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What do you do when you find no joy in anything?

AhmadBakheitMndo’s Profile Photo∆HMED
I look in the mirror and ask myself, "What the hell is wrong with you?" If it were possible, I would slap myself across the face too. Hopefully, I'd snap out of it. How could I possibly go through life and pretend that I can't find joy in anything when others are suffering, homeless, starving or in constant danger from a pointless war? There are children dying of cancer. People who have lost loved ones. Victims of crime, disease and totalitarian governments. I'm healthy. In good shape and fully functional. 👍 I have a place to sleep. A few shekels in my wallet. Enough food to feed an army. More books than I will ever have time to read. The dearest friends a person could hope to have and miraculously, they still tolerate my eccentricities. The freedom to pursue my interests and devote some time to worthy causes. This alone is enough to satisfy me. What could bring more joy than voluntarily helping others? If the day should come when I can't / won't find pleasure in anything, you have my permission to kick my a55. Twice.

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What do you do when you find no joy in anything

If a person steals a loaf of bread because he needs to feed his starving family, should he be punished?

No, but he will because society is a corrupt mess. I mean, for a start, his family shouldn't get to the point of starving in the first place!
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You got all these people constantly crying and complaining about how the world sucks. Crying on their couch while eating a box of cookies or ice cream. Seriously stfu there are people who have been raped and children are starving. Don't you agree?

Let's not invalidate others emotions just because "someone has it worse" someone has it worse than everyone out there, people are allowed to be emotional.

Share some serious facts.

huzaifaarifawan’s Profile PhotoHuzaifa Arif Awan
People sticked with the stigma that ugly people have golden heart and good looking people have ugly heart.
It's wrong statement ugly people ,good looking people anyone can have golden heart and ugly heart.
Keep your facts rights
Jaggery (gurr) doesnot make you fat but many believe it tastes sweet so it's fattening .keep your facts rights
Starving makes you slim ,it doesnot make you any slim , your weight stuck it doesnot loose Any further so keep your facts right
If black cat cross your way Nothing bad happen keep your facts rights
Don't believe with closed eyes what people have said ,think contemplate, is it really a such thing or just spread false rumours .differentiate between whats false rumours what actually is a reality .
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Do you not agree that all lives matter? Do you think only the lives of the blacks do? Are you a closeted racist?

The idea of BLM is to remind people of what is often practically shown to be not true; that lives of non-whites do also matter. It is not an exclusionist claim; in order to be one, it needs to be OBLM - ONLY black lives matter, which is not, evidently. You're building a straw man argument here.
By counter claiming that all lives matter you're doing discervice to the oppressed group by minisculing their suffering and engaging in whataboutery. Essentially, you become an accidental racist, blinded by your 'priviledge' of being not a minority.
Saying all lives matter to BLM movement is essentially is saying "let them eat cake" when the monarch was approached about starving poor masses, not being able to get daily bread. you're ignorant to the fact that they don't have access to cake; you take it for granted.
To answer your questions, yes, I don't agree that all lives matter. No, I don't think that only the lives of the blacks or any other ethnicity/race matters. No, I'm neither a closeted nor open racist – I despise all life equally and indiferently of their attributes.

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What things do you usually cook, when you do? I mean, do you make complex recipes or do you keep it simple?

A lot of the time, I just keep things simple! More so for speed lol
I have a tendency of getting myself food when I'm basically starving xD so I don't really wanna wait around too long lol
What things do you usually cook when you do I mean do you make complex recipes

Late night thoughts?

Alizy_8’s Profile PhotoAlizy
- 'It's way too late, i should def sleep.'
- 'dude i'm starving, i should prolly eat something'
- ' I wonder what she's up to. I should probably text her..'
- 'on second thought, let's not eat ab, cuz i'm gonna sleep right after.'
- 'Also, texting her is a bad idea. Should never ever do it!'
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What do you think starving helps in loosing weight or it doesnot

It does but what happened people feel so hungry they step into kitchen fry chicken pattie ,make burger apply lots of mayonnaise
If you starve then eat healthy then it's fine if you tempted toward unhealthy food it doesnot help in weight loss

~~ POTENTIAL TW: ED ~~~ why do you think diet culture affects more women than men? most people with an ED are women, especially teenagers/young adult women.

Unfortunately our society is a looks oriented society which I believe sets unrealistic and false expectations for many women. These expectations include height, weight, body type, hips, lips, hair, eyes, clothes, foot wear, and everything else related to physical appearance. As a result, some women perceive themselves as overweight and physically unattractive which results in an array of emotional disorders such as depression, anxiety attacks, eating disorders (bulimia, anorexia), cutting, sleep disorders, attempted suicides and a belief that they are unloved, isolated, irrelevant, outcasts, rejected, abandoned, ignored, neglected and discarded. These conflicting emotions sometimes result in women attempting to lose weight through excessive and unhealthy diets, starving themselves, consuming diet pills and in extreme cases, forcing themselves to vomit after each meal so they can attain the "perfect body" that their peers and our dysfunctional society will accept and proclaim as "beautiful." A tragedy with unimaginable pain, suffering and self destructive consequences.

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Why are you a picky eater?

I'm paying with my own money, and living under my own roof, so if I want to have fried fish (without tartar sauce) and chips WITHOUT any vegetables on the side, I will.
I was extremely sick as a kid and I had to be fed certain foods and certain amounts, even when I wasn’t hungry. It made me constantly feel more sick. Now it’s is really hard for me to eat and I have an eating disorder.
My sense of smell wins me over most times. If something doesn’t smell good enough, or straight up stinks, I will not try/eat it. Also, if the plate I am offered/served has an ingredient I know I don’t like, I won’t eat it neither.
I starved myself too. Food has been a struggle for as long as I can remember. I have no idea why. I'm still skinny and I still don't eat much on a daily basis. But force-feeding me has only made it worse. If my parents had tried another way maybe I would have been able to eat normally now that I'm adult.
I was too, but it was only because I had a habit of starving myself out of pickiness. I do wonder if that hasn't contributed to my eating problems as an adult.
At restaurants and stuff, it's not too bad. They usually have something I can find that's alright, or I just order it without/with a bunch of stuff (I always feel bad for the waiter/ress though because I'm so high maintenance). Same thing goes with the cafeteria food at uni. It was a little harder in high school, so if the entree was something I didn't like, I'd either not eat or just eat the sides. It's kind of hard at other people's houses. I'll usually just not take a lot of it and stomach what I have to to be polite.
I've been a picky eater for as long as I remember, but I'm not a dick about it. I'm not a vegetarian, and I don't have any dietary requirements... I'm just weird when it comes to food. I usually have a packed lunch instead of cafeteria food and when I stay at my friend's we usually get a takeaway or I just eat what they give me.I was a very picky eater in my younger years! Interestingly, I read that picky eaters consume a diet of mostly orange/yellow coloured foods. This proved accurate in my case so I began trying to create colourful meals.
So far every person I know that is picky about food was forced to eat things they didn't want as a child. Since my parents never forced anything on me I grew up liking most everything. When I was little I loved broccoli and brussels sprouts and just couldn't fathom that none of the other kids would touch them.

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Are there any minor things that annoy you? For example, it annoys me when youtube ads are silent since that makes me think something's wrong with the audio 😑

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I feel like it depends on my mood.ni can have extreme patience and ignore anything but more often than not i am easily annoyed by sooooo many things :'D everything starts to annoy me haha
What annoys me the most are people. Drunk/high people? I get annoyed. Direspectful people? I get annoyed. Unintelligent people? I get annoyed. People making noise or anyhow disturbing me? I get annoyed. Horny people? I get annoyed. Sluty people? I get annoyed. Victim card/self pitying people? I get annoyed. Big ego/full of themself people? I get annoyed. People not caring about the planet like making unnecessary waste or harming living things? I get annoyed. People not being on time - being late? I get annoyed...
And since you mention adds well i hate it and get severly annoyed by how many nsfw adds there are -.- like every second add i get while playing game son phone is of some game where you undressing mostly female character or where things are based on sexual interactions between characters or at minimum smugg graphic stories...it makes me wanna stop using phone all together because i have seen those one too many times 🙄 and the worst thing is icant even block them (used to be able to?). Iam already annoyed by adds in general cuz they are too common and interupt things (in games, youtube etc) but those are just the absolute worst and it instantly ruins my day -.-
Public wc's annoy me. more so repulse than annoy tho. Cuz they are always nasty. I rather not go to the toilet all day than go in those nasty smelly trash holes. The only exception is library. The toilet there is always spotless 😅 the only public toilet i will use honestly haha
I could go on but i am sleep deprived and starving atm and my patience battery was completely drained while battling my kid to make him sleep so right now i feel like EVERYTHING annoys me. Like existance itself annoys me :'D so i dont feel like my answer will be realistic in curremt state. But what i did mention always annoys me :'D

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I've seen a video where a person is letting a beetle type insect fall into hot water or oil. He records the video instead of saving it. A video where a dog rips off a cat and the person just records it. People can take a living being's life for content & money.

OneFinalTime_Maybe’s Profile PhotoAhmed Imran Hashmi
i used to watch nat geo as a kid, that love for watching documentaries grew with time.
i had same issues, why would they let the loin tear a baby deer?
i came to know.. mechanisms of food chains are designed by almighty.
you can't let the loin die starving cuz you think eating a deer is unethical.
the number of dead / alive creatures, is planned. all WELL PLANNED.
we eat chicken have eaten trillions of them, they are still enough to feed non veg humans,
but the loins/elephants/giraffes they are not exceeding the numbers. they are still in controllable number on this planet.
so if he let if fell/ but not threw it in it. i don't mind filming it.
cats and dogs fight ... even if we don't record they do.
do not worry just try limiting the content you want or do not want to see.
good day.

What's your current mood?

Exhausted & starving lol.
I worked today 9am-7:30pm today.
I packed a lunch (usually my team stops between clinics for fast food but since I’m trying to eat ~better~ I’ve been packing my own lunch) but for some reason today,, I took 3-4 bites of my food and wasn’t hungry anymore?
(Which is very unlike me, LOL.)
So anyway,, I’m finally home now.
Bf and I are about to smoke a lil w33d and then grill some steaks!!

I don't know why people insist that you live off of Justin's money (even if you did it wouldn't be an issue) when you've stated multiple times that you got your OWN money, you got a bank account on your name, relatives and a trust fund. It's not like without Justin you'd be homeless or starving lmao

tbh they’re just mad because they know justin makes more money than they do/their partner does and they like to give this perception that i’m some sort of gold digger which
oh well who cares. for every complaint i buy 1 more thing online
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Do you think Putin will get arrested for war crimes at this point?

SlimMan’s Profile PhotoBill Walker
Oh just look at that brainwashed 🤡, could it be even more mainstream? Reason number 1 why I loathe this site. Don't know why I have not blocked you months ago, when you opened your row mouth and spoke utter vulgar nonsense about Russia and Ukraine business . But I think now is the time. YOU and people like you who have 0 intellect or sense make me sick, I throw up my hands in confusion, looking at what you people are doing. Eating sweet fresh dump from the media and willingly sharing it with others, disguising it as a "Good Deed".
Boy, what you see/hear in the MEDIA is not the ultimate truth ffs.
Try to use critical thinking instead of soaking up everything that this cruel and unfair world of the press and green notes is trying to give you.
January 2022 was the most brutal month in more than 5 years of air war waged by Saudi Arabia with US support in Yemen. Have you heard about it ?
Since March 2015, the coalition has carried out over 23,000 airstrikes in Yemen, killing or injuring over 20,000 civilians.
The Biden administration continues to sell weapons to aggressor countries. It increased direct support for the UAE.
So, on 26 March, the UAE again invaded Yemen. Do you hear the condemning mouthpieces of the media ? No ? Nobody cares about the children of Yemen dying of hunger for many years, the starving people of Yemen?
That's all there is to know about the media.
Go and arrest the whole of america circus for their endless war crimes (or did you now know about them? What about the most recent Afghanistan or have you already forgotten ? Or what they have done to Yugoslavia ? Or you just don't know / don't care due to their lack of education and the fact that it did not flood the Internet / media so much?)
YOU have no idea what the Russian army is doing in Ukraine and why. You have no idea what Ukrainians have been doing since at least 2014. So shut your stupid mouth and feel sorry for yourself, not the Russian people.

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Is it wise to sanction Putin's daughters?

they should be scooped up and
taken to Ukraine to witness first hand the depravity of their father's actions..
maybe just maybe they have a shred of decency to prevail on him to cop on and stop murdering women and children , torturing and starving people, blowing up hospitals,
I doubt it though....
the psychology of his depravity intrigues me,
surely, surely , there is a little trigger mechanism in all of us that must deploy at some stage and influence the human mind in order to prevent this descent into barbarity
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Thoughts on "Aurat March"

one story - TWO SIDES,
- women fighting speaking and questioning world for women rights already enjoying more rights than they could possibly digest.
- women in need of these rights, the real victims of society do not have courage, access, will or power to speak up, they are starving for their rights.
so we live in a blind and deaf society,
if we see, we pretend we can't hear, if we hear we pretend we didn't saw! 🌚🥀
Thoughts on Aurat March

Why people are so mean these days ?

sexy_mummy98’s Profile PhotoAleksandra Gawor
I'm not.
Well, I just gave a homeless person my sandwich, bottle of water and crisps in town. Was rushing to get my daughter sorted to the toilets and seen the person.
Even though I was absolutely starving myself and only had a coffee this morning.
Some people aren't actually that mean. Some are kind.

Why don’t you tell me about your life?

> be me, have cool parents, both based and red pilled
> bounce around the planet for a few years
> find ourselves in brooklyn - "folks, this ain't so bad"
> starve, guitar, school, guitar, school and work, guitar
> stop starving, guitar, a girl or two, guitar, work, guitar
> few bands, work, more girls, work, solo projects, invest
> quit job, continue playing, offer live / studio support
> f*ck bands, invest / consult, finally make bank, travel
> get covid, spend time alone, school again, life is good
> i am here
Pretty much sums it up. Have I cured your insomnia yet? =D
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In the world there are many starving people and children being k*lled, and the world thinks about gay rights and forgets the innocent, a disgu**sting world.

Nah, nah. You are thinking it wrong, bro. Only, the EU thinking about the gay rights, many countries are still trying to help that people, whose life are in danger or deception.

In the world there are many starving people and children being k*lled, and the world thinks about gay rights and forgets the innocent, a disgu**sting world.

Увы, не все в нынешнем мире могут быть самими собой и управлять своей индивидуальностью.
Многие следуют за толпой, лидерами мнений, порой не отдавая себе отчёта о том, зачем они это делают 🙄.
Но мне не очень хочется рассуждать на такие печальные темы на своём аске, я предпочитаю делиться чем-то хорошим и пребывать в хорошем настроении, чего и вам желаю 😌...
Вокруг столько всего нехорошего, что любая минута, в которую мы можем размышлять о чём-то хорошем - очень важна и стоит её использовать для чего-то позитивного, я так считаю 😊.

In the world there are many starving people and children being k*lled, and the world thinks about gay rights and forgets the innocent, a disgu**sting world.

Да есть такое, но проблема не не в этом а в том что в каждое время были свои кукловоды дергающие за верёвочки своих кукол ради какой нибудь своей выгоды

Is stealing to feed a starving child wrong?

I personally would say no cause I wouldn’t want a kid going without food. If that’s going to happen though, the big chain shops will notice it a lot less than a smaller corner shop. As long as the guardian of said child was trying to get on their feet and used food banks or applied for free school meals to make sure it wasn’t stealing for the sake of it when there are other options to their disposal, I would look the other way

What is something that’s been normalized that you consider to be a complete scam?

Oh, a ton of things. Not surprisingly, the first thing that I thought of was online/Instagram culture, lol.
One specific thing that springs immediately to mind is that we're told it's perfectly normal, healthy, and easy (with a lot of hard work, of course) to achieve that flat "washboard" tummy or a six-pack. In reality, genetics plays a massive factor, and even for those who can achieve the look, they often have to flex/suck in to show off their abs. From what I can tell, the other major option is starving and/or dehydrating yourself - which, of course, is a whole other example of something that's been normalized that shouldn't be.
There's nothing wrong with having a tummy that sticks out a little, or a lot - it's completely normal, especially as you age, or go through pregnancy, and people of all body shapes and sizes can have it - and the notion that you have to lose all abdominal fat to look good is not only a complete scam, but does so much f*cking harm. It's okay to let your body just be.

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Thoughts on this new feature that reveals the gender of people? It's ASk's latest update, currently available on Android OS only, but I anticipate it'll soon be for everyone.

Why is everyone so worried about their gender?
What about 3rd world countries that are starving? You think they have all this spare time in their day to worry about their gender? No, so we should use our spare time to figure out how we can help this people eat. Is that so much to ask? 🙄

5+💋..🍁🍃.. What do you think of men who wear makeup better than women??.. I don't know how to make Up!!.. jajaja.. 💜LoV3💙.. Qué opinas de los Hombres que se maquillan mejor que las Mujeres??.. Yo No se como Maquillarme!!.. jajaja..🍃🍁

ysk88burbujita88’s Profile Photoπ^÷Copo de Nieve÷^π
What do I think of men who wear makeup? I ignore such behavior. Humans often act to get attention and I am not willing to waste my time or energy paying attention to matters that I consider irrelevant. We have humans starving to death in the world and instead occupy our thoughts on whether or not men look attractive in makeup. Seriously??
¿Qué pienso de los hombres que usan maquillaje? Ignoro tal comportamiento. Los seres humanos a menudo actúan para llamar la atención y no estoy dispuesto a perder mi tiempo o energía prestando atención a asuntos que considero irrelevantes. Tenemos humanos muriéndose de hambre en el mundo y, en cambio, ocupamos nuestros pensamientos en si los hombres se ven atractivos o no con el maquillaje. ¿¿Seriamente??

ever self-harmed or starved yourself?

I used to be veeeeery addicted to videogames, and almost went an entire day without eating... hardly sleeping even... I'd eat sleep and BREATHE videogames, if I could. lol.
It wasn't like I "intentionally" starved myself, because of bulimia or anorexia... It was more so, I was distracted and more invested in what I was doing, or had planned to do in my own virtual reality, that food... in that moment, just felt secondary/less important... Then, of course, I'd decide that I was STARVING when the "real" reality hit, and then I'd make me something quick to eat, lol.
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⠀⠀❀ ⠀⠀ https://ask.fm/kookprxncess/answers/168012144134

kookprxncess’s Profile Photo☼ — sarah cameron
Rose looked the young vampire up and down and then made face screaming SUFFERING.❝Neither do I, if that makes you feel any better.❞ The dhampir girl with a shrug and then gestures Sarah to follow her inside.
❝Listen,I won't go around playing 'ma'am' role and all, but I will kick your vampire ass if you decide to off bananas, kapish? ❞ She looked over her shoulder and rose and eyebrow. ❝Gosh, don't look so terrified, whatever they said about me, it's pretty much twice as bad on trouble level, BUT everyone always cuts out the FUN part. You'll have the most entertaining training sessions possible, I promise you that. We have plenty people to annoy while we here. Are you hungry? Cause I am starving, Alberta made us wait you for half an hour. By hungry I meant that food-food, but we can take a detour to the feeders if you wanna..you know..❞ She made a gesture pointing at her non existent fangs.

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Koi khubsoorat baat?✨

magzineria’s Profile PhotoRafiyya
it was a random cold night,
tired of his daily routine he dailed her, in a heavy voice, slow pace he mumbled her name, noor. hmm she replied.
in a heavy wishpring sleepy voice he said .. YOU ARE MINE. the gap between words, the firm tone, his tired body, his sleepy head, proved his HEART was now on command,
no matter how impossible it was for him to accept that he loved her unconditionally, how hard it was to let her go, how sad he was deep down ... he said what the heart wanted.
my heart skipped a, with my stonned eyes, i listened to him, hard to believe, sweet to hear, i wanted to flew to him, hide somewhere in his strong arms, to feel how life would be if i was really HIS. FOREVER.
i tried to answer but before i could even speak, unintentionally i kissed, twice, thrice, multiple other times,
he was what i wanted, someone i was starving for. some i would not mind dying for.
but silence again built UNBREAKABLE walls,
he might not remember what he said. i might not forget what he said.
life is unpredictable. 🌚🥀

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Koi khubsoorat baat

What do you personally think of having biological kids? And why?

I think it's fucking awesome. I think it should be entirely the mother's choice if she wants to have that child, but I think the ability to bring a brand new human into the world is pretty fucking rad.
When I was in my late teens - and this was after about 6 years of starving myself, not having had a period in yonks - I was warned that my chances of having kids were hovering around the 20-25% success rate range, and I'd likely lose upwards if 3 out of 4 pregnancies.
It scared me. But, like, a lot. I made serious, active changes to my lifestyle because it wasn't something that I was prepared to risk. I want kids. I want kids to show the amazing world to, to give them a million and one things to love.
I'm not prepared to trade that much joy off for staying a size 0 forever.

What do you do when you’re sad?

I remind myself that others are starving. Deformed. Homeless. Abused. Suffering. Unhealthy. Challenged. Poverty-stricken. Sad? What the f*ck do I have to be sad about? With all of my problems and difficulties, challenges and hardships, I have nothing to be unhappy about - and this holds true for every other a55hole who thinks he has it rough. There is nothing sadder than an ungrateful creature.

You clearly didn't read the article. I get it that you like Jordan Petersen, but he did not completely fact check her. She has a lot to gain, but it doesn't look like you want to read anything that goes against your initial impression of her. I always like to look at evidence from multiple angles.

I read it but the things she said in the interview were not the same as that article. She only talks about how different it is being in North Korea compared to America. About how it all works. How many people are starving. How you have zero individualism. How everything is controlled by officials. How 60 million people have died from communism. About women being sold to China for slavery. She doesn’t even talk about her family. ALL those things are fact checked. Many many people talk about the same things.

Do girls only date fat guys for their wealth?

Nuclear winters are upon us everyone will be starving except the women who have gotten themselves a fat husband in the times of spring and peace.They will eat their flesh for days and it will last them the whole winter. They will be only survivors and hope of human race.
- Nostradamus

Is education a luxury or a right? What is your standpoint?

Its a human right depending what country you live in.
It’s a necessity for modern societies to function correctly like they should.
We strive for self-fulfillment and education contributes much to increase the chances for this to happen.
Denying us education is equivalent to starving our minds and curiosity.
It’s as inhumane as denying them food.

Which one is more important? Being honest? Or saving a relationship?

You're a human. You're starving, so you eat your food and fulfill your hunger.
But can you do one thing being a human that you fulfill your hunger and not eat your food?
Or can you eat your food and not fulfill your hunger?
That's a NO, right? You can't do either. When you eat your food, you'll fulfill your hunger and if you want to fulfill your hunger, you have to eat your food.
So, exactly!
You're a human means You're in a relationship.
You're eating your food means you're being honest in a relationship.
You're fulfilling your hunger means you're saving a relationship.
Why do you even have to choose between anything? They both are important. You can do both. You can be honest, and still save a relationship. And you can save a relationship by still being honest.
When you're in a relationship, you have to be honest and also do whatever it takes to save your relationship. Both are important, you can save the relationship and be honest as well.

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Which one is more important Being honest Or saving a relationship

What do you like more: Summer jams or Christmas songs? 🎶/ Wat vind je leuker: Zomerhits of Kerstliedjes? 🎶

LunarHuntress’s Profile PhotoYentl
I feel like if a Christmas song ever mistakenly comes on outside the Christmas season, people show immense disdain. Even if it's only December 26th. While I understand that a ton of Christmas music is annoying, are there any Christmas songs you wish weren't associated with the holiday so you could listen to them throughout the year? The three that jump out at me are The Christmas Song by Nat King Cole, Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas by Judy Garland, and Happy Xmas (War is Over) by John Lennon. I'm fond of the melodies and imagery in the first two. I think Lennon's song has great atmosphere.
I'm not even religious, but when I hear these songs with a proper choir behind them, holy shit, you can just feel how people used to actually care about this holiday once upon a time. It lends it a sense of gravitas and makes this time of year feel like so much more than hokey novelty songs and plastic bullshit.
I've never actually stopped to read the lyrics, and it would seem they are both very dark and hopeful at the same time. It is a story of a starving sparrow getting fed by a small girl in a cold Christmas morning, but apparently the sparrow is actually the girl's dead brother (if I'm reading this right), who has come from heaven to greet her. Not sure if grim, sad, or optimistic.
For me, there is absolutely no album that is more summery than Operation Ivy - Energy. Maybe it's because I am from Florida and lived like 15 mins from the beach my entire childhood, but that album is the essence of driving to the beach with the windows down on a hot summer day. The albums that have always felt the most wintery to me are Sigur Ros - ( ) and Agaetis Byrjun. The bass line in Olsen Olsen particularly feels like snow falling. When I went to Iceland in December a few years back, I was taking the shuttle from the airport to downtown Reykjavik and as we were driving, Olsen Olsen came on shuffle. So one of my first moments in Iceland, driving through the snow on this shuttle bus, was listening to that song.
So far I've liked everything they've done. Their latest album is a bit weaker than the rest but still good. I think it's just lacking in memorable hooks and melodies. Tyler's vocals are great and Tim's synths are catchy as hell. I like the trance influence you can hear it a lot in how Tim produces the songs. Trance is another genre a love so it's a great combination. If they ever come nearby I'm definitely going to see them.
Brand New’s The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me has always been a fall record for me, both sonically and because I got into it in the fall of my junior year of high school. There’s something about the moments of empty cold interspersed with precipitating emotion and pain that play off the instrumentals and just sound like fall to me. Death Cab’s Plans is another fall record, though I got into this one my freshman year of college on long, lonely walks in the autumn twilight.

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