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What’s something you went to the doctor for, that turned out to be nothing?

GlindaBells’s Profile PhotoAs Is, No Warranty Or Returns
Glinda, I swear you have a sixth sense. Ok, here it goes.
Disclaimer: Some internet trolls fake an illness to gain symphony for attention. This is NOT my purpose.
7 days ago from this Q, I was in the ER for 7.5 h because I thought I was having a heart attack. My left foot had bothered me for awhile. Then my left arm went partially numb. I called my MD office and they told me to go to ER. I was short of breath.
Left work early and drove to the prime area hospital for a potential MI (Also knew they were in -network from previous routine tests. Why should I have to know this in a time of a medical crisis?…grumble.) The waiting room experience was HORRIBLE ( that’s another story… @ErinWolf4919 Are you familiar with the ER experience after ambulance drop-off?). It took 3.5 hrs to see a MD. After about 4 h of monitoring (blood tests/Xray) they sent me home at 2 a.m. with no MI detected.
I saw my regular MD 3 days later. Still not sure what is going on. Will see more specialists in the coming weeks. For now, am stable. I think the shortness of breath was stress.

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Have you ever looked for help from specialists? psychologists, psychiatrists, couples consultants. What are your impressions?

CiplyteSandra’s Profile Photo土萠 ほたる
Ich wage mal zu behaupten, dass jeder Mensch mal bei einem Spezialisten war. Ich möchte eigentlich keine Spezialisten aufsuchen, das heißt nämlich, dass man auf die Hilfe Anderer angewiesen ist und das mag ich ehrlich nicht, auch wenn es manchmal nötig ist.

Hi any one speak English?

Hi, I was taking English as extended language at high school. IT specialists must know English. If you want questions from me in English, just write me that you want questions from me. The second thing for me, the profile works on a vice versa basis. So if you like my answers, I will probably like most of your answers, unless I do not like some of them, as it happens. Everyone has a slightly different taste and manner of expression

you don't get disability payments? I do and my disability isn't even considered that bad, like have a neurological disease called Hemiparesis which affects the right side of my body. But I am able to do almost everything.

I wasnt able to get a lawyer to take my case before, I have had a very hard time getting in to see any specialists since covid. Im actually not even able to see a rheumatologist until october despite a positive ana. We are going mostly for mental illness as I was diagnosed with schizophrenia and bipolar last year and consistently see several doctors for that

Is there anything holding you back in life right now?

J_A1996’s Profile PhotoJordan A.
finances. i want to find a new place to live, i want to pay off my debt, and i want to see different doctors and specialists. but it's becoming so difficult because everything is so damn expensive.

Do you have allergies?? What do you take for them?

Yes. Everything starts during my childhood and my parents were an important piece of my treatment. We've never been in a situation as difficult as my illness because we visited a lot of doctors and specialists but it was expensive then sometimes we couldn't pay for and the treatment stopped. However God blessed us and he guided us with a new doctor and I received vaccines and nowadays I doesn't have allergies anymore. 😊

You should really educate yourself and save yourself from the embarrassment of looking like a total ignorant clown. You aren’t a doctor, don’t talk about the efficiency of vaccines or masks. You aren’t well versed in medicine, virology, immunology etc. Reading a few internet articles isn’t informing

Nice chain mail. I however have lived experience as a lung failure patient and regularly have connections to many medical specialists, try again <3

Homeschooling, do you have an opinion on it? 👍 🙃

redoasis2017’s Profile Photo★ ☮ ♫ tēຖค¢i໐นŞ t໐๓๓คฯ™ ▩ ♚ ☻
Schools just seem like political brainwash sheds these days. Its a personal choice. Personally I think kids are better armed to face the world if they go out to school. My experience with home schooling was it a bit more about controlling what the kids thought. It's for married and stable people. Not something most of us could do.
My only concern with homeschooling is the lack of exposure to outside ideas and socialization. I grew up in Idaho and there were a lot of home schooled kids and most were weird and sheltered but I am aware that is most likely a byproduct of the home life but I really think their is a benefit to being forced to learn how to deal with different people and in groups outside of immediate family.
Quality education is expensive. Part of the reason better public schools are usually in higher income areas is because they have the tax dollars to invest. Same for private schools, but then it translates to tuition. In home schooling, if you're getting all the materials and resources to equate to a good school it will cost you a lot in subscriptions, materials, online accounts, etc. If you don't think you need those things yet, you'll find you do later. Databases that both teachers and students can use for learning and research jump out at me as something can be particularly costly when done right. In addition to material resources, quality of education has a lot to do with teachers. You can be as intelligent and well rounded as you want, but you just can't match a half dozen or more specialists, usually with at least a few years of training and experience. Finally, there's socializing. Yes of course there are places and ways to socialize kids outside of school, but none of them are 8 hours a day of constant exposure. Also, its not just about other kids. Social hierarchies, varied authority figures, interacting with other adults, people they have little in common with or don't even like, and other adults oppinions and biases are all experienced in schools in ways that extra curriculars just can't compete with.
The coursework was also incredibly different. Sometimes it was better then public school but one kid I knew stands out. She was homeschooled and her family very heavily Christian. She never learned anything remotely close to science. At all ever. Dinosaur bones were fake to her and there was no such thing as atoms or evolution. Kids need to be well rounded and well informed so they can make their own choices about what they believe. Public school was such a culture shock for this kid she didn't really know what to do and it resulted in a very hard adjustment period for her. Not all homeschools do that type of teaching but there are definitely alot that do.

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Wg Kaji Godek- w szczepionkach są zawarte płody dzieci z aborcji. Co o tym sądzisz?

According to Kaja Godek - the vaccines contain fetuses of aborted children. What do you think?
You understand it wrong, because not according to Kaja Godek, but Kaja Godek cites research by geneticists. It makes a big difference when someone relies on the media news and someone else relies on the news of genetic specialists who have studied the contents of the vaccine
Nie według Kai Godek, natomiast Kaja Godek cytuje badania specjalistów genetyków
Wg Kaji Godek w szczepionkach są zawarte płody dzieci z aborcji Co o tym sądzisz

Why are some humans so interesting?

I saw that humans are imperfect and immensely flawed in serious ways, but I let that go for a moment and watched the video. Here are these top scientists and engineers all working hard to build a rocket sled that will literally crash into a wall. If the wall is ok, the humans celebrate and say things like "Wow, we did it!" And if they fail they will say "Shit, back to the drawing board!" When the time finally came, the sled hit the wall and everyone was cheering. It worked! Using some of the top minds in the world, they decided to put a rocket on a sled, and smash it into a wall. And they were so proud of this. They had done something good for the future generations, and they did it in the most human way possible: building things and then trying to break them. We even built a space craft full of our music and sounds, as well as photos of our cities and people, and now it's outside of our solar system. "Hey, we are humans! We're not perfect, but we're trying really hard to be better. Heres a collection of things we made and we want you to see it. We want you to see all the cool things we built, we're really proud!" It’s very easy to be pessimistic about the state of the planet with how much the news loves to cover terrible and evil things happening everyday. I’ve pretty much learned to remember that a lot of these terrible events are one in a million, and most people will do the right thing when push comes to shove. It’s not as bad as everyone thinks, and having good faith in others is the only way we can get through life.
I agree that humans can be awesome. We are also the most dangerous species in known existence. If I took off on a space ship to explore the universe and passed some alien lifeforms on their way to Earth I would say, "Watch the out for those humans. If you meet the wrong group they will straight up kill you, or worse they will capture and torture you to get information before they kill and dissect you." We evolved to be generalists, not specialists. We needed the brain power to master many tasks - things that cannot be covered by instinct alone. This set up a feedback loop in evolution. Fast forward millions of years and you are spending your Friday night alone in front of your computer figuring out your superhero name. We have the longest learning period and weaning period of all animals. We are tied to a marital pair-bond for the raising of offspring to an educated level for when they can leave the nest. It all comes back to the brain. Unfortunately, this means my answer to you is we are smart because we are smart....really, it means that we did not veer off into one evolutionary niche. After some basics (bipedal, land, vision, etc.) we developed the ability to carve out and create our own environment.

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That's mean to the parents of kids with suspected ASD who say they're being kept on NHS waiting list for years to get a diagnosis because of a shortage of specialists, and in the mean time their kid isn't entitled to extra help at school! 🤷

Well sorry but that’s not my problem 🤷🏼‍♀️ I got diagnosed in 2012/13 it’s now 2021 so I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a backlog of kids needing to be diagnosed. But for one, stop asking me questions that I can’t actually give you an answer to.

It’s annoying that so many of your answers are “I’m so sad I’m gonna drop dead any minute” “boo hoo I’m sick and cry in front of my kids” “oh nooo I’m sick” ok we get it😂😂 miserable person. Even Shawnie didn’t complain this much with her stage four cancer. You have a common AF illness ffs.

have you tried unfollowing me if you’re that triggered by what i post lmaoooo
& god you must’ve forgotten already what shawnie was like bc i promise you that she complained a GOOD amount. daily.
and a CoMmOn aF iLlnEsS. what’s my illness then ?? please enlighten me, i’d lvoe to tell the doctors and specialists that i see that an anon figured out soemthing they can’t.
shit, i’m seeing doctor patsalides out of new york today to see if he sees anything. on my scans that can explain my symptoms. why am i paying 600$ out of pocket when i have you anon lmaoooo

What’s on your mind?

bilzewrites’s Profile PhotoM. Bilal Irfan
It really scares me when I think of the sly way that these apps are designed with
do you believe that these red signs which give a dopamine hit whenever you see them were designed by coincidence or the fact that you pull down the screen and refresh hoping for a new notification, like or message gives you a sense of gratification and virtual pleasure all that came by chance?..
behind these features and platform interface years of continuous developing by behavior specialists and psychologists just for achieving one purpose: keeping you on the app the longest time, the longer you stay the more money they make.. literally they are exploiting you.. all of you.. your time energy feelings your social life even your dreams.
Besides, I can never understand the concept of " fan pages " why would someone live in shadow of others.. and imitates everything about them.. why would they wipe their existence and minimize themselves for sake of what.. some fame bubbles!
It's funny how sometimes insta makes us feel schizophrenic.. tons of feelings in one package.. it makes you feel and experience everything at once.. funny post followed by a photo of a bleeding child.. scroll a bit down there will appear a seductive post.. scroll more a photo of your destroyed city and so on.. and the worst part, we easily get used to accepting these contradictions.. and by time it becomes normal..

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You are the first to give me great advice🙏🏻🖤. Most of the people I talked to were telling me not to do this. Russia is not good for studying🤦🏿‍♂️

abdullahabdulrahman4’s Profile PhotoAbdullah Abdulrahman
Study in Russia is not always strong, it is stronger in America or in Europe. Despite the fact that there are universities in Russia where specialists at the highest level are trained and graduated from them, who go abroad to work in this specialty.
I'm sorry, but I have to go.
It was nice to talk to you.
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Since you are in the us, i wanna ask you something about jobs. i have searched through some websites and I found doctors make way too much money like 200k or something! Do you have any idea if that is true? I know it may differ from town to town but I am talking generally, is that true?

Yes, it is absolutely true and while there are numerous factors which determine a doctor's salary and / or earning potential, specialists can earn considerably more than that. Currently, the average is well above $300,000. It seems rather high but if you consider the years of training, the expenses associated with medical school, the exorbitant premiums of malpractice insurance, excessive taxes, etc., it's more about how much is retained from those figures. Also worth noting, the US does not have a flat tax - we have a progressive tax code, meaning that the higher one's income, the higher the rate of taxation.
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حب البشره تسيبك.. سيب البشره تحبك انا كل مهتم بيها اجيب اجلها كده والله ناعيه هم كل الكريمات دي انا حد بيغسل وشه بغسول بيحس انه مفيش بعد كده انتعاش ولا بيحب يحط اي كريم ف احنا نسيبها تخف لوحدها ولا مش هتخف!

دكاترة الجلدية وال skin care specialists لو عتروا فيكوا هيقتلوكي
مفيش الكلام ده طبعاً، ممكن حالتها تسوء اكتر وتضطري تاخدي اد اللي قولتلك عليهم مرتين تلاتة
+179 answers in: “طلعلي حبايه في وشي كبيره كانت مليانه حاجات صفره عملتها بمنديل وعقمتها الحمدلله طلعت تاني وجابت صحابها وكام حبايه اخري المفروض احط اي عشان بيوجعوني جدا :"”

Is having kids worth all the worries and fears that come with them?

AhmadBakheitMndo’s Profile Photo∆HMED
Yes, and even more.
Having kids requires being extra responsible, being ready; physically, mentally, and financially. I believe people should have a background about dealing with kids and how to raise them, even consult specialists as kids' needs increase when they grow older, their mentalites change and the parents often deal with children as they never grow up. So yes having kids is not easy at all and a few people could be real or good parents.

انا سمرا بس لوني غامق اوي وكوعي وركبي وحشين جدا وايديا ورجلي شكلهم مش لطيف رجلي صوابعي اغمق من الرجل نفسها ولونها مش موحد وايديا العقل غامقه ومش زي ايدين البنات وكمان قفايا أسمر من جسمي دا مضايقني مخلي شكلي مش حلو بجانب ان عيوني بتتنفخ لما بنام ودا وراثي وجبهتي عريضة بشكل مش لطيف كل دا مضايقني

ممكن تهدى بس❤
بصى دى خلقة ربنا منقدرش نعترض عليها {لقد خلقنا الانسان فى احسن تقويم} ولازم تشوفى نفسك جميلة لانك كده بتوصلى انطباع للي حواليك انك مش جميلة وبالتالى هما هيشوفوكى زى ما بتشوفى نفسك، الانساة مرأة نفسه، فكرى بس شوية هتلاقى عندك حاجات كتير حلوة ويمكن انتي مش حاسة بقيمتها عشان تدورى ع الكمال، لكن ممكن تهتمى بنفسك وجمالك بقدر الامكان " skin care routine قدامك فيديوز بالهبل ده غير ال groups بتاعت الفيس وحاولى مثلا تغيرى الفكرة دى، احنا منقدرش نغير لون بشرتك لو كده كان زمانى غيرت نفسي مش قمحاوية لبيضة!! بس نقدر نشوف بدائل، ممكن تسألى Specialists يفيدكوا اكتر، يعنى متخديش بكلام اللي يقولك جربى ده هينفع ومعرفش ايه كلهم بيفتوا ف حاجة ميعرفوش فيها، فالاحسن والاضمن تسألى حد بيفهم بس مدايقش نفسك كلنا عندنا الوحش والحلو ف حياتنا ومتفكريش انى مستحيل حد يرتبط بيا وانا كده او فلانة ازاى هتتعامل معايا، الناس دول خليهم اخر اهتمامك لانهم هيفضلوا ينتقدوكى سؤاء كويسة، انت تهتمى بنفسك عشان نفسك مش عشان فلان ولا علان، ممكن انتى تكونى مميزة عند ربنا اكتر منهم تمام❤

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Vreau si eu sa ii inteleg pe aia care vor sa scapam de COVID.Intelegeti in numele lui drq ca nu scapam asa de usor.In Italia mor pe capete,la noi carantinati,altii ba mint ca sunt veniti de altundeva,altii lucreaza veniti din zone rosii si voi vreti sa scapam la sfarsitul lunii?Pe bune?

iamanangelll’s Profile PhotoL O R E N A
evident ca oamenii vor sa se încheie toată nebunia asta, dar cred că suntem cu toții conștienți că tot ce putem face este sa stam cat mai mult în casa și să evităm pe cat posibil contactele interumane
basically listen to the specialists and a solution will come up sometimes
it will get better

In the US, there was once a state Senator that ran for the Presidency. He said no man needed more money then he and his kids and grandkids could spend in their lifetime. He would put a cap on their earnings. Do you agree or disagree with this.?

Bocepous’s Profile PhotoRobin Hood
I agree with the principle, if we lived in an ideal world. Although how could we say how much each person should have for their lifetime? In real life it wouldn’t work though. The main problem is there’s no incentive for people to innovate and discover new things. And the lack of profit motive means inefficiencies in supply of goods and services. It’s competition that keeps prices reasonable. And it’s ( not always but often) the desire to make a profit that leads us to new discoveries and technologies.
Having said this I don’t share the weird pathological issues some people have against taxes. Seems to me if someone’s paying tax it means they must have made the money. What I think is wrong though, is the way the richest people can afford tax specialists who will find ways for them to avoid paying it, whilst people at the other end of the scale have no way out of it. In a way the poorer section of society are subsidising the lifestyle of the rich.

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"You just shouldnt have retarded babies because it's a fucking burden and selfish af imo." - Marrisa Thoughts?

first off, the slur is unnecessary and is probably being used just for shock value 🙄
And honestly I don't fully disagree, however I don't think that they are a burden, they are no less worthy of care, love, respect, etc than a child that has no developmental disabilities.
I do think that there have been parents who have chosen to keep the pregnancy even though the quality of life for the child is basically zero, and I have an issue with that bc the person will have no means of being able to communicate and so who knows if they are happy or sad etc
I dont think it's wrong if the pregnant person decides to have an abortion if the child has a developmental disability, each person will know what they can and cant handle, and it would be for a variety of reasons (most often many do not have the financial ability due to specialists being so costly)
this has been a topic that has been talked about for a long long time and some do think it is ableist to have abortion *just* bc of the developmental disabilities and I do think that some can and are ableist about it (example would be the pregnant person saying "I demand a child without any problems because a child with problems isnt a real child" )
all in all, I'm pro-abortion
which means I have no moral objection to abortion
and it means that I'm highly aware that the pregnant person has (or should have) control over if they wish to continue the pregnancy or not.

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مرحبا بما انه انت خريج هندسة مدني علوة. لو تقترحلنا اسماء للدفعة 😑 تكون بيها نوع من اشياء الي درسناها

amina27hashim’s Profile Photoamina || آمنه
بصراحه احنه دفعتنا جان اسمهه future builders 😂💔واللي اني اصلاً مجنت مقتنع بيه
اكو اسامي احله جان ببالي مثلاً
Construction specialists
Tomorrow’s designers
Structure experts
ومن هالاسامي 😊🌸

Yep, My dentists has a chair that warms up bc I go to a specialists bc of my anxiety. I've had the same dentist since I was born.

ToriIsBack’s Profile Phototori
I lowkey want one
The dentist I go to has TVs in their chairs
(This commercial is weird)
Yep My dentists has a chair that warms up bc I go to a specialists bc of my
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yooo so I do want to eat less meat BUT I have an issue, my migraines get so much worse when I dont have meat. any ideas on why/what I can do? I am anemic and on iron supplements so idk if that plays a part

Meat is referred to by medical specialists as a "food pain trigger" meaning it causes pain, but isn't known to prevent it.
What it is known for tho is being packed full of hormones which can cause migraines when you're having withdrawals from it.
If you don't want to stop eating meat but do want to cut down, have no more than 70g of red meat or processed meat a day.
Meat alternatives can also be a great replacement as an almost placebo and also for nutritional purposes.
Animal dairy, especially cow's dairy can prevent you reaching your maximum potential for iron absorption.
Vitamin C helps absorb iron.
I'm also anemic and all supplements I've ever been on said to consume them with a meal so I used to try to have my daily worth of VitC in the meal I consums the iron supplement with, if not at least 3/4 the daily need of iron.
Iron supplements often don't give you iron/much iron, they just help your body absorb it so it's best to still eat loads of iron rich foods.
Some foods rich in iron are tomatoes, spinach, tofu, white beans, dried apricots, cooked soybeans, spirulina, pumpkin seeds, lentils, dried peaches, peas, prune juice, quinoa. So put of these you could cooked some quinoa as your carbs, which is fast and inexpensive to cook. Then fry up some tomatoes, peas, spinach and tofu and have that as a meal. You can even add tomato sauce for extra iron and add in whatever else you want like bell peppers for VitC.
Bit C rich foods are sweet potatoes, white potatoes, cabbage, turnip greens, red and green bell peppers, winter squash, tomatoes, broccoli and cauliflower.
I don't want to tell you "it's impossible for meat to prevent migraines" because that's probably not the case, I've just never heard of it happening. So if it continues go to see your doctor and get a blood test done and tell them about the migraines.
I'd say overall just cut red or processed meat down to 70g a day, if it makes it easier and causes less waste, just buy minced meat and keep it frozen until you're using it. It might even help to meal prep, especially with a young baby in the house so you could buy a container of minced meat, divide it into 70g portions and freeze the portions in separate bags or containers. Cronometer is a huge help too. Their app is a once off €2.50 charge. But their site is free to use. You can just type in what you eat or plan to eat that day and it'll tell you if you've been getting enough iron, vitamins, minerals, carbs, fats etc. so you can see what you need more of.
Some great meat alternatives other than the obvious fake beef/fake chicken etc. is tofu, tempeh, soy pieces, beans, lentils. Even just pouring gravy or spices typically used on meat over vegetables can help them taste like meat.

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Or questions k lye app use krni b ho to phr Quora bht acha option h km z km whn all over the world specialists mil jaty hn or satisfied answers mlty hn yhn to phr awam gupshp k lye use krti jo k private e nai to phr kia faida is ka

public hy k agr apko kesi sy kch pochna ho to poch skty hain apno identity zahir kye bagair.. r i m also user of quora
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Fun fact : dunia mei koi be Dentists ko doctor nai samajta is liye inko dentists kaha jata so well come back on not being so ignorant anymore... Kbye

oyesaqib’s Profile PhotoSaqib Rehman ❤️
U telling me fun fact? Let me tell u a logical fact.
What do u call a heart specialist? Cardiologist right? R they not doctors because they r called cardiologist?
What do u call brain specialist? Neurologist, right? R they not doctors because they r called neurologist?
All ur fazooliat aside, being a educated person and a doctor it was my duty to clear ur misunderstanding warna kisi mehfil mai aisi bakwas kar k ap ne hi ruswa hona :)

Health specialists say there's 8 dimensions of wellness - Physical, Mental, Emotional, Occupational, Social, Spiritual, Financial, Environmental. Which do you think you are doing best in and which ones, worst?

Nitrogen5’s Profile Photo°•Donovan•°
I honestly don’t think there’s any I’m doing well in... Maybe financial but even then I’m finding things difficult ?

Your answer was right to that anon - they need to just get a second opinion from another doc. When I first saw a doc for MH probs, it was one who had been great with minor surgery. But he couldn't handle MH. I've had good support & referred to the right specialists in the years since I changed docs.

CactusDoug’s Profile PhotoDoug
Like it's kinda like me talking to the nurse who deals with my contraception
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. @jiarocks @tooba10 @MysteryAnon_____ -Virgo's -- We are Specialists in Perfection !!!..🙂 -BE PROUD.

waleedjavied01’s Profile Photo•ωαℓεε∂×

Write down one interesting piece of information whether historical , medical , mathematical or generally scientific ?

Yourmouth, your teeth and your smile are thefirst things people notice about you.
You can have a gorgeous hairstyle, even more expensive make-up and clothes: buta confident bright smile completes your image.
Our dental specialists can help you achieve this.😉
حاجة تبعي بقي 😂😂✋

Even though I don't know what exactly happened. But I know people who are specialists in bringing the evil you as a reaction, just to judge you.

Exactly!! 😭
They do that and when you get angry and retaliate, you are the 'bad' guy and that kind of unfairness is so upsetting!
But if you know your truth and admit to your mistakes and the parts you played in this conflict, the judgement of others can just die

I'm a med student & I've just noticed that I have something wrong in my private parts which will need a surgery.. I can't stop crying.. I wish I have cancer & die tomorrow than showing my body to doctors who know me.. Tell me what should I do?

1- There is absolutely nothing wrong with that.
2- you don't have to consult those who know you. stranger specialists are preferable here.
3- choose a real close friend of yours to accompany you. only one. they should make you feel much more comfortable.
4- you yourself are going to be a doctor one day. I think this will prepare you to deal with the fear and see things from the patient perspective. that's good I promise.
5- be brave.
6- if you can't be brave, then don't be brave. you have the right to react to this anyway you want.
7- nothing is usually as scary as it seems in the beginning.

In Sha Allah, you're welcome, ik exactly what you're going through, since i've been through it with a family member before. Be strong, asnd remember whatever the outcome is, will happen for the best, have faith. Do get a second opinion though, by other Lung specialists X

It costs alot and atm all of my fams money is going towards another treatment for my mum so rn we're financially unstable, trust me the doctors gave up on my mum as soon as she goes no to chemo, they left it to us, we have a macmillan nurse that comes only 1nce a month so check up on my mum, inshallah my mums gonna go see one next month tho if my bro has the money x
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Why do we need psychiatrists and psychologists? why can't we provide education to psychologists on prescribing medication, or teach extensive therapy techniques to psychiatrists? why's there a need for two major kinds of mental health specialists instead of one who can do both therapy & medication?

You are right.
Because the academics fear the "biologicalization" of human mind, feelings and personality. We still treat biology and psychology separately, brain and mind separately, body and consciousness separately.
Thats where liberal arts have gone wrong.
Not to forget, though, that there is a politically incorrect history behind it i.e. eugenics, holocaust, social Darwinism etc.

Why do we need psychiatrists and psychologists? why can't we provide education to psychologists on prescribing medication, or teach extensive therapy techniques to psychiatrists? why's there a need for two major kinds of mental health specialists instead of one who can do both therapy & medication?

Because while there is tremendous overlap between their works, it's not all the same
Psychiatry is deeply tied with endocrinology and neurology. It is a degree conferred after having earned an MBBS. Psychiatrists are medical doctors who work extensively in tandem with physiological nature of a patient's case - dealing hence with neuro-atypicality, chemical release and absorption, genetic tendencies etc
Psychologists, on the other hand, provide treatment based on behavioral models which are based on empirical evidence. Not all cases of depression are because of a person's body to produce serotonin - sometimes it's a completely external factor like grief or trauma which needs expert help in coping with.
So while these both deal with the human mind, they also specialize in vastly different approaches to the same problem. Training the same person in both medical as well as behavioral sciences (upwards of 10 years of study, I'd wager) is impractical and unsustainable. The current model of different professionals for different needs is much more efficient.

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What emotion do you feel most often? Is that the emotion you express most often? If yes then how do you express it? If not what emotion do you express most often and how?

youcuntx’s Profile PhotoJ.
Love. Always. But lately, it burns. The doctor sent me to the hospital because they thought there was something wrong with my heart because my chest felt as though it was on fire. I laid down in a cold room and had icy patches pressed against my body, colorful wires flying from each one. The test results came back clear.
"Guess he got you good," my pessism remarked.
The specialists said I had heart burn but that it's a physical reaction to my stress. I wasn't sure whether to laugh or cry. Looks like heartbreak stressed my heart out too much and she's decided to flee the scene. She's burning all the evidence that we ever loved him, that we do love him so we might start from scratch. He was worth it, though. I used to not love him like this.
I used to love him through the good morning texts I sent first thing and the eight hours we'd spend every Saturday in his backyard. I loved him through long hugs and holding hands and the kind of passionate physicality it isn't proper to speak of. I loved him through sticking by his side no matter how touch things got. I loved him by holding his hand through every doctor's appointment. I loved him through dancing terribly without care and singing loudly to Queen and Van Morrison while cooking. I loved him through the arguments and the cuddling sessions we had after. I loved him through the in depth conversations with tears pouring down our faces. I loved him through everything. Loving him became part of me.
I love a lot of things, a lot of people. Their fingertips run along the edges of my ink stained heart.

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TW?? a friend of mine has cystic fibrosis. Her lung function is less than 60% on a good day. Her doctors and specialists have warned her not to get pregnant as there is a huge risk to her life. She is trying anyway, what would your opinion be in a situation like this?

I wouldn't do it, but I can't control others. If worst comes to worse, she may have to terminate.

Sabojā Bayeru - dēļ viņa sākās iekšejie konflikti,sākās neloģīskas traumas ,aizgāja ilggadējais komandas ārsts.Un jā uzvarēja BL,bet to viegli uzvarēja arī pirms Gvardiolas. Un par to es nebūtu tik pārliecināts..MU papildina uzbrukumu,bet viņiem būtu jādomā par aizsardzību..

MelnaisE’s Profile PhotoEduards^^
Labaka aizsardziba ir uzbrukums..........
Nedomaju ka tads Benetis butu labaks variants......Kursh savulaik Madrides Real liedza uzvaret LA ligu......butu sezonas sakuma Zidans tad Madride noteikti uzvaretu LA ligu...jo beigas palika otrie ar vienadu punktu skaitu ar Barselonu........bet Zidana vadiba LA liga cits raditajs bija........
Nju nav patreiz neviena labaka par Maurinjo kursh varetu trenet MU manuprat........
Varbut daudzi grib trenet bet tiem nepiedava vai neljauj........varbut butu pat labaks sniegums ka Maurinjo vadiba bet to jau mes nezinam un nezinasim........
Tapec Tev jabut priecigam ka tads specialists ka Maurinjo piekrita trenet nevis kads Benetis vai vel sliktaks..........
Pec sezonas ari vares spriest ka bija ar Maurinjo.........
Kaut gan varbut Benetis ari butu labs ka neka savulaik ar Chelsea chempionligu uzvareja......Anglija tomer ir pieredze laba............
Tikmer Islande iesit otros.............5:2 tur rezultats........

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Is it bad to get professional treatment for an Ed? I've been trying to self recover for a year now & haven't made any progress...I want to go IP but feel dramatic since everyone says self recovery is possible...

I think eating professional help is important, however I feel going inpatient is quite a major step. Why don't you wait to see if the ED specialists can help you?
Self recovery is possible, but having a team around you is crucial, they can monitor your progress and see how things are going.
Unless you're on deaths door, I would advice staying in the community, of the doctors think you need admitting they will. But trust me, impatient is fucking hell, and it's far better to do it at home!
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okay but ... i know that you've had to use mobility devices before and you've been on heart monitors and to specialists and been on 393839 different medications like ... what the fuck is anons problem and why are they making assumptions about your health and disabilities when they don't even know yo

I have pictures of myself hooked up to heart monitors and scars from surgeries. Like I am going to try to get copies of all my health records soon if anon wants some fuckin proof that Im sick, I dont even care.

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