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Coś fajnego oglądasz?

Aktualnie wstrzymałam się z supernatural - wciągnęłam w to męża, ja się trochę opierdzielałam, wiec mnie wyprzedził z sezonami.
Czekam aż skończy, i będzie oglądał ze mną. 🍁
Na ten czas próbuje się wciągnąć w serial „ teściowie” zobaczymy czy się uda. 🎃🔥
Coś fajnego oglądasz

∞ Na jakiej platformie płatnej lub darmowej oglądasz najczęściej filmy lub seriale? Może jakaś odkryta nowość którą polecasz?

Limonka67’s Profile PhotoJαʅαρҽñσ
Mąż mi wykupił kilka platform, na przykład cda, Prime Video, Polsat Box i via play.
Wcześniej częściej oglądałam na netflixie, a że mamy od naszego świadka i wprowadzili jakieś kodu o których pisałam wcześniej na tej platformie oglądam tylko na telefonie.
Aktualnie właśnie supernatural oglądam na Prime Video, a co mogę polecić, każda w sumie bo na każdej można znaleść coś fajnego.

﹅⠀ʟᴠᴄɪꜰ⠀︰⠀♡﹒﹙ honestly ﹚Obejrzałeś wszystkie sezony Supernatural? Który podobał Ci się najbardziej?

REVERIE__ARCANE’s Profile Photo♡﹒lvcif
Niestety jeszcze nie miałem okazji obejrzeć wszystkich sezonów. Jak to zrobię, wtedy na pewno wybiorę któryś, chociaż podejrzewam, że ciężko mi się będzie zdecydować. :)

Mi consigliate qualche serie tv o film?(genere horror o fantasy)🖤

annanastro17’s Profile PhotoM O O N
Beh c'è Supernatural, Izombie, Kiseiju, American Horror Story, Cabinet of Curiousities, Locke & Key, Ash vs Evil Dead, La scuola dei morti viventi, Blood-C, Tokio Ghoul, Danganronpa, The Promised Neverland, Death Parade, Devil May Cry, Hellsing...
Mi consigliate qualche serie tv o filmgenere horror o fantasy

What will be your 3 wishes if you are asked by a Ginnie

johnnikhil2198’s Profile PhotoNikhil John
1. I'll ask all the supernatural powers that the most powerful Jinn in the multiverse has, but still remain a normal human being.
2. I'll supernaturally marry the most beautiful female Jinn and have S.E.X with her whenever I desire.
3. I'll ask the boon to be invisible n visible whenever I wish to.

Do you believe in the supernatural? Heaven, angels, ghosts? Luck, fate, magic? Mind reading, lizard people, the Illuminati?

I prefer to approach these topics with a reasonable amount of skepticism. Without substantiated facts and irrefutable evidence, very little can convince me. Faith is great but I would hesitate. In my opinion, there could be a scientific explanation for everything that you've mentioned except for a few points which will be addressed below. The science changes constantly and there are countless riddles which we still cannot decipher. With that said, it is important to recognize that science isn't always a final conclusion but an evolutionary process which, at times, can be a mystery in itself. Some might suggest that all questions have already been answered long before they were asked. There may be something to this notion. It may also be true that revelations can be somewhat challenging to ascertain, comprehend or disseminate but in the absence of adequate answers, we must continue to investigate further and avoid jumping to conclusions. Along the way, we will encounter numerous enigmas which are (or may seem?) inexplicable but we should resist the temptation of interpreting concepts, events or experiences from our limited perspectives. Plausible theories deserve our attention. Illusory proposals do not.
A) Luck. A figure of speech. Nothing more.
B) Fate. At best, a self-fulfilling prophecy?
C) Lizard people. Quite similar to flat earth. Pure nonsense.
:::uncontrollable laughter rebounds through my sanctum:::

D) The Illuminati. Yes, it existed. Google "Adam Weishaupt."
I have reason to believe that his quasi-Masonic experiment was a perversion of Freemasonry and an abject failure. If he were alive today and experimenting with such reckless abandon, I could think of one mischievous fellow who may be persuaded to infiltrate his cabal and thwart such efforts.
:::smiles fiendishly:::
Initiation ceremony in Viennese Masonic Lodge, during reign of Joseph II by Ignaz Unterberger (1784).
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is seated on the extreme left.

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Do you believe in the supernatural Heaven angels ghosts Luck fate magic Mind

Do you act more like your mum or your dad? In what way? 👍 😇

redoasis2017’s Profile Photo✞ ☮ ♫ ɬɛŋąƈıơųʂ ɬơɱɱąყ™ ☀ ♚ ツ
I act more like my Mama. I’m a Mama’s boy and we both have weak stomachs and we get sick easily. We both have CVS (Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome), we enjoy watching horror movies and the old episodes of Supernatural, we binge watched The Boys, The Winchester’s, She-Hulk and Stranger Things. We’re just now watching Jenna Ortega’s “Wednesday” TV show.

Was it fate or a coincidence?

lost_duck’s Profile PhotoGE
Lets look at the definitions of these two words.
Fate: The development of events beyond a person's control, regarded as determined by a supernatural power.
Coincidence: A remarkable concurrence of events or circumstances without apparent causal connection.
I don’t believe in fate as something beyond my control. We make our own fate

Any supernatural experience

Last year I went to my grandparents village (close to a forest area). It was saturday night and I was walking on the village road closer to the forest, it was dark so I had to turn on my phone's flashlight. I was walking when my phone's battery suddenly got discharged. I somehow managed to find a hut, I knocked the door and a very beautiful girl opened the door (I think she must be around 25-30 years old), she was very hot, she wore a yellow translucent saree with no bra so I could see everything partially. She welcomed me and washed my feet (just a part of village manners), while washing my feet she looked up at me seductively and bit her lips. I understood that she wants something hot. So I asked her whether I can stay at her place for one night and she readily agreed. We slept together and had a great night. I can't remember when did I sleep but I suddenly woke up at 3 a.m and saw the most horrible sight of my life! She was bleeding to death. At that time my thinking process just stopped completely! I rushed out of that hut and ran towards the main village road but I stumbled and fell down, I got hurt and my elbow was bleeding. I got up and somebody put his hand on my shoulder, I turned back to see his face. It was the same dead woman! She was smiling and said, "Itni jaldi bhi mat jao na." I tried to push her but I can't! Her body was made of smoke my hands went through her body, I somewhat tried to run away from her but she held my left ankle and I fell down, when she held my left ankle it felt as tho some air held my ankle, she came over me and started kissing me and I couldn't push her, I even tried to slap her but my hands went through her face but didn't hit her. She was smoke! When she was kissing my body it felt as tho strong breeze was touching all my body parts. My clothes were on but I felt the strong breeze on all my body parts even my dick and I ejaculated. I couldn't tolerate such a scary thing and fainted in the forest itself...

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Welche Serie schaust du zur Zeit?

Sem061’s Profile PhotoSemra
Ich schaue viel zu viel zurzeit.
Ich Liste erst einmal alles auf und danach schreibe ich noch etwas dazu, falls es jemanden interessiert. ;D
Zurzeit schaue ich:
- Gotham
- One Piece
- Mushoku Tensei
- Overlord (Staffel 4)
- My Hero Academia (Staffel 6)
- Spy x Family
- Chainsaw Man
Joar, da kam einiges zusammen. ;D
Ab Overlord abwärts sind es alles Animes, die ich schon gesehen habe und aktuell neue Folgen raus kommen, weswegen ich es jetzt schaue. Ausgenommen ist Chainsaw Man, da es ein komplett neuer Anime ist, der vor kurzem raus gekommen ist.
Gotham habe ich angefangen, da er mir empfohlen wurde, als ich meinte, dass ich Supernatural, GoT, etc mag und er super dazu gehört. :3
Ich mag die Serie, ich habe aber nie Lust es zu schauen und bin erst bei Folge 14 der ersten Staffel.
Mushoku tensei habe ich irgendwann angefangen, als ich Anime technisch sonst nichts gesehen habe und da fehlen mir noch 2 Folgen, dann wäre ich damit durch.
Ich schaue ein amerikanischen Youtuber (Nicholas Light tv), er reagiert auf Animes und ich schaue ihn seitdem er damit angefangen hat. So habe ich mir vorgenommen, mir jeden Anime anzusehen, welchen er schaut. Deswegen kam es dazu, dass ich mit One piece und Chainsaw Man angefangen habe. :3
Ja, die restlichen schaue ich wie gesagt, da aktuell jede Woche eine neue Folge raus kommt.
Ich bin also sehr gut versorgt aktuell.

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Faça um top 5 das suas séries/filmes favoritos.

askyouay’s Profile PhotoSalió
Bah tenho várias séries que curto affu, vamos ver se consigo colocar só 5 kkk
- Smallville
- Supernatural
- Sons of Anarchy
- Suits
- The O.C.
- One Tree Hill
- Stranger Things
- Tee Wolf
É não deu, vou parar em 10, mas tem outras muito boas tbm kkkk

ᴅᴀᴍᴏɴ— https://ask.fm/the_salvatorebrothers/answers/170698758207

the_salvatorebrothers’s Profile Photosᴀʟᴠᴀᴛᴏʀᴇ ʙʀᴏᴛʜᴇʀs
Her hold only got tighter on him, silently begging him to stay just this close. The feeling of his fangs buried into her skin as he tasted the same blood that granted him his immortality was beyond exhilarating and Katherine almost whimpered once his fangs withdrew. His face finally came up to meet hers and Katherine’s palms met his cheeks softly caressing with her thumb, mirroring his heavy breath with her own as they tried to recover for a second.
Katherine could still see the familiar crimson shade of red on his lips and she almost captured his lips in a heated kiss but he was too quick getting to his feet. The doppelganger propped up on her elbows, pouting playfully as she watched him shed that last pieces of clothes separating them, hungry brown eyes scanned his body longingly.
It was suddenly cold without his touch but the feeling didn’t last long and she laid back down as he returned to hover atop her, willingly giving in and parting her knees wider, allowing him place and a view she was sure wouldn’t be forgotten anytime soon.
Her eyebrows furrowed slightly at his words before a light chuckle took over her expression, realizing just what promise he was on about. His eyes captured hers and his face lowered, mere inches between their lips and if the closure wasn’t hypnotizing enough, Katherine was sure his eyes did the trick; she’d only realized how her left hand was pinned next to her head on the pillow when her right one followed. “took you long enough.” She provoked, she wouldn’t have time to form the next thought however, when she finally felt him, a sensation she missed more than she'd like to admit.
Her supernatural healing kicking in as her body quickly adapted, her soft moan mixed into his as she shut her eyes allowing herself to explore the feeling on their connection just a little longer before her legs wrapped around his waist. This wasn’t like anything they’d done before; being equals to some degree did change things, maybe even how she felt but above all how her body reacted to him. “I’ll be honest, I didn’t think I’ve missed you that much, Damon.” She admitted under her breath, lifting her head up to whisper right into his ear, teasing even when he had such a position of power over her.
He picked up the pace and Katherine soon met his hips with her own rhythmically, just for a few before she released her hands from his grip with mocking ease, keeping him inside her as she flipped them over. Her palms on his chest for support, Katherine moaned shamelessly at the new depth that came with the change of position, she moved her hips in circles as she rode, making sure he’d get her from every angle, finally leaning down to capture his lips once she felt both their releases approaching.

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ᴅᴀᴍᴏɴ httpsaskfmthesalvatorebrothersanswers170698758207

C. ¿Se disfrutan más profundamente las series o sagas cuando se ven a lo largo de las semanas/meses o cuando te das un maratón en una tarde? ¿El consumo rápido le quita "calidad" a la experiencia? ¿Te gusta tener que esperar para poder ver siguiente episodio? ¿Te aporta algo la espera?

moscurry’s Profile PhotoNana Moscurry
Tengo tan romantizada la espera que no podría optar por la otra opción.
La intensidad es casi mayor con el maratón, ahora veo una serie y me meto en ella a presión, lo experimento todo en cuestión de horas, y luego me deja un vacío enorme porque la asocio a un momento puntual. Lo asocio a unos días concretos, donde ha sido lo único que, literalmente, me mantenía en pie. Les otorgo ese privilegio de sostenerme, de ser lo único que quiero hacer realmente. Pero la velocidad e intensidad tienen dos consecuencias, una es que el vacío que dejan es enorme, punzante, y repentino. Otra es que se llena con otra cosa a la misma velocidad. Puede que el poso de una serie no me llegue hasta meses después de verla, y porque lo pienso todo tanto que es inevitable. Pero de no ser así, pasarían sin pena ni gloria, y no por falta de calidad, sino porque todo va tan rápido, que ya tienes en la recamara esperándote la siguiente sensación. Acostumbrarte a esto es tan peligro, porque sin darte cuenta todos estamos cambiando nuestros tiempos, nuestra atención y nuestra percepción. Todos. Y no tengo nada claro que sea para bien.
En la espera hay muchas cosas malas, pero recuerdo con especial cariño las semanas de Prison Break, de los Soprano, de Supernatural, de Skins, Lost, The OC y de mil series más. Había una cita con ese momento. Ese día era completamente especial, y todo el espacio intermedio servía para pensar en lo visto, reposarlo y darle un nuevo empujón en la semana siguiente. Daba tiempo para la desesperación, pero desde luego que también para obviar más las incongruencias y centrarte más en todo de manera global. No se identificaban o sobre analizaban tanto los detalles, irónicamente, cuando te espaciaban las cosas. Imagínate la decepción si el capítulo de la semana era flojo o malo directamente, pues aún así pertenecías a la clase de personas que no iba a dejarlo pasar. Porque era tu serie, tu momento y tu vinculo constaba de algo más allá. Además, yo soy de las que construía su propia trama paralela, la que se sentía parte adquiriendo el rol de uno de los personajes, obligatoriamente. Me asignaba uno, y este era inamovible. Eso me permitía desarrollar los supuestos durante todo el tiempo intermedio, sin que esos se me desvelaran a la media hora.
También es curioso como ahora las historias están hechas para verlas seguidas. Apenas se hacen series, sino películas de una duración mayor, que no podrías emitir en un archivo en bruto, fragmentadas. Los capítulos no tienen la lógica de antes, por varios motivos y uno de ellos es esa disponibilidad abrupta y completa. Pero ese es otro tema.

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what topic you can talk about for 60 minutes without any preparation?

My favourite tv shows.
I.e why is "Lost" the greatest tv show ever, why is "Supernatural" my love, why is vikings a classic show, why i like mentalist & dexter.
& Also about sport.
I.e why is Nick kyrgios the greatest natural talent of tennis & one of the most entertaining tennis athlete, why is david miller very underrated no 6 batsmen.

>> https://ask.fm/FracturedSoul/answers/170781006390

FracturedSoul’s Profile PhotoRipley Morningstar
⠀⠀⠀❪❀❫ ⠀A night of judgment that would play unfairly with the threads of life itself... would never have a convenient result for the corrupt side. The presence of a supernatural entity filled with hostility would attract attention, and it wouldn't be just anyone.
Something warm and bright accompanied the unfortunate fallen woman; it levitated in an overwhelming wind bravely and calmly. ᴀ ꜱɪʟᴠᴇʀ ʙᴜᴛᴛᴇʀꜰʟʏ illuminating her place leaving a couple of small sparkles in its wake that disappeared into thin air.
Among all malevolent creatures, that was like the light at the end of the tunnel. However, the purpose and appearance gave a lot to think about and doubt. Appearances were deceiving, and in a situation of great risk, the trust of something unknown was not an option.
A sound of a saber blade coming, followed by a nasty agonized scream. That scream came from that humanoid creature that, as a result of something almost invisible, ended up being broken into a thousand pieces, floating an immense trail of blood to the surroundings.
No one was there, the darkness dulled the human visual sense.
The only thing that woman could look at was that butterfly dancing during an act of death.
ᴀ ꜰᴇᴡ ꜰᴏᴏᴛꜱᴛᴇᴘꜱ ᴡᴇʀᴇ ᴡɪᴛɴᴇꜱꜱᴇᴅ ꜱᴏᴏɴ ᴀꜰᴛᴇʀ.

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Hey guys, what kind of topics do you want questions about? I'm gonna send more shout outs but need inspo!

Movies, books, TV shows, the supernatural, what people like to do in their free time... Anything that's not based on sex or is at all discriminatory. There's too much of that on here and it's either dull or upsetting. We need more positive!

¿Os gusta el anime? ¿Cuáles son sus animes favoritos? Sino os gusta, ¿cuáles son las series que más os gustan? Que tenga un lindo día. 🤍🌹

Por desgracia no, mira que le he dado oportunidades pero no me engancha.
Y series que me gustan, AHS, supernatural, stranger things, Ratched, Freud, the witcher...🌹🤍
Liked by: NEREA

Hi how are you you are really the real actor of the serie supernatural i like well the serie and others also a question is you on googel chat see you soon sorry for my english i know just a little my name is Stéphanie

Hey Stephanie! Yes, this is my account. And no, I don't have Google Hangouts. I prefer email and texting. I'm not going to give out my personal information, even to my fans. I hope you understand.

Guckst animes, wenn ja welche gerade aktuell?

Aktuell schaue ich immernoch That time I Got reincarnated as a slime und ich habe letztens mit Overlord Staffel 4 angefangen. :D
Seit letzter Woche kommen jetzt jeden Dienstag eine neue Folge der Staffel raus. :3
Ich bin gerade am überlegen, ob ich immer eine Woche länger warte oder nicht. Ich habe die erste Folge am Samstag mit englischen Untertiteln geschaut, das stand auch nur zur Auswahl. Am Dienstag, wo die zweite Folge raus kam, habe ich gesehen, dass die erste Folge mittlerweile deutsche Untertitel hat. :D
Jetzt ist halt die Frage, ob ich immer auf die deutschen Untertitel warte oder es einfach auf Englisch schaue. Ich werde mich vermutlich indirekt entscheiden, je nachdem, ob ich zufällig Lust dazu habe, es zu schauen oder ich mir eher etwas anderes ansehe.
Ich habe in letzter Zeit öfter über meine derzeitigen Animes geschrieben. Für die, die es interessiert und maybe die "alten" Antworten gelesen haben. Zwischendrin habe ich auch noch Arcane gesehen. :3
Es ist jetzt kein Anime, aber ich habe auch mit Stranger Things Staffel 4 angefangen. :D
Und bisher gefällt es mir echt gut.
Ich habe vor 3 Jahren oder so, die ersten 3 Staffeln gesehen und damals fand ich die Serie nur okay. Zu der Zeit hatte ich aber auch zuvor Supernatural (ich liebe diese Serie) und Game of Thrones gesehen, vielleicht fand ich sie dadurch "schlechter", da mir die ersten beiden so sehr gefallen haben. :3
Aber die 4te Staffel finde ich wie gesagt sehr gut bisher. :D

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Share any of ur deep thoughts that u had recently. 💭💭

The thing is that most of us try to explain Islam in a very logical sense. Presenting facts and figures to prove the importance and relevance of Islam and Tbh, it's true that our religion is the most logical religion one can come across. Perfectly matches with our nature. But has anyone ever tried to think of Islam in spiritual sense? The feelings we experience when we prostrate? I am not good with expressing feelings so I can't put them into words but I wonder if there is someone out there who has accurately captured those feelings in words?
Or the feeling you feel when you watch the stars in the sky, when it's completely dark?
Allah has placed amazing feelings in these things and we feel them too. Or when you are out and the sky gets cloudy, the weather is windy and you're in a place full of trees?
Is it just me? Or is it true that these things do have very special feelings attached to them and the the thing is, you can tell that these feelings are not earthly feelings. They're from somewhere outside of this earth? They feel supernatural. When the lightning strikes? Or when you look at flowing water? Like these are free and present everywhere but.. Does anyone else get it? :p
There are so many things and it's very obvious that the feelings attached to these things are not from this world. They are a blessing from a higher being.

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Share any of ur deep thoughts that u had recently

Can any human learn supernatural abilities, or only a select few?

I suppose, it would depend on the ability. Some, any human could learn. And others, it would take decades, to learn. And then there are some, that no human will ever have the capability of doing. Lol. A select few, could be gifted, and have an easier time with the abilities of which they were gifted with. Though, it is rare.
- Angels

Посоветуй фильм или сериал👀👀

edeineko’s Profile PhotoП О Д Р У Ж К А
Сегодня узнал, что будет сиквел "Supernatural", его название "Винчестеры (The Winchesters)"
Эклс сообщил, что удивит фанатов сериала неожиданными связями с тем оригинальным сериалом.
https://youtu.be/cCL_vwl4XUwvezhnovets’s Video 170400808116 cCL_vwl4XUwvezhnovets’s Video 170400808116 cCL_vwl4XUw
Сюжет расскажет о знакомстве, приключениях и борьбе со злом родителей Сэма и Дина — Джона и Мэри Винчестеров.
Дженсен озвучит своего персонажа Дина, который выступит рассказчиком данного сериала.
Актёр и продюсер намекнул, что в истории Джона и Мэри есть ещё много сюрпризов, которых не было в прошлом сериале. Все хорошо известные сюжетные повороты будут обновлены неожиданным образом. И это вовсе не сказочка, не мыльная и добрая версия того, как их мама и папа встретились...
"Винчестеры" вынудят иначе увидеть некоторые моменты из "Сверхъестественного". Приквел объяснит, почему всё же произошли те, либо другие события в том оригинальном сериале.

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Посоветуй фильм или сериал

👻¿Consideran que existe una realidad sobrenatural? 👻 Do you consider that there is a supernatural reality?

Sí, pero no hay nada que pueda llamarse "prueba". Las supuestas pruebas de las que se dispone se presentan en forma de acontecimientos actualmente inexplicables. No se consideran pruebas de la existencia de lo sobrenatural. Porque no se puede clasificar un fenómeno en una categoría determinada si ni siquiera se sabe exactamente lo que es. Es un poco como lo que se dice de la existencia de Dios, nada demuestra que lo haya de hecho.👻🖤

"*static* ........The wendigo is a supernatural creature of incredible power, that hails from the *static* region. ............The wendigo is said to possess the ability to mimic one's voice or appearance, and favors stalking and psychological horror over direct attack--"

"and you are relaying this information to me. why exactly? Such creatures don't exist in Hyrule, and consdiering I've never heard the term before I doubt they reside in the Dark world either."
*Also the guy is dealing with JUNKO FREAKING ENOSHIMA no tossing a wendigo in on top of that, there's such a thing as too much crazy*

What is a book that changed you, and how did it change you?

Zezowafa2000’s Profile PhotoⲞⲘⲚⲒⲀ
No Longer Human by Osamu Dazai!
This won't be about how it necessarily changed me or even about the book specifically, but I'd like to take this opportunity to rant about a certain fascination I discovered with this book. Usually, I like reading about the pain and try to see the subtle beauty in it, the way it shapes mentalities, the glimpses of hope, the ways of coping, etc. I also naturally like reading books that leave the story up to your interpretation, I think it gives the novel a personality and the experience changes from one reader to another. Furthermore, when such a book becomes popular and loved among a vast diversity of people with countless interpretations, it just raises its value even more. Anyways, I also have a weird fascination with mentalities in general, no matter how twisted they are.. well, maybe especially how twisted they are, and the process that carved them out this way. The kind of mentalities that shine in all its vivid real glory, with no whitewashing reality but still a reality that is nothing like the reality we see, it really just is fascinating. Take Kafka's "The Metamorphosis" for example, I'd expect a person who wakes up one day to the sudden realization he turned into a giant bug to at least try to know how it happened or how to turn back, y'know anything to acknowledge how weird the situation is? Well, his first and all the rest of his thoughts were about how he'd be fired and his mundane sad life responsibilities. Well, anyhow, the story was centered about all the negative feeling he had and how he made no effort to cope with them or make his life any better. He even projected them onto his perceptions of the people around him and lived a miserable life to the very end of it when he dies alone as a giant bug. There was no beauty is it, just horrible agony to the end, and the fact it was inspired from Franz Kafka's life adds even more silent horror about all the psychological implications of it.
Another book that feeds this weird fascination of mine is Post Office by Charles Bukowski. It doesn't have anything supernatural about it but it was horrible too. All and every aspect of it. The protagonist narrated his life, he didn't think he was a good person, he didn't twist his beliefs or sugarcoat his terribleness, alcoholic, womanizer, talentless, rude, desperate, you name it. He didn't make any of that sound good, he was terrible and he knew it. And there was no way to find beauty in his life even if you looked through all the cracks.
Now, No Longer Human, combined all that. The psychological manipulation and torture, the feeling of being betrayed by life and blaming others for his own shortcomings proving slowly how twisted he is, the feeling of being rejected by life, imposter, the realization of not being qualified to live in it, his twisted coping mechanisms. In short it was a guide on creating a monster, a miserable one at that who in the end inevitably faces the very same fate of its writer, suicide.

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