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(cont) You want a name for me? I'm simply known as Nightmare. Though others have given me a few lofty titles Prince of Darkness, King of the Multiverse, Negativity Incarnate.

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⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀╱╱ ⠀🐍【⠀ᴛʜᴇ ᴍᴀᴅ ᴅᴏɢ ᴏꜰ ꜱʜɪᴍᴀɴᴏ⠀】⠀⠀╱╱

⠀⠀As soon as a movement manifested itself in the area of his perception, that man attacked that kind of tentacle in such a way that the steel edge would cut it before making contact, or cause enough discomfort to remark that should NOT tempt with his temper.
He frowned at all of that. He believed it, but was so absurd at the same time.
⠀⠀❝So what, d'ya want a trophy fer that?❞ He countered with a not very nice sarcastic question.
⠀⠀❝The fuck ya want? Are ya comin' to kill me from depression or somethin'?❞
He glared at that strange eye. He wanted to plunge the edge right there, just as had experienced it. That wasn't pretty, it hurt like hell, but it was a good way to get a lasting message across.

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Septemberliche Spielumfrage: Was hast du zuletzt durchgezockt und wie hat es dir gefallen? Wenn du magst gerne mit kleiner Beschreibung worum es ging!

Chromosomenfascho’s Profile PhotoThe Ex-Panse
Also wirklich "durchgespielt" habe ich zuletzt Life Is Strange: True Colors. Ähnlich zu den Vorgängern spielst du einen Charakter mit besonderen Fähigkeiten und im Laufe der Handlung wird eine Art Verbrechen/Geheimnis aufgedeckt und die jeweiligen Entscheidungen, die man trifft, bestimmen den entsprechenden Spielverlauf. In diesem Teil spielt man Alex Chen, eine junge Erwachsene, die die Gabe besitzt, die Gefühle anderer zu spüren und Erinnerungen zu sehen, sodass sie sie schon als ihre eigenen wahrnimmt. Sie hatte eine schwere Kindheit und trifft wieder auf ihren älteren Bruder Gabe, von dem sie damals in einem Pflegeheim getrennt wurde. In der Kleinstadt Haven Springs hat die dortige Minengesellschaft viel Dreck am Stecken und sie kommt dem immer weiter auf die Schliche.
Das Spiel war wunderschön und emotional, so wie jeder Life Is Strange Teil. Ich würde schon fast behaupten, dass ich dieses Exemplar fast genauso wie den ersten Part schätze. Die Musik und die Kulissen sind einmalig und man hat viel zu erkunden. Ich kann es jedem ans Herz legen, der Videospiele mit filmischen Elementen mag.
Ansonsten spiele ich im Augenblick "Bear and Breakfast", eine Art niedliche Pensionsimulation mit einem puscheligen Bären, der in seinem Wald dafür sorgt, dass wieder Menschen erscheinen und sich dort eine kurzweilige Bleibe sichern. Man baut viele Zimmer und erkundet die Gegend. Es eignet sich sehr gut zum Abschalten!

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Septemberliche Spielumfrage Was hast du zuletzt durchgezockt und wie hat es dir

It's always interesting hearing the biblical phrase, "You shall have no other gods before me." That implies either that there are multiple gods or that all gods are "created", perhaps, by humanity's collective will, and that some crave to be at the forefront more than others. Your thoughts?

DomUnleashed’s Profile PhotoDom
Before Christ, this related more to the idols, that people made themselves and worshiped them.
Right now, it can be strange for some people to think about making gods, so they might think that they’re alright, they’re never going to do such a thing, but you can “create” idols from very ordinary things in your life. So, if you’re a believer, everything that you give more priority over God, is considered “creating yourself an idol”. It can be watching tv shows, movies, spending too much time on your phone, or thinking about your job all the time. If those things are in a first place on your mind, they become your idol.

I while back saw some of your answers and i got pretty strange about ur thoughts. i thought i could share sometings with u nd learn a few things from you too but couldn't muster up the courage to ask you, as i didn't knew, if you were ever gonna answer back. But still i asked hoping my last resort🙂

well it took me around 20 hours to gather energy to respond.
i may talk about things a lot but i really don't have left energies to chat with people.
remember we used to say hi kon? to strangers. now i seen zone messages of people everyday. usually that's my family.
i feel emotionally drained all time,
tired & sleepy.
usually i get irritated by smallest things like voices of people living around me.
i get irritated about the lights around me.
i get irritated by loud music, noise of any kind.
i spend my days with me, locked in my room,
i do go out in the world but when its necessary.
so nothing like formal, non formal personal relations are made.
i do have professional relations with my clients abroad. but talking to them is my night mare. yet i cant ignore those calls as that get me all the money to survive my luxuries.
so, i don't we can chat ever.
but leaving a text once in a blue moon might make me drop an answer to that.
but moving to daily chit chat is not my place. 🥀

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(cont) *As she tests her leg, she gives Fell a slight glance* "Whelp guess it's pretty obvious I'm not a regular human now, heh shame was gonna try hiding it longer" *with a snap she vanishes in a golden flash, similar to Sans' notorious shortcuts, the only proof she was there is blood in the snow*

onryotatarigami’s Profile PhotoNova
Fell watches closely but his general body language stays boorish and uncaring. He called it. She was definitely no ordinary human. Strange things have been happening here lately so he was half-expecting something like this. He clicked his tongue, rolling his shoulders, “Weird sh*t. Maybe she’s slimeball’s long-lost adopted evil sister… hm… or that other pixel guy’s personal forager. He did seem starved,” He began to vocalize his scattered thoughts. Fell decided he needed to organize his ideas so he’d dwell on them at Grillby’s. Perfect. He deserved a break.
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Have you ever felt that your life lacked extraordinary experiences? Or on the contrary, did you wish for "normal" experiences due to an overdose of strange things?

I'd like more interesting experiences! Whether it be something simple like a holiday xD
Life can start to feel a bit monotonous! Especially with how my work schedule can change!
Have you ever felt that your life lacked extraordinary experiences Or on the
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Hi. I feel wet can we talk?

okay anonymous let’s talk about….
as strange as it may sound…. i roughly know that a lot of girls are in love with me….
And everyone probably know my attitude to gays….
( i answered a lot of times….
on questions about gays….)
and i know that a lot of guys of none-traditional orientation love me….
and i respect and love them too….
but anonymous…. I’m generally a natural absolutely natural girl….
and i love only men….
and it’s not beautiful…. i’ve seen everything you’ve written to me here during this time
it’s not beautiful….
and i wouldn’t answer…. but I want those who don’t know to know….
I’m real girl…. and will be real woman…. and i’m proud of it….!
and I understand that for some people ( not for real guys…. and lesbians….)
who are bi this is some kind of fashion tribute…. do not rush guys fashion is changeable….
I have a story …. some years ago….
i will try to write abbreviated if i can….
i’m very beautiful girl…. really beautiful ….
and you know guys….
imagine i’m very beautiful inside and outside…. and fashionable girl….
and really little….
million of guys are in love with me….
i drive everyone crazy …. ( it’s absolutely true….)
but i’m like a prince from Cinderella…
( how he didn’t pay attention to other princesses…. so i don’t pay attention to the guys… no of course i liked that such guys fall in love with me…. as soon as they see me…. And one day I come home …. and i see a letter ….
opened…. and o my God….the letter was written by a married woman….. and she wrote that she hates her husband…. and the first minute she saw me she fell in love with me…. and she crazy about me…. there were so many epithets….about my beauty…. that she never had seen such unearthly beauty and purity….
and she wrote that she is very rich ( it was true…)
and had a big country house….
a few country houses in different countries….
and if i will not like that house…. she will buy me a huge house personally issued to me….and she will buy another one …. for us …. and we will live there together …. and she divorce her husband….
o my God i was shocked…. you know guys after i was afraid to leave home alone….
you can’t write such things to girls …. and honestly it was very unpleasant for me to read it all
it’s like person really gone crazy but in bad way ….
i showed letter to my family….
the end of story …. they moved …. her husband apologized to my family…. I say her once God what a desire was in her …. very frightening…. after one adult man start walking with me …. he didn’t show that he was guarding me but he was guarding me…. and the reason for this was not only that woman too many men were immediately interested in me …. and at home began to fear for me….
after time we are moved too
i love girls … and million girls love me …. but as a friends…. i never looked at any girl like …. o my God…
and for you anonymous…. don’t write me anymore….
i wish you find you your true love …. because it’s not me….( it’s so strange to write this a girl….)

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If you were going to choose a genre of film/TV to help you fall asleep. What genre would you pick? Mine would be thrillers or true crime, because I'm a bit strange I guess ha

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Nature documentaries usually do the trick for me. Not because I find them boring but because the folks presenting these kind of shows usually have very calm, soothing voices. Seriously, it's like ASMR... but educational!
If you were going to choose a genre of filmTV to help you fall asleep What genre

If you were going to choose a genre of film/TV to help you fall asleep. What genre would you pick? Mine would be thrillers or true crime, because I'm a bit strange I guess ha

LouisaRHale’s Profile PhotoLou
Oh really? this genre helps you fall asleep? that's something. Don't know if it's strange haha but it's really something new to me, since I am all ears, eyes, heart and everything when it comes to thriller/ crime/ psychological/ etc. Do you have any recommendations by the way? They are my favourite genres.
Talking about it, that reminds me of a funny story 😂 years ago I was at my (maternal) grandparents' house, and I was watching (at night) the film of 'Bride of Chucky' whilst my grandmother was sleeping. Suddenly she opened her eyes, and saw a damn scene 😂 aaaaaa ****** (some bad words), what the hell are you watching?
😂😂😂 I don't blame her, it wasn't a pleasant scene to see when you suddenly wake up (in case you watched it, it was when chucky's bride was giving birth).
To answer your question, maybe something calm like romance or comedy haha. I guess this kind of genre would help me fall asleep.

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If you were going to choose a genre of film/TV to help you fall asleep. What genre would you pick? Mine would be thrillers or true crime, because I'm a bit strange I guess ha

LouisaRHale’s Profile PhotoLou
I'd choose something I've seen a lot so I don't need to pay attention. Last time I was really unwell I ended up rewatching the twilight films and half dozing on the sofa while they were on 😂

If you were going to choose a genre of film/TV to help you fall asleep, what genre would you pick?

Mine would be thrillers or true crime, because I'm a bit strange I guess. Something without a laugh tract or loud music. I find films from the 30s or 40s are fairly mellow - no war movies. Maybe a drama? I was raised in a small house, so I was used to falling asleep with the distant sound of the television. Spirited Away. Wonderful movie, I've seen it a million times and the adventure never gets less breath-taking. But when I want to fall asleep it's perfect. Soft yet rich colours, whimsical, airy and childlike tone and that wonderfully soothing soundtrack
The Ring The muted color palette and the abundance of rain makes me feel super cozy under the covers. Once you've seen the movie a dozen times there really aren't any more scares to be had and I usually fall asleep during the first half so miss some of the jump scares of the second half.
John Wick. I know the movie so well I probably quote it in my sleep. I always enjoy watching it but I know it so well that missing parts of it while dozing off doesn’t bother me. I can fall asleep 20 minutes in and then start up from the same point the next night
I see I'm not the only one who does this exact same thing. I put on movies that I know well so I can follow them in my head as I try to fall asleep. 3 that I use quite a bit are Jerry Maguire, Fools Rush In and The American President. Maybe give them a try, they work for me at least.
Anything by Apichatpong Weerasethakul. I say this as an admirer of his films: extremely pleasant to watch 20 minutes of and then just drift off. They're slow-moving, gentle, and have really engaging sound design so they work like a charm. Most of them tend to have pretty dark/subdued color palettes too so it's not a strain on the eyes.
I’ll be the one to actively not post movies in the movie group. I listen to podcasts a lot at night. Less exposure to blue lights when trying to sleep, infinite topics to pick from, most don’t feature abrasive audio. They are usually a steady stream of lower voices. I typically put some smaller ear buds in so that it’s not uncomfortable so the volume can be adjusted as needed. Hell, I listened to a movie podcast last night with Edgar Wright and Quentin Tarantino. If you do specifically want movies, I will always throw on Fellowship of the Ring on a sleep timer. Love the movie and seen it a billion times, so the pressure/desire of staying awake to watch it is minimal. The opening and set up is just long enough that before they even leave the shire I am typically out.
I also have tinnitus, add very bad insomnia for extra bonus points. I also use movies to help me fall asleep- and when a movie is working I'll start it every night when I go to bed until it quits working (I have an android tablet set up by my bed with both USB and microSD, with several medium with many movies on them). I'll also restart the current choice when I inevitably wake up several times through the night.

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If you were going to choose a genre of film/TV to help you fall asleep. What genre would you pick? Mine would be thrillers or true crime, because I'm a bit strange I guess ha

LouisaRHale’s Profile PhotoLou
I dislike noise while sleeping or while trying to sleep.
There is usually something that comes up naturally. Either a remake, an anniversary of a films release, maybe a famous actor dies. Sometimes a friend mentions they haven't seen a movie and you decide to watch it together. Sometimes you just check you list and see what's available on your steaming sites, and what's available you watch.
I sometimes take ages to decide too. The only time I would know was if maybe something new was added to a streaming service that I wanted to see. It varies. Sometimes I want to watch a horror, or a sequel or even try and get though someone’s filmography. You can use the shuffle thing on your watchlist to give you a random thing. But in all honestly I’m terrible for choosing when I don’t have an idea in mind can take up to an hour sometimes
I make a psychotic amount of lists. I have a list of every streaming service I subscribe to with any movie currently on that service that I haven't seen and am interested in seeing (go to films--->sort by streaming service). Specifically, every month I make a list of the films leaving the Criterion Channel that month that I would like to see and try to watch as many of them as possible since I find once they leave Criterion those are the most difficult to find again. I will also sometimes challenge myself to watch an entire filmography of a director (I've done the Cohens and Scorsese in the past) and sometimes I'll use an upcoming release as an excuse to watch movies (for example, Soderbergh has a new movie coming this week, so I will probably watch 4-5 of his movies I haven't seen yet). I too was finding my watchlist becoming unmanageable so I make a list called my top 100 watchlist. I went through my current watchlist and picked out exactly 100 movies that I really wanted to watch and made a separate watchlist that I know has movies that on any occasion I will be happy I watched. I've gone through a few of these now and I find it helps me really knock of movies that have burning a hole in my watchlist for a while.
I generally choose based on what mood I'm in. Sometimes I know I won't be able to handle a very acclaimed arthouse, so I see something more comforting for me, a musical or an animated movie. Other time I just want a real mind fuck, or a silent film, or something short. I recommend you trying to analyze what you are feeling, not only by what you would like at the moment, but also what you think you can't handle. Hope this helps!
I usually have a general sense of what I'm planning on/interested in, mostly stuff I'm trying to check off my list. But sometimes I'll just be surprised by something that catches my eye. I watch that new Netflix movie The House on a whim and It's one of my favorites I watched in January. So mostly just based on vibes and random guesses about what I think I'll be in the mood for.

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If you were going to choose a genre of film/TV to help you fall asleep. What genre would you pick? Mine would be thrillers or true crime, because I'm a bit strange I guess ha

LouisaRHale’s Profile PhotoLou
✦ ───────────── ✦
. συт σf ρσтαтσ qυєєи
✦ ───────────── ✦
I would probably only fall asleep to stuff that bores me to de.ath. Such as mathematics, cars, football or other sports shows.
I'll respect you for being able to fall asleep while watching/listening to true crime, I get paranoid listening to true crime podcasts XD but I also can't stop listening to them because it gives me knowledge on how those crimes happen and an illusion of safety that I might be a little more prepared for psychopaths. X'DDD (Also I don't think you're strange ;) )

Say you suddenly discovered you could use the force (From Star Wars), what'd you use it for? 🖐🌌

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
This doesn’t have anything to do with Star Wars, but I’ve often wished I could just go about the world with a cattle prod and just zap people who were being jerks lol It’s a strange fantasy of mine

Say you suddenly discovered you could use the force (From Star Wars), what'd you use it for? 🖐🌌

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
The Force is a strange power to entertain.
It seems like you have to train & master it, to be able to do things with it that don't require a ton of concentration.
So I imagine I'd spend a long time doing very simple, household tasks with it, before trying anything epic.

Hast du einen Mädchen schon mal in den Po gebissen 🙈?

Ist es Strange wenn ich das normal finde und davon überzeugt bin, dass das JEDER Typ macht? 🤔
Also zumindest jeder normale, der nicht ausm "Tauber Sack" - Verein ist.

Current Thoughts? 🌚🥀

KomalKhan444’s Profile PhotoKoღal ❥
I've been noticing a strange but rampant occurrence...Grown ass men 30+ in age texting young girls, wasting their time, playing with their emotions, and girls acting like dumb and blind chickens.
Girls! Talking to that "officer" will neither help you in passing the exams, nor it's gonna end in marriage. He has 7 other play-toy girls just like you. What a shame.

MGŁA? I'm very impressed by these lads too... 👍 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kimSW2gwlc8

talionislexx’s Profile PhotoLex Talionis . ' .
Yeah, I like them too. I had a good couple of years where I’d listen to black metal discographies of all sub-sub genres all day, every day. From the most typical stuff to stuff with twenty listeners and everything in between. When I was first getting into it. I still have a list somewhere that has yet to be explored. A strange thing about me is that the entire time that I’ve been into metal I’ve always felt drawn to black metal imagery and like I was meant to listen to it but I just didn’t like it. I kept trying it off and on for years.🤣 Then one day it just clicked and I really did a deep dive. Now I can’t imagine life without it. Brutal death metal is kinda the thing around here and while I don’t mind it it gets pretty boring. With bm there’s just so much variety and interesting themes.

Gilbert, have you noticed that lately, admins ASK.fm have become arrogant, and have increased censorship against my account, constantly deleting my answers.

arthurtier666’s Profile PhotoJuliy
Hello sweetheart, yes I have noticed this, they are a strange bunch but they don’t take criticism very well either. Please be careful 🤗❤️
Gilbert have you noticed that lately admins ASKfm have become arrogant and have

We're you the class clown in school?

Surprisingly, no. Despite the fact that I was always slightly different from other children and often got into some strange situations, the class clown was always someone else: someone who did not know how to react, or someone who had no boundaries and could make fun of anyone and teachers. If something strange happens to me, I'm usually the first one to laugh)

Спокойной ночи, доброй ночи или приятных снов?)

I just want to wish you sweet dreams. I don't know how your day went, it's strange for me personally, I'm exhausted. But I really want to believe that the new week will bring us all a lot of joy
Спокойной ночи доброй ночи или приятных снов

¿Debería dejar de enseñarse religión en las escuelas?

XPotas’s Profile PhotoXPotas
@XPotas 🌳 Salud y buen día 🍻
Ettoo... debería ser historia de las religiones 🙄
📺️ 🎦
Cine 💎 Largometraje 💎 Parte 8

Death Note Película (2006,2017)

Death Proof (2007)

Décimo Reino (2000)

Decoys 1/2 Alien seducción (2004)

Delgada Línea Roja (1998)

Desafío total (1990)

Desafío total (2012)

Descubriendo Nunca Jamás (2004)

Desde allá (2015)

Despedidas (2008)

Despertares (1990)

Destino Final 1/6 (2000/2011)

Día después de mañana (2004)

Diario de Bridget Jones (2001)

Diario de chica adolescente (2015)

Diario de Noa (2004)

Dirty Dancing (1987)

Discurso del Rey (2010)

Distrito 9 (2009)

Divergente (2014)

Django desencadenado (2012)

Doble traición (1999)

Doctor Extraño [Doctor Strange] (2016)

Donnie Darko (2001)

Dr Jekyll - Mary Reilly (1996)

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Debería dejar de enseñarse religión en las escuelas


daNa782’s Profile Photoᗪᖇ.ᗴᗰᗩᑎ
حدث منذ قليل ، نزلت النهارده مكان صديق ليا في مستشفى الأزهر في دمياط ، واحدة جايه الإستقبال بتقولي دايخة وأعصابي سايبة.. المهم بفحصها وفي النص لقيت المرافقة اللي معاها بتقولها أنا لو فيه دكتور قمر كدا بيكشف عليا هخف لوحدي .. وادتني دي .. so rewarding and so strange 🚶

Auf welches Gefühl würdest du am ehesten verzichten und auf welches nicht? Begründung. ( zbs: Freude, Zufriedenheit, Glück, Liebe, Stolz, Angst, Ärger, Wut, Einsamkeit, Scham, Schuld, Trauer/Traurigkeit. )

Generell würde ich auf kein Gefühl verzichten wollen.
Ich glaube, so richtig darüber nachgedacht habe ich erst, als ich ein Lets Play zu 'Life Is Strange: True Colors' gesehen habe.
Ich möchte nichts Spoilern, aber falls jemand es noch spielen möchte etc und nichts dazu hören möchte, sollte entweder ab hier nicht mehr weiter lesen oder wieder ein paar Zeilen weiter unten anfangen. :D
Zumindest gab es da eine Szene, wo man einer Person ihre Wut nehmen konnte oder halt nicht. Als Spieler denkt man oft, dass man es ihr nehmen würde, da man will, dass es ihr gut geht. Aber aus Sicht der Person fände ich es ziemlich blöd, wenn mir jemand meine Wut nehmen würde. Irgendetwas löst ja das Gefühl aus und es würde sich so leer anfühlen, wenn man es mir nehmen würde.
Manche Emotionen sind ja auch überlebenswichtig. Wenn wir uns vor etwas fürchten, haben wir ja z.B. ein Fluchtinstinkt. Im Notfall kann es bestimmt sehr böse enden, wenn wir uns plötzlich nicht mehr fürchten.
Ich glaube von dein genannten würde ich am ehesten auf Einsamkeit verzichten, wenn ich mich entscheiden müsste. Ich glaube, das hat am wenigsten negative Einflüsse, wenn es das nicht mehr gibt. Ich weiss es aber auch nicht.
Bei Google stehen ein paar Emotionen unter Wut, auf die man wahrscheinlich gut verzichten kann. Darunter dann z.B. rachsüchtig, sadistisch oder bösartig. Ich sehe da auch ein paar mehr Beispiele, ich bin mir aber nicht wirklich sicher, ob die ganz ohne negative Folgen einhergehen würden. Darunter wäre dann Verachtung und Intoleranz.
Wir sind ja alle menschlich und ich denke es ist vollkommen in Ordnung, wenn man bspw. Verachtung gegenüber Menschen hat, die sehr schlimme Taten begangen haben. Da kann ich mir dann vorstellen, dass man eventuell so ein Verhalten toleriert, was ich schon schlimm fände. Aber eventuell vergeht dann auch die Hemmung nicht selber so etwas zu tun, da man es dann ja in Ordnung fände.

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Auf welches Gefühl würdest du am ehesten verzichten und auf welches nicht

Sind die Nebendarsteller manchmal interessanter als die Hauptdarsteller und erahnst du in der Regel immer recht schnell, wer der Moerder ist?

Das ist für mich von Fandom zu Fandom ganz unterschiedlich, wobei ich häufig eine Affinität für die Nebencharaktere und Bösewichte besitze, weil sie oftmals unterschätzt werden und sehr viel Potenzial besitzen.
Und nein, ich erahne versteckte Villains oft gar nicht, weil ich sehr gutgläubig bin, was das angeht. xd Ich bin dann immer enorm überrascht, während viele aus meinem Umfeld bereits viele Augenblicke zuvor richtig mit ihrer Vermutung gelegen haben. Wenn mir Charaktere besonders wholesome erscheinen, will ich gar nicht darüber spekulieren, ob sie dieses Verhalten nur als Tarnung gebrauchen. Als ich Life Is Strange: True Colors gespielt habe, hat mich eine Offenbarung am Ende völlig schockiert, weil ich absolut nicht damit gerechnet habe.

¿Eres fan de Marvel?

holadanidanii’s Profile PhotoDaniela. ਏϊਓ
En Marvel si tiene ciertos personajes que parece se me hacen un tanto interesantes; Thor, Doctor Strange, Loki, Bucky Barnes, Ghost Rider, Gwen Stacy, The Punisher, Magneto, Daredevil, Blade, Capitán América, y claro no puede faltar mi favorito de todos, como no amar a Deadpool.

Don't you think there is something funny about loneliness ?

deeda_dahi’s Profile PhotoZalaam
Through the lens of Aristotelian ethics, eudaimonia is the human condition for well-being and / or development. For some, solitude can be most conducive in this pursuit and personally, I do not find it odd or peculiar. While it may not necessarily correlate with jubilation, few things have made me happier and if it's viewed as "strange," I hope observers receive great pleasure from it. 👍
Dont you think there is something funny about loneliness

Do you get lots of weird people coming into your shop? Any strange stories to tell?

Not so much weird..
Though yesterday I had a guy come and put fuel in his car. He went 1p over.
He came in, I confirmed the total (I do this as standard to make sure its the right pump etc), and he started going off saying we've rigged the pumps to go over the total, therefore stealing his money... it was 1p!
He said he was never coming back xD
Do you get lots of weird people coming into your shop Any strange stories to

Is it weird that a friend doesn't like to be hugged not even by friends? Are they a fake friend

No, not really. I don’t truly feel comfortable being hugged by friends but that’s not a reflection of them or how I feel about them, more so that physical touch can make me feel really uncomfortable, it feels alien and strange. It doesn’t make you any less of a friend for feeling that way, we all have our boundaries and what we feel okay with. I’m sure it may be a similar situation with your friend too. I wouldn’t take it personally :)

Are you okay? how are you feeling

Thank you guys….
I really appreciate your attention and love….
and thanks to those who ask me every day how i feel ….
I don’t even know what to answer…
the first of August…. was the year…. how my beautiful beloved mom left me…..
The day before i collected baskets of goodies … and distributed them to people who knew and loved my mom …. in that day I took a sedative…oh…
how strange was wake but everyone had joy ….
I felt bad , but didn’t show it to anyone…. I tried to hide this pain ….
my mom always…. always…. brought
only happiness and joy …. she was so white so so beautiful… I even tried to laugh…. the priest accidentally…. hit the door and it definitely was looked funny ….
( a completely unfamiliar laugh escaped from my chest as if wasn’t me…. was short -circuiting….)
the next day …. , on the anniversary day…. i didn’t want to see anyone….
I spent the whole day at the cemetery…. I know that my beautiful mom is not there ….
( it is very difficult for me to type these lines …. right now….)
but i feel that the cemetery has value for her….
no, it’s not her home right now…. but it’s an important place for her….
it was a hot first day of August….
was really +37-38 °
sometimes more ….
but was so peaceful there …. as if there was no heat…. a light breeze was blowing…. butterflies were flying….
they say butterflies in the cemetery are new souls…. In the first days ( last year)
a beautiful white butterfly met me there every day ….
i was sitting and talking with my beautiful mom….😣
the next day i went there too….
stayed until lunch….
arrived and again…. unwillingness to see anyone….
and i went to a small museum….
and there were no people….i was walking alone among the exhibits
you know anonymous…. people are saved by people….i feel bad but
i was amused by the cloakroom attendant….
she said that the bag should be left …and she would personally guard my bag….
but i was amused by the fact …. that they thought that i foreigner…. who didn’t understand the language
and they have already spoken on their own nativity language….
how is she going to there with such big bag… and it was so fun….
no i
didn’t not tell them that i understood everything….
oh …

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