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When you fucking have to send your CV to someone in next 2 hours but your CV is being deleted from your laptop and you don't have time to make it again because you have 2 assignments due tomorrow.. I swear this is one of the worst days of this month so far. And I feel like crying to death.

You deserve to stay jobless if you didnt even upload your cv and relevant docs to the cloud storage. Cry yourself to death

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What makes you different from other girls/boys?

DaniyalKhokhar’s Profile PhotoDaniyal Khokhar
I've found myself a strong woman in past few days going outside to learn, when one of a senior male worker in Ramadan asked me "Are you fasting? for like 4 times and if not, you can go and eat in a storage room". Where i replied, "I am fasting or agr na bhi rkha ho, tou Ramadan ka ehtaram krna chahiye". We can make people shut their mouth.

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do you have any sustainable/ethical/eco-friendly brands to recommend? (it can be anything: fashion, skincare, stationery, tech gadgets etc)

nurbzee’s Profile Photonurulhuda
My oneplus phone (sustainable)
My Sketchers shoes (recyclable materials)
My NVMe storage in my pc (eco friendly)
My smart watch (sustainable)
My 2 in 1 laptop that also has graphics capabilities in addition to its portability (recyclable and less consuming of additional gadgets)
Don't know what else.. brain freeze!! 😂

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طيب وانا ازاي هعرف ده بسرعه اول المكالمه ما تفتح؟ انا بس اتوترت لأن اول مره عملت فيها المكالمه دي الموب علق ومكنتش قادره افتحه لحد ما فضلت اضغط ع زرار الباور كتير

أول ما المكالمة بتفتح حتظهر على زاوية الشاشة رموز مثل: 🌸👁👨🏻‍💻 ومتوفرة في الصورة المرفقة، أحيانًا ممكن الموبايل يعلق، لكن هذا شيء طبيعي والمشكلة ربما من السعة التخزينية أو الكاش في التطبيق نفسه.
لتفريغ الكاش، يُمكنك الذهاب لإعدادات التطبيق وبعدها البيانات والتخزين Data and Storage ، وبعدها السعة التخزينية Storage Usage وبعدها تفريغ الكاش Clear Telegram Cache

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طيب وانا ازاي هعرف ده بسرعه اول المكالمه ما تفتح
انا بس اتوترت لأن اول مره عملت
+1 answer in: “لو سمحت لو بعمل مكالمة من تليجرام لمكان برا مصر ويقولي تتم مبادلة مفاتيح التشفير الان دا معناه ايه”

In the article, it lists various interior design styles. Which one appeals most to your tastes and aesthetic? https://bobbyberk.com/whats-your-interior-design-style-a-breakdown-of-all-the-styles/

asgardarts’s Profile PhotoLivi;
the link in the question doesn’t exist anymore (so I took another quiz), and the one that appeals most to my tastes and aesthetic is the bohemian style!
my main style is bohemian: Peace, love, and patterns. Your love of vibrant colors, layered textures, and ornate embellishments create a whimsical lair with let-down-your-hair flair.
and my substyles are,
midcentury modern: The set from Mad Men was a true style revelation. You go for sleek lines mixed with organic shapes and a colour scheme that Don Draper would love.
scandinavian: Simplicity is your secret to a classic life. You love clean lines, plush fabrics and handcrafted things. You get really excited about functional storage solutions and cozy pants on Sundays.
eclectic: Your eclectic side is rich in funky detail and personalised collections, all of which make your space oh-so-uniquely-you.
this was the quiz that I took: https://havenly.com/interior-design-style-quiz 🏡

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In the article it lists various interior design styles Which one appeals most to

Kenapa pengguna iphone sombong padahal yang dibeli second inter seri 6 7 8 x (bukan xs xs max keatas) . Samsungpun banyak harga diatas itu jauh lebih bagus , menurut kamu ?

Aku juga gatau sih. Aku denger dari temen temen ku yg pakai iPhone yaa kelebihannya ada di kamera sama storage nya gitu. Selebihnya ya sama aja. Tapi aku mikir, kan banyak sih hp yang storagenya tuh besar juga, kameranya juga jernih bgt. Tapi ya gatau ya, aku ga tertarik sama iPhone karna batrenya yg cepat habis wkwkwkwk sementara aku gabisa bgt punya hp gitu. Kalau dari segi mahal, banyak hp yg bahkan lebih mahal dari iPhone 12 😊😊
Tanya ke pengguna iPhone aja coba, aku ga paham 👌🏻

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تكدر متمسح الفويز أو اي محادثه روح للضبط مال تلي وع البيانات والتخزين/ storage usage و clear tele cache وترجع ذاكره عندك يعني كلشي يفرغ من التلي بس بدون مسح دائم الا اذا انت رجعت حملتهم من جديد

farah__0o0’s Profile Photo✰FARAH♫
مجنت اعرف بهل معلومة كان المفروض اسأل

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مظهرتش برده .. طيب بصي هقولك ال عملته بالظبط .. نزلت veiduck من المتجر عادي وعملته يابان .. ورجعت فتحت المتجر ومسحت السيرش وبحثت ومظهرش حاجه .. العيب فين بقي ..🤔😂😂

لا غلط انت كده معملتش clear data ، افتح الاعدادات وهات الapps وجيب المتجر واضغط ع storage usage واعمل clear data .

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+27 answers in: “مش هنلعب بابجى بقاا 😅”

Have you ever watched storage unit auctions before? Interesting shows. You should check them out and on YouTube. I heard they can be addicting.

Ice_Frozen_Vocals’s Profile Photo♡゚ Sωεε† ɮᴇℓℓล ゚♡
Nope, I've been interested in buying such things in the past but alas, storage auctions are illegal here in the UK, so I such things will have to wait until both myself and @armageddongoth are outside of thr UK...

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Have you ever watched storage unit auctions before Interesting shows You should