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نوع فيتامين كويس يا دكتور؟

لو قصدك حاجة فيها كل الفيتامينات
ك Multi-Vitamins supplement
فهو فيه Centrum وده النوع المستورد ويعتبر أحسنهم لكنه غالي
وفيه Vitamax و Supravit و Kerovit
دول أشهر أنواع بتتباع وسعرهم كويس
وفيه Vitamount ده حلو كمان بس منه رجالي وحريمي

Have you ever had any sport supplements like protein powder? If yes, what’s your favourite flavour? If no: what is your favourite milkshake or smoothie flavour? 🥤

LunarHuntress’s Profile PhotoYentl
The only supplement I take are vitamins. When I was young I enjoyed chocolate milkshakes but have since switched to strawberry milkshakes.
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Yr moty hony k liye kuch bta do?? Should i start taking steroids!!

No please don't. That will cause a very serious effect on your hormones. Just start eating healthy, add smoothies in your diet specially with bananas. They worked for me as well. And if you're really anxious about the weight than add a glass of supplement called pediasure which is basically equal to one whole meal of the day.

What did you do this weekend?

I played golf with my daughter on Saturday and took my wife out for dinner. I also performed twice on Sunday with two different ensembles, one where I played guitar and the other I played bass guitar. The ensemble where I play bass is a new group that just got together a couple of weeks ago and each week new musicians (who are excellent) continue to appear out of the woodwork. They all have great voices and sing excellent harmony while two of them can play drums and switch off on guitar. It's incredible because I prayed to God the other day to help me to make a difference with my music ministry, and now I can see the attendance increasing and both congregations appear to be listening more intently to the word of God and to the music which I believe exists to supplement God's word and help lead people to seek God's truth. /Alex

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What did you do this weekend

Tell me 5 intresting facts about yourself

Aha well I’ll try, I can’t promise any of it will be interesting!
~ I studied at uni for six years, and I have a BA in Costume Design for Theatre and Screen, and a Masters in Fine Art.
~ I once had a piece of artwork selected to be shown digitally at the LA premiere of Star Wars: The Last Jedi (ultimately it didn’t in the end, as they only wanted to show American artists 🙈)
~ I had individual and team coaching lessons of tennis every week religiously for 8 years, from ages 8-16.
~ My day jobs are currently being a graphic designer and a barista, to help supplement my art.
~ I have two wonderful doggos, Cody who is 14 (a collie/springer spaniel mix) and Teddy who is 2 (a cocker spaniel) 🐶✨
Tell me 5 intresting facts about yourself

We’re nearing the end of the year, what’s the best thing that’s happened to you this year?

emma_coote1207’s Profile PhotoEmma
I think my trip to Edinburgh and finally getting a job after months of looking are definitely the highlights!!
Travel is when I’m at my most happiest I think, and I enjoy being a barista too. Knowing I finally have something to supplement my art/life in general, is a huge weight lifted :)

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ty for your message
Forex Trading isn't my thing
if anyone does want to supplement my income tho
I can offer a bit of part time philosophical discussion at knock down rates :)
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Uuund gleich das zweite Quiz drauf: https://uquiz.com/quiz/E45VvO/what-would-a-siren-tempt-you-with?p=721409

sol_koroleva’s Profile PhotoUyen
wow, teilweise perfect match, teilweise komplett vorbei 👀
The siren calls to you, "O' my sailor, I hear your anguish. Your rage calls to me! But I can help you, my sailor. Come to me and I promise to match your anguish with the cries of the storms, your rage with the wrath of the waves. To me, my sailor, and together we can make pay those who wronged you. Together, my sailor, we can destroy any who oppose you. I promise you this, the oceans and their powers can be yours, if you only join me, my sailor."
The siren preys on your ambition and on your hunger for power. She knows what you crave but are too weak now to pursue. But she can help you… You are often in the leadership position and hate when others tell you what to do. You know that you know best, why would anyone suggest otherwise? Why would they doubt you? You want everyone to recognize your potential, your confidence, your ambition. But you may be secretly worried you have none of the above. To quell your insecurities, you may be hiding behind pomposity or arrogance. The thought of anyone seeing through your façade of confidence is enough to make you crumble. But falling apart isn’t allowed, you’ll just have to work harder, now won’t you?
Basically: Someone hurt you and you want revenge. Or maybe you never want to be weak ever again. Either way, your ambition grows and you need power to supplement it. You’re probably the leader friend or the strong one and either way someone needs to check up on you.

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Salam sheik I wanted to buy biotin (vitamin supplement for hair growth ) biotin is made from animals ,the one I saw at pharmacy was made from cow.is it halal to but such medication? I couldn’t find plant based and the pharmacist told me that biotin is only found in animal .

I don't know how it's made, and so I cannot rule out its possible impermissibly due to Najāsah.
Also, please consult a doctor before buying vitamins

بالنسبة لسؤال الكولاجين أنا متابعة مع دكتورة تغذية عشان نحافة مفرطة فكتبت لي على supplement فيه كولاجين و كالسيوم و ماغنسيوم عشان الكالسيوم عندي واقع و قالت لي امشي عليه 3 شهور قبل ما احكم... هل بيتنصب عليا؟ و اكمل و لا لأ؟

مفيش حاجة اسمها الكالسيوم واقع

You can lose weight but you can't grow curves. You're skinny af. Eat an extra meal or pop an extra supplement or something.

Usually I’d just delete something like this but Brad and I have been laughing at it for over 10 minutes and needed to share hahaha I’ve never heard someone know LESS about anything before in my life. Bit of an exaggeration but you get the gist.
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Hello I wanted to know if you take any vitamins or supplements that help you with your physique I know that you don't take anything like HRT cause you don't want to be trans, but is there any vitamins that you personally use or recommend that could help with a more feminine look?

I use mass gainers,(mass tech) but very little, since I don't want to raise my testosterone levels, since they are naturally low, but I supplement a lot with vitamins, and collagen, I get the protein from lean meat and vegetable protein, It is proven that the B complex is for glute augmentation, so try to find this type of vitamin in your country, I started using this https://blife.mx/producto/womens-multi-plus-multivitaminico-mujer/?gclid=CjwKCAiAxKv_BRBdEiwAyd40NxG4L8x4I8XJsymYRCwuzd8zo8pfZcbs1atXv0HV0pMknCLIsJLFMBoC1bkQAvD_BwE

هو انا لقيت كله بيسأل ف قلت استفسر انا كمان 😂 هو ضمن علاج المناعة ينفع نضيف حديد زى فيبروجلوبين أو هيما كابس أو أى iron supplement يعنى ؟!!

adodyadody22’s Profile Photo^_^ || دَاليَـا الخَطِيب ||
سؤال حلو جدًا
بصى يا دوك 😃 مريض كورونا بيبقى عنده الفيرّيتّين عالى ، فـ لو اديناله حديد هيعلى أكتر وبالتالى المشكلة هتزيد أكتر ! لكن الحديد أقدر أضيفه عادى لشخص ما عندهوش كورونا بهدف إنى أحسّن من كريات الدم الحمرا ويبقى كويس بشكل عام يعنى الحديد ما ينفعش ندّيه لمريض كورونا واحتياطيـًا بلاش للمخالطين إنما نديه عادى لحد ما عندهوش كورونا
+8 answers in: “بابا اتشخص انه عنده كورونا مع ان اعراض الكورونا الاساسيه مش عليه بس فى ضيق ف التنفس شديد اوى وبيعمل صوت غريب بسبب ضيق التنفس وروحنا لدكاتره كتير اوى فوق ما تتخيل وحاسس ان مفيش تحسن وبابا عنده السكر والضغط بالمناسبه”

Have you ever introduced vitamin supplements into your diet? If so, what kinds have you had and what are their benefits?

sirenic’s Profile Photo• . ˚₊· ͟͟͞͞AͨNͧGͭEͤL
Yeah. We don't get enough sunshine in Ireland to have proper VitD & we don't have great calcium or phosphorus either so our bones are terrible. Vegans get our calcium and the likes from plants which works better w/ the human body so our bones break less. But we're typically low on VitB12, VitD & Omegas, even when we're very strict with our food. It's due to our food affecting our absorbtion. For example, omnivores need less of a certain vit in order to absorb the correct amount but we need more bc we'll absorb less of it. But that's only for very few vits, really we absorb most vits better than omnivores & we tend to have better nutrition levels even without supplements. They're just an extra help.
I'm v sensitive to VitB3 & bc the multivitamin I take contains it, I avoid having things that have it added bc I'll get headaches & feel unwell for a few hours.
I don't need to supplement things everyday but I typically do anyway bc I've an eating disorder & may start to feel shame if it's not in my routine or I could get obsessive with how much of each vit is in my food otherwise. So for me it's definitely better in the long run to take them daily. They also help my hair, nails & skin which is great bc I have neon hair, have a disorder which makes me bite my nails & my skin is negatively affected by my type 1 diabetes.
I take Holland & Barrett's vegan multivitamin supplements that contain A, D, E, C, B1, B2, B3, Pantothenic Acid, B6, B12, Folic Acid, Calcium, Iron & Zinc. They contain a lot of vitamins but not a whole lot of every vitamin included.
I also take a vegan Omega capsule for brain function which is most important as a vegan. If you look up Miley Cyrus on the Joe Rogan podcast she talks about how her brain wasn't the same on vegan food in comparison to a pescatarian diet. But she's v uneducated on the difference between the two & the fact that vegans NEED omega supplements unless they're consuming nothing but chia seeds all day.😂
My omega supplements contain Omega-3s(ALA & SDA), Omega-6s(LA & GLA) & Omega-9(oleic acid).
I'm big into skincare nowadays & use a vitamin skin spray every morning that has vit B5, E & C. My skin is more evenly coloured w/ it, softer, more resilient to the harsh Irish Winter weather & more refreshed even when I'm still super sleepy in the morning.
My skin is clear, my energy is great, my mood is fab & more stable(especially considering I've mental health issues), my hair+nails+skin heal and grow faster, hair+skin are softer, I recover from things faster & rarely get ill, remember things better, less headaches, less zoned out. But vitamins aren't a cure, they're just a lil extra help.
I'd recommend them to most but it varies a lot based on the person, their food, residence, routine, s3x, how often they go outside, if they're pre-natal/post-natal/neither etc.

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dr excuse me , does biotin supplement cause acne ? and if pcos the same as androgenic alopecia ? and thank you in advance

Okey firstly let me show what happened inside our body scientifically, there's balance between vitamin B7 (biotin) and vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid) this balance gives us a healthy skin, they act on the same receptors and this means if u’re taking biotin supplements especially pure biotin with large doses then u won’t be able to absorb the vitamin B5 in your diet. This means that the surface of ur skin will be more prone to breakouts, cystic acne will appears. But practically It rarely happens.
With regard to androgenic alopecia it's mainly genetic problem while pocs a hormonal disorder which leads to hair loss as a symptom.
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Isn't it annoying when you talk about your depression and someone who doesn't have it says "oh I know how you feel but if you tried to not care/go out/socialize/do fun activities you'd be better". I mean, I understand they say it with good intentions, but it's not as simple as just *not caring*;

-- "just think positively."
-- "have you tried *insert herbal supplement*?"
-- "you just need to get out more."
-- "other people have it worse."
i do understand they have good intentions too, but like... mental illness is so much more complex than just a perspective on life. it's environmental, hormonal, etc etc. it's ingrained in us, and while some things work, it won't work for everyone which is why individualized treatment plans are so important.
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Hi,serious question. Ada sesiapa tahu x any supplement for weight loss yg safe & effective? If ada, pls answer. Tq🙏🏻 #nobodyshaming

none. jaga makan, exercise.
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How do you take care of your hair ? By oiling ,taking vitamins supplement or take care of your diet 🤔

I use a regular shampoo and conditioner. If my hair is damaged m, I will use a more hydrating, oil based shampoo and conditioner. I rarely use any smoothing oil. Other than that I just try to not wash my hair every day, but is very difficult. Nevertheless, when I don’t wash my hair I use a dry shampoo.

which one of these you prefer? good nutrition or good pharmacy Let's see ..on our life drugs given us healthy life without good food? or supplement and Preservatives with Industrial flavors on our food can be give to us good life?

First question I prefer good pharamcy.
Second, supplement with industrial flavour on our food 👍👍

which one of these you prefer? good nutrition or good pharmacy Let's see ..on our life drugs given us healthy life without good food? or supplement and Preservatives with Industrial flavors on our food can be give to us good life?

I think good nutrition much better you can't have good healthy by taking some supplements or vitamins or whatever

Koi desi muskhaa nhi ha apka pass? koi oil ya phr koi medicine? bazo paa injection lgwana sa itna dar lgta ap sir paa lgwa rhi hn 😆

Minoxin spray 5% or hair max spray
Betasalic ointment . Take perfectil tab or iberet folic or any biotin supplement for 3 months. Wear hat and protect ur scalp from sunlight. Pyaz ka arq lgayen it is effective as it contain zinc bt result kch arsay bd ata
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دكتور لو سمحت بتنصح ب biotin supplement للشعر ولا هبد وملوش لازمه ؟ عامله تكميم معده من حوالي سنه وشعري سيء جدا بيتساقط كتير ولو في حاجه او دوا ممكن تنصح بيه ؟ متشكره

التساقط سيتوقف
لا تقلق

w8 a hot minute whats the minimum wage in the us? where im at minimum wage is $15/h and i dont think i have ever seen such a wage im Shook ???

it varies by state but in most i believe it’s 7.25 which is the legal minimum a state can implement — some politicians want it to be 15 (bernie, beto, warren) which would be a liveable wage.
however most states have a law that allows certain professions to be below minimum on the basis that tips fill that void — waitresses/waiters, delivery drivers, etc. which is why in the usa it’s considered downright awful/beyond rude to not tip — we rely on tips to make a decent wage vs most of europe (?) where it’s a supplement to the wage.
which is why my pay is 5.25 ??‍♂️
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I looked it up and it's associated with Ovaltine, which cracks me up cause it reminds me of the movie A Christmas Story. I don't think that's something too many people, if anyone, is drinking over here.

Aye, it's both made by the same production company. It's been around for years here. It actually started off being marketed as a mild medicine/food supplement - similar to when tea was first introduced to Europe - which is all good.
Well I'm glad to have been of educational assistance. I sometimes forget that you're an Aquarius, too, so you're just as weird as me. I'm actually not ashamed to say (though I probably should be) that it is in fact aimed at children, and Horlicks/malted milk was as much a fundamental part of my childhood as it is today.
Good old Friedrich will back me up on this:
I looked it up and its associated with Ovaltine which cracks me up cause it
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طب ممكن سؤال كمان بمناسبه الكلام ده 😅 ايه الحاجات المتوفره ال ممكن اكلها توفرلى حديد وتحمينى من الانيميا لانى دايما بشتكى منها وحاليا حاسه ان عندى ضعف وتحت عينى اسود 💔

عموما انيميا نقص الحديد iron deficiency anemia بتعمل ارهاق وصداع خصوصا في البنات
طيب كورس العلاج يمشي ازاي اولا نقص التغذيه ( اشهر سبب عموما )
او فيه parasites فيه عندك ديدان او قرحه معده
طب ايه هو الاكل اللي غني بالحديد ، خد عندك الكبده ، السبانخ ، الباذنجان ، العسل الاسود
ثانيا لو مش بتوفر لجسمك العناصر المناسبة ليه ممكن تمشي علي iron supplement اللي هيكتله ليك الدكتور .
+2 answers in: “دكتور .. حضرتك انا متابعه صفحتك دايما وبستفاد منها .. وكنت قرأت قبل كده عن شرب الشاى بعد الاكل وعلاقته بالحديد النباتى والحيوانى بس نسيت المضمون ومحتاجاه ضرورى .. و دورت عليه مش لاقياه .. ممكن حضرتك تجبهولى !”

Do you support hunting with hounds? Also, if you're not comfortable with the actual hunting aspect in itself, do you support the traditional social side of it... you know, jolly get together on Boxing Day, some alcoholic beverages, few mince pies, bit of a snifftah of the old Charlie, etc?? ????

Deer hunting is very much supported in our area for both the traditional and practical aspect. There isn't a lot of dog use, except for hunting birds or bear. I'm against using dogs for bear hunting, but for birds I think it's okay. The social and traditional side of the sport is huge here. It's a right of passage for some families, people (men and women) take off work and congregate at deer camps for the week. Many families here depend on venison to supplement their grocery supplies. As for myself, I support hunting for control of animal populations and as a food source. But I readily admit it's something I could never do myself. It's not for everyone.

yooo so I do want to eat less meat BUT I have an issue, my migraines get so much worse when I dont have meat. any ideas on why/what I can do? I am anemic and on iron supplements so idk if that plays a part

Meat is referred to by medical specialists as a "food pain trigger" meaning it causes pain, but isn't known to prevent it.
What it is known for tho is being packed full of hormones which can cause migraines when you're having withdrawals from it.
If you don't want to stop eating meat but do want to cut down, have no more than 70g of red meat or processed meat a day.
Meat alternatives can also be a great replacement as an almost placebo and also for nutritional purposes.
Animal dairy, especially cow's dairy can prevent you reaching your maximum potential for iron absorption.
Vitamin C helps absorb iron.
I'm also anemic and all supplements I've ever been on said to consume them with a meal so I used to try to have my daily worth of VitC in the meal I consums the iron supplement with, if not at least 3/4 the daily need of iron.
Iron supplements often don't give you iron/much iron, they just help your body absorb it so it's best to still eat loads of iron rich foods.
Some foods rich in iron are tomatoes, spinach, tofu, white beans, dried apricots, cooked soybeans, spirulina, pumpkin seeds, lentils, dried peaches, peas, prune juice, quinoa. So put of these you could cooked some quinoa as your carbs, which is fast and inexpensive to cook. Then fry up some tomatoes, peas, spinach and tofu and have that as a meal. You can even add tomato sauce for extra iron and add in whatever else you want like bell peppers for VitC.
Bit C rich foods are sweet potatoes, white potatoes, cabbage, turnip greens, red and green bell peppers, winter squash, tomatoes, broccoli and cauliflower.
I don't want to tell you "it's impossible for meat to prevent migraines" because that's probably not the case, I've just never heard of it happening. So if it continues go to see your doctor and get a blood test done and tell them about the migraines.
I'd say overall just cut red or processed meat down to 70g a day, if it makes it easier and causes less waste, just buy minced meat and keep it frozen until you're using it. It might even help to meal prep, especially with a young baby in the house so you could buy a container of minced meat, divide it into 70g portions and freeze the portions in separate bags or containers. Cronometer is a huge help too. Their app is a once off €2.50 charge. But their site is free to use. You can just type in what you eat or plan to eat that day and it'll tell you if you've been getting enough iron, vitamins, minerals, carbs, fats etc. so you can see what you need more of.
Some great meat alternatives other than the obvious fake beef/fake chicken etc. is tofu, tempeh, soy pieces, beans, lentils. Even just pouring gravy or spices typically used on meat over vegetables can help them taste like meat.

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How long with it take me to grow shoulder length hair (I’m bald at the moment)? Is there any shampoos or supplements that I can use to speed up the process?

Hair growth shampoos.
Iron supplement
Hair, skin and nails vitamin supplement
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This question is inspired by the recent news that the U.K. government has instructed corporations and organisations to stockpile food, medicine and blood in the case of a “hard” or “no-deal” Brexit. If there was some kind of disaster where you are which THREE NON OBVIOUS THINGS would you stockpile?

CactusDoug’s Profile PhotoDoug
Well, I know a lot of people who have overlooked toilet paper in their prepping/stockpiling so I guess that.
Vitamins, depending on how long you're cut off from supplies you'd need to supplement your diet with extra vitamins (no one wants scurvy)
Spices, a good variety of seasoning salts and different spices for cooking. They add a lot of difference when added to foods occasionally which will help keep spirits up when you have to eat the same dull food everyday. I know that one from personal experience.
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im getting sore n cracked nips though latch is good and babys emptying his bowels. not sure what to do? should i supplement with formula to gv my nips a break?

if you supplement with formula, you’re gonna have to pump or you’ll lose supply. and pumping hurts worse//is more damaging to nipples, especially if they’re already cracked.
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I believe virtual is better. Like as we are talking ryy now, the kind of impression you are getting of me is a real one. My mind & views are depicted in my talk and you may be able to judge the real me, the inner me. In reality, a good looking person always gets higher rating no matter his iner self

I was just trying to say that the people are either too formal or frank there comparatively to what actually they are
And if talk about looks, it actually matters alot but as a supplement to character
Some might fall for looks at first but not at all
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Man in my life gets in his feelings if I have plans for the time he wants to spend with me on weekend. Most times it's just working overtime so I give the alternative of evenings. But he wants me free when he wants me. How do I not feel guilty about making bank instead of spending time with him?

Why do you feel guilty? You have no obligation to be available whenever he wants you to be. and you’re offering alternatives, which shows you are interested. Perhaps he needs more to do.
If he wants the type of woman who is always available to him, he needs to find that. You are not that. And that is ok. Unless he’s willing to supplement your income for the checks you’ll miss, he gotta get out his feelings and get over himself.
The solution here is for him to make plans in advance, so you can adjust your schedule accordingly
You stop feeling guilty be knowing it’s ok to not drop everything because a man (or anyone) asks.

Is there any good health supplement that you can recommend me? I get easily tired these days! And it sucks especially when you have to get a lot of things done! 😪😪

ninaelnini’s Profile PhotoMissN
Oh no. Hmm tbh I'm quite skeptical about supplements. You never know what kind of ingredients they add in.
Best would be to cut down carbs from your diet. If you're eating white rice, change it to brown rice. Just eat more healthy I guess. Maybe excercise more and sleep early and wake up early.
Change your lifestyle instead of taking harmful supplements :)

Und wie war die fibo so, lohnt es sich hinzufahren? Konntest du dir alles anschauen was du wolltest, hab gehört es war sehr viel los

Also ich finde wenn man sich wirklich dafür interessiert sprich auch für Geräte und co. Dann lohnt es sich wirklich. Kommt man jetzt nur weil man grade im Hype ist und nur auf diese gehypten supplement Marken steht dann sollte man daheim bleiben und die einfach im Shop bestellen. Jaa hab mir alles angeschaut was ich wollte, gym80 hat mich übelst umgehauen was die für Sachen haben legomio

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