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طيب شو احسن كورس الواحد ياخده يكون شامل graphics motion للي حابب يبلش مشروع صغير؟

معنديش أي معلومه حقيقي ، اغلب الي اتعلمته في مجال الMotion graphic , VFX , Video Editing كان كله self study

Why did I most likely lose my motivation/the drive to continue being academically successful after getting my high school diploma? I’m in college now and don’t want to do anything school related anymore and I feel like life isn’t as exciting as it used to be.

Froyh’s Profile PhotoMerve
Ohh I’m sorry to hear that! I had a lot of motivation when I went for my bachelors degree.
I had a gap year in between high school and university, where I just worked and oriented in the mean time. When I found my study and work field, it immediately ‘clicked’ and I’ve been very motivated to grow further in this field.

How you people cope with exam stress

• Switch off all the lights, walk and talk to yourself for 10 minutes. I read it somewhere that talking to yourself boosts your confidence.
• Use that study technique where you study for like 25 minutes and take a 5-7 minutes break in between. Dance, exercise, make coffee (preferably iced coffee), listen to music while walking or as I mentioned earlier, talk to yourself [note: spend your breaks in darkness to give your eyes a bit rest]
• Sometimes, when I get too sleepy, I open Snapchat and start explaining my syllabus to myself with that big mouth filter on. As weird as that sounds, it helps.
• Also, get a bit ready (put some jewellery on, put some lipstick)(if you're a guy, then I don't know)(this boosts your confidence too).
Good luck!

Is it dangerous to walk in the woods?

In the state of New York, there are many beautiful places for forest walks, and many of them are safe to visit. However, as in any forested areas, certain precautions should be taken. It is recommended to study the route in advance, have necessary supplies (water, food, map or navigation device), stay on marked trails, and inform someone about your route and estimated return time. In general, hiking in the forests of New York can be safe and enjoyable when following basic safety rules.
But there is an important note, in some of our forests it is very dangerous, as there are bears and other dangerous animals.
Before going into the woods, take a firearm.
New York State – April 8, UTC -4
Is it dangerous to walk in the woods

انا محتاجة حد يخترع برنامج لناس قاعدة بتدرس…الفكرة انه يتصلوا مكالمة بس ما يحكوا، يضلهم قاعدين يدرسوا، وكل ما المكالمة شغالة في دراسة…لانه التركيز صفر…حد يستثمر ؟

في فيديوهات study with me نفس الفكرة .. فيكي تدخليهن لايف
هاي مثلا فاتحة لابف هسا
جربيهن كثير كانوا يفيدوني .. بحطوا تايمر واستراحات وبيعملوا عدة sessions .
بالاضافةة .. . كنا بفترة من الفترات نفتح زوم عدة اشخاص وكل واحد يدرس اللي عليه
. ففيكي تشوفي اذا في حوالليكي ناس مهتمين لحتى تعملوها .

What’s an interesting fact about your profession/field of study that someone who isn’t a part of it wouldn’t necessarily know and/or realize? 🤔🤯

anonamouse89887’s Profile Photoanonamouse
That, when resting, our tongue is never at the bottom of our mouth, but at the top. The tip of your tongue doesn’t touch your teeth but is behind your upper front teeth and the rest follows the arch of the roof.
Also, when speaking, our tongue should never touch our teeth, unless you have official sounds that are created like that, like the English /th/.
Not having your tongue at the top and having your tongue touching your teeth often without having to are signs of weak tongue muscles.
Teaching children the right balance of the muscles of your tongue and lips, can actually prevent a lot of children from getting braces and it can naturally create straight teeth!
(Not my picture, but below is an example we as speech language pathologists can do (without braces!!!)).
Whats an interesting fact about your professionfield of study that someone who

What’s an interesting fact about your profession/field of study that someone who isn’t a part of it wouldn’t necessarily know and/or realize? 🤔🤯

anonamouse89887’s Profile Photoanonamouse
Not getting days off for an entire month or more at a time is apparently normal & having a mental breakdown is necessary to get time off🤷🏻‍♀️😬 Sure asf wouldn't have accepted the position if I had known that lmao
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are you good at problem solving?

No, I find it easier to problem solve when it comes to math than irl. In real life, I always complain about what my life is like but I don’t put in effort to make my life better (at least that’s what my parents always say), I don’t study hard to get a degree, I don’t work anywhere to eat out however much I’d like to, I don’t attend many social gatherings to make friends and potentially find “the one” I’m looking for, I tend to resort to getting emotional when things don’t go my way instead of remaining calm and making sure to do things differently in the future, and I have this mindset where I convince myself that if I’m having a bad day, my day will only get worse and there’s nothing to be happy for. I tend to self sabotage rather than problem solve these days.

What’s an interesting fact about your profession/field of study that someone who isn’t a part of it wouldn’t necessarily know and/or realize? 🤔🤯

anonamouse89887’s Profile Photoanonamouse
Contrary to what most people believe, you don't have to to be a maths genius to study/practice accounting. It's more about analysis, financial rules, regulations and law.

What’s an interesting fact about your profession/field of study that someone who isn’t a part of it wouldn’t necessarily know and/or realize? 🤔🤯

anonamouse89887’s Profile Photoanonamouse
Coffee as we know it today, was first discovered (or cultivated, rather), back in the 9th century in Ethiopia, partly by chance! Their famous legend about Kaldi and his dancing goats is honestly worth a listen! ☕️
Kaldi was a goat herder from Kaffa, who unintentionally discovered coffee after witnessing the unusual behaviour of his herd. One day, he knew something was off, with them being so wildly energetic, that they continued dancing and frolicking throughout the night! 🐐
When Kaldi investigated, he saw that the goats were merrily eating the red berries and shiny leaves of an unfamiliar tree.
Kaldi himself then tried the berries and after feeling the joyous effects, he later brought these berries to the monastery and shared them with the monks. It didn’t go down well, with whom the head monk exclaimed that they were the ‘Devil’s work’ and promptly hurled them into the fire.
The aroma of the beans roasting in the fire was so heavenly, that the beans were immediately raked from the fire and crushed to put out the embers. Realizing their mistake, the monks placed them into a jug and covered with hot water for preservation. Later on, the monks drank the brew and it helped them keep awake during their nightly devotions. ☕️🕯️🙏🏻
And that is the story of how coffee was first discovered! All thanks to some groovy, dancing goats 🐐😉

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What’s an interesting fact about your profession/field of study that someone who isn’t a part of it wouldn’t necessarily know and/or realize? 🤔🤯

anonamouse89887’s Profile Photoanonamouse
An interesting fact about my area of study and work is that some of the theories and models I learned and taught back in the 1990s have since been disproven or dropped.
It’s one of those areas where you need to keep your hand in with continual professional development, and be abreast of all the changes in thought and practice, and the ever-changing environment 🙂

When you were in college, was it quite easy for you to keep track of your work or did the assignments take up most of your time and was a little difficult to keep up with on most days?

I mean when you’re studying I think it’s normal that most of your time goes into the study.
Everything I did at university was manageable, even though I had to study basically every day. I think it’s just a sacrifice you’ll have to make if you want to be successful in the future or at least get that degree. 😊

What makes you feel loved? 💘 😇

redoasis2017’s Profile Photo★ ☮ ♫ TEᑎᗩᑕIOᑌᔕ TOᗰᗰᗩY™ ▩ ♚ ☻
Many things! But here’s a few…
-Being genuinely listened to
-Words of affirmation, especially when those close to me can tell I need it.
-Hugs 🤗
-Quality time together
-Thoughtful gestures (people checking in on me at random, sending me something that made them think of me, etc)
-Being invited to activities/events. This sounds incredibly minor but as a chronically ill person, who can’t always follow through with plans, it makes me feel so loved when people still take the opportunity to invite me. 🥰🥹
-Taking interest/showing curiosity regarding my hobbies, field of study, etc. Not that they have to like it, but just approaching the subject with an open mind. 😁
What makes you feel loved

موقف حصلك مع البيست مش هتنساه🌚

كنا متوزعين أنا وهي قسم سرطان فكان لازم تاخد تذكره عشان تعمل عليها case study و record فكان لازم تسال البيشنت حبة حاجات فقبل ما تسأله جت الميس بتقوله لازم ينزل عشان دكتور السونار جه ولازم يعمله سونار قبل ما الدكتور يمشي فقلنا خلاص هننزل معاه فنزلنا ع السلم واحنا نازلين بتقولوا هو انت عندك سرطان فين قالها ف الدم فراحت راده عليه بتقوله يااه جدي الله يرحمه كان عنده سرطان الدم ومات بيه احنا وقفنا ع السلم وبنبصلها اللي هو انتي بتقولي اي راح رادد عليها قالها الله يبشرك ي رب ومش رضي يجاوبها ع اي اسئله تاني وقالها غيري الحاله 😂😂😂

People who shut off all their social media for mental peace!!? Does that really work? And what do you do when it's your only time pass activity??☠️

It worked out for me, i changed my focus for a while, gather all my real people to whatsapp, try to click pictures more, study, download games (as you said time pass) and more importantly set a screen time for my own self to control phone usage. Hope this helps

Koi thori bht motivation 😵‍💫🤐

aleena_kamran1’s Profile Photoعلینہ قریشی
Motivation for life goals: keep on trying 3-4 time fail ho bhi jao toh 5th time pe you’ll be successful
Motivation for study: just be attentive during lectures 65% toh ese hi smjh aa jaeygi exams se din pehle nahi parhna parega 😌
Motivation for love life: if you lonely someone let them go wapis aya tin apka nah aya tok koi or zaroor aa hi jaeyga and wo hoga bhi esa k bole tmhare bina toh guzara nahi ha 😌
If yore single is better kuch ba nahi
Or koi topic bhi bölen ap 😄

What do you want to do as a living? It has to be something you would do for like 50 years until you retire.

tomoi45995’s Profile Phototobinaruto
A while ago, I considered working as a human anatomy and physiology teacher at a high school but then realized that I have to go to college for at least 4 years to do that and I’m not sure if I have the patience as well as the work ethic to study more and graduate later than expected. I’m now thinking of either working as an editor and/or try working as a librarian and see if I could handle the silence while working there. But, I might also change my mind later on and decide to study two more years if I develop great studying habits and realize that I really want to be a teacher. At one point, I also wanted to attend a short program to become an ultrasound technician but since the program isn’t available where I currently live, I decided against it.

What is your first childhood memory that you remember? Like the first thought. The very first memory of your childhood?

fasihahaha13606’s Profile Photofasihahaha
I was a student who was very fond of studying but the issue was the schooling system in our city back in KSA was not so good so I used to study at home or nearby academy. Then one day a new Philippine school inaugurated in our city. It had a great attractive curriculum so I got an admission there.
On that day my mother dressed me up well and my father took me there but the turning point was that my father told me that he will stay there with me.
Upon our arrival, I was handed to a teacher and my father turned away. Hona kiya tha I started crying and running back to him but phir samjha kar I went to class (class 1). Garam aansuon ke tapkane ke saath saath table par sar rakh kar so giya.
*Bonus: Canteen explore karne phir bhi gaya tha akele.

10 wise life advice that you want to give as a gift

josejesusclrdz’s Profile PhotoEquesTemplar
✅Believe in the Lord ✅ Believe in yourself ✅Don’t be afraid to be different from the masses ✅ Value your family ✅Don’t waste your time and life on things that have a bad influence on you ✅Choose your friends wisely ✅ Don’t forget to rest ✅Be honest first of all with yourself ✅ Study, study, study whatever it is, don’t stand still ✅ Don't forget to smile, this world is still beautiful, despite all the hardships ◕‿◕

Do you think it's wrong to not trust young doctors? This guy I met recently is a doctor, but he is barely 30. That seems too young to me. Too young and too inexperienced. I would not trust him with my life. A good doctor with experience must be at least mid aged.

To be honest it’s bad to be this judgemental because there are young doctors who study and are more interested in medicine than older ones and they research and look into new ways to help someone live. Or when someone is coding they try even 40 mins to resuscitate that person before calling the d*ath. On the other hand, being a doctor is also “measured” if I can call it like that, on their practice years, residency, awards etc.

Have you ever failed at something and why?

Yes, I didn’t study for my western medicine class that I took last semester and ended up failing the final exam. But, I still passed the class because I did decently on my other assignments for that class and turned in everything.

طب تفاعل تاني عشان الملل دا 😂😂😂😂

soma19941994’s Profile Photo(◔◡◔)S๑๓ꜻ(◔◡◔)
Boredom? If you are talking about me, then I wish you a life as interesting as mine, Inshallah. If you are talking about yourself, then take care of your family or study so that you don’t have time to be bored 😉

Are you afriad to tell the truth?

jakeskelter9’s Profile PhotoSake Felter
Usually not. If someone were to ask me what I genuinely thought about them, I’d most likely be completely honest (to the point where I come across as blunt). But, if I were to be in a situation where I feel intimidated, I would probably lie to protect myself or to get away from an uncomfortable situation. I remember lying to my 6th grade teacher once and how she called me out for lying about bringing my own book to class rather than picking a book off of one of her shelves (which I did). She embarrassed me in front of the class and I never lied to her again. The only reason I lied in the first place was because I forgot my own book in my locker and didn’t want the teacher to think I was irresponsible but when she called me out in front of the whole class, not only did she see me as irresponsible, but she also saw me as a liar, which was worse. These days, I do lie to my parents about studying in fear of their reactions when/if they were to find out that I’m actually not. My dad usually sees through my lies about studying but he lets it go. I wish I didn’t have to lie about it but I also can’t get myself to study, knowing and being well aware that I’ll have to face the consequences for that eventually.

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Do y'all still get excited by the idea of handwritten letters, flower bouquets, necklaces, cute bead jewellery, chocolates, books, night drives, stargazing outings, winter rooftop dates, long walks, silly fights, shared study sessions, window shopping,and growing together?

I love this all🥺🥺
Kisko ni psnd hota ye.
And alhamdulilah I have experienced all of this, except for window shopping and growing together 😂

Czego ci brakuje w dzisiejszym świecie?

W dzisiejszym świecie, brakuje mi głębszego zrozumienia i szacunku dla złożoności ludzkiego umysłu oraz rosnącej potrzeby emocjonalnego związku z innymi🧠
Przykładowo, coraz częściej obserwuję, że w społeczeństwie skupiamy się na efektywności, technologii i osiągnięciach materialnych, pomijając istotę naszych emocji i związków interpersonalnych. W wyniku tego podejścia, możemy zaniedbywać nasze zdrowie psychiczne, co prowadzi do wzrostu przypadków depresji i innych zaburzeń psychicznych.
Badania naukowe jednoznacznie wskazują, że silne więzi społeczne i wsparcie emocjonalne mają ogromny wpływ na nasze zdrowie psychiczne. Społeczeństwa, które kładą nacisk na wspólnotę, są bardziej odporne psychicznie i lepiej radzą sobie ze stresem. Na przykład, badania przeprowadzone przez Harvard Study of Adult Development wykazały, że relacje społeczne mają kluczowe znaczenie dla zdrowego i szczęśliwego życia.
Dodatkowo, brakuje mi również większego zaangażowania w edukację emocjonalną od najwcześniejszych lat życia. Współczesny świat skupia się głównie na nauce matematyki, nauk przyrodniczych i innych dziedzinach, pomijając ważność rozwijania umiejętności emocjonalnych. Według badań psychologicznych, umiejętność radzenia sobie z emocjami ma kluczowe znaczenie dla sukcesu w życiu, zarówno zawodowego, jak i osobistego.
🎓 W związku z tym, moje pragnienie to stworzenie społeczeństwa, które kładzie większy nacisk na równowagę pomiędzy osiągnięciami materialnymi a dbałością o zdrowie psychiczne. Wspieranie edukacji emocjonalnej, promowanie empatii i budowanie silnych więzi społecznych mogą stanowić klucz do stworzenia bardziej zrównoważonej i szczęśliwej społeczności🌍💙

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What do you remember most about your first crush?

My first crush was a sweet girl. Unusually sweet. She loved to hang out with me, and so did I.
One of my brightest memories of her was the time when she called me cute. That was a great achievement for me at that time, even though I was not aware of it until later on.
After she left our hometown to study elsewhere, we (sort of) ceased communications. I rarely talk to her, but I am confident that she is still the same person that she was when we were children.
Bless her.

What was the last thing you started passionately but left in between and why❓

SN_Khan’s Profile PhotoAhsan Khan
I started a comparative study among the religions derived from Deen E Islam and realized I've wasted my entire life chasing illusions to satisfy my ego and selfishness, seeking that sense of belonging to this society. The lies I was living in became my guilt, taking me to different levels of hells. I wanted to help others understand, but I terribly failed, and people around me started labeling me with Wahabi, Shia, Deobandi, etc. As I don't fit into any specific religion, I accepted Deen e Islam in totality. It's not a buffet to pick and choose from based on your taste buds. Well, it led me to another rollercoaster ride, and that's another fucked up story. Kher hogyi...!!!

Can I ask what was your experience with religion as a child? Did you have to study the scriptures until you were old enough to decide that it wasn't your thing?

I was baptised coz my paternal grandad was a vicker I think, and I was raised vaguely Xtian, read some of the bible at school etc. But I quickly found myself unable to reconcile the teachings with my own thoughts. It made no sense to me, and I couldn't and wouldn't force myself to abandon my thoughts, questions and need for proper answers. My mum was agnostic so didn't have any issue with that, my step dad considered himself Xtian but wasn't super strict, didn't go to church etc, so my not believing didn't cause problems there thankfully

Can I ask what was your experience with religion as a child? Did you have to study the scriptures until you were old enough to decide that it wasn't your thing?

I was christened as a baby, but never religious. We would sing hymns and stuff in school but I never had to learn scriptures or stuff like that. Just basic info about a few different religions. Spirituality has been a better fit for me.

Can I ask what was your experience with religion as a child? Did you have to study the scriptures until you were old enough to decide that it wasn't your thing?

My parents were really chill with this luckily.
They did give me a children’s bible, but that’s about it. They let me decide what I wanted to do with christianity.
I went to a Cristian school, because they thought the norms were good there, but I got bullied on there for years and the school didn’t do anything about it. My parents eventually transferred me to an open school.

What are the three things to do, when starting over in life?

AhmadBakheitMndo’s Profile Photo∆HMED
Aww I was never forced to start my life again 🤷‍♀️, it goes very smoothly like as per textbook 😅 - happy childhood, first love, finishing study, establishing my own family, finding job in which I am till now! 👍 I am not able to imagine to start in foreign country without money 😱. If I was refugee, I would probably look for some charity to have a roof above my head and some meal and started to look for some job to built my basic economy background gradualy.... 🤷‍♀️🤔

In your opinion which CGPA is best ?

As a gold medalist, i can safely say that no one gives a shit about cgpa while hiring you for a job. However, if you want to study further like Mphil, PhD, cgpa has some importance but if you have kickass recommendations and an ability to convince professors tou wahan bhi cgpa nae dekhta koi.

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