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Are serial killers just misunderstood individuals who happen to have a really strong passion for human anatomy?

deeda_dahi’s Profile PhotoZalaam
The misunderstood artists of dissection... Serial killers, with their profound fascination for human anatomy, truly deserve a standing ovation for their unique passion... Moreover, medical researchers, these individuals have taken "hands-on learning" to a whole new level...
Who needs ethical boundaries and saving lives when you can delve into the intricacies of the human body in the most unconventional way possible?
So let's raise a twisted toast to these unconventional enthusiasts, for they've certainly found a chilling way to pursue their passion, right?

Not to be rude but why did Gabbie and you suddenly get married? Congrats to the both of you!!

After a lot of consideration, we came to the conclusion that it was the right idea for us. We've taken the time we needed to mature, work on ourselves, and know exactly what we both want. We know what it takes to make our relationship work and remain healthy. It's not something we just jumped into — we took our time and thought it out. Plus, we're the best we've ever been.

Any life changing advice 😊

laxmikanth_cool’s Profile Photolaxmikanth
Be yourself - other roles are already taken. I advise everyone to live by this principle, not to look back at others and not to succumb to the desire to copy someone.
Будь собой - другие роли уже заняты. Всем советую жить по этому принципу, не оглядываться на других и не поддаваться желанию кого-то копировать.
Any life changing advice

How are feeling today?

❤️like a little one….
soft…. and melt….
i don’t want to do anything….- i don’t even to write down this words….
( it really surprises me … how he allows me to write them down…
because we ❤️❤️
already be in this)
want do be with him right now….
in his….🕸❤️ arms
on his lap… without letting him do anything….
whisper something…
or be in silent… ‘enveloping ‘him….with my magic….
‘intoxicated’ by our madness love….❤️
i’m never in my life taken alcohol….
it’s our maddening love….❤️❤️🔗🔥

What's the most beautiful building you've seen in person? Perhaps you have a picture of it? 🏰📸

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
That’s hard to say!! Most cathedrals I’ve visited are absolutely stunning, and I remember being especially taken with Rouen cathedral. Even the museums in London are very striking, and the Natural History Museum comes to mind. The craftsmanship of the intricate sculptures encased in the structure of the building is amazing; it’s such attention to detail. Plus it’s very gothic which is always a win, haha!
(Pic isn’t mine) :)
Whats the most beautiful building youve seen in person Perhaps you have a

Have you ever had feelings for someone while they were taken? If yes, how did you cope with the situation?

One of my rules is this: married women and women in committed relationships are off limits.
7th commandment - thou shalt not commit adultry.
9th commandment - you shall not covet.

Ughh 🌸 Why are you so good to People 🌸 GOD bless You ♥️

ademstrems’s Profile PhotoAdemstrems
Because it just feels good and it doesn't cost anything. Some might say 'people just take advantage'. I do agree to this and that's why as soon as I sense I am not being valued I leave, without wasting a second, I just leave. Had been taken for granted, abandoned and left alone by my own people when I was at my worst, but that won't change this nature of mine. I don't do it for others, I do it for myself, at the end I sleep with a happy heart. I have enough love in me to love myself and much more to give others. Everyone has to face harships and sufferings in life, but it just needs one kind word from someone to regain strength, faith in life and faith in self. And it doesn't cost nothing to be that 'someone' ☺️ People who were the closest abandoned me, people who were complete strangers gave a shoulder to lean on, so it all depends from person to person. Not everyone will come to take advantage, some will be there to hold you even without any reason or relation. We just have to be attentive to other's intention in order to protect ourselves.
This world is selfish, but it is just as selfless.
And then comes people like you who encourages me to be better. Thank you so much for blessings.🤗 May you have the brightest smile on your face and a peaceful heart 🌸

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Why are you so good to People 
GOD bless You

I am probably at the lowest level of iman right now, inspite of regularly praying, crying infront of him. Please motivate me to not lose hope or atleast pray for me that I don't give up on myself and that He doesn't give up on me. 😭

He is only testing you cause if you were at anywhere lower in your Emaan, He would have taken away the Will for you to Pray but you are still doing so and trying, its only the Satan putting in wrong thoughts in your mind to stray away from him
So don't Feel as such cause He knows and will reward you if not any sooner cause He plans the best

How soon is "too soon" to move in with a partner?

For me too soon would be when I do not really know my partner and have not met his family and friends and have not seen how they react under duress. For example, does your partner get hateful, angry and violent whenever they do not get what they want? Do they get violent or act out whenever you tell them no?
I believe that before you move in with your partner you should already have met their Mother, Father, siblings and friends. If your partner is hiding his family and friends from you or his career and hobbies, then it is premature to live with them and one should consider what else they are "hiding" from you. Living with another human is an important decision that must be taken seriously because your health, well being and finances could be at risk.
Take your time and do not be impulsive or fooled by transparent charm, good looks and the false appearance of integrity. Let them prove to you with their positive and kind behavior that they are ethical, moral and a person of good character. Until good character is beyond doubt, do not live with them.

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What was Christmas like for you growing up? Did your family have any specific traditions you always looked forward to? What would you typically have for Christmas dinner? Did you have a special dessert/treat of some sort that you now associate with the holidays? 🎄🎁✨

anonamouse89887’s Profile Photoanonamouse
@JoyouslyJoanna, @GlindaBells this also answers similar questions you two asked 😊
Christmas has always sorta been the same for me. As far as I know we haven't changed traditions really ever Haha 🎅
But I always looked forward to watching a certain Disney Christmas special featuring Christmas cards from different characters which tell of their various adventures, through clips from movies like The Jungle Book, Robin Hood etc. It's something many Swedish familes has as a tradition. Since it's aired on national TV at 3 pm, that's when we begin our celebrations, by watching it. When we watch said special we also drink mulled wine 📺🇸🇪
Soon followed is dinner, which features various traditional Swedish Christmas foods! I'll post a picture below but examples include meatballs, sausages, herring with various sauces, casserole, ham etc. 🐟🥔
After dinner we open presents, which of course was the biggest highlight growing up. For dessert afterwards, we have something called ris à la malta, which is sort of like a sweetened porridge 🎁
We end the day by playing a certain Christmas gift game where you take turns rolling dice. If you get a 1 or a 6 during the first round of rolls, you take a cheap gift from a pile. Once all gifts are taken, a timer is set for like 10 min or so and the second round begins. Then if you roll a 1 or a 6 you get to take a gift from someone else. The round ends when the timer rings and the presents you then have collected you get to keep. During both rounds, if you roll a 6 you get to roll again 🎲

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What was Christmas like for you growing up Did your family have any specific

So how does it feel? Being the lucky one? Being loved? Having your dreams come true? Does it make you feel superior to the less fortunate ones?

I don't know about it but there's no reason to feel superior over it.Everything you have can be taken away from you in an instant.There should always be room for gratitude.

Tell me something sweet and wholesome.

About 6 months ago. I found a dog on street with a broken leg and he was taken care by a small boy who used to make his living by selling biscuits. That dog could barely walk but he was innocent. I was going to some place and i see he was getting scared when bikes were passing near to him. I stopped and observed this. I took that dog to veterinary doctor’s clinic. After treatment of a week and some medicines. I took that dog back to the Kid. As he asked ne bhai apne wapis de kar janna ha. After 6 months I went to that place again and found that boy. He showed me that dog with his cute puppies ❤️❤️❤️❤️ I was really happy to see that.😘

Post something beautiful 🤌🏻

Rameesha_RM’s Profile PhotoRameesha Ahmad.
When something is taken away from us or when calamity strikes, Allah always gives us the strength to deal with it, otherwise it would never have come to us in the first place. He never burdens a soul with more than it can bear. Have faith and be patient.

What is your favorite movie sound track?

"Favorite Soundtrack" by Alex
My favorite soundtrack is from the film “Somewhere In Time” composed by John Barry. When I first watched this movie over the Christmas holiday, I was taken in by the mutual attraction and romantic intensity of the two leading characters Elise McKenna (Jane Seymour) and Richard Collier (Christopher Reeve). I thought to myself, how is it possible for two actors to demonstrate such unconditional love while acting in front of a camera and camera crew? So... I turned to myself and said: self, are you watching this? Watching what, I replied to self. The love between these two actors? That is not acting, I thought to myself, for their love is too genuine, sincere, unmitigated, unabashed, unconstrained and unapologetic to be acted out or alleged in such a realistic manner.
After some research, I discovered a few interesting facts that seemed to lend credence to my supposition that these two actors were indeed in love with one another, and that would explain why their love scenes in this film were so different than any other love scenes I'd ever seen before. Jane Seymour gave an interview where she admitted that during the filming of Somewhere in Time, Christopher and her were madly in love with one another. She said: "Well, here comes the story that I'm officially telling you now, because Chris and I, when we made the film, we literally fell madly in love," Seymour said at the TCM Classic Film Festival, as reported by Entertainment Weekly. "When you see this film, you will see the real thing. But we didn't let anyone know. A few of the people who worked on the show kind of sussed it out, but we were as subtle as we could be about it."
What can I say except that I am a romantic and I adore great love scenes and memorable music that captures the essence of unforgettable moments in time. Somewhere in Time has some beautiful love scenes that will take you back in time. They are real, beautiful and tender, and they demonstrate what authentic love looks like and feels like. So, if you have never experienced authentic love before, or if you simply want to reminisce, you just might want to enjoy this film classic.
https://youtu.be/7CorGgK0lYUalexandermonroe397579’s Video 172731721259 7CorGgK0lYUalexandermonroe397579’s Video 172731721259 7CorGgK0lYU

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alexandermonroe397579’s Video 172731721259 7CorGgK0lYUalexandermonroe397579’s Video 172731721259 7CorGgK0lYU

What do you do when you’re being watched and your phone is tapped?

"Globalist Tyrants" by Alex
This is a great question and it is a question that every human living on this planet should be asking themselves.
Please visit the World Economic Forum's and United Nation websites and educate yourself about "Agenda 2030" and what the WEF's plans are to take control of all human activity using Climate Control Regulation, Global Taxes, Health Regulation (pandemics/vaccines) and Food Supply (shortages).
There is no doubt that we are heading into the end times where governments will conspire against citizens and countries against countries and neighbors against neighbors and children against parents. And these dysfunctional and destructive behaviors will continue until such time as the sheep awaken in righteous indignation and acknowledge this evil and then fight with all of their collective might to eliminate the Gloablist's Tyranny to reclaim their Liberty and Freedom from these evil Globalist Tyrants.
> "The ultimate tragedy is not the oppression and cruelty by the bad people but the silence over that by the good people."
Martin Luther King, Jr.
> "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing."
Edmund Burke
> Revelation 19:20
"And the beast was taken, and with him the false prophet that wrought miracles before him, with which he deceived them that had received the mark of the beast, and them that worshipped his image. These both were cast alive into a lake of fire burning with brimstone."

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What do you do when youre being watched and your phone is tapped

اذا عرفتي اسم فلم عائلي كليلي 😍

اي فلم ل liam nesson تقريبا يكون هيج شوفوا ثلاثية taken هي ٣ افلام بس ما مرتبطة ببعض
اذا حبيتوا الهندي pk/dangal/3iditos,
Taare Zameen Par/talash
ومن يومين بالسينما شفت mind cage حلو وعائلي

All your pictures are perfect, maybe i can't understand all your words but it's still beautiful ❤️✨ " Gracias" 🙏🏻

Hero7777777777777777777’s Profile Photo⁦✯بِـجَـاد⁦⁦⁦✯
Hello, Merry Christmas. 🕊
Enjoy in the company of yours.
Thank you very much, I appreciate the compliment and that you have taken the time to tell me... don't worry about not understanding me but thank you for contemplating my beautiful images, it fills me with joy.
Take care of yourself!
All your pictures are perfect maybe i cant understand all your words but its

So my question is. In Qur'an, it's said (and interpretation is) that pious men are for pious women and vice versa. Similarly righteous for righteous, Pure for pure. wicked for wicked, impure for impure men for women and women for men etc. (1)

Before you question any verse of the Qur'an, it's important to understand the context in which that verse was revealed. Also it is important to understand that Qur'an is not a book of rules. The rules of Shariah are taken from the Qur'an and ahadith. Some people take Qur'an as a book of science, some take it as a story book, some take it as a book of rules but the truth is that it's none of that exclusively. It is a way of life. Now what does that mean? It means that it has examples of almost every kind of situation a person will possibly face, so you study that and you get inspiration from it. It also is a book that teaches us who Allah is. And yes it does have some rules that are very strict and there's question about those rules not being obligatory upon us, because of the way they've been worded.. An example of such a rule would be verses that say drinking alcohol is a great sin. Surah baqarah verse 219 btw.
Or the quran saying don't even go near adultery in surah isra verse 32 I believe.
Just two examples, but the point is that if Qur'an mentions a rule, it is worded in a very clear manner. So clear that there's no question about it being forbidden or about it being a rule. Remember this point.
Coming to the first part of my answer, context. I'll explain it in the next question cuz no space here.

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How do you feel when a person risks his life for you? Stepping into danger situations for you. Fights for you. Makes sure you laugh when you're with him. Can go to any heights to prove his love for you. Never let you get hurt and instead can sacrifice his life for you.

Feels good for a while then becomes a norm. Then it turns into an expectation. You expect the person to do all this for you, like it's their duty.
We humans are just really weird, we are so eager to turn everything into a habit that we start taking many great things for granted. Once it becomes a habit and a norm, it doesn't feel good at all. It has to be taken away then, for you to feel it's absence and appreciate it again.
Blekh! 🙄
That's why with every hardship comes ease but after many 'eases', you need a hardship again.

For this night..🖤🥀

bntosama2002’s Profile PhotoYouti
‘ into the mystical intoxication of our maddening love….’
me and him….🕸❤️
and it’s not about alcohol or something bad….i’ve never even taken a beer in my life….
when two unearthly in unearthly love….
unearthly things are happening….

Would you describe yourself as “healthy”?

When I was younger, my body was an outfit that I wore for other people. My ribs weren't there to hold my heart in - that didn't count for much - they were piano keys to be plucked at. That suited certain people.
It's taken me a very long time to take that outfit off. I still say no when my boyfriend offers me a bite of his lunch, still get green tea when my mother joins me for coffee. But these little things are little, yknow? I've competed for my country more times than I can count, run the circumference of the world (and a bit more.) That being said, it's only now that I'd say I'm healthy. I like the girl in the mirror today.

How are you feeling today?

Mrjensa’s Profile PhotoThe Untouchable One❤️
Thank you, Jеns) I saw too much sleep yesterday after the night shift, I can't do anything with my headache, I've already taken three painkillers, and my head is still not in order. But we can also have this because of the wind. And so everything is fine, I'm getting better, there is no runny nose, no fever, I can say I'm practically healthy.
Are you like a friend, how is your health, and is it cold there?
Now in our city there is a moderate air temperature and varies from +10 - +16 degrees. Two days ago in the afternoon it was generally about +19. I am pleased with this temperature, since the cold in our region is necessarily accompanied by a strong north wind. And I'll tell you honestly, he's not very pleasant.
How are you feeling today

Do you think manipulation could be justified in some cases? If yes give examples.

AsMaaGaDo97’s Profile PhotoAsmaa
In most cases, manipulation cannot be justified but in extreme situations where no other option exists, it might be the practical course of action. Suppose one is held captive and wishes to escape. A person intends to injure himself or others. A group conspires to commit some atrocity or illegal action. I'm sure that there are numerous examples where coaxing could be of benefit in order to prevent harm or a terrible outcome. The term has negative connotations (and deservedly so), but the aim and degree of manipulation should be taken into account because things aren't always black and white. As is the case with most things, it's about nuance and contrast.
Do you think manipulation could be justified in some cases If yes give examples

"Yup, I'm new in town, guessing it was pretty obvious, I mean my hair alone probably gives it away." *She flashes a grin* "Name's Nova, btw and yours is?" *Violet orbs flick over to look at the man, as she downs her second hard drink, for someone so small she can hold her liquor*

onryotatarigami’s Profile PhotoNova
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ꜱ ᴏ ᴛ ᴇ ɴ ʙ ᴏ ʀ ɪ, 09:XX ᴘᴍ.
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀【🍾】⠀ʟᴏʀᴅ ᴏꜰ ᴛʜᴇ ɴɪɢʜᴛ

⠀⠀⠀❝Of all places, and you choose Sotenbori...heh,❞ a small laugh and smile came along with incredulous intent.
⠀⠀ ❝Majima. Majima Goro.❞ He added afterward, exchanging glances between the woman's drink and at her. It was evident that he felt a slight concern about that detail. He knew that brand of drink, it was one to be taken in moderation and not so constant. Getting to see this woman under the influence of alcohol could be... problematic.
⠀⠀ ❝Uh, hey,❞ Majima called her attention. ❝Ain't that too much for you? You seem very confident.❞

"only 66% of 18-24 yo in the US is confident that the world is round". wby, do you think the world is round? why 😂

I wanna ask the other percentage why wouldn’t the world be round? Why would the moon be round but the Earth wouldn’t be? How do we have an axis without the world being round? Have they ever taken geometry? 😂 I’m dying.

Age is just a number created by humanity to categorise and control us. Prove me wrong

frostawolf20’s Profile PhotoAdam
Age is a quantitative measure of time counted by the number of laps taken around the Sun. It is based on a natural periodic occurrence that is found in nature (unlike hours, minutes and seconds which are arbitrarily defined by humans). Years and Days existed long before humans walked the earth, whereas seconds, minutes and hours did not.

Do you get time off over Christmas from your studies / job?

I'm working Christmas eve morning, and I was originally working Christmas day, but because my boyfriend knows my family dynamic and how we spend our Christmas, he's taken my shift so I'm not in at all!
It's a bit sh*tty because we don't get time and a half or anything.. despite we're having to work Christmas day! -_-
I'm assuming I'll be working new years lol we'll see.. I swear our boss' are basically Scrooge lol
Do you get time off over Christmas from your studies  job

Do you think the ability to categorise an act as “right” or “wrong” is subjective & depends on perspective, OR, it is the same for everyone, we just twist things to suit ourselves?

PulkitSharma62’s Profile PhotoJustice
It can be subjective as well as objective. Some acts like heinous crimes, etc. will always be perceived as wrong. The act can't be justified with the convict's notion.
However, in usual scenario, it depends on perception based on opinions, culture, rationality, feelings. If someone mimics you then it can be taken as discourteous. Similarly, not acting within the expectations of a social relation such as friendship even when doesn't share quality friendship can be considered as wrong and right also.
People consider their reaction to the act as how it influenced their feelings and beliefs. Accordingly, they can twist things so that they seem right.

*Shadow sits up blinking his eyes, he half-heartedly shields his eyes from the shafts of sunlight streaming in, Red had left awhile ago* "Vi?" *he sees Vio's bandaged neck and that brings back memories what he did* "Are-are you ok? Vi why did you have me bite ya? I would have recovered eventually."

forgottenfifth’s Profile PhotoShadow
*Vio looks over at the first sounds of Shadow waking up*
"You really are stubborn, then again, I suppose you get that from Link, we all have some stubbornness to us. Shadow I don't know if you remember how bad your wounds were, but your back had been torn open and the damage went deep enough that, had you been mortal, you would be dead. It would have taken you weeks to recover without the blood boost."
*Vio decides it's better to take Shadow's mind off the fact Vio had the shade drink his blood*
"Red dropped by earlier, he was worried about you. So you better talk to him and reassure him that you'll be alright later. It's strange seeing Red so restrained this time of year, he's usually so into the Holiday season. It's proof he really cares about you Shads."
Shadow sits up blinking his eyes he halfheartedly shields his eyes from the

why dont u make an ig acct for ur pets? to keep memories...

I don’t really need to; my mum has got one and a lot of the photos/videos on there I have taken, and I keep plenty of photos of my boys on my phone too. The short answer is that I’m also too lazy to spend more time on social media, and all the aggro that goes with running an account! :)

When you like someone what's most important to you when looks, loyalty, sense of humour and sex are taken out of the way?

I want someone who will call me out on my shit and converse about it like an adult. I don't like arguments or raised voices - but do tell me if I'm wrong or if I'm out of line. It might suck at the time but I feel that's how we grow as people and it helps strengthen relationships when this level of honesty goes both ways in my opinion :)

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