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With or against tattoos?

I'm totally against !!
There 're people who like to get tattoos and I don't have a problem with that. Everyone is responsible for their choices.
But I don't wanna ruin my skin
Do you know that tattooing was considered a bar *baric ritual in ancient China,Proto-Austronesians in Taiwan and the coast of southern China before 1500 BC
Those who were doing this were ban *dits, priso *ners and slav *es
In the late Qing dynasty in china, it was common to tattoo Chinese syllables on prisoners to identify them.. They also tattooed sla *ves and gladiators in ancient Rome..We've taken an ancient ritual and polished its meaning to match our desires nowadays..
So it isn't something to die for 😂
If I like a specific symbol or drawing, I'll draw it on paper..paper won't complain if I do that on it..

That sucks i know how it feels 😢 Lost my grandma and she raised me i have no other family except my dad that is in prison. I started tattooing at 13 y/o and it was on my dad and his friends so at least he gave me something. What is your passion now?

I'm sorry for your loss :(
I have a range of hobbies, I wouldn't call them passions per say. But drawing is still one, but it's not as prominent!
I love taking photos of plants (one of my photos below), gaming, creating things, reading... those kind of things :)
That sucks i know how it feels  Lost my grandma and she raised me i have no

Do you work with charcoal? I think your good and I'm a tattoo artist and i have had apprentices that was drawing way worse and now they are really good tattoo artists with their own studios. Have you ever thought about tattooing?

The only time I worked in charcoal was back in 6th form college, but it isn't a media that I particularly like!
I pretty much work in pen, pencils and the occasional watercolour or acrylic.
I've never thought about it. Sadly I lost my passion for art a number of years ago due to losing my grandparents, who were like my inspiration!
Im only just doing small flower drawings here and there based on photos I've taken :)
Do you work with charcoal I think your good and Im a tattoo artist and i have

Jakie informacje można uzyskać po samym wyglądzie drugiej osoby? Czy uzyskanie ich jest w ogóle możliwe?

What information can be obtained from the mere appearance of the other person? Is it even possible to get them?
I try not to judge people by their appearance, whether someone wears expensive clothes or how much someone can afford it. It is different when someone disfigures himself in appearance, for example tattooing the whole face or the whole body. It can be seen that people who are heavily tattooed have trouble finding work because they scare customers away.
Apart from working clothes, i.e. uniforms or outfits belonging to specific professions and body modifications, it is difficult to judge people by their appearance alone, for example without talking to a human.
Staram się nie oceniać ludzi po wyglądzie ze względu na to czy ktoś się ubiera w drogie ubrania czy ubiera się na ile kogoś na to stać. Co innego, gdy ktoś z wyglądu sam siebie oszpeca, na przykład tatuuje całą twarz lub całe ciało. Można zauważyć, że ludzie mocno wytatuowani mają problemy ze znalezieniem pracy, ponieważ odstraszają klientów.
Nie licząc ubrania roboczego, to znaczy mundurów lub strojów przynależnych do określonych wykonywanych zawodów oraz modyfikacji własnego ciała, trudno ocenić ludzi po samym wyglądzie na przykład nie rozmawiając z człowiekiem

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Whether they are vegan or not, they are polluting your blood and body. Outlawed by society? Well, society agrees that smoking is bad for you, in fact, they tell you on their boxes that they cause cancer, yet they allow it. Tattoos are different, they inject the drawings into your body.

like i said before, you're incredibly misinformed on tattoos. do a bit of research before you spout misinformation on the internet. tattooing is a completely safe practice.
+2 answers in: “If you had the money would you hair maids to live with you?”

i think the reason people dont add in POC characters is because the industry is domniated by white writers and they tend to write characters that are familar to them and look like THEM you know?

cont: it's easier to write things that are famailar to you, just like you prefer to write POC because they are familar to you. there's nothing wrong with that
okay so what you’re saying here is that we should only write about worlds and characters we are familiar with right? well doesn’t that mean JK Rowling shouldn’t write about fantasy since she isn’t familiar with it? i mean, going by your logic, she isn’t a wizard, she doesn’t have magical powers and she can’t fly around on a broomstick so how dare she write about a world in which all of that exists? and John Green doesn’t have cancer or depression so what is he doing writing about so many unfamiliar concepts? how dare they? how dare they use the internet and a little imagination to write so many unfamiliar concepts?
do you see how ridiculous that sounds? i’m really sick and tired of hearing that white authors aren’t ‘familiar’ with POC cultures. That isn’t a good enough excuse and it isn’t even true! because trust me, they ARE VERY familiar with our cultures. how can they not be? they listen to our music, dance our dances, wear our hair styles, you can’t deny the immense influence from African Americans in modern day pop culture, you have no issue tattooing your body in Chinese characters to make yourself look exotic, you have no issue eating with chopsticks and reading anime, you interact with us on a daily basis and you constantly immerse yourself in OUR cultures but the moment you get a chance to create an entire world from scratch (because that’s what writing is isn’t it? It’s creating) you’re so unfamiliar with us that it’s easier to just ignore us altogether? it's easier to just write about a world of wizards and flying broomsticks and talking hats than it is to write about a black guy?
how about we just stop beating around the bush and just admit it? it’s easy to not write about POC because you’re all just too lazy to google about our cultures? why add long names into your books? why bother learning when it’s easier to write about a Jessica Smith than it is to write about a Jessica Wang? i’m just really suck and tired of hearing excuse after excuse. i'm tired of being told that we don't deserve a little effort. you don’t have to write us into your books, i can’t make you. but don’t get defensive when people call you out on your warped and narrow view on the world.

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Self-harm, or self-mutilation, is defined as a self-inflicted and deliberate injury to the body tissue that causes pain, bruising or bleeding without any suicidal intent and not for purposes that are considered socially acceptable like tattooing or body piercing.

Mě je tvoje debilita úplně u prdele.
Selfharm or selfmutilation is defined as a selfinflicted and deliberate injury
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Juni! So what are you studying at the moment? Are you still in Sweden? What would you want to be in the future? How's your life going?

Hello!! I am currently studying math, chemistry and biology! I am indeed still in Sweden! In the future I want to do tattooing or working in the medical/hospital field or perhaps even both!! My life is jammed with school work but it's looking quite bright ! !

Circumcision is a boys choice! If a girl is asking then it's not your concern:) if a boy is asking it's their choice it's their body

i don't disagree w your sentiment but how is it "not my concern" lol ????
uh i think it's a little concerning to think abt parents making permanent decisions for their children, removing important skin for no reason other than fitting societal norms. it literally is the most unnecessary procedure that is commonly practiced (in this day and age at least), it's performed on infants, and has permanent consequences. i'll be concerned if i want to be.
p.s. i do agree tho -- it's a man's decision when he's an adult to decide what cosmetic procedures he wants done to his own body. just like i'm against tattooing infants but everyone gets to decide when they're older if they want tattoos or not!

Hello, Nadia! I recently read about an article of a Russian tattoo artist tatooing his sphynx cat (which is hairless). What do you think about this? Is this considered an act of animal cruelty? Note that he claimed he applied anaesthesia beforehand, and the cat got up just fine after the procedure.

Is it cruelty? I don't know, how would you like it if you were put to sleep and woke up with ugly gang tattoos for the sake of someone else's entertainment?
See, this is the reason why I hate humans. They come up with shitty, unnecessary ideas, just to create buzz - at the cost of animals (same will all the brachycephalic dogs and other overbred animals -.-) .
Anaesthesia always bear health risks and since apparently this isn't the first time this idiot has done this, one day the cat may not wake up. (On the other hand, this article claims that he dosed the cat with "pain killers" which makes it worse... http://www.boredpanda.com/cat-tattoo-gangster-sphynx-aleksandr-russia/)
Plus, due to the shit breeding of these cats, they have terribly sensitive skin, so I can't imagine this tattooing being beneficial in any way.
Also, guys, please never ever buy a sphynx cat. Aside from being ugly as fuck, they are disgusting to touch (trust me, I know) and have a range of dermatological problems (SURPRISE!!) - so just stay away from all the breeds that stray this extremely from what nature intended

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Do you think you'll ever regret your tattoos? I don't mean in a "doing something permanent to your body" sort of way, like one day decide you don't like hearts anymore and kinda wish you had chosen something else for example?

Maybe! I can never be sure. I've thought about tattooing over one of my hearts in the future or filling them in with a different color, but I still love them and don't regret that I did them. In the future I don't think I'll automatically start disliking my tattoos; even if I happen to not happy with them anymore there was still a time when I felt they were right, and I shall be reminded of that time.

Do you like tattoos? Do you have any tattoos? Post a picture of the ones you have or the ones that you want?

maresx’s Profile PhotoHave Faith In Me
Depends on the tattoo, really. I hate common, predictable or tacky ones. The infinity symbol for example and the little arrows. I don't care about the design but seriously, if you've got one tattoo that tells the world who you are, do you honestly want an infinity symbol? Oh! And clocks! Clocks is a big one I see, too. Clocks in roses, clocks in skulls, clocks in eyes, clocks in bigger clocks. It just becomes OTT. Either they see it on pinterest or someone famous gets it and it goes viral, it's disgusting :p I don't have any tattoo's and I'm not fussed whether I get one or not. But if I saw something that I could see myself not regretting then I'd have it done for sure.:P
I was actually having a conversation with a friend today about tattoo's and he was talking about this tattoo artist he knows who praises white skin and acts like dark skin is some horrible chore. Which I don't understand because coloured people have been tattooing their skin for a millennia so why would modern tattoo artists act like doing black people is equivalent to puling teeth. If they were honest and said, "I have only worked on pale skin and I might struggle with translating that to dark skin" then it would be fine and dandy but why frame it as if its the fault of the dark skinned person? :/

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This isn't meant to be rude at all, but why have you spent so much money on your other tattoos instead of getting the other thigh piece you wanted?

bc the artist that did the first one isn't currently tattooing so i was originally waiting for her to start working at a new shop but eh

Тату, пирсинг и другие истязания тела. Что это? Желание выделиться из общей массы? Недовольство своим телом? Мазохизм? Ритуал или таинство? Метка? Эта культура уходит глубоко в корни человечества. Ваше мнение по этому поводу.

Asanova98’s Profile PhotoCαη∂γ
Да, история татуировок достаточно многогранна (говорит человек без единой татуировки на теле), но сейчас в развитых странах это считается просто украшением себя.
В Южной Корее, однако, при всей развитости страны татуировки считаются незаконными. Формально, открыть тату-салон можно, но для этого нужно отучиться на врача, получить квалификацию и в целом пройти через огонь и воду... и отсутствие клиентуры. Татуировки настолько неприемлемы, что некоторые родители перестают общаться со своими детьми, если те набивают себе тату. Если у тебя есть татуировка, то о хорошей работе можно забыть, даже если ее не видно.
Есть очень хороший документальный фильм на ютубе на канале i-D, называется Exploring Korea's Illegal Tattooing Scene. Ведущей в нем выступила альтернативная, не побоюсь этого слова, модель Грейс Ньютрал, тело которой почти полность покрыто татуировками. И в одном из эпизодов фильма, когда она пришла в спа-салон, от нее потребовали ходить по спа-салону в пальто, чтобы не травмировать своим внешним видом посетителей.
Фоточка Грейс прилагается.
Мое личное отношение к татуировкам - нейтральное. Если бы я себе стала что-то набивать, это было бы что-то маленькое и в каком-нибудь незаметном месте, но и то вряд ли. Однако если наличие татуировок делает кого-то счастливым, то почему нет?

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Do you have a kind of inspirational quote or something that motivate you the most to reach your life goals? Do you mind to share? Thanks a lot! 😊😊

OnewJr’s Profile PhotoFirda
I'm sorry but I was holding back to reply this Q, it has been a month, and I'm sorry for that. for the last month I've been going on quite a rough patch, and there is few lines that keep me going, its stuck in my head, I can list them ahahaha there are only three of them,
1. "This Too Shall Pass" - I know it sounds like something Gandalf would say, but believe me, it's a reminder that everything is temporary. Are you having a hard time? hang on, you'll get through it. Are you having the best time of your life? cherish it while it last, and stay humble because it will pass. it helps a lot. really, really.
2. "time heals" - when you think you can't get over something, let it flow, lmao as the time pass by, you wouldn't even realize its already over.
3. "another woman's beauty is not the absence of your own beauty" - I get insecure quite a lot, basically comparing myself and other girls 24/7, but then again that line is pretty much a self-explanatory and it helps me to love myself more!
ps ; I've been considering on tattooing those lines in my body but let's see
pps ; I am terribly sorry for my broken English, it has gotten worse ever since I stopped talking in one. like haha, im ashamed but hey don't attack me ok I am trying, and I am learning. shame on u for making people feel dumb just by making a mistake while learning smth
ppps ; gwa sok tw bgt sih. (thats not how i talk btw) iya lagi sok tau, lagi bosan bosan bosaaaan!

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Don't you know that Christians are not suppose to have tattoos? Then why are you getting it? Leviticus 19:28 "Do not cut your bodies for the dead or put tattoo marks on yourselves. I am the LORD." Hope you yourself as a good Christian, will reflect on this verse.

I'm a Christian and Christians are not required to follow the Old Testament. Since the New Testament did not mention anything about forbidding tattoos, it's not a sin. If you still wanna argue that tattooing is a sin, then so is shaving the beard -- if we were to retain its command and the ones with it.
Also, if you're condemning every Christian/person who gets a tattoo, then you're the one who's making a sin because God always said to love, not condemn.
Lastly, don't be so quick to judge. I tweeted I'm getting a tattoo but do you even know what tattoo it is? You probably automatically assumed it's the ones on my body. It's actually a permanent cosmetic make up—eyeliner tattoo, fyi. :-)

Has anyone had a tattoo over scars? how did it turn out? If you haven't had one yourself do you know anyone who has? 🙈 I want one but worried the scars would ruin it lmao

bekki363’s Profile PhotoRH
i havent nor know anyone that has, but i heard it would be abit weird because if you tattoo over the scars it would change the ink colour and all that compared to tattooing on your actual skin ?? i dont think it would affect that much though

I get that was his first time ever using a tattoo gun and was probably nervous because he's doing it on his girlfriend but from the looks of the tattoo he's not ready to start tattooing yet. The lines aren't straight at all and it would be upset if I paied and someone did that on me

You obviously know nothing about the process of starting to tattoo lol
1) it's not a "gun" it's a machine.
2) I'm not his girlfriend
3) no matter how "ready" you are, your first tattoo isn't gonna come out amazing. That's just what happens. & no one is paying for anything they get from him for like a month haha

Correct me if wrong. They say in Korea, you need to have a degree to be a doctor in order ro tattoo because they consider tattooing a medical procedure. Do you agree with this? Why or why not?

I disagree. Tattoos only go under the first few layers of skin. When tattoo artists are trained, they're taught methods of sterilization and they're taught to teach their customers how to properly do the aftercare when the tattoo is healing.
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Correct me if wrong. They say in Korea, you need to have a degree to be a doctor in order ro tattoo because they consider tattooing a medical procedure. Do you agree with this? Why or why not?

No, that is rediculous. It comes down to artistic talent, a steady hand, and a basic lesson in sanitation. Anyone with the talent can learn to do the rest.
Plus I have seen how many doctors write and I am not so sure about letting them do that on my skin :///
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Correct me if wrong. They say in Korea, you need to have a degree to be a doctor in order ro tattoo because they consider tattooing a medical procedure. Do you agree with this? Why or why not?

Wow never heard of that -- I'll say that it's not necessary, as they stay in the. Cutaneous area, all they should be trained in would be sterile technique and that can be taught in 30 minutes or so -// and they should know to ask about customers taking aspirin, Coumadin etc

I'm a little thankful I'm not the only person to see piercing a babies ear is cruel. I never know how to respond to people when they do it to their children 😩

My mom pierced my ears when I was a few months old and ever since, I have had problems with my ears. I don't see how people can see that as being okay but tattooing your child isn't. They're literally the same. Haha.

I've been having trouble finding a reliable response to this, I thought I'd ask you. Is tattooing yourself with non-traditional henna designs cultural appropriation? Or is it kind of a grey area, like facial piercings?

The henna ink itself isn't CA, it's just ink.
The sacred designs are usually what people consider cultural appropriation.
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I have a quick question, hopefully something different from what you've been getting; but I was curious what kind of art your most interested and I mean any art. Ceramics music painting poetry you name it maybe even more than one! I'm in Loooove with the arts and I was curious on how you feel ?♠️

Poetry haha but I'm eventually (hopefully) gunna focus a bit more on tattooing and the art of a needle and ink because that's what I'd like to do at some pointttt
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Mä haluun tatuoida kuunsirpin johonki ja sit gramofonin semmosella jännällä tyylillä. Ei fotorealismia, ei oo mun juttu. Yhy oispa rahaa.

RuinedWonderland’s Profile PhotoHanna
Voi, kuulostaa kivalta! Toivottavasti pääset toteuttamaan nuo mahdollisemman pian. Raha on kyllä valitettavasti hyvin useesti kaiken kivan tiellä, hnngh.
Fotorealismi ei oo munkaa ehdoton suosikki, mutta ei kumminkaan mikään inhokkikaan. Esim. mun chesti tulee olemaan mustavalkorealistinen, se sopii hyvin tuohon ja tulee näyttämään upealta. Someday.
Rakastan taas old school/traditional tyyliä, ns. black tattooing tyyliä sekä pistevarjostuksia.

Q8. If you could be a canvas for a tattoo artist, who would you want the artist to be? What is it about this artist that makes you want their work to be on your body?

jenniferrr16’s Profile Photojennifer.✌
I seriously do not know enough artists to say BUT my friend @hollehellfire is an artist so I would volunteer myself to be a canvas for her. She has some mad talent and she is a woman which makes it that much more awesome in my opinion, given that tattooing is a male dominated industry.

are you going to take a tattoing class or are you gonna learn by yourself? do you own a tattoogun? would you ever do a tattoo on yourself? sorry for all the questions im just really curious 0.0

I don't think there is such a thing as a tattooing class, haha ^-^ Usually you practice with a real tattooer and when you're good enough to be in the business you start right away! Some people also practice on their own, which is probably what I'll be doing, since I own a tattoo machine. I would definitely tattoo myself!

You shouldn't care what people think that's they way, did my first (with machine) when I was 14! your body your rules! I was judged by people being only 14 and having 3 real tats but those people are laughing now as I've tattooed 25 people, also worked in tattooist (not tattooing there tho) xx

tattoo me legit I have money

Hey mashi! When you become a tattoo artist, would you be okay with tattooing your art on people? Because I'd love to one day have some of your art on me, like for example I'm in love with your drawing with the girl with two heads and I think it would make an amazing tattoo

If someone would want my art on them, I could definitely do that. It would be incredibly flattering and make me super happy <3

assalamualaikum, is it true if tattoo is haram? and wht happen to those guys who already tattoed himself, can they still do a salah, pray and etc?

Tattooing is a major sin, but if a person repents from it, Allaah will accept his repentance.
Modern medicine is able to remove tattoos; the remedy exists so you can easily get rid of it, in sha Allah.
So, the thing is as you didn't knew that it was Haraam and now you know that it is Haraam so you must repent to Allah and remove the tattoos.
And Allah knows best
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Make it a purple sparkly paper please. And try tattooing my name in the bubble writing font thing so that it's more prominent. Don't want hoez clinging 2 my gurl.

Espy, leave it on me. Your girl is my headache. She'll come up epic surprises and her capabilities will put you at awe. You won't be deprived. I can assure you that.
P.s. Please take the empty grandfather back. *sighs in dismay*

Kak Tomo, budget untuk punya tattoo di tempat Kakak itu berapa ya? Saya sedang meng-compare harga dan kualitas di beberapa tempat nih hehe terima kasih

Tempat apa? Itu kebetulan saja artist-nya sedang berkunjung ke Jakarta dan saya sudah mengikuti karya-karyanya sejak lama jadi ya sudah sekalian saja saya coba kontak untuk sesi tattooing di tempat yang kami setujui. Untuk yang ini jujur saya tak ambil pusing mengenai harga karena tato ini sangat personal buat saya. Selain itu, saya melihat Lidya mempunyai preferensi estetika yang sama dengan saya dan dia bisa menerjemahkan cerita saya dengan baik ke dalam wujud visual.
Untuk harga rasanya tidak etis apabila saya sebutkan nominalnya karena tiap artist punya standarnya masing-masing. Lebih baik kamu langsung kontak saja artist-nya secara personal.

You can't get tattoos when youre 14, and tattoos don't smudge when you clean them, fkn pussy boy. You do not have a tattoo

Ok smart ass, first of all my moms a tattoo artist and I know how to tattoo, and right after you get a fuckin tattoo done the ink smears a bit then you wash it off, then you get the clean tattoo. Bud you obviously don't know shit bot tattoos and tattooing

Just tattoo?! Why? Can't we forget that i came here and that you told me it's Haram? 👀😳 please 😩😂😂

Tattooing means changing the colour of the skin, by interesting a needle in the skin until blood flows, then injecting kohl or something else into that place so that the skin takes on a colour other than that which Allaah created.Dyeing with henna and the like does not come under this heading. It does not change the colour of the skin, rather it is drawing and decoration and colours that disappear after a while ✌
anw u should be happy bcz on " yawm al hisab " u'll regret ;) ~ 😌😌

k so i know you got a tattoo where you had previous scars so i thought youd be able to tell me whats the pain scale for tattooing over them, i have self harm scars so i thought a tattoo would be good(i also love tattoos). i hope you dont get offended by this question im sorry if you do

no it's no problem b! i mean, it's a given that tattoos aren't necessarily pleasant regardless of the area or skin it's covering, but I didn't think the irritation was noticeably different! though the majority of my tattoo isn't really covering any scar tissue because my tattoo artist said the portrait would be warped if we did it any further up on my thigh, so i'm not sure how liable my opinion is.

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