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If you were going to choose a genre of film/TV to help you fall asleep. What genre would you pick? Mine would be thrillers or true crime, because I'm a bit strange I guess ha

LouisaRHale’s Profile PhotoLou
I dislike noise while sleeping or while trying to sleep.
There is usually something that comes up naturally. Either a remake, an anniversary of a films release, maybe a famous actor dies. Sometimes a friend mentions they haven't seen a movie and you decide to watch it together. Sometimes you just check you list and see what's available on your steaming sites, and what's available you watch.
I sometimes take ages to decide too. The only time I would know was if maybe something new was added to a streaming service that I wanted to see. It varies. Sometimes I want to watch a horror, or a sequel or even try and get though someone’s filmography. You can use the shuffle thing on your watchlist to give you a random thing. But in all honestly I’m terrible for choosing when I don’t have an idea in mind can take up to an hour sometimes
I make a psychotic amount of lists. I have a list of every streaming service I subscribe to with any movie currently on that service that I haven't seen and am interested in seeing (go to films--->sort by streaming service). Specifically, every month I make a list of the films leaving the Criterion Channel that month that I would like to see and try to watch as many of them as possible since I find once they leave Criterion those are the most difficult to find again. I will also sometimes challenge myself to watch an entire filmography of a director (I've done the Cohens and Scorsese in the past) and sometimes I'll use an upcoming release as an excuse to watch movies (for example, Soderbergh has a new movie coming this week, so I will probably watch 4-5 of his movies I haven't seen yet). I too was finding my watchlist becoming unmanageable so I make a list called my top 100 watchlist. I went through my current watchlist and picked out exactly 100 movies that I really wanted to watch and made a separate watchlist that I know has movies that on any occasion I will be happy I watched. I've gone through a few of these now and I find it helps me really knock of movies that have burning a hole in my watchlist for a while.
I generally choose based on what mood I'm in. Sometimes I know I won't be able to handle a very acclaimed arthouse, so I see something more comforting for me, a musical or an animated movie. Other time I just want a real mind fuck, or a silent film, or something short. I recommend you trying to analyze what you are feeling, not only by what you would like at the moment, but also what you think you can't handle. Hope this helps!
I usually have a general sense of what I'm planning on/interested in, mostly stuff I'm trying to check off my list. But sometimes I'll just be surprised by something that catches my eye. I watch that new Netflix movie The House on a whim and It's one of my favorites I watched in January. So mostly just based on vibes and random guesses about what I think I'll be in the mood for.

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مريم ممكن اشتراك في قناه بابا ربنا يديه الصحه ولايكس وكومنتات حلوه بقا وكدا ❤️ https://youtu.be/obXv6VWpW2I وان شاء الله هتستفاد منها كتير #النظر #نعمة_ام_نقمة #العين اسم القناه فوائد لغوية أ رمضان خلف @RamadanKhalaf5017 وصفحته علي اسك وادعوله بالشفاء العاجل

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ربنا يديه الصحه و يديمو تاج راسكو العمر كله و ماتشوفو فيه شر ابدا ♥️

I visited your tiktok profile. You should make more videos.😄🥰

Oh. Thanks. Please don’t forget to subscribe on my youtube channel, click like and hit the notification bell for more updates 🤭. HAHAHAHAAHAHAHHAHAHAH joke.
I’ll make more videos soon 😂Thank u❤️

Do you believe in a creator or a god?

While I have no evidence which supports the existence of an actual god / deity, I remain open to the possibility that a higher intelligence may exist. I believe that it's important to approach a complex subject such as this with an open mind, consider different views and examine any belief system or theory which could lead to further clues. I cannot make the claim that god exists or not but I can subscribe to this view:
Do you believe in a creator or a god

Have you ever a wrote a letter to your ex?

I've only had two serious relationships in my life. The first relationship ended when I was 18 and was the result of my girlfriend attempting to convince me that it was normal to love multiple men at the same time which is a behavior and lifestyle choice that I did not subscribe to then or now. So I saw no need to write a letter of apology for what I consider to be an irrational, immoral and dysfunctional behavior. What would be the point of such a letter? Would it change her behavior? I doubt it, and of course, I was not at all interested in attempting to save that relationship. I ended that relationship and walked away without ever looking back.
The second woman whom I fell in love with has similar beliefs concerning God, marriage, family, trust, loyalty and love as I do. As a result we have been together for many years and we both respect one another and are not only husband and wife, but are best friends who love and care for one another as well as our family.

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Theres no point in doing shoutouts anymore... we can't earn coins anymore from it which i find it sus how Ask never gave us a warning that they we're getting rid of VIP+

They wanna force us to subscribe but I won't. I won't give 'em a chance ..Opportunities make thieves !!

Debut Original “Judaa” is out 🎧

Youtube: https://youtu.be/sgav_2pHx5MSaifurehman96’s Video 169150005087 sgav_2pHx5MSaifurehman96’s Video 169150005087 sgav_2pHx5M
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Instagram: https://instagram.com/saifrehmanmusic
Find me anywhere @saifrehmanmusic
Hope you are fine! Eid mubarak!
My first original song is out! Do subscribe, like, leave a comment and share with others! Much appreciated! 😇
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Debut Original Judaa is out

You believe in Jesus?

To an extent. As a historical figure, there's evidence that he existed and there are non-Christian accounts / references from other historical figures (such as Josephus, Pontius Pilate, Tacticus, etc.) which should be evaluated. While I would agree with some of his teachings (as I understand them), I am irreligious and speaking in broad terms, I could subscribe to this view:
You believe in Jesus

👧🏼 Do you think that some lives are more precious than others?

I have previously stated that *all* lives are precious and I still subscribe to this view but what people choose to do with their lives is a different matter and in this respect, each person must be evaluated by his / her own unique attributes, actions, etc.

What are you trying for 30 days??

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Hi Glinda…lately I’ve just been bombarded by “free 30 day trials” such as music services, retailers, tv/video, and so on. In fact, as I typed this listening to Pandora, an ad for “free 30 days” was offered.

Давай пожалуйста ты подаришь пару лайков и огоньков, первым 10 человек кто лайкнет этот пост?

У меня вроде написано, NO L4L, NO S4S.
Для тех кто не в курсе.
NO L4L - no likes for likes.
NO S4S - no subscribe for subscribe.

What's something you do that seems perfectly normal to you, that most others think is weird?

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For some reason, most people seem to place themselves in one political camp or another. Depending on my opinion regarding any given issue, they automatically conclude that I align with a particular ideology. If they subscribe to that ideology, they usually assume that I agree with every tenet. If they embrace a different ideology, another assumption is made and it is rarely favorable or conducive to a nuanced exchange of opinions and perspectives. As an independent thinker (and a registered Independent), it seems perfectly normal to me to remain ideologically neutral and to consider and weigh issues separately without ideological boundaries or constraints. For most people, this seems to be the oddest alternative and about as "weird" as it gets.

Do you love holding hands? I do 😊

I do not like to be touched and I perceive holding hands as a form of ownership or possession which I do not subscribe to. I am neither the owner nor master of any person. For me, not holding hands is an an acknowledgement and acceptance of love and respecting the personal space of others. And while I understand that many who read this would adamantly disagree with me, I have no ulterior motives nor do I wish to be seen as an insecure man who must resort to holding hands in public to announce to the world that this woman is my property. No thanks.

Have you ever had surgery? What kind (if you feel comfortable sharing)?

My first of many surgeries… Began when I was four months old on the earth.
Because I was actually born with A condition known as retinoblastoma… which is a type of cancer. Which formed before birth in both my eyes.
These had to be quickly removed and shortly afterwords… then replaced with a pair of prosthetic versions.
Made back then from glass Believe it or not.
Following this first intervention so early… turns out that not long after… the tumour had reappeared for a second rematch in parts of my trusty brain.
Thus my head subsequently had to be subjected to continuing courses of poking and prodding and… Given the fact that back then there was no such thing as cat scans and MRI machines.
So it was really hands on investigation… mixed with high levels of broad-spectrum radiation treatments.
These went on for a number of times over the first 5 or so years of my bratty kid existence. Such that to stop this very aggressive tumour from spreading over the rest of my body.
Chapter 1 complete. Lol don't forget to click the subscribe button at the bottom of the story if you want more. Hahaha :)

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очень странно аск работает, когда включаю ленту для своих подписчиков,не все показывает,что за х..й?

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Подписывайтесь на мой канал, комментируйте и ставьте лайки под видео

Do you think God forgives all your sins after you’re saved?

According to the belief system and those who embrace it, yes, that seems to be the general consensus with respect to God and forgiveness. I am not at liberty to opine because I do not subscribe to any particular religious view.
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dont complain you have leftist views too

My views are from the entire political spectrum. How you wish to interpret them does not concern me. Unlike most people, I am politically independent. I refuse to subscribe to any political ideology and, as I have stated on numerous occasions, the Left-Right paradigm is a sham embraced by gullible people.
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Do you think the world is ending?

Maybe not today or tomorrow.
Maybe not next year or in 10,000 years.
But the circle of life ends in death and the process of death begins at the moment of conception. I do not subscribe to the poetic sentiments that declare life eternal for there is not a shred of evidence to support such a claim. Rather, I believe the opposite is true. Death is eternal and our cemeteries provide ample evidence that life is finite while death is eternal.
Do you think the world is ending

معلش سؤال غبي لو حد متابعاه وحاسة عملي بلوك بس بعمل لايكات مش بتتشال بس اتشال عندي من الفيفوريت كدا هو عملي بلوك ولا اعرف ازاي

هو ممكن يقفل ال subscribe عادي وميكونش فيفورت لحد ، ومادام اللايك مش بيتشال يبقي مش بلوك لكن معرفش حوار ال private chat ده

очень интересный профиль. я подписался) давай взаимную подписку в инсте? я бы посмотрел на твой профиль) инст у меня на странице) добра тебе 😸💞

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"" "very interesting profile. I subscribed) let's subscribe to each other in insta? I would look at your profile) inst on my page) good to you 😸💞" "" ~ aninstar77786’s Profile Photoaninstar
Thank-you kindly !
Thanx for the follow ~ I also followed !
{but I'm far too old for INSTA , snap . & similar ~ ahaha-lol ! }
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hbqhbBuEXdQigotamatch’s Video 169152457850 hbqhbBuEXdQigotamatch’s Video 169152457850 hbqhbBuEXdQ
очень интересный профиль я подписался давай взаимную подписку в инсте я бы

Sorry I don't use both platforms but I can subscribe your channel and we can follow each other on insta

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Oh that's okay, thanks anyways! 😊
If you rather receive video answers, please use #video in your question.
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Sorry I dont use both platforms but I can subscribe your channel and we can

Chinese wisely says that a paper snowflake made with a pure heart and faith in a miracle will help fulfill wishes in the coming year!

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Chinese wisely says that a paper snowflake made with a pure heart and faith in a

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Do you like going to concerts?

chloejohns2306’s Profile PhotoChloe Johns
We subscribe to the City Hall's annual Classical Music concert season every year (apart from 2020/21 of course). This season there are about 8 in the new but you have to buy each ticket individually. I suppose it is hedge against covid precipitated cancellations.
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focusonsober’s Profile Photoˏ` Selenα's stαr dαnce ♡ ❜
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Have you ever signed up on a website/app and didn't receive a confirmation email or code? When you make an account somewhere, they normally send you an email or a code to confirm your registration. I get nothingl. Ever gotten this error?

The only times things like that truly matter to me is when it’s bill pay. I don’t use or subscribe to enough social media apps to notice otherwise.
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Guys you should never waste your time in explaining. You know why?

deena_128’s Profile PhotoAdeena
I won't subscribe to that..
I mean relations need explanation a bit of it. Suppose it is anniversary nd spouse is late too late. I think the other half needs or I'd say deserves explanation. A lil bit .
It is the responsibility of the other half to understand if given explanation. Because here I'd say nobody should explain way beyond limits.

في وسط كُلِّ صعوبة ، هنالك فرصة 🤍". 🤍. مساحه لطيفه 🌼

yazanrahabneh’s Profile PhotoYazan Rahabneh
Dear God,
I can't subscribe my sense in some words.. Fortunately I don't have to; as you know it more than even me!!
I don't get the things I wanted, the people I loved, the affairs I seeked to but, I have things that are more precious than those I wanted though they might mean nothing to others.. Yes, it's "the meaning" that makes something worthy..♥♥

لما بتصحى م النوم بتلاقي على تليفونك وحشتني و لا بحبك

سيبك انت بحبك ايه و بتاع ايه! بلاقي notifications ان حد عملي likes علي قناة ال YouTube بتاعتي او subscribe او likes عالبوستات اللي بكتبها و ده الأهم رغم انه مش الاحلي 😌

Do you think a child has to bear responsibility for the actions of a parent, if those actions resulted in terrible harm done to others?

Jonathan6889’s Profile PhotoJonathan
Absolutely not! I don't subscribe to that whole "the sins of the father" nonsense. It is our responsibility to do better, but we aren't responsible for what we did not to

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