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tbh I didn't really understand a lot if what they said, like at the group discussion they talked about like oppression, how people oppressed for different reason can work together to overcome oppression, then the AAA thing, a guy spoke about China stockmarket fall, tonight i think neo-liberalism

JamesOConnor1999’s Profile PhotoJonny Sniper
Yeah, see I can only bring so much to the table, anyway, yano?
I may try going to the next, though. :3

might have to scroll down a bit haha my stupid anon blows up my inbox :( and yeah I understand where you are coming from xx

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I'll try later when I can go upstairs bc better reception there cx and yeah like at the meeting thingy I went to on Monday they ask me my opinion on the stockmarket crash in china I was just like umm I'm not like umm I... I don't really know I just wanted to hide xD

Why would he? Why would he even? Mulk barbad ku karega? Is mulk ka koi Faqeer bhi esa na soche! Why would he? Wo jo sarko pe aya hai mulk k lye he aya ha.ab dnt say! K rat ko chale jata tha sonay! 4 crore ki ghari ne pehnta! Nahe 24 lakh ka kuta hai! Na he 120 dishes ka lunch/dinner krta hai :)

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120 dishes ka imran srf brkfast krta hai or kar rha hai mulaq barbad isl ki ami baji kar di hai 10 days me stockmarket kidr ponch gi ay in days me bachon ka schools sy tym waste ho rha hai or ub kis trah mulaq barbad hoty hain idk

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