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What do people do in gap year?/

When I took a gap year, I cried for 2 months, then made up for all the missed vacation with fam and thennnn after 4-5 months I realized oh f I took a gap year to repeat mdcat and I started studying like a madwoman and still didn't get admission 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

If you had the chance to bring back 1 cool memory from uni ...what was it ?

When I was studying in high school and university, every autumn all students had to travel to north and central Slovakia for 3 week-brigade to collect potatoes or hops from fields 😁. So when I was 21, we lived there, 7 girls in one room, and in the evening we were speaking about our experiences with our boyfriends 😅🤦‍♀️ 😂But generally it was always fun on these voluntary works 🤩💕
If you had the chance to bring back 1 cool memory from uni what was it

Some positive energy for studying ⁦^⁠_⁠^⁩

naira33570’s Profile PhotoOffline ❤️
صباح الخير 💖
لا تُفكر في خيبات الأمس ولا تُفكر في إخفاقات اليوم، كُنّ فخُورًا بنفسك وبما وصلت إليه وبما ستصل إليه أيضًا، كُنّ فخُورًا بصمودك ومثابرتك، فخُورًا بمحاولاتك وبعدد المرَّات التي تجاوزت وتخطيت فيها أمرًا كُنت تحسب تجاوزه صعبًا ..
كُن فخُورًا بإنجازتك مهما كانت صغيرة كأن تلتقط صورة جميلة، كأن تتعلم وصفة طعام جديدة، كأن تَرسم لوحة ساحرة، كأن ترسَّم البسمة على وجوه العابرين، كأن تترُك أثرًا طيبًا في قلبِ كُلِّ من يراكَ ويعرِّفك ..
ثُمّ إِيَّاك وأن تستهن بإنجازاتك الصَّغيرة فهي بداية لانتصاراتٍ عظيمة، سِرّ بِخُطى ثابتة وإِن باتت العتمة من حولك فَكُن أَنت الضَّوء في آخر النفق .💖

Which university of your country is the best one? Do you have friends who study there?

KennyMcCormic’s Profile PhotoКукурузная Проповедница
The University of Utrecht is ranked as the best University in The Netherlands.
I don’t have friends that studied/are studying there, but acquaintances. 😊
Which university of your country is the best one Do you have friends who study

Has anyone decided to remain single? If so, how do you cope with the loneliness?

> Has anyone decided to remain single?
Many of us have for a myriad of reasons.
> If so, how do you cope with the loneliness?
In my case, there is nothing to cope with and I do not feel lonely. I keep myself occupied, work like a fiend, pursue my numerous interests and devote as much time to myself as possible: studying, reading, writing, playing music, painting, working out, researching, refining my investment strategies, assessing potential ventures, etc. A busy person has little time to feel bored or alone.
Has anyone decided to remain single If so how do you cope with the loneliness

Why does anything exist?

Everything exists even the galaxies even the multiverse even power even money
Literally everything exists as a gift for humans. From the creator🌚🌝only thing is you gotta find something that fires up your spirit like idk skydiving. Staring the universe studying a black hole. It could be anything but evil.🌚🌝evil btw is a tool for humans to get better.😃

Do you living alone or with your partner / parents 😊 ?

SimonHess’s Profile PhotoSimon Hess
I live by myself, in a dorm room! Though, after this summer I'll be studying at a different university for my masters and then I won't be allowed to live here anymore. So I'm currently looking for options, preferrably to move into a proper apartment of my own. Sure, it's been nice to have friends nearby, especially during the pandemic and it's been very affordable but I long to not have to share a kitchen with others and to have a more proper place to invite people over 😊
Do you living alone or with your partner  parents

Is there a meaning to life? If so, what is it? Elaborate, please.

How many angels can dance on the head of a pin? Unless you're willing to tackle nihilism by dedicating your life to studying some principle of theological scholasticism, adopting metaphysically objectivist measures to such abstract concepts as intrinsic 'meaning' is likely to result in a complete waste of time; for any vague allusions toward a spiritual order of any sort or practicality is perilously close to being rendered redundant in this systematically egalitarian, post-Christian society to begin with. Thus, you'd be much better off creating your *own* subjective meaning, thereby leaving any notion of a potentially (and dare I say, likely) fallacious system of spiritual objectivity to the guys counting the angels...Or *data*, I should be pressed to say, given that the Priests have now been wholly subverted by the Engineers.

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ᴅᴀᴍᴏɴ— https://ask.fm/the_salvatorebrothers/answers/170743759423

the_salvatorebrothers’s Profile Photosᴀʟᴠᴀᴛᴏʀᴇ ʙʀᴏᴛʜᴇʀs
Katherine watched as he slid into the shirt, her attention quickly then drifted to the nearby coffee machine but she was listening, not to mention enjoying the display of jealousy in his words. She smiled to herself in silence, her back to him until she felt him approaching. "That friend is trusted by Klaus, Damon. Well, as much as Klaus is capable of trusting anyway." She corrected herself with an eye roll. "I just don't want to make him an enemy, nor see him dead." Katherine pressed, eyebrows raised emphasizing that last part.
Her lips curved in a smirk, not hiding how satisfactory his reaction has been so far to her pride.
The brunette gasped softly once her back hit the wall, hand on either side of her head, fingers intertwined, she didn't bother to hide how her heart skipped a beat the closer his face came to hers. His jealousy was a turn on, there was no denying that especially after so long of him trying and failing to hide it.
She slipped her hands out of his, instead resting them on his face, her eyes studying him from head to toe, her glance filled with a layer of unquestionable desire. "Gosh, you're hot." As much h as it seemed she was ignoring his reaction, she was plainly distracted, her focus quickly drown in the blue of his eyes as soon as he began lessening the distance between them. Brown eyes fluttered between his lips and eyes. "I know you hate it, Damon. But some of those 'flings' have helped keep me safe so far so as much as I'd love to, I can't leave them at your 'mercy' just yet." She smiled, finding irony in the choice of words, knowing what Damon had ahead for her ex lovers.
Her hands slid down from his face to his neck, over his chest, gliding all the way down his torso before seductively tugging at his belt lightly. Her eyes following her hands all the way down before they snapped back up to meet his, her hands droppingto her sides as she took a deep breath.
"I think we should leave before we get more.. distracted."

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ᴅᴀᴍᴏɴ httpsaskfmthesalvatorebrothersanswers170743759423

You hear that people have started to become zombies somewhere on the opposite side of the globe, what do you do next? 🧟‍♂️ How well do you think you'd do in a zombie apocalypse in general? 🤔

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Oof… I do NOT have any survival skills, nor do I trust myself enough to make it through a zombie apocalypse, as I am right now. 😬
I feel like my immediate reaction, as soon as I heard about it, would be to like buy some books and start studying, even just to learn basic survival techniques. Also, I’d wanna learn self-defense as I can only imagine how chaotic and potentially violent people could become in order to stay alive. 🥴
And, I guess from there, I’d wanna hide out as much as possible before the full apocalypse broke out, just to physically and mentally prepare myself and everyone else around me. 😅
But, I don’t have much faith that I’d make it very far even if I did those things, haha. Apocalypse situations are something I’d rather watch in movies, or play in video games. 😆
You hear that people have started to become zombies somewhere on the opposite

How's your sleep-dream cycle these days?

Musshafii’s Profile Photoمصحفی
Horrible 🥲
I was attempting my fsc exam in school with my university fellows in a dream and I forgot my summer vacation work at home. I was panicked about my grades and I wasn't feeling well but still studying hard.
Why brain why😭
I woke up and had a different dream after 10 mins 😕😕😕
P.S: These days I'm not on day-dreaming mode so it's quite peaceful

Votre plus grand rêve ?

Julie33036’s Profile PhotoJulie
Came here for this. I work internationally and the money is good but living in a foreign country long term eventually becomes a bummer. It's fun in your 20s, it's embarrassing for a middle aged man. Like I am 38 and have no my own home, jump through a million hoops to sort out the work visa paperwork; always looked at as a foreigner, because there is no racial diversity in Asia. Some day I'd like to own a home in a warm resort town.
I want to set up my own paint studio and just paint for a living. I do not want to work my full-time job I do now untill I retire. I'm only 21 and I just graduated college, I'm working on setting up my studio and I really wish it gets some attention so I can paint full time in a few years.
Had a taste of some of my dreams after working hard to make them come true. Experienced highs and lows. Never found the love I was able to give. Now leaving early and quick is all that’s left.
Yes, I have a dream, and it's not some MLK dream for equality. I want to own a decommissioned lighthouse. And I want to live at the top. And nobody knows I live there. And there's a button that I can press and launch that lighthouse into space.
To be a good animator with a successful animation-based YouTube channel with my original animations and it looks like it’ll take a while for me to do that because it’s hard being an animator on YouTube since I can’t post everyday and so far my stuff is only a few seconds long I can’t even monetize my channel yet because I only have 10 subscribers
Become a semi-famous musician, as I’m going to college studying music and probably jazz but ending up only playing 2 jazz gigs and building up a small fan base of people who really enjoy dumb or fun songs I would make on band camp.

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Long Term Travellers: When did you feel ready to go home?

I really can't do more than 3 months of backpacking. Stuff that's okay at first really gets on my nerves after awhile. Getting next to no sleep, dealing with annoying drunk people in hostels, getting scammed, constantly watching my back, etc. I love it in short bursts but I'm always happy to be back "home" wherever that is. I'm currently living outside of my home country and much prefer spending a year or two in a different country and working, living, and meeting friends here. That way I can have my privacy and sleep and learn what it truly feels like to live in a country rather than just being a tourist passing through. I'm hoping to spend a year or more somewhere in Europe and Australia before settling down somewhere.
After my second long term trip (with no original return date), I'm returning home after the 5 month mark. Things didn't really pan out as I'd hoped, but I've realized that, partly due to personality, partly due to age (29), that I now want other things. Namely to start building things (skills, hobbies, money, relationships, a community), all of which although achievable, are very hard while you're travelling around with no permanency.
I don't know about that. After I had been here a year, and had been studying Chinese for most of that time, I began to feel more and more welcome. A larger and larger percentage of my close friends came from local Taiwanese rather than expat English teachers.
As someone that lived in Taiwan/Taipei for about 1.5 years (on and off) I'll tell you that you will NEVER fully assimilate into that culture. Other than the ex-pat community, you'll always be looked at as an outsider. I really can't explain it - but that place is seriously pretty xenophobic. Super super super nice, but unless you're from there...you'll always be viewed as an outsider.
I set out on a year long trip that I recently (after 4 months) decided to cut in half. Around the 2 month mark, I never wanted to stop travelling. Slowly my feelings changed and around 3-4 months I started feeling restless and it took more and more to impress me in the places I visitted. Generic backpacker small talk also started getting old. I'm feeling excited for my remaining month on this trip, but I think I've found my future backpacking limit at 2-3 months. I would love to live abroad and travel very slowly in thr long term (2-3 months per city), but for now I'm happy to return home.

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👧 Controversial debates: Should parents post photos of their children online, particularly in things like identifying uniforms or swimwear?

This is a tough one because parents should be able to post pictures of their children and share those moments with family that may be far away etc but in the world we live in, safety has to come first. When I was studying criminology I was shocked by how many pictures of children doing regular things end up on sites that they shouldn't along with names and locations. If I had kids (which I don't/won't) I'd cover the logos and I wouldn't post images in their swimwear solely cause even if it's on your social media and set to friends/family, there could be someone on that contact list that's sketchy and you don't even know it!

Do you sing your national anthem?

I don't. First of all, I don't like anthems, they're bоring. Secondly, I can't decide which one to consider my own - the country of my grandmother, the country of another grandmother, the country where my mother is from, the country where I grew up, the country where I am studying now or the countries where I am going to live? I'm not really a pаtriot.. If I choose one, the others will be offеnded.
By the way, I know a little about the tune of "God save the queen"...

Do/did you go to college?

Because the system of education looks different in every country, this is how it went for me:
I finished 9 grades of school in my home country and started going to music college.
After studying in music college for 2 years, I moved to another country without finishing it.
In the USA, where I moved, I had to go back to finish high school for 2 more years, and after that, I started attending community college.
Currently, I’m in my second year of community college 👀
Dodid you go to college

I feel like life is so unfair with me. I am hepatitis B positive and now I can not get a student visa from any country that I want. All my hard work was for nothing. What should I do?

KeepYourEyesPeeled’s Profile PhotoKeepYourEyesPeeled
Apply to colleges in your own country it's not ideal but at least you would still be studying. I'm really sorry you found out you are positive. That must be so soul destroying. Have you given any thought to joining a support group. It might help you being around others who have it also.

Have you ever met a famous person in your life

I met Buddy Rich who was a famous big band drummer. I also met Jennifer O'Neill who is an actress (The Summer of 42) while I was performing in a rock band in Springfield MA., where she was filming another movie. In fact, Jennifer invited me to her home to write and record, but I was 18 and studying music at Berklee and intimidated by her beauty and her status. Sadly... I never took her up on her offer. Now I smile whenever I reflect upon it and wonder how my life might have turned out if I had recorded with her.
I also performed with Howie Jefferson who played tenor sax with Count Basie. Howie was without doubt the best musician I have had the honor or performing with. We used to perform jazz at Nick's Lounge in the Primrose Motel 2 nights a week for 4 years and Howie would always take the most awe inspiring solos that would result in standing ovations. Howie would often turn to me and say: "Nico, watch this." And then he would create the most amazing improvised solo that would leave me dumbfounded and thinking to myself that I must be in heaven. :)

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Have you ever met a famous person in your life

where do you want to be at the end of your 20s? if you’re already there, are you happy with where you are?

Yes. I always wanted a family before 25. Being a young mother was always something I wanted so badly. Now I am happy, I finished studying for my degree, graduated, and started a dream job... And finally having my baby and a lovely couple relationship. 🙏🤍

Random question here, but is it normal to still feel completely exhausted/fatigued even after returning from a break from work? Feel free to share your experiences, I just want to know if it’s relatively normal! Thank you 🤗

asgardarts’s Profile PhotoLivi;
✦ ───────────── ✦
. συт σf ρσтαтσ qυєєи
✦ ───────────── ✦
That depends on my surroundings. The vibe of the environment I was working in and type of the people that surrounded me.
When I was working in the gardens with small teams and all of the time I was working in nature. Being in nature gave me a sort of peace and I was only talking in my breaks with my colleagues, so... I did not feel too exhausted. Now while I am studying I need to communicate more often. And due to corona, I had not much time to get to know my fellow students. So whenever I am at the university I feel like a total alien and communicating stresses me out. So I sleep a lot afterwards or try to make myself at peace with my creative hobbies.
Maybe your surroundings drain your energy or always demand you to come out of your comfort zone, I know that can be tiring and that's why you probably feel this way.

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Do men believe in Real Love?

Well it depends on what you consider real love. From what I know most men (boys) my age (18) have no clue what real love is, but some of them do, maybe because they seen a lot or maybe because they have been betrayed, without warning (like me, it just happened, I had no clue what she was up to). Some of these betrayed souls now deep down know what they want, and what really matters. Some will wonder in void, searching for what they lost. Slowly realising that they might never find it again, and then, it will find them. Anyway in my opinion love is something that both people feel. Some may refer to it as * I just want to be with you, every time you smile and every time you cry and all between*, also just laying in bed and hugging (nothing more), is the enough to revive one's soul. Knowing that person loves you and you him/her, knowing that she/him will never betray you, telling secrets to eachother that will remain between you to.
As a fellow man I do believe in love although I feel right now, that it may be something I'm destined to never obtain, cause I'm currently just going through a break up. Where the girl said I am a really great guy and I am probably what's best for her in life but she said she was too young for a long term committed relationship and wanted to date around.
To me I value relationships I like knowing that I'm going to work or earning money or grinding for another person. It's like any team sport, you try hard cause you know your team is relying on you. To me when I'm single I feel like there is very little reason to do anything for myself, I never want fancy clothes or cars, I don't really party, all I do is pay my bills and what little extra money I have I just invest in order to get more money for either retirement or a house.
Yes, I do believe in true love! Although it moves so slow it has been mistaken as stone. My soulmate was patience but my emotions were to cold. Years have passed old but my love still holds; weathered and lacklustered, but unshaken, undisturbed. True is it's bearing; but slow is it's approach. Now, all is left is to hope. Hope to see her gaze; hope to smell her breath; hope to feel her heart beat in sync with my that of my own. I fear that I've arrived too late but fear will not rob me from this hope. To be fair I feel my story with this girl hasn't ended we both are in the same university adn both studying the same thing for the past year it all has been online due to covid but we are supposed to go to University in November and I guess everything is going to unfold their since we didn't get to see each other a lot and everything between us was via call or massages(but still I feel like we knew each other way before since their isn't anything that we both don't know about each other) but I feel like I should get my hopes up so I won't get in a bad mental state again that's if my current one ended by then

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If you went to university do you think people who didn't go missed out? People who didn't go to university do you think you missed out?

Shannon678900’s Profile PhotoShannon678900
Well I didn’t do university by the traditional route. So I had the experience of working full time from 16, but I got the university learning experience by studying later, and then the social experience by working in universities much later and helping to organising activities, Freshers Week and so on.
But anyway, while obviously people will technically ‘miss out’ on whatever they don’t do, it doesn’t mean they should ‘miss’ it - university life’s not for everyone.

What made you become an adult?

Going to uni, without a doubt. It was my first taster of independence, in the sense of commuting to London everyday, time management (art degrees involve a lot of hours creating/working outside of being on campus!). I didn’t have a loan for my foundation degree either, so I had to be extra cautious with spending on supplies and such, etc.
I think I felt more settled in myself once my masters started though. I was able to support myself purely through being finance savvy and living at home for my undergrad, but as you don’t get a loan for the masters, having my first actual *paying* job and studying alongside was another stepping stone in maturing in that sense. I was happier in myself and felt more accepted socially compared to my undergrad too, so that all helped massively in my personal growth :)

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*cold arms wrap around Vio from behind, the shade's chin coming to rest on his boyfriend's shoulder* "Y'all been in da library for weeks Vi, and no I'm not exaggerating dis time."

forgottenfifth’s Profile PhotoShadow
*He seems somewhat surprised by Shadow's assertion*
"It can't truly have been weeks can it?"
*He thinks back over his time studying, he remembers kitchen staff brought him many meals and he did fall asleep while reading several times from sheer exhaustion, maybe Shadow ISN'T exaggerating*
"I know that @MrImportantHero won't be happy about that, sorry for being distracted by my studies for so long Shads."
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Drop your ex's names😂:

Is it just me or people make it look very cool if they have a great number of exes?
I mean man wtf, its not cool.
Yeah, that's all I've got to say after eight hours of stuDying
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How to become financially stable at the age of 22, while studying?

imuhammadfaizan1’s Profile PhotoDr Anonymous Chaudhary
Financially stable at 22 is alot to ask for. Financial independency is something that can be achieved in this age.
I.e In country like Pakistan its not easy to manage both work-study! So, proper grooming by the age of 15-16 & a reasonable soft skill that can land you a part time freelance work. This is the only way to earn good & study.

There’s sadness in the air today

Ramsha_parachaa’s Profile PhotoRimnique
#HistoricalAnalysis #ReadingSomeHistory 🙂
Reading the history makes me sad because it gives me a glimpse of reality. By studying the rise and fall of empires, nations, and communities; you get to understand that humans have done so much cruelty to one another in many ways. It is a hard pill to take.
I feel bad about the fall of Muslim nations because they chose to abandon Islamic laws, teachings, and methods that became the reason of their failure. When you forget Allah then Allah will forget you. Without God Almighty's help, success in both lives is unachievable. Non-Muslims are given an edge, they are given the success of this world even when they intentionally choose to be on the wrong path.
But Muslims on the other hand cannot accomplish anything without having the essence of pure faith. It is a great blessing for us that our failures and troubles of this life act as a live reminder for us to realize our shortcomings and get back on the right track. And surely, historians really fabricated a big portion of what happened. They deliberately mixed in their personal agendas while recording the history of events. That's why a sound mind can never agree with everything narrated; as it's so hard today to verify the reality of those events. Yet, there is no doubt in that millions to billions of humans died and suffered extremely due to the ambitions, greed, immaturity and tyranny of the few. 💔

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Theres sadness in the air today

Back when you were in school, have you ever taken an exam without studying and just said “fuck it!”???? How did it go?🤔😰🤭

uhhh i never really studied back then lollll i just do the homework and hopefully i remember the information enough to take the test😂😂

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