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Do you think student loan debt should be cancelled?

I worked my way through high school / university by making many sacrifices along the way and while others were having a good time, I was "burning the candle at both ends" saving money for the future and settling debts in a timely fashion. As a result, I graduated debt-free. Those who did not should be responsible for their expenditures. It's a valuable lesson in fiscal responsibility and I should not be forced to pay for that "cancellation" with MY tax dollars. I see nothing wrong with the practice of borrowing (especially when in comes to *investing* in one's education) but we should not encourage people to expect handouts at *society's expense.* On the contrary, we should encourage self-sufficiency whenever possible because, similar to the tree of learning, it bears the noblest fruits.
Do you think student loan debt should be cancelled

Hello Shaireen. How have you been? Do you like your new job? I bet it is keeping you quite busy. /Alex

alexandermonroe397579’s Profile PhotoAlexander Monroe
Hi Alex 😊 I'm good, thanks. How are you? Truth be told, it's just an okay job. The only challenging part of it is having to deal with "know-it-all" taxpayers, giving us the attitude that they know the tax code/revenue regulations better lol. But it's alright coz I already knew then what I signed up for.😂 Moving out from home tho is what's keeping me busy these days as I'm still getting the hang of doing everything by myself.

if you are a prime minister for a day what will you do?

I I was Johnson, I would sack my entire cabinet, correct the record (again) and admit to regularly lying in parliament, cancel the plan to sell refugees to the Rwandan state, fairly tax the wealthiest, deprivatise and properly fund the NHS, launch a general election, and step down

🏦 Do you think that a married couple should have both separate and combined bank accounts or just keep everything separate?

As I see it, a combination of separate and private accounts, investments and income streams could benefit both parties. Equity and borrowing power, money management, financial and estate planning, tax reduction, diversification, etc. - by implementing different strategies, savvy couples can take advantage of numerous opportunities to protect, manage and maximize personal *and* combined wealth.

So you have a new job? Do you like it so far? Is it better for you then your old job or is it too early to tell? I find that it takes about 6 months to become familiar with a new job and the environment, management style, attitudes, expectations, etc. I hope you like it and it works out for you

alexandermonroe397579’s Profile PhotoAlexander Monroe
Yep, I started immediately the day after the effectivity of my resignation. Actually, I am still on training but I did get to work hands-on now because a co-worker was on leave. Both of my previous and current job have this intense pressure to get everything right-- to understand the facts & circumstances properly and apply the correct standards. Also, the time pressure for deadlines both in audit and tax is intense & brutal haha. The environment is also similar in the sense that I have a very supportive and considerate colleagues. My current job, though, is more routinary than the previous one and have less opportunities for professional learnings & growth. But, I now have much more time to do things that I like and enjoy after the working hours which is what I was aiming for. :)

Good morning Shaireen. How have you been? I completed my taxes early this year for a change and have paid all monies owed to big brother. I wish they would simplify the tax code in the USA where you simply answer one question: 1. How much money did you earn? Please send it in. lol

alexandermonroe397579’s Profile PhotoAlexander Monroe
Hello Alex. I've been good. How are you? I just started working in a government agency that regulates taxes in our country. What you said actually makes me laugh because I reallyyy wish for the same thing😂

Some Words About Pakistan?

fatikhan548’s Profile PhotoFatima Khan❤️
Kuch bhi nai ho skta is country Ka bus mazeed khrb hi Hona jinka hath Mai sub Kuch hai unko rallies nikalna Aur economy girana k elawa Kuch nai ata hum sub KO chutiya bnaya hua bus sub topi drama Kiya Imran khan Kiya nawaz shareef Kiya bilawal zardari sub b.c awam Ka pudu kaat rahay and hum bhi janwaro ki trha naray lagatya pohanch jatay inho na Ghar ki gas bijli grocery fees wages Kuch nai Dyna ap Py itna tax lagatay jae Gy k Jo Kamao Gy sub tax Mai do Gy aur yeh Jo kehtay k awam tax nai dyti b.c aik needle sy ly k sports car tk sub Py 100% taxes laga Kar awam ki gaann******** Mai Dal dyti phr yahan hamaray high class ki mummy daddy bachay kehtay no bro Imran khan ki Soche different hai b.c 76saal Mai dollar itna uper nai gya Hoga jitna in 3.5 Mai gya yeh awam bus Farah hai inko 100 ruppe Ka petrol dalwa do ya lollypop Dy do Khush hai.. b.c Ghar Mai MAA baap behn Bhai b.v bachay Kisi Ka nai sochna bus muu utha Kar Jo jisko support karta pohanch jata Bhai in haramio na Kuch nai Dyna tum Ghar betho bus apna future bnao koi skills lo earn Karo aur is politics sy dur raho Allah Pak hamara mulkh KO salamat rekhay aur logo ko akal ata karay ameen ❤️❤️

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Hey🙋‍♂️ What's your opinion about long distance relationships?🤔

prosaeed359’s Profile Photopro.saeed
I think one of the inherent dangers that isn’t talked about enough in long distance relationships is that it’s very easy to say things that are romantic without paying the tax for saying those things. See, when someone lives next door there’s an actual investment tax, someone can say you’re really special, you and I would be great together but if they live next door you’d go okay so why aren’t we together then y’know? Someone would actually have to back that up, long distance you can get away with saying all these romantic things and at the same time going but oh no you live all the other side of the world I’m here, it’s like a Romeo and Juliet scenario how are we gonna make it work it’s so difficult, you’re so special I really like you. You get to say all these romantic things with complete impunity because someone couldn’t reasonably expect us to do all these difficult things to make it work in the moment, we can for a very long time be in a long distance relationship or situation-ship or tunnel vision with a person to the exclusion of all of your other options that are on our doorstep not knowing that it’s ultimately gonna be fruitless that when push comes to shove this person isn’t gonna make any sacrifices to make it work with us.
That begs the question how do we read someone’s intentions in a long distance relationship so we have some idea of whether we might be wasting our time or not. I would be thinking about what the next practical, logical action they would take in this situation if they meant what they say. Or to put it a different way if I felt the way they say they’re feeling what would I be doing? What sacrifices would I be making? What actions would I be taking? How would I be going out of my way to make this work? And if the answer to that question is drastically different from what they’re doing right now, then you know at the very least you’re in a situation where what the two of you are prepared to do varies massively.
In this situation someone’s gonna tell you all these reasons why they can’t take certain actions, you may then look at those excuses and say they’re legitimate I can’t argue with those, they’re logical, they make sense, it is difficult but here’s the way you have to look at it, there’s a principle called Occam’s razor of two explanations that take account of all the facts the simplest explanation is likely to be the correct one. So for example, when someone gives you all of their reasoning about why they can’t invest, why they can’t take action on your relationship, why they can’t sacrifice, you can look at all of that and try and decipher their excuses and understand these complex arguments as to why someone can’t do what you’re willing to do or you can look at the other explanation, they’re not willing to do what I’m willing to do in this situation to make it work. They are not committed enough to make this relationship work, it’s a simpler explanation and it’s therefore more likely to be true.

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I live amongst people who complain about gas price. Tragic

The tragic thing is how toxic you are about people's genuine concerns. We can't all have mommy and daddy pay for all of our things -_-
The prices of EVERYTHING is rising. But wages aren't.
So tell me! How do you expect people to put fuel in their vehicles when the prices are constantly rising, plus having all the MOT, tax, insurance, as well as household bills, food, etc coming out? All of which have and are still rising.
It IS a genuine concern! I have had to change the fuel prices DAILY at work! So do me, and everyone else a favour? Shut up. Just because you are an arrogant asshole about life, doesn't mean that other people's concerns aren't justified.
Don't bother coming back to my page again.
I live amongst people who complain about gas price Tragic

What was the hardest thing to cope with during COVID-19 lockdowns?

dillonholland1999’s Profile PhotoDillon Holland
The council office shut with no notice for people to get things in order and I am still confused af about my forever changing council tax and all information I get is confusing or I just get told it can only be discussed face to face.. which they refuse to do, still! Actually that is the most stressful. Hardest, people dying who follow every rule while Nicola claims those who are dying are not following the rules and are bad people, ruining things for everyone, ignorant bitch that she is understands bugger all about how a virus works.

2/2 and yes, i believe billionaires are completely unethical (come at me, lex). tax the rich appropriately i’m happy to pay my tax (not happy where most of it goes but that’s another story). it shouldnt be controversial for a govt to provide basic needs for all it’s citizens (in the usa at least)

Here is the greatest irony - the majority of those billionaires have embraced, encouraged and financed the modern Left. Bill Gates, Michael Bloomberg, Jeff Bezos, George Soros, Richard Branson, Mark Zuckerberg, Jack Dorsey, etc. If the tax laws and "loopholes" favor them, it is not by accident but by design. Who do you think "bankrolls" the majority of the legislators that get "elected" (selected) and then enact laws which favor their interests? This "mystery" isn't difficult to unravel and we have seen the results over many decades. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer - exactly as it was planned all along. We are now witnessing the economic annihilation of the working class and it will continue until we are left with two classes: the extremely poor and the very affluent. One will remain eternally dependent and the other will "give" them barely enough to survive through their "charities," "foundations" and other machinations. If basic needs are not fulfilled, you can thank the Left-wing leaning portions of the electorate which continue to support the architects of their own demise. Due to many years of Leftist indoctrination, any attempt to illuminate the clueless will be met with immediate scorn, ridicule, skepticism and resistance.

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A few problems with that charity idea. One, how does a private organization compel another private individual or org to contribute resources? It doesn't sound voluntary. At best, you'd have peer pressure. Two, is it tax-deductible? Three, how much is a "certain amount"?

Well, obviously its not an entirely thought out charity since I’m not actually making it, I just think it would be cool to actually see these people in the streets with the people lol but it would be a pool of people who want to be put into that lottery, like they sign up ect & the catch would be serious tax deduction if you get chosen (you know the rich can’t waste that opportunity 😘) I also didn’t put an actual amount because its not real & that’s something that would be voted on by the people who would like to be involved & the board members or whatever.

Someone offers you US$5 million, tax free, in untraceable $20 bills, but you have to murd3r people. How many people would you be willing to off for that kind of money?

None. I don’t believe in taking another’s life under that circumstance. Plus I’m not stupid. Money isn’t worth prison time, let me tell you that.

Let me just start off with this I don't do politics, but this is just hilarious and seems a little illegal. A certain man in power and the United States wants to give addicts crack pipes, clean needles, and other paraphernalia to fight ODs in the USA.

TheBeardedLumper’s Profile PhotoA-a-ron!
Correct. Biden is a demented imbecile and he wants to p!ss 30 million tax dollars on garbage. An absolute disgrace but it isn't illegal through Executive Order. Fortunately, any E.O. can be overturned by the next administration. Let's hope we can elect a rational person who won't be so preoccupied with pandering to the worst elements within the electorate.
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Doing anything for black history month?

Yes. I am sending a substantial donation to Blacks For Trump just to infuriate the BLM communists and the White "liberals" who still pretend to give a damn about Black people. Maybe I should double my usual contribution for a sizable tax write-off.
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Is affirmative action racist?

Bill Maher: I’ve Supported Affirmative Action, But It’s ‘Weird’ Supporting It More Than Black People do, ‘Maybe It’s Outdated’ *note: 63% of blacks do not support affirmative action in the United States.
"Affirmative Action" by Alex
What I find interesting is the people who create these "policies" or pass this type of affirmative action legislation are predominantly wealthy white folks from the political/ruling class who have benefitted from attending private schools and Ivy league Universities because of their "white privilege" and dare I say, they still do benefit because of their parents wealth and political connections. And so who suffers the most? Poor and middle class white people and ethnicities such as Asian and Jews who score well on tests because they work hard and their families value knowledge. And so our system supports and benefits those who are wealthy and privileged, while punishing those who work hard and value knowledge but have no accumulated wealth.
1. End all racism. That includes affirmative action and any policy that discriminates based on race, skin color, wealth, religion, gender or political connections/affiliations
2. Term limits for congress
3. Flat tax and eliminate all tax loop holes for the ruling class.
4. Reform campaign finance laws so folks like George Soros cannot contribute $125 million to the democrats to push his Globalist ideology while getting favored status and preferential treatment whenever congress considers legislation that could impact the ruling classes wealth or investments.
Will any of these things happen? NEVER
The ruling class and political class are the Kings and Queens while We The People, are their slaves, serf's and plebe's.

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Wie findest du die "Pink Tax" ??? (Frauen zahlen höheren Preis, obwohl dieselben Produkte angeboten werden) Beispiel Frauen- und Männerrasierer

Geld, Geld, Geld 🤑.
Die Marketingabteilungen haben die weiblichen Konsumenten gut erzogen um ihnen das Geld aus den Taschen zu ziehen. Wäre ich Frau würde ich versuchen auszuweichen auf Produkte für den Mann.

My property tax has gone up 400 $ a year because of the Democrat party. Please stop voting for these pathetic people.

> My property tax has gone up 400 $ a year
That's nothing compared to the coming tax hikes. Have you seen the spending bills which they passed? Everyone is about to get royally f*cked including those in the lower income brackets. Of course, you will hear nothing about it in the mainstream media. Higher taxes are just the tip of the iceberg. Inflation is at a 40-year high. 7% up just in the last month alone. Producer prices up nearly 10%. Lumber and building materials up 300% and higher. Fuel costs 40% to 70% higher and continuing to rise. Millions have left the workforce or been dismissed due to vaccine mandates, "environmental" nonsense and other Leftist / Democrat policies. As a result, we can expect to pay more for basic goods and services. Supply-chain disruptions and Biden's refusal to address the problems are driving costs higher too. Under full Democrat control (currently all three branches of government), the economic situation is about to become considerably worse.
> because of the Democrat party.
Obviously, but the Orange Bad Man was being a meanie on Twitter and his hair looked weird! We absolutely had to put the Democrats back in power because, well, Orange!!!!!!11!!1!.
> Please stop voting for these pathetic people.
Save your breath. People are too stupid and too emotional to vote like rational adults. Everything is based on emotion or shortsighted "solutions" which only make matters worse. Joe Biden has been in government for over 50 years and he hasn't solved one single problem - yet Democrats still voted for him simply because he had a "D" at the end of his name. It's a cult of brainwashed lunatics like any other political party. The only hope at this point is to flip the House and Senate in November. The House is practically guaranteed and the Senate needs just one seat but the cult is too indoctrinated and it won't listen to reason.

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Do you also believe that we failed as a nation?

Yes. It is apparent in our education system, health systems and services, infrastructure, public safety. Add more to that our tax laws or just our judicial system in general as well as our income inequality, unemployment, anti-poor policies. Not to mention how rampant corruption and bribery is. And then there's our kapwa Pinoys' so called crab mentality and romanticizing resilience that we forgot the true essence of bayanihan. Tapos comes election time, our kababayans will vote again for those unqualified politicians because of the "utang na loob" and some popular celebrities. Puro na tayo utang. We're trapped in this cycle🙃

You ever get a text so cute you keep going back to read it? 😊🖤✨

FiaSaif’s Profile PhotoM.
Atangwadio ki prem kahani ni hoti..
The kind of texts I receive can give you anxiety at its best... Company waly sirf deadlines send krty hain, PTA walon ko lgta hai main hr time فحش videos daikhta hu, NAB walon ko lgta hai maine mills or factories lgai huwi hai bar bar btaty hain "say no to corruption" jahil kahin k. Fbr waly hr wqt kehty hain pehli fursat main tax jama krwao, bhai phly kch kama lu. Ajeeb.
You ever get a text so cute you keep going back to read it

I support a beauty tax to provide funding to buy food for undocumented immigrants.

And what about us ugly people? Isn't there a way we can help? I propose a tax on all mutants - to help finance cosmetic surgery and breast augmentation. Checkmate!
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Those of you who own, live with or generally likes cats, do you think they live better lives being house cats or if they roam freely? Why? 🐈

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I have two cats: Caty and Potato.
My Caty used to be a free cat. She's still free, but from the predator mom, who even fought dogs just to protect her children, she slowly turned into a house cat and spends like one hour a day if she sleeps with me. It's not so cold now, tho' we let her spend the night in the house. Before my latest sister, Lara, was born, she had the happiest life: she was really energetic and spent a lot of time outside and no one hurt her. She's over 13 now, she's old and she has to bear both my sister and Potato. My sister is a devil.
Potato is 4-5 years old now. He's a very playful, energetic, handsome boy. Caty doesn't like him because she's never been that playful, so she thinks he wants to hurt her. He is the neighborhood's cat, so he eats a lot and spends hours outside. I wouldn't say he's domesticated, he's totally free. He must be the happiest cat ever because he eats whenever he wants, he has a charming personality, so he can play with humans and other cats whenever he wants. He's a king, not a house cat nor an independent cat.
House cats depend too much on one family, independent cats depend on the circumstances, kings and queens don't depend on one household, they remain free and they can tax whoever wants to join their realm that expands over time. So royals are the happiest.

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How can inflation be reversed? raising interest rates for the newly printed paper so that not many financiers would borrow? QE vs QT? Are we at a point where we can't really solve it?

> How can inflation be reversed?
Printing less fiat money might be a good start. Replacing the currency with a medium of exchange which is backed by something with an intrinsic value (gold, silver, etc.) would be another solution. Lowering energy costs (which drive up other costs) could be an option too. Spending fewer tax dollars on wasteful government bureaucracies and engaging in voodoo economics wouldn't be a terrible idea either. We have numerous paths toward a robust economy with sound fiscal policies but the witch doctor in the White House is too busy making monetary blood sacrifices to the Fed's idols.
> raising interest rates for the newly printed paper so that not many financiers would borrow?
Absolutely. I might raise the prime rate too - other interest rates would follow.
> QE vs QT?
Anything which may reduce the Fed's balance sheet should be considered. To ensure a gradual decline, the monthly amounts of securities that are permitted to mature and not be replaced should be capped but I would go a step further and not allow any amounts above those caps to be reinvested or left on the balance sheet. Complete removal. Think of it as quantitative easing on steroids...
> Are we at a point where we can't really solve it?
Not at all but it has to be done correctly. As long as a private central bank with no accountability or transparency (which is exactly what the "Federal" Reserve happens to be) is still permitted to operate so carelessly at our expense, we will face higher inflation with periods of orchestrated decline. It is unconstitutional, ill-conceived, alien and strictly against our Republic's interests.

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💢If your government ever imposes a type of tax which is only applicable to handsome/beautiful people, will you wish to be ugly then or rejoice the new system?

Ambyrose21’s Profile PhotoRose
What's handsome and ugly? Government will play God? They will decide a person is ugly because they don't like his appearance? Someone can have ugly traits or deeds but no human is ugly by physical appearance. So, government can shove that tax up. 🌚

💢If your government ever imposes a type of tax which is only applicable to handsome/beautiful people, will you wish to be ugly then or rejoice the new system?

Ambyrose21’s Profile PhotoRose
Вопрос на русском: Если ваше правительство когда-либо установит налог, применимый только к красивым / красивым людям, захочешь ли ты быть некрасивым или радоваться новой системе?
Ответ на русском: Я думаю, это уже маразм. В наше стране и так ничего сделать нельзя, а если ещё и красивым будут "запрещать" быть, то инстаграм больше не будет показывать белорусских, красивых девушек. А белорусочки красивые)))
Ответ на анг.: I think this is already insanity. In our country, nothing can be done anyway, and if it is also "forbidden" to be beautiful, then Instagram will no longer show Belarusian, beautiful girls. And the Belarusian girls are beautiful

What is your controversial opinion on the death penalty?

I don’t believe in the death penalty, it’s a waste of tax pay , it’s not rly used cus most ppl who get death penalty as part of their sentencing. Their lawyer gets a plea deal for them so they don’t. and they take it.
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💢If your government ever imposes a type of tax which is only applicable to handsome/beautiful people, will you wish to be ugly then or rejoice the new system?

Ambyrose21’s Profile PhotoRose
Ab agr may handsome hun😎
aur apne apko taxes se bachne klia ugly show kru to may CHOR nhe keh launga mtlb isliye Let the people know ✌
Pr agr humko Simplicity psnd ha dikhawa nhe to log kch bhi samjhein Humko aese hi society ko accept krna hoga ugly reh kr bhi tax dengy ⚡✌✌

💢If your government ever imposes a type of tax which is only applicable to handsome/beautiful people, will you wish to be ugly then or rejoice the new system?

Ambyrose21’s Profile PhotoRose
In my not impose taxes ع citizens with all their cases only have a company or the work of a particular

Here is a question up for debate, you buy insurance to keep your car, motorcycle and scooter on the road. Should pay insurance if you ride a push bike on the road?

not only that
make them get registered and pay tax for taking up road space instead of cycle lanes which they don't use
they cycle on the footpath
make them do tests that show how a red light is for cyclists as well as motorists
and jail them for using mobile phones while cycling

Do you have a job or are you scrounging off benefits ?

I take exception to the use of the word "scrounging"
The vast majority of people who have benefits are fully entitled to them and benefits are often payed back to people who have made tax contributions i.e
they are getting their own money back rightfully due to them
Now if you re looking for real 100% scroungers
try Johnson's Tory Party
ppe contracts for Tory mates [ using OUR money]
£ 800 per roll wall paper in Johnson's 'flat'
Tory Donors awarded with Peerages
Patterson taking money from firms in NI using parliamentary privilege to promote them
You are the one being fooled my friend, they are the real SCROUNGERS, not like the decent people who you accuse ,
these people manipulate and brainwash the likes of you into allowing them cream off millions while you spew about "benefit scroungers"...shameful
and yes I have a job , relatively well paid and if I didn't I'd be taking up my perfect entitlement to unemployment benefits and any others due to me.

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Do you believe that billionaires should be taxed at a higher rate? Or is it more an issue of skirting around tax codes already in place?

Maybe we should try getting them to actually pay the correct amount of taxes they owe first? If we just raise tax rates on them won’t they just use their same old loopholes to not pay anyway?
I don’t know. Why would anyone care about caroonists’ positions on politics anyway?? Ask us about the made up politics in the fake worlds we’re creating

Segui la politica? :)

Giovanniratti1999’s Profile PhotoGio_1999
Un pochino si per dirti che la sugar tax sulla plastica è diventata legge. La mia amica dice che se mettono queste micro tasse sulla plastica va a finire che la Gente andrà avanti a buttare la plastica in giro ugualmente ma secondo me non è assolutamente vero. Sai che ci sono persone che magari rompono pure le bottiglie di vetro contro la panchine e poi lasciano i vetri prr terra. Poi in altre cosa che vorrei parlare è il fatto che la mia amica avrebbe il riscaldamento che non funziona e poi avrebbe in casa appena 15 gradi farà molto freddo. Poi la politica ciga insegnato pure c'è non è possibile che un parlamentare che avrebbe lavorato pochi Giorni in parlamento è come se avesse lavorato per anni. Poi pare che abbiamo pensato che il futuro del Quirinale debba passare attraverso o letta oppure Gianni alemanno che decidera il successore di Mattarella e poi del fatto di Draghi

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Buongiorno, Quando pensi alla natura cosa ti viene in mente?

Ila_cre’s Profile PhotoIla♥️
Be mi viene in mente lo zafferano che sai che praticamente una volta ho mangiato il risotto coi pistilli che sarebbero i fiori dello zafferano e sai il risotto era buonissimo. Poi mi viene in mente ul fatto che praticamente per fare un risotto devi usare molto pistilli e alcuni dicono di non usarli ma cars ilaria sono piante molto delicate se tu ti intendi. Poi vorrei dire che oa natura mi ha fatto comprendere comunque che vi sono situazioni come il fatto che le dune di sabbia del deserto continuano a crescere e a invadere così ls nostre campagne. Bisogna fare qualcosa per il nostro ecosistema non credete cari amici. Inoltre vorrei pure dire che hanno trovato nel mare sempre per colpa del clima che cambia in maniera repentina 25 kili di polistirolo. La plastic tax sarebbe diventata una legge del senato. Intanto stanno introducendo due nuova imposte per l ambiente che riguarda l uso della plastica e poi considera che solo nel fiume po hanno trovato quantitativi di Eroina

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Does anyone else long for a life without the internet?

Once I broke the habit of checking my phone 'just because' -- in line, even at the urinal -- the rest came pretty easy. I uninstalled the social apps, disabled notifications, moved most apps off my home screen, and now keep my phone in my bag/on the table instead of my pocket. I always say that if I ever get rich i'll toss my smartphone and laptop off a cliff and delegate all my internet tasks to other people. But since I'm a working person, I can't really live without it. I have no choice but to moderate, which sucks. I think a life without internet would be the ultimate luxury though.
You absolutely do not need a Facebook account. I don't have one. There is some effect that happens, it's like what happens when you stop reading the news. People around you find out you are not plugged in and love to fill you in on things you don't know.
I actually kind of wish the internet wasn’t a thing. I miss what life was like before I had a constant connection with the entire planet, but damn is it convenient to be able to access literally anything I want with a small thing I keep in my pocket.
I would destroy the internet it’s broken normal interaction you can hide behind a phone screen computer type rubbish that hurts. All the perversions in humanity reared there ugly head. I wish I was born before social media, I wish I could un-see videos and images burnt in my mind. It seems all people care about is attractiveness, wealth. How many posts are the same thing, nobody is asking how to be the best they can be. It’s just pointed out the monkey In the man and highlighted a load of advertising bleeding my eyes algorithms that mean nothing. No ones accountable and big company’s take your information and sell it for capital without paying any tax.

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Political views? Do you have any?

AdrianaRafaela98’s Profile PhotoAdriianna Rafaella
Social issues:
- For the death penalty
- Gun reform (not banning)
- Medicare for all
- In favor of weed legalization with regulations, LGBT rights and pro-choice
- I think cancel culture is stupid and part of the reason why things are shit in society. It is all about fee-fees tied with power and control. Most of the time the people doing the cancelling don't actually care or even have solid arguments for their positions. Instead, it just comes from a place of wanting to look like a good person at the cost of trying to ruin someone else which is totally contradictory and really exposes that said person is actually a POS because if they were great then it would show and they wouldn't have to tell people.
Foreign Policy:
- In favor of a more active military in regards to issues dealing with the US and it's interests. The US needs strength. You have to have backbone and push other countries in order to make yourself known, especially if fucked with. The US needs to have strong boundaries. We have an idiot in the White House is totally being walked all over. Putin and Xi know that he is compromised in the brain and are exploiting the opportunity. Even Kim Jong-Un is firing missiles again. Go figure. Again, the US needs strength.
- I would've been in favor of heavily sanctioning China over COVID. It's not racist to say that either. If it were Canada or England I would say the same exact thing.
- More involvement in the South China Sea.
- Infrastructure task force every 25-50 years designated to do a nationwide improvement of the US' infrastructure. Funding comes from corporate taxes and sales from domestic manufacturing.
- Lower taxes for the people (fixed 25% tax).
- Higher taxes for the corporations (they make more money).
- Bring the jobs back and make the US a manufacturing nation again so other nations rely on us.

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It's quite amusing reading your political rants on here as they make it blatantly clear that you're living in student world. Wait until you've lived in the real world and paid tax for a few years, then you won't be so naive and most likely turn Tory like everyone else! 🙄

glad you're amused,
you're just a wind up merchant imo.
I don't rant , I offer coherent and well thought out views when I'm asked.
the " real world" is a very odd place, as regards turning Tory , naw they are mainly a gang of quasi nationalistic coffin dodgers ruining young people's futures in the name of some nonsensical longing for a past when Britain was " Great" and interfered in everyone's affairs
btw Tory "like everyone else " is 43.6% of people who actually voted last GE , not even close to a majority
and I've paid more tax than you could ever dream about,

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