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Назовите песню, в которой есть мужское имя..

domokhozyayka’s Profile PhotoДомохозяйка
All day,
All night
What the f**k!?
When I came to Spain and
I saw people party
Johnny La gente esta muy loca,
What the f**k!?
I told to myself:
What the fuck!?
All day, all night
All day, all night
Viva la fiesta,
Viva la noche
Viva los DJ’s
I couldn’t believe what I was living
So I called my friend Johnny
And I said to him:
Johnny La gente esta muy loca,
What the f**k!?
Назовите песню в которой есть мужское имя

Have you visited Europe? What is your favourite country from Europe?

I have been to Scotland, England, Wales, under the channel to France for two days, briefly into Spain and then Germany for Octoberfest but I haven’t seen much of any of them except Britain really.
I can speak French so I like that country most but I’d love to visit many others 😜

Have you ever lost a friendship you thought would last and should you try to save it?

Yes. I did. I think it was the first time my heart was broken because that person and I were so so close, we lived basically the same thing: we both lived in Spain for 10 years, we are both Andreeas’, we had little brothers and much more. 😩
We still speak now but not more than hi, how are u and stuff like that 😅

Write places you want to visit 🙂

ElsJ_’s Profile PhotoEls
🌸 Go back to Paris (Louvre)
🌸 Go back to Disney Land
🌸 Universal Studios
🌸 Go back to Zell am See, Austria
🌸 Potentially see the Northern Lights
🌸 Japan (Tokyo and Kyoto)
🌸 Spain cuz apparently it's great!
🌸 America to maybe visit friends!
🌸 Grand Canyon
Etc etc etc :3
Write places you want to visit
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Si os pagasen a cambio de que hicieses lo que más te gusta, que sería lo que elegiríais?

Sinceramente ya no veo sentido para seguir acá, últimamente evitó mucho entrar a Ask, entro respondo muy pocas cosas y me voy, ya no es lo mismo antes me encantaba pasar tiempo acá, interactuar y responder, pero ya no... 😓 Es más odio esta app cada día más, es muy tóxica incluso más que Twitter, la gente de acá siento que no están muy bien y que solo les gusta y están acá para tener atención, salsa y atacar por atacar y porque probablemente no sean felices y quieren hacer infelices a los demás, y esto ya llega en un punto que cansa toda la toxicidad y malas vibraciones que da, y aunque te gustará esto antes ya no lo soportas y te duele ver como esta ahora...
Antes seguía por 2 usuarios que me interesaban y ahora no están tampoco me perdería nada...
Ahora evitó hacer shoutouts porque les llegan mis preguntas y responden groseramente porque no quieren bloquearme y en Ask que tu bloquees no sirve de nada...
Y siguen con lo de "Sebastián" no existe, no soy hombre todo era broma de Dani, pero hay españoles que se lo creen todo y como la tomaron conmigo quieren creer que eso es verdad...
Y lo peor es que creen que hago esos shouts que ganaría? Nada, no piensan con la cabeza, no es por hacerme la víctima pero me encantaría saber que harían ustedes en mi posición actual...
Cansa que inventen tu vida, edad, género, lo que sientes, por que los españoles inventais la vida de los demás? Es triste, inventaros vuestra vida y dejar la de los demás en paz, no me conocen
La cosa es que pienso en dejar la app hasta acá mi salud mental vale más que esto que no obtendré nada, me encantaría que fuera distinto y que dejarán de hacer esto que cada uno esté con su vida y no se metan con nadie pero this is Spain... Ya pensaré en si irme pero que horror que decidan quien se van quien se quedan como si fuera de ellos esta red social...
Parece que cuando te cogen no te sueltan hasta que te largas o te traumatices y pierdas la fe...

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What's the farthest you've travelled from home? How did you like it there? What did you do? 🗺🎒

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
The furthest I’ve traveled from home was to Spain. But I was very young, so I don’t know much about it anymore.
My second furthest I’ve traveled was this summer, to the south of France! It was so much fun! My boyfriend and I stayed at an AirBnB in Carcassonne, a very old city that was founded in the medieval times. Within the city there’s an old center, surrounded by castle walls. We mainly explored the city when we stayed there.
Whats the farthest youve travelled from home How did you like it there What did

Какие 10 городов вы хотели бы посетить один раз в жизни?

Какие 10 городов вы хотели бы посетить один раз в жизни

¿Puedes mencionar cinco "one-hit wonder"? Aquellos grupos o cantantes que cuya popularidad y éxito se la deben a una sola canción... ¿Consideras que a nivel comercial, «Creep» y «Another Brick in the Wall» son one-hit wonder?

TrollearNEF’s Profile PhotoT N E F
A bote pronto me salen
Gotye - "Somebody that I used to know"
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8UVNT4wvIGYAliML5425’s Video 173609207756 8UVNT4wvIGYAliML5425’s Video 173609207756 8UVNT4wvIGY
Lou Bega - "Mambo nº5"
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EK_LN3XEcnwAliML5425’s Video 173609207756 EK_LN3XEcnwAliML5425’s Video 173609207756 EK_LN3XEcnw
Milky Chance - "Stolen dance"
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iX-QaNzd-0YAliML5425’s Video 173609207756 iX-QaNzd-0YAliML5425’s Video 173609207756 iX-QaNzd-0Y
Aunque a este grupo le escucho bastante. Tienen otras canciones muy buenas, pero ninguna ha tenido el éxito de la ya mencionada
Y las archiconocidas "Macarena" y "Aserejé" made in Spain.
A mí esas dos canciones no me suenan, pero si son de grupos como Pink Floyd y The Rolling Stones, no las considero "One-Hit Wonder"
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What are some good things about Australia? I know some Aussies insist “it’s the best country in the world” etc but I think we are pretty ordinary tbh. When I went overseas (Japan, Scotland, Spain) I was blown away by the culture/scenery of those places. I love living here but we’re meh imo

I guess it’s in “the eye of the beholder” but I love being able to go bush and lose myself or go to the beach without a crowd.
I agree our culture is a bit meh and we act a bit righteous at times but I always love coming back home to Aus

Do you have an accent that places you where you're originally from?

Not really. Most of them are saying that I’m Spanish and not actually Romanian from my accent. But I understand, I lived in Spain for 10 years and that is actually more than I lived where I was born. 😄
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So..if you could go anywhere, where would you go?

I just thinking about UK, Spain or France.
UK - is because I'm in love with architecture of. And also I need more practice of language btw 😂
Spain - is because I fell in love with this country. I was in Spain in '19 and it was just great. One of my best memories. But I'm not sure because I WAS in Spain already.
And all my life I wanted to visit France at least once. But I'm not sure that I want to be there alone.
So IDN 😂
I looking for a company first time in my life 😂
What about you? do you want to go somewhere?

When you become highly fluent in a 2nd language do you start thinking in that language?

I spent my 3rd year of uni in Spain. I was sent to a little Andalusian village where nobody spoke English, and I very quickly realised I wasn't as proficient as I had thought I was. The first couple of months were really hard but by the end of the year I was thinking and dreaming in Spanish, and when I would call my parents (once a week from a pay phone at the time - I'm old!), I would sometimes struggle to find the English words.
It could depend on which language you're using more at that time. For example, I am trilingual. Back in my home country, I would think more in my native language. When I moved (to the US), I used the two other languages more so I would think in them more than my native language. I think the past few years though I think more in English. I'll think in my native language still from time to time, but I codeswitch a lot more often.
A lot of active listening really helped. Even tho at some point I understood like 60% of what was said it eventually let to me understanding most of the language and being able to use it with no problem. Took me about 4 years to get from a2/b1 to c2. I didn't deliberately try and listen to as much as possible but rather there was a lot on English speaking YouTube that I was into. I hope some of that comes in handy
I started thinking in Spanish as soon as I finished the beginning level (AKA year 1 of college). This didn't happen after I took a year of Mandarin, although I sometimes think of Chinese numbers first because somehow they became very solidified in my brain. Being fluent in 3 languages means I think in that language when I am surrounded by it or I think about things linked to that language (for example I think in my ML when thinking about my family, mostly french when thinking about work and almost completely in English when I'm on ASK). Personally with my Spanish, while nowhere near fluent, have been able to produce and carry very short conversations by linking my Spanish words to English words. I can connect a Spanish word to an object just as quickly as I can connect the Spanish word to the english word to the object, and i've not been able to just connect a Spanish word directly to an object. Not sure how that works but if it works it works.

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I read that Spain wants to introduce a law where women can get days off work when it’s that time of the month. “Spain is planning to introduce medical leave for women who suffer from severe period pain, media reports suggest.” Do you think this is a good idea? Thoughts?

Going by personal experience, there are days in the cycle where I could easily double over in acute pain! So that would be amazing!
Sadly period cramps and everything that comes with it, aren't taken seriously to this day! Despite the fact that it's now been proven how bad they can be!
So I feel like this could be a step in the right direction! But I also know it's something that will likely be ab*sed, and men will likely not be happy with...
I read that Spain wants to introduce a law where women can get days off work
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I read that Spain wants to introduce a law where women can get days off work when it’s that time of the month. “Spain is planning to introduce medical leave for women who suffer from severe period pain, media reports suggest.” Do you think this is a good idea? Thoughts?

I heard it already passed. I think menstrual leave is a great idea, I know I've had to use sick days in the past for cramps that were so bad I was throwing up
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I read that Spain wants to introduce a law where women can get days off work when it’s that time of the month. “Spain is planning to introduce medical leave for women who suffer from severe period pain, media reports suggest.” Do you think this is a good idea? Thoughts?

i love this idea, because there are so many women who suffer from severe cramps and related pain from periods, which often leads to them calling off from work or otherwise not performing their best because of how sick they get.
tbh there's so much stigma still revolved around menstruation and its effects on the body. people brush it off all the time, and women are often not taken seriously when they're having severe or abnormal symptoms.
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my university is offering language courses as a subject (gpa will be included too) and the option is Arabic, Spanish and Chinese. which one should i go for?

Spanish ( cause if you go to USA 50% of them are Spanish)and it's also the 2nd language used there and Spain as usual
Arabic is ok if u wanna go for middle east
Chinese have 2 languages (Mandarin and Cantonese)
U can learn only 1 so less advantage

If a question is Anonymous how do you know if it’s directed towards your account or if it’s just a general question

You don't know.
However, if you have been on askfm for many years and you have known stalkers, these "stalkers" always send you messages anonymously and with time you get to recognize their writing style and their harassments and threats.
In fact, I have a stalker from Spain who is attacking me as I write this text message. And if she persists, ALL communication between my family (wife and daughter) will end. Simple is as simple does.

What’s a small act of kindness you were once shown, that you will never forget?

I was once vacationing in Spain and there were some very steep winding stairs down to the beachfront my mother and I were visiting. I spend most of my time in public in a wheelchair, but I am capable of transferring and walking short distances with assistance. So we were trying to get down the stairs oh, and it was a long arduous process. A complete stranger who didn't even speak English walked up and started supporting my other arm. We had to reconfigure a bit, but he meant well. In another case, we were in the London Underground with a similar situation, and a British family carried my chair and escorted us to our train to make sure we got there on time.
In my elementary school, there was an annual book fair. I had forgotten what day it was, and didn’t bring any money to buy anything. Now that i’m older, i’ve realized how overpriced all of the low quality posters and pencils were, but at 8 years old you don’t think about stuff like that.
Anyway, I didn’t bring any money. So, as everyone was buying their huge erasers and sparkly pens, I just watched. After about an hour, we returned to the classroom. In my cubby, I saw a Ziploc bag filled with pens, erasers, books and a pencil case. Turns out, the librarian who was part of the book fair had noticed I didn’t buy anything. She took the time to pick stuff out for me, find out what class I was in and where my cubby was. I still remember how happy I was when I saw it.
My kid cried for two hours straight and a had a newborn and another child . My neighbour heard and came over, stepped in and took the children for a walk and dinner at her house with her kids while I had a rest. If I ever win the lottery I’ll find her and treat her big time. It was thirty years ago and I’ve never forgotten her support.

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Should I unblock this person? they were being annoying so I blocked them but they were really nice to me I’m just really confused about how I feel i about them

In what way were they annoying?
Were they hateful and mean?
Were they speaking an inconvenient truth that upset you?
It is impossible to advise you because your original statement is conflicting. You claim they annoy you while also claiming they were really nice to you.
Which is it?
- Annoying or Really nice?
Also, why are you confused about your feelings toward them? Are you afraid of falling in love?
I had a similar experience, except I was the one who got blocked. It happened a few months ago when I was writing and posting original poems and one of my followers said she really enjoyed my poetry. So we began texting and eventually became friends. Then one day, one of her friend from Spain, who is a drama queen and who gossips 24x7, told her that I was this evil, hateful and untrustworthy SOB who must be blocked. So my virtual friend who enjoyed my writing blocked me without offering any explanation other than she disliked me.
I guess what I am trying to say is that yes, sometimes blocking is the proper thing to do, but just understand that it is not always easy to analyze and understand the motives of other people or whether or not they are a good person or a bad person.
I prefer to give people the benefit of the doubt and when I have concerns, I will attempt to ask questions and try my best to be patient and understanding before I block someone and destroy the relationship.

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What country are you from and what countries have you visited

I'm from England, and I've visited:
🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 Wales
🇧🇪 Belgium
🇫🇷 France
🇪🇸 Spain
🇫🇮 Finland
🇮🇸 Iceland
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If someone you know in real real life impersonated you on the internet and made fake accounts of you to try to ruin your reputation what would you do? Would you press charges on them?

Do you have evidence?
Can you prove what you are saying is the truth?
Do you have:
- accurate account information and reliable user account identification?
- digital foot print i.e. source ip address or source mac address?
- photographs and text messages that can be used in a court of law?
- what international law has been violated?
Remember, various countries have implemented legal measures to address these types of issues within the confines of their sovereign nations, but the international community has not codified into law impersonation involving fake askfm accounts unless a serious crime that involves death or extortion has been committed. Also consider that the burden of proof is the responsibility of the plaintiff and their lawyers and all associated legal fees are the responsibility of the plaintiff. These fee's can easily reach in excess of $100k.
I recall reading a similar story a few years ago that took place in Madrid, Spain. The plaintiff went to the police in Madrid and attempted to file a criminal complaint against an askfm user located in Canada. The case was dismissed because the source ip address of the accused was located in Germany and did not match the digital footprint that the alleged victim had provided to the police.
Keep in mind that proving cases like this is extremely difficult because local police lack the resources required to conduct a proper forensic investigation and international laws are either vague or do not currently exist to cover cases involving fraudulent accounts, name calling, insults, racism, etc. on social networks such as askfm, tumblr, twitter, etc.
But hey, if you have $20,000+ dollars to waste on legal fees, why not proceed so you can learn how the legal system operates and perhaps you can become an advocate to champion the necessary changes to affect international law to prosecute askfm users who roleplay, create fake accounts and utilize your photographs without explicit permission.
Perhaps you might avoid these situations if you stop posting personal information on social networks or maybe even consider disabling your askfm, instagram, twitter and facebook accounts and do something more productive with your life like: graduating from college, obtain a job, volunteer are a homeless kitchen, adopt a child or (heaven forbid) help a neighbor or friend or family member who is suffering and needs help.
Good Luck!

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Dou you have health and dental insurance?

I’m from england so we don’t use health or dental insurance unless we pay for private health care or we’re going abroad. I had a card that covers you for any medical emergency/something that needs treatment that can’t wait until back home whenever I was in Spain as a kid. I did have dental insurance when I went to a private practice for braces and I still have it for another couple of years in case there’s anything I’m not happy with 🤷🏻‍♀️

Where’s the next place you want to travel ?

heyitzlauren’s Profile Photolauren
I always wanted to visit Barcelona Spain. I want to stay at least a couple years, so that I can experience all of what they have to offer. Shoot I might end up being a world traveler, nomad. It feels good to be free.
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Why do you like the UK? Surely Spain is a much better place to live/visit?

I do not have an opinion yet formed enough to say which country seems better to me, but Spain has too useless leaders which causes the country to fail in many areas. Apart from that, from a very young age I have known that I wanted to go live abroad to collect new experiences and learnings and the UK does not seem like a bad place, it is a beautiful place and the people seem very friendly apart from the fact that there are many more job opportunities and academies here than in Spain. That doesn't mean I don't like Spain because I love it and I have all my family and friends there. ❤️

The languages of the Sioux, the Blackfoot and the Crow ! ~ Are they at all similar ? ~ Did you find this a natural or hard going process ? _ How deep goes your involvement or interest with these peoples ?

igotamatch’s Profile Photoigotamatch
I will give you a more interesting answer. My many times great Grandmother was a Natchez Indian. When she was 6 years old, her tribe went to war with the white man. Reason being, the The cattle men's association offered a $20 bounty on every Indian scalp brought in. Man woman or child....The tribes met, and had a war council....They hit Natchez Mississippi and brought a buckboard. ...there was a large museum there that had many priceless treasures. Some of the Crown Jewels of Spain was on loan...as was a solid gold sculpture of a buckboard. The tribe had to abandon the village before hand.. for it was common practice of the U.S. Calvary, to hit a village after a raid, and kill every man , woman and child in it, and burn it to the ground......A fact that they didn't put in the history books. The tribe went before the town was raided...and soon the raiders caught up with the tribe, and buried the loot and burned the buck board on top of it, to cover the fresh sigh of digging. My Grandmother told the tale on her death bed.... and my great Grandmother told the tale where the treasure was that was handed down through the years to me, when I was but 7 years old. I know were it is at. Many have looked for it....and never found it...but they were looking at the wrong area....Sorry for the long answer. But our history books depict the US Calvary as heroes....but they were cold blooded murderers. Of innocent babies and mothers.

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