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Kahan hain wo log? jo khty thy parizad n last episode mn marr jana.

According to the novel yeah he had to become a follower in sufism (majzoob) and die on a forgotten station waiting for that blind girl (don't know her name) and she'd come with her fiance to close his eyes with the poem "humesha dair kardeta hoon main" playing in background.

Recommend me a book 📖

samiaa_aaa’s Profile PhotoSamia
"Forty rules of love" by Eliff shafaq one of the best masterpieces I've ever gone through enriched with philosophies related to Sufism, spirituality and ecstasy, and the ultimate purpose of human life and it's reality after all, you will definitely adore it...

Did you ever get فیض from ritual practices, doctrines and institution from the court of sufism?

Dear mate I really adore you for asking such thought provoking question.
As per my humble opinion, To get فیض we need قلبی وسعت. Jiska zaraf ka pyala jitna barra hota hai uss k liye فیض bhi utna hi barra hota hai.
I love reading تصوف plus I also have read some sufi poetry by Mian Muhammad Baksh, Sultan Bahoo , Allama Iqbal and rumi too. Laikin faiz' hasil karney k qaabil honey mein kaafi time hai abhi. I wish utna zaraf aur khaloos paida hojaye merey dil mein.

Salam! Aik bat poochni thi. Sufism kia h any research of you? Actually sufism ko follow krny s aik bat rokti k our prophet and his companions didn't follow that concept and they solely followed Qur'an and hadith. Why there is such concept now? Not a staif

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Wa Alaikum Salam!
Sufism is a way to live. It's not wrong if you keep it under the light of Islam. I'm a fan of it myself. It means that you don't care about anything and just live because you're bound to live. You stay humble and do not care for wealth or fame. But extremism in it is not acceptable. Allah doesn't like those who cross the limits. Sufism basically teaches humility.

Sufism kyun? What is your finding about spirit and its journey? How do you relate with spirit? What is your idea of inner peace? What is spirituality or sufism to you? Dont mind my brust of questions please. Stay dope. 🙏🏽💐

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Ah the questions I LOVE to answer. Sufism, the journey to find the inner self, the path leading to self acknowledgment so that one may unite with their actual self and then acquire the knowledge of God in the purest form.
As far as my love for Sufism is related, it's all because of my need to find solitude and give a part of myself to the nature. Merge the inner world w the one that lies outside of ourselves.
The desire to submit to my heart because that's where God's abode lies, where He dwells.
To understand the complexity of the mind and use it to guide my heart to fulfill its wishes while staying within certain limits.
And above all,
To find my true self.

Kindness and Humbleness is the door to sufism . I believe we all belong to different dimensions and different categories. Some may be Qalandars some may be sufi

We are not even near to that, right now.
One should always show little kindness and grab this kind of opportunities as much as he/she can happily. Knowing that he's/she's not the person that he/she used to be. Bringing a smile on another person's face due to your kindness means a lot. Phir wo sb bhool jata hai.
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Sufism has concept of dervish which u say is sacrifice. So what about people who accompany and love u. Isn't this concept neglects those people and weaken this bond?

For the love of creator you have to love the creatures. It's doesn't weakens the bond ,it strengthens it indirectly.
+5 answers in: “What makes u like rumi?”

Why someone has to sacrifice. What's wrong about being selfish. We are born selfish, that's how humanity survived all this. Do u really think hapiness lies in sacrficing?

To love, you have to sacrifice. There's no ego . It's selfless. Sufism has the same concept. Halfheartedness does not reach into majesty.
+5 answers in: “What makes u like rumi?”

(5) yhh baten mere leye samjh ana moshkl hen but i am trying to soak into this stuff. es ko samjne ke leye supreme aqal ki zarort ho ge ju esey mamlat mae mere mae nai ha. es safar ma baba yahya sahb se kab kese molaqt hoyi kio ki mera khyal tha shaid yh sufism aapko baba ne dea ha

نہیں نہیں سمجھنے کے لیے عقل کی نہیں ضرورت ہوتی۔ بابا زہین شاہ تاجی کے مزار پہ سمجھایا گیا تھا کہ
کہاں انساں کہاں عقل و خرد کی بیڑیاں توبہ
ذرا بھی عقل ہو تو آدمی دیوانہ ہو جائے
یہ سمجھنے کے لیے عقل کے دروازے بند کرنے پڑتے ہیں- بابا جی سے تو پچھلے سال ملاقات ہوئی- ملامت کی جو تھوڑی بہت سمجھ بوجھ مجھ میں ہے وہ بابا جی کے در سے بھیک ملی ہے۔ بابا جی سے ملاقات حضرت داتا صاحب کے توسط سے ہوئی تھی۔ یہاں آسک پہ بھی کچھ لوگ ہیں جن کو داتا صاحب کی اس فیاضی کی داستان معلوم ہے ورنہ کہاں بابا محمد یحییٰ خان اور کہاں یہ منشی چنت رام۔۔۔۔۔۔! بابا جی کا میں اس لیے بھی تابعدار ہوں کیونکہ انہوں نے مجھے کتاب اور کتاب دوستی کی اہمیت سمجھائی، سفر کی اہمیت سے روشناس کرایا، بتایا کہ علم صرف الہام سے نہیں ملتا۔ میری بدقسمتی کہ بابا جی کی کچھ باتیں میں یکسر طور پہ ماننے سے معزور رہا جس کی وجہ سے مجھے بابا جی کی ناراضگی کا سامنے رہتا ہے۔ لیکن ہاں ملاقات لاہور میں اور داتا صاحب کےتوسل سے الحمرا میں ہوئی، اس کے بعد یہ سلسلے اب بھی قائم ہیں لیکن یہ بھی ایک حقیقت ہے کہ بابا جی مجھے خوشی سے نہیں ملتے، بارہا اپنی ناراضگی کا اظہار کر چکے ہیں کہ تم سے مل ک مجھے خوشی نہیں ہوئی، شاید ان کی توقعات میرے سے بہت زیادہ ہیں

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question iz yh kea ha baghi ? etne smjh tu moje i ha sufism ke bat hoe ha lekn es ke sufism mae kea link ha aur tm esko etna highly q rate kerte hu aur allah se manguu es ke dr pe dastk kiyo yh koe wali ha aulia ha? sarkar ha? peer ha? tmri sarkar ne es ki bat kiyo manee ha?

You have no idea what are you talking about... hahahaha
He is a person who just walks a different line. I am neither asking for him of any help, guidance or blessings neither can he or any other mortal in his/her full capacity can grant me with. He is a god knows what i am just a humble man with a kind face and who smokes hashish. I am neither a sufi nor a spiritualist. I am just a humble man with a strange mind and some off the grid faiths. A dear friend of mine is sick and psychologically challenged and is under treatment... he is my school time bud my best mate. He is so bad that sometime he can not recognises me and even refuses to see me. I am his guardian in that rehab facility he is admitted in. I am so much worried about him and it makes me feel uncomfortable and i cry. Because i love that dude of mine for the sake of Allah's love and forgiveness and its since we were kids. I have always tried to protect him from the shit he likes to get involved with in all the possible ways i can. Now it was all about that. But as some people talk differently it confuses others... and it does to you... @Baaghiiii talked about a ruqah and that was not for him it was meant as a pure dua a prayer for me and my "malko" my friend... and you just started taking things in quite the conventional way like literally... it is not necessary if someone kinda sounds weird or un-understandable he must be wrong somewhere or wrong all the way, it might be us taking it all in a weird way, it could be us seeing it all from a different scope... and i neither judge people nor rate them at all, cuz if i do, i must say you are a sorry ass dumb sick paycho fuck but tell me have i ever said it... no... and i wont say it...

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+10 answers in: “bc yh bnda koun ha baghi officer ha ? koun sa kam keraya ha es ne tera kon sa rouqah koun sa bat”

Majority of people in Pakistan follow Sufism ... Jo keh aik parallel religion hai ... It's not Islam or part of it ... Aur yahi wajah hai logon ki Islam se doori ki .. In sufiyon ne apni Taraf se Aisi baatain phela di hen jisse logon ko Islam she door kardiya hai ... Quran aur sunnat ko chor Kai apn

I think u need to understand Sufism first and then talk about it...
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High Five! I believe same. It goes like," An accident was waiting to happen." Another one: Have you read about Sufism? Are sufi's better or worse in terms of being human and muslim?

Um, ive read NOVELS about Sufism, i dont know whether that counts in “reading ABOUT it”. And they were all about Rumi. So i would like to hold back and say i dont know enough about sufism to prefer anything. But, i have firm belief in spiritualism, if sufism is to be defined in terms of spirituality, then i would say that a man who is SELF ASSURED of the fact that Allah is backing him up during every step of his life, leads a carefree life. Spiritual purgation, washes away allllll the stains (so called) on your soul. So spirituality is a very important aspect for me (tho im a huge sinner too im no oracle). And you know, I believe that some series of events happen in every persons life which place everything in vivid perspective for him, that is when a person realises that he is nothing without Allah. In one way or the other, everyone realises this at some point and THAT is when their spiritual journey starts. Also, I believe that sufism involves “apni zaat ki naffi karna” which means to shun all of your personal wants or needs for the love of God. Its like the apt definition of “ishq”. We have a very wrong perception about Ishq and Mohabbat. To us, as teens, it seems like a common emotion and we all think we are in love with someone but that kinda love is ALWAYS CONDITIONAL. The concept of “ishq” in sufism is the pure and unconditional kind. It entails the extreme need for closure with the supreme entity which is God. THAT is fascinating. Shunning the wordly shit for something you believe in, THAT is what is the most attractive thing about Sufism (or so i think)

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No worries! I just need to hear an opinion from a muslim! Sufism is the most beautiful thing in the world! But one needs a good teacher to explain all these concepts in order to go deeper to it! 😍

I wanna clarify something, I do believe in Sufi rules and ethics of love .But still I don't follow Sufism as a religious sect 👍
+6 answers in: “‏نفسياً : هناك بعض الشخصيات رغم صفاء نيتهم الا انه كثيراً ما يخونهم التعبير في الكلام واختيار الجمل والكلمات المناسبة عند التعليق على امر معين ، وهذا ما يوقعهم بحرج ومشاكل مع من حولهم ، مما يؤدي الى ردة فعل غاضبة من الطرف الآخر التي تجعلهم لا يبررون خطأهم حفاظاً على كرامتهم ..!”

The tasawwuf is particularly widespread in Sunnism and far less in the sciences, where only two Islamic confraternities, Ni'matullāhiyya and Dhahabiyya, are active, in the face of the dozens of Sunni confraternities still operating [48] From wikipedia.

there's difference between the sufi person and tasawwuf
Nowadays ,no one on the right Sufism way
It's just tasawwuf and it's the wrong way ... It is just disbelief
Umm .. I'm sorry
I dont know how i can explain more about this ..because i dont have a good vocabularies to talk with you in this topic

I used to be counter-jihad but I have come to appreciate aspects of Islam, Sufism in particular. Have you undergone a similar change of heart?

I think most people who go far enough right will tend to undergo this change in opinion. I still think it has no place in Europe, but I respect what it provides for believers, and find it fascinating as I do other religions.

Philosophy of Mind: Philosophically, how might science 'solve' subjectivity? How can subjective experience truly become objective knowledge--and, if achieved, would it no longer be subjective?

By shaping a methodology that reduces subjectivity from the matter. However no methodology is free from personal preference, even for natural science between Loop quantum gravity and String theory theorists have their tendencies to side with one without considering the other.
Philosophers are divided into two frameworks in deferring something as objective as possible. Coming from the Cartesian school, Western philosophers use skepticism. Doubts and self doubt as to constantly create of the anti-thesis of whatever we believe in as a way of seeing things objectively. Rationality is being seen as the key that could reduce potential self-indulgence within any sorts of philosophical conceptualization.
While Eastern philosophers, especially ones who practice sufism believes that the answer that would detach subjectivity is when humans are able to remove "self" from a postulate and project the matter outside so that thinkers would be able to see it without putting self in the findings. That's why sufism also re-directed that into spirituality, a dimension where they do hope in the pursue of knowledge those who take part in it submit themselves into a greater purpose so that they don't feed their foul emotions.
Methodologies however will stay valid, until they don't. That's when a new framework could disprove it.

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Oh yes btw I forgot to tell you about the song you mentioned me in, which is the same as the last one. He has some strong voice cords 😂 I like the first song but I feel like it would sound better if it was sung solo, not a chorus. As for the second song, I just don't understand it 😂 only a few words

TVC150’s Profile PhotoSonja ♤
I thought you didn't read the mention😂 it's nice song and give you enthusiasm
The first song is sufism Islam song and i loved it with chorus 😅 .. there's solo version on the YouTube but it's not that good 😅
The second song is one of the oldest song it's written as conversation between one man which is married to three women.
And the families of those women decided to kill him .. The Song contains Sudanese slang and Levant slang and the third is Greek language and also egyptian slang.
In the end he accepted to be killed but the killer should be egyptian like him
He said that as projection to the british invasion to egypt.

Yes you may learn/practise spirituality and obtain invocation of the heart through which divine light (Noor) will generate and your inner will become purified. Also you would experience complete change in yourself once your heart is granted invocation. Kindly visit www.TheAwaitedOne.com for details

Why does it sounds like one does all of this only for his inner purity and invocation of his heart. The teachings of Sufism that have inspired me include being extremely selfless and nothingness of an individual. It motivates one to go beyond limits in the love of Allah without caring for your own self. Sufis want to attain love of Allah only and in their quest they experience all these things you mentioned above. Kindly stop visiting websites and use your own knowledge.

Kak, jika orang awam yang membaca answeran AI tentang ketuhanan lalu mereka berfikir "wah bener juga ya". Bisakah mereka menjadi agnos sedangkan mereka sendiri belum banyak belajar dan bahkan ilmunya masih secuil dibandingkan dengan para agnos yang kebanyakan sudah belajar tentang agama, sains, mor

Moral maksudmu? Selama kamu berpikir bahwa keberadaan dan nature dari tuhan tidak dapat diketahui maka kamu sudah agnostik.
In this sense, sufism lebih condong ke arah agnostik daripada gnostik disini walau tetap teis. Karena mereka menaruh bahwa tuhan adalah keberadaan mistis yang gak bisa diketahui sifat sifatnya.

I was not that anon but I do believe in every sect of Islam. I accept them all and I do believe in teachings pf them. One philosophy which will live forever is philosophy of Hazrat Hussain (RA). Hazrat Ali (RA) is the founder of all Buzurgaana and Sufism stuff. We respect you all :)

I appreciate your thoughts.The Philosophy of Imam Hussain a.s is the Philosophy of the Holy Prophet s.a.w.w. What Imam Hussain a.s did was not to seperate the Ummah but to put them on the same page. He a.s is the common denominator. And we respect you too and everyone, if that was not the case then we wouldn't be celebrating the unity week and the rest of festivities. Thank you for this amazing message. God bless you :)

Hey.This with regards to the Hijab thing.Please correct me where I go wrong,ok? Doesn't the Islam followed in South Asia have origins in sufism and had roots in lucknow(India) or trace their history to bohras or ahmaddiyas rather than wahabis/salafists(which everyone claims all Muslims to be)?

I know a culture, which danced and singed, commemorated spirituality, wrote poetry, philosophised and humanised,
...Until, Salafiat/Saudi imperialism came and destroyed it all, claiming to bring the "true version" of Islam.
They declared almost every thing as "bidat" or deviance, including Sufism, celebrating or praying to ancestral souls(a very common practice which somehow became "shirk"), poetry and philosophy.
They even declared Akbar, and some statesmen from Mughal empire as "non-Muslims" because they were "too deviant". Din-e-ilahi, which was a religious offshoot of Islam started by Akbar, became a kufr.
Apparently everyone here has problems with Western imperialism and its abrasion of other cultures, but suddenly everyone is okay with Islamic/Salafiat imperialism and ITS abrasion of other cultures.

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You're a follower of Sufism? And a lover of Maulana Rumi's words?:) Probably only the second person I've found in four years on here.

Yes I’m a follower of Sufism and a devoted admirer of Rumi, well basically I’m a follower of everything which is associated with the tranquility of soul & peace of mind, Molana Rumi said “I honor those who try to rid themselves of any lying, who empty the self and have only clear being there” So whenever I feel empty all inside whenever I crave for something to numb myself from the outer world, tasawwuf is the only way for me to feed my soul with contentment & certainty, as you can see I’m a Grecian urn, and you know what some of Greek literature & art is also grounded on Sufism.
Rumi wrote in one of his poem “The Greek art is the Sufi way, they don’t study books of philosophical thought, they make their loving clearer and clearer, no wanting, no anger, in that purity they receive and reflect the images of every moment from here, from the stars, from the void, they take them in as though they were seeing with the lighted clarity that sees them”
Thanks a lot for acknowledging my presence :))

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kayanya jelas ga sih maksud si a***k itu "dibohongin pakai" bukan "anda dibohongi oleh" , maksudnya kan "jangan kampanye pake isu sara" , ckckck entah gimana ya orang2 indonesia ini mendidik anak2nya bisa jadi bigot kafirun kaya gini

Itu bermula dari mulai bangkitnya pemikiran pemikiran Islam yang mengincar kemurnian dan supremasi islam di dunia. Dan itu dibiayai oleh negara-negara kaya di Arab untuk menyebarkan kegilaannya di seluruh dunia. Iya kalau yang disebarin sufism gitu saya gak akan seberingas ini menggoreng anon onta di malam ini.
Jujur, saya sebagai seorang anak saya sempat ingin memberangkatkan ayah saya untuk haji. Mungkin konyol kamu dengar ini dari saya. Tapi kalau dia senang. Kenapa nggak, saya lebih sayang orang tua saya daripada tuhan yang gak pernah ada.
Hanya saja saya pikir itu tindakan yang secara moral salah untuk memberikan uang kepada mereka yang saya ketahui akan menggunakan uanh tersebut untuk menyebarkan ajaran-ajaran berbahaya di seluruh dunia. Hence membuat ibadah haji yang sejatinya bebas nilai benar salah menjadi tindakan yang salah karena secara tidak langsung mendukung pergerakan para Islamist di dunia,terutama di Indonesia.

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No you're incredible at all sorts of arts, just talking about a specific group of people. Sex oriented art is so fucking annoying when repetitively pushed infront of your face.

This wasn't an attempt to go all sufism omg mast malang shittily-drawn boob monster wearing anklechains. It was just am anatomy moulding. No spiritual message, I promise.

i totally get it. made me respect you even more. i never really thought this modern generation would have sufism in them. this classical touch makes you quite a person in my eyes.

I actually participated in this shair o shairi competition. (I don't really remember what do we call it). My teacher selected me cause according to her, i had a nice gesture and she loved the way i used to unveil the poetries. So basically, i learned more than hundred urdu poetries. I don't really remember them but yeah they are like an insignificant blur in my mind now.
And the one i just wrote was from my syllabus. ?
Anyways, that was really sweet of you.

1.One best friend?? 2.Do you have a sibling??? 3.Top ten priorities?? 4.Something you miss?? 5.Something you want atm??6.Something which makes you happy?7.How old are you?? 8.Birthday?? 9.Single/taken/crush?? 10.A subject which you like the most? ? (STAIF) Please answer

halambaig’s Profile PhotoHamza
1. I, Me and Myself xD
2. Yeah 2 bros. 3 sis.
3. Priorities change with time.
4. Childhood
5. Calm
6. To be reason for someone's smile
7. 20
8. 21st June'96
9. Crush
10. Sufism

nahin yaar mere aur tumhare bech ww3 hone ka imkan hain. .aur main e nahin chahta ....aur baat main rahan literature ka student aur tum ...chemistry...ideas nahin match hote

Usmanali228’s Profile PhotoUsman Ali
hahahah khair h compromise krna seekho. usama hoga na sulah kraane. literature 20th century m parha jata tha. modern era m tumhaari philosophy aur sir mansoor ki sufism ki koi jgah nai. so i win

I mean yeah, you can come up with Islamic tradition, but that is not what lay Muslims know or hear about. Especially after the spread of political Islam, the tradition seem to go in the "back". May be read "Radical" by Maajid Nawaz, an ex terrorist who escaped Islamic extremism. He debunks myths.

mindgasms’s Profile PhotoCreative cup
I don't think I agree with you there.
The ordinary practising Muslim bases their life on the teachings of the Quran as stated by scholars. All Muslims (save the Ahmadiyya) follow a school of thought which lay out rules and guidelines to follow for Muslims. Most were established under the Umayyad Caliphate, so say early Islam. Islamic tradition is most definitely still upheld to this very day. In fact, there's also sects within Islam such as Sufism which was around at the time of the Prophet PBUH and continues to flourish to this day.
Sigh, I'm not at all a fan of Maajid Nawaz. Some of the his views just don't sit well with me. Half of what the Quilliam foundation has proposed and has done is, pardon my language, utter bullshit. He literally paid Tommy Robinson thousands of pounds to step down as leader and leave the EDL. Nawaz used the entire situation as a publicity stunt. He also thinks Islam is inherently violent. If he's heading an organisation which is trying to tackle extremist factions within the country, he needs to get a clearer picture of what Islam is about before lumping innocent Muslims, people like me, into terrorist groups, thank you very much. He talks of wanting a secular form of Islam but Islam doesn't need reform. Islam needs for Muslims to properly understand the Quran and not distort its meanings. It's like under the rule of Caliph Umar RA (a companion of the Prophet PBUH), the Sharia punishment for theft was suspended because hard times had fallen upon the people and had they not been able to steal food, they'd have died of starvation. Compare that to the so called Daesh Caliphate of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, which mercilessly murders people for no apparent reason aside from pure vilifying hatred of anyone who opposes his "true" message. So again, in my view, Islam does not need changing. It needs people to correctly understand it and unfortunately, with the rise of groups like Daesh we're seeing an increasing amount of ignorance over what Islam preaches. I want to cry.
Sorry if I'm repeating things you most likely already know.

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You stay up so late and you also get up relatively early....like how? And also I'm really impressed by you as a person. The only thing that I personally do not comprehend is your love for God and Sufism and prophets maybe because I'm an atheist but it's fascinating to see your passion for God.

Haha. I and Him share a very strange relationship. Sufism is way to connect to Him somehow. Also it's all too artistic for me. I find it surprisingly attractive. I'm not a religious person, not even close. Trust me. Aaaaand I can't sleep. Pata nai kyun. :3

Tu likhna bhool gaya k if the current women were nt busy in their life being mothers and household to if they are on the good way.They conquer more in sufism than men. terey jitna nahi jnta bt i think abt this.

Sharoze_95’s Profile PhotoSharoze Malik
jan kar nahi likha.Kuch loggo me zada akarr a jani hay :p
you're correct boy ✌

i love your passion and respect for religion so much, i never thought Islam could be even more beautiful than it already is until I stumbled upon your answers. the world needs more people like u and u have my full utter respect 😍

Islam is so beautiful because it is poetic in its nature. The verses recitals, the hadiths, the sunnahs, are all aligned to your own well being.
In fact, I was never interested in my religion in my earlier years. But as I dwell into Persian poetry and eventually Sufism poetry, I was baffled and allured to my own religion. I mean, it's quite unconventional, to explore and embrace your religion in that way, but I was and am still in love with my religion for how poetry potrays the noor it held.
I always believe that finding faith is an endless sojourn. And one of the concepts of Islam I really love is 'Muhasabah', which is self-assessment. I've always been a big person on self-development and reflection even before embracing my religion, and I was dazed that I had unknowingly aligned my personal values to Islam. So alhamdulillah, I always never belittled those whom never found their own religion interesting, because I was once like them. But Islam is in every aspect. In Science, Language, Nature, History etc. And masya Allah, how wonderful and amazing He is.
And masya Allah, how the Qur'an is very relevant, from the past, to the present and insya Allah, the future.
I am so glad that you find my faith inspiring but I'm humbly saying that I have just started embarking on this journey to find a home in my faith and I sincerely thank you for supporting it. 💖

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No abuducky didn't do anything he just explain about sufism and she got so angry and started giving him hate 😢😢😢

I'm going to give my honest opinion
I REEEEALLY do not care one bit
no matter what you do, you're going to get hate
you will only post hadith ... you'll get hate
you will post Qur'an ... you'll get hate
you won't post anything ... you'll get hate
best thing to do is just post whatever you think will benefit the believers and ignore the haters instead of spreading their account and causing fitnah ygm

My family is in the Nur Movement, therefore they read the books of Said Nursi. Many muslim kurdish scholars advise people to read his book and everybody know him in Turkey. What do you think about him?

We advise Muslims, if they really want to be Muslims as Allah (God) commanded
That they should follow the Holy Qur'an and the Prophetic Method (Sunnah)
because Allah sent His messenger to be the perfect example for people
Allah has said : (There has certainly been for you in the Messenger of Allah an excellent pattern for anyone whose hope is in Allah and the Last Day and [who] remembers Allah often.) - [33:21]
But following other figures and persons -as in Sufism-
and making pledges of loyalty, allegiance, enmity and disavowal according to them, then this is of the impermissible innovation in religion (heresy, Bid'a) , even if these characters were righteous
And I have seen some of Noursi's speech that indicates his extreme Sufism -unfortunately- .. Like attributing knowledge of the unseen to [who they assume] holy people "Wali Saleh", and so on..
And perhaps many people don't know that about him, especially that he titled his speech by saying : "Indeed, what is written here shouldn't be seen by anyone, and then it must be hidden from others" !
In the paragraph called the 18th Shine from the 21st of his letters
And there is no doubt that the belief that there's on the heavens or the earth who knows the unseen except Allah, is a blasphemous belief
Allah Almighty says : (Say, "None in the heavens and earth knows the unseen except Allah, and they do not perceive when they will be resurrected.") - [27:65]
and He says to His prophet Muhammad -peace be upon him- : (Say, "I hold not for myself [the power of] benefit or harm, except what Allah has willed. And if I knew the unseen, I could have acquired much wealth, and no harm would have touched me. I am not except a warner and a bringer of good tidings to a people who believe.") - [7:188]
If Allah has denied that His messenger knows the unseen, while he is the master of chlidren of Adam, then by stronger reason, others don't know the unseen
Noursi had other great mistakes, but that was just an example.. And surely he also had merits, but the problem is that the errors he made in belief were of the massive kind
In Islam, we don't have secrets and defects to be hidden.. Our religion is clear, compliant for understanding and remembrance, this is another characteristic that's peculiar to this great religion
We are not to judge Noursi, maybe he repented before he died..
But what we are to say is that the meaning of the word Muslim is genuinely following the Holy Qur'an and Sunnah, and seeking accurate understanding of proofs and guidelines
We Learn from scholars, but as Imam Maalik said :
"From All people we can accept or reject, except the Messenger of Allah, Mohammad -peace be upon him- ." means : except for the messenger of Allah, only from him among people we accept everything reliably

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some of names: payamber aqlo khurd(urdu), Apology, fairy tale, the life of the mind, hmm prayers, pocket poet, also in sufism and poetry Rumi, Abdul Qadir be dil, Shams tabrizi :)

Jalaluddin al Rumi and Shams al Tabreezi are really really amazing ...
I read books about Sufism and watched many many vedios about it :) ..
Rumi poems are really nice ... ^_^

Yeah, people do takfeer way too quickly nowadays. *sigh* Aqeedah in my first semester actually gave students the assignment of when you're actually allowed to do takfeer. Anyhow, wanti fajazakillah khair. Glad that's cleared up.

True. Maybe this is because of so many various sects. Every one thinks their sect is the correct one. That's why I refuse to give myself any name, just a Muslim, that's all.
Interesting, and of course you'd have done brilliant :) We had our Aqeedah assignment on Sufism or Qur'anic Charms or amulets. I chose the latter.

I have cracked the mystery of Hamza Yusuf! :D Apparently, when he embraced Islam, he was exposed to Sufi Islam, so he was Sufi at first. He left Sufism after studying Islam more in depth and is now a Sunni. This happened way back in the 80s. Why are people still stuck on the Sufi thing?

Wow, that was quick.
Ohh its like that? .. So now he is on the right path and teaching and inspiring others too. So seriously why are people still stuck on it? O.O
And anyways Doing Takfir isn't a good thing, right? Nvm.
Jazakillah Khair, you saved me a lot of research ;)

That means that shias and sufis should abandon all things they've innovated in this religion and return back to truth (following the Quran and the Sunnah according to the understanding of the companions of the prophet) and not to blind follow anyone, except the prophet!

speaking of sufism its a very different thing. Sufis search Allah in all His creations... they strive for His love , and love of ALLAH is above everything. I'll again say everyone has his own opinion and we are here to search ... we hav been given the choice because Allah wants to test us. Indeed Prophet (P.B.U.H) has shown us the right way and Quran is there for guidance ,but who am i to comment ?? if u had been born in a shia family your reaction had been the opposite. I am not supporting sufis aur shias aur sunnis . were there any sunnis in the era of Holy Prophet ?? no. There were only MUSLIMS and thats what we are supposed to be.

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