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fin: My Au has fallen from grace become corrupted by the greed and desires of others. How can you protect the light without wishing to destroy the darkness that harms you?*he frowns* It seems like a battle you choose not to win..

GrimoireSkull’s Profile PhotoGrimoire
No matter how much you may wish it, things can never go back to how they were before
*Dream might be talking about his own situation here a bit*
fin  My Au has fallen from grace become corrupted by the greed and desires of

What do you think is your biggest strength?

klonetron’s Profile PhotoHalbery Jones
Being able to detach logic & my emotions. (Which is a huge problem these days because everyone is so focused on how they feel 😂)
I am able to look at people as individuals without attaching my personal relationship or feelings to them. The amount of times in conversations I am the one that has to say, “of course it hurts. Of course it sucks. But we’re not talking about what it feels like. We are talking about from a realistic logical viewpoint of what’s actually going on despite how we feel/think/want. You can’t just protect yourself just because you don’t like the way something feels. You need to accept the reality of the situation.”
I have notice that a lot people have this issue when they speak about their family, they can’t detach from the fact they are family. Always a sentence that ends up justifying whatever their families behavior is/are just because they can’t just look at them from an outside logical standpoint.

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Why do the majority of photos and videos from the 2000s look so low-quality and unprofessional? I'm talking about common pictures, not celebs pics, those are taken with super expensive pro cameras and pro edited.

It could be a lot of reasons ; either the photographer wanted the pictures to look like that (because there were a lot of photographers who understood lighting & cameras back then heavily depended on lighting.)
Or if you read about the goal with camera technology you’d know that it took YEARS to even get a camera close to seeing/capturing exactly what our eyes can see. You can read about it with SONY right now since they are making contact lenses thats a camera. They didn’t really get that hang of it until about 2012.
Now it’s literally impossible to take a bad picture & professional cameras these days are absolutely insane!

Imagine we had an argument and next day you heard about my death?

theokashoo’s Profile PhotoCristiano Rona-daldo
Huhhh? I'm not going to let you leave my a$$ so easily. I wasn't finished with the argument. What was the rush to get the heaven or hell ticket? I'm not going to leave your a$$ because I'm not done talking. I'm coming too b!t<h. You thought you were going to die and flee the debate?
Imagine we had an argument and next day you heard about my death

I was always the loudest and fun loving person in the room But recently i have changed completely i dont like talking alot i dont laugh at silly things anymore im just completely the opposite person why is this happening?

faizantariq1700’s Profile PhotoFaizan Tariq
Looks like someone is realising what’s life. It happens when something hits you so hard & suddenly you start to bound yourself in a shell so that nobody can hurt you anymore.
P.S: Welcome to adulthood.

To the women, when they say women only maybe get the big O 60% of the time, do you agree... Is it lack of understanding? Selfishness by other party involved? Not right methods? Surely it should be give and take in all aspects?!

dastardlyd87’s Profile PhotoDavid Ridler
It's your partner you need to be talking with . Everyone is unique .
The percentage thing is total shit .
If you are too immature to talk with your partner freely , you're too young to be shagging , learn to talk first & gain confidence and experience that way
Then . . . . dedication & practice makes perfect . . .
"if at first you don't succeed , try, try again"

is it a deal breaker if your SO is closed off with their problems/feelings? i don’t know how to deal with it, i talked with my bf about it many times

At this point in my life, yes. I'm 28, and I've done my time with those kinds of people. I have a hard boundary with those who are emotionally immature/unavailable.
With that being said, I *used* to be that person, so I hesitate to cast total blame. I was closed off to talking about my problems and feelings most of the time because I was a chronic people pleaser who grew up in a highly neglectful and dysfunctional family, so I thought pretending I didn't have them - or not making them someone else's problem - would make me better loved. I've since learnt it doesn't, and a love that depends on making myself small like that is not a love worth having. It's taken a long time to get to this point, however; lots of therapy and research and self-compassion.
While I hope everyone arrives at that point in their journey, some people are just too walled off to access any of those things and would prefer to continue to live on autopilot for as long as they care to. It's up to you if you want to stick around for that or not. At the end of the day, you're not his mother, nor are you his therapist. If the only way you can move forward for your own sake is by leaving him, then leave.

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what the difference between someone talking shit and vending about someone ?

It's about intention. Gossiping is mean-spirited, and oftentimes, the goal is to sully someone's reputation by making them look bad in front of others. Venting on the other hand is done out of frustration. No matter how much we love our friends, there will undoubtedly come times when they do something that gets under our skin or hurts our feelings.
Venting is a way of processing those emotions.

I think if I just had those things I would accept and like myself more, and if I were more successful I could treat myself to nice things without guilt

if you think that is the solution then you have to work hard on yourself, talking about it won’t help unfortunately.. working on yourself is a personal sacrifice, ppl can only guide you in the direction but can’t hold ur hand along the path

👥 Top NON-Physical traits that attract you to a potential partner?

I don't need a potential partner because I already have the best so here's those things in relation to her. I love the way she laughs when l just make an absolute fool of myself, but then again that's the reason why I do it. I love the way she looks at our son like he's the most prized possession in her life. I love her smile, she smiles with both her mouth and her eyes and it's my favorite thing in the world. I love the way she looks away when you say she's beautiful, because while she isn't insecure about herself, hearing it just makes her feel all the more special. I love the way she's always doing something with her hands when you're talking to her because she can't sit still for more than a minute. I love that she gets so nervous around new people, but as soon as you start talking to her she will talk to you all day long. I love when she just starts singing out of nowhere or how she'll just sit at the piano at any time of the day and just start playing, whether that's super early in the day or at 3 am she'll literally play anytime of the day. I love the way that she holds her self and doesn't let much bother her. I love the way that even if she's having a bad day, she still makes everyone around her smile. I love the way she talks about things she's passionate about and the fire she brings out when talking about those things. I love the way she looks at life. I seriously could go on and on but she already knows that I'm obsessed with her ❤️

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I hate when people ask me if I’m single like yes ! Of course if I was in a relationship I wouldn’t be on here every night talking about weird shit I’d be fucking the shit out of my partner instead then go to sleep haha 😆

Dwight313’s Profile PhotoDwight
I'm in a relationship and am on here lol. It is annoying when people treat this at a dating app though

Would you hold my hand if we ever go for a walk on empty streets with dim moon light on our heads, talking about our favorite part of the day, holding a coffee mug in other hand. Listening to our fav song, making eye contact while hearing our fav lines.🥺♥️

Which flavour of coffee?
Which colour dress will i be wearing?
Which song?
Whats the colour of your eyes?
You better be in a tailored suit!

Would you hold my hand if we ever go for a walk on empty streets with dim moon light on our heads, talking about our favorite part of the day, holding a coffee mug in other hand. Listening to our fav song, making eye contact while hearing our fav lines.🥺♥️

wrekingbells’s Profile PhotoStefan Salvatore
Baby, I'm dancing in the dark with you between my arms
Barefoot on the grass, listening to our favourite song
When you said you looked a mess, I whispered underneath my breath
But you heard it, darling, you look perfect tonight

Yang single ni sebenarnya bukan tak laku cuma tu la kita suka orang yg tak suka kita ☹️

Talking abt being single, i don't have any prob at all. But why eh orang sekeliling yang macam terlampau kisah siap tanya "ko ni yaya tak teringin ke nak kahwin? kawan sebaya ko semua dah ada anak", betul ke taknak semua tu bla bla pastu cakap aku sendu dengan stan kpop semua and i was like im okay with my life. im happy with it. Lakk ko pulak nak kesah dah kenapa! hahahah.
Jujur lah not gonna waste my time over that. I live happily with my friends all this time and i don't even need a bf to hype me or make me happy. Awal awal semua bahagia itu la ini la and then for sure you will face a phase macam salah faham ke ape ke and then tiba nak sedih fikir benda tu stress. Takoserr la den.. srsly not me lah kalau camtu. For now i choose to enjoy my life with everything that I love and free to do whatever I want 😙

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Say something nice to a random ask friend? :)

klonetron’s Profile PhotoHalbery Jones
@doctoranonstar I enjoy talking to you every single time 🥰
@redoasis2017 thank you for always making me laugh ❤️
@BonjourCaptain I love you and I appreciate that you're always listening no matter what mood I'm in 💋
@Bearhead01 thank you for all the likes every time 😚
@BlueEyesWhiteGuy thanks for entertaining me when I feel lonely 💕

How will you know if that person likes you?

I think it's when they're so fond of your stories that they discover pieces of you and they retain it in their memories. They like talking to you, ganern. But idk, matagal na akong hindi nagkakagusto sa isang tao 😂
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What!! How is this possible? https://ask.fm/akciMMicka/answers/170714584146 Lmao 🤣

🌷 My great grandma was a legend😄 She gave birth to a menopause baby.... her 13th child, which was my late grandma♥️
By that time, my great grandma's older children got kids of their own. So.... when my grandma was born, she was an aunty already, and a grandmother herself at a very young age.
Anyhow, those grandchildren I was talking about are my second and third cousins' grandchildren. But yeah, in family reunions they should be addressing me as grandma.
Anything is possible😊

Are you okay? how are you feeling

Thank you guys….
I really appreciate your attention and love….
and thanks to those who ask me every day how i feel ….
I don’t even know what to answer…
the first of August…. was the year…. how my beautiful beloved mom left me…..
The day before i collected baskets of goodies … and distributed them to people who knew and loved my mom …. in that day I took a sedative…oh…
how strange was wake but everyone had joy ….
I felt bad , but didn’t show it to anyone…. I tried to hide this pain ….
my mom always…. always…. brought
only happiness and joy …. she was so white so so beautiful… I even tried to laugh…. the priest accidentally…. hit the door and it definitely was looked funny ….
( a completely unfamiliar laugh escaped from my chest as if wasn’t me…. was short -circuiting….)
the next day …. , on the anniversary day…. i didn’t want to see anyone….
I spent the whole day at the cemetery…. I know that my beautiful mom is not there ….
( it is very difficult for me to type these lines …. right now….)
but i feel that the cemetery has value for her….
no, it’s not her home right now…. but it’s an important place for her….
it was a hot first day of August….
was really +37-38 °
sometimes more ….
but was so peaceful there …. as if there was no heat…. a light breeze was blowing…. butterflies were flying….
they say butterflies in the cemetery are new souls…. In the first days ( last year)
a beautiful white butterfly met me there every day ….
i was sitting and talking with my beautiful mom….😣
the next day i went there too….
stayed until lunch….
arrived and again…. unwillingness to see anyone….
and i went to a small museum….
and there were no people….i was walking alone among the exhibits
you know anonymous…. people are saved by people….i feel bad but
i was amused by the cloakroom attendant….
she said that the bag should be left …and she would personally guard my bag….
but i was amused by the fact …. that they thought that i foreigner…. who didn’t understand the language
and they have already spoken on their own nativity language….
how is she going to there with such big bag… and it was so fun….
no i
didn’t not tell them that i understood everything….
oh …

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How can I manage my anxiety or depression? It makes me feel stressed. Sometimes, I feel like I'm the useless person in this world.

KeepYourEyesPeeled’s Profile PhotoKeepYourEyesPeeled
Be kind to yourself and recognise you are not alone. A lot of people suffer from depression and anxiety it's just not talked about a lot. Talking to friends or someone you trust helps as well as eating healthy and exercise. Do things you enjoy go for a walk ❤️. You are not useless your brain is wired differently. ❤️☺️☺️

Not early in the earning it is early in the morning mr khan 😂 and link in your bio instagram link I am talking about Mr khanviews 🌝

It was a typo don't be amma now 🤦‍♂️. And okkk then say it clearly, u mean the link in my ask fm bio. Yes it's my Instagram link but you better stay here 😂 don't stalk mr khanviews💀 go sleep XD.

Are you enjoying your weekend? I sure hope so 🙏

redoasis2017’s Profile Photo★ ☮ ♫ tēຖค¢i໐นŞ t໐๓๓คฯ™ ▩ ♚ ☻
Yeeeaaaah... 😞
Saturday morning (and Friday night) I spend in job (night shift), and one of the managers, D., which was with me, told me "Fu..in lay down next to that fridge!" and "You're doing it to annoy me!".
Because of depression episode I can't do anything fast, I have problems with getting up from my bed, that's a miracle that I went to work alive, I was crying that night a lot because of my own thoughts, and after everything she told me to "f..kin lay down next to that fridge" and that "I do it to annoy her"...
After work, when I had to scan my badge and go home, I had tears in my eyes.
Another two menagers saw it and asked what happened, but I couldn't tell because of my messed up mind, I just couldn't tell about what I felt, that was just pure sadness and feeling so down that I couldn't even say a word...
The only thing I told was "Nothing".
Miss R. told Miss A. "It's probably because of what I told you" and she went off of the office.
I sat on chair in office and started to cry, that was hysterics, I couldn't even take a breath, I was just crying so much and couldn't calm myself down.
Miss A. was trying to do that, she told me to breath and after some time I was able to get out of office.
I went to the outdoors, sat on the ground and cry, hysterics again.
Miss A. told me to calm down and stop crying again, she was talking with me and it was the first time when she was so nice to me and cared about me.
Then she went on the shop hall and D. came to me, she asked "How is it - you did three palletes with dairy on the night shift with I., but you couldn't do one on the night shift with me?! You have more respect to I. than you have to me?".
I silently told her to leave me alone while still crying, but she didn't listen to me and continue to talk.
When she saw that I won't respond to her a word, she told" Ah, so we don't talk, you're making yourself a victim again, like always!" and she left.
Again, miss A. came to me to calm me down. (word limit xD)

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Yeh aap sirf payaray logon ko hi reply kerti kya jou har daffa kehti k untick ker dou and I'll think of talking to you after that? Sirf payari shakal pay kyun jaati aap instead i hope you should go for good heart and not just payari shakal ffs. :/

I don't go for pyari shakal trust me 😂 i tell people to untick so i atleast know who i'm talking to. Talking to an anon person feels like talking to a wall 😂 matlab when i talk to someone i wanna know their name and shakal so i can picture them while talking 😂😂
Im the last person who goes on shakal 😂

MBBS is not a degree it's a mixture of dark circles hair fall and anxiety.

You guys be talking like your field is the only difficult one ma’am i wish you were there sitting in my seat immersing in theories and then having to provide counter arguments, (because what you just studied isn’t even the whole thing?)
about something that hasn’t even taken place in front of your eyes in physical proof.
Every god damn field is difficult when you have to pursue it the right way.
Med students, you are not above or below anyone. 🥂

What are some of your red flags in a relationship 🤔

shiraleejoyce3768’s Profile PhotoShiralee Joyce☯️
Mine in general? I'm a little needy but not to the point it gets annoying I just like talking to the person I like at the time but I guess it can get annoying, and I drink but not heaps
Relationships in general I don't like overly protective, over-emotional, toxic in any way, physical and emotional abuse, controlling etc

What would you do if you found out someone you know was talking about you behind your back? 🙊

I have a good answer for u:
Do I look like I give a fu*k?
If someone talking about me it's nothing. Even if someone talk about me to me. I don't give a fuck.
I mean, I know who am I and no one can do nothing with it.
I don't think I'm a good or beauty or smart enough, but it's me. And ppl that I don't know can't hurt me about it. (Actually, if I know u and u want to hurt me - it's same, I don't give a fuck 😂)

do you suppress your feelings?

Sometimes. I grew up in some environments where I had to be grown up/independent younger than I should have been so I'd keep most things to myself, either cause I didn't understand or know how to word what I felt or life situations were happening and there wasn't time/chance to. I sometimes still fall into that and talking about things that are meaningful/important to me can still be quite hard so I don't do that with just anyone

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