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Why do you believe South American nations struggle with their inflation rates?

Pookeo9’s Profile PhotoEh?
Their government has been so corrupt it has suppressed their ability to grow, and resulted in their oppression.
If the USA were actually in for helping other nations, that would be the first thing they take care of. But it is more like wait and see what that nation asks for, not address the much up front.
The US exploits these places and hyperinflation keeps people poor and the LOCAL exploiting concerns RICH. Then Big Brother sucks it all up and rinse repeat and start again
People power is the forbidden word and concept. If people had it Big Brother would be disarmed.

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What do you think everyone should do while in Great Britain? 🇬🇧

TobbeAsks’s Profile Photoᛏᛟᛒᛒᚨ
Depends how long they've got! I'm from the South East of England and I've spent a long time in Wales, so they're the places I know best, but the UK is a massively varied place and there is so much of it that I haven't been anywhere near. It's really strange when you travel to compete or with work, because you can go somewhere and never see or. So I don't know how many times I've been to Scotland - I'm literally half Scottish - but I've never BEEN to Scotland, yknow?
So with that in mind, and from my patch!
- Take a while to do the museums in London. I know that a lot of people thing museums are bleh, but the British Museum is insanely something else. I love it every single time. The Science Museum has a billion and one things to prod and explore, the National History Museum is so much fun. There's the V&A as well - It will take time, but do them alllll. I don't know what others would say, but I wouldn't bother with the Tower and Madame Tussauds and whatever.
- Have an afternoon tea. Doesn't have to be London, but it's worth doing it properly for the full experience. So go to a really nice hotel where they do refills of everything. Let them eat cake in a delightful atmosphere.
- The British seaside is an experience all in itself. The coastline is ridiculous - we don't do wide, sweeping beaches but we do fossils and cliffs and drama. Go to Dorset for the Jurassic Coast and go fossil hunting.
- We have So. Many. Castles. You've gotta go to one. Pretend to be royalty, you're literally walking in their footsteps.
- The UK has an awesome pub culture. Drop by a pub in the evening for a catch up with the locals and a pint (or a nice glass of wine, if you're me.)
- Go for walks. All the mountains are friendly and climbable, so climb them.
- Hay on Wye is one of my personal favourites and I'm there every month - it's an entire town of books, the river is the best for canoeing and there is a gorgeous tapas bar.
So yes, you should essentially do EVERYTHING in the UK.

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Does it seem to you that the birds are the happiest in the morning with all their singing ?

Jackbull48’s Profile PhotoConan
I'm not going to lie this morning I was brushing my teeth and I was trying to figure out what the noise was but I have a vent in my bathroom and I had it open and forgot to close it and I was hearing like a bunch of ruckus and realized finally that it was a bunch of birds singing outside and I was like oh my goodness what's has gotten into them lately but then again I do have to remember that most of the birds fly Way South even more Southern than where I am so I guess they're all back and happy and singing because it's summer and it's warm. But all I know is I have never heard that many birds singing at once. I think they were having a meeting on my house lol it was nice it definitely made my morning it's kind of ironic how you asked this question and that kind of happened this morning to me

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Does it seem to you that the birds are the happiest in the morning with all

Do ya guys think that Covid comes from a lab accident or the Wuhan's market? And do you think we will ever know the truth?

The virus absolutely did not come from the wet market. Why did not one person between the China / Laotian border where the bat was said to come from not get sick in that 1,000 mile flight path?
The virus came from the lab. Lab workers started getting sick in November of 2019. This is a very dangerous time for the Chinese Communist Party. If the CCP is found to be complicit, every country in the world will take the CCP to the ICC - International Criminal Court in The Hague - and win. Plus there will be millions of individual lawsuits against the CCP. The economic consequences are staggering.
But the CCP will start a geopolitical catastrophe before they will allow themselves to be removed from power in China. That will come in the form of another bioweapon release or an outright war against Taiwan, the Philippines, or India.
The CCP does not recognize decisions made by the ICC and have ignored the ICC’s decision to grant the Philippines ownership of a substantial area in the South China Sea.
So the world is in for some very tough times unless the CCP is removed from power internally.

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Do people in USA talk differently, as in their accent is different depending on the state they're in? I'm not from the US and not a native english speaker. For example, do people in Florida speak differently than people from, let's say, New York?

most definitely — there are different dialects and accents depending on the region of the united states, such as people having new york accents versus others who live down south and sometimes have a southern accent.

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🎤 Share a song here if you would like. A YouTube link or just some lyrics. Have you had 🎵 a song stuck in your head lately? 🎧 Or nah? 🎶

Ice_Frozen_Vocals’s Profile Photo♡゚ Sωεε† ɮᴇℓℓล ゚♡
"Big Iron"
To the town of Agua Fria rode a stranger one fine day
Hardly spoke to folks around him didn't have too much to say
No one dared to ask his business no one dared to make a slip
For the stranger there among them had a big iron on his hip
Big iron on his hip
It was early in the morning when he rode into the town
He came riding from the south side slowly lookin' all around
He's an outlaw loose and running came the whisper from each lip
And he's here to do some business with the big iron on his hip
Big iron on his hip
In this town there lived an outlaw by the name of Texas Red
Many men had tried to take him and that many men were dead
He was vicious and a killer though a youth of twenty four
And the notches on his pistol numbered one and nineteen more
One and nineteen more
Now the stranger started talking made it plain to folks around
Was an Arizona ranger wouldn't be too long in town
He came here to take an outlaw back alive or maybe dead
And he said it didn't matter he was after Texas Red
After Texas Red
Wasn't long before the story was relayed to Texas Red
But the outlaw didn't worry men that tried before were dead
Twenty men had tried to take him twenty men had made a slip
Twenty one would be the ranger with the big iron on his hip
Big iron on his hip
The morning passed so quickly it was time for them to meet
It was twenty past eleven when they walked out in the street
Folks were watching from the windows every-body held their breath
They knew this handsome ranger was about to meet his death
About to meet his death
There was forty feet between them when they stopped to make their play
And the swiftness of the ranger is still talked about today
Texas Red had not cleared leather fore a bullet fairly ripped
And the ranger's aim was deadly with the big iron on his hip
Big iron on his hip
It was over in a moment and the folks had gathered round
There before them lay the body of the outlaw on the ground
Oh he might have went on living but he made one fatal slip
When he tried to match the ranger with the big iron on his hip
Big iron on his hip
Big iron Big iron
When he tried to match the ranger with the big iron on his hip
Big iron on his hip

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Anyone from south jersey who wants to talk here my situation give some advice n possibly hangout sometime would be great been tough with all that's gone on and unfortunately happening to me this year I really need to have a friend and gain some of my sanity back just do something normal again

simplethingz’s Profile PhotoTEAM JESUS
When I want advice I start a forum on Reddit... Lots and lots of advice, good and bad and some are even from professionals..

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Volt már olyan sorozat vagy film hogy állandóan azt nézted.?mert megunhatatlan volt? Melyik film volt az?:)

Sorozatból max a South Parkot mondanám. Azt például többször végignéztem elejétől a végéig, valamint rengeteg alkalommal volt úgy, hogy csak random néztünk belőle egy epizódot. Legjobb mondjuk az volt, hogy általában kajálásnál jött elő, hogy akkor válasszunk egy részt... és valahogy sikerült mindig a legundorítóbbakba belenyúlni :D
Filmekből meg a Joker volt eléggé komfort-film, amit rengetegszer újranéztem magányos estéimen egy kevés alkohol társaságában. Szerencsére egy ideje már nem kellett elővennem, de ugyanúgy megunhatatlannak és nagyon remek filmnek tartom.

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🦋 Wyobraź sobie, że jedziesz z nią na 3 dniowe wakacje. Twoim zadaniem jest wybranie w jakie 3 miejsca pojedziecie, jakie miejsce wybierasz? I dlaczego właśnie te miejsca? 🦋

kimseokjinpolishfans6052’s Profile Photo♡ #KSJpl Kim SeokJin #BUTTER ♡
South Shields, ponieważ chciałabym zobaczyć czy to miasteczko jest naprawdę tak czarujące, jak Jade je zawsze opisuje i również chciałabym zobaczyć, czy ludzie stamtąd faktycznie są tak życzliwi, pomocni i uprzejmi.
Londyn, ponieważ odkąd pamiętam ciągnie mnie do tego miasta i bardzo chciałabym je zwiedzić.
Amsterdam, ponieważ według mnie jest to jedno z piękniejszych miast europejskich i uważam, że jest naprawdę warte zwiedzenia. 🥰

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Where I am, there's currently very high, powerful winds blowing over! Yay for storms lol. What's the weather like where you are? :)

kittiemeowsie’s Profile PhotoKittie Meow
We have had some horrible weather. It was 5 degrees one day during the ice storm. And then for a few days it was a really bad degree which was 30 degrees while it rains and sleeted and the bad part about 30 degrees while it pours it can be dangerous because it makes to where it goes from ice to snow and it heavy's up trees and causes tree branches to fall like crazy which is what happened during our ice storm. That's what made it so dangerous. It did that for three days straight. And then two more days. It was pretty rough to be honest. all the damage came from trees that were super duper heavy from the ice. And then we don't have the proper heating equipment down here for when the power goes out so basically a lot of people nearly froze to death and unfortunately in some areas down here in the South people did. Was nowhere to go for some people and no proper knowing of how to deal with this kind of weather in which we never have. In the state of Mississippi where I live at we have not had a massive ice storm in 25 years.. That is insane. All I know is the weather is fine now is 75° but I still don't have power I haven't had power for nearly a week. Everyone else seems to have power but us and I don't understand why. Apparently where I live a lot of trees fell and damaged a lot of stuff. We're doing What we can when we can. We don't have any food in the freezer or fridge everything went bad except for maybe some barbecue sauce aloe vera and maybe some chicken broth but I'm not even sure if that's good.

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️ ️ ️▐▀ ️️️️️️️️ ️️️️ ️️️️ ️️️X. G. ️️️️️️️️ ️️️️ ️️️️ ️️▀▌ ️ ️ https://ask.fm/murdxrous/answers/165599479198

chcotic’s Profile PhotoKAIRI CASTLE. ️️ ️️ ️✝
️ ️
️ ️ ️ ️️ ️ ️ ️️ ️ ️ ️️ ️ ️ ️️ ️ ️ ️️ ️ ️ ️️ ️ ️ ️️ ️ ️️ ️ ️️ ️ ️ ️️ ️ ️✝ ️️ ️ ️ ️️ ️ ️X͟A͟V͟I͟E͟R͟ ͟G͟A͟U͟N͟T͟ ️️ ️ ️ ️️ ️ ️✝
️ ️ ️
️ ️ ️ ️️ ️ ️ ️CADMUS GAUNT, HE WAS A NOVELTY, A DARK MYSTERY. much like his SON─────── and yet kairi felt a HUNGER for that warm BREATH against her ear, for the harsh WHISPER he GROWLED against her THROAT. it was a need that burned in her STOMACH, that lingered in the back of her mind along with the memory of his HOODED eyes and WET lips.
️️ ️
️ ️ ️ ️️ ️ ️KAIRI HAD COMMITTED A FATAL ERROR IN THAT MOMENT. one she was likely INCAPABLE of returning from now, as she RELISHED the taste of his TONGUE on hers, its SAVORY tones that seemed to embody DARKNESS itself─────── her hands HUNT for something to HOLD, as they ravel in his HAIR. she might have SWOONED, his mouth CONTROLLING her entirely.
️️ ️
️ ️ ️ ️️ ️ ️THAT KISS WAS HER UNDOING─────── SHE KNEW IT. she FELT it, in the way her fingers CURLED against the back of his head; how her tongue THIRSTED for the darkness that lurked there; how her body STEAMED and BEGGED for the feel of his TAINTED, FORBIDDEN skin. worst of all, she was HAPPY to be enraptured by the smell of. . . AUTUMN: FIERY, HOT.
️️ ️
️ ️ ️ ️️ ️ ️' GOOD. ' SHE DIDN'T CARE. ' -I HOPE YOU DO HATE IT. ' the same way she hated how her fingers CLAWED their way through HIS shirt in return, how she STROKED them down his front, past the hard RIDGES that formed down his centre. she watched him FIERCELY, as she GRIPPED onto the STONE above her and PRESSED her hips savagely to his MIDDLE, desperate.
️️ ️
️ ️ ️ ️️ ️ ️ANGER, HATE, PLEASURE; IT WAS A BREATHLESS DANCE. kairi pressed her heel HARDER against his back, driving every inch of HER insane as she FIGHTS for control, both of MIND and BODY. it's a battle she LOSES, though her hands move to PULL at his hair─────── run her TONGUE along his NECK as her grasp TIGHTENS. she'd never win, but FUCK, would she TRY.
️️ ️
️ ️ ️ ️️ ️ ️' YOU'RE INFERNAL; UNBAREABLY ARROGANT. ' A PAUSE. she SWALLOWS her breath, TUGGING hard against his bottom lip instead to satisfy the HUNGER for his TASTE, his MOUTH. ' i fucking HATE THAT. ' but she didn't hate the LOOK in his eyes, or the INSANITY that lingered behind every TOUCH of his, or every BREATH─────── her OWN trying to break FREE.
️️ ️
️ ️ ️ ️️ ️ ️A HAND TRAVELS SOUTH AS LIPS PLAY A DEADLY GAME. a game of DOMINANCE she might not even WANT to win. kairi fits her hand BETWEEN her and his middle, fingers RESTING against the waistband of his JEANS as she lets her TONGUE swipe across his; she HATED how he KISSED her, FIERCELY and FERVENTLY─────── FUCK, she was DOOMED.
️ ️ ️
️ ️ ️ ️️ ️▸ ' I HATE. . . ' what DID she HATE? not a SINGLE thing.
️ ️ ️ ️️ ️ ️ ️️ ️ ️ ️️ ️ ️ ️️ ️kairi KISSES him HARDER. ' -I HATE YOU, XAVIER. ' ◂
️ ️

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+4 answers in: “️ ️ ️▐▀ ️️️️️️️️ ️️️️ ️️️️ ️️️X. G. ️️️️️️️️ ️️️️ ️️️️ ️️▀▌ ️ ️ https://ask.fm/murdxrous/answers/164585737630”

What time do you usually lack energy each day?

AskKeishaJ’s Profile PhotoKJay
Right now...before getting out of bed and starting my day. It matters little. It was a snowstorm in the deep south. No one can drive anywhere. In nearby Texas, there was a 100 + vehicle pile up in one wreck. Outside, the snow melted a little, and refroze, and one cannot even walk outside the house. I'm virtually a prisoner right now. Can you airlift me some hamburgers?

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