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Do you think that this new wave of people supposedly being “positive” , “woke”, “spiritual” or whatever tf they wanna call it — is a big joke?! Because I do! People are full of shit!

I don't believe it's a 'big joke' as I'm someone that has been exploring my spirituality for seven years now. Maybe you are too asleep to realize how everything really is, and how amazing your life could be if you dived deeper into spiritual knowledge. Have a great night.

yar wesey bari Islamic looks hein aki... but jab kaha hy Q2Q ka, tou ya tou reply na karo, ya Del kero dou my unticked Qs from ur wall. Ajeeb

OmronC’s Profile PhotoOmron Ch.
I hate it when someone labels me "deendar/Islamic". If a girl wants to wear niqab and hijab, then why do you people demand her to be immune to sins?? You tell me what does a cloth less or extra has to do with a person?? My hijab and niqab is just a crooked attempt towards learning (not following) religion. It's like when you wear a uniform, any uniform, you feel responsible and it demands you to have a decorum. Same is the case with veil and hijab. It's just an attempt, a baby step for me to reach myself where I want to, in terms of spirituality. It in no way makes me any better than anyone else. Please for God's sake stop putting people into boxes. My veil is anything but not an entitlement or label. So for the next time, keep religion out of everything. And I'M NOT INTERESTED IN TALKING TO YOU. Na pehly stamina tha, na ab hai, or na hi agy hoga. Shurkiya!

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Do you ever have trouble sleeping at other places than home? Are there other factors that affect your ability to sleep? 🚫😴

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Yes. I physically emotionally spirituality annoyingly can't sleep anywhere other than in my room. Not even on the couch, living room, siblings bedroom, let alone at other places that not my home 🥴 nahhh will not gonna get a good night sleep. I feel weirdly wrong and uncomfortable unless I'm in my own bed lol

[[well. I didn't know Violet feathers had this deeper meaning]]

onryotatarigami’s Profile PhotoNova
Violet: Prepare for a spiritual awakening
In being such a spiritual color, violet findings are used by angels as a way to urge your spiritual growth. There's something plaguing your mind, so if you want to hit new heights, then you'll need to open up about what's troubling you. On clearing your mind, you'll be gifted with a newfound spirituality that will aid your observation of the links between body, mind, and soul that you'll never have seen before.

Do you believe in the paranormal?

As it relates to psychological constructs, yes - anxiety, suggestion, locus of control, imagery, critical thinking, fantasy, creativity, spirituality, religiosity, etc. To my understanding (and based on my own personal research into the occult and esoteric disciplines), belief in the paranormal seems to correlate with cognitive factors, executive function and so forth. An interesting book on the topic:
Do you believe in the paranormal

What are your hobbies and interests?

klonetron’s Profile PhotoHalbery Jones
Art - (particularly the classics, the romantic and rococo periods), painting, history, fantasy, folklore, mythology, ancient civilisations, astronomy, astrology, spirituality, music, films, theatre, photography, travel, being in nature, museums and galleries, animals, coffee, etc!
What are your hobbies and interests

What is your religion/belief system?

I am irreligious but very spiritual. While I find codified belief systems highly intriguing for a myriad of reasons, I will not commit to any of them because I have too many questions which they cannot answer. My personal form of spirituality is a "work in progress" and it cannot be easily defined, but it provides the degree of strength, solace and serenity which I require for my evolution as a contemplative individual.

Do you belive in past lifes

I think it’s an interesting concept, for the soul to reincarnate and live numerous lifetimes, to spiritually grow and evolve to a higher state of being. I’m open to the idea, but that’s primarily because I’m interested in spirituality in general :)

If you could control one element, which one would you choose?

I’d choose water; it’s the element I feel I have the closest affinity with out of all of them. It’s calming, tranquil, associated with intuition and spirituality, creativity, it serves as a portal between worlds, it’s used for purifying and cleansing, etc.
If I could control it, I’d use it to purify water in areas of the world that would benefit from it, to travel (and hopefully be able to breathe underwater too!), and such! 🌊✨
If you could control one element which one would you choose

Tell me something great about spirituality?

I can tell you all about spirituality, but why not find out for yourself? If this particular subject interests you, go check out online resources, find some YouTube videos that interest you, or visit your local bookstore. True spirituality is not about learning a bunch of spiritual things, but experiencing God for yourself. Why settle for someone else's revelation, when you can have your own experience?
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What do you believe in?

Having a concrete philosophy. Eman, in this case as a muslim. If I can so easily deviate from my philosophy or transgress the boundaries then I am just another person who's insignificant in every possible way. And these limits do not confine me, they define me. Help me to know who I am before I just disappear somewhere forever.
This is not rigidity, its spirituality.

Do you belive in: "sardiyon ki raatein boht deep hoti hen"?

Taqi1122’s Profile PhotoI'm Batman
Raatein har mosam ki deep hoti hain Kue k zawal ka waqt hota ha rat ko aur spirituality hoti ha rat k andheray my han on other side gunah bhi isi andheray my hoty hain sab kuch hota ha marzi apki ha ap kia adopt karna chahtay hain waqt apka ka ha

Does your sense of style align with your personality?

How would you best describe your style? Does it reflect your personality traits, or is it influenced more by external circumstances (weather, career, city)? More importantly, how did your style evolve as you gained more confidence, maturity, or sense of self? If you feel like you're still a work in progress, how would you like to see your style develop to better match your personality? Interested to see individual responses! Thanks! Is anyone into MBTI? Do you feel like your fashion preferences align with your personality type?
As an INTP, my wardrobe is assumed to be pretty drab and careless and it rings pretty true to my personal clothing taste. I wouldn't say its careless, but I definitely prioritize comfort over anything else and tend to wear the same thing every day. How does your style reflect who you are? In what way is your personal style influenced by who you truly are? For example, is it inspired by music you listen to? TV/movies you watch? Moral values or spirituality? Cultural backgrounds? Just generally what looks good on you? Or a combination? What have been your main inspirations or "aha" moments when figuring out your personal style? It is a subject that fascinates me, so feel free to go into excruciating detail! For me, I prefer modest, feminine clothing that is somehow always instyle yet never instyle. It has traditionality mixed with quirkiness, youth mixed with timelessness. There are few trendy aspects, because I feel that contradicts my values of being self-expressive and of avoiding throwaway culture. I am inspired by playfulness and wisdom. I gain a bit of inspiration from anime characters. The music I listen to doesn't really have an associated aesthetic, but I do enjoy folk-related genres and postrock which have a bit of influence in leading me towards nature-inspired elements. I am also inspired by old and new architecture, open fields, forests, the sky, ports/harbours, and sometimes the beach. I like having a slight academic vibe on top of that, with a very mild victorian influence (e.g. black riding boots and black trenchcoat as winter wear, with maroon as a common colour). I could go on all day about my influences and how my style has evolved, but it's definitely hard to put into words without just seeing and knowing it. I'd love to hear your stories! Do you feel that your clothing choices reflect your personality?
I'm admittedly rather new to the concept of streetwear, or really fashion in general, but I've been saturating myself with it recently through the internet and in my day to day life and it's made me think a lot about why I like or don't like certain pieces. I've been slowly building up a wardrobe of clothes I like, piece by piece, and I've realized that I'm much more drawn towards the subtler ends of the streetwear spectrum — I like the occasional graphic tee, but I tend to shy away anything with a big logo or crazy picture plastered on the front.

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Recommend me a book 📖

samiaa_aaa’s Profile PhotoSamia
"Forty rules of love" by Eliff shafaq one of the best masterpieces I've ever gone through enriched with philosophies related to Sufism, spirituality and ecstasy, and the ultimate purpose of human life and it's reality after all, you will definitely adore it...

How do people still believe in God in this day and age? 🤔

why are you sending this out constantly.
people have the freedom to ascribe to any religion or spirituality that resonates with them. if a person believes in god, that's their personal business. there's nothing bad about it.

When I talk of you, there are no words. Where could I put you, who won’t fit in the secret world, or this? All I know of spirit is this love. And don’t call me a believer. Infidel is better.

christineranch’s Profile Photozoe
Religion is the belief and so is the love.
Belief is the bridge b/w Humanity and spirituality. The road to love from liking someone.
You screw up with any and your love will become like a fart, the harder you push the crap you end up with. 😶

What’s so bad about basing your self worth on grades?

My personal thoughts are that grades don't define who you are as a person, they simply restrain your intelligence to a certain letter or number average. A real person is so much more intriguing than the thing you see on that piece of paper/report card. A person has dreams, desires, opportunities, and basing your self worth on grades is stooping yourself down to a low level of what the honestly messed up school system says you can be, rather than trying to achieve the things you want and love. It is a toxic mindset to put yourself down like that and it is much healthier to give yourself a chance rather than confine yourself to the laws of society.
But things won’t always be great on that front. Especially in the workplace. The economy might suck. You will work for and with difficult people. Performance and progression is not as clear cut as it is in school. You will inevitably feel stagnant or stunted or disrespected or devalued, no matter how much success you have. That’s not me being cynical. It’s a part of life. You may have a 4.0, but one day, your career will look less than perfect.
When that day comes it is incredibly healthy to have a sense of meaning that goes beyond work. Family. Friends. Hobbies. Spirituality, if that’s your thing. Civic involvement. A healthy balance is necessary for happiness. It’s like diversifying your portfolio, and if you don’t hedge your well-being against career uncertainty, you will find yourself unhappy one day.
Generally, some people may have an easier path in life up to some point and think themselves to be much better than they actually are. And when they need to show how good they are in front of an average challenge, some fail spectacularly. For example, I don't think I've ever had below 9/10 on any programming related subject since secondary school up to Uni. I'm a shitty programmer. If I would advertise myself that as a good one because of those grades, I would be embarassed when meeting industry standards.
Circumstances outside of your control can cause you to lose whatever it is that’s making you get good grades (natural ability, motivation, resources, etc), so if your self worth is based on your grades you’ll suffer. That’s what I was like, then I moved from northern Virginia to Idaho halfway through high school and had to change my entire educational course and ended up super behind because of how different the school systems were. Tried to kill myself not long after my grades started to suffer as a result of the move. Not saying that’ll happen to you, just saying that sometimes life is fucked so you should just find things to love about yourself that don’t require external validation.

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What animal best represents your personality?How?

RayVen94’s Profile PhotoRay
Hey Ray! Good day🤲
The wolf. Represents loyalty, comunication,communication, friendship, power, trust, energy, spirituality, union,compassion,intuition. Faith and comprehension. Very familiar. The rest u know🙂🙂🌟
What animal best represents your personalityHow
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Hey, I was scrolling through the newsfeed read one of your answers and opened your profile. I've some questions, Firstly I want to ask that what's that sign on both of your displays and what is it use for, is it a religion or something else? Secondly, I read your bio and it specifies "We"? Elaborate

It’s not about a religion.
Or a spirituality.
It’s our mark.
And this account
Is run by more than one

Honestly, those podcasts sound super interesting! Can you recommend me a few?

Of course! 😊
For pure mythology from across the world, I highly recommend “Myths and Legends”; I’ve come across so many amazing stories through these guys, and I love the narration/the modern retelling of them, particularly the humour! Goofy humour is the best 😆
*~ Urban folklore ~*
• Lore: Basically it’s about unusual events in history and urban folklore in general, but this one I recommend the most out of these!
• Unexplained (this is the more creepier one, so if you’re a scaredy cat like me, don’t listen to this one when you’re about to go to sleep 😅🙈)
• Unobscured. Each season is a deep dive into a particular topic, the first one was on the Salem Witch Trials and the second was on Spirituality in 1800s America. It’s pretty cool stuff :)
• Cabinet of Curiosities. They’re 10min episodes on strange and funny findings from present day to way back.
• Noble Blood: This one I highly recommend. It’s unusual tales from rather fascinating monarchs - from outright quirky to intriguing murder plots, and everything in between :)
I think that’s it!! Sorry for the mammoth answer, I hope you’ll like them 🤗

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JUIF ke mufti aziz ur rehman ke bary mein aapki kia rai hai?

He was such an amazing person unlike molana fazal ur rehman. I met him several times because he was friends with our imam masjid who was also a mufti. I think he was not interested in politics at all and rather he opted for spirituality while staying constrained to the religious obligations of islam. I think you asked this question because or either the neural networks or you just guessed it.

Be honest, towards what are u more inclined: spirituality or materialism?

For me, spirituality includes the belief in things larger than ourselves, an appreciation of nature and beauty, a sensitivity to the world, a feeling of shared connection with other living things, a desire to help people less fortunate than ourselves. All of these things can occur with Allah’s command.
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Is there any religious belief you don't have complete faith in or don't really abide by?

Ofc there're several illogical superstitions & myths i don't have faith in and as far as my personal religious views are concerned i do have different religious beliefs & dogmas as compared to other hoomans too! One of them is that i don't put my faith in anyone's prayers! As in goodwill / wishes & curse. (Dua / badd-dua) I really don't care about them. I believe only you should bow down to allah & connect with him personally (And pray for yourself) beg or ask for something because no one else can do that for you. No one's prayers can change your fate, whatever will be, will be! It doesn't matter if you've -0 spirituality & everyone else's spirtual growth is exceptionally strong, PRAY FOR YOUR OWN SELF! I really hate it when people take credit by saying 'oh, it was my dua /i prayed for you or my wazaifa or my curse' so susan, were you the one causing me miseries the entire time? No bitch! It was, is & will forever be all my result or test, my karm /-a, deeds & prayers. It's just me & my rabb! I don't blame others nor let anyone take any credit for something they've not done for me this way lol. I'm living my own story, its my life & fate, nobody can do shit! And yeah i don't think allah fulfills anyone's never-ending wishes when they don't pray with the pure intention of praising him and when they only bow down to pray when they're either devastated or have wishes to make. Try to understand that your creator isn't your genie. He's not there to fulfill your wishes. Remember him when you don't need his superpowers too.. OhKBye! :))✨
•REMINDER; Just because I have different views & you don't agree with me doesn't mean I'm wrong or this permits you to become an ass. My life / experiences are different & so i am.
Stfu & gtfo if you've any problem with me pls. Don't forget it your problem, not mine qt.. Peace!✌️

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Do you guys like Wicca ? I find it very benign and wholesome and despite it being a recent invention quite a decent spirituality

Peachinessie’s Profile PhotoPeachinessie
[ Peachinessie ~ via Shoutout about 1 hour ago ]
I have looked at once or twice, but it's not for me . . .
I did not previously realise it was quite as recent as 1954 . . .
I totally respect and honour The Mother .
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sCYQZpiZGy4igotamatch’s Video 165901445242 sCYQZpiZGy4igotamatch’s Video 165901445242 sCYQZpiZGy4
Do you guys like Wicca  I find it very benign and wholesome and despite it being

What do you think about spirituality? **note** The devil is in the details, so please be detailed in this.

FallenLuci’s Profile PhotoLucifer Morningstar
The devil may be in the details but his antagonist is fiendishly obsessed with more comprehensive matters - according to one highly speculative cosmology and its more imaginative offshoots. ;-) With that said, we mustn't divorce spirituality from the human experience. It is a vital aid in the quest to recognize one's depth and purpose, to conquer uncertainties, discover one's inner bliss and live through questions instead of being embalmed in a sarcophagus of answers. That won't do. Not if one aspires to be more than a sack of flesh and bone - or an extraneous memory which is best forgotten.
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What areas of your life would you like to focus on, this year? •Health • Professional •Personal Development •Finances •Knowledge •Relationships •Spirituality •Fitness •Others

paradiseeve5’s Profile PhotoDuaa.
The same professional,finances, relationship, spirituality which I want to do every year but something happens to me and I don't

What areas of your life would you like to focus on, this year? •Health • Professional •Personal Development •Finances •Knowledge •Relationships •Spirituality •Fitness •Others

paradiseeve5’s Profile PhotoDuaa.
Proffessional and fitness.. i am so into these from past five years and would love to continue so on..i added something in 2020 k i started offering prayers regularly.. the best thing so far happened to me in this tragic year..shukar ALHAMDULILLAH.

do you have any paid subscriptions (netflix, spotify premium, amazon prime etc), and are they worth it? would you recommend it to others?

nurbzee’s Profile Photonurulhuda
I have access to Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+, AppleTV and Spotify Premium, but I only pay for Spotify myself and also only 2,50€ per month, because of Spotify Family. And that’s definitely worth it!
I’ve been thinking about subscribing to Gaia, which is the Netflix of spirituality and deeper knowledge.

Where are your eyes of sympathy? Where are your minds of liberty? Where are your ears or serenity? Where are your soul of spirituality? Where are your hearts of sincerity?

deeda_dahi’s Profile PhotoZalaam
Kuch log suddenly rehem dil or samjahdar insaan se ek cold insaan ban jatay hain no matter if they have talked about this thing too in past* This is a very important point. May Allah save us all from becoming like that.

Be honest, towards what are u more inclined: spirituality or materialism?

Well to be honest i think materialism is just an illusion people nowadays are more materialistic. They judge people by there looks and there social activities rather than there moral beliefs and there mindset
I believe looks don't matter as long as you have a kind and just heart that sees the inner beauty and that tends to help and care for others because in this materialistic world of ours you will find preaty faces easily but to find a pure heart you will have to search the whole earth from oceans to grasslands

Religion and science are not compatible because only science is true. Do you agree?

No, I do not - as theoretical physicist Brian Greene observed, "Science is a self-correcting discipline that can, in subsequent generations, show that previous ideas were not correct." With respect to codified interpretations of spirituality (religion), I am in accord with this view:
Religion and science are not compatible because only science is true Do you
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↬What do you like to read? ♡

Books dealing with history and / or military history, business and investing, political and economic theories, philosophy, science, technology, art / music, the occult / religion / spirituality and esoteric disciplines and classic literature / poetry and classical literature. =)
What do you like to read

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