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Who would you give these awards to on ask? For "Being creative", for "Being funny" and for "Being kind".

anonstar17654’s Profile Photoanonstar17654
1) Being creative: @TobbeAsks
He has all these fantasy-based questions which makes u activate that part of the brain that u last used in your childhood years.
2) Being funny: @Arun5
Dude has jokes, and no one can do it better than someone who looks like a legit clown. 🤡 He got the hair and the headshape, perfect. Would love to meet him for a stand-up comedy. Jokes really can get people dying.
3) Being kind: @AisyahIsHere2
She is someone kind on Askfm and also out of Askfm (we do talk on other social media platforms occasionally). She has the time to listen and share. If u know, u know.
For those who I didn't tag, it's not that y'all are any less. Just that this time round, the awards go to the above-mentioned users. Except the funniest award. I really think Arun is the best. He'll stay with that title to the end of his life. Anyone else wants that title, man, just wait till he's no more. Y'all can only wish it happens soon.

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Un estimado de cuánto dinero mensual hay que ganar en tu comunidad para vivir bien?💰 An estimate of how much monthly money you have to earn in your community to live well?💰 An estimate of how much monthly money you have to earn in your community to live well?💰 Uma estimativa de quanto dinheiro?

Lugar: CDMX. Moneda: mxn
"Bien" es algo relativo a los estándares, expectativas y estilo de vida que cada persona tenga. Recordé a una comediante de standup quejándose en una entrevista de que en su trabajo de día ganaba 30 mil al mes, a lo cual, recibió un montón de críticas, llamándole desubicada, malagradecida, que vive en una burbuja... Y sí, mucha gente podría vivir bien con ese ingreso, pero alguien que tiene la expectativa de rentar en la Condesa, tener auto propio, comer en restaurantes y usar ropa de diseñador, le va a parecer poco. Por eso es relativo.
En fin. Para la zona en la que vivo, el costo de la renta y el estilo de vida que llevo, un sueldo de 30 mil al mes es adecuado para solventar todos los gastos, quizá hasta teniendo familia, no lo sé.
En mi caso particular, sólo con fines informativos y de referencia, gano 79-80 mil al mes y antes de impuestos, siendo ingeniero de software con 6 años de experiencia.

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Lately I've been watching a lot of Stand-up comedy and I found out that I was getting more easily creative when it comes to jokes. Are you influenced to be more creative when you are exposed to other people's art?

That’s interesting, but also makes a lot of sense! But definitely, in response to your question, I try to surround myself with as much art as possible, so by following predominantly artists on Instagram and by working in the market. Being surrounded by so many creatives there, who have had such varied careers within the arts is inspiring. They’re the only folk I can chat to about art now that I’ve left uni, so I really value having them as friends and as connections to the arts :)

Wie sieht für dich Self Care aus?

Madame_Vava’s Profile PhotoChaosperle
Salzkristalllampe und 'ne Duftkerze an, chillige Musik in die Ohren, bloggen oder träumen.. Oder in die Badewanne mit einem guten Buch.. Standup Comedy gucken und Handy auch mal weglegen.. abends spazieren gehen und Vorträge hören.. gutes Essen bestellen, tanzen, .. sowas.
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What's your take on this whole will Smith v Chris Rock debacle?

DovahMonah’s Profile PhotoDovahMonah
Concerning Will Smith; as someone who is in the business for three decades he should know better than to get physical in public.
As I understood, Chris Rock made a joke about Jada Pinkett-Smith's shaved head, comparing it to the G. I. Jane movie in which Demi Moore shaved her own head on-screen. Well, Jada is known to express herself freely. She didn't need her husband to act on her behalf. Whatever reaction she'd have, she would have owned it.
Over the years, worst "jokes" have been made. Some hinting Harvey Weinstein sexual misconducts long before there was a legal case, Woody Allen's relationship with his adopted daughter, Mel Gibson's Anti-Semitic remarks, etc. None of them had any consequences to my knowledge.
The stage used to be a safe space for free speech. Chris Rock comes from this Golden era of Stand-up comedy in which anything goes with no consequences.
Times are changing. Comedians who told the same jokes on stage all over the US for years have been met with outrage when their shows were recorded and broadcasted on streaming platforms recently.
People don't accept controversy and provocation for the sake of comedy anymore.

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Was macht das Karnickel im Hut 🎩 des Zauberes während der Vorstellung ? Schlafen oder doch ein Salatblättchen verputzen 😄 ?

SimonHess’s Profile PhotoSimon Hess
Hallo Simon. Ich verrate es dir: das Kaninchen befindet sich nie im Hut.
Als meine Kaninchen noch bei mir wohnten und ich nach Hause kam, zog das kleine Nini gerade in aller Seelnruhe unter einer Salatschüssel über den Flur. Das nenne ich mal StandUp Comedy.

For those who enjoy comedy: What is the best stand-up you've seen?

misphire’s Profile Photomoved to eldritchnbi
I was thinking recently that I don't have a favourite comedian, and I'm really out of the loop of the comedy scene. I used to really enjoy it, but I just haven't been interested lately. The only stand up I've been to was Ross Noble a few years ago. I bought front row tickets for my boyfriend at the time. I didn't find him funny originally, but being there live at a show made it more amusing for some reason and I laughed quite a bit. I was going to buy tickets for Jason Manford recently as they were half price, but I changed my mind. :')

idola/inspiratif kalian siapa sih? lagi nyari inspiratif biar termotivasi

Dellathalitaa14’s Profile PhotoDella thalita Adzahra
Banyak sih..
1. Prof. Dr. Syeikh Abdurrahman As Sudais (imam & khatib masjidil haram)
2. Syeikh Mishari Rashid Alafasy (qari, munsyid, hafiz)
3. Ustadz Adi Hidayat (Ahli ilmu Al-Qur'an, pendiri yayasan Quanthum Akhyar)
4. William Soeryadjaya (pendiri Astra)
5. Bossman Sontoloyo Mardigu (wirausahawan, penulis buku)
6. Dr. Gamal Albinsaid (wirausahawan, penulis buku)
7. Rocky Gerung (filsuf, akademisi)
8. Pandji Pragiwaksono (standup comedian, penulis, entrepreneur)
Dan masih banyak lagii ✨🙏🏻
idolainspiratif kalian siapa sih lagi nyari inspiratif biar termotivasi

Who do you respect the most?

Nobody famous cause I don't know them. I suppose I respect different people for different reasons, and try to be like them in the areas I respect. I may respect one person's adherence to complete honesty, and not respect their financial practices, while another person I may respect financially. I may respect someone's technical prowess at work, but not their attitude about women. All in all there are good things and bad things about everyone, so I take the things I do respect, and leave the rest.
Arnold Schwarzenegger. Also Chef Gordon Ramsay oddly enough. Versitile, masters of their craft, wildly successful in their own respect, all around amazing guys. I'm sure there's more but I'm drunk and that's all I can think of right now.
A person who knows themselves well. Someone who is consistent and clear about their intentions and thoughts. Someone who knows their limits and tries pushing them for growth. Someone who is open minded.
Stephen King. If you read On Writing the first half of the book is his autobiography as a writer. He goes over how he had two kids and how both he and his wife were working two jobs. Even with that he found time to work on his novels (namely Carrie). Also, when he discusses his alcoholism and drug addiction he never sugar coats it, and he writes about how when faced with the choice of drugs or his family he wasn't sure of what to choose. He's a writer who's accomplished more than 99% of writers could ever hope for, and through all of it he's never gotten egotistical or acted like he was above his fans or anything like that. He's just an normal guy with a great talent for writing, and he that's how he's always portrayed himself, and that's something I can really respect.
Eddie Izzard. He is an incredibly accomplished and hilarious stand-up comedian and a pretty good actor. I respect his bravery to perform and go out in "women's clothes" and his openness about being an Action Transvestite. I'm also super in awe of his inhuman ability to run obscene amounts of marathons (like earlier this year where he ran 27 marathons in 27 days for Sport Relief).
My coworkers. I'm working a really shitty job where most people don't last more than 6 months because they just come here for the money and want to get out as fast as possible. But some got stuck there, mostly because they have kids and have been working there too long to consider anything else (the job really doesn't bring anything to your resume, so it's just wasted years in terms of experience)

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What kind of person do you find most admirable?

A will of iron, a cool head, and a warm, passionate nature, just like mine. Consideration, which is selflessness on some level. Literally the best people are the ones who actually care about how others are doing, not the ones who tell themselves they do and completely miss some.
Coming up with puns and clever responses just like that. I hate when I have to think about what to say and it doesn’t sound insteresting.
I guess 'being open'? I can't imagine a life being closed off and strict in your beliefs. Same in other people, an open mind is much more attractive to me; it's like they are interested in your perspective and won't just discard it.
Positivity. Some people just get to work making progress, smiling through life's challenges, while the rest of us complain, accomplishing nothing.
Goofiness (is that a trait?). I like someone that is fun to be around and makes me smile/laugh. Saying/doing goofy things is a good way to get me to chuckle and enjoy myself.
Honesty. I don't know why exactly, its just a quality I really cherish. I would rather have people be upfront with me, rather than lie to make me feel better.
When someone does something that I think deserves to be noticed and they act like they haven’t done something extraordinary or when they say “oh it’s nothing”, I find it incredibly cute. Or when they are being nice to strangers, when they talk politely and respect everyone. This is attractive.
I find it a relief to be in the company of those who don’t bully others. As long as they don’t have an agenda and aren’t attacking people, I like having conversations with them. It’s even better when I meet a fan of thrash metal or 2000’s rock. I grew up listening to both. Mix in some of my same nerdy and geeky pastimes like video games, movies in sci fi or action, and someone who wants to play catch or kick a soccer ball with me, and they are perfect!
Being able to enjoy nothing. Like just sitting down in a room doing nothing together. Not having it being awkward when it goes quiet.
Self reliant and self sustaining people, that don't rely on the government's or their families money to get by. Frugal people who work hard and pay their own bills, still manage to save money and live a good clean life. I admire successful stand-up comics. In the beginning they aren't paid for years and years while writing everyday and going in front of strange and often times hostile crowds at night. Then whenever they make it they don't forget the hard times they endured and are down to earth. They also have a job that gives them the greatest amount of freedom of expression.
People who come from nothing, or very little, and through their hard work, overcome the odds and become successful at what they want to be successful at. For looks it would be hair, smile, hands, and muscles, but with personality it would be being able to make me laugh, loves little kids, can be tuff but also has a soft spot, and being supportive.

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if you and your parents have different opinion and they want you to follow them, what will you do? follow them or follow your own?

Respect their opinion but follow what you think is right for you. You're a grown-up man/woman now so learn to stand-up for yourself.

العراقيين مو معروفين بخفة الدم كثير امثال المصاروة مثلاً فشلون انت هيك السنس اوف هيومر عندك عالي جداً 😂😂

أنا مدمن stand-up comedy. أتذكر في السنوات التي تلت الماجستير أني كنت أنام وأصحو على صوت جورج كارلن في عروضه المبكرة، ثم تطور بي الأمر إلى جيمي كار وفرانكي بويل وغيرهم من الدبابير البريطانية اللاذعة.

Від кого/чого ти найчастіше посміхаєшся? ☺️☺️

tret_mari’s Profile Phototret_mari
ɢᴏᴏᴅ ᴛɪᴍᴇ ᴏꜰ ᴅᴀʏ
Іноді не потрібно дивитися смішне відео або комедію (хоча це теж може спрацювати) щоб посміхнутися. Якщо у вас зроблено якусь справу, це привід для посмішки, необов'язково великий.
Просто є випадки, коли від тієї ж комедії (неважливо КВН це або Stand-up) буває на серці так приємно і легко, що посмішка так сама собою і проситися). Це може бути як тепла і хороша погода так і зустріч "старого" друга/подруги якого не бачив більше ніж 1 рік.
ᴛʜᴀɴᴋs ꜰᴏʀ ʏᴏᴜ ǫᴜᴇsᴛɪᴏɴ. ʜᴀᴠᴇ ᴀ ɴɪᴄᴇ ᴅᴀʏ
ᴅᴀᴛᴇ: 27/09/21
ᴛɪᴍᴇ: 17:07
Від когочого ти найчастіше посміхаєшся

Какое видео тебе YouTube предложил сегодня первым?

Это было какое-то видеопрохождение с YouTube канала X-Phantom. Но вот какой игры, увы не запомнил.
А вот вторым видео (предложенное) было интервью с Алексеем Квашонкиным (известный Stand-up комик).

Акция от mestami exponat, можно 10 фактов у вас на стене?)

Cerber2099’s Profile Photoᴱˡ ʰⁱʲᵒ ᵈᵉˡ ᴳᵃᵗᵒ ˢᵃˡᵛᵃʲᵉ ™
✦ 10👼 за участие в акции начислено.

↳ Вадим, по гороскопу козерог
↳ Любишь мороженое-рожок
↳ Будешь смотреть олимпиаду в трансляции и в записи
↳ Смотришь Stand-Up и Дизель-шоу
↳ В плейлисте на данный момент можно увидеть новинки
↳ Ты - улыбчивый человек
↳ В книгах предпочитаешь фантастику
↳ Любишь и кошек и собак
↳ Любимый холодный напиток - мохито
↳ Каждый день можешь есть салат с крабовыми палочками и авокадо

mestami exponat

was watching a funny standup for now, and gamer I can't play until my exam gets over and the problem is it keeps getting postponed like 2 times already due to this lockdown, i just wana to get done with it so I can breathe

trying_pickup_lines’s Profile Photobadtameez jaani
I feel you, but once it's done, you'll feel the relief.
So think about the fact that you'll feel much better after you will pass the exam ✔
Don't over-think it 🤔
+2 answers in: “What's your go for the day when you just can't overcome the low feeling, I'm drowning 😵”

Какой самый полезный совет, вы слышали в жизни?

ilyakuman’s Profile PhotoИлья Куманецкий
Однажды я стала свидетелем как в общественном транспорте мужчина очень близко подошёл к одной из женщин, и это была история не о том, когда очень набитая маршрутка и все люди в ней как «селедки в банке»...
Помню, как в метро ощутила прикосновение к своим ягодицам и я просто замерла от испуга, открылась дверь и человек вышел из вагона... я даже не успела что-то предпринять.
Думаю, многим из нас знакомо, как выскакивает сердце от страха, когда из проезжающей мимо машины слышишь свист и вслед не совсем приятные слова в свой адрес.
Согласно данным международных исследований 78% женщин испытывали домогательства в общественных местах. Однако, большинство из нас не противодействует таким домогательствам, потому что это неудобно, сложно и утомительно. В итоге мы даже обвиняем самих себя, хотя, на самом деле — это не наша вина.
Только 11% из нас выбирают противостояние в общественных местах, тогда как 81% тех, кто претерпел домогательства, хотели бы, чтобы кто-то на самом деле вмешался.
Я очень хочу, чтобы каждый из нас знал как вести себя в подобной ситуации, знали как защитить себя и как помочь.
Присоединяйся к движению StandUp в Украине при поддержке L’Oréal Paris в партнёрстве с Hollaback и UNFPA. Это образовательная программа, нацеленная на предотвращения домогательств в общественных местах.
Вы обучитесь простой методологии «5Д» - набор проверенных тактик, которые помогут безопасно противостоять домогательствам в общественных местах.
Пройти обучение Stand Up можно бесплатно по этой ссылке:
Я также сама собираюсь пройти его.

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Какой самый полезный совет вы слышали в жизни

ѕυη∂αу ƒυη∂αу『🤣』 ・Glaubst du, du könntest mal als Stand-up Comedian vor einer kleineren Gruppe auftreten?

Wenn ich mit den Jungs unterwegs bin ist das schon fast wie standup comedy haha
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Do you have a lucky talisman you keep with you? PAP!

It’s a weird time to announce new music but I feel like this song will resonate with a lot of you so hopefully it can be helpful. #StandUp with @parkerhits comes out 7/7 ?
I wrote this song last July actually so it’s been a year. Some of you may remember how I said I wrote a song that was ridiculously high and kind of “unsingable”... yeah that is this song ahaha.
We’ve been planning this forever but it’s weird how timing works out sometimes. I wrote this about a personal journey of needing to break my mental chains and speak up for myself. To tell people how I’m feeling, when I’m not okay, if I feel like someone has wronged me or hurt me, to just be free in my own life.... I’ve never been the best at sharing myself with the people around me but last summer I realized that my closed-off way of living was taking a toll on my mental health. I needed to change.
I hope #StandUp can be an anthem for all the ways you might need to speak up. Things you need to say, share, or show people. The more you keep things in your head, the more powerless and alone you feel but that’s not reality. I have to be reminded of this too. You have a circle of influence, no matter how small it is. You have things in your life that you can take control of and change. You are stronger than you feel and your voice MATTERS. That’s something I need to hear like, every day ?
Anyway, I love you guys and I hope this song can lift you up and empower you. I’ve listened to it so many times when I needed encouragement and it really has helped me to be brave and speak my mind. I hope it can do the same for you.
#StandUpJuly7th ?

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Do you have a lucky talisman you keep with you PAP

Что ты думаешь о событиях в США? Интересны твои мысли.

yagody_g’s Profile PhotoЗови меня Севой
Но не будем забывать, что у нас росгвардейцы избивают дубинками даже за мирные, согласованные митинги. Не представляю, что было бы, будь это в нашей стране...
А тем временем Даня и его stand-up отнял у меня утро, но я не жалею. 😌❤️
Что ты думаешь о событиях в США Интересны твои мысли
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Gais, mau cerita, w ga tau hrs cerita kesiapa. W kan putus sama mantan w blm sethn sih, tbtb dia deketin temen baik w. Nyesek bgt akhir2 ini w selalu nangis. W udh terlanjur sayang bgt. W udh coba buat lupain dia tapi selalu ga bisa, dan gue nyesek bgt dia dkt sama tmn w Skg w jd gmn gt ketmn “:

Hmmm... berat sih *sedikit. Gini deh, semua kan udah ada yg atur. Lu percaya Tuhan kan? Lu pasrahin, lu ikhlasin. Gue tau itu susah dan berat. Tp harus lu coba. Dan jgn pikirin bgt. Lu nangisin dia gak akan guna jg kan? Doi gak tau lu nangisin dia. Lu mending ibadah dan berdoa ke Tuhan biar lu dpt penggantinya. Udah itu aja. Jadi lu legowo. Lu gitu mulu, nyiksa diri dah. Sayangi diri lu. Berharga bgt tau diri lu tuh... gue ada disana, gue bantu lu standup dan bikin lu kuat. Lu bisa kok..
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Wait is over Came up with the you tube channel Hi friends i have put this video on YouTube, its a standup comedy on the situation of CA students please go and watch the full video.If you enjoyed the video then please like share and subscribe. Thank you https://youtu.be/fBC_Q57wgTc

DheerajJha’s Profile PhotoDheeraj Jha
Congratulations! Wish you success bro! Everyone subscribe to the channel and once he gets famous he’ll send us each 10,000 usd ❤️😂

عندى عزة نفس تخلينى ماضيفش بنات على اكاونت الفيسبوك, مبحبش اترفض, وكمان عندى خجل. ازاى اتعرف على الجنس الآخر من غير ما الخجل والخوف من الفشل يعوقنى؟

الرفض مش معناه انك متستحقش تكون على تواصل بالناس، الرفض معناه ان الأذواق بتختلف مش اكتر. بس بالتدريج ممكن تتخلص من ال ego ده او تخليه ميأثرش على حياتك بشكل سلبي. راقب الناس ب communicate ازاي وبيخلقوا علاقات ازاي
اتفرج على افلام فيها sociality وحاول تبقى مركز
حاول تختار الناس اللي شبهك وتحسهم قريبين منك فكريا، لما تتعرف على حد جديد بنت او ولد متخضهمش بمعنى متحاولش تبقى eager وصريح اوي ف رغبتك ان يكون بينكوا تواصل، الناس بتخاف او مبتبقاش مرتاحة عموما
أتعرف على حد extrovert وعنده علاقات وصداقات اخرج معاه خليك ملازم له هيخرجك من احساسك العالي بذاتك ويخليك سلس مع الناس وهتتعلم تقبل الرفض بضحك وتريقة كمان و هيعرفك على ناس وانت هتغير من حياته الأجتماعية وهتبدا تواجه لحد م تكسر الحاجز ده.
اتفرج على مسلسلات sarcasm و standup comedy
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Олег, интересно ваше отношение к StandUp - ерам, типа Тони Робинса, очередной развод людей на деньги или ‘имеющий уши, да услышит’?

Слушайте, я вообще впервые о нем сегодня в Касталийском чатике прочитал )
Вот как то не интересно.
Не то чтобы совсем "Развод". Но в конечном счете люди платят не за информацию а за некую энергетику, некий посыл, который мог бы их вдохновить.
Вы поймите - на таком уровне нет чистого "развода" в том смысле что действие было бы ассиметричным. В бессознательном есть некий запрос, и на этот запрос отвечают такие люди. Мне это кажется малоинтересным, но знаете ли не всем быть Ставками...

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