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So I hate to have children and now I’m forced to never do an abortion choose for my own body? I’m stuck with children that I don’t want to have?? Really

so does this mean people will be getting government benefits and child support now beginning at conception, or does that still not count as "life"? smfh.
f*cking hypocrites. all of them. they care about the fetus being birthed, but when it comes to the actual child's life, they do. not. care.

ada nihh momen guaa... ketemu cowo, dua dua nya baik banget ga cari muka pokonya baik banget cuman bedanya orang yang 1. ibadahnya masyaallah, tapi cenderung patriarki karena agamanya itu 2. Sholat jarang banget tapi menjunjung prestasi atau karir cewenya dan kalo kalian milih mana

Agak berbeda personality ya? Hahaha. Gue yg kedua krn personality gue ga suit sm org yg ga bs support karir gue hehehe. Tapi utk urusan agama ttp penting utk disupport jg dan bangun hubungan bertiga sm Tuhan.

انا عاوز اخس اعمل ايه

momengenedy90998’s Profile PhotoMomen Genedy
قطعا للجدل
العمليه المتحكم الاول فيها الوراثه ناس مهما كلت متتخنش والعكس
تاني حاجه لازم دايت ورياضه وممكن نعمل support ب medication
الاصح basic diet بمعني نحسب سعرتنا ونقلل ٥٠٠ سعر
انا بفضل keto diet بس لازم ناخد vitmax plus معاه عشان ميحصلش انميا ونشرب مايه كتير وناكل خضار كتير ومش اكتر من ٣ شهور عشان lipid profile

لو عرفت أن موقع شي ان تدعم المثليه وانا شغاله فيه المفروض اعمل ايه اسيبه؟؟

İt's your own opinion
لو شايفة انها خرية شخصية وكل واحد براحته تمام
لو شايفة انك كدة هتبقي بت support منظمة ضد الدين بتاعك بشكل عام
اعتقد سيبي الشغل

Hi tita! Super random question. If you win the lottery, how would you divide it among you and your family: - Yourself - Dad who gave limited child support at mucho ngayon - Mom who gave all child support at gumagapang pa rin hanggang ngayon - Sister who has her own family

Did you win the lottery? 😁 Congratulations! Who says you have to give anything to anyone? If that actually happens to you, don't even tell anyone you won anything. Get the winnings and put it in your savings. Make great investments. Ensure your financial security. Help your family when you can, or not. No obligations Boundaries will save you.

Banyak orang tua rela ngelakuin apa aja demi anaknya, kecuali membiarkan mereka jadi diri sendiri, iya gak?

Se-perasaan dan se-logika ku sih, iya. Bahkan ada istilah sederhana : "orang tua makan nasi pake garem anak makan pizza" (Saking apapun demi anak)
Ada 2 hal setauku ya :
1. Orang tua akan support apapun yang anaknya sukai.
2. Orang tua akan support yang mereka sukai untuk anaknya.
Jadi balik lagi sih, kamu saat ini dipoint 1 atau 2?
Pada intinya orang tua silu ingin yang terbaik untuk anaknya (pasti) tinggal gimana cara kita 'komunikasikan' keinginan kita dan keingingan mereka jadi satu tujuan.

wspierasz, krytykujesz czy masz neutralny stosunek do osób innej orientacji?

do you support, criticize or have a neutral attitude towards people of a different orientation?
I am not interested in topics of other orientations. I have more serious matters mainly than who sleeps with whom! I don't understand when someone shows in the street what they are doing in their own bed!
Nie interesuje mnie, gdy ktoś na ulicy pokazuje co robi we własnym łóżku

Ayoko na Pumasok.... I hate my job but I can't quit it kase I need to support my fam. Gusto ko nalng mag aral ulit o maging tambay...Kayo, What are your struggles?

That's why I resigned. Pero I made sure na before ko i-tender ang resignation ko, may malilipatan ako agad. Kasi 'di natin afford maging tambay for today's vidyow.

kalian pernah disia-siakan seseorang? kalau iya, apakah dia pernah balik lagi terus nyesel?

pernah. doi bahagia dan gada penyesalan. dia suka bikin video yanng seru-seru brg temennya dan seneng bgt. doi justru seneng gada yg ngegangguin nanyain makan atau sekadar ngingetin tidur, jangan kebanyakan kerja. doi punya sahabat yang selalu ada bisa nemenin dia mabar ml atau nongki. dia gabutuh aku sbg support system tiap dia turnamen ml, soalnya sahabat cewenya juga selalu ada buat dia. pokonya aku tau diri cm beban doang dan introvert di hidup dia, selalu minta bantuan dan bawel. aku selalu doain dia yang terbaik dari kejauhan semoga dia bahagia sama pilihan dia. udah itu aja cukup gapapa

What is loyalty to you? And in what ways a person can be disloyal in your opinion?

akciMMicka’s Profile Photo⚜️ M i c k a ⚜️
✦ ───────────── ✦
. συт σf ρσтαтσ qυєєи
✦ ───────────── ✦
Loyalty is a bond or connection that is not only linked with your sympathy for that person but also like an unspoken promise to the person/yourself/your dream/ that you are connected to. Depending on your values and how much you are actually connected to yourself a.k.a how authentic you are with yourself defines how loyal you can become with someone/something.
Like I stated before, depending on what is important to you and therefore you might happen to share a strong bond to... by leaving those connections behind (with/ or without explanation) you are able to betray a person, your own values or your dreams, the image that you thought of yourself you are, or certain things that you once liked....like a franchise in media.
e.g. leaving friends or family without actually saying that you leave them. That's betrayal. You just do not support them. Never be there. Ignore them purposefully when they are in need of you. You never really admit that you left but you still betrayed them. Maybe one can justify it by thinking exact this..."I'm still their friend/family member, and I will always be that." But words are words, and no one can look into the mind of the people that surround us. This is straight-up abandonment of loved ones. And a pretty coward one as well.
Or maybe you give up on the interests you enjoy doing or watching only to be accepted by people who do not truly care about you, 'cause if they would...they would just let you be the person you are. Without judging you based on what you like. And this is self-abandonment and therefore self-betrayal.
You can also abandon your own values, by looking away when a person you love commits a crime or does something disturbing that you never would agree with when you had seen this done by a stranger. But somehow you don't want to lose that person and you start to normalize their behaviour. Like saying...."this is surely not what they have meant, they never would have wanted to hurt someone intentionally..." Keep on dreaming.
And another way of self-abandonment is when you start to put other people's needs on a pedestal. And while they enjoy the attention and energy you are giving to them, some of them would not even dare to think of what you need. Do you need emotional safety or reassurance that they will be there for you too if you need them? Sry, hny, that's not in. Furthermore, you like them...so you kind of ... depend on them, right? So, how dare you ask for basic respect and emotional safety! You are supposed to serve, not to ask for those high-level requests. Know your place. lol. That's of course double-hand betrayal. You get betrayed and you betray yourself.

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What is loyalty to you? And in what ways a person can be disloyal in your opinion?

akciMMicka’s Profile Photo⚜️ M i c k a ⚜️
Loyalty for me means to support someone in his/her bad days. There are many friends who are "friends" only when you are in good life position and when you are in problems or need, they suddenly dont know you.

Haha! Your funny human! I know how dangerous these darts are, I invented them! I'm a scientist you see..and soon, you and Nova will be under my control! Like SO! *The small skeletal girl then lunges at Majima to bite him, she has venom in her fangs that will paralyze anyone she bites*

ScientificStudies’s Profile PhotoNèon
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀╱╱ ⠀🐍【⠀ᴛʜᴇ ᴍᴀᴅ ᴅᴏɢ ᴏꜰ ꜱʜɪᴍᴀɴᴏ⠀】⠀⠀╱╱
⠀ ❝Mmm. . . lil' bad girl,❞ A faint murmuring voice came with a small smile, reluctant to fall for one of those plays from now on, since he had a certain information advantage thanks to Nova's telepathy. He didn't show any movement of wanting to evade that kind of direct attack, confident that could counter it.
The right hand of the one-eyed man quickly went in search of his tantö, his most characteristic and lethal possession for every witnessed occasion. That edge of pure steel acting as a damaging support to stop her jaw from biting him; Majima applied quite a bit of force and made sure that the blade was going in the intended direction to destroy part of her mouth, considering she would really be a skeleton. And a small one, which made the job easier.
Of course, due to the height difference, he had to play with his legs and back for more accurate effectiveness.
⠀ ❝This was gettin' fun, till ya mentioned Nova there. That mouth is too much for ya.❞
A cynical passive-aggressive comment, going hand in hand with a hard kick that would slam her into one of the alley walls. He kept the distance and didn't allow himself to feel confident so soon, he really wasn't sure if this dangerous girl had any moves off his level.
He held the tantö as he would prepare for a possible counterattack. Neòn would receive a challenging and careful gaze from him.
⠀ ❝Cut this shit out. Go back the way ya came, aaan' everyone's happy.❞ Those words came out sullenly, meaning that man was not amused by the situation.

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Haha Your funny human I know how dangerous these darts are I invented them Im a

what do u think of people who trauma dump online and tell their messed up life stories instead of seeking mental help?

I support and hold space for them. “Mental help” is a trap to be fed medications that dull the true self and to be labeled because they are not like the rest of the sheeple.
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wtf is goin on with all these anonymous questions

askfm is attempting to generate more network traffic to procure more advertisement revenue. For months askfm attempted the same thing using shout outs but were forced to stop because they were losing subscribers. Remember, askfm and other social networks do not charge money for creating user accounts so they need to survive through funding from advertisements and advertisers only support social networks with lots of network traffic. And so Facebook, Twitter and askfm generate bogus accounts that generate fake traffic in order to effectively steal money from advertisers. It's all a house of cards waiting to collapse as Elon Musk is about to prove with Twitter.

اجيب اللينك بتاع الاسك ده ازاي يجدعان

sara_alaa564’s Profile PhotoSARAH
بتكلمي ال support وتقدمي على طلب هيسألوكي اسالة تقليدية زي ليه وهتديه لمين وايه صلة القرابة هتجاوبي عادي بس اهم حاجة تكوني واثقة من نفسك وانتي بتجاوبي وهتستني ١٤ يوم عمل واللينك هيتبعتلك

Hello there, long time no see :D I'm passing by.. everyone I knew here is inactive xD How are you? Hope you're doing well and pursuing your goals / dreams.

F4ReWell_F4TE’s Profile Photo† LosT My P!ECES †
Hey, Juiz. You're right- it's been years. A lot has changed. I moved out of my house- things have been harder since, but nothing I can't handle. I've become a much better cook, since I cook for myself daily. I work, currently a bit tight on bills but that should alleviate soon. I travel often across the region. I work out at my local gym. Combine that with a job that's undoubtedly physically demanding, and you have a common occurrence of soreness. But like I said, nothing I can't handle.
Entered college alone with a dream- left college alone with a shattered spirit. I took a gap year to reflect and build myself back up again. I've been through a lot of trauma with my mental illnesses contributing to my mistakes and failures.
Six months ago, I also left behind everyone precious to me. I also blew up a diary that lasted 1400 days filled with trauma. I guess it was an explosion of a decision due to being abandoned by too many people... maybe I decided to cope with the pain by leaving first. But at that point, I was well aware of what it was like to lose people. Once you lose them, there's no apologizing and going back. People don't work that way. Forgiveness cannot be expected. And that's a consequence I was determined enough to make because I knew it was something I needed to do for my own sake. Those that truly cared somehow found a way back to me. Told me the relevance I had in their lives. People that care that much deserve a place to hold dear.
Loneliness isn't something you can just brush aside. It's deadly in lethal quantities, no matter how hard you fight. The only medicine is support, something I didn't have enough of. So, I vowed to become a stronger person, bettering myself since my downfalls. I'm ready to fight again against my traumas and chase my dreams in a different manner. I'm hoping to get into martial arts soon to further my discipline as well as learn to properly defend those I love. I have a beautiful girlfriend now. Four years older than me, but the sweetest and she works hard. She truly made me understand that one of my past relationships I hailed as glorious was nothing more than an illusion due to never being shown better with actions, not words. I remember hearing, from my ex, "Find a woman that will treat you better." Things like that, you remember forever. To the one I love- thank you, Kei. For being the most supportive person in my life and believing in me.
I go back to college soon. This September. The thought of not being good enough has been at the core of what fuels my depression and anxiety. But no one knows the story. Neither do they care. It's all about the results. The difference between then and now is that I have someone that truly believes in me.
How am I? I'm great. 7/10. Sore. Suffering from allergies. Maybe I've changed. I couldn't tell you. Only those that knew me long ago could. Thanks again for allowing me to use your SoulWorker account. Your kindness wasn't forgotten.

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Hello there long time no see D Im passing by everyone I knew here is inactive xD

Koi apki prwa na kre or ap uski parwa kro to kia krna chahiye apko ?

ZeeshanAwan830’s Profile PhotoEquilibrium ⇌
Dekho bhai whether it’s care, material things or just general support and love, only give it when you know, you will be okay, even if it’s not reciprocated.
Don’t do even the most minor of something for someone, In hopping to get a rerun of favour or some benefit from them. It’s human nature to expect someone to atleast not bullshit you, if you’ve been kind to them.
Saaf baat hai, people are selfish. They honestly don’t give a shit even if they owe you ton and you owe them nothing.
So either do good because you’re a good person or just let it be. The world won’t treat you any better just because you’re a good person. It doesn’t work that way but you should know, whatever good you do will find it’s way back to you. People can forget but the lord of the worlds, never forgets. Who knows a random little good deed might end up being our ticket to heaven.
P.S you can always look out for people from afar, without directly interfering in their lives. You can pray for them too. Choose whatever’s best for you but do not sabotage yourself over an ignorant ass. 🤷🏻‍♀️

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Tell me about things u were grateful for, today. 🍃

Khaled_ben_Hamam’s Profile PhotoKHALED (The rare one)
the presence of my family and best friends are the most precious thing in my life. they always support me and stand beside me even if i were wrong so iam very grateful to their 🥺❤️also the thing makes me look for the future is my dream so i hope to achieve it😌🌺🤗

ايه اكتر حاجه محتاجها دلوقت

دعوات تيته ليا وال support اللي كانت بتبقي قاصده انها تديهولي خصوصاً فترة الامتحانات .. انا فاكره انها كانت بتبقي قلقانه اكتر مني ! كانت بتصحي قبلي لو نمت علشان متروحش عليا نومه ولو طبقت بتفضل طول الليل رايحه جايه عليا كنتي جميله اوي يا تيته بكل ما تحمله الكلمه ومفيش ولا هيبقي فيه فحنيتك وحبك ليا ( وحتي لو الدنيا مشت من بعدك وبنضحك وعايشين فأنتي محفوره جوانا ومش بننساكي لحظه لانك مش سايبه معانا غير كل حلو والله) الله يرحمك ويغفرلك ويجمعني بيكي يارب 💖

"Ain't dat gonna be harder wit just a bat?" *this implies not only did Shadow know he had another weapon, but he seems to think Goro no longer has his other weapon*

forgottenfifth’s Profile PhotoShadow
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀╱╱ ⠀⠀ˊ⠀⚠️⠀ᴛ̛ʜ̕ᴇ̵ ᴍᴀᴅ ᴅᴏ͠ɢ ́ᴏꜰ ꜱʜɪᴍᴀɴ̢ᴏ͜.̨⠀⠀⠀╱╱
⠀⠀❝I know you've taken it. Careful, it can kill ya.❞
He really noticed that, logically, Shadow was the only person who was around. The one-eyed man guessed that he was the culprit because of the ability to steal it with ease. However, it was just a mere support object. He had to admit, Goro was curious as to how he did it, but didn't have enough head for anything else.
The footsteps were more distant so had to raise his voice a little. The bat dragged listlessly across the floor as if it were something heavy.
⠀⠀❝None of yer business, kiddo.❞
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Is there a stereotype regarding the way people are in the area where you live? Do you think you fit into said stereotype? 🤓

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
The stereotype that many Americans have of Floridians is that we are all hicks, rednecks and racists. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact many people, like myself, were educated in the finest schools and Universities located in liberal places like Boston Massachusetts. And the fact that I live in the south does not negate the fact that I am a social liberal but fiscal conservative. What I oppose and fight against are the woke activists who are Marxist tyrants. I will never accept their one size fits all ideology nor will I support their violence and their cancel culture.

>For example, if the problem is in ur back, do u feel like there is no one 2 support u? Or r u shouldering certain responsibilities more than u can handle? No need to answer +Have a speedy recovery!

مثير للإهتمام ولن استغرب اذا كانت هناك علاقة قوية.
لكن لا. الاخيرة هي فقط لأني لوهلة ظنيت انه عمري 20 سنة وهذا كانت غلطتي الوحيدة 😄
وتسلم مايجيك الشر 🙏🏽

What do you think about Feminism?

buttni_here’s Profile PhotoAmnah
This is like asking “what do you think of people?” Feminists are all genders, from all generations, across all cultures and demographics. They aren’t homogenous so my opinion of ‘feminists’ isn’t homogenous either.
I support and appreciate feminists that actively advocate for women's rights on the grounds of the equality of the sexes… and I facepalm and deplore those who spout misandry or seek hypocritical goals (that don’t align with equality) because they make life harder than it needs to be for those who seek genuine equality.
The feminist-misandrists give anti-feminists an excuse to dismiss the entire push for equal rights by straw-manning the worst sorts of behaviour (and wholesale applying them to the term ‘feminists’ which can be frustrating) while the feminists who post “kill all men” or exclusionist nonsense (like TERF’s & SWERF’s)… don’t look so bright when they go on to announce that they want equality…
I think equality of the sexes on the basis of gender is still an admirable goal so even though some feminists distort the message into something awful, the onus is on myself and other feminists to try to live up to the ideal of a truly equal society. I can’t control what they do - only what I do.
Ultimately, I think of feminists in the same way as I think of people → I support some because their idea of equality aligns with mine and I don’t support others because I disapprove of their methods and goals.

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Which of your friends do you think you like the most & why ?

xx____xx7457’s Profile PhotoMAX
Well, my best friend ( She is here on Ask by the way but she doesn’t want me to mention her 🤷🏻‍♀️😂) is the best friend anyone could ask for.
She is the most hilarious, compassionate, caring, selfless and loving human being I have ever met.
I could go on forever mentioning her good traits 💞💞. She is the first and almost only one who comes to my mind when I need someone to hear me and support me in dark times and she has never ever disappointed me, she always knows how to get me out of my dark place and get those bad thoughts out of my head and never failed to do that. She helped me get through the worst period of my life and for that I will always be so grateful to her 💞💞💞.
Shoutout to you my bestie, I love you so so much ✌🏻💞💞💞💞.

Apko kya lagta a Imran khan ki hakumat behtr thi ya ni?

mahin_butt’s Profile Photoبٹ صاحب
His government was far better than these corrupts. Although he made some mistakes and blinders too in his tenure as a PM but who doesn't make mistakes? Afterall he was appointed as the PM for the very first time. Secondly if he was giving the subsidy then how can this government not give it? And they say "Hamein bijli puri kerni hai isliye loadshedding hou rahi hai". Tou i don't get it how was IK managing that? Do you guys remember in his tenure about the loadshedding? I don't support IK tenure overall myself. But i would say if we compare these 3 parties then IK deserves to be here instead of the other 2. Maybe this way the sitiuation of Pakistan gets better i guess? IK is the right man for our country than N League or PPP anyday. PERIOD!

I got so much hate on saying how much I adore Maryam nawaz shareef. Is that how much intolerant we have become?

zainabsaysss’s Profile Photozainabsaysss
Everyone has their own likes and dislikes. I don't like N League from the very start that doesn't mean I start pouring hate on the people supporting them. So whatever they say just ignore them and support whosoever you feel is worthy of being supported? They can just pass hatred on everyone. So ignore them!

Can a person speak out against their government and still support their country?

Absolutely! Love for country doesn't mean love for current government. I think that there's a lot about the UK that's pretty good, but I cannot stand our current government and think they are actively harming the country. In such cases, calling out the government is BECAUSE we support the country, we don't wish to see it worsened.

Thoughts on Petrol price?

Agreed upon by the previous government. Also, no political party has the institutional structure or support to actually curb the defence expenditure which is the primary cause of financial imbalances. And, it’s extremely superficial when it comes to burden bearing, as the sarkar provides for free petrol for the ones that make up the sarkar.

Is it true that the older you get, the harder it is for you to make new friends?

Yes, we are more cautious around people due to our past experiences, especially those centering on trust and support. Making friends is rather easy but maintaining friendships while bearing other mounting responsibilities is a whole new level of commitment.

I’m depressed and I feel like I have no purpose or importance. I’m so lonely. If I go off anon and reach out to you will you be my friend? I’m desperate at this point. I need the support and I’ll be there for you too.

I can’t promise friendship but I can surely provide a listening ear, or advice if need be.
If that’s what helps, do reach out.

Lifehack, wenn Traurigkeit angegriffen wird?🥀🥀🥀 (Перевод)

Deep_Six666’s Profile PhotoKERRIGAN
What wise words, I can say that I have support, and you can’t suppress feelings, in no case, the last shock with Raynor was and I fell ill for a month, not morally, but physically ^^ morally suppressing and pretending that everything is fine, everything is displayed on physical health, the body did not live the whole situation normally and the brain tries to play it instinctively itself in the form of a disease, psychosomatics be ^^ a suppressed feeling is an ailment in the form of a disease, and even a constantly stuffy nose is a consequence of suppression and silence, understatement, protection of a kind of organism from negativity, not a desire to accept what is disgusting ^^ it's like you breathe in the negative through your nose and it's like tobacco smoke is harmful, there is rejection and dislike for this smoke, the result is congestion and with the complication of ear pain ^^ My co-dependency with Raynor turned into pneumonia (intoxication with love, a terrible pneumonic prolonged hangover, but I worked the hell out, all the nuances, when you let go, you feel total catharsis ^^

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Lifehack wenn Traurigkeit angegriffen wird Перевод

Napaisip niyo rin ba, what if "nag patingin na lang ako sa therapist?" will it end ba? Will it be possible for me na mawala lahat ng sakit?

Not every mental health is curable. What they actually do is give maintenance. Because it is also factored by other things such as lifestyle, behavior, environment etc. If those things cannot be ideal for a certain person who is affected, then it's tend to be useless too. It takes time talaga for it to be somewhat "okay" din. But let's not be pessimistic about it, what you need is support and love and be open about it. Cheers. I had thought about that, Pero I haven't went to a therapist pa even my parents were like supporting it, so it's kinda ironic to get supported pero I'm still not visiting one yet.

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