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When you swim, what kind of stroke do you most often use? Do you feel comfortable being in water? 🏊

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I don't like being in the water exactly because I'm not a good swimmer. If something were to happen, like something or someone pulling me under, I'm not skilled enough to make it out alive.

When you swim, what kind of stroke do you most often use? Do you feel comfortable being in water? 🏊

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
breaststroke is the only one that i can do, as well as the doggy paddle.
i feel okay in the water, i guess. i have anxiety in deep water due a near-drowning incident when i was 3, and i've never been a strong swimmer. my anxiety has lessened since i taught myself to swim in a way that works best for me, though.

Do you prefer the mountain or the sea?

I'm a former swimmer and freediver, let's just say that water in general is my element. That's where I feel my strongest. To me, the ocean is also much more interesting to explore. I'd much rather spend several hours diving by a coral reef than I would go hiking in the mountains. When I got to do that in Australia is one of the highlights of my life honestly 🐠
Do you prefer the mountain or the sea

Dear Society, here are the campus deities [01]

peneXlope’s Profile PhotoSᴄɪɴᴛɪʟʟᴀ
hi. ich bin schon total nervös, denn am samstag lade ich endlich die story hoch!!!! und wie angekündigt, wollte ich euch noch einen kleinen einblick in meinen cast für Dear Society geben. nicht all zu viel, aber vielleicht könnt ihr euch dadurch erschließen wie sie eventuell charakterlich sein können. natürlich werde ich auch noch post zur story und auch nochmal zu den einzelnen charakteren, freundschaften und sonstigem hochladen. ich wünsche euch allen einen schönen abend!
jung jaehyun ⸺ the hopeless romanticer
정 재현. korean, 20, basketball captain. „and he was written by god“
park hyesoo ⸺ the savage student
박 혜수. korean, 19, swimmer. „and she creates a new path no one has attempted before“
choi yeonjun ⸺ the sarcastic idealist
최 연준. korean, 19, writer. „and he believed only in poetry and tragedy“
park chaeyoung ⸺ the spoiled ballerina
박 채영. korean, 19, ballerina. „and she dances like flames at a bonfire“

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Dear Society here are the campus deities 01

How old were u when u discovered/developed a passion?

smugcobra’s Profile PhotoSmugCobra™
I started swimming when I was about 3, since that's when my parents signed me up for swimming classes at my local swim club. I simply never stopped and climbed the ranks to become a competitive swimmer, so it's my oldest passion by far, going strong for a solid 20 years! I may not compete anymore but I still love being in the water 🏊‍♂️
How old were u when u discovereddeveloped a passion

What do you know well enough to teach to others? 👍 😇

redoasis2017’s Profile Photo★ ☮ ♫ ʎɐɯɯo⊥ snoıɔɐuǝ⊥™ ▩ ♚ ☻
Swimming! I used to be a competitive long distance swimmer! So technique was always my strong suit, since you needed good technique to keep up high speeds for long periods of time! So if anyone wants to learn how to swim freestyle, you could do worse than having me as a teacher. Or at least once you've learnt some of the swimmer lingo that I use 😆 My P.E teacher actually had me teach my classmates in high school, I've stood in for swim instructors etc. 😁
What do you know well enough to teach to others

What’s the worst thing you’ve eaten out of politeness?

anonamouse89887’s Profile Photoanonamouse
Not necessarily out of politeness but when I was in Hungary for a training camp when I was still a competitive swimmer we got served a pasta dish where the pasta was basically covered in a really sour cream and cottage cheese. Very few of us liked it and I certainly wasn't one of them. But I had to power through it since I knew I needed energy for our next workout 🤢
Whats the worst thing youve eaten out of politeness

Would you recommend pads or tampons for someone just starting out? What is your favorite type and brand? Thank you!

It truly depends on what you’re comfortable with, and which one would suit you best. What I mean by that is, depending on your lifestyle, pads specifically, can be quite inconvenient.
An example would be, if you’re an athlete, a swimmer, a gymnast, etc… Tampons would be the most logical choice for you.
It is important to note though, that pads are significantly easier to start out with than tampons, as you have to learn how to use tampons properly, first.
Personally, I have tried both, and I almost always prefer pads. But I’m also not super physically active, and they are just more comfortable for me.
I wear the Always Maxi pads! There are a few different types, like ultra thin, super absorbency, with/without wings, etc… And I can’t really recommend a certain type just because that is something you have to test out and see what works best for you!
I really hope that helps a little, and that you are successful in finding the right thing for you! 😄

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Would you recommend pads or tampons for someone just starting out What is your

How good of a swimmer do you have to be to surf? How good of a swimmer do you have to be to surf?

But to answer your question I would say being able to tread water/not drown for at least 15 minutes in any depth of water. Hold your breathe underwater for at least 30 seconds. If are afraid of the deep end at the pool then I wouldn't get on a board.
Swimming is the best preparation for surfing you can do that doesn't involve a board. You don't have to be a competitive swimmer (though at least one Olympic swimmer was also the top surfer in the world) but you have to be able to swim comfortably in surf as big as any you hope to paddle into, under conditions of fatigue and stress (eg just wiped out and held down by a set wave).
You need to be prepared for the surf you're in. If you're not a good swimmer, the worst thing you can do is go out in rough waters. If you can swim decently without exerting too much energy, then use your best judgment on what you think you can handle. If you have to question yourself, it may be too rough.
I am 36M and reasonably lean, and work a busy desk job. I grew up in India and so never had the ability to learn to swim. Pools are rare and my parents were already paying for private education that was very expensive for them. I have lived in Australia for over 17 years, a nation with a great swimming culture and teachers. So I finally took the plunge in Sep 2019 and joined a Masters Club. The first few sessions felt like I could not keep my body above water. But as I learned to relax, I gained more confidence. Also watching tonnes of free content on YouTube was helpful. The pool that I train in is 50m and mostly quite shallow, so I could do drills safely and practice myself several times a week without paying for extra lessons. You can also ask lifeguards to watch your technique and give you tips. And I train with the Masters club 1-2 times per week. Great bunch of people! Now after about 20 months (including the Covid closure for several months through 2020), I can do up to 2.4K per session and keep up with the others. My fastest is 50m in 40sec freestyle. So I believe with consistent practice and some coaching you will be able to achieve Masters level ability in say 12-18 months. Hope this helps! Good luck :-)
I started swimming at 41, I am 55 now. It took about 2 years of swimming almost daily to become OK. It took 3 years to become average masters swimmer, but it took about 7 years to be in the top 30% of competition in my favorite events. I am still improving my stroke and efficiency and have not slowed down from when I was in my late 40's.
Still working on being able to do a crawl without feeling like I'm dying halfway across though... Pool getting closed for 4 months due to Covid restrictions just as I was getting good put a big brake on my progress.

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How do you feel about being in and around water? Perhaps you have any favorite water based activities? 🏊‍♂️🏄‍♂️🚣‍♂️

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
✦ ───────────── ✦
. συт σf ρσтαтσ qυєєи
✦ ───────────── ✦
I grew up close to the ocean so I just feel at home if I smell the ocean air around me. And being in the water is really relaxing. But I am not a swimmer, I just like to lay in the water.

How would you do in the UK SAS fitness test? Good or bad Do more than 45 push ups Do more than 45 sit ups Jump 10m into water backwards 25m swim in full uniform 200m swim under water within 5 min in full uniform holding a weapon 8 mile hike in under 60 minutes

I'm not a good swimmer for starters, and my asthma would likely stop me pretty promptly lol
So all in all.. badly lol
How would you do in the UK SAS fitness test  Good or bad

Do more than 45 push

Have you ever participated in some sort of challenge? Like a physical challenge (10K steps per day for example) or related to your hobby (read half an hour every day for example). If yes, how did that go? 😊

LunarHuntress’s Profile PhotoYentl
Well, being a competitive swimmer in the past everything I did was to challenge myself. To beat my best times in the water, swim farther and farther in a certain amount of time... those kinds of things 🏊‍♂️
If one were to look at my phone now they could've thought I just took on a 10k steps a day challenge but that's only cause my bike broke and I've had to walk back and forth to the musical 🤦‍♂️😂
Have you ever participated in some sort of challenge Like a physical challenge

If you could control one element, which one would you choose?

Definitely water!! I've been a swimmer and freediver almost my whole life, that's where I feel at my strongest and where I'm most in control of my body 🏊‍♂️ Also, it'd be so cool (Pun defnitely intended) to make stuff out of ice from thin air! ❄️ Also, having a shower at the ready at all times would be sooo useful 🌊
If you could control one element which one would you choose

In the show Avatar people have the ability to bend and control one out of four elements: Fire, water, air and earth. Which of those elements do you think you would've wanted to control and why? 🔥🌊🌪☄️

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I'd want to control fire element. 🔥
I don't know exactly why, I don't know how to better explain it, fire element is just my favorite element. 😸🤔
And I know you'd probably want to control water since you're a swimmer. 🌊😸
- I wanted to ask at least 1 question about elements too and I just really didn't know how to formulate that question. 😐😅
I want to start watching some day that Avatar show. 😁
This GIF looks amazing. 👌
In the show Avatar people have the ability to bend and control one out of four

Do you prefer to take showers or baths? Why? 🚿 🛀 👍 🙃

redoasis2017’s Profile Photo★ ☮ ♫ ʎɐɯɯo⊥ snoıɔɐuǝ⊥™ ▩ ♚ ☻
I much prefer showers! There I feel like I'm actually fresh afterwards Haha And I usually feel so constrained in a bathtub as a swimmer I just want to move freely and be able to dive down and such when I'm entirely in the water 🏊‍♂️
Do you prefer to take showers or baths Why

Have you ever tried to google your own name? What came up? 😆⌨

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I have tried googling my own name, and the most striking thing that came up is a former malaysian competitive swimmer.
other than that, I usually don't google my name — I google my username instead. just to make sure, and to check, that the content I put out online matches with how I am as a person (or rather, how I choose to portray myself as an online persona).
Have you ever tried to google your own name What came up

Do you like to swim? How long can you splash around in the lake / sea?

vadimkrivoshekov3’s Profile Photovadim1002
I love swimming! I can spend hours in the pool or the sea. I'm by no means a serious swimmer: sometimes I'll just doggy-paddle, float around or tread water!

I just like how it feels in water and I feel really at one with it somehow. I'll even take my shoes off and paddle in puddles when it rains!

Who is your role model? Why him / her?

Sarah Sjöström has for a long time been one of the people I look up to the most 😄 I'm a former competitive swimmer and she's definitely Sweden's biggest star in the pool, during her career there's basically been no limit to the amount of medals she's been able to get and the records she's shattered. Even though I don't compete anymore I always find her strength and will so inspiring. She broke her elbow this winter and still managed an almost full recovery, enough so she was able to take a silver medal at this year's olympics. At a time that would've been enough for a gold at the last olympics nonetheless 🤯
Who is your role model Why him  her

If you're able to swim, how do you usually prefer to do so? Have you ever tried any more advanced styles such as crawl or butterfly? Additionally, have you ever paced yourself or kept track of the distance you swum? 🏊‍♂️

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I’m not a serious swimmer. I can swim short distances, but what I do best is float on a raft sipping a fruity drink 🍹

If you're able to swim, how do you usually prefer to do so? Have you ever tried any more advanced styles such as crawl or butterfly? Additionally, have you ever paced yourself or kept track of the distance you swum? 🏊‍♂️

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I'm not a great swimmer. I'm not very confident. I had lessons a few years ago but it's still not something I enjoy doing. 🙂
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How much experience do you have with being on boats? Do you easily get seasick? 🤢⛵

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I was 2x on the sea boat trip - in Greece and Croatia - and several times on the river motor boat here and I had more psychical than physical problem with it because I am afraid of deep water (bad swimmer) 🤦‍♀️🙄 Yesterday we were on such place where people have bult house-boats and they can ride their private motor boats around 👇
How much experience do you have with being on boats Do you easily get seasick

What's an irrational fear you have?

When I'm standing on something tall and I look upward, I have this rather disconcerting sense that everything is going to fall out of my pockets. I can look down just fine – which I'm led to believe is the thing that usually bothers folks – but when I crane my neck skyward, I get haunted by images of my smartphone just, like, leaping out of my pants and plummeting to its death.
I have a terribly debilitating fear of stickers. I don't know why, but I just hate the idea that something could be stuck on me without my knowledge. And yes this fear extends to glitter too. My family thinks it's hilarious and puts the little stickers that go on apples on all of my favorite foods. So now I can't have any peanut butter because it's covered in apple stickers....
I won't dive when I'm swimming. My dad used to dive in high school/college, and he told me about a friend of his who broke his neck and was paralyzed after entering the water the wrong way. I don't mind jumping feet first into the water from great heights, and I'm a good swimmer, but I absolutely refuse to dive from even a dock.
My school has these really heavy metal doors with a huge gap between them and the hinge and frame when they’re open. So, naturally, I fear accidentally putting my fingers in and snapping them off when the door closes. Also, xenomorphs. Especially having one in my chest. Actually, having anything alive inside me at any point whatsoever, but SPECIFICALLY I fear facehuggers, chestbursters, and xenomorphs. I’ve never even SEEN Alien, so I’m not quite sure where this fear came from since I’ve had it since I was seven but didn’t learn anything about the movie or plot until I was 13.
When I was in training in the military my tech school instructor somehow found out about my irrational fear and got a pregnant coworker down the hall to hassle me about it. I fucking passed out in the middle of class because this lady wouldn’t get her baby bump away from me and wouldn’t stop talking about pregnancy and child birth. 5 years later I’m stationed in Germany and I get a new boss. Never really talked to the lady for a couple of months but she seemed alright. Someone from work knew about my pregnancy story from tech school and brought it up during a TDY (like a mini deployment to a base for a couple weeks.) and the new boss was that lady! She came back from TDY and asks me into her office. Her kid was there and she said “did you know this kid almost made you pass out before she was even born?” And it finally hit me who she was.
Driving. Millions of people do it, but here I am at nearly 21 years-old with no driver's licence because it scares the shit out of me. I'm usually fine when someone else is driving, but when I get behind the wheel, I'm immediately struck with the thought that I'm gonna end up killing either myself or other people, and I can't handle it. I think it's an amount of control that I don't want to be responsible for.

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True or False: you can't swim

FALSE. The 200m individual medley was my best event. I was also a lifeguard for a couple of summers. All this happened after I almost drowned twice in serious ocean undertows. I decided if I was going to see my 16th birthday, I had better become a very strong swimmer. And I did thankfully.
God has had a lot of work to do keeping me around. I’m so excited to see what his plans are for me. I will repay his kindness and trust in me always. 🙏

While designing your dream home, what are your must haves? 🏡

AdrianaRafaela98’s Profile PhotoAdriianna Rafaella
It really depends on how crazy I can go 😂 I have some ideas that are pretty bonkers Haha But if I had an endless budget there'd be three things I would definitely get:
🔵 A dedicated room for movie-watching, gaming and VR. Definitely the most realistic thing on this wishlist Haha It'd be so cool to have like a huge projector and really comfy seats. In one corner there'd be a sick gaming PC but also enough room so I could play VR in there. I'd want some sick blue LED lighting in there too 🎮
🔵 A big saltwater aquarium! I think aquariums are super cool and I find it quite soothing to look at fish. I'd want some quite unique and colorful fish in there, maybe even some small sharks if I wanted to go nuts lol 🐠🦈
🔵 And finally: A huge indoor pool fit to swim laps in. This would be the DREAM for a swimmer like me. I'd never even need an at home gym with something like this Haha No need to share a lane with someone far slower than you cus guess what? You OWN it 😂 I'd probably want an outdoor pool too but it could be circular and more fit for pool parties. As long as I get to have one pool that's rectangular and I can use all year long 🏊‍♂️

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While designing your dream home what are your must haves

How did you get into your favourite hobby, if you have one?

JoeeeMason’s Profile PhotoJoe Edward Mason
I started to learn how to swim as a kid like most other Swedish kids do by going to swimming lessons. I simply never stopped swimming after that and simply kept on climbing the ranks of my local swim club until I was a competitive swimmer 🏊‍♂️ I don't compete like I use to anymore, I'm part of a team of former swimmers who study at my uni. We sadly haven't had practice together though for a while because of obvious reasons 😥
How did you get into your favourite hobby if you have one

How is it to swim with long hair? Do you usually do anything with your hair before you're gonna go for a swim? Have you ever tried wearing a swim cap? 🏊‍♀️👱‍♀️

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
you would think having long hair would get in the way but it really doesnt. your hair flows with the motion of the water so I've never had any issues with my hair while swimming. I am not a sports swimmer though so I dont know what it would be like to do competitions without a swim cap. For me personally, I cant tie my hair up when I swim because it completely knots up my hair.

did you find any new hobbies or interests during quarantine? have you maybe started being interested in something weird or something you never thought you'd be interested in? did you notice any new habits being formed into your routine?

Well, I've found a couple new hobbies but those are mainly due to other things that have happened in my life other than quarantine such that I moved to a new city 😁 I used to play badminton every week with a few swimmer friends I met in my new swimming club but after we got stricter restrictions we kinda stopped 😅 Other than that I've been doing what I've always been doing, swimming (Though on my own and not with the others) and gaming (Though recently I've started playing Sea of Thieves with @tryingtohelpyou and others) 🎮🏴‍☠️
did you find any new hobbies or interests during quarantine have you maybe

Have you ever won an award? If so, what for?

I have won quite a few awards actually! Most of them are medals, plaques and trophies from my days as a competitive swimmer! This is an old pic back from when I still lived at home but I still have them displayed there! An exception to swimmer related stuff is an "oscar statue" from a film festival which my school held where I got an award for best writing, then a few soccer trophies as well! Haha 🏊‍♂️🎬⚽️
Have you ever won an award If so what for
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Name 5 things you love about yourself? Trying to spread some positivity 💕

1. I really like my hair, it's like as red as it can naturally get and is kind of like my trademark "feature". That's why you'd seldom see me wear hats 🧑‍🦰
2. I have very broad shoulders, you can clearly tell I'm a swimmer just by looking at me 🏊‍♂️
3. Speaking of swimming, I love to show of the things I can do in and under water, like holding my breath for 3-4 minutes and such 🌊
4. That I've already managed to tick many things off my bucket list! Like swimming with sea turtles 🐢
5. I like my creative side, that I often like to have projects and such. Whether that is going on a walk to take photos around town or making a special effects intro 📸
Name 5 things you love about yourself 

Trying to spread some positivity

Do you wish to own house with pool once? Or is there cold for this in Sweden ? 🤔🙄

LarryStylestomlinson436’s Profile PhotoMe - Larry
Hmm, that's hard to say! As a swimmer I wouldn't really be able to own a pool which was big enough to fit my needs 😂 It really depends on if I do get to live in a house with a yard big enough for a pool and if the rest of my future family would want a smaller one. It's definitely not too cold, I live in the most southern parts of Sweden, we barely get any snow during winter Haha
Do you wish to own house with pool once Or is there cold for this in Sweden

Thank you for sharing your story. I feel so much honored. Always remember that to be happy with your body, learn to appreciate being you. Again, you are wonderful.

BrianPaulStaAna’s Profile Photoaquarius012194
I'm 6' and I weigh about 175 lbs, although I don't know for sure, I rarely look at a scale and instead judge by how my clothes fit and how I feel. People are always shocked that I weigh this much as well as the fact that I'm a size 10/12 (long length obviously, I'm all legs) because I look thin. But when you are tall you end up weighing more because that's a lot more body that exists. I'm happy with my weight. I have a flat stomach and I'm pretty active (walk a lot, also do Zumba and kickboxing several times a week). I'm kind of pear shaped and most of my weight is in my hips and thighs with a comparatively smaller waist and upper body. Even in high school when I was a competitive swimmer spending 2 hours a day in the pool doing intense training I was like 160.
I struggled with anorexia as a preteen/teenager and I had a hugely distorted view of what everyone around me looked like. I'd see a really pretty girl and be like "Damn I wish I was as skinny as she is" and then find out she weighed like 30lbs more than me. It was disconcerting! I was 5'4" and my weight fluctuated between 90lbs and 100lbs at that time. Now I usually stay around 125-ish. Gained some weight a while ago and went up to 140, now I'm back down to 130 and plan to either stay here or get back down to 125. But the really awesome thing about that whole experience was that I could still feel hot at 140lbs. I felt better about myself at that weight than I did fifty pounds ago. Which is fucking insane to think about to me. I feel hotter at 125-130 because that's just where I feel my body looks it's best, but it was a huge revelation to me to realize that even though I weighed 50lbs more than I did when I was starving myself because my body was so disgustingly fat to me I could still feel perfectly confident and not spiral into a deep, suicidal depression over it. Weight is a very tricky thing. Much more than just body fat and height play a role in how much you should weigh. For example, I have friends that naturally are big boned or have alot of muscle mass, so that should always be taken into account. Think of it like this- if youre 5'8, theres five feet, eight inches of a body you need to support- and theres no way to do that by obsessing over a number on a scale. it is still important, but giving your body what it needs to properly function for a very long time is just as important.
I am six feet tall. I currently weigh 188. I need to lose about 20 more pounds to be a "healthy" BMI. Even though BMI isn't the most accurate way to predict over-all health, it was helpful for me when picking a goal weight of 170 lbs on my weight loss journey. At my highest, I was 240lbs. Being tall was great in that even at 70lbs overweight, I didn't look "that" fat. It was also to my detriment, though, because I had very little motivation to actually lose weight since my appearance wasn't as drastic as shorter women.

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