... and instrumental.. perhaps? Well basically your favourites songs and why? ^^

el dorado - in one song i find the answers to 3 big questions: why I love kpop, why I love exo, why I love baekhyun. the energy the chic the ebb and flow. and I haven't even started talking about the stage performance yet. I've tweeted at length before about how the songwriting is genius.
first love - baekhyun's chuckle on record is reason enough. it's adorable without being juvenile, calm and simple without being boring, has these pentatonic elements that speak to my Chinese heart, and all of EXO sound great singing it.
lucky one - I had the biggest grin on my face when I first heard it, start to finish. and it's still the case! it instantly affects my mood, and I just feel great listening to it because of how SMART of a song it is. it reminds me how much I love music.
what if - baekhyun's virtuosity in this song is something else. this is his favorite genre, emoting is something he's so comfortable doing, and every single MILLISECOND of his texture and execution in this blows me the fuck away.
love love love - you can also hear the pentatonic scale in this one too. this song takes on the persona of young and sexy. omg just so attractive, but sonically, not visually. and the way the guitar is de-tuned and aggressively plucked in the acoustic version is SO innovative and wonderful.
I could actually gush about 90% of EXO's songs but these are the ones that make me emotional with how much I thoroughly enjoy them.

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Was hast du abgewählt in der Schule? Bist du in arbeits gemeinschaften in der schule? Lernst du Spanisch?

Hab Physik, Italienisch und Musik abgewählt. Nein nicht mehr, war in der Songwriting AG und hatte den Psychologie Kurs. Nein haben das nicht, hab aber Italienisch gewählt. 🌞
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Aus gegebenem Anlass, meine Schnubbelse: Wie findest du die Vergabe des Literaturnobelpreises an Bob Dylan?

DerApfeltyp’s Profile PhotoRuu
Für mich ist das hauptsächlich erstmal eine Überraschung.
Ich empfinde es auf jeden Fall als schön, dass die höchste literarische Auszeichnung nun mal an einen Songwriter geht, aber es dürfte auch viele Literaten in den Zustand eines tiefen Zwiespalts versetzen, nehme ich jedenfalls an.
Da aber auch Songwriting seit Menschengedenken eine verbreitete Form des literarischen Ausdrucks ist und Dylan wirklich poetische und geistreiche Texte mit völlig neuen Ideen schreibt, hat er es meiner Meinung nach auch verdient, diesen Preis zu bekommen. Er hat mit seiner Lyrik, und so kann man das im Fall von Dylan auch ruhig mal nennen, eine ganze Musikepoche geprägt.
Jeder, der sich intensiv mit Dylans Texten auseinander gesetzt hat, dürfte diese Auszeichnung verstehen. Literatur ist eben weitreichend.
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yea that would be fun the never ending competition lol. But just wanna ask, to be a rapper are u should hv the basic or u can be a rapper cause u like it?

rapping, along with any other types of songwriting requires u to know the basics. the difference between writing raps and other types of lyrics would probably be in the flow. the cadence or tempo of how u fit in a certain message into a certain duration amount of time is considered unorthodoxed.
your vocabulary also has to be a little above normal due to the fact that it'll eventually get boring if u keep saying the shit over and over.
but thats exactly why i love it! i'm the type of person that has to express whatever it is im feeling. I can't keep it to myself and i'm always in the position where i have to get things off my chest. I took that opportunity to express whatever it is i want to towards a rap beat. i may be happy, sad, mad, or just in the mood to have fun, but whatever it is i'll always write music about how im feeling at the moment.
also, always remember that the best music are usually the ones that take the LEAST time writing cause things usually come so naturally
but again this is just based on my experiences, may or may not apply to u but i hope it helped in some way?

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man i hear stories like that and im like fuck he was making music for 6 years and was only in 9th grade. going into 11th grade this year and ive only been songwriting for 3 years. do you think thats okay? like it doesnt matter when you start? cuz i feel like, i gotta long way to go but little time

it doesn't matter when you start.. but if you have that burning passion in your heart for it.. then just fucking start. just go.

Zlatoo? Moc moc gratulujem k 500 follows! ? Bebe som si neskutočne obľúbila a to len a len vďaka tebe!? Dokonca sa zo mňa stala je veľká fanúšička, Bebe's baby.? Veľmi ti za to ďakujem? To číslo bude určite ešte rásť rovnako ako počet Bebe's bebies! ? ilysm!? ~Soph?

Děkuju Ti moc!!??? ilysm too??
? ČÁST PRVNÍ - http://ask.fm/BebeRexhaCZSK/answers/139485402492/
? ČÁST DRUHÁ - http://ask.fm/BebeRexhaCZSK/answers/139470304892/
„Nechtěla jsem plánovat video, chtěla jsem jen pocit. Chtěla jsem, aby mě lidé znali a viděli moji osobnost. Myslím, že plánování videí může být trochu... Dojde ti to. Buď to dopadne opravdu dobře nebo opravdu špatně, pak se ani opravdu nikdy nedozvíte, kdo je ten umělec. Jsem závislá na hitech 20.století. Miluju TLC, starou Britney Spears. Vlastně jsem chtěla video jako od Busta Rhymese. Koukala jsem hodně na hip-hop videa z 20. století a pozdních 90. let. Chci obnovit hip-hopová videa v 21.století se spoustou cool a zajímavými scénami. Kvůli tempu toho songu jsem chtěla, aby tam byly pomalé pohyby. Chtěla jsem barvy, ale chtěla jsem to i trochu tlumené. Mluvila jsem s Davem Meyersem, který dělal hodně věcí s Missy Elliott, udělal všechna její videa. Je jasné, že byl dobrá volba. Takže jsme si sedli a přinesli tuhle věc do života a je super to vidět. Taky jsme tam dali kus New York City, protože myslím, že to je pro mě důležité, protože jsem z NYC a myslím, že lidé neví, jak silná jsem.“
„Ráda tancuju, ale preferuji spíš jen pohyb. Nebudu zkoušet ani dělat nějakou šílenou choreografii. I když, nikdy nevíte, všechno záleží na tom, jak se cítím. To, co se učím teď, je jen jít proudem a otevřít se všemu na světě. Takže jsem ochotná všechno jednou zkusit. Myslím, že to u 'No Broken Hearts' bylo nezbytné. Musel tam být pohyb. Kdybych tam pořád jen stála, myslím, že by to bylo celkem divné.“
„Asi tam dám akustickou verzi 'Me, Myself&I', protože zní skvěle. Je tam sólo na trumpetu. Je to fakt dobré. Určitě to dám na album.“
„Kdyby tu byla levá a pravá strana, 'No Broken Hearts' je asi někde uprostřed. Jsou tam nějaké songy, které v sobě mají víc popu, a songy, které v sobě mají trochu víc rytmického R&B stylu. 'No Broken Hearts' je někde uprostřed. Dává to smysl?“
„Myslím. Můj manažer říká, že v červenci. Doufám, že tohle léto. Pokaždé, když řeknu datum, změní se. Soustředím se teď na 'No Broken Hearts' a na dokončení toho alba. Cítím, že čím rychleji ho dokončím, tím rychleji ho budu moct vydat.“
„Mluvila jsem s pár rappery. Určitě tam bude pár dalších spoluprácí!“

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Moc moc gratulujem k 500 follows  Bebe som si neskutočne obľúbila a to

Tohle je moje 2.nejoblíbenější stránka na celém asku!?Každý by to tady měl sledovat, protože tahle stránka je prostě NESKUTEČNÁ?Děkuju moc za tuhle stránku a za tebe ?I love you to the moon and back.?

Moc Ti děkujuu???? I love you as much as you do love me and more???
? ČÁST PRVNÍ - http://ask.fm/BebeRexhaCZSK/answers/139485402492/
„Ano! O obarvení vlasů jsem mluvila už tak 10 let předtím! Už od té doby, co mi bylo 15 nebo 16. Hrozně jsem si chtěla obarvit vlasy na blond. Moje mamka říkala : 'Víš, že si zničíš své krásné hnědé vlasy.'. Myslím, že to pro mě byla více osobní věc. Říkala jsem si : 'Chci si obarvit vlasy na blond, chci se změnit jen pro sebe.' Taky jsem si nikdy nemyslela, že bych nosila nějakou barvu, ale jsem tak ráda, že ji nosím, protože...Vždycky jsem si myslela, že budu ten jiný druh holky, která vždycky nosí černou. Nesnášela jsem barvy, nesnášela jsem věci se sladkými barvami. Je to šílené, jak jsem se změnila. Myslím, že to bylo jako znovuzrození. Nevím, bylo to prostě zajímavé. Jedna věc, kterou jsem se naučila je, že byste nikdy neměli říkat nikdy žádným stránkám vašeho života.“
„Vždyť tak to bylo i se mnou. Říkala jsem si : 'Ale ne, co jsem to udělala?' Teď samu sebe jinak nevidím.“
„Nahrála jsem ten song a říkala si : 'Musí tam být rapper!'. Věděla jsem, že jsme měly velký úspěch s 'Hey Mama'. Ve skutečnosti jsem na večírku potkala jejího manažera. Je to srandovní historka. Byla jsem na večírku s Gee Robersonem. Má zlaté uši a můj kamarád říkal : 'Promluv si s Gee Robersonem!'. Nikdy jsem Geeho nepotkala, ale samozdřejmě jsem potkala Nicki, když jsme spolu pracovali na 'Hey Mama'. Mohla jsem ji kontaktovat, ale neměla jsem její číslo. Takže jsem na té párty přišla za Gee Robersonem a řekla : 'Ahoj Gee, můj kamarád říkal, že máš zlaté uši. Můžeš si prosím pustit tenhle song, který jsem právě nahrála? Myslím, že Nicki by na tom byla neuvěřitelná, můžeš jí to poslat? Můžu ti to poslat na email?'. On mi odpověděl jen : 'Ne, pust mi to teď.' Byl to malý večírek. Říkal mi : 'Pust mi to na telefonu. Řeknu ti, jestli to je velký song nebo ne.' Říkala jsem : 'Panebože!'. Slyšel to a doslova ve 30ti sekundách mi dával plné počty hvězd. Říkal mi : 'Pošli mi to, pošlu to Nicki.' Poslal jí to a ona tam prostě skočila. Bylo to opravdu úžasné.“
„Pracujeme na tom. Rozhodně nějaké vystoupení bude, jen nevím, kdy. Nebo možná vím, ale nemůžu to říct. [Smích]. Stane se to, nebojte.“
„Úplně šokuje mojí mysl, kolik zhlédnutí to už má! Už to překonalo 'I Can't Stop Drinking About You'. Je to šílené.“

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Tohle je moje 2nejoblíbenější stránka na celém askuKaždý by to tady měl sledovat

Since 'semangat ya' is such a lame and boring way to cheering someone up and showing that you are care about them, what's word you can use to replace it?

No it's not. If you really mean it there's nothing to be ashamed of haha. But to answer your question with something music-related I would recommend albums that set a particular mood without sounding overtly happy or sad and are just ambiguous enough to let the listener put the pieces together in their own way, so to speak. That way the listening experience becomes more involved and the catharsis more genuine. A good example would be Nothing's Tired of Tomorrow, a beautiful shoegaze album that perfectly marries ambitious songwriting with emotional restraint, creating a cohesive piece of music into which you could pour your anxieties and feel better about yourself afterwards.
Fever Queen
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W4F0eeFqiU4berbisik’s Video 136823163365 W4F0eeFqiU4berbisik’s Video 136823163365 W4F0eeFqiU4
A.C.D. (Abcessive Compulsive Disorder)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sx0PJx2_LZ8berbisik’s Video 136823163365 Sx0PJx2_LZ8berbisik’s Video 136823163365 Sx0PJx2_LZ8
Nineteen Ninety Heaven
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2k5GaXTafzAberbisik’s Video 136823163365 2k5GaXTafzAberbisik’s Video 136823163365 2k5GaXTafzA
Everyone is Happy
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N1Np_Q1nmQ8berbisik’s Video 136823163365 N1Np_Q1nmQ8berbisik’s Video 136823163365 N1Np_Q1nmQ8
/ Earthmover /

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berbisik’s Video 136823163365 W4F0eeFqiU4berbisik’s Video 136823163365 W4F0eeFqiU4

Hi Sani, I was just curious as about to why you don't look up to PWG anymore? I mean, I understand that they're back with a major label but (for me) their music is still gewd. Oh and Dochi still seems cool.

In some aspects, maybe. But they've gotten quite stagnant over the years - musicwise, they keep using the same formula over and over again. Rushing the songwriting process, not letting most of their songs grow to their fullest potentials.
I don't really talk to Dochi anymore, well we never even talk - maybe, just maybe, the fact that we've released 3 songs under the same name as a duo does not make him consider me as his "friend" by not replying any of my messages

I honestly dont get why Day6 fans are mad when we say wonpil looks like Taehyung??? He really does look like V though?? Shouldnt your fandom and wonpil himself be flattered that we acknowledge that he looks like V? V and BTS are way more popular than wonpil and Day6. Be thankful!

Yes wonpil does look like him in his previous selca but others, no. BTS has build a fanbase way before day6 which explains their huge popularity now and you telling me this is pretty irrelevant because both group are of 2 complete different genres and comparing them is like comparing a bird to a stone. And none of us have had intention to disrespect any of y'all but if you look closely at my askfm, there are so many trying to call day6 a flop group. Listen carefully, you'd got on your defensive mode if someone calls bts a flop too right? Why are you on anon? And our fandom isn't flattered because we want wonpil wants to be recognized for his piano, synthesizer, vocal, songwriting etc or what you call talent, not only for his looks. I hope you know that we all want our boys to be recognize for their talent, not a 'look-a-like'. Respect someone if you want to be respected. Be nice to someone if you want someone to be nice to you. Thank you.

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Do you get along well with your bandmates? If there are any songwriting conflicts, or other disputes(no matter how trivial) regarding your own music, how do you guys solve them?

Yeah we get along quite well. We've known each other for a long time so and we hang out pretty often so it's pretty peaceful. Ganesh and I have known each other for close to 20 years now, it's been almost 10 years since Rohit joined the band and I've known Anthony for almost 15 years, albeit on and off. We have a pretty good 'understanding' when writing music. Usually all the writing is done by me and Rohit and the other guys are cool with backing us up. That's the most important thing. I understand that most times everyone wants to contribute, but it's always in the band's best interest if the strongest songwriters come up with the basic structures.
Me and Rohit have very good chemistry when it comes to writing. He's more refined with his writing while I'm a bit rougher so it works well together. Sure there are a few times we don't exactly see eye to eye when we write, but I usually get my way lol. Nah, we just go with what sounds good. That's the No.1 rule. If it sounds good, it stays, regardless of who wrote it.
In any case, even if we do have issues with anything we always sort it out over a drink. Works like a charm

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Aside from singing do you know of any other artistic interest Harry could have or if he plays any musical instruments?

Well as far as we know Harry plays the guitar, if he does play any other instrument we're not sure. And about other artistic interests he was seen buying painting things a while back in London and he probably writes a lot judging by the journals he always takes with him so songwriting is probably something he does quite a lot.

Hello Bill. I love your content, and I love making music myself. But many times I open a DAW I end up giving up in the middle of the project, mostly because I'm unhappy/ashamed of the results. Do you ever face anything like this? What do you do to overcome it? Thanks

milkshakesMiau’s Profile Photomiaumiaumeow
this is classic. yes, i spent years and years confused about this. i think many many people in the past 10 years (or like, since the techno era basically) write their music In the recording studio (or DAW.) that may work for them, but i found that approach was a dead end road. over time, I gradually centered in on the idea that you really have to write the thing beforehand. that's usually the only way to get a song with any strength, and it makes all the difference. and by 'write' I don't mean figure out all the parts and exact arrangement. in fact you hardly should do any of that beforehand (only what jumps out). the choosing which instruments and what parts to play should really be done in the studio, when the actual instruments are there. here's what it looks like, for me--
the writing (done outside the studio) should be pretty much just the vocal (lyrics plus mel.), the chords, and you should know the tempo. and usually what the groove should feel like roughly. but to take it a step further, i venture to say you have to know the exact road map. you really do. for a while I thought you didn't--I thought you could go in with a verse and chorus and hope a bridge comes to you in the studio. This is where you get Worthless Bridge Syndrome, which is rampant all over the music business. Finish The Song before u get to the studio -- Know which length of time btween the 1st cho and second verse is the happiest. Know exactly how you are going to get from the 2nd verse to the end. Know whether u are using alternate lyrics in the second chorus. Know exactly when and how the song ends. but you don't need to have any clue whether the song will be recorded with pianos, djembes, snow blowers, -- save all that for the studio and trust me, if your road map is solid u will be free to have a ball once u get to the studio.
That being said, songwriting is a whole separate mystery to be conquered, and I struggled with that for a long time as well before finally figuring it out.
Basically in conclusion, it sounded to me as if you were attempting to write and record (like in a DAW) simultaneously . which ultimately won't work, I think. that being said, there are huge questions that arise when trying to songwrite outside the studio-- questions like "how the hell do i do this" and "fuck my life." and i have some tips there as well, in addition to the recording side. I've been to pluto and back trying to work this out, and I've learned a lot if tricks, which i can lend if you indeed decide to pursue the writing first then record method. also a side note, the better and more advanced your DAW is, the more impossible your life will be. dare to use the simplest damn thing you can find. the entire starting point for my recording career was achieved by throwing away the good programs and only using the terrible ones. instant success

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What editing software do you use? I'm very new to your videos and I always ask that question as I'm into the editing field :}

Kirby Hale
i use a very old and cheap version of final cut which is now completely obsolete (final cut express 4! according to the box. i thought it was 7 but i recently realized it's 4), and soon it probably won't work at all, and there's no upgrade for it. for the music i use logic express 9, which also doesn't exist anymore, but that upgrade should be more manageable. other programs which i rely on heavily, which are so basic you might not think to mention, are, TextEdit and Preview, which are both essentially featureless basic utility programs that come with every mac. but i've gotten a huge amount of mileage out of them. (TextEdit is like the only text program that doesn't ask you if you want a cup of coffee every time you spell or capitalize something 'wrong').
not to mention Finder, and the screenshot feature, which also gets used thousands of times on almost every video.
and i almost forgot QuickTime pro, which is used mainly for the writing process (audio memos, mainly for the jingles as they are written, and/or more complicated directions of how things need to happen. also is used heavily in songwriting )

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Any songwriting tips? Even though I've done it a bit in the past I've only recently gotten more serious about it. Care to share any advice?

to be honest thats still something i'm trying to figure out myself haha. i try looking for inspiration from others. for example if their rhythm section is simple but their melodies arent. or how they structure songs. etc. when you're listening to songs. try to actually study them if you like the way they came out. my songs for example usually start as a single guitar and i just try to write a song from start to finish. i dont usually complicate chords or melodies very much. i keep it simple until i have a structure im satisfied with. then i make little tweaks to the rhythm parts. then i usually write a bass part or other rhythm guitars. then i like to have a drum track all set. thankfully all the drums for my last ep were done by a really talented programmer named grant henry (aka stemage). and then i usually focus on melodies since the rhythm structure is basically locked in. and then i make little tweaks. add harmonies. stuff like that. but you really gotta just try and see what works for you. i've found starting on acoustic helps me even if you dont intend on the end result being acoustic. hope this helped.

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I need people who are multi instrumentalists who can write creative music. I want good songwriting skills. someone who does not define his mind to one type of music.

check Adam Lebzo then. he can definitely help you.
Liked by: ZADE Qased Othman

Fantastic show at the C.C. and that was an unbelievable solo at the end of "Fly". What band do you play with when your not doing the guest circuit?

I'm glad that you enjoyed the R-town show and as for that solo, I really got a little(or a lot) carried away and hot dogged it. As for your question, let me say that its a bit complicated. I am deeply involved in songwriting and studio work with my brothers and it is tremendously fulfilling. We consider ourselves a band but we don't even have a "chiseled-in-stone" name. We have only played a handful of jobs but they were of the really high-profile variety. My brothers are truly gifted and it seems a shame to not put all that talent on display but we really enjoy the creative environment of the studio. That being said, me and Adam really look forward to sitting in with the lads when they do a big show, and it looks like they are all going to be big shows from here on out. Thanks guys.

Ich überlege mir das Beatles Album 'Revolver' zu kaufen. Kannst du es mir empfehlen? Wie gefällt dir das Album? Und welches ist dein liebstes Album der Beatles?

elairrsinn’s Profile Photoela
Ich kann es dir empfehlen.
Ich würde, falls du die CD noch nicht hast, auch gleich "Rubber Soul" mit dazu kaufen, für mich gehören beide Alben emotional irgendwie zusammen. Aber natürlich ist "Revolver" ein eigenständiges Album.
Ich mag "Revolver" sehr gern, mir gefällt ab "Rubber Soul" alles von den Beatles. Die Songs wurden komplexer, erwachsener, reifer, das Songwriting von Lennon und McCartney immer stärker. Zum Beispiel gleich der Auftaktsong "Taxman", ein toller Rocksong, mit schönen Gitarren von Harrison.
Wenn du bisher nicht viel von der Band kennst, dann kann es sein, dass du kaum ein Lied auf der Platte kennst, außer natürlich "Eleanor Rigby" und "Yellow Submarine", der musikalisch schlichteste Titel, aber ich mag die Ringo Starr Nummer ganz gern.
"I'm only sleeping", "She said she said", "and you bird can sing" - alles schöne Lieder, die zeigen, dass die Beatles als Album - Act hervorragend funktionieren. Ich höre diese CD immer komplett durch, es fällt schwer, einzelne Lieder raus zu picken, die CD funktioniert toll als Gesamtkunstwerk.
Wenn ich mich recht erinnere, dann wählte der "Rolling Stone", das bekannte Musikmagazin, diese CD zur besten Platte der Beatles überhaupt. Ich bin mir gerade nicht ganz sicher, aber auf alle Fälle landete Revolver ganz weit vorn.
Ich favorisiere allerdings die Alben danach, vor allem Abbey Road, ich liebe Abbey. Aber Revolver höre ich ebenso ganz oft! Zum Beispiel jetzt, dank dir.

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bas bas, mau tau pendapat lu dong, are you okay or not okay with music nowadays yang ngga bisa dimainin pake gitar (like EDM)? lol pardon the ke-sksd-an and please have a nice day :D

I don't like them and can't really quite enjoy EDM, but have no problem with the people that do.
A little bit of EDM mixed with good songwriting could end up in magnificent ways: Justin Bieber's What Do You Mean is one great example--it even became Noisey's 2015 track of the year.

Likers gets Long note //Heyy ello :)) How's your day? Hope you're enjoying your holiday :)) HAAH yesterday I saw your snap I think that we both might leave just near by each other 😂😂 All the best for your upcoming year 😆 Stay pretty 😍💞

oh u mean the ice cream shop? or? ahah thank you roxanne :) talk more & good luck in songwriting 💘💘

min, lagu I hope its you, tears down, insomnia, sbenere itu lagu greyson ato gak? masuk album mana? keluar kapan? kok cuma ada treaser._.

Semua itu lagunya Greyson. I hope its you dan insomnia kan dibuat ketika dia masih join di BSM karena skrg udh pindah managament ya itu jd properti label lama dan ga akan dirlis begtu juga sama Eagle.
They Wanna Tear Us Down hanya demo untuk Bali Songwriting Invitational .
Nih kalo yang mau liat video Bali Songwriting Invitational tahun 2014 lalu dimana greyson masih bersama BSM.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NQNbvqkiTQUGreysonsYou’s Video 131935178299 NQNbvqkiTQUGreysonsYou’s Video 131935178299 NQNbvqkiTQU

I love when u spen time with your friend and have fun can't wait for hear PURPOSE! #13nov #jeliebersruletheworld

I am so excited to share this new album with every single one of you, music is what I love, basically everything works by music, I love saying this in almost every answer because actually was the bes thing could ever happen to me, it's true that it could be hard sometimes because seems like a life style guide instead musician actually but what media can not deny is that songwriting is something I really love and enjoy, I finally came up with something pretty genius. #purpose

Bang bisa ceritain kenapa terbentuk halfway home? Gimana bisa duet sama Dochi buat project itu? Kenapa memilih genre tersebut? Dan inspirasi nya dari mana bang? Oh iyaa alat musik yg di gunakan itu apa aja bang? Susah gk buat lagu nya itu? Soalnya pengen belajar buat lagi, tp baru bisa buat lirik he

Awalnya gue suka Pee Wee Gaskins
Suka cover lagu mereka terus upload di youtube/soundcloud
Dochi notice
Friends di facebook
Nyapa gue di facebook
Ngajak ketemuan
Langsung bikin lagu pertama hari itu juga yaitu, "Post-Dissolution"
Terpilih genre itu karena kita berdua sebenarnya sama-sama suka musik electronica (ex: The Postal Service, Owl City, etc) dan sepertinya cocok kalau kita berdua bikin bareng projek sejenis itu. Alat musiknya pure semuanya VSTi (virtual instruments atau midi bahasa kunonya).
Pertanyaan mengenai songwriting menurut gue akan sangat relatif sih jawabannya, karena bagi setiap penulis berbeda stimulan dan kendalanya, tidak ada benar salah. Percaya sama gue bahwa 85% lagu yang sudah atau akan lo tulis adalah pure shit, jelek banget, tapi percaya kalau nanti 15%nya adalah lagu terbaik yang pernah/akan lo tulis. Intinya, jangan pernah berhenti.

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I don't know what happened between you guys and Anup but,I miss him(w/t Skyharbor). :( No one's good enough to fill his shoes,no one. Sorry.

As outstanding and groundbreaking as Anup is, what you lose on the swings you gain on the roundabouts. Aditya has brought to the table a different and equally beautiful vibe and his knowledge of synths and approach to songwriting is something no one can replace, either.

Bang, kasih refrensi band indie pop punk sama band elektrik yang ear-catching gitu dong bang, yang khusus elektrik genre nya kayak "halfaway home" nya Dochi Please reply bang

Andri Hermawan
Wah Halfway Home tuh gue loh yang bikin musiknya, Dochi lebih ke songwriting dan composer, tapi gue yang produce, fyi
Dengerin aja nih, Pop Punk:
Man Overboard
Neck Deep
Real Friends
The Story So Far
The Postal Service
Owl City
Relient K

A es neteiktu, ka Behemots ir nu pscpsc kapātājs. Tur tās komercijas vairāk nekā materiāla imho, senāk, kad vēl viņi atļāvās Kabatā spēlēt, bija īstā zloba but still, overrated as fuck. :) Kaut gan pēdējais Satanuga radīja patīkamas emocijas.

Aj,nu tā ir sapīga tēma... Aiz ausīm pievilkta filozofija spēcīgu songwriting skillu vietā :( Demigod - labākais viņu albūms.

but do you even remember that one time you said halsey is just a tumblr girl who can sing and trying so hard to be sad

yes I do remember, I still feel like she's trying too hard to be sad, but that doesn't mean I hate/dislike her, and yes she is a tumblr girl, she's all over tumblr man, and the style, the looks, very tumblr-girl. but do you even remember the part when i said I found her quite interesting and her vocal is great?no? do you even remember when I said her songwriting skills reminded me of Lorde which is one of my favorite singer/songwriter? no? because you know why? you're too focused on my criticism towards her you can't even remember I said good things too about her. bye. don't come back.

Im gona send u this but im nervous af but here i think ull like it <3 https://soundcloud.com/whatsjaye/byepolar-prod-yosef

man this shit lowkey knocks. clean the flow up a little bit and keep refining your vision. there are times and moments where shit sounds unique and feels fresh but sometimes i hear a lot of other niggas style. just keep fucking around. either way this is fresh and you got a good idea of how songs should be put together imo. keep fucking around song structure and songwriting and style and all of that shit. your voice is cool. embrace that shit more. good luck

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