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Hello, I am from Slovakia and Sweden is one of my dream countries. I would like to know, how would you rate your country. Is it good place to live? Also, what is your major?

AndreaValaskova’s Profile PhotoAvana
Sweden can be amazing! 🇸🇪
We have things I think the whole world should embrace, like free higher education and healthcare. Students even get PAYED in benefits to study, not much but still 💵
There is gorgeous nature, which is made easier to explore and experience thanks to laws which allows you to walk on private property as long as you are respectful. Sweden has a rich history which is reflected in the beautiful old architecture in most Swedish city centres. Many palaces and mansions can also be found in the countryside 🏰
It's also a country where you're truly free to be who you want to be, cause of the longstanding separation between religion and state. Some of the best pastries can be found here too, from princess cakes and chocolate balls to "semlor" 🍰
But there are times when it's not so amazing. There's been an increased amount of violent crime and substance abuse recently. In the town where I live it's apparently very easy to get a hold of dr*gs if you want to. I don't notice it in my regular life though, except for the ways my student organization tries to crack down on it. I think it very much has to do with what kinds of circles you're in. You also often hear about shootings and gang wars in the news 😨
It may not be perfect but comparitively speaking, I still think Sweden is a great place to live. I'd be hard pressed to come up with many better alternatives 😊
And I'll soon have my bachelor's degree in urban planning! 🎓

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Hello I am from Slovakia and Sweden is one of my dream countries I would like to

So my question is. In Qur'an, it's said (and interpretation is) that pious men are for pious women and vice versa. Similarly righteous for righteous, Pure for pure. wicked for wicked, impure for impure men for women and women for men etc. (1)

Before you question any verse of the Qur'an, it's important to understand the context in which that verse was revealed. Also it is important to understand that Qur'an is not a book of rules. The rules of Shariah are taken from the Qur'an and ahadith. Some people take Qur'an as a book of science, some take it as a story book, some take it as a book of rules but the truth is that it's none of that exclusively. It is a way of life. Now what does that mean? It means that it has examples of almost every kind of situation a person will possibly face, so you study that and you get inspiration from it. It also is a book that teaches us who Allah is. And yes it does have some rules that are very strict and there's question about those rules not being obligatory upon us, because of the way they've been worded.. An example of such a rule would be verses that say drinking alcohol is a great sin. Surah baqarah verse 219 btw.
Or the quran saying don't even go near adultery in surah isra verse 32 I believe.
Just two examples, but the point is that if Qur'an mentions a rule, it is worded in a very clear manner. So clear that there's no question about it being forbidden or about it being a rule. Remember this point.
Coming to the first part of my answer, context. I'll explain it in the next question cuz no space here.

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How to put a stop to your stress?

SundayMondayOfficial’s Profile PhotoUNKNOWN PERSON
There are two type of stresses.
1) that has a solution. For example, being stressed about exams. Study! Stressed about being overweight, follow a proper diet and exercise plan. As tough as these solutions are, they are solutions after all. They'll end your stress.
2) the second type is the kind that doesn't have a solution at all or doest have an immediate solution. For example, stressing about death. No solution to this, we all will die. Or stressing about the future, financial stability in the future etc. There's no immediate solution to this. In this case, understand that every goal has mini steps that lead to it. This is your time to focus on those mini steps and not wish for that final goal to suddenly come to life.
If I want to have my own house in my city, I'll have to start work for it at least 4-5 years early. I collect money, I get the land, I get an outline, I start building on etc. All these are my mini steps. If I am in my mini steps phase and still worrying that i dont have a house yet then I'm being silly and unreasonable. Your stress will reduce significantly if you understand that you probably are in your mini step phase rn and that the final destination will take some time.

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Any doctor here who'd suggest me which treatment should I be provided because its is proff season and i am here on ask. I want to talk to someone. Although i should be studying. What is wrong with me. January stressful month hai meray liye.

I knew someone who used to text when preparing for profs.
Switch to Symbian phone and stick to your schedule.
Another one used to study in mosque

What do you consider your best achievement this year?

This year, I made a dedicated effort to immerse myself in the study of English and to broaden my understanding of foreign cultures.
Through this process, I have honed my proficiency in the English language.
Further, my knowledge of various cultures and their histories has been significantly expanded, providing me with a more nuanced and informed perspective on the world and its intricate intercultural dynamics.
While the acquisition of knowledge often brings with it a deeper appreciation of the challenges and complexities that exist, it also affords the ability to approach and address such issues with greater insight and efficacy.
In sum, the pursuit of knowledge has been a rewarding and enriching experience that has facilitated personal growth and the potential to effect positive change.
Though I am continuously striving for self-improvement and the acquisition of knowledge, I am aware that there is no endpoint to the learning process.
Indeed, the pursuit of knowledge is a lifelong endeavor that brings with it a sense of fulfillment and contentment.
As I continue to strive for excellence and to expand my understanding of the world, I take solace in the fact that the process of learning itself brings joy and happiness.
The intellectual curiosity that drives me to seek out new information and experiences is a source of ongoing satisfaction and fulfillment, and I am grateful for the opportunities that have been afforded to me to grow and learn.

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The tasks take longer to learn, and the work steps more boring. With each change, another social group with problems is created, which has not been able to move on. My experience.

stefanjarl’s Profile PhotoStefan
Life is about fighting. If u want to have smth u should fight for it. Lost job, gind new one, study, grow as person. I know it from my experience. I lost almost everything not by my fault even, but I work on my future and create new plans

Salah ke nk single dulu?? ..ingat nk fokus study dulu ... Tapi tulh tgk kwn2 uni banyak yg dh tunang dh kawin ... Kite tgk ajelh tak de partner kn ... Hahha ...

Ta salah pun ..
Kalau ta boleh handle and focus dengan lebih dari 2 hal , baik pilih salah 1 ..
Nak focus study dulu ke nak focus kan percintaan dulu ..
Kalau dapat handle and focus lebih dari 2 hal tu ..
Memang win lah u ..
Harap yang baik ii untuk u ..

People come and go are true. But, sometimes they will come back again in the future with theirself best version. People changed. It's okay :)

haha just let them go. focus on yourself. study hard, work hard, earn money and then use the earnings to upgrade your appearance. know your worth. that's a win-win.

Moral ethics leads us to jannah. Mention your good morals and help others to implement em in their lives 🌻

Noor_Unsa’s Profile PhotoUn Sa
I won’t boast about it
But I’ll say this much , all over the world people are facing a rapid moral decline ,,not just in Pakistan,,Western world is full of this shit too,just because they present to you a pretty picture of themselves doesn’t mean that it’s true,
We should study and learn from the societies that are in much better working condition than the rest,what is it that they are doing right ?? & implement that in our society for the betterment of all
If following someone’s moral ethics can leads you to Jannnah! Then that person is none other than the last Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) 💗
Moral ethics leads us to jannah Mention your good morals and help others to

Qual o melhor livro de física pra ter uma base sólida no ensino médio?

naduvidamitocondria’s Profile PhotoNa dúvida Mitocôndria
O melhor, para se "saber" Física mesmo e, não apenas, para treinar a responder questões do ENEM, é a antiga coleção do "Physical Science Study Committee" (PSSC), disponível para ser baixado em:
Está incluso, também, o "Suplemento de Tópicos Avançados", traduzido por nós, professores de EPCAR. Seu conteúdo, todavia, não é pedido em exames de admissão aos cursos superiores e nem no ENEM, mas é importantíssimo que se saiba, para se entender o mundo físico em que se encontra imerso.
Em verdade, todo estudante que "souber", de fato, Física, se revelará aprovado, pelo menos nesse conteúdo, em qualquer exame que fizer, independentemente de ter "treinado" resolver questões do exame considerado.
Em segundo lugar, eu recomendo este:
Em terceiro lugar, recomendo "Fundamentos da Física", em três volumes do Ramalho:

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Is life easier for women or men?

MuhammadAli191’s Profile PhotoMohammed Ali Baloucch
Men got unlimited freedom they can live life their way how they wanna live .they can study good get good job make their life what they wanna make through their hard work and dedication towards your goals with such ease no restriction no limitation .
Women life is easy too but they have to take permission every step of life like going for shopping with friends in shopping mall or for hair colour etc

What’s a compliment someone has given you that you’ve never forgotten?

okay anonymous
in that day i think i was absolutely beautiful …. happy
and free…. beautiful fashion girl
in my heart lived only joy
I had my beautiful mom…., i wasn’t in love with anyone…. but i drove everyone crazy who saw me….
and what most interesting thing that fact only amused me….I always smiled at people and as people told me ( about me)
my radiance illuminated the universes….
i was really happy…. really
my friend and me we are went for a walk and this whole huge
city was mine….people looked as if they saw a seventh wonder of the world …. my friend was neither beautiful nor ugly…. an ordinary girl….
I don’t know how she survived that day with ….( no of course she was happy too …) i mean
all the attention even of the animals was mine ….! I shone
and so we were standing with her and chatting about something
in one place…. ( before shopping)
where we’re fashion stores of the famous world brands
I remember
we were standing with her under the stairs and for some reason i didn’t even pay attention to the brand name…. when suddenly a tall …. very intelligent-looking man…. but already quite elderly
approached us
I remember he was wearing a cap and burberry scarf …. stylish and tall
he come up and politely greeted me
and asked
do you know what means a this brand name
I raised my head to read the name … it was boutique of the French brand Sublime….
and i replied that no…. I didn’t study French and I don’t know the history
of the name of this brand
then he said Sublime
translated from French means beautiful like you ….
i blushed so much …. i could say only thank you
you know after that of course my friend told everyone
and for very long time a lot of peoples called me Sublime….
every day someone
tells me about my beauty…. but for some reason
I remembered these words….
I really don’t even remember his face of that elderly man just silhouette and a scarf burberry
when i start to remember this story
it was so so beautiful words ….
that’s why I don’t really like to tell stories about myself….
there’s only beauty
in them and it may seem that i’m bragging….
but no… sometimes i even belittle my stories….!

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‏آخر ملحوظة كتبتها بالملاحظات ؟.

Try to be good at turning grief into productivity; study harder, work harder, exercise more, tire yourself out so that you drift off to sleep before 10pm. Sometimes this only prolongs the healing, sometimes you need to feel for a while.
Tame your heart:
1. Immerse yourself in the reason for which you ache.
2. Put this aching to good use.
آخر ملحوظة كتبتها بالملاحظات

Do you want any children?

has any politician ever promised resources for mothers as part of their campaign. do they ever acknowledge how mothers suffer from chronic health problems because they aren’t allowed to heal properly from child birth because there isn’t much attention paid to her (longterm) wellbeing. does the government fund any research on postpartum care. do social scientists study the insanely normalized mountains worth of expectations set for mothers or why its so common for us to question a mothers tarbiyat when we think someone committed a crime. i like that mothers get respect and honor but what is respect and honor when there are no good resources and policies that go into making their life easier

Do you believe in karma

MuhammadAli191’s Profile PhotoMohammed Ali Baloucch
Yes life it self a karma we study good , get good job live the best possible we think of .
it's karmaYou sow hard work in earth ,you reap good fruit
if you are Rude ,unkind with world many of them will say nothing but hate you in heart , many people will step in and show you ,your place .
If you sow negativity in earth you reap negativity
If you are kind with world many of them will like you ,adore you for your kind amiable nature , support you
If you sow positivity in earth ,you reap positivity

#MDCATTest2022 bilkl acha nai hoa. Now what am i going to do with my life?? My parents have so many expectations from me. They will be so disappointed with the results. Please suggest me a good degree other than MBBS.

dr_dar’s Profile PhotoAmmarism
So many heartbreaking stories,
First you need to understand and accept the reality that MDCAT is just a test and being a Doctor isn’t everything in life,
My advice to all youngsters would first be to leave this country ASAP if your parents can afford it ,if not try scholarships, Develop skills that other people don’t have at a young age, learn some language give IELTS or TOEFL
If going abroad is not an option & you wish to continue with your studies here then get a degree that you don’t find hard to get it could be anything preferably in IT sector or try something simple like MBA,
Whatever you choose to study it shouldn’t matter to you as much as some side hustle (very important) you should get a job somewhere,,it can be as freelancer or part time at an office or anywhere that suits your taste or ambition.Don’t care what anyone says or think about that.It’s a must.
Almost 75% graduates don’t end up in the same profession they studied for so don’t worry to much about it,what matters is that you tried!
Being a Doctor or Engineer isn’t the only option,these days the professions that have always been looked down upon by Desi Parents are earning much more than any Doctor or Engineer,
Try to acquire Skills,stop running after degrees.
It is good to have good education under your belt not a necessity.
At the end of the day it will all come down to how much money you are making so as I said if start earning today & stop worrying unnecessarily about Mdcat in 3-4 years you will be in a position to launch your own startup business.

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What, in your opinion, is the greatest art form and why?

BossHiWatt’s Profile PhotoStaeppanwulf
Oh man. That’s difficult really, as art is truly subjective, and I think that every art form has its own unique value, whether that be the wonder of immersing yourself in a book or film, the act of pouring yourself creatively through painting or singing, for example.
If I truly had to choose, it would be a toss up between visual art and music. They’re both the cornerstones of human communication, with legends and stories being passed down through the ages via the spoken word and song. Language - particularly cuneiform, dating back to Sumeria, the world’s first visual language (or at least one of - with it being the most widely spread language in the Middle East ); comprising of different lines and triangles. Hieroglyphs in particular are also incredible to look at and study. These art forms enabled us to survive and thrive throughout the changing world, and it has the ability to unite all of us, particularly music, as it’s so ingrained in our collective consciousness. It transcends barriers and cultures, has the ability to move the soul and inspire, and so much more. As a truly personal preference though, as I am very biased, I do love music and painting the most - both the act of creating and observing the works :)
(I hope this made sense as I’m pretty tired, so apologies for the rambling and sentence structure!) :)

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want to be an entrepreneur but they want me to be an animator cause I'm good at drawing what should I pick entrepreneur or animator

damn. that's a good question, can you do both?
you can either study animation and then sell art (entrep stuff)
or study entrep and then do art related business
or study both hahaha Elon did this with Physics and Business (I think) — he studied both and then applied it

What it’s the most stupid thing you read or heard this week? ❌

screams6’s Profile PhotoAndreea ♡
The most stupid thing I've read recently is that “people who are single or widowed are at a greater risk of suffering from dementia, as compared to those who are married”, some study has said it.
So, all the single souls out there, get ready to go mad..
P.S- Dear newsmakers, stop threatening us..
Let us live into the singleton set with peace and lots of sleep.
Thank you.
What its the most stupid thing you read or heard this week

Darkness?*she seems confused*I do wish to stick around to study how magic and monsters work around here before I go if that's alright..! *though being a small rabbit in hyrule could bring a ton of danger for her*

AnimalOc’s Profile PhotoJasper Rabbit
"And how would you do that? I could bring you to the castle library so you could look at our books but-"
*he points to some of the writing in his journal, it's in a script she cannot decipher*
"No one from other worlds seems to be able to read written Hylian, can you tell what my notes here say? If you can't even understand some of my notes there's no point showing you a full book. At your size you can't do field studies, not without an escort anyways, and I would get looked at like a crazy person if I asked any of the knights to escort a Rabbit."
Darknessshe seems confusedI do wish to stick around to study how magic and

بطاقة تعارف 😎 • الميلاد : • العمر : • مكان الولادة : •مكان السكن الحالي : • الفريق المفضل : • زعلان من حدا : • في شخص تفتقد وجوده : • أكتر هدايا بتحب تجيك : • الصفة الي بتخليك تنفر من شخص : • لو يرجع فيك الزمن شو بتعمل : • مكان بتحب تروحه : • بلد نفسك تزورها : • صفات حلوة فيك: • صفات سيئة فيك:

majdalothman’s Profile PhotoMajd Std
Aleppo 😎
Abu Dhabi 😁
I don't have 🤷🏻‍♀️
Yeeees 🥺💔
Flowers 🌺🌹
I will study another engineering
I don't like to talk about it , everyone sees in a different way

Which university of your country is the best one? Do you have friends who study there?

KennyMcCormic’s Profile PhotoКукурузная Проповедница
The University of Utrecht is ranked as the best University in The Netherlands.
I don’t have friends that studied/are studying there, but acquaintances. 😊
Which university of your country is the best one Do you have friends who study

How do you catch a serial killer?

deeda_dahi’s Profile PhotoZalaam
First you think like that specific serial killer. The first thing you should do is by trying to become his shadow. You study hard his moves. You have to find out why he hunts. You have to identify his prey. His technique & the scope that defines who he should kill.
The most important thing. There is always a routine with serial killers. I.e specific time of the year or specific events. Serial killers are not just another weekday killers. They study their kill first. They dont consider them human they consider them their subjects.
Once you have learnt his art of killing & you are sure you know everything about that killer.
Start killing! Just the way he does. Copy his exact style. Make it look like it was him. Once people starts believing it was him & not other killer. He himself will start looking for you & come after you.

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I think women should be given equal rights. If a man can have 4 wives. Then a women should also have the opportunity to have 4 men at same time. What do you think? Am I right?

You’re wrong. Women have been given equal rights as men in Islam. According to* their needs and Allah’s wisdom. Please don’t judge rights on the basis of marriage. It’s absurd. There are places where men come first and there are other places where women come first too. Study Islam before you make such statements. It’s not funny at all. We’re the caretakers of this religion, which means we have a responsibility towards it. So please be mindful next time. 🌷
I think women should be given equal rights If a man can have 4 wives Then a

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