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Que un feo te trate como una mierda es tan 🤡🤡🤡

aky098009’s Profile PhotoAky
@aky098009 🍂 Hey Aky, ten buen finde, pásate 💫
Ettoo... es igual de malo que te burles por ser "feo" 🙃
📺️ 🎦
Cine 💎 Largometraje 💎 Parte 21

Pesadilla Elm Street 1 (1984)

Pesadilla Elm Street 6 (1991)

Pesadilla Elm Street 7 (1994)

Phantasma 1/5 (2016)

Pi (1998)

Picapiedra (1994)

Piraña 1-4 (1978-2010)

Piratas del Caribe 0 Wicked Wench (sin año)

Piratas del Caribe 1 Perla Negra (2003)

Piratas del Caribe 2 Cofre del muerto (2006)

Piratas del Caribe 3 Fin del Mundo (2007)

Piratas del Caribe 4 Mareas Misteriosas (2011)

Piratas del Caribe 5 Salazar (2017)

Planeta Simios 1 Inicio (1968)

Planeta Simios 6 Reinicio (2001)

Planeta Simios 7 Origen (2011)

Planeta Simios 8 Amanecer (2014)

Planeta Simios 9 Guerra (2017)

Platoon (1986)

Pleasantville (1998)

Podrás perdonarme? (2019)

Pollock Pintor (2000)

Poltergeist 1-2-3 (1982-1986-1988)

Poltergeist 4 Remake (2015)

Ponte en mi lugar (2003)

Por favor, espera (2018)

Pozos de ambición (2007)

Precious (2009)

Predator 1 Selva (1987)

Predator 2 Los Angeles (1990)

Predator 3 Planeta Alien (2010)

Predator 4 The Predator (2018)

Predator 5 La Presa (2022)

Premonición "The Gift" (2000)

Premonición "Premonition" (2007)

Premonición "Afterwards" (2008)

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Que un feo te trate como una mierda es tan

what sounds do you hear at night in your environment? crickets/frogs? city traffic? silence? a train or airplanes maybe?

Complete silence.
I live on a quiet street in a quiet neighborhood with a park directly across the street from my house. Now once in a while you might hear an airplane or train off in the distance.
Now I've lived in a few different states and the quietest place I have lived at was in Strafford, New Hampshire on Kooaukee Island where I owned 2 acres of land. At night, with windows closed, it was total silence. With windows opened you would hear a variety of critters chirping, squealing and rumaging around in search of food.

Tell me something sweet and wholesome.

mincena’s Profile Photomarigold♡
About 6 months ago. I found a dog on street with a broken leg and he was taken care by a small boy who used to make his living by selling biscuits. That dog could barely walk but he was innocent. I was going to some place and i see he was getting scared when bikes were passing near to him. I stopped and observed this. I took that dog to veterinary doctor’s clinic. After treatment of a week and some medicines. I took that dog back to the Kid. As he asked ne bhai apne wapis de kar janna ha. After 6 months I went to that place again and found that boy. He showed me that dog with his cute puppies ❤️❤️❤️❤️ I was really happy to see that.😘

Co zajmuje Twoje myśli?

Beatitudoo’s Profile PhotoBeatitudoo
Mieszkam w budynku American Gardens przy West 81st Street, na 11. piętrze.
Nazywam się Patrick Bateman.
Mam 27 lat.
Wierzę w dbanie o siebie, zbilansowaną dietę oraz rygorystyczną rutynę ćwiczeń.
Rano, jeśli mam trochę opuchniętą twarz, zakładam lodowa maskę robiąc przy tym brzuszki
Teraz mogę zrobić ich tysiąc.
Po zdjęciu maski z lodem używam balsamu do głębokiego oczyszczania porów.
Pod prysznicem używam żelu do mycia aktywowanego wodą.
Następnie miodowo-migdałowy peeling do ciała.
A na twarz żelowy peeling złuszczający.
Następnie nakładam maseczkę ziołowo-miętową,
który zostawiam na dziesięć minut, przygotowując resztę rutyny.
Zawsze używam balsamu po goleniu z niewielką ilością lub bez alkoholu,
bo alkohol wysusza twoją twarz i sprawia, że wyglądasz starzej.
Następnie krem nawilżający, potem przeciwstarzeniowy balsam pod oczy, a na końcu nawilżający balsam ochronny.
To jest idea postaci Patricka Batemana.
To jest abstrakcja, ale nie ma prawdziwego mnie.
Tylko postać – coś iluzorycznego.
I chociaż potrafię ukryć moje zimne spojrzenie...
i możesz uścisnąć moją dłoń i poczuć, jak moja skora ściska twoją...
być może też wyczuwasz, że nasze style życia są prawdopodobnie porównywalne,
To po prostu mnie tam nie ma.

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Seems like FAA would be able to work around the kind of problem they claimed caused the outage. Not buying any of it.

I worked as a Senior Network Engineer for fortune 500 companies for over 40 years until I retired. During that time I worked on designing, installing, configuring and troubleshooting large enterprise networks. Every element within the core network and server farms had redundancy and were protected by firewalls, access lists, network mgmt systems and intrusion protection systems. In the event that we suffered a software or hardware failure the affected systems would failover and their network traffic re-routed automatically without user intervention or down time.
Those of us who are paying attention understand that democrats, RINOS, and their deep state operatives will do literally anything to maintain power even if it means destroying America's infrastructure. I honestly believe that this attack was instigated by the deep state. They did it with Russian collusion hoax, Ukraine hoax, Marlargo home invasion, labeling parents as terrorists for attending school board meetings, funding Antifa and BLM to burn down cities, hire 87,000 IRS agents to attack the middle class, leave billions in military hardware in Afganhistan, take control of the MSM as a propaganda tool to be used against American citizens, destroy our southern border, advocate for an international carbon tax to fund the Climate hoax, invade sovereign nations, remove conservative professors and teachers from the Universities, Public schools and confiscate weapons, indoctrinate our children with LGBT nonsense and take control of all Main Street Media to brainwash and dumb down the population.
The attacks on our constitution never end because the democrats are determined to destroy America and implement a New World Order run by globalist tyrants.

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Would you have moved to a big city when you were in your 20s?

I think the ideal is being in a smaller city nearby a big metropolis. Like Cambridge / Boston, or Oakland / San Francisco. Far enough away that you don't feel crowded every time you leave the house, but you still have access to the jobs, nightlife, dating scene, etc of the big city. It's definitely overrated to pay a premium to live downtown somewhere that's super busy. Noise is constant, crime is higher, there's always some bullshit going on on the street, traffic sucks. If you're going to do it, do it while you're still young... the older you get the lower your patience for dense city living becomes. Find a mellow neighborhood with a good pub and a local bakery instead. I lived in a few larger cities in my twenties but in hindsight putting down roots in a smaller town earlier would have saved me a lot of time and money. With that said I had a lot of good experiences and gained a lot of experience working in a more competitive environment that I carried with me making the smaller city experience a breeze by comparison.
Living in a city was okay for a year or two, but afterwards I really just wanted to leave again. Too much constant stimulation, too many people, not enough nature, I couldn't stand it. I thought moving to a bigger city would help my dating and friend prospects, but if anything it was tougher because my manners and values were too different. Honestly I still can't stand city-native type people, idk what it is but 90% of the time they strike me as so weird and off putting. But I did meet my gf there (who's from the sticks herself), so that part worked out.
I moved from a small town to a bigger city a few weeks after I turned 18. Loved it, still love it, and would highly recommend giving it a shot even if for only a small amount of time. If you don’t like it, do the fun stuff and bounce after a few years. If anything you’ll appreciate your small town that much more. For me, being in the middle of it all is better than space and tranquility. But there’s not right answer and I self aware enough to know that I might not always feel that way.
Hell no, I've always hated Chicago, even the nice areas fucking suck to live there. Too much shit going on, no parking, and everyone acts like assholes. It was only a 20 minute Uber to go out and party over there anyway so its not like I missed out in my early 20s. My friends were always dragging me out to the bars and clubs at that age.
I know alot of people that do it for a social life. I had a good one while being in the burbs. Only trade off is I have to drive everywhere with the exception of some pools, a shopping area (with food, grocery stores, pharmacy, and gas in it), and woods/the river.

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TheDrix’s Profile PhotoDax | Daxter D.
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ 【🐍】⠀ᴍᴀᴅ ᴅᴏɢ ᴏꜰ ꜱʜɪᴍᴀɴᴏ

⠀⠀He cursed the moment he had to smash an umbrella in one of the street fights. It would have been of great help in this tedious climate, and as a consequence, Majima ended up sheltering under a new roof that barely discovered with a few glances. This strange bar that had never heard a word of it. The combination of decorations were too... gothic for his taste.
⠀⠀( ᵂʰᵃᵗ ⁱˢ ᵗʰⁱˢ? ᴰʳᵃᶜᵘˡᵃ'ˢ ˡᵃⁱʳ? ) ⠀he thought to himself, standing a little apart from the rest. He wanted to smoke a cigarette without disturbing the peace of the customers since he had noticed them with uncomfortable faces, for some reason. He didn't want to be part of it.
Perhaps would give one of the drinks on offer a try. After all, the rain didn't seem to stop anytime soon.

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Az emberek elítélnek mindent, ami más, amíg abból trend vagy szupersztár nem lesz. Mit gondolsz erről?

Pont ezt. Az ember a tutiba ül bele, nem szeret kockáztatni. Kevesek vállaljak a véleményüket, hiszen a népszerűségükön ejthetnek csorbát, ha valami olyanba állnak bele, ami nem egyértelműen fekete vagy fehér. Egyszer egy videóban ezt a jelenséget tök jól bemutatta Dancsó Péteren keresztül talán a Fókuszcsoport. Vagy Paul Street, már nem emlékszem.
Liked by: Rael Spirit Sophrone

Co o tym powiesz https://twitter.com/liliandaisies/status/1603858636581015552?t=rIqvlkHlJ6Lr8yg09hjWug&s=19 ? Zawsze wierzyłam Johnnemu ale to jest niepokojące

Widzę, że komary Amber odświeżają stary wątek, tym razem od razu ograniczając jego widoczność (na szczęście mam drugie konto na Twitterze, bo inaczej nie byłabym w stanie przeczytać, co mi tutaj zapodałaś, Anonimku).
Nie sądziłam, że będę tu musiała dementować stek ich bzdur, ale najwyraźniej tak się stało. Ponieważ te rzeczy są odświeżane niemalże regularnie, chcę uprzedzić, że robię to pierwszy i ostatni raz.
🌼 Jeśli chodzi o Winonę, tłumaczyłam już kiedyś opisując początki ich związku, że tak- Winona miała 17 lat, kiedy się poznali i w sobie zakochali. Randkować zaczęli jednak dopiero w sierpniu- 2 miesiące przed 18. urodzinami Winony. I nie wiem w sumie, co więcej na ten temat pisać, bo bawi mnie to niezmiernie. Winona była wtedy w wieku, w którym amerykańskie prawo przewiduje, że osoba jest na tyle dojrzała, że może samodzielnie decydować o swoim życiu uczuciowym i seksualnym (w naszym rodzimym kraju dajemy takie przyzwolenie 15-latkom). Agresywny chłopak rozwalający pokój to Christian Slater - jej poprzedni chłopak (jeszcze był w międzyczasie Rob Lowe - to tak piszę, żebyście wiedzieli, że Winona już w wieku 16 lat miała starszych chłopaków - strach i groza po prostu). Co do depresji, to rozumiem, że Johnny i Winona to prorocy, którzy mieli przewidzieć, że ich obopólne rozstanie skończy się dla jednego z nich depresją? Kwestia braku wsparcia Winony dla Johnny’ego i chęci wycofania swoich zeznań - Winona miała zeznawać podczas procesu w Londynie, ale sędzia stwierdził, że jej zeznania są nieprzydatne dla sprawy. To było w 2018 roku, czyli 4 lata temu.
🌼 Johnny, Kate i incydent w hotelu - też już o tym pisałam. Johnny nie tknął Kate, rozwalił trochę mebli, zapłacił za naprawę. Z tego, co wiem, to Kate w przeciwieństwie do Amber nie współodczuwa z meblami, więc nie przeżyła żadnej traumy z tego powodu. Związek Johnny’ego i Kate zawsze był dosyć burzliwy z powodu używek, które stosowali (Kate była dosyć poważnie uzależniona) - Tim Burton miał zawsze wiele do powiedzenia na temat Kate i jej negatywnego wpływu na Johnny’ego. Cytat z „Rolling Stone” jest wyjęty z kontekstu - polecam wygooglować. Jeśli chodzi o historię diamentowego naszyjnika, to Kate nie czuła się upokorzona, jak sugeruje autor wątku - uważa całą sytuację za romantyczną i zabawną (patrz wideo).
🌼 O Ellen się nie wypowiadam, bo już o niej też tu było wiele. Polecam w wolnej chwili przelecieć się do mojej relacji z procesu w Virginii - jest tam dokładnie opisane, co zeznała Ellen.
🌼 Cytat Jennifer również wyjęty z kontekstu. Ona i Johnny rzadko się widywali, a Johnny był w bardzo kiepskiej kondycji psychicznej z powodu gry w „21 Jump Street”. Tak, pojawiła się paranoiczna zazdrość i skutkowało to zerwaniem zaręczyn i zakończeniem związku. Jennifer to rozumiała i nie miała żalu do Johnny’ego. Podczas procesu w Virginii publicznie go wspierała.
🌼 Wątek o Vanessie - nie ma słowa o przemocy, jest za to o tym, że obojgu im czasem puszczają nerwy, co jest ludzkie.

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*Suddenly air flows back into his lungs as Nova, back in her street clothes, nailed the other man in the solar plexus with an elbow, before using a blade feathered wing to hit him in the head and knock him out, she turns to help Majima up, wings still spread* "Need a hand?"

onryotatarigami’s Profile PhotoNova
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ꜱ ᴏ ᴛ ᴇ ɴ ʙ ᴏ ʀ ɪ, ???
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀09:XX ᴘᴍ.
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀ ⠀【🍾】⠀ʟᴏʀᴅ ᴏꜰ ᴛʜᴇ ɴɪɢʜᴛ

⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀"What the— GHHCK—"

⠀⠀That man immediately complained about the unexpected attack, losing consciousness, leaving a Majima who constantly coughed until recovered a stable breath and rubbed his throat.
His expression looked extremely uncomfortable for having been left with that imprisoning feeling, discovering what happened from one second to another. He recognized that voice... that flaming hair...
⠀⠀⠀❝N-Nova?❞ ⠀he asked between a feeling of shock and disbelief. He was stupefied. He didn't understand why she was here, and couldn't believe what he was seeing either.

How do you celebrate Christmas where you live? Do you have any regional foods, traditions etc.? 🎄🎁

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Yeah there are some odd regional traditions.
🔔 In Dewsbury they start ringing a church bell (the bell that Black Tom de Soothill once presented the church with as penance for murdering his servant) at 10am and therafter once for each year since the year 0. This must be a nightmare for local residents.
🏰 From Clifford’s Tower in York they hang mistletoe, if a woman stands underneath it it means she wants to be kissed by anyone passing by. (You’re still allowed to fire crossbows in York by the way, providing that you’re shooting at a Scottish person. Conversely, 45 minutes away in Hull, crossbows have been banned since the 1500s.)
🎼 In Dungworth xmas carols are only sung by locals in a local pub ever since carolling was banned in churches hundreds of years ago by Puritans. There’s also a local pub we used to go to for meals (its name escapes me, I think it’s in or near the village of Goodmanham, where a Temple of Odin lies buried beneath the local church) that does public carolling in the pub, and I wonder if this is rooted in the same tradition. Furthermore, the Yorkshire villages of Castleton, Oughtibridge, Bradfield, Ecclesfield and Worrall all have a 200 year old tradition of pub carol singing, and all have their own Christmas carols unique to that village.
🐴 Every Christmas Eve in Richmond marketplace a person wearing a horses head is sung to by a group of huntsmen who then ‘bring it to life’ with hunting sticks and a horn.
🌞 In York Every 21st December (usually the date of Yule or the Winter Solstice) the Sheriff is accompanied around the city by the York Waits playing music. The procession ends with a speech at the Mansion House.
🐠 On Boxing Day at Flamborough Head, eight fishermen perform a sword dance on the high street.
💈 On the common land of Beverley Westwood at Solstice Dawn or Dusk (winter and summer) , local Morris sides often meet to dance at The Black Tower, weather and other restrictions permitting. I have been to this myself, and danced at dawn. Beer and music is to be had in a local pub afterwards.
🍎 During the Christmas Day service at Ripon Cathedral, visitors and parishioners are each given the gift of an apple, a custom that began in Mediaeval times.
⚽️ In Scarborough on Boxing Day the 150-year-old tradition of Firemen versus Fishermen having a football (soccer) match on the beach continues. (I do not know if women can be members of either team, something for me to investigate).
🔥 On 31st December a Viking Fire Festival takes place at Flambrough, with fireballs and the traditional burning of a Viking longship, something that’s practiced in a number of towns in the UK with Viking heritage.
🦃 This year as you tuck into your turkey, give thanks to William Strickland, born on the Yorkshire coast, who brought the bird back to England in 1526. It became a popular Christmas food during the Victorian era.
🧀 for over 100 yers now, Yorkshire folk have enjoyed a slice of cheese with their xmas cake

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🥊🥊What is the best type of shoe for a real street fight? Is it steel toe? Is it the MMA shoes? I like to kick when I fight been told I'm a hefty kicker by my sensei the strongest kicker he mentioned that when he has his bag on his side I'd be the only one in the class that can move him

jacksawyer770770’s Profile PhotoJack Sawyer
most of my sneakers are light, i prefer not to wear boots they slow me down, and kicking hard enough with steel toes can damage your foot. maybe a lightweight running shoe…would be your ideal shoe. or wrestling shoes, cause of the grip they have but that’s on a mat tho🤔

Are you superstitious in anyway?

respectfullyme1’s Profile PhotoThinker
I come from a culture that has many superstitions, but since I am a Christian, I don't believe in that 😁
Just today, my neighbor bought a good knife for cooking for my parents, but she hesitated to give it to me unless I give her a coin, because there is a superstition that if somebody gifts a knife, the receiver will have a fight with someone in the near future, so people in my country usually pay a coin, symbolically, so it's not a gift technically anymore 😂 That made me confused because I don't even know all of my culture's superstitions, but today I learned something new 🤦‍♀️😁
The most popular superstition thou is not going the way where a black cat crossed the street, but, my family has a black cat at home 😎
In my home country, in the city where I lived, there was a huge electric pole that was supported by a wooden log, that created a triangle-like entrance through it. All people in the neighborhood believed that if anyone walked through it, a stray dog would bite them, so they were bypassing it, or they walked through while touching the pole😅🤷🏻‍♀️
Of course, I didn't mind that and always walked through, but if my classmates were around, they literary dragged me another way, to help me avoid bad luck 😂

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Are you superstitious in anyway

Te parecen interesantes las preguntas que hago? sinceridad 😊

jijijaja1996’s Profile PhotoBelén Fernández
@jijijaja1996 🌻 Belén, ten buen finde 💎
Ettoo... las que respondo me parecen interesantes 👍
"Wes Craven's New Nightmare" - "Nueva pesadilla Wes Craven"
"Pesadilla en Elm Street 7"
Director: Wes Craven.
Actors: Robert Englund, Wes Craven, Heather Langenkamp, John Saxon.
PERSONAJES: Freddy Krueger, Wes, Heather, Dylan, Charles.
RESUMEN: Wes Craven reune actores de la 1ª película para filmar la última de la saga. La actriz sueña con Freddy, pero un demonio se libera.
Peli 1: https://ask.fm/salquial/answers/171623979833
Peli 6: https://ask.fm/salquial/answers/171634099257
Peli 7: https://ask.fm/salquial/answers/137399488313

Film 1 (1984)
https://youtu.be/v49a_0QiTVUsalquial’s Video 171663553337 v49a_0QiTVUsalquial’s Video 171663553337 v49a_0QiTVU

Film 6 (1991)
https://youtu.be/sLjh7gv931gsalquial’s Video 171663553337 sLjh7gv931gsalquial’s Video 171663553337 sLjh7gv931g

Film 7 (1994)
https://youtu.be/ScWSpChSJ9Qsalquial’s Video 171663553337 ScWSpChSJ9Qsalquial’s Video 171663553337 ScWSpChSJ9Q
Te parecen interesantes las preguntas que hago sinceridad

If you were gonna do a disguise so that no one would be able to guess it was you, how'd you make it? 🥸

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I would hide the green part of my hair under a hat, and shape the other part so that it looked like the long bangs that teenage boys are wearing now. I would have to borrow a monochrome backpack and a black hoodie from my brother, and an incоnspicuоus down jacket from roommie (I usually wear a great coat, but most street people wear down jackets). Somewhere my sister gave me her old sneakers which too small for her, and so, their hour has come (I usually wouldn't wear this for anything, martins with colored laces are much cooler!). Instead of my glasses, I have others, ugIу, in a rectangular frame, or won't wear any. I would also add contouring to my nose and cheeks to visually change their shape, fluff my eyebrows and add a light layer of gray shadows to the lower part of my face.
it's much hаrdеr to turn into a typical "decent" girl, because it's about the little things that you can't borrow. Okay, I can find a wig with straight hair or ponytail. Bell-bottomed trousers with the same color hoodie - dísgustíng, but not impossible. A down jacket, as I said. Manicure... I don't like it. I don't want to look at the same person for two hours, give her money and turn into a wolverine. Plus, decent girls always have some new cell phones and leather handbags, which I don't want to spend money on, because it's pointless, expensive and unecological.

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¿qué haces cuando alguien te falta al respeto en la cama?

valientteuns6781’s Profile PhotoZion Montanna
@valientteuns6781 🌿 Zion, debes responder 1 pregunta ❓
Ettoo... cuando alguien falta el respeto, le doy serio aviso, una más y corto la relación 😒
"Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare"
"Pesadilla final: Muerte de Freddy"
"Pesadilla en Elm Street 6"
USA (1991) 90 min.
ACTORS: Robert Englund, Lisa Zane.
PERSONAJES: Freddy Krueger (villano), Maggie (psicóloga), John, Tracy, Spencer, Carlos.
RESUMEN: En la peli anterior (5ª) Freddy Krueger elimina a muchos adolescentes de Springwood, Ohio, USA.
El último superviviente, está con tres jóvenes, una psicóloga intenta ayudarles.
Ficha: https://ask.fm/salquial/answers/133642436153

Trailer english
https://youtu.be/aHVrXoeGqsMsalquial’s Video 171634099257 aHVrXoeGqsMsalquial’s Video 171634099257 aHVrXoeGqsM

https://youtu.be/sLjh7gv931gsalquial’s Video 171634099257 sLjh7gv931gsalquial’s Video 171634099257 sLjh7gv931g
qué haces cuando alguien te falta al respeto en la cama

Have you played the DDLV update? Have you sorted the new houses? They don't suit my aesthetic!

I have! I've been playing it since the moment it released lol
Thankfully Buzz' home fits in with my plaza! I have an area next to my "high street" that is perfect! So just gotta decorate it!
Ditto with Woody's! It's going where Merlin's house starts originally, and Merlin is moving to the Forest of Valor :)
Have you played the DDLV update Have you sorted the new houses They dont suit my
Liked by: B. Matilda. Yentl Trin.

Que vais a a hacer este puente?

@annie8396 🌾 the queen, ya te sigo, pásate si gustas 🌀
Ettoo... ver mis favoritas pelis de terror 🧛‍♂️
"A Nightmare on Elm Street" -- "Pesadilla en Elm Street"
"Freddy Krueger"
USA (1984) 91 min. Director: Wes Craven.
ACTORS: Robert Englund, Heather Langenkamp, Johnny Depp, Amanda Wyss, Jsu Garcia.
PERSONAJES: Freddy Krueger (villano), Nancy (prota), Glen (novio de Nancy), Tina (amiga de Nancy), Rod (novio de Tina).
RESUMEN: Freddy Krueger eliminó a niños y adolescentes. Al salir de la cárcel fue quemado. Ahora adolescentes tienen pesadillas, les persigue Freddy.
Ficha: https://ask.fm/salquial/answers/171602088249

Trailer english
https://youtu.be/dCVh4lBfW-csalquial’s Video 171623979833 dCVh4lBfW-csalquial’s Video 171623979833 dCVh4lBfW-c

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Que vais a a hacer este puente

¿Consideráis que, hoy por hoy, parece llegarse a las ideas a través de los sentimientos?

StephClaireS’s Profile PhotoEnjoy the silence.
@StephClaireS 🎑 Holi, espero estés bien 🍻
Ettoo... creemos que pensamientos y sentimientos pueden coexistir y son independientes 😎
"A Nightmare on Elm Street" -- "Pesadilla en Elm Street"
"Pesadilla en la Calle Elm" -- "Freddy Krueger"

USA (1984) 91 min
Guión: Wes Craven
Director: Wes Craven
Actors: Freddy Krueger (villano), Nancy (prota), Glen (novio de Nancy), Tina (amiga de Nancy), Rod (novio de Tina), Marge (madre de Nancy), Donald (poli), Dr King.

Basada en:
Idea original de Wes Craven (USA, 1939/2015)
Heredera de "La matanza de Texas" (1974)
Películas 1ª época:
"Pesadilla en Elm Street 1 Freddy Krueger" (1984)
"Pesadilla en Elm Street 2 Venganza" (1985)
"Pesadilla en Elm Street 3 Sueños" (1987)
"Pesadilla en Elm Street 4 Maestro" (1988)
"Pesadilla en Elm Street 5 Niño" (1989)
"Pesadilla en Elm Street 6 Muerte" (1991)
"Pesadilla en Elm Street 7 Reini" (1994)
Películas 2ª época:
"Freddy vs Jason" (2003)
"Elm Street -Legacy" (2010)
"Elm Street -Origen" (2010)
"The Confession of Fred Krueger" (2015)
"Pesadillas de Freddy" (1988/1990) serie TV (2 temp: 44 eps)
"Krueger: The Legend of Elm Street" (2016) corto 14 min

Premios y Nominaciones:
Avoriaz Film (2), AFI (1), Saturn (3), Oscar Hollywood.
Taquilla Mundial: 25 millon dolar

Ambientada y rodada:
Los Angeles, California, USA. Años 1980.
(La calle Elm Street se encuentra en Potsdam, New York, USA)

Freddy Krueger - psicópata asesino.
Nancy Thompson - protagonista.
Glen Lantz - novio de Nancy.
Tina Grey - amiga de Nancy.
Rod Lane - novio de Tina.
Donald Thompson - padre de Nancy y policía.
Marge Thompson - madre de Nancy.
Dr King
Sgt Parker

Freddy Krueger fue un asesino en serie que mató al menos a veinte niños y adolescentes.
Salió de la cárcel gracias a una trampa judicial.
Los familiares capturaron a Freddy y lo quemaron en un incendio.
Freddy juró vengarse, los únicos restos son un guante y un sombrero.
En la actualidad, varios adolescentes tienen parecidas pesadillas, les persigue y ataca un chiflado con jersey a rayas, sombrero y cuchillas en las manos. Pronto esas pesadillas se van vuelven reales.

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https://youtu.be/dCVh4lBfW-csalquial’s Video 171602088249 dCVh4lBfW-csalquial’s Video 171602088249 dCVh4lBfW-c

https://youtu.be/jeWAqWCHu6csalquial’s Video 171602088249 jeWAqWCHu6csalquial’s Video 171602088249 jeWAqWCHu6c

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Consideráis que hoy por hoy parece llegarse a las ideas a través de los

W jakim kolorze najczęściej chodzi?

kimseokjinpolishfans6052’s Profile PhotoBTS ⁷ | set me free pt.2
🍁 Ciężko powiedzieć, ale jeśli chodzi o tzw. Street Style to nosi odcienie beżu i czerni, szarości czy brązu.
Jeśli chodzi o jakieś "większe wyjścia" to również jest to czerń, czerwień czy zieleń — czasem biel.
W jakim kolorze najczęściej chodzi

لا ما شاء الله عليكي بجد😂❤️❤️ انتي مدرسة انجلش ولا ايه 😂❤️

nonasamy2’s Profile PhotoNourHan
لا انا كنت ف تربيه عام قسم تاريخ بس انا بعشق الانجليزي وبعشق الترجمه وبحاول أطور من نفسي مثلا بسمع اغاني كتير عشان اتعلم اللغه العاميه اللي هي street language وبقرا كتب بالانجليزي وبحفظ كلمات ب استمرار وبسمع الافلام مش مترجمه فاهمه قصدي

Películas que hayas visto miles de veces y jamás te aburrirás de verlas..🤭

LauReDuaRte’s Profile PhotoLauu Duarte!
Harry Potter (todas), Drácula 2000, Cry-Baby, Y dónde están las rubias?, Edward Scissorhands, La lista de Schindler, Sweeney Todd: The demon barber of Fleet Street, Drácula de Bram Stoker, Pirates of the Caribbean (todas), Diario de una pasión, El castillo ambulante, La princesa mononoke, La dama y el vagabundo, Anastasia, La Cenicienta, Pocahontas, Hércules, Mulan, Lilo & Stitch, Las vacas vaqueras, Chicken little, WALL·E, Enredados, Up, Monsters, Inc., Tarzán, The nightmare before christmas, Corpse Bride.

My only interaction with people on thanksgiving was my coworker texting me 'happy thanksgiving' so I texted back 'happy thanksgiving Jack'. And like that was it. How many people did you interact with total ? I'm just looking for other people's reality over mine..

Well we don't celebrate Thanksgiving in The Netherlands. But yesterday I did interact in person with 4 people, not calculating the strangers in the public transport and on the street or the people I talked to online.
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My only interaction with people on thanksgiving was my coworker texting me happy

Ya que en la época lejana de ASK cuando estaba muy a la moda (como 10 años atrás) Whatsapp no era tan popular y se usaba más facebook.. se unirian a un grupo de wsp sobre ASK en la actualidad si existiera uno? Si los hay avisen, que no tengo ni idea.

ValeehEstuboaqi’s Profile Photomoonlight ✨
Facebook с России запрещен, можно зайти не официально.
Я присоединилась к Аск года 2 назад, но все мы знаем, что:
"Ask.fm Europe Limited
6th Floor, South Bank House, Barrow Street,
Dublin 4, Ireland", и тут давно нет свободы слова для России, огни русским давно не дают по окончанию недели, сообщения которые не угодны затирают, получая предупреждения, а люди уходят сами или удаляют их страницы.
Facebook ruso está Prohibido, los rusos no pueden iniciar sesión oficialmente. Elon Max compró "Telegram", donde suceden cosas reales.
Me uní a Ask hace dos años, pero todos sabemos que:
"Ask.fm Europa Limited
Piso 6, South Bank House, Barrow Street, Dublín, 4, Irlanda", y aquí no hay libertad de expresión durante mucho tiempo, a los rusos no se les permite "🔥🔥🔥"al final de la semana, los mensajes que no les gustan se eliminan, recibimos advertencias y la gente se va por su cuenta o bloquea la página por la verdad real.

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Ya que en la época lejana de ASK cuando estaba muy a la moda como 10 años atrás

Did someone do something kind for you today?

My dad hugged me for the first time ..in like a side street . That's a big deal , Egyptian dads don't hug their daughter in public.
I told him I'm sad he asked why I answered i don't know and asked for a hug and he did ..وطبطب عليا عشان مش عارفه اقولها ب الانجليزى.
كانت الطف حاجه ممكن تحصل .
بحبه اوى والله ، ربنا يخليه يارب يارب

Van kedvenc helyetek itt Magyarországon? 😃( a házatokban lévő ágyon kívül 🤣)

va_ponomarjov’s Profile PhotoAyr
túl kevés helyen jártam még hogy véglegeset ki tudjak jelenteni. szívesen körbeutaznám egyszer mondjuk a nyári hónapokban, mert sok kis ismeretlen eldugott csodára lehet itt bukkanni még csak lakóhely közelben is, szóval akkor még országszerte mennyi :) nagy sétákat levágok néha google street viewban, és látom hogy na, ez milyen hangulatos lenne élőben. ha egy fizikait ki kéne emelni, talán a Sóstói Múzeumfalut mondanám Nyíregyen, oda ahogy betoppantam, olyan érzésem volt hogy hazaérkeztem -pedig nem is vagyok annyira muzeális darab, egyszerűen csak megfogott a hangulatával a hely

Did your family move houses a lot when you were a kid? If so, what was the experience like for you? Maybe describe the place you liked best? If you just stayed in one home for most/all of your childhood, what is your fondest memory from living there? Does your family still own said home? 👥🏠📦

anonamouse89887’s Profile Photoanonamouse
We only moved once, when I was about 9, and even then it was less than half a mile away and I didn't have to change school. It corresponded to my older brother leaving home, so in the new house I had a room to myself. In our old house I didn't have any friends in the same street because it was a really busy road, but the new house was in a very quiet road so I could play in the street and I made friends with kids nearby. It was therefore a generally very positive thing, although I did enjoy the much bigger and more mature garden in the old house, whereas the new house was a new-build.
My parents still live in the 2nd house but I moved out to go to university in London some years ago.

Your favourite movie? you can choose up to 5

A7md_haroun’s Profile Photoأحمد هارون
1) Shawshank redemption
2) inception / interstellar
3) The God father / the dark knight / Harry Potter/ the pirates of Caribbean
4) Lord of The rings / Avengers /matrix
5) Taxi driver / Good fellas / Heat / the Irishman / Casino / men of honour
6) scarface / the devil's avocate/ insomnia/ scent of a women / the insider
7) Forrest gump / cast away / saving private Ryan / The Green mile
8) Rescue Down / public enemies/ The American psycho/ The prestige
9) Malcolm X / Philadelphia/ glory / flight / American gangstar
10) Shutter Island / The Revenant / Django unchained/ the wolf of wall street .
11) 12 Angry men / seven/ into the wild / the imitation game / American beauty/catch me if you can
12) 3 idiots / PK / Dangal
13) I am Sam / leon the professional / V for vendetta / The pianist / who am I
14) Mad max fury/ pulp fiction / joker

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Monsters?! * He could swear the rabbit he picked up just talked. Maybe he was just imagining a female voice? She didn't seem anything special besides wearing a sweater and her unique coloration .*

AnimalOc’s Profile PhotoJasper Rabbit
*Vio just stares at her unblinking for several seconds, before he heads down a side street where regular folk aren't likely to tread*
"I know I heard you speak, and I can feel magic in you, so how did you end up here?"

اپنی کوئ روداد سفر شیئر کرنا چاہیں تو کر سکتے ہیں😃

Let me share my road trip experience
Hyderabad to Naran
5 am of morning. I sat in car put ear phone in ears listen western music on Loud volume 3-4 hours then reached to Sukkur ate tasty break fast then sat in car back I used ask fm through out the journey sip pepsi tin and ate many lays salt chips,and orea biscuit . I saw the view of road by car window through out the journey and sat patiently calmly in car 12-13 hour reached to Multan 6 pm of evening we stayed in hotel 1 day , at night we went to Al Maida restaurant for eating pizza it was yum, purchased Sohan halwa .
Next day again I sat in car patiently 12-13 hours i moved to Islamabad stayed 1 day there ,tried street food biryani which was not tasty at all , we went to Fatima Jinnah park it was huge big park with lots of trees , I clicked zillion picture there , then I visited Faisal masjid it was Grand beautiful masjid then we went to Centaurus shopping mall I purchased 3-4 button down shirt , ate sweet corn in which salt pepper butter ,at night we stepped to Monal restaurant it's built at the top of Mountain I love the view ,we ordered chapli kabab ,seekh kabab karahi gosht etc we enjoyed dinner ,zillion picture
Next day again I sat patiently in car 12 hours ,clicked zillion nature pictures reached to Naran , love the hotel and green lush mountain , tall trees view 🙌 I sipped kashmiri tea and tried street food shawrma it was tasty
I visited saif ul mulook jheel it was heaven on earth ,full of green lush trees ,mountains and blue soothing sea .I collected saiful mulook jheel water as a memory ,clicked zillion picture ,moved to mountain clicked zillion picture there .at night we ate street food fish and karahi gosht it was yum 😋
Its one of bestest road trip i had .

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What would you do with 125million?

Shannon678900’s Profile PhotoShannon678900
I would give some to different charities, give some to my partner , give some to my sis.
Go on a spending spree and buy a property abroad.
I would donate some to the food banks just give them money to hand out I would probably just give people Money in the street so many people are facing hardships atm and it breaks my heart to see it.

If you saw a friend walking down the street in your neighborhood but you weren't sure if they were within earshot or not, would you shout to them to say hello and eventually invite them in?

Noooooo xD
Knowing my luck it wouldn't be them lol I'd just text and see if it was them and if it was be like... "get back here! I'll put the kettle on" xD
That being said, none of my friends live in my village and all have to drive here, so they wouldn't be randomly walking around lol
If you saw a friend walking down the street in your neighborhood but you werent

Do you tend to sort your trash / recycle? How does trash collection work where you live, like are you encouraged to sort? ♻️🗑

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I have to now! I'm currently moving and in my apartment we don't recycle, but in my new house we have to. We have 3 containers in our garden and one down our street for other trash. Not completely sure how it all works yet!
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Do you tend to sort your trash  recycle How does trash collection work where you

What's something underrated in your culture that should be appreciated more? (Sending to all I follow)

syeda9’s Profile PhotoCaeruleaphile
'My Culture' . . . . .
Is not of this world . . . . . I have come to understand, & TG, truly .
So, nothing is overrated , & I trust never under-valued . . . . rating reserved
As for this country I live in . . . . . I feel it's extinction getting near ; so many brainwashed by a-merry-caca.

Thank-God the Downing Street Ditsy is downed
**The Downing Street Ditsy**
Whats something underrated in your  culture that should be appreciated more

os gustan las pelis de miedo?

Soy muy cagueta, pero aún así los clásicos como Pesadilla en Elm Street, Viernes 13, Halloween, Scream (esta saga la amaba de pequeña), Saw, Hellraiser, Chucky: El muñeco diabólico, Evil Dead, etc me encantan.
os gustan las pelis de miedo
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