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okrem steamu sa ta hra neda hrat?

Nevím, jestli je k dispozici i jinde (epicgames, gog..).
Vím, že existuje i krabicová verze, ale tam bylo stejně nutné přihlášení přes steam. To bys musel hledat.
Dřív, ještě než vyšly myslím poslední dvě velké aktualizace, se dala hrát i v podstatě pirátsky stažená, ale bez multiplayeru.
Ale ty nové verze už myslím tak nešly.

preoc si nechel ak do dunca mozno? lebo len digitlna to ako funguej ta hra?

No už jednou se mi to malém vymstilo nějaký frajer z Ruska mi ukradl steam účet i Sociální club účet nakoupil si tam hry já to zjistil po půl roce napsal na podporu a vše mi vrátili i s těmi hry co tam nakoupil takže jsem vydělal :D No oni ti za peníze pošlou kód a ty na jejich stránkách ho zadaš a stahuješ :)

Which is your favorite city you've been to? What made it so special according to you? 🏙

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Aberystwyth :)
Not only is it special as a holiday destination that my boyfriend shared with me, but my mom went to university there!
My boyfriend and I took her and my dad there a number of years back! My mom's face lit up cuz so much was the same :3
My dad was super thrilled too cuz we took the steam train to Devil's Bridge xD
Had amazing paninis at the Two Hoots Cafe :D I miss it xD
Which is your favorite city youve been to What made it so special according to

Welche Games hast du dir im SSS geholt, bzw. hast du Tipps, was cool ist? :D

- Stray (kommt im 19. Juli heraus)
- Fallout 4
- Fallout New Vegas (mein absolutes Lieblingsspiel, aber hatte es damals nicht auf Steam)
- Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning
- Ori and the Will of Wisps
Puh, also so wiirkliche "Tipps" habe ich tatsächlich nicht, weil es ganz auf den eigenen Geschmack ankommt; ich bin einfach meine Wunschliste durchgegangen und habe mich für die Games entschieden, die ich meiner Laune entsprechend am Interessantesten fand, vor allem, weil auch ein gewisser Nostalgiefaktor dazukommt. :>

Do you have a guilty pleasure?

klonetron’s Profile PhotoHalbery Jones
Rap songs about violence and drugs. 😅 I know the content technically does not align with my values mostly, and many people see art that expresses anything that is not okay in real life as wrong/harmful and therefore would judge me for enjoying those songs, but I really enjoy that kind of music tbh, it kind of helps me blow off steam and channel my angry feelings lol. (Also I don't think exploring taboo topics in art should be judged as harshly as it is by many people. Criticism is okay and, in many cases, valid to an extent, but many seem to think that if an artist explores, for example, themes of violence in their art, they approve of that kind of stuff in real life, too, and that's just nonsense. We don't view horror movies and their creators that way, so why judge it differently when it's in music or books, or about topics we are personally not comfortable or familiar with?)

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I rent a flat. It has got furniture but I don't know who used it before I rent the flat . The sofas look clean but a bit dusty . How can I clean then and make sure they don't have any bacterias from the previous tenant ?

Steam is one of the most efficient tools for killing bacteria. You can hire one of those steam cleaning professionals. Or do it yourself.

Jaký je váš důvod, proč pirátíte hry? Případně jaký důvod pro pirátění můžou mít lidé ve vašem okolí?

Benoverse’s Profile PhotoBeno in Wonderland
Nesnasim dnesni dobu plnou "predbeznych pristupu"..(nejedu jiny store nez Steam, tak jinde to treba neni takovej propadak, nevim)
Ale fakt pouziju typickou frazi "KDE JSOU TY CASY"..kdy sis za 50 € koupil "cédéčko" nebo "dývko", kde byla plna hra. Bez slibu.
Dnes? Das 50 € za predbezny pristup..kterej do 5 Let..jakoby mozna bude vypadat stejne jak nam vyvojar slibuje, ale mozna se na to za 2 roky uplne vysere, ale bohuzel nejaka refundace funguje jen prvnich 14 dni..a nejaky zavazek na steamu prakticky neni. (jasne..do 5 let musi hra prejit z predbezneho pristupu do plne verze..a nebo musi byt hra stazena ze Steamu) VAU..a co ti lide, co platili plnou cenu? Halo? 😄
Ty vole zlatej minecraft, kde proste vis za co platis a kontent je i po tech letech..neustale pridavanej. JAsne, ze dnesni minecraft nemuze stat tolik jako minecraft pred 8 lety, ale to je naprosto v poradku. A fakt cumim, ze si z toho velky studia..dodnes nevzali nejaky ponauceni. Pokud vim, tak Minecraft ma furt skvely prodeje a navic neni oplocen zadnou katastrofou nebo vyvojarskym pruserem. Proste...jde to delat i dobre..vzdyt to vidime.
Ja treba nemuzu odpustit hype okolo Cyberpunku2077, jehoz uvedeni do prodeje bylo tak sileny, ze ho museli stahnout z PlayStore pro PSka, protoze to bylo nehratelny.
Jak se tohle kurva muze stat u prvotridniho vyvojare?
A co serie Fallout a snad nejvetsi zmrd Bethesda?
A co snad nejvetsi a nezjnamejsi lez s nazvem No Man Sky?
A co Star Wars Battlefront od slavne EA, prospikovana mikrotransakcema..protoze JENOM koupit hru..proste neni ono?
A nebo katastrofa Assassins creed Valhalla od Ubisoftu? Samozrejme, ze se na to zapomene, protoze to vydelalo miliardu dolaru a prodaly se skoro 2 miliony kopii jen za prvni tejden. To co se delo po tom..a jakou hru jsi vlastne dostal..uz se radsi neresi.
Ne proste. Neverim velkym vyvojarum..ted uz fakt ne. A fakt mi prijde "sympatictejsi" si hru stahnout..zaparit..a pak si ji klidne zakoupit s tim, ze mam aktualizace, dodatecnej kontent a podporu k tomu.
Tohle si ale nedovolim u indiecek, kterym se paradoxne neveri, pritom vysledky jejich prace..byvaji kolikrat zabavnejsi..lepsi..a paradoxne levnejsi.
Troufnu si rict, ze jsem nikdy neporidil hru do 20€, ktera by me zklamala.
Za to mam plnej steam her za 40 az 60 €, ktery dodnes nesnasim xDD

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Cum ai petrecut ziua de duminică?

Am căutat o mare parte din zi jocuri pe Steam, că am zis să nu mai aștept fără să pierd timp, până vine Elden Ring din Germania. Am jucat A slit of joy- interesant, dar mediocru, am încercat să joc NOSTALGIC TRAIN, dar nu a pornit (sper să îl repare, că ar fi bani aruncați) și, în cele din urmă, am început OMORI, care pare a fi o capodoperă. Ceva total diferit față de ce am încercat până acum și capabil să mă aducă în stări pe care probabil nu le-am experimentat la asemenea intensități (rămâne de vazut - dar pare promițător).

Juego de consola favorito??

De consola,,, aaa no sé, no ando muy gamer hace rato, últimamente juego puro lol, instalé en mi pc el Lost Arc y ahí está, tengo el Cuphead por el steam igual, pero eso es puro pc y solo lo pesco cuando tengo un espacio libre para respirar de todas las weas que debo hacer uvu
Tengo una switch igual, pero los juego son caritos, con mi hermano compramos el último Just Dance hahaha y tenemos juegos para jugar varios, nada tan serio que aporte al vicio, onda, su Mario Kart, Super Smash, creo que anda dando vueltas por ahí el Zelda hahah, pero no tengo nada como para decir que es mi favorito por ahora, tengo unas ganas de jugar con mis amigos el Elden Ring, pero hay que comprarlo y ahora me urgen otros gastos uvu uvu uvu

У вас когда-нибудь воровали (скамили) аккаунты на площадках на подобии Steam, Epic Games Store и т.п.? Или, например, в соц-сетях? Аккаунты в играх? Если да, то сколько раз?

AnonstarAzi’s Profile PhotoРусик твой пупсик
У меня как-то под новый год увели рабочий аккаунт библиотеки в ВК под новый год... 🤦‍♀️ в итоге никто не пострадал.
У вас когданибудь воровали скамили аккаунты на площадках на подобии Steam Epic

What is a fun or interesting fact about your hometown?

The memories, the sunrise and sunset breeze & scenery, the friendly people, the cheerful environment, the flowers and smell, the foods and welcoming hand, the small stalls that sell ice blended & the traditional steam bun I like, the evening bicycle riding, the long rows of palm trees throughout the way to go back home...
Everything, honestly. It was just me who didn't experience everything wholeheartedly, cause I thought I always have time. Haih. Tgok dan sedih balik 😪.

Quais seus jogos favoritos???

anaizadora54’s Profile PhotoMaria Ana
- Toda saga Castlevania (Aria of Sorrow e SOTN são meus favoritos)
- Toda saga Diablo
- Toda saga Street Fighter
Ai vem os outros:
- Chrono Trigger
- The Legend of Zelda A link to the past e The Minish cap
- LOL as vezes só kk
E tem alguns indies da steam que se eu for por aqui vai ficar gigantesca a lista.

Have you seen Tom Hanks , George Clooney and many A list actors lately. They're gone for good .Adrenachrome discover it. Symbolism will be their downfall. Patriots are in control trust in humanity trust in God love one another .Time is short

Many Americans are totally disgusted with Hollywood, MSM, Globalists, the Woke Activists, the politicians and the ruling class (billionaire donors) who seem to believe that the only way to save the world is by completely destroying the United States. I have no patience for those people who complain 24x7 but offer no rational solutions to problems. For example, ending all fossil fuels and not providing any realistic and sustainable energy alternatives.
Sometimes I feel like I am on the Titanic (USA) and the captain, who is a globalist woke activist (Marxist), see's an iceberg dead ahead and responds by yelling: "Full Steam Ahead!" WTF!!
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Na graniu w jaką grę spędziłeś najwięcej czasu? 😛

Sisterki_’s Profile PhotoDomczixx
Trudno powiedzieć xd na ile pamiętam z dzieciństwa to mnóstwo grałem w Gothica, Twierdzę krzyżowiec i Duke Nukem, patrząc współcześnie po czasach na steam to cs i Wiedźmin 1 i 3, chociaż jest jeszcze Warcraft 3 i World of Warcraft :D myślę, że podobna ilość czasu we wszystkich tytułach

В России теперь нельзя купить Фифу? Путин ты охренел? Верни как было! У меня 1/4!

Да. И не только Фифу. Игры Microsoft и Bethesda для российского региона больше недоступны в Steam, PS Store и на других площадках.
На текущий момент пользователи из России не могут купить в Steam такие популярные игры, как Halo Infinite, Forza Horizon 5, Gears of War, Deathloop, DOOM, Prey, Skyrim и The Evil Within.
В ранее Electronic Arts (FIFA 22, Battlefield 2042, NHL 22, Sims), Rockstar Games и Activision Blizzard (Diablo, Call of Duty и World of Warcraft) перестали продавать свои игры в России.
Война того стоит?!

Game: top horror game?

Visuvisu’s Profile PhotoVisuvisu 米萨陈
Auf Steam gibt es eine ganze Reihe von Early-Access-Horror-Survival-Online-Co-op-Spielen™, die meistens auch nicht sonderlich teuer sind. Davon habe ich etliche zusammen mit ein paar anderen Leuten über die letzten Monate mal ausprobiert:
Phasmophobia, Devour, Forewarned, Labyrinthine, Pacify und Lunch Lady.
Am meisten Spaß hatte ich aber denke ich auf Geisterjagd in Phasmophobia.
https://youtu.be/yGzqYmzwmjkgichi97’s Video 170002335848 yGzqYmzwmjkgichi97’s Video 170002335848 yGzqYmzwmjk

Does love last forever?

I’m very sceptical about the concept of kids because of the current state and the future prospects of our planet and also because I don’t trust my temper and capability of raising another person, but on days like this I wish I had a child who was just like me and I would give her so much unconditional love and care, so much support, so much compassion, she wouldn’t have to go post shit answers on trash apps in front of naive strangers to blow her steam off. She’d know I’ll listen. I’d listen to her talk so much.

Fala léo beleza ? oque vc mais faz nas horas vagas ?

Nas minhas horas vagas quando eu não estou estudando ou realizando algumas das minhas atividades do dia-a-dia, eu geralmente reservo algumas horinhas pra entrar no PC e jogar um League Of Legends, alguns joguinhos na Steam, logar no discord pra zoar e assistir um netflix nos discord's dos meus parças ou jogar um Playstation 5 de boas. Diariamente também os meus amigos costumam vim aqui em casa, ou eu vou pra casa deles " tanto faz " aí a gente faz uma socialzinha entre a gente mesmo, comi, bebi, conversa, zoa, joga alguns joguinhos de tabuleiros como: monopoly, banco imobiliário, UNO, 21, baralho, dominó, verdade ou consequência e por aí vai... E no momento está sendo muitooo melhor doque está frequentando festinhas ou barzinhos públicos em meio a essa pandemia louca ae. 😃

Коллекционеры. Вы относите себя к ним, ну хоть чуть-чуть? Наверняка собирали раньше что-то или собираете сейчас..расскажите, в очередной раз) о своих увлечениях?

domokhozyayka’s Profile PhotoДомохозяйка
Ну…я люблю поиграть на компьютере, в библиотеке steam у меня 15 уровень и там у меня звание как: придирчивый коллекционер.
Покупаю я обычно топовые игры, которые на слуху у всей играющей аудитории. Ещё увлекаюсь своими рисунками, правда сейчас редко рисую и к моему сожалению нету сейчас таких мощных порывов, чтобы рисовать работы.
Коллекционеры Вы относите себя к ним ну хоть чутьчуть Наверняка собирали раньше

Привет, изюмчик, что нового? 😊

BulochkaMm’s Profile PhotoРаботаю В Морге
В сегодняшнем выпуске новостей:Лукашенко признался что Беларусь будет воевать в 2 случаях, если будет совершена атака на них, и если нападут на Россию, также признался что воевать против Украины не планирует, всётаки славяне, да и может где-то у нас похоронен его предки, далее стало ясно что бывший чемпион Европы по боксу Владимир Вирчис найден повешенным на петле, сегодня у нас 34 тысячи заболевших, в моей области почти 1000 и нас пару суток назад снова перевели в оранжевую зону, далее в сети появилась инфа касательно фильма Хеллбой 3, Рон Перлман сам о ней и рассказал что готов закончить франшизу финалом но при условии что режиссёром по прежнему будет Гильермо Дель Торо, но Перлман не сильно горит желанием снять 3-ю часть поскольку ему уже 71 год, такшо со временем узнаем будет кино или нет🙄также Арнольд Шварценегер затизерил себя в роли Зевса, но в каком кино не ясно, лиш ясно что выйдет где-то в феврале, дальше стало ясно что Джонни Деп судя по всему вернулся в большое кино, но иметь дело с Дисней он уже категорически не будет, но зато скоро снимется в новом кино"Людовик 15" такшо ждём😌тем временем Ворнер Бразерс уже готовы полностью избавится от Бена Афлека и Генри Кавила из вселенной DC, и етим делают большую ошибку, ведь конкуренты с Марвел могут забрать етих талантов себе, Афлек мог бы сыграть Сорви голову, а Генри сыграл бы Капитана Британия в будущем такое возможно, далее стало ясно что Шерлиз Терон и Енн Хетуей получат новые роли в Марвел, кем они будут покачто держится в тайне, стало известно что игру Hogwarts Legacy выйдет в 2022 без переносов😌знаменитая консоль Steam Deck выйдет в продаж 25 февраля😌 Значит стоимость будет от 400 до 650 баксов,также стало известно что возможно в разработке находится Uncharted 5 одна из лучших игр всех времен и народов😌 также стало ясно что в новом Аватар 2 появится Вин Дизель, надеюсь он не будет в главной роли🙄также недавно в сети появилась инфа что Crytek начала разработку Crysis 4😊 с новой графикой😎

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🇱🇺Ben je een verzamelaar? Wat voor verzameling heb je of werk je aan?🇬🇧Are you a collector? What kind of collection do you have, or are you working on?

Annvica’s Profile PhotoAnnette
I am! I collect Funko pops and in a way I also collect geocaches and TooGoodToGo boxes. Oh and Steam cards!
If you rather receive video answers, please use #video in your question.
Follow me on:
Twitch: norakitties
Instagram: norakitties / theragingkitties
Tiktok: NoraKitties
Facebook: Nora May - NoraKitties / The Raging Kitties
Snapchat: kellykitties
Swarm: KellyKitties
Geocaching: NoraKitties
Ben je een verzamelaar Wat voor verzameling heb je of werk je aanAre you a

Часто думаешь о том, что тебе нечего надеть?

happiness_limit’s Profile Photoлимит на счастье
Это у девушек сия проблема) А у парней совершенно другое, заходишь такой в библиотеку Steam и нет во что поиграть, хотя в библиотеке 500, а то и более игр))
Часто думаешь о том что тебе нечего надеть

Top spēles, ko spēlē Steam? (Man vajag ieteikumus) 😅

✠ Tagad/pēdējā laikā vai vispār? 😅
Jo nu pēdējā laikā es neko daudz nedaru, kādu stundu dienā pavadu 'Coloring Pixels' spēlītē because strangely enough tas noņem stresu un citas negatīvas emocijas 🙃
Euro Truck Simulator 2 spēlēju katru dienu vairāk vai mazāk
Un vēl viena pēdējā laika 'top' spēle for me ir Titan Quest ✌🏼
Pēc spēlē pavadītā laika mans 'top' arī neko daudz neatšķiras 😅
Jānopērk kaut kas jauns, man ir pārāk daudz spēles, kuras es nespēlēju nemaz 😂🤦🏼‍♀
Top spēles ko spēlē Steam Man vajag ieteikumus

If someone gave you a lump of coal as a present, what would you do with it?

Well for starters be super confused xD
But possibly try and carve into it! Turn it into a piece of art work :3
My boyfriend got my dad a coal carved into a steam train! Which takes pride of place on a shelf which my dad looks at daily :3
Then what ever is left, I could use for art work :)
If someone gave you a lump of coal as a present what would you do with it
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Iesaki vietu kur lētāk iegādāties spēles priekš pc. Ja negeimo, vnk laid jautājumu garām. ✌🏻🙃

vincesters’s Profile PhotoKaspars Sentinels
⛓ Viss ko es spēlēju un par ko tikusi izdota nauda ir vai nu no Steam vai Blizzard.
Un Steamā mierīgi var dabūt spēles par lētu naudu, tikai vajag atrast īsto brīdi kad pirkt.
Man ir pilns konts ar spēlēm, kuras par pilnu cenu maksā ~ 30 - 50eur bet es viņas pirku lielākoties pa kādi ~5 - 15eur 😅👌🏼
Visbiežāk svētku mēnešos ir vislielākās atlaides, kad nosviež līdz pat ~90% no cenas...
Par citām vietām kur pirkt spēles gan nemācēšu atbildēt jo kā jau minēju, visu pērku tikai no Steam un Blizzard.
Iesaki vietu kur lētāk iegādāties spēles priekš pc Ja negeimo vnk laid jautājumu

Post something nice🌺

8 in the morning you're at the metro station, your breaths turning into steam from the cold. Everyone at the station is waiting for the train as you are, absorbed in their tasks. A man's holding his briefcase, a woman with her kids to take them to school. You get in the train and its bustling with people lost in their own thoughts and tasks, preparing for the day ahead. You take out your notebook and start writing lyrics as the sun shines through the window onto your notebook. You know it's gonna be a busy day yet started out in peace.
This is my life everyday.
Post something nice
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Have you ever been in a sauna before? If not, would you ever want to? 👍 🙃

redoasis2017’s Profile Photo★ ☮ ♫ tēຖค¢i໐นŞ t໐๓๓คฯ™ ▩ ♚ ☻
Yes. I didn't care much for it.
Yes, it was hot & steamy. Lol. I didn’t like it very much. You feel like your pores are pretty open & clean afterwards, though. But, I have been in an Ice Room in a Vegas spa, there was snow coming down! That was pretty awesome.
Yes, I go to sauna twice a week and it is amazing. I don't know if this counts tho because I live in Finland and we have saunas in pretty much every single house.
The heat and humidity was stifling. But I felt really relaxed when I came out.
Sweaty and hard to breathe.
I have never been in one in my home country (Mexico, like what would be the point?) but the ones I have been in Canada have all been stifling and uncomfortable. I am sad reading your comment because it's unlikely I'll ever get to try a proper one Finn or Russian style and I'm totally a when in Rome kind of person. As a complete aside the only bit of Finnish life I have ever seen represented is (what I thought to be) an awesome movie called Kukushka (In Russian, Finnish, and German, subtitled in English) and I still think about that movie now and then. Enjoy your sauna, lucky one! Sauna's are not meant to approach intolerably hot, as a matter of fact I'm gonna be in one today, the point of a sauna is 'to heat you down to your bones' and help you exfoliate a bit, it's quite healthy. 70 C is as high as I go, which isn't TOO bad, but uncomfortable wouldn't be inaccurate.
I loved the sauna. The steam clears my sinuses and after 15 minutes I'd jump in the swimming pool at the gym. That cold water was a better wake up than a double shot of espresso.
It may not be the sauna - I have some health stuff where my body has a hard time compensating for heat, I get overheated and feel ill really easily, so it's become a mental dread of being hot. That may play a part? I had a roommate that would lie out on 102 (38.8 Celsius) degree heat and felt blissful, another friend who would sit in a hot car sometimes because it felt good to her.
I have a sauna in my house. Love sauna, many different kinds but you can't beat a traditional wood-heated sauna. And then a cold shower afterwards.
Both of us almost passed out in the Sauna. The heat is ferocious. I know it’s a fantasy for people, but it did not live up to the hype. The steam room/shower is a different story. Not nearly as hot…just really really wet! Had many great fuck sessions in those! Had a heavy make-out session in a sauna once. It got way too hot and we got dizzy and had to step out to cool off. Wouldn’t recommend. I was recently in a sauna and was thinking how there's no way I'd be able to do anything physical like sex due to the heat - my body just goes into "don't die" mode after a few minutes. Getting handsy with someone would be really sexy though.
No and yes I would love to have a sauna, specifically an infrared sauna because you don’t have to spend such a long time inside of one to make it effective for detoxing through the skin.

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Have you been on a cruise? How was your experience?

Cruises can be fun, and relaxing, but sometimes it's tricky when getting off port. There's a limited amount of time to play or do an excursion, and you only get to visit the touristy parts. It's more just about the all-inclusive aspect of the ship (aside from alcohol and soda), and enjoying yourself. Some cruises have a lot of old people, some have young children (Disney Cruise line), some ships are gross and poorly maintained, but inexpensive (Carnival Cruise line), some have amazing amenities like a fantastic steam room and gym facility (Celebrity cruise line)... At this point in my life, I'm young, very active, and love to travel doing non-touristy stuff, so I don't cruise anymore. Of course, a few years ago I found a deal for $129 for a 4-day cruise to Mexico, so I went with a bunch of friends. Now I look for deals on airfare and fly to different countries.
Surprisingly better than I expected. I can't wait to go again. Food was excellent. Entertainment was great. The atmosphere was relaxing. It was awesome. Only downside is activities get expensive. I think it was $800 for the cruise itself, but all total I spent like $2,000.
Fun but I'd never do it again. It's a nice, mindless trip to do with friends (what I did), but being trapped on a boat isn't really my idea of fun. I much prefer being able to do everything on my own time and explore actual places, rather than a huge ship.
Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean. It was pretty disappointing. The costumes in the shipboard floor shows were worn out and actually torn. Like it was the end of the season and they weren't getting new costumes until next week. As big as the cruise liner was, there seemed to be a lot of movement, even though the waters were calm. We stopped at two or three Caribbean ports and found mostly cheap tourist trinkets. We, Spouse and I, went snorkeling, which was fun. We, Spouse and I, went to one stage production on some island. I don't remember how it was advertised, but what we got was lots of tall, pretty, young women wearing brightly colored Mardi Gras type costumes with lots of feathers. Dancing topless. All I could think of was that these young women were doing this for a living.
Been on Flogging Molly's Salty Dog punk rock cruise three times over the past five years. It's a fantastic live music fest at sea in the Caribbean with an awesome line-up of various punk rock bands, new and old school, lasting three to four days at sea with visits to some various ports along the way. It's high energy and loud, with plenty of drinking and moshing amongst many different walks of people, both young and old, who have come together to share a common passion of punk rock music. Every time I've gone it's been heaps of fun where I've made new friends and have had opportunities to mingle and talk with some of the band members and their families.

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Какие жанры игр, вам нравится играть?

YoAsakura174’s Profile PhotoYoAsakura
хоррор и экшен
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dewHjFp0T2cpetrkryuchkov5’s Video 169148363114 dewHjFp0T2cpetrkryuchkov5’s Video 169148363114 dewHjFp0T2c
Компания Bethesda и студия Tango Gameworks представляют обзорное видео своей главной новинки нынешней осени — леденящего кровь триллера The Evil Within от знаменитого мастера ужаса Синдзи Миками, создателя культовой серии хорроров Resident Evil.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tlgfGJ-uL4wpetrkryuchkov5’s Video 169148363114 tlgfGJ-uL4wpetrkryuchkov5’s Video 169148363114 tlgfGJ-uL4w
Вторая часть The Evil Within вышла пару дней назад, и ей мы постарались посветить всё своё эфирное время. Но как оказалось, сиквел не очень-то благосклонен к новичкам и не пытается плавно ввести их в курс дела. Добавьте к этому ещё то, что история в первой игре подавалась крайне обрывисто, так что даже те, кто одолел её, не сильно во всём разобрались. Поэтому мы решили провести собственный анализ сюжета и сделать краткий обзор предыстории The Evil Within.
• Страница игры — https://stopgame.ru/game/evil_within_2
Игры на StopGame.ru - https://stopgame.ru
Футболки от StopGame - https://goo.gl/eYmQG9
Мы ВКонтакте - https://goo.gl/ACHwpT
Мы в Steam - https://goo.gl/3BQAlB

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petrkryuchkov5’s Video 169148363114 dewHjFp0T2cpetrkryuchkov5’s Video 169148363114 dewHjFp0T2c
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Have no skin problems myself, although bathing in the sauna is available at our gym. The skin became really smooth and fresh afterwards. Just a tip.

stefanjarl’s Profile PhotoStefan
I'm sure the steam would open my pores and allow any impurities to be washed off, but I doubt it would stabilize the chemical imbalance which caused my acne in the first place. Thanks though.

Самый распространённый вопрос, но как вам жилось без Instagram, WhatsApp и Facebook?) Всего 6 часов😁🙈

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Вообще до лампочки было. Для меня важнее игровые платформы, как steam или Epic, как пример. Потом соц.сети: Telegram и Vk, а на остальное пофиг так-то!)🙃😁

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