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Things we need to normalize?💯

itx_rigs’s Profile PhotoRigs Sun!
We all really need to understand k ager kisi ne apko seen per chorra hai tou it might be because they are just busy or not in the right mind at the moment and know that they WILL reply at the right time if it's not urgent. Just because people are now approachable all the time because of technology doesn't mean that they are bound to respond at ANY hour of the day. We all have lives!

You're a teacher at school. 1. What subject would you teach? 2. How old are going to be your "students"? 3. Do you think you'd be a great teacher or not that good? 4. Would you be tough/friendly.. etc?

M1ssSemy’s Profile PhotoStar. i
Technology as I'm wizz at it .. not teens personally with their gobs maybe primary school age ..I think would be a good teacher I like lose patients quickly can't tell the students to fuck of so friendly approach

Znasz jakąś sławną osobę, która ma za sobą te 15-20 lat kariery i jest przykladem dla innych ? ;)

wyluzowaana’s Profile PhotoDziewczyna z Dobrym Sercem♀❥
Profesor Jerzy Bralczyk z Polski oraz profesor Walter Lewin z Massachusetts Institute of Technology z USA
Znam te osoby z wykładów internetowych

What are Americans best at aside of technology!?

It is one of the things I admire in their culture. their research and development are employed pretty well. In my speciality I have seen them cutting hard steel with water! But anyways, aside from that, the people I mingled with were resilient, hard worker, and independent. At a glance, they might seem socially damaged, which is true to an extent, but on the other hand, they were family oriented. They were also fun-loving and easygoing. They keep their competitive advantage unreachable. The majority were raised on honesty. Their service econmical sector is so mature that customers live to high standards. Not to mix that with politics, but they have robust personal rights. One last thing to mention, everybody, mind his own business, which could be considered as a plus or minus depending on where and how they apply it.

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Every few seconds, your smart TV takes a screenshot and sends it to its servers. They use that to identify what you're watching, and build very personal profiles of you. They sell that info to other companies (e.g. your credit card company who knows what buy). Does that bother you? Why or why not?

Pretty sure ALL technology does that. It runs the world at this point so who cares.
Our phones literally track us.

Have you ever made a purchase which you later came to regret? 💸😕

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Yes, I actually have. It's been a few years since I backed a project on Kickstarter. That was amabrush. Don't know if anyone remembers it. In any case, I thought the concept was great, and I've always had a soft spot for technology that nobody really needs. First, everything took much longer than planned, and in the end, it didn't even work.


MohammadIbrahim764’s Profile PhotoIbrahim
They will face many problems in many aspects :-
-Like lack of communication skills because of improved technology of social media. Lack of social skills in face to face communication. Since a lot of communication is digital.
-They will not be rooted to their own traditional cultures.
-Lack of resources too, from my thinking because as citizens we are overusing resources.
-Their physical health n potential will be less as compared to our generation because as we see people use to remain in their own houses , no physical activity.
-They will be unknown of the history of their country n not be able to enjoy all those days with nature
-lack of patience or concept of waiting. Our kids have everything or almost everything Instantaneously. The concept of waiting for anything is almost physically painful for them
-lack of conflict resolution. In our society kids are encouraged to get rid of toxic friends and stand their ground whenever anyone offends them. Unforgiveness is fashionable and holding a grudge is praised. Not to say people who are abusive or toxic shouldn’t be walked away from at times, but I believe this generation is being taught that carrying grudges is healthy and okay. in my opinion it’s not and forgiveness is always an option because in forgiveness comes freedom for the soul and mind.

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Is humanity progressing or deteriorating?

On the one hand humanity is progressing because of technology, on the other hand it is getting worse because technology is destroying social relations between people, now you have more friends on social than live.📲📉💔

What would you say is your worst personality trait?

I guess how depression can affect my personality when I’m in a really low spell, or when I’m dealing with technology issues that are malfunctioning ~ everyone at home gets me to sort it, but it can make me irritable or annoyed fairly quickly at times! 😅

Drop your favourite Urdu poetry🌻

( I'm writing in Punjabi and English these days and i hate what i write so ain't nothing favorite )
Ay 22 crore khoteya'n da des mera mahaan
Ithy wikday weikhy main naik seerat insaan
The cult of slavery has gotten them doomed
They filling the mouths of riches, got their own condition ruined
2 Asool Ameer ghareeb te 2 hegy qanoon
Te hajy v inna nu charheya hoyea inqilaab da janoon
Religious scholars selling propaganda for money
Satan is confused if this shit is sad or funny!
Kadi kadi main sochda kyun mulk hoyea Azaad?
Kadi kadi menu lagda is mulk ch rehna v Rub da azaab
I'm sick of politics and lies that government feeding me
I stopped giving a damn about hope recently
I spit brutal facts and i reveal what's hidden
Your saviors are nothing but just puppets of joe biden
They playing with your conscience and making you mind slave
The technology knows well how slave mind behaves
Step 1 they give you hope that the better days are coming
Step 2 they feed you dopamine so you just keep running
Step 3 they will divide you between different sects
Step 4 they will separate the right from the left
Step 5 they will give you the freedom of speech
Step 6 they will kill you for your remarks and belief
Step 7 is the main point of divide and rule
Just watch em burn and keep weighing conscience with the jewles.

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بتسألني قهوتك ايه ليه طالما مش هتعملهالي 😠

nadan00dy’s Profile PhotoNada
اسمي (sarah) معظمكم يعرفني أو ربما تقاطعت طرقنا يوما ما. ربما البعض مثلي والبعض الآخر ليس كذلك ، ولكن إذا كنت صديقي على Facebook ، فأنا أريد أن أصدق أنك فعلا صديق. أود أن أرى ما إذا كان لا يزال بإمكاننا التواصل مع أكثر من مجرد الإعجابات والصور المتحركة وكتابة شيء ما لبعضنا البعض. قررت المشاركة في تجربة بعنوان "لقاء بين الخبز". تتمثل الفكرة في معرفة من يقرأ منشورًا بدون صورة. نحن منغمسون جدًا في التكنولوجيا لدرجة أننا نسينا أهم شيء: الصداقة الحقيقية الواقعية. إذا لم يقرأ أحد هذه الرسالة ، فستكون تجربة اجتماعية قصيرة. ولكن إذا قرأتها حتى النهاية ، أريدك أن تعلق بكلمة واحدة تربطنا. على سبيل المثال ، مكان أو شيء أو شخص أو لحظة تربطني بك أو تتذكرني بها. وإذا لم يكن هناك أي شيء من هذا.. ف يسعدني أن يكون .. ثم انسخ هذا النص والصقه على الصفحة الخاصة بك (لا تشارك) وسأذهب إلى صفحتك لترك كلمة تذكرني بك. من فضلك لا تكتب أي تعليقات إذا لم يكن لديك الوقت لنسخ النص. سيؤدي ذلك إلى إتلاف التجربة. قم بتغيير اسمي واكتب اسمك. دعونا نرى من استغرق وقتًا للقراءة والإجابة وفقًا للقصة المشتركة خارج Facebook
My Name is (sarah ), Most of you know me, or maybe we crossed our path one day. Maybe some are like me and others are not, but if you are my Facebook friend, I want to believe you really are a friend. I would like to see if we can still communicate with more than just likes and animations and write something to each other. I decided to participate in an experiment entitled "A Meeting Between Bread". The idea is to know who is reading a post without an image. We are so immersed in technology that we have forgotten the most important thing: true, true friendship. If no one reads this message, it will be a short social experience. But if you read it to the end, I want you to comment with one word that binds us. For example, a place, thing, person, or moment that connects or remembers you. And if there is none of this .. then I am glad to have .. then copy this text and paste it on your page (do not share) and I will go to your page to leave a word that reminds me of you. Please do not write any comments if you do not have time to copy the text. This will damage the experiment. Change my name and write your name. Let's see who took time to read and answer according to the shared story outside of Facebook

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https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rupes_Nigra lost continent of the Arctica

>33 miles wide continent
Two things; mapmakers back in the day used to make up random islands, lakes, cities and landmarks as a way to prevent others from stealing their work;
Arctica was believed to be a continent for quite a while until we gained the technology to figure out that there's no sufficient landmass under the ice there to be called continent; ergo, it was retconned to not be a continent anymore. It's not that it was lost, it's just that we got better at measuring stuff and corrected our errors. But believe what you want, sure. (copium).

What do you think future cars will look like? What abilities they'll have? Like.. What's that one thing you'd expect to see in the future? 🛫🚘

M1ssSemy’s Profile PhotoStar. i
Honestly, most things that come to mind when it comes to future car innovation are basically just scams. Take self driving for example, the development has essentially stalled cause AI simply has a hard time dealing with all the variables that comes with driving in the real world. Tram tracks, bollards and general prediction of dangers are a few of many things that self driving cars struggle with. Elon Musk has said year after year that the technology is getting closer but it hasn't.
Also, don't get me started on flying cars. Everyone who'd buy one of those would essentially have to get a pilot license, cause in the air you have to deal with all of the aspects that come with flying such as wind etc. They'd also be hazarous since you'd essentially have thousands of vehicles in the air that could crash down anywhere at any time. Not only that but they'd also be detrimental to people's mental health since they'd make so much noise. You think an airplane is bad? Imagine thousands of them flying at less than half the alltitude 🥴

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What do you think future cars will look like What abilities theyll have Like

Do you prefer city life or country life? Why?

This is a hard one for me. I really like both. I love being close to stuff and if I'm awake at 2am and want a snack there's always some place open. And you don't have to drive too far to go out to restaurants, the grocery store, or shopping. But I also really like the idea of living out in a pasture on a cute little ranch with a garden and not having people around all the time. I think overall I'd lean towards the city though. Maybe just have a good little chunk of land so that it's a little isolated.
I'm a massively introverted person so that in itself might make me sound like I'd prefer living in a place that has less people in it and is less crowded. However counter to that is I'm big on technology to support my way of life so a city will be more suitable for me in that respect. Anyway, being an introvert in a small town with less people around might actually be a disadvantage in itself. I like being anonymous - a face in the crowd, so to speak - and from what I know about small towns and from what Mitsuha (I think she said it somewhere) said people in smaller municipalities tend to be more tight knit than people in large cities. It would be harder to have privacy and stay anonymous. I guess I'll pick living in a city over living in the countryside, considering my interests and way of living. But I can't say some perks of living in the boonies don't interest me either. If a new city life is what you have been longing for, then congratulations to you! Just like Mitsuha who was able to make it to Tokyo in the end (even though it was kind of by an unexpected force).
Well, this topic post and comments look like people prefer city life over countryside life. In fact both sides have different good stuff and bad stuff. I think a big move from one side to another side is not an easy job and it can take some time to get used to a new life. Living a happy life is the most important thing. I remember the precious times when I lived in countryside I used to read books on my way to school by train, and I often enjoyed looking out of the window during my 40-minutes long train trip. I think by the change of four seasons, the shapes and the colors of the sky have been seen differently during these three high school years of mine, and all these can be connected to my current works. Now, the landscape, the scenery, and the emotions in the past, become a powerful tool for me to try to make something when I have grown up to my adulthood.

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Meglio Bush o Putin?

Il 7 febbraio 2022 Biden disse: "Se la Russia attraverserà il confine dell'Ucraina allora non ci sarà più il Nord Stream 2, ne segneremo la fine".
Il 26 settembre s’è verificato il ben noto attentato alla doppia tratta dei gasdotti Nord Stream 1 e 2, con esplosioni sottomarine nei fondali attorno all’isola danese di Bornholm, in un’area solitamente sorvegliatissima da navi e aerei della NATO, essendo piuttosto vicina agli stretti del Kattegat e dello Skagerrak che collegano il Mar Baltico all’Oceano Atlantico.
È utile menzionare le dichiarazioni del presidente degli USA del 7 febbraio 2022. Biden aveva affermato: “Se la Russia invade, voglio dire, se i suoi carri armati e le sue truppe attraversano di nuovo il confine con l'Ucraina, allora non ci sarà più il Nord Stream 2, ne segneremo la fine” e al giornalista che gli aveva chiesto come questo fosse possibile, visto che il gasdotto era sotto controllo tedesco, aveva risposto: “Te lo prometto, ce la possiamo fare”.
Sulla pista del sabotaggio non sembrano più esserci molti dubbi.
“Si tratta di esplosioni massicce che potrebbero aver danneggiato l'oleodotto su una distanza maggiore di quella che conosciamo e forse spostato il gasdotto dalla sua posizione originale”, ha affermato alla Mit Technology Review Jilles van den Beukel, analista energetico indipendente che ha lavorato per la Shell per 25 anni. I tubi d'acciaio di Nord Stream hanno uno spessore di 4 centimetri, con fino a 10 centimetri di cemento attorno, per un peso di 24 tonnellate per ciascuna delle circa 100mila sezioni del gasdotto. Secondo Van der Beukel “questi gasdotti non si rompono. Perdite di questo tipo hanno una probabilità di una volta ogni 100mila anni e l’unica spiegazione plausibile è il sabotaggio”

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Meglio Bush o Putin

What is the most useless invention in your opinion?

bellmona212’s Profile PhotoMona Bell
That reminds me of a story about microwaves. The invention of microwave in itself is pretty interesting. It was in 1947 when an engineer was working with military radars and he found out that the electromagnetic radiation from the magnetron was capable of melting a chocolate bar in his pocket and could be used to heat stuff up. They called it "diathermic heating". It wasn't until later though that these things were commercially introduced as what we use in our kitchen today, largely due to magnetron technology developing a bit and becoming more compact. That was in the 1960s.
But before finding their place in the kitchen of an average household, these little boxes were used in something a bit crazier than warming food. In the 1950s, a team of scientists were doing some experiments in the lab of a medical institute where they would freeze hamsters and then try to wake them up by applying heat in different methods. The whole thing wasn't very successful as you would expect but then one of them had this idea of using the same diathermic heating from a magnetron. They actually put frozen hamsters in microwaves and the little guys would start walking after some time. Now of course it doesn't work with larger animals for a few reasons, it's still fascinating.
In conclusion, before their current purpose of heating up your coffee for the third time after you forget to drink it, microwaves were being used to reanimate hamsters. Just a little thing to remember next time you go to the kitchen

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How do you type or answer questions, im curious.. Does someone help you?

I'm using screen readers to navigate through the virtual world, be it typing or knowing what's on my screen. In smartphones, there are built-in accessibility features and applications for the visually-impaired. In Android, it's called TalkBack. In Apple, it's called VoiceOver. And assistive applications that can be downloaded include TextGrabber, Lookout, Seeing AI and Be My Eyes.
A screen reader is a form of assistive technology that renders text and image content as speech or braille output. Screen readers are essential to people who are blind, and are useful to people who are visually impaired, illiterate, or have a learning disability.
TalkBack 101 - The Basics - The Blind Life
https://youtu.be/YJSWYLZD8EIAisyahIsHere2’s Video 171188315971 YJSWYLZD8EIAisyahIsHere2’s Video 171188315971 YJSWYLZD8EI
How To Navigate Your iPhone Or iPad With VoiceOver — Apple Support
https://youtu.be/qDm7GiKra28AisyahIsHere2’s Video 171188315971 qDm7GiKra28AisyahIsHere2’s Video 171188315971 qDm7GiKra28

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AisyahIsHere2’s Video 171188315971 YJSWYLZD8EIAisyahIsHere2’s Video 171188315971 YJSWYLZD8EI

Tbc around, seeing the huge crowd* But..why do your kimonos look weird..? Am..I in another country? Your not throwing rocks at me.. *She takes another glance around, having a very confused look on her face, but Majima is probably more confused* Ah! Wait! We still have that demon! We need to run!

ShrinePriestess’s Profile Photo静香梅子
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀╱╱ ⠀🐍【⠀ᴛʜᴇ ᴍᴀᴅ ᴅᴏɢ ᴏꜰ ꜱʜɪᴍᴀɴᴏ⠀】⠀⠀╱╱

⠀⠀❪At least it's not broken...❫
It was a soothing thought between all that fit, closing the door. Funny, that yakuza worrying about that outdated technology? perhaps also doing the rest a favor to prevent this scene from having real damage.
They no longer focused only on her, but on him. That caused the majority to turn a blind eye to the case and gradually back away. Much better. One more favor, now for that noisy girl whom he didn't take long to put an eye on her.
Trying to understand her...was a disaster; was she really being serious? looking at Umeko better now, alcohol was not a logical culprit. That girl looked too young.
She definitely had a good screw loose.
⠀⠀❝Haw!?❞ his curiosity was unmistakable, forced to have to express it with that exaggerated gesture. He came up to her out of the blue, using a gloved index finger and thumb to poke her lightly on the forehead.
⠀⠀❝Ya lost yer mind, girl? Stop foolin' around an' snap outta it!❞
Oh god, he sounded like a terribly bitter father now...
⠀⠀❝The hell are ya talkin' about? demons? It's a phone booth, ain't ya seen one or what?❞

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SALAM EVERYONE from Peshwar,I have done my fsc pre medicl ,waiting for result kpk Someone helo me ..Im preparing for mdct ...huge competition nowdays im getting into anxiety .I dont wanna waste my year ..not even doctor concious suggest some othr fields ? Mdct ky bad BS admission mil gai na 🤕😭

Official_sanakhan’s Profile Photoثناء خان
If you have any interest in programming then go for Information Technology as it is the best future market for earning.

Would being forced to regress to a 1980s or 1990s level of technology and internet access be an entirely bad thing?

Not entirely but it would slow or stop the improvement in discrimination regression, I think the more a level playing field is broadcast the better for equal rights

Ap pics bohat achi ani thi per ap ny ye Jo susta da huwai ka 2019 Wala model rakha howa hai ye marwata hai ap ko

Alhamdullilah I can proudly say this that I never burdened my parents for my luxuries. I always bought my phone from my own money.
Yes this was my first phone in 2019 which I bought from my first salary
And now in 2022 I bought a new phone (a comparatively expensive one) that too from my own money and I don't feel any guilt or shame that I don't get good pictures or anything like that.
I'm not the one Jo baap k paison par ayashi karay. Even though my father can afford me and my my luxuries easily but I personally don't like to burden him as he's already doing a lot ♥️
So dear anon try to respect people instead of shaming them for this technology!
Prayers for you ♥️♥️

Is there objectivity or is everything subjective?

Assasino726’s Profile PhotoFuck Off Skarbie
Have you forgotten the Polish language? You write beautifully in Polish at home, so why do you honor me with English? Probably not because of the death of Queen Elizabeth?
There is objectivity especially in scientific research, technique and technology, there is also objectivity in science. Subjectivism is about the feeling of a person who can perceive different situations in their own individual way. Objectivism and subjectivism are two different things that sometimes intertwine, but will never mean the same

Do you find extinct animals interesting? Would you ever want to see them brought back? 🦖🦕🦣

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I do! I love mammoths 🦣
I went on a geeky trip recently to a dinosaur exhibit but there was loads of information about other extinct species or what a extinct animals closest relative was and I found that interesting - I am not sure how some of them would be brought back into this world with climate change and population problems but I am not against the idea that they may be able to use cloning technology to bring hybrids or extinct life to other planets or universes :)

Why do you think the Jack the Ripper murders remained unsolved?

Unfortunately I think some killers are just good at what they do and therefore avoid detection. This one also had a few further advantages such as the lack of street lighting (which means a potential witness is unable to provide much information if any), the time period in which these murders happened was a time when serial killers were not well studied or understood (here in the uk even more so) and the forensic technology was not very advanced at the time. Jack left little to no evidence at the scenes, the press involvement complicated the case and the police were not equipped to deal with such major crimes. On top of that, I suspect some tunnel vision in regards to suspects 🤷🏻‍♀️

How do you determine which job you will accept when you have multiple offers?

There are many factors that I consider. I will list a few considerations below:
1. Job Description - does the job fit my skill set and provide opportunities to learn, acquire new skills while assuming greater responsibility?
2. Travel - how much travel is involved?
3. Commute - how many miles and how much time is consumed commuting each day?
4. Relocate - do I need to relocate?
5. Mission Statement - is the corporate mission statement ethical and does it square with my personal set of values and beliefs?
6. Management - are the managers tyrants or do they listen to their employee's and solicit ideas and advice? Also, are the managers knowledgeable about the products and services the corporation provides or are they simply well educated talking heads and group followers who are not able to think outside the box, solve problems and think critically and with common sense?
7. Customer Service - does management understand the importance of customer service and providing products and services that are high quality, reliable and that function as advertised?
8. Manufacturing - are the quality standards 6 sigma and does the corporation reinvest in manufacturing technology, parts and materials to ensure products are design to specifications and meet or exceed reliability and quality standards i.e. MTBF, MTTR, etc.
9. Research and Development - do the engineering management team understand the customer needs and are they designing products to meet or exceed these customer requirements/needs i.e. form, fit, functionality & features, speed, ease of use, serviceability, cost vs performance, energy consumption, heat generation and dissipation, etc.
10. Marketing - does the corporation invest in marketing? It does no good to have the best product and the best price point if nobody knows about it. Is the sales force knowledgeable and inspired? Do they believe in the product being sold? Are the sales engineers knowledgeable and able to take complicated topics and simplify them so the customer can understand what the product is and how the product will benefit them while saving them money, increase productivity, and improve reliability and security?
11. Teamwork - is teamwork encouraged or is it simply a theory that is never practiced or implemented. Ask the hiring manager to provide examples of teamwork that help the corporation design and manufacture a product on time and under budget? Find out how teamwork and management supports the group and position that you are applying for or will you be expected to perform without any guidance or support?
12. Compensation - Negotiate a fair wage. Inquire about incentive programs such as bonuses, paid leave, education reimbursement, health care costs, vacation, sick time, pensions, 401k corporate matching, relocation expenses, per diem, signing bonus and allowances.
These are just a few considerations. And remember, not only is the company interviewing you, but you need to interview them as well.

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Having trouble finding the right girl. Any advice?

MassRob91’s Profile PhotoRobert Henrickson
Women are not here to cater to your needs.
You are not here to cater to a woman's needs.
There is a cultural toxicity problem that stems from technology and permeates throughout all thoughts and interactions we have on a daily basis.
Most humans can't even conceptualize a truly healthy relationship, let alone have healthy expectations and interactions with the opposite sex.
Sorry to break this to you, but you should not be seeking another human being with a list of check marks to sign off on.
I would advise you not to date at all. Just have your fun, then die.
You will hate yourself for rushing into things with someone you barely know then get caught in a tragedy of a loveless marriage.
Or my other take on all things
"divinity lies within"
Stop looking outside of the self for happiness. it is fruitless.
You feel like you need a girl which is why you are failing.
It is immature to feel the need for another human being (because it is immature to want anything outside of the self)

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Hello, what do you think about the technology? Does it make us smarter or dumber?

It has given us the ability to find out new knowledge, broaden our perspectives, and reach places which weren't originally possible.
But technology has also clearly stunted our communication skills. You see it all the time! People on their phones whilst out with friends at restaurants etc
Hello what do you think about the technology Does it make us smarter or dumber
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Why do the majority of photos and videos from the 2000s look so low-quality and unprofessional? I'm talking about common pictures, not celebs pics, those are taken with super expensive pro cameras and pro edited.

It could be a lot of reasons ; either the photographer wanted the pictures to look like that (because there were a lot of photographers who understood lighting & cameras back then heavily depended on lighting.)
Or if you read about the goal with camera technology you’d know that it took YEARS to even get a camera close to seeing/capturing exactly what our eyes can see. You can read about it with SONY right now since they are making contact lenses thats a camera. They didn’t really get that hang of it until about 2012.
Now it’s literally impossible to take a bad picture & professional cameras these days are absolutely insane!

How do you feel about artificial intelligence? Would you get an intelligent android that could serve you if that was an option? 🤖💭

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
> How do you feel about artificial intelligence?
Over the next few years, I feel that AI can be of great benefit in numerous ways. However, my long-term projections would be less than favorable and I fear that we may be in for a rude awakening. When machines can accomplish everything that we can (and in a more efficient manner), we will have less value to our overlords than we have today. As technology continues to move forward at an increasing pace, one doesn't need a crystal ball to foresee the eventual outcome...

> Would you get an intelligent android that could serve you if that was an option?
I believe that option will be commercially available sooner than we expect but no, I would not be interested.
How do you feel about artificial intelligence Would you get an intelligent

What makes Silicon Valley and Israel such innovation hotspots?

KeepYourEyesPeeled’s Profile PhotoKeepYourEyesPeeled
Because of its high concentration of cutting-edge technology companies, Israel has been dubbed the Silicon Valley of the Middle East — or Silicon Wadi ("wadi" means "valley" in Hebrew).
Many would say that the historical events that Jewish people suffered through were the catalysts of the founding of the State of Israel and the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) and that they had powerful influences on the country's technological prowess, culture and economic success. Israel started as a country of survivors and immigrants who were entrepreneurial risk-takers. The country's geopolitical reality, having no allies surrounding it, has created a country-wide mindset that excellence is an element of survival. The country's industrial expansion is due in large part to its strong national economy and access to foreign markets to fuel subsequent expansion. Over time, locally grown citrus fruits transitioned into advanced technology exports.

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🚀 Will humans be able to travel beyond the solar system in the centuries to come?

Probably not, no. We aren't there yet, technology wise, and everything is getting further away while we struggle to progress. Outside of somehow learning to harness wormholes, I think we're limited with how far we can go.

1)Твой телефон, ноутбук, портативка обклеены наклейками? 2)Какое полное название твоего университета? А места, в котором ты работаешь? 3)У тебя есть пирсинг? Где? 4)Ты живёшь в доме или в квартире? Если в кв, то на каком этаже? 5)Катаешься на самокатах, которые сейчас на каждом углу стоят?

1. пауэрбанк да, на ноутбуке наклейки только внутри. на телефон никогда не было желания приклеить что-то.
2. zenith state university of technology, massachusetts institute of technology; infinity software
3. уши, бровь, нос.
4. в квартире на двенадцатом этаже.
5. нет.

Nauczyłeś się ze szkoły jak się uczyć ? interpretuj jak chcesz.

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Ta interpretacja dotyczy tylko szkoły i tylko nauki w polskiej szkole. Gdybym polegał tylko na tym jak nauczają w szkole musiałbym dodatkowo brać korepetycje. Z korepetycji nie korzystałem, natomiast ucząc się w technikum słuchałem wykładów ze studiów z Massachusetts Institute of Technology dzięki temu nie miałem żadnych trudności z fizyką, matematyką, informatyką, ogólnie z przedmiotami ścisłymi. W USA wykładają metodą łopatologiczną, dzięki czemu każdy kto ma ochotę się uczyć to się nauczy. W Polsce jest realizowany program edukacyjny, a co z tego programu uczeń albo student się nauczy w szkole to nikogo nie obchodzi, ważne, żeby zaliczył sprawdzian lub kolokwium z wynikiem pozytywnym https://youtu.be/86vsAM1JEkUKubaGR571’s Video 170255624933 86vsAM1JEkUKubaGR571’s Video 170255624933 86vsAM1JEkU

هو أنا علشان أحضر ل interview مع ال FAANGمحتاج اجهز ازاي من نحيه ال problem solving and CV projects ويكون مستويا يوصل لحد فين في الاتنين ؟!

problem solving, finish in order all problems in my 5 udemy courses
then learn technology and do 2 big projects

I miss old games. As you probably know, Adobe Flash Player no longer exists, it's gone and with it went all the games that operated on it. I don't mind new games, but those old games had something special xD

Ah yes.. gone with all the other potential "security risks".. yay for technology lol
But I know what you mean! That being said, it won't surprise me if somewhere people will try to emulate the old flash games to work on what we have left! Especially if they enjoyed them! :)
I miss old games As you probably know Adobe Flash Player no longer exists its
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