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So bored 😐 Recovering from wisdom teeth surgery

nikki_rides’s Profile PhotoNᴏᴄᴛᴜʀɴᴀʟ Eᴏ̨ᴜᴇsᴛʀɪᴀɴ- Nikki
I had one wisdom tooth removed once. I was supposed to be in twilight sleep or whatever they call it. But I was fully aware and just a bit in paralysis or shock or something. I remember the dentist and the hygienist thinking I was out of it and them talking about him cheating on his gf. 🙄 The next time I went I told him I remembered the whole thing and he asked what they talked about. 🤣 I had to play dumb. 🙄🤣 He should be glad I didn’t know his gf.

If human organs are legal to sell, would you sell one kidney for $10M?

Why would I sell my kidney when I can give one kidney away and save a life? How much money is a human life worth? Remember, it is in the giving that we receive. /Alex
*see photo
Dr. Zbigniew Religa monitors his patient’s vitals after a 23 hour long heart transplant surgery, 1987

Boys is question for you but girls you can answer too If the one you love has hypertension and she needs to take pills every day She can be cured, but she needs surgery and if she gets pregnant is huge risk to her health Would you marry her?

yeah i would just not have babies with her and support her however i can. simple!
it’s not like i’m dying to have kids anyway

I wish I had become a doctor. Idk if I’ll ever truly be happy or feel as secure financially

Well, your choice ofc, but, personally I find this job too stressful. Thereis a sad statistics of alcoholism level among doctors, which says a lot how hard is that. And in general I can't imagehow I, for example, conduct surgery, or just make injections as my mum did being nurse. I just can't.

Make up or no makeup? I love natural beauty

part I
of answer
in next question
will be part two
okay guys….
let’s talk about
recently…. one girl told me …. I want to be beautiful like Inna….
real natural beauty without makeup….
i answer her …. you don’t need …. and couldn’t
to be like me…. because me it’s me….
you must be yourself and to be beautiful like you….
and second no…. no…. no ….
i’m not without makeup…. and i really like and do makeup….
but you know guys she was right about one thing about natural beauty…. because i’ve never even been to a cosmetologist in my life yet….but if over time i need or i wish to change something in me
and my health and financial situation allows me….
i will change….of course….
and i love care about myself…. i love makeup
and love people who care ‘expensive ‘
care about themselves…. with cosmetologist….surgery or not….
i just don’t like a few groups
of the women….and about natural beauty…. about without makeup you know anonymous i really don’t like when some women talk about their natural beauty…. or post photos supposedly without filters…. and makeup….but in fact everything is “chipped “and remade and they try to prove everyone that it’s true….
but in fact all that i’m without
makeup it’s about money they are several groups of such women
one groups of them usually is divorced, and in the middle of the years…. who got to big money or not big
and o my God everyday so many procedures….new nose… new face body hair…. plastic surgery….
new breasts a new working ass ….
( sorry for this word …. i can only write it and today i wrote it twice …. in life i even pronounce it…) sorry
but they are all presented as a phenomenon that their noses decreases over years…. grow those places on the body
that are needed
usually they are very arrogant women …. and very ugly
who somehow got to the money of someone husbands
one week without money …over
all see how “beautiful “ they are look without makeup ….! with big money and lot procedures they are weird…. what will be without money
but they are
ordinary wh***res who call other wh***res to hide their essence
some of them who have more rich and more old or have a wife man imposed on society….
they are everywhere on tv… on movie ….everywhere
and they are really spam women….
open one time news about them after everywhere will be news even you don’t want read about them
i know that before i read and swear no no more
it’s even not a trash 🗑 and i even don’t read anything about women from that group
usually they are very intrusive women…. really they stick to men
and really hard after to get rid of them
specially if you are good man with name and the money
they are
o i forget about that they are all swans…- this is insult to my favorite birds by these nasty and weird women
they are have a lot of twisted followers ….
all time compete with young and beautiful girls…. sometimes they are
alone like they saw to much good for men….

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يعني الواحد دلوقتي يلم جراحه ولا يلم المنهج.

Momo36738’s Profile PhotoMoN MoN
قرات السؤال ع اساس انها جراحه surgery يعني وكنت هقولك مبتتلمش
وبعد م عرفت ان قصدك علي الجراح والاحزان ف هي برضه مبتتلمش
ف يعني ربنا معاكي بقي مفيش حاجه هتتلم 😂

What the kindest thing someone done for you?

I was at the GP for my baby’s immunisations and I was struggling to wrap the baby around me and I decided to walk due to the lack of parking spots at the surgery. While I was doing so one of the mums waiting asked her husband to hold the baby and came to help me. She said “we have to help each other” 💓

Somewhere you would not want to go on a first date?

So my friend Jeanne had top surgery yesterday and she invited a dude from bumble to visit her in the hospital last night as a first date lmao. Like, wtf y'all. Apparently it went well though and they're going to see each other again.

Anything you wanna say?

gul_abbas’s Profile PhotoAdvocate Gul
-Pakistanis when they see a bodybuilder: bhai isne to steroids liye hain.
-Pakistanis when they see a beautiful woman: Bhai isne to surgery karwaii hai.
Bhai isko make up k baghair Dekho.
-Pakistanis when they can't debate after doing it for one hour: bhai tameez se baat karna seekho pehle.

ابدا الجراحه ازاي يا اسراء

اعتقد كلنا كنا مخلصين معظمها وقت الراوند
ابدأى بالترتيب دا بتاع الراوند اسهل ،متقفليش الليله بالباطنه
Hernia and scrotum
Glands and neck
شباتر الجينرال الى ف الاول
Git surgery قسميهم بقي زي ما تحبى
Pediatric surgery
الاسبشيالات قسميهم اول اسبوعين كده كل يومين كتاب
بس حاولى تخلى الى داخل ورقه اولى اخر حاجه فاهمه

Have you ever considered any kind of surgery or treatment to improve your appearance? (Not a dig at anyone, inspired by something I'm looking into atm.)

Emmagine_This’s Profile PhotoEmmagine_This
Since I was a child, I’ve always wanted a different nose! I’m learning to accept myself the way I am, but sometimes it’s hard considering a nose job is so accessible.
Have you ever considered any kind of surgery or treatment to improve your

seriously you think that we Latinas have a perfect body enough of stereotypes 🍑

raysa1995’s Profile PhotoRaysa
the girls are chubby, plump, body without body flat, flat,
When 🍑 I had just caught this seriously, people are also imperfect, either because of the height or because of the body, they really look at us like that. Some even have surgery to have the perfect body, don't tell me that we Latinas are like that🍑
We are also fat and and others do exercises. 🙄🙄🙄
seriously you think that we Latinas have a perfect body enough of stereotypes

Have you ever considered any kind of surgery or treatment to improve your appearance? (Not a dig at anyone, inspired by something I'm looking into atm.)

Emmagine_This’s Profile PhotoEmmagine_This
I did want to wayyyy back when I was in school... which alone is kinda depressing! It was down to what people would constantly say about me... so like the moles on my neck, the scars on my face... etc etc etc
But now, I have come to love those things about me! Screw the idiots who said that back in school lol
Otherwise the only appearance thing I would change, isn't something surgery will change. It's more just keeping on tops of my health and stuffs :3
Have you ever considered any kind of surgery or treatment to improve your

Have you ever considered any kind of surgery or treatment to improve your appearance? (Not a dig at anyone, inspired by something I'm looking into atm.)

Emmagine_This’s Profile PhotoEmmagine_This
I need some dental work done (thanks, pregnancy 😂) and I wouldn't say no to more permanent hair removal haha but other than that not really. As much as I'd like to change my appearance I don't think surgery is for me

Have you ever considered any kind of surgery or treatment to improve your appearance? (Not a dig at anyone, inspired by something I'm looking into atm.)

Emmagine_This’s Profile PhotoEmmagine_This
Not so much surgery, but I’m open to having things like facials at some point (treatments along those lines, such as peels, etc). Purely because my acne scarring and pigmentation is extremely prominent :)

دكتور لو سمحت محتاج ترشيحاتك لكل الدكاترة اقدر اسمع شرحهم بيزك وكلينكال مشكورا🙏

1/ بارا - د. نهى مدبولي
2/ أناتومي،ايمبريولوجي - د. أيمن خنفور/ د. وهدان/ د. أحمد فريد

3/ فسيولوجي- د. ناجي/ د. محمد فايز

4/ باثولوجي - د. سامح غازي/ د. عبدالرحمن خليفة
5/ فارما - د. عبدالمتعال فودة
6/ ميكرو- د. محمد الشريف/د. هنادي القط/ د. مرعي/ د. أسامة معروف

7/ بايوكمستري - د. عباس/ د. محمود الطويل

8/ هستولوجي - د. إيمان نبيل/ د. خالد المسلّمي/ د. شيرين حامد
9/ باطنة- د. محمود علام/ د. أحمد موافي/ د. حسام موافي
10/ جراحة- د. وهدان/ د. علي حسيب/ د. المطري
11/ أطفال- د. علي القزاز/ د. محمد اسماعيل/ د. محمد عبدالفتاح
12/ رمد- د. طارق البرمبلي
13/ أنف وأذن وحنجرة- د. مسعد عبدالعزيز/ د. حازم عبدالتواب
14/ نسا وتوليد- د.نادين/ د. المندوه
15/ طب شرعي- الدكتورة الفاضلة ( شيرين غالب )
د. خالد
16/ التخدير- د. المطري/ د. وائل متولي/ د. هاني رفيق/ د.حسين خيري
17/جلدية- د.عبدالرحمن رضا/ د. محمود علام/ د. محمود سويلم
18/ أشعة- د. ممدوح محفوظ
19/ نفسية- د. طارق عبدالحميد
20/طواريء- د. تامر
21/جراحة ( أطباء إمتياز)- د. حسين خيري
22/ للإمتياز:
كتب :
Doctor's Guide
Acute Medicine
Doctor on Duty
Clinical Decision
ABC Drugs
Intensivist ICU
Step up Series
ER Surgery House officers
Pediatrics Guidelines
Symptoms approach diagnosis
Emtiaze guide
Oxford Handbooks
غلطات طبيب ندمان
مستقبل طبيب

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Do you get jealous easily?

…. you know anonymous….
probably everyone know …..
i always write about….
that what is mine is indivisible….
but i think jealousy…. - is something about stupid….
because in maddening love….
you don’t notice anyone….expect one you love….
and there are a lot of beautiful things…. places in the world ….
why need waste time non strangers women or men….?!
i don’t want to and i won’t….
and also you saw me anonymous….?!
to love me he will not have enough life….
❤️we will not have enough life….❤️
to ❤️love each over …..❤️
about what jealous you talk about…. anonymous ?!
but i want to say …. no woman…. women in bikini….
even on the photo with him….!!!
because it’s too banal and cheap….(
and all what i see do not suit him….
and yes….
i know what suit him….
and there are millions of women in bikini….young…. beautiful…. not young and ugly….natural beauty…. unnatural…. already with hormonal big
i’m sorry assholes ….
and breasts after plastic surgery…. or photoshopped “into death” when body …. and body parts looks like baby skin….
there are millions of them….
rich …. not rich ….young…. very young…. single…. married…. not young
divorced…. and not only one times…
famous …. not famous…. tried to be famous …. with name…. without name
and more -
the choice is large….( and as always i’m talking about such woman the show the product face….) sorry but it’s true….
and each of them ready or quickly will be ready to be with him….even just near…. or flirting with him….even one time
- this is a fact… i don’t blame anyone….- although no…. i condemn….
let them hunt in other places….!!!
yes there are a million women….
he is the one….and always must remember who is he….!
it’s hard but it’s so easy ….
and of course anonymous earth have only one magical ✨girl…. and it’s me Inès ❤️
and i’m not jealous….because i don’t know …. how is it but
i trust him…. and i feel how he start love me…. from first second when he start feeling me….❤️
seeing his dance … made me a smile a lot especially his hand movements….!
well , heeds to take dance lessons for people who have drunk a little … little… little ….more )))
and i felt what i felt from the first
minute when i started to feel him
( how i start feeling it’s a really mystery….)
and he me….
that he loves me ….
and everything in him tells me and wants tells me only one …. i love you Inna….
and it’s like a s.o.s I love you…. and i need you here with me…. immediately….
i think it’s time for 🕸him ❤️to sleep 🌍🌊now…. maybe ….
and i feel his maddening love in me …. in my body in my heart….
but i won’t let him sleep because🕸 he is mine….❤️
and i will do with him whatever i want😌….
something like this anonymous

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Вопрос к мужскому полу. Прошу ответить максимально честно. Допустим вы общаетесь с девушкой/женщиной. У вас завязываются отношения. И через некоторое время она вас признаётся что у неё нет детородных органов. Ваши действия:

LshevskayaAlshevskaya’s Profile PhotoАлька
I think the question is not asked quite correctly, you are probably writing about a transgender guy who underwent plastic surgery to change his gender.

You should go for a walk today and think of it as an adventure. Do you have headphones so you can listen to music while you walk? I am talking my dog for a walk in a few minutes and then I am attending a funeral mass for a teen member of our church choir who passed away recently. :)

Hi there!
Yes, I read your post. Very sorry about that teen, it’s very dreadful 😔
I also hope you can feel better after the surgery you had 🙏🏻
I’ll probably grab my headphones and go for a small adventure. Thank you 😊
You should go for a walk today and think of it as an adventure  Do you have

Why you wake so late?

Because I had surgery on my back and it hurts when I lay down, plus I have a funeral mass to sing at in the morning. A young man who recently graduated from high school committed suicide and we want to pay our respects.
Suicide is, in my opinion, an act of desperation. I just wish that more suicides could be prevented by family, friends and loved ones recognizing the symptoms and intervene because unfortunately, suicide is permanent and cannot be reversed or undone. :(

Inspired by my own wisdom tooth pain which is utterly killing me right now - what's the worst pain you've ever experienced?

Emmagine_This’s Profile PhotoEmmagine_This
I don't know! I honestly haven't experienced anything overly painful since I haven't broken any bones or anything like that 🤔 But I have had in-mouth surgery to get an implant screwed in, while I was awake... Not necessarily painful but just a teeny tiny bit uncomfortable 🥴
Inspired by my own wisdom tooth pain which is utterly killing me right now

Have you ever considered plastic surgery?

yes, I have. ; I really wanted to get my lips done & my boobies. Some times I think about getting my nose done too LOL
I even have asked my mom about it since she has work done but she says my features are so unique that it would be sad to see me get rid of them, cause once you get plastic surgery you can never go back.
Also, at this rate with everyone getting so much surgery & basically making themselves all look the same/dolls - I will be more & more unique as time goes on.

السلام عليكم يا دكتره حضرتك على علم ب نظام الكورسات في طب للطلبه والخريجين وكده وهل شايف دي مصدر رزق وكرير حلو لليى عايزز؟

ابقوا اسألوا دكتور احمد عن الكورس اللي ب 3000 جنيه وميزانية الكورسات ام 20000 الف في الشهر للفرد الواحد
العلم حلو بس احنا اللي فقرا ..
اللي اعرفه عن طب بشري كالتالي
دا عالم وكورسات كتير جوا كل مادة منهم
Anatomy - Histology - Embryology
Physiology - Pathology - Pharmacology
Microbiology - Parasitology
المواد دي ممكن تتعمل في نظام اسمه الموديول كل موديول بيتشرح فيه المواد اللي فوق 🔺 دول في الجزء الخاص بالموديول وربطه مع باقي الموديولات مع موديولات إضافية
Foundation - Blood - CVS - Respiratory - MSK
GIT - ENDO - Renal - Gential - CNS - Behaviour - Concepts of Health & Diseases - Infectious Diseases
Communication skills
Medical Professionalism
دول عوالم جواها أعظم سبوبات دول اللي بتشرحوا في كليات الطب عموما فيه آلاف البرانشات مش موجودة مش مقررة علينا في المرحلة الجامعية فما علينا دول أهم وأكبر البرانشات المعروفة .
Internal medicine - Surgery - Pediatrics
Obstetrics & Gynecology - Opthalmology
ENT - Dermatology - Radiology - Oncology - Anesthesia - Forensic & Toxicology - Psychiatry
Family medicine - Public Health
Emergency - Intensive Care
Nuclear medicine
عالم تالت اسمه GP دا كل حاجة بس للممارس العام اللي بيكشف على الحوش من الشعب ودا عالم مفتوح ضخم تتضافر فيه كل الجهود ولا يستطيع أحد سده إلا مع متخصصين كل في تخصصه
عندك بقا عالم أخير هو عالم البحث والمعادلات والتعليم الطبي المستمر
PLAP ..eg
امتحانات الزمالات والدراسات العليا وكورسات المتخصصين والاستشاريين مثل
MRCP ...eg
وملايين من الدورات العلمية والكورسات والتدريب للأطباء والجراحين على مستوى العالم

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Post a confession...

I thought I had really good ties with a few people but some of them, never reached out to me, when my father was suppose to get his open heart surgery done and they knew about it!
That time was tough! but it was also an eye opener for me. So many people I wasn’t close to, so many people I was not expecting to be there for me, were unconditionally there for me! They kept a check on me. I’m grateful to all of them and I sure as hell will never forget. The ones who were are weren’t there.

Guys: Do you find ladies with bare face attractive without all that makeup on?

paradiseeve5’s Profile PhotoDuaa.
People with real faces are always better understood... One make up is that you are talking about and then there is a surgery we put on our faces ourself... Like how to fake smile how to look cold how to blaze how to thunder like how to glow and how to gleam and all the other things... But if we see ourselves without of it all, we only can see us... Even we fool ourselves in mirrors...

Do you have a best friend? If so, how did you meet them? 👍 😇

redoasis2017’s Profile Photo★ ☮ ♫ ɬɛŋąƈıơųʂ ɬơɱɱąყ™ ▩ ♚ ☻
3 best friends - one from every stage of my study 😅
👉Basic school - she is a nurse in hospital and she helped me a lot with surgery of my father and son🥰
👉Secondary grammar school - she is fin. manager and we are in the touch via fb mostly
👉University - she works in advertising company and we use to meet regularly in some cafe and talking, talking, talking a lot 😁😅👍

Would you ever consider getting cosmetic surgery in the future?

Honestly, no. I'm not going to lie; I have some bodily parts that make me feel insecure, but I've never been interested in cosmetic surgery.

Do you have or have you ever considered plastic surgery?

أحب حقيقة إني- من كل احشائي وبكل صدق- احب شكل البشر، بعدين لما اعرف شخصياتهم القذرة ارجع أكرههم طبعًا 😂، مش "أكرههم" بس يزعجوني يو نو؟ واشتيهم بعيد عني 😆😆💔، ف المقصد ان الاصل الحب 🤍.
أحب تحديدًا الحاجات يلي تقول أشياء عنهم، زي الندوب مثلًا، الهالات السوداء..إلخ
وبرضو الحاجات يلي تقول "I'm human"، زي التصبغات اللونية، مشاكل البشرة والجلد، اختلاف بنيات الاجسام وتوزيع العضلات والدهون وكثافة العظام..إلخ!
ناهيك عن الوجوه ومكوناته🤦🏽‍♀️ والتعابير يلي تميز كل بشري 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️ اشتي اتأمل الناس للأبد بدون ما يركزوا معي 🦖🦖 بس ما اسويش كذا عشان مش مريح وكريبي وشكرًا 😂😂
ف يلي اشتي اقوله، إنه فكرة عمليات "التجميل" تؤلم قلبي، ومش قادرة استوعب كيف في industry كاملة قايمة بالاساس على ال insecurities حق الناس.
طبيعي مله يسعوا لتعميق ذي ال insecurities، اقتصاد العالم واقف عليها 😂😂💔

Almost half way through 2022, have you done anything you said you were going to do at the start of the year?

froyston’s Profile PhotoFroyston Afonso
Applied for my provisional licence, I went on a train for the first time in nearly ten years, I stayed away for a night in a city that wasn't my own for the first time in years, I have tried harder to work on myself and fight through my anxieties where I can, I have started working on letting my guard down when needed and I have also started trying to communicate better altho that one is a work in progress! I'm also really proud cos one of the horses needed to lose a bit of weight - I've got 30kg worth of extra that he was packing (due to him not being worked whilst the other one recovered from surgery and took up all my time) off him and he looks great/has more energy :)

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