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Szia! Milyen játékokkal szoktál játszani? 😊

csabadarmai’s Profile Photo⚠Csabi⚠
Köszönöm a személyes kérdést, ez most jólesett ^_^
Sajnos géphiányában leginkább az xbox marad, illetve telefonos játékok.
Kaland játékok, az ilyen mászkálósak enyhe ügyességi, ilyesmik. Ilyen történetközpontúakat kedvelem.
Vagy a horror, amitttt amúgy nem tudok sose végig játszani, mert fosok 😂
De a verekedősek az örök kedvencek pl: Tekken, Soul Calibur :)
Viszont a lövöldözős játékokat nem szeretem :)
Nagyon szeretem a ritmus játékokat, azok örök kedvenceim.
Meeeeeg amúgy minden szir szart kipróbálok, játszok vele egy hétig utána rá unok és le törlöm 😅😅
De jelenleg gép hiány miatt a Wild rift a nagy kedvenc. Bár itt sokkal magasabb a rangom mint gépen, őszintén most rá feküdtem hátha sikerül megcsinálni a challengert :D
Milyen játékokkal szoktál játszani

﹅ ɪᴛ ꜱᴇᴇᴍꜱ ᴛʜᴇ ʜᴇᴀʀᴛ ɪꜱ ᴛᴏᴏ ʜᴇᴀᴠʏ ꜰᴏʀ ᴇᴠᴇʀʏᴏɴᴇ ᴛʜᴇꜱᴇ ᴅᴀʏꜱ. ᴍᴀʏ ᴀʟʟᴀʜ ʜᴇʟᴘ ᴜꜱ ᴀʟʟ.﹅

sanaqamar00’s Profile Photo⊱፧ꜱᴀɴᴀᴋʜᴀɴ፧⊰
Literally you're right.. i feel heaviness in my soul .. and i feel it's hard to continue the day sometimes.. like I'm on the bus sometime i say with myself wish everything just stops now.. it's like dryness in the soul... nothing can refresh me nowadays... i feel like I'm waiting for something that idk what it is..
Alhamdulillah for everything
2023/12/5 8pm

Is Louise a good name or is it too old fashioned

I love old fashion names, clothes, music, movies and so on. I'm kind of an old soul though. I'm out of touch with what's trendy or modern. I don't keep up with any of it. I couldn't care less about fitting in or sharing same values and tastes as others. I've never been cool growing and I don't care anymore about being cool now. If you like something, you don't have to explain or justify it to anyone. They wouldn't get it anyway. Just do your own thing. Stop feeling bad or guilty about having unpopular opinion. Just embrace it.

Who do have blocked on here?

I don't block anyone besides trolls who come on here for the soul purpose of committing harassment. I believe in democracy, i believe someone's thoughts matter, i believe someone is allowed to speak what they believe and i would never block someone because they believe in something i don't.
Also i worked since i was 13 years old, i don't depend on government assistance to help me through this life or live with my parents and sit on here and call random people ableist because they call you out on your fake aliments that i probably debt with a million times in my 29 years living.

⚠️ Stop dating broke men. Stop helping struggling men. Stop loving men at their lowest. Stop feeling pity for men who can’t make a living for themselves. Men NEVER look back after finding themselves. Because at the end of the day. While you’re pouring love and care into him, he’s only draining you

-If this a woman writing this and not just to trigger reactions…-
I hear you, it’s better to be with someone who can take care of you and is stable especially financially. Just hope that man sees that you’re worth being his woman and what comes with that. Wanting a “ready made product” can come with rules that you might not like. And if she finds a man like that, then it’s up to her to prove she’s worth all of that.
As long as a good man has ambition and has a plan and puts it into motion, he won’t always be broke and struggling. It might be a while, but if they work at it and let YAH help guide them it’ll happen. A woman who sticks thru it with him on his grind will be rewarded tremendously once he gets there. I’ve seen in my family and my peers, they stuck it through with their men and don’t have to worry about anything because they’re were in the mud with them. It’s a beautiful thing!
And to the men who see this post(rather 18+ or younger), rather this is a troll post or not, there are women who think like this and they’re right in a sense. More reason for you to get your weight up and do what you gotta to make your goals and dreams happen. It can be rough and feel pointless and might even feel lonely, but you can do it! And if you have a woman (or women, whoever holds you down) who helped you and stuck by your side through it, treat her well. It seems to be rare today to find that. They’re a needle in a haystack but they’re out here
And should you be look down or passed over due to where you are now, know that it’s not temporary but it’s all up to you. And if/when you make to the top or elevate (whatever that looks like to you), and I say this with love.. you don’t have to fully dedicated to ANY woman once you get there and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Think about it, if women who think like this won’t be there at lowest, and only when you’re glowing, she’ll more than likely dip out once she gets a feeling that you might have a downfall. I’d say don’t deal with chicks like that but that’s one of the reasons chicks that operate like this get used for “recreation” and not seen as serious(with exceptions of course). Sad truths, but don’t let this fuck with you. You’re a human with a soul and essential to the society and life. You’re not a utility. Good luck out there and God bless!
TLDR: Women are right to think like this and not wanting a dude whose not up now, especially if she gives them a chance and it doesn’t work. But don’t let that get you down, there’s women who will work with you and see past that if they believe in you. Treat her like a queen so long as she holds you down and if she leaves and/women look over you or don’t acknowledge you… when you’re up move how you think/want to out here. Some of these chicks are finish line straggs/slores and they still out there doing them til you make it happen, go about that how you will. All this means is you really are the prize (in this way of thinking).
Have a good day everyone!

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Stop dating broke men Stop helping struggling men Stop loving men at their

Have you ever met someone that your soul recognizes?

afiyah_khan’s Profile Photoعافیہ
In the realm of souls all souls were created together or you can say, existed, together till their departure. Towards the realm of bodies. For a smaller period of time. And they are back leaving the departed, behind, in a small amount of time. So with that, I feel like I have met many souls and many were closer to mine in various times. In history as well. My soul might have met baba ji's soul, in the realm of souls or how can it be possible, that I couldn't disagree with a single word he said. Though I once asked him how different it sounds that you are more of a story teller and less of a practical person and he said sab ke apne apne tareeqay hotay hain kaka, kuch logon ko sirf kahaniyan sunanay ke liey peda kiya gaya hota hai. Kuch roohoun ko sirf. And he smiled. Looking in his eyes like how smol I am but looking at his face like how important I am as those words gave meanings to a lot of my thoughts and gave answers to a lot of my questions...

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I’m not his dream girl and I get cosmetic procedures done to become it. I really want to be his dream grl

Hey, you shouldn’t have to change who you are to be loved. Looks fade , and you need someone who loves you for your heart and soul, character and personality because looks alone won’t keep him, unless he’s very shallow. Who wants to be a dream girl for a shallow Hal 🙈

hey im sorry to hear that :( may their soul rest in peace, i hope ur doing ok

blueburritoo’s Profile Photoreal life crying emoji
im, tho thank uu<3 its just that the news is very hard to process for me, the good and bad times are replaying non-stop and i can't get it out of my head, but im doing my best to distract myself, and yes may their soul rip and all sins are forgiven ameen :(

Feminine archetype test: https://www.wherewonderwaits.com/feminine-archetypes/#feminine-archetype-quiz

˗ ˏ ˋ the ʟᴏᴠᴇʀ ! ˎ ˊ ˗
With her natural connection to sensuality, the Lover has a very special magnetism that quite literally can make people stop and stare. She is fully connected to her senses and her radiant, almost electrical energy mesmerizes.
Passion is what best describes this feminine archetype – she has an incredible capacity for connection and creativity. While she may tend to scatter her abundant energy across several projects, she always pours her heart and soul into anything she does. The playful, passionate Lover is highly connected to her body. This sensuality does not necessarily have to be sexual, it is much rather how she walks through life.
The Lover is 100% pleasure-oriented. She loves to flirt with life – to her, it is all a great adventure and she fully believes in abundance. Never tired to explore, she loves diving into new experiences, connecting with others and expressing herself to the fullest.
The Lover has a gift for bringing beauty into this world. She is one with the life source and, as such, adores the act of creating. Her limitless soul is best expressed through art, whatever form it may take.

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Feminine archetype test

Какая у вас любимая компьютерная(или мобильная) игра?

reformaT_Tor’s Profile Photoзлой аутист
Безумно нравится "Hollow knight", "Night in the woods". Немного меньше "Graveyard keeper" и "Don't starve together". Если говорить о сериях игр, то линейка "Rusty lake". В мобильные особо не играю, но в последнее время залипаю в "Soul knight" и, опять же, "Don't starve". Из таких, более лайтовых для моего восприятия, могу отметить "PUSS!", "Papers, please", "Fran Bow", "Heroes of Might and Magic IV", линейки "Hello Charlotte", "Gothic" и вообще много чего. Сейчас наперечисляю, а это никому ненужным окажется, так что на этом я остановлюсь.

Feminine archetype test: https://www.wherewonderwaits.com/feminine-archetypes/#feminine-archetype-quiz

ᴛʜᴇ ᴍᴏᴛʜᴇʀ
You are a kind and compassionate soul - nothing matters more to you than the people you love. Your friends and family are lucky to be loved and supported so deeply. You enjoy helping others grow and your warm, nurturing energy is deeply appreciated wherever you go.
Feminine archetype test

Твой плейлист на сегодня?

My november playlist:
🎧Modest - NEFFEX
🎧My Mother Told Me - Peyton Parrish
🎧Unholy - Blvck Cobrv, Gigi Nally
🎧CPH Girls - feat. Brandon Beal Christopher, Brandon Beal
🎧They Don't Care About Us - Saliva
🎧Let It All Burn - Graffiti Ghosts
🎧Holy Water - The Funeral Portrait
🎧I Hope - Gabby Barrett, Charlie Puth
🎧He Knows - Jeremy Camp
🎧It's You (2 Months) feat. KILLBOY Bad Wolves, KillBoy
🎧Change - NEFFEX
🎧I'm Bored - Jason Weaver
🎧All This Power - WAR*HALL
🎧Walk - Kwabs
🎧Legends Are Made - UNSECRET, GREYLEE
🎧Throne - Andrew Lambrou
🎧Let Me Love You - Ariana Grande, Lil Wayne
🎧MEGAVERSE - Stray Kids
🎧Indestructible Soul - Jeremy Camp
🎧Words That Don't Exist - Citizen Soldier
🎧Arcade - (Acoustic Version) Duncan Laurence
🎧Starboy - The Weeknd, Daft Punk
🎧Call Out My Name - The Weeknd
🎧The Hills - The Weeknd
🎧After Hours - The Weeknd
🎧Moth To A Flame - Swedish House Mafia, The Weeknd
🎧Die For You - The Weeknd
🎧Lost in the Fire - Gesaffelstein, The Weeknd
🎧In The Night - The Weeknd

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Твой плейлист на сегодня

Feminine archetype test: https://www.wherewonderwaits.com/feminine-archetypes/#feminine-archetype-quiz

┃ Ʈᖾᥱ ᒐoʋᥱɾ. ┃
With her natural connection to sensuality, the Lover has a very special magnetism that quite literally can make people stop and stare. She is fully connected to her senses and her radiant, almost electrical energy mesmerizes. Passion is what best describes this feminine archetype – she has an incredible capacity for connection and creativity. While she may tend to scatter her abundant energy across several projects, she always pours her heart and soul into anything she does. The playful, passionate Lover is highly connected to her body. This sensuality does not necessarily have to be sexual, it is much rather how she walks through life. However, especially for the Lover Archetype, sex can be a deeply spiritual practice. The Lover is 100% pleasure-oriented. She loves to flirt with life – to her, it is all a great adventure and she fully believes in abundance. Never tired to explore, she loves diving into new experiences, connecting with others and expressing herself to the fullest. The Lover has a gift for bringing beauty into this world. She is one with the life source and, as such, adores the act of creating. Her limitless soul is best expressed through art, whatever form it may take. Her decisions are rather guided by emotions than by the thinking mind. The Lover Archetype is often a deep feeler and has a high capacity for experiencing the full range of human emotion. The Lover Archetype‘s impulsive decisions and sponteaneity can be a curse and a blessing. One thing is guaranteed though, you will never feel bored around this archetype – the Lover has a gift for making other people feel alive and awakening their adventurous side. As she deeply desires intimate relationships, connecting with others is one of the Lover‘s highest priorities. The Lover wants to be desired, to receive and give love and live in a state of intimacy and connection. The Lover lives life in a perfect flow state while savoring all the pleasures life has to offer.

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Feminine archetype test

What is something that made you happy today? ( if nothing did, Im here for you to talk and I pray one day all you have is lots and lots of happy moments and memories to look back at Inshallah✨)

romahaider1616’s Profile PhotoRameeeennn
I made banana pancakes with my toddler accompanying me in the kitchen, just today in the morning. It was super fun, cute and just so chaotic.
(Thank you for this beautiful message, you beautiful soul. Many prayers for you too 💕)

"I had shown up ta scare @GothsOfDeath , but this needs more attention. While Nova heals the cracks in Reaper's Soul, Shadow replaces the God's dark magic with some of his own."

forgottenfifth’s Profile PhotoShadow
*Reaper finally seems at ease and relaxes after his Soul was being healed and his magic was being fully replaced, you hear him let out a heavy sigh and see the blue-green blush start to disappear from his skull.. Shadow and Nova have both just saved his life*
Liked by: Nova Shadow Geno

Дракон 🐲, можно получить от тебя подборку ника на тему: зима, волшебство, мистика? Так как скоро Новый год, то хочется чего-то праздничного

Cerber2099’s Profile PhotoНᴇуᴄᴛᴩᴀɯиʍый
Можно. Получите-распишитесь😉
Надеюсь, что-нибудь понравится. Не "праздничное", конечно, но зимние варианты есть. Если нужно именно что-то зимнее, праздничное и волшебное, то могу постараться ещё что-то придумать. Просто "мистику" и "волшебство" я понимаю иначе)
Искатель душ / Soul Seeker
Мастер теней / Master of Shadows
Чёрный Ворон / Black Raven
Сумеречный охотник / Shadowhunter
Серый кардинал / Gray cardinal
Призрачный странник / Ghostly wanderer
Темный заклинатель / Dark caster
Дух прошлого / Spirit of the Past
Советник Тьмы / Adviser of Darkness
Призрачный путник / Ghostly traveler
Таинственный шепот / A mysterious whisper
Мрачный провидец / Grim seer
Неустрашимый / Undaunted
Потерянная душа /A lost soul
Загадочный воитель / Mysterious warrior
Окутанный тайной / Shrouded in mystery
Ведьмак / Witcher
Загадочный сумрак / Mysterious twilight
Проклятый судьбой / Cursed by fate
Чернокнижник / Warlock
Ледяной ветер / Icy wind
Ледяной король / Ice King
Ледяной колдун / Ice sorcerer
Зимний путник / Winter traveler
Зимний лес / Winter Forest
Зимний маг / Winter Magician
Ледяной шепот / An icy whisper
Дух Нового Года / Spirit of the New Year
Звенящий колокольчик / Jingle Bellz
Декабрьский волшебник / December Wizard
Страж/Хранитель зимней страны Чудес / Guardian of the Winter Wonderland
Под маской / Under the mask
Бенгальский огонь / Bengal fire
Эхо Нового года / Echo of the New Year
В ритме Нового года / In the rhythm of the New Year
Новогодний вестник / New Year 's Bulletin
И тихо падал снег / And the snow was falling quietly
Предновогоднее утро / New Year's Eve morning
Время чудес / time of miracles
Под бой курантов / Under the chimes
Зачарованный / Enchanted
Иллюзионист / Illusionist
Искатель / Seeker
Хранитель времени / Time Keeper
Хранитель волшебства / Guardian of Magic
Заклинатель звёзд / Star caster
Заклинатель снов / Dream caster
Небесный страж / Heavenly Guardian
Зачарованный мечтатель / Enchanted Dreamer
Дрαкон 🐲

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Дракон  можно получить от тебя подборку ника на тему зима волшебство мистика

I want to be always the center of attention, and I can't bear being looked as "uncool person" because of that, and it bothers me that everyone has normal friendships and act spontaneously and getting praised while I'm literally seeking that praises but not achieving them.

kami2492’s Profile Photoكامي
Plan to forgive urself and accept it first. Bear in mind, that if you supply ur validation from outside, you’ll always be a slave. Stop that. Change that and befriend ur inner soul. If you love and accept yourself enough, you’ll be able to handle self criticism and attract friends who start to value ur balanced self. Otherwise u‘ll always attract the sinister ones..

Дрαкон 🐲 хочу подборку ника. сказать точно чего я хочу, не могу, так как сам толком не знаю что мне могло бы подойти. может у вас, леди есть какие-то варианты по поводу меня? хочется чего-то сильного, загадачного, мужчского, с характером. 😎🔥

Tomas1989’s Profile Photoˢᵒᵘˡ ᵒᶠ ᵗʰᵉ ʷᵒˡᶠ
Ох, пришлось подумать. Надеюсь, что-то понравится.
Страж Тьмы / Guardian of Darkness
Душа волка / Soul of the Wolf
Бессмертный / Immortal
Всадник Теней / Shadow Rider
Тёмный Рыцарь / Dark Knight
Тень / Shadow
Воин теней / Shadow Warrior
Иллюзионист / Illusionist
Сокрушитель / Smasher
Неустрашимый / Undaunted
Стальной / Steel
Молодой душой / A young soul
Сильный душой / A strong soul
Туман / Fog
Сумрак / Twilight
Морок / Morok
Дорога юности / Road of Youth
Покоритель разума / Mind Bende
Между прошлым и будущим / Between the past and the future
Как тайфун опасен / Like a typhoon dangerous
Неукротим как лесной пожар / Indomitable as a forest fire
Раскат грома / Thunderclap
Сила вечности / Eternity force
Дрαкон 🐲
Дрαкон  хочу подборку ника сказать точно чего я хочу не могу так как сам толком


sangeen_khan’s Profile Photoسنگین_خان⁦
"I think that's what happens when you've lived a lonely childhood. You get too attached to people as you get older, in the hope that they'll give you the care and love that you missed out on and never leave you”
But always end up disappointed they shattered your heart leaving a mark inside your soul and you end up more lonely and miserable .

the only reason you're sad is because you've forgotten about God. depression is the devil's taking over your soul

Not really. You could be a believer in God but still struggle with depression as depression is a struggle that was given to you to overcome with effort. You could also be an atheist or an agnostic individual and be very happy/content with your life as well as optimistic for the most part. Religion might help make overcoming depression a little easier on you but if you’re depressed, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you forgot about God and religion alone would most likely not help you overcome depression. Therapy, lifestyle changes, medications, and/or support from others is also important for someone who is going through depression.

¿Cuánta gente sin talento hay trabajando?

Vamos, abriré el melón. Puede que esté siendo hipócrita aquí y es una discusión que tengo constantemente conmigo mismo. Por ejemplo, antes de ser actriz, fue música. Toqué el violonchelo y el piano. Me pusieron un violonchelo entre las piernas cuando tenía 6 años. Hubo un momento en el que dije que no quería ser violonchelista profesional, tuve mi momento de epifanía de querer hacer teatro y me incorporé a la RESAD. Pero mi gran sueño era ser cantante de jazz y ser una Aretha Franklin, pero no tengo la voz y tengo buena voz para cantar jazz y soul. Después tuve nódulos, cogí mi propia voz porque mi rango vocal se iba acortando y dije: "ups, ya no puedo cantar lo mismo", y eso es una inseguridad muy grande. Mi gran sueño era ser cantante. Hoy soy actriz, pero si un día lanzo un disco, todos los que son cantantes como mi mejor amiga Alice Wonder dirán: "Que se jodan los actores que ahora son todos cantantes y que sacan discos" y yo lo entendería, no Lo entendería porque cualquiera que haya trabajado duro y estudiado música puede pensar en la intrusión del trabajo. usando la fama para salir de su historial. Ahora también puedo revertir la situación y pensar en los modelos que no han estudiado actuación, ¿debería actuar con ellos? Pues no, porque al fin y al cabo creo que cada uno es libre de hacer lo que realmente quiera en cada momento de su vida. Creo en el poder de cambiar de opinión y querer ejercer varias profesiones. ¿Porque no? Si te hace feliz, estudies o no, seas profesional o no, haz lo que realmente te pide tu cuerpo y te pica la curiosidad. Entonces hay gente que intentándolo ha encontrado su vocación y es maravilloso.

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What moral and values do you have?

I value honesty, loyalty, and kindness so much. Never... EVER promise me anything because your actions will speak louder than your words ever could. I value a genuine soul with those who are down to earth. A person who can admit their mental struggles and actively tries to heal themselves. I value an independent person who understands the importance of what real love is and is actively seeking a healthy relationship.
I value those who put God first. A person who is striving to be more like Christ and lives for God and not this world. A person who is waiting till marriage and is pure and holy.

Any mad talk please !

Anam83972’s Profile PhotoGingivitis Gum Inflamation
Okay I know I love babies but I am still too young, but I justtttt found out that another alternative makes me fuzzy, warm and smiley and MIGHT help me stay sane, but apparently I am too OLDDD???? To get stuff toys and plushies??? PuhhleeZzzz Baba😭😭😭
I just want those soft soul healing, warm cuddly cutiessss, they are making me happy in these SADDEST days🥺
1:36 AM

*Eventually Reaper wakes up feeling better, it took some serious effort and sacrificing some of his own magic and DT to do it, but Geno synthetized an antidote to Mel's DT infused depressive poison. Geno is curled up asleep in the armchair, looking like he's had better days*

DontcallmeSans’s Profile PhotoGeno
*Oof**Reapers Soul was finally stabilizing after he had the antidote running through his system, the God was actually at ease now and wasn't on his Death bed anymore although he's going to need time to build his strength back up, he was genuinely okay now*
*Reaper then looks over at Geno, giving the Tsun a worried look, if Geno wasn't terrified before, this would of done him in* ..I'm sorry Love.. maybe I should start telling you when somethings wrong..but.. it just..didn't feel right to.. not when your dealing with enough as it is.. you already deal with having only a Soul shard..and your eternal wounds.. it just..didn't feel right for me to throw anything else on top of that... you shouldn't HAVE to deal with all that.. I wanted to make things easier on you..not harder.. ..I wish I coulda handled this differently..

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Now We're Strangers Again... But This time With memories and secrets;

just_stranger_’s Profile Photoمريم
Yeah right With scars etched on my heart, wounds that may never heal, persistently bleeding throughout my existence, the excruciating pain courses through my nerves, tormenting every fiber of my being. It's as if my personality is undergoing a metamorphosis into something I've despised my entire life. The agony devours my soul, shattering it amid the shadows of sadness, burning my desires to the ground—the universe within me now reduced to rubble, devastated beyond recognition....🚬🚬🚬🚬

What’s attractive? 🤨

Hunaid97’s Profile PhotoHunaid Siddique.
I saw pain in her eyes, and I found myself inexplicably drawn to it, feeling its intensity echo in my chest. When she sat in front of me, I became utterly lost in the mesmerizing pain etched in her eyes, my heart and soul adrift, leaving my body in a void I had never experienced before. Throughout my entire life, I hadn't encountered anyone capable of concealing excruciating pain behind the most astonishing smile....🚬🚬🚬🚬

Most inappropriate gift you’ve bought

One day my mother came to Ukraine, I then finished 9th grade,and bought non-gold earrings,jewelry and gave them to her.Then my mother didn’t like the gift so much that she returned the earrings to the store and bought herself some kind of lame case.And to be honest,she offended me with this,because I tried so hard,I chose for her, and she...
I cried so much then,it hurt my soul so much that she did that.She just took it and changed it...it was like a gift, but she didn’t need it.😡😭😭😭😭

quote for your character :

⠀ ⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ⠀ ❛⠀♰⠀❜⠀ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬
⠀ ⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀ᴱᵛᵉʳʸ ⠀ᵃʳᵗᶤˢᵗ ⠀ᵈᶤᵖˢ ⠀ʰᶤˢ ⠀ᵇʳᵘˢʰ ⠀ᶤᶰ ⠀ʰᶤˢ ⠀ᵒʷᶰ ⠀ˢᵒᵘˡ˒
⠀ ⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀ᵃᶰᵈ ⠀ᵖᵃᶤᶰᵗˢ ⠀ʰᶤˢ ⠀ᵒʷᶰ ⠀ᶰᵃᵗᵘʳᵉ⠀⠀ᶤᶰᵗᵒ ⠀ʰᶤˢ ⠀ᵖᶤᶜᵗᵘʳᵉˢˑ
⠀ ⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀...................................................................................
⠀ ⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━
⠀ ⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⭑ ⠀⭑ ⠀⭑ ╱⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ᴬʳᵗᶤˢᵗᶤᶜ ˢᵖᶤʳᶤᵗ
quote for your character

Confess Something 🌚

QasimXheikh’s Profile PhotoQasim ✔
I can't bring myself to fucking hate her, no matter how fucking hard I try. My mind constructs all sorts of bloody scenarios portraying her as an evil, wicked witch, but my heart always leads me to thoughts of sacrificing every fiber of my being for her. Even if I do something deliberately to hurt her, I end up hurting myself in a more excruciating way. She is the one I prayed for in Tahajud, and now my heart and soul can't go against those duas I made for her....😭😭😭😭🚬🚬🚬🚬

How to pay visits to yourself?

khanabadosh00786’s Profile Photoخانہ بدوش
Taking time for self-reflection and self-care is important. You can pay visits to yourself by setting aside dedicated time for activities that bring you joy and help you relax. It could be as simple as taking a walk in nature, practicing mindfulness or meditation, journaling your thoughts and feelings, or indulging in hobbies that make you happy. Remember, self-care is all about prioritizing your own well-being and nurturing your mind, body, and soul. So, make sure to schedule some "me time" and enjoy your own company!

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