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poetalunam’s Profile Photoleigh;
Saying it louder for the people at the back...
Wanting rights to our own bodies does not make us m*rderers! You're missing the bigger picture! Losing those rights has basically condemned women who suffer miscarriages that fail to dispel, as well as ectopic pregnancy to severe health complications or worse, death!
This won't stop anything. You've simply taken away the safety procedures.
Rant over :)
It's genuinely concerning how many inboxes I'm still getting about this...
post something informative that you think other people should know
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I'm quite a bit bigger than you, a guy, but no judo experience. How easy would it be for you to beat me?

Given I intentionally throw off my own balance in order to use my momentum to plant my larger opponents face or back first into the mat, easy would be an understatement.
Never underestimate smaller opponents, we tend to have a lifetime of experience in clowning our enemies and generally have zero time to waste on not being taken seriously.
Whenever someone smirked at me, I made sure to use their own momentum to royally fuck them up.
Im quite a bit bigger than you a guy but no judo experience How easy would it be

If you could get rid of one law what would it be? Plus if you could create one new law what would it be?

I'd get rid if the law that's just been passed in America, taking away the rights of women to their own bodies.
Then create a law that forbids rights being taken away from people that has to do with their own bodies! :)
If you could get rid of one law what would it be Plus if you could create one

What is on your mind?

I’m feeling a lot more peaceful today, more so than I have done in a really long time. This may be a bit out there to write, but I went to a trauma healing session after debating about it for a long time, and I kid you not, I genuinely feel like it’s shifted a large chunk of it. I feel so much lighter energetically, as if a huge burden has been taken off me. There’s still more that I need to heal, but the relief from this alone is so immense. To the point of genuinely crying from happiness, aha. I know this may sound really woo woo, so I’ll probably delete this. The crux is, is that healing truly is possible and help from those who are specialised in such tasks are out there :)

Pros and cons of online communication?

Pros would be giving the ability to talk to people who are on the other side of the world! Keeping in contact with family who may have moved away etc.
Cons are definitely via text, you can't be 100% sure of the tone that people are speaking in. So a lot of things can be taken completely out of context! Which obviously can cause some problems :)
Pros and cons of online communication

Do you feel like everything normal is slowly being taken away?

deeda_dahi’s Profile PhotoZalaam
Yes I already agree💯’ because everything is temporary. nothing comes with a lifetime warranty to you. This world is immutable. everything you’re having today will definitely will not be with your for forever. you’re here for yourself today and you’ll be here for you till the last breath. so, explore yourself😊love yourself💫 and let the things come and go. Enjoy them fullest until they are with you.🌸

Fake news not only wastes the audience's time, energy and feelings, but even has a negative impact on the normal functioning of the society.

Correct. That is because a large segment of the population believe 100% of what they see and hear and they never question or challenge anything. This is what happens when:
1. Corporation: Greedy corporate interests own the media.
2. Public Schools: don't teach critical thinking and teach revisionist history and alter the meaning of language and words to justify and support their Marxist ideology and woke religion.
3. Common sense: our society lacks common sense
4. Brain washing/propaganda: most of what MSM broadcast is either an outright lie or is distorted and taken out of context.
Perhaps when people cannot afford to live they will finally wake up to the fact that the ruling class and political class view them as objects, serfs and peasants who are but sheep destined to live in poverty and do their bidding.

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What's worse than a heartbreak?

Tayyaba2304’s Profile PhotoTayebah
last year, exactly today life threw it's one the most ugliest straw at me. i had to chose like i was begging for a life that was poisoned. i would live but it won't be that happy or that way same, ever again. but it was better than dying any ways. i made choices, i complained too much to God. i wished things like these would never happen. i screamed, regretted, cried. i didn't want to feel that way ever again - that feelings of betrayal living with your sense of empathy. but i wanted to try. i wanted to see if this river of death has a safe shore. maybe, life does gives hope. things and people do change. but i tell you a bitter relaity. the hope that's given can be taken away, the truths that are forgiven can arise back in worst ways :) i hate it, i hate it here.

Do you feel like everything normal is slowly being taken away?

deeda_dahi’s Profile PhotoZalaam
Normal is basically every thing we are used to of.... its a tale of a specific time, place and people......
What was normal for us isnt the same for this generation, won't be for the next....... from clothes to decency, from thoughts to deeds, from wishes to needs.... every normal is under a threat, it always remains so, it always will be......

Healthy & young people are getting more ill or dying in their sleep lately, media blaming these sudden deaths on laughable excuses, with the only realistic link being to Covid vaccine, if you or your family have taken the vaccine, do you worry about your or family health now because of it?

BlueEyesWhiteGuy’s Profile PhotoReaper
Haven't heard of that 😱
That sounds horrible but actually I don't want to think too much about it as that's nothing you can't change at all.

The Messiah has taken a bit of an interest in you, he's wondering whether you can meet him at Kanto (Japanese restaurant and bar) once you return to the States? 🤪

redoasis2017’s Profile Photo★ ☮ ♫ ㄒ乇几卂匚丨ㄖㄩ丂 ㄒㄖ爪爪卂ㄚ™ ▩ ♚ ☻
Your boy gonna be waiting a while because I ain’t coming back until at least end of August.
May be more the end September, not sure yet 🤔😜

it’s so crazy that in america, guns have more rights than women do. people are losing the rights we fought so hard to get, i hate the state of the world right now :/ please sign petitions and donate if you can, any little helps!!!

softfrens_backup’s Profile Photosoftfren
I agree, it's disgraceful. Fighting for rights for so long, and then having them taken away, like all those years of efforts meant nothing

Are you pro life or pro choice?

If I were a student in high school my english teacher, ms. Holmes would have responded as follows:
A better question would be this:
Are you anti life or pro life? Why or why not? Please refrain from using one word answers and instead state your argument for or against and be prepared to submit your rational in writing and also be prepared to give and oral presentation stating your arguments for and against and be prepared to defend your thesis.
Conclusion: it is a shame that high school and college students are no longer required to defend their arguments in writing and orally where opposing opinions, facts and rational can be taken into account.
The woke cancel culture is destroying our country because it silences and eliminates all opposition. As a musician and network engineer my compositions and network designs always considered opposing ideas and points of view. How sad it is that in today's cancel culture we have poorly educated students demanding and dictating what is truth. My question is whose truth? The cancel culture activists who scream and burn down cities when they don't get what they want?
So here is my answer, I reject the cancel culture and everything it represents!

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Healthy & young people are getting more ill or dying in their sleep lately, media blaming these sudden deaths on laughable excuses, with the only realistic link being to Covid vaccine, if you or your family have taken the vaccine, do you worry about your or family health now because of it?

BlueEyesWhiteGuy’s Profile PhotoReaper
My whole family has had the 3 vaccinations and currently waiting on the 4th.
None of us, thankfully, have had any health complications since having the vaccinations. Any issues we have had, have been issues long before Covid was a thing! So I'm not concerned about problems to do with the vaccines!
I almost feel like they're saying it's Covid / vaccine related as 1. a scare tactic and 2. so they don't have to bother and look into cases further...
Healthy  young people are getting more ill or dying in their sleep lately media

Healthy & young people are getting more ill or dying in their sleep lately, media blaming these sudden deaths on laughable excuses, with the only realistic link being to Covid vaccine, if you or your family have taken the vaccine, do you worry about your or family health now because of it?

BlueEyesWhiteGuy’s Profile PhotoReaper
We have the vaccine but I'm not worried about the vaccine itself only covid and only my dad's. I know the rest of us will be fine if we get it again, my dad was too but I still worry about him more than anyone else. I'll worry about my nephew ever getting it too but we are trying to be as safe as we can be

someone said they dont care about roe v wade being overturned bc they're not american so it doesn't affect them. isn't that stupid? how can u not care when human's rights are being taken away. empathy knows no geography, its universal.

yeah, people like that need to look at the larger picture — just like the anon who said "it doesn't affect you" because i live in NY, it isn't about me. it isn't about the people to whom it doesn't apply. but we should all still care because it's a violation of human rights, regardless of who you are or where you're from.

Penny for your thoughts?

My heart is heavy and breaking..
Despite not living in America, and not directly being a part of this, it destroys me.
Today is not a break through. This isn't even a step backwards! It's a full stop, 180, sprint backwards!
This is a defining moment, and not a good one. The darkness is so heavy to express. Women have just had their rights completely stripped away. I know some will say "it's only abortion" or "this will stop the k*lling!" It's not like that..
The rights to our own bodies has just been taken from us. We have no right to our own flesh and blood. We have no right if we are violated. Our only "right", is to be quiet and know our place. NO!
To quote someone I follow on Twitter... be gentle to yourselves today! Take care of yourself and your loved ones. This is now a terrifying moment. Because if they can take our rights to our own bodies... what else will they take? :(

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Penny for your thoughts

I think you should know that @Kelvintheguy is a fake profile. He is using photos of Toni Mahfud. This guy takes advantage of women on here. Thought you should know!

Ah thank you for letting me know!
I did think the dp looked a bit... weird cuz of the "chat" bit at the bottom...
If any of my friends want to block / report this person, then please do so! I don't want any one to get hurt or taken advantage of by a fake profile!
(also yes I did follow this up before replying!)
I think you should know that Kelvintheguy is a fake profile He is using photos

Do you think it's okay that @svspicion went on vacation with her husband and she left her kids at home? Parents don't go without children.

not all vacations are child friendly — ur acting like cadie abandoned her children . theyre fully taken care of while she travels & she herself said she was basically distraught over leaving them . please stfu

What emotion is the strongest for you?

kinzanoor267’s Profile PhotoKinza
It's a weakness.🤗 i'll tell you why. What makes us humans different than animals? our ability to control emotions. If an animal want to attack another one it will just do it. but we humans stop and think about the consequences.the more we evolved the more we were able to control our emotions. Still there are people who cannot do it. They are mostly trouble makers of the society. A less emotional man can think and understand situations better than an emotional person. Consequently he have a higher chance of becoming successful in life. Now people may say without emotions we're just robots. Let me ask you why do you think machines have taken over most of the jobs that were once done by humans? Because they are better than us. If being devoid of emotions makes us machine like I would say that's the point of our evolution. To be better. And I'm sure one day humans will be devoid of the weakness known as emotion. And i hope you’ll get the best answer with these example.🤗 thankyou😂

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What mistake have you made that you have learned from ?

funny_hot’s Profile PhotoMegan
I’m currently dealing with a fair bit of anxiety regarding work - at the coffee shop. I stood up for myself for the first time ever, and I think everyone was somewhat taken aback by it, and now I feel horrendously awkward and like I’ve been a troublemaker. It makes me wish I had never said anything, even though the subtext of the issue could have implied that I wasn’t doing my job. Arghh. I’ve tried to make more of an effort socially today in the group chat, but now I wish I hadn’t.
I guess the lesson from this is to accept that sometimes it will feel uncomfortable and alien to take that stand for what is right, but it’s better to have that than the risk of letting your self respect go down the drain, along with your self worth. I hope 😅

Is it Better to be Loved or Feared?

I suppose it depends upon what your perspective on life is and whether you believe you are the hunter or hunted. If you are loved and not feared, you will be taken advantage of and easily hurt. So the answer for me is both because if I am both loved and feared the probability of getting hurt is diminished.

What should be done to those who abuses their position at work, institution or council?

akciMMicka’s Profile Photo⚜️ M i c k a ⚜️
✦ ───────────── ✦
. συт σf ρσтαтσ qυєєи
✦ ───────────── ✦
Usually, if you work in big companies your chef has a chef. Furthermore, there should be an HR department. If it's a healthy environment, there will be people listening to your complaints. Because good chefs want a healthy environment if someone abuses it, this will create a toxic environment which will cause more people to fall ill. This is bad for the company, so your complaint will be taken seriously and the person who abuses its power will be held responsible if one or more people come with the same complaint to the HR department or people in higher positions. So look out for allies who experienced the same thing and never be quiet about the abuse. All abusers would love to keep their dirty little secrets hidden. Don't do them this favour, they literally have done nothing pleasant to achieve your loyalty.
Next thing. If it comes to a small company and you just have one chef. Let's say there is a person close to the chef and the person abusing you or other workers. Try to approach your chef but if they don't want to listen - leave. You can't change a thing if your chef is not willing to improve the workplace. Leave then, because it only gets worse from this point on.

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لو بتسمع اغاني قديمه رشحلي اغنيه🥰

مش بسمع بس كان في حد منزل 'يا أنا يا أنا' لفيروز على الفيسبوك وعجبتني.
كان في كمان أغنية لعبد الحليم بس مش عارفة أفتكر اسمها 😤 صوته كان جميل فيها and I remember the first time I listened to the song I was taken aback by his deep voice I didn't even pay attention to the lyrics.

What do you think about Feminism?

buttni_here’s Profile PhotoAmnah
Honestly a lot of people here don't even know the basics of Feminism and the movement has taken a different shape specially here in Pakistan and the Subcontinent. If we talk about the basic concept of Feminism then yes I guess no one should be against it. But the Feminism portrayed here in Pakistan is just Carp and nothing else.

I'm a barista and I've had a major crush on one of my regular customers for a couple months now. I'm too afraid to strike up a conversation with him in person. Would it be weird if I wrote my phone number on his cup? Do guys like things like this or is this just creepy?

Great question, and a difficult one, I might add. I would say that writing your phone number on a cup might violate corporate policy and risk losing your employment. (Not recommended). Also, the persons age and status ( married, single, etc) should be taken into account. Might I suggest that you simply start a conversation with him by providing a simple greeting like: "good morning, I love the color of your shirt. That is my favorite color" or some similar comment that will illicit a response from him. And each day you slowly continue your conversation. Trust me, if he is interested in you, he will smile and look forward to your small conversations each say. And, with some luck, he will eventually (if he is like me, it could take a year) ask you if you might want to go out on a date sometime. Now I suspect that most men will follow up on such a proposal, but there are aloof guys like me that forget and never follow up and in that case, you might need to provide a gentle reminder such as: "I have tickets to the xyz concert, would you like to go?" or something similar. Be creative and also do not set your expectations too high because anything can happen and you must be able to walk away without regret.
Good Luck

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Isn’t it selfish that your spouse owes taxes over 10k (they don’t tell you), they persuade you to file taxes with them along with the child’s & it gets taken by the IRS… Now they want to play victim & lie.. ISNT THAT SELFISH!?

qxeennb’s Profile PhotoxAnacaonax
My wife and I both work. All of the money we earn goes into a joint checking account. We pay all of our bills from that joint checking account. When it is time to pay taxes our accountant reviews our joint income and we pay our taxes jointly. We NEVER point fingers at each other or condemn each other because one person earned $100k while the other person earned only $25k. We understand that our marriage is not only a legal contract but our relationship is based upon trust, friendship and love. So each person contributes whatever they are capable of without incrimination or accusations of being lazy, or not contributing enough or of being selfish.
You want to ruin a relationship, keep playing the I earned $100,000 and you only earned $25,000 so I get 3 apples and you only get 1 apple. My son did the same thing in his first marriage and his wife divorced him. He tried to do the same thing in his 2nd marriage and I had a come to Jesus moment with him where I told him to grow up and that if he didn't treat his wife as an equal and with respect, he would be divorced again.
Remember, in any relationship one person will earn more money or work more hours than the other person. That does not give that person the right to insult, belittle or denigrate the effort or sincerity of their partner. Marriage and relationships are built upon trust NOT false accusations and contempt. We should always give our partner the benefit of the doubt and trust that they are contributing to the best of their ability. We are NOT the judge and jury and it is not our place to criticize or condemn.

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If you've graduated high school or anything equivalent, what was your graduation like? What kind of ceremony did you have and did you do anything else to celebrate? 🎓

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I was very, very pregnant with Shyla when I graduated. Like 8 months pregnant lol. We just did the little ceremony thing where we walked over & got our diplomas. Don't really have any pictures of that bc most of my family didn't go, but this was my senior photo (taken before I got pregnant with Shyla thankfully lol) Haven, Jacob & I had our own little celebration later.
People can throw shade on this all they want, i'm proud asf that my babies got to watch me graduate.
If youve graduated high school or anything equivalent what was your graduation
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"Ain't dat gonna be harder wit just a bat?" *this implies not only did Shadow know he had another weapon, but he seems to think Goro no longer has his other weapon*

forgottenfifth’s Profile PhotoShadow
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀╱╱ ⠀⠀ˊ⠀⚠️⠀ᴛ̛ʜ̕ᴇ̵ ᴍᴀᴅ ᴅᴏ͠ɢ ́ᴏꜰ ꜱʜɪᴍᴀɴ̢ᴏ͜.̨⠀⠀⠀╱╱
⠀⠀❝I know you've taken it. Careful, it can kill ya.❞
He really noticed that, logically, Shadow was the only person who was around. The one-eyed man guessed that he was the culprit because of the ability to steal it with ease. However, it was just a mere support object. He had to admit, Goro was curious as to how he did it, but didn't have enough head for anything else.
The footsteps were more distant so had to raise his voice a little. The bat dragged listlessly across the floor as if it were something heavy.
⠀⠀❝None of yer business, kiddo.❞
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"No wonder you're in such terrible shape then. What kind of cruel, apathetic task master makes a man handle everything himself? I'm surprised /you/ haven't perished."

restemployed_’s Profile Photoꜰᴏʀᴇᴠᴇʀ ɪɴ ᴏᴜʀ ʜ.ʀ.
*Reaper then starts laughing because it's true, him and his brother are the only Reapers handling everything*
Your telling me! Me and my bro might of taken on these appearances to blend in but I feel like we've worked ourselves down to the bone! At least he gets the easy jobs so it's less stressful on him..his job is to take the Souls of those who are willing and ready to pass on while I take the ones who don't want to move on, so I'm in battle after battle..you'd be surprised by how many people are willing to battle Death itself to keep living..

مسحتى شات حد كان قريب وعزيز عليكى من صحابك؟ قطعتى علاقتك بحد كان قريب منك فى يوم من الايام ؟ واخيرا 😂 Single or taken?

مسحت شاتات كتير وبكره الاحتفاظ بيهم من الاساس ، ومش قطعت علاقتي بحد قريب ولكن سطحت علاقاتي بكل الناس القريبه مني (لاني مبقاش عندي شغف ابقي قريبه من حد اصلاً) .. واخيراً اه single 😂😂

Does it bother you when people use mental health conditions as adjectives a.k.a I'm so ocd because I like things clean or I'm bipolar because I get moody sometimes?

It does a bit yeah. Because it overuses those words and makes them generalised. People can have mild symptoms of stuff like ocd etc, as we are all human and experience most emotions to some degree. But having some symptoms doesn't mean you have something.
It makes it harder for people with ocd, bipolar, depression etc be taken as seriously, because others who think that ocd for example, means liking some of the stuff neat in your house, then if an actual ocd person mentions they're struggling to have a good quality of life. The other person who undermines it to be a small issue, will be more dismissive to the ocd person and treat them like they're being dramatic. Further alienating them.

Are your two dogs getting along?

They're getting there, Woody is obsessed with Teddy and follows him everywhere, copying him
and jumping on him all of the time. Ted wasn’t sure at first, but he's starting to tolerate him - I think he's mostly worried about his toys being taken by Woody (he views his toys like they’re his babies, so he's very protective of them).
It's improving each day, luckily!

If your both the mom and dad to your baby it means your baby daddy left and your single. No need to be private i want to be your boyfriend i'm 16 years old and don't give out more info before you gimme them diggiets baby

You don’t have money to buy a chicken 🐔 and you want to be my
Boyfriend 😂😂😂😂😂 I’m married 😂😂😂 sorry I’m taken

فرق السن بينا ١٩ سنه انا ٢٤ وهو ٤٣ بس انا بحبه جدا وهو نفس الأمر (إن شاء الله يعني يكون نفس الأمر) في حالة اذا تزوجنا إن شاء الله هيفضل حبه ليا بنفس الشغف هل هستمر في سعادتي اللي بسبب حبي ليه ولا ممكن اندم مع العلم انا هبقي زوجته التانيه وهو عنده اولاد وانا بنت ماسبقش ليا الجواز

Not to mention the fact that ur a selfish a$$ homewrecker who goes after taken men and him being an a$$hole for opening the door for u BUT UR MARRYING A CHEATER? 😭
B!tch don't come back here crying when he cheats on u the way he cheated on his wife.

Have you ever been taken advantage off? Like what ?

When I was younger yes.
Lend out my car and it is returned damaged.
Lend my records and they are returned scratched.
Lend my guitar and it is returned damaged.
Lend my amplifier and it is returned broken.
Lend my P.A. system and it is returned damaged.
I no longer lend equipment to people anymore.
If I have multiple guitars and you don't, that is not my problem. If you need an amplifier and want to use one of my 4 amps, sorry. No can do!

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