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How do you make sure you’re not dehydrated? 😮‍💨

LunarHuntress’s Profile PhotoYentl
To be honest, even though I’m pretty good about drinking water, I probably am still dehydrated. 🥲
But… Here’s some things I try to do:
-Tie it into my daily routine. For example, I drink a glass of water right after I brush my teeth. If you wanted, you could also do it right before a meal/snack. Just try to make it a habit.
-Drink flavored water or add fruit (lemon, strawberries, cucumber, etc…) to it. It’s a nice substitute, if I’m craving things like juice/soda. I also try to alternate drinks. So like, if I just had a glass of juice/soda, I’ll have a glass of water after.
-Set reminders. This helps me a lot! Especially as someone who frequently looks at my phone, it’s like one of the best ways I’ve found to consistently remember.
-And lastly, I just try to have a water bottle with me whenever I go out, and if I’m at home, I always have water within eyesight… So that way it’s not just out of sight out of mind, type of thing. If that makes sense!
I hope that helps you! 😄

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How do you make sure youre not dehydrated

*shes wincing backing up slightly licking the blood off her teeth* ..... *she pants slightly she seemed to still be in feral mood. He would have watch his movements or she'd attack again*

MysticWolfie’s Profile PhotoLexi Wolf
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀╱╱ ⠀⠀ˊ⠀⚠️⠀ᴛ̛ʜ̕ᴇ̵ ᴍᴀᴅ ᴅᴏ͠ɢ ́ᴏꜰ ꜱʜɪᴍᴀɴ̢ᴏ͜.̨⠀⠀⠀╱╱
⠀⠀With a somewhat ragged breath, prepared to observe and prove how much she had damaged him. Indeed, his arm could not move it.
⠀⠀❝…Oh.❞ A sound of vague reaction came from him. ❝I think you've opened up an ol' wound of mine— s-shit— maybe a nerve...❞ Goro underestimated that area of the limb where so many times received past damage, and now with this, it cost him quite dearly. The blood loss continued unabated, possibly making things difficult for him from now on if not treated in time.
He couldn't allow himself to be given the freedom to look so vulnerable. That was definitely not like him, and if had a time limit…then, he would deal with the threat sooner.
The man would get an exciting fight that sought so much to indulge that sadistic part of him.
⠀⠀❝A first easy bite, eh... eheeeh... I wonder what yer gonna do to get another one.❞ He said teasingly. Without giving her time to think, Goro concentrated strength on his other arm and tried to stab her at high speed. Almost superhuman speed, but nothing impossible to counter.

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Inspired by my own wisdom tooth pain which is utterly killing me right now - what's the worst pain you've ever experienced?

Emmagine_This’s Profile PhotoEmmagine_This
I can sympathise!
I had my wisdom teeth removed in 2 lots of sittings. My jawline just wasn't big enough for them to come through. So would have caused more problems in the long run!
As for most pain I've experienced.. hard to say! My pain tolerance is none existent! So something simple can feel incredibly painful to me.
But it would probably be when I came off my bike and damaging my eye. I had a black eye for about a month. Luckily wasn't blinded, but it did damage my eye socket a bit :(
Inspired by my own wisdom tooth pain which is utterly killing me right now

@forgottenfifth @AngryBlueLink @Stoicviolet @PyromaniaRed @MrImportantHero

yggdrasilplayer7’s Profile Photoᴏᴠᴇʀʟᴏʀᴅ ɪᴠ
It was a promise, well delivered.
Marching across the soil, each of the five peoples of Hyrule would be challenged by a terrifying scene,
1,000 soldiers each, every one of them undead, armed to the teeth and armored skull to femur.
forgottenfifth AngryBlueLink Stoicviolet PyromaniaRed MrImportantHero

Does anyone think the MCU has lost direction? In my opnion, No Way Home is the only film to have added colour in the past three years. As ridiculous as it sounds, is covid to blame? Has it kicked cinema in the teeth?

Math_Blink’s Profile Photomath
A lot of people are getting annoyed with the mcu because it's going "too feminine" (that's a quote I've seen used too many times). Or they're complaining about the direction of the plots... forgetting that the movies are literally following the direction of the comics which were created years ago xD
Sorry it's one of the more comical things people have been moaning about cuz they're saying marvel is only doing it cuz of current world views...
As for the quality of the movies, with covid, they will dwindle a bit. There was only so much they were able to do with the pandemic. Personally I've enjoyed all the movies. But I can see where you're coming from :)
Does anyone think the MCU has lost direction In my opnion No Way Home is the

Does anyone think the MCU has lost direction? In my opnion, No Way Home is the only film to have added colour in the past three years. As ridiculous as it sounds, is covid to blame? Has it kicked cinema in the teeth?

Math_Blink’s Profile Photomath
No, I disagree. The thing with MCU's new phase is yes it feels less streamlined but there's good reason for it, we're getting a bucket load of actual character development that was sorely missing in earlier phases plus extra world building because the phase is going to take us to some REALLY cool places! NWH was definitely a front runner but MoM was pretty good too, and Shang-Chi. Also most of the shows have been pretty damn good! Covid has slowed things down and caused some obstacles, but cinema won't fall, it's building up to something awesome

شو اغرب سوال ياكم من شخص غريب؟ مب شرط سوال، تعليق، كلمة … الخ.

szq__’s Profile PhotoAl-Qubaisi ~
Well one time i was buying something from a food cart and i said “no honey please” and this old man with no teeth replies to me “ just as well.. u don’t need any honey cuz u r honey urself” and i was like is this old man for real?.. anyways that was the weirdest thing i heard from a stranger and it just became something i laugh about whenever I remember it.

¿Téneis problemas para dormir? (Anda fuerte el insomnio y me aburro)

Animation_fan_1’s Profile PhotoAne_lover
@Animation_fan_1 🏝️ Holi Ane_lover, pásate si te apetece 🍷
Ettoo... desde el covid y confinamiento, tengo problemas con horarios, dormir, tareas, ir a clase, estudiar... 🙄
🎶 ♫ ♪ ♬

Genesis - Carpet Crawlers

Genesis - Deep in the Motherlode

Genesis - Duchess

Genesis - Home by the Sea

Genesis [Steve Hackett] - Horizons

Genesis - I Know What I Like

Genesis - Many Too many

Genesis - Squonk

Genesis - The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway

Genesis - The Lamia

Genesis - Turn It on Again

Genesis - Visions of Angels

Godsmack - Keep Away

Gorillaz - Stylo

Goatwhore - Baring Teeth for Revolt

Godsmack - Voodoo

Gorgoroth - Teeth Grinding

Gothic - Far, Deep in the Cold

Gotthard - Feel What I Feel

Gotthard - Remember it's Me

Gotthard - Star Light

Gotthard - Yippie Aye Yay

Grand Lux - Escaping the Clouds

Grave - You'll Never See

Green Day - Basket Case

Green Day - Boulevard of Broken Dreams

Green Day - Holiday

Green Day - Wake me up When September Ends

Grimes - REALiTi

Guns N' Roses - Sweet Child O' Mine

Gwar - Let Us Slay

Halestorm - I Miss The Misery

Halo Friendlies - Me Vs The World

Hammerfall - Hector's Hymn

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Téneis problemas para dormir
 Anda fuerte el insomnio y me aburro

Das Lied "Layla" wird überall extrem als der Sommerhit 2022 gehypt. Wie findest Du persönlich das Lied?

Nadii_ne’s Profile PhotoNadine ♡
Ich finde das Lied Layla im Grunde genommen harmlos. Gut das Lied ist etwas anzüglich:
" Die wunderschöne Layla
Sie ist schöner, jünger, geiler
La-la-la-la, die wunderschöne Layla
La-la-la-la, la-la-la-la-la-la
Dann war es auch um mich gescheh'n
Das wollte ich aus der Nähe seh'n
Ich ging in den Laden und schon stand sie da
Geile Figur, blondes Haar
Ich will Mal Frank Zappa Bobby Brown Übersetzen:
My car is fast, my teeth are shiny
I tell all the girls they can kiss my heine
Mein Auto ist schnell, meine Zähne sind glänzend, erzähle einen Girls sie können meinen Schwanz küssen.
When I fucked this dyke by the name of Freddie
She made a little speech then
Oh, she tried to make me say when
She had my balls in a vice but she left the dick.
Als ich diese Lesbe namens Freddie fickte!
Sie hielt ne kleine Ansprache
Oh ja, sie wollte es richtig spannend machen...
Sie hatte meine Eier in nen Schraubstock gespannt
Aber den Schwanz ließ sie draußen.
Im übrigen das ganze Album sheik yerbouti ist ist so extrem.
Ich will eine durchtriebene kleine juedische Prinzessin
I Want A Nasty Little Jewish Princess
Mit langen falschen Fingernaegeln und einer Frisur, die getoent ist
With Long Phony Nails And A Hairdo That Rinses
Eine geile kleine juedische Prinzessin
A Horny Little Jewish Princess
Mit einem Knoblaucharoma (das Tacoma dem Erdboden gleichmacht)
With A Garilc Aroma (that Could Level Tacoma)
Einsam innen
Lonely Inside
Tja, sie kann meinen Schwanz schlucken
Well, She Can Swallow My Pride
Dagegen ist Layla harmlos.

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How is everyone's mental health?

xhermositax’s Profile Photo✨ The Universe Is Yours ✨
ever since my psychiatrist increased my dose of vraylar, i’ve felt much more stable and motivated. i haven’t done too much today because i feel awful physically, but i did manage to eat two meals, brush my teeth, empty the air conditioner (long story), and play animal crossing.
i still feel focused, so i might try to read or watch a television show next.

Yayamanin ba ang tingin mo kapag naka brace ang isang tao?

whitewolfofthenorth4’s Profile Photoゴゴゴゴゴゴゴ
As someone who wears braces, its purpose is to align teeth and jaws. It's not a fashion statement to look cool. Deeming that braces equate to looking rich is an absurdity. But then, there's this impression that those who wear braces look clean and neat.
Liked by: wintermoon jaanu White

I mean, I am. Everyone, who is like average, is better looking than her. My insecurities that exist are in no way related to my weight, skin or teeth, I'm top notch in that sphere. Idk why you felt the need to say that thinking you're doing something, cause I sure don't care lol

omg. this entire self ego boost proved my point exactly. if you're confident, cool but it doesn't mean it's okay to attack someone else. you say you don't care, but you felt entitled to prove something...anonymously nonetheless....on an entire thread.
I'm sorry you don't have friends to defend your name when they see another person being unfairly cruel.

¿Que canción suena en su playlist últimamente?

Mels_Sophiia’s Profile PhotoMels sophia
Eminem 🇺🇲 - I'm not afraid
https://youtu.be/j5-yKhDd64sjosequiroga93’s Video 170056309581 j5-yKhDd64sjosequiroga93’s Video 170056309581 j5-yKhDd64s
I'm not afraid (I'm not afraid)
To take a stand (to take a stand)
It's been a ride
Everybody (everybody)
I guess I had to go to that place
Come take my hand (come take my hand)
To get to this one
We'll walk this road together, through the storm
Now some of you might still be in that place
Whatever weather, cold or warm
If you're tryna get out (just lettin' you know that you're not alone)
Just follow me (holla if you feel like you've been down the same road)
I'll get you there
You can try and read my lyrics off of this paper before I lay 'em
But you won't take the sting out these words before I say 'em
'Cause ain't no way I'ma let you stop me from causin' mayhem
When I say I'm a do somethin', I do it
I don't give a damn what you think
I'm doin' this for me, so fuck the world, feed it beans
It's gassed up, if it thinks it's stoppin' me
I'ma be what I set out to be, without a doubt, undoubtedly
And all those who look down on me, I'm tearin' down your balcony
No if, ands or buts, don't try to ask him why or how can he
From "Infinite" down to the last "Relapse" album he's still shittin'
Whether he's on salary, paid hourly, until he bows out or he shits his bowels out of him
Whichever comes first, for better or worse
He's married to the game, like a fuck you for Christmas
His gift is a curse, forget the Earth, he's got the urge to pull his dick from the dirt
And fuck the whole universe
I'm not afraid (I'm not afraid)
To take a stand (to take a stand)
Everybody (everybody)
Come take my hand come (come take my hand)
We'll walk this road together, through the storm
Whatever weather, cold or warm
Just lettin' you know that you're not alone
Holla if you feel like you've been down the same road
Okay, quit playin' with the scissors and shit, and cut the crap
I shouldn't have to rhyme these words in the rhythm for you to know it's a wrap
You said you was king
You lied through your teeth, for that, fuck your feelin

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Que canción suena en su playlist últimamente

Jakie masz odczucia co do nowego singla Demi?

wszystkowopisie’s Profile PhotoPytania, Quizy, Loterie | All.
Skin Of My Teeth? Na dniach powinna pojawić się tutaj recenzja tego utworu. Myślę, że Demi stać na więcej, coś mi w tej piosence zgrzyta, ale słucham jej ostatnio dosyć często 😉

*-I need a Geno plush so I can hug him-he's too cute-* *Reaper gives a smile up at the Tsun and clinks his teeth before placing a arm over his shoulder, seems like he needs help getting up-* It's alright Love, think you can give Death a hand?

GrimReapings’s Profile PhotoReaper
*he helps Reaper to his feet, but doesn't let go of his hand right away*
You're sure you can stand on your own?

Wrzuć link/tytuł ostatniej piosenki którą słuchałeś/słuchałaś :)

Emilencjus’s Profile PhotoEmilencjus
Z tych, które same mi się włączyły na spotify to byłoby Wolves Without Teeth - Of Monsters And Men
A jeśli chodzi o ostatnią, która samodzielnie i świadomie wybrałam do słuchania to Honey Whiskey - Nothing But Thieves
Wrzuć linktytuł ostatniej piosenki którą słuchałeśsłuchałaś

Livi, can I get an update on how your tooth straightening process is going? Any surprises or extra tips you’ve picked up on the way? I’ve lost all sense of time due to covid (& being a dunce) so I have no idea how far you are into it or if you’ve finished! 😔

Heya, of course!! I think I’m probably about two thirds of the way into my treatment now, and I can definitely see a huge improvement! Particularly with my front teeth, as they’ve now pretty much moved back to where they once were, when I finished my initial treatment years ago (and before my original retainers for afterwards broke, aha).
Aha aw, that’s very sweet of you to ask - I remember chatting to you about it, but likewise, I have no idea when that was! 😂
I’m not sure if I’ve picked up any tips, but being regimented in wearing my retainers has helped a lot - I only wear them at night and I used to wear retainers at night for years prior to all of this, so if you can get yourself into a routine, it’ll definitely help treatment move faster!
Have you pursued treatment for yourself, as I know you were considering it? If you are though, I highly recommend it! It’s been one of the best long term purchases I’ve made in a very long time, so it is definitely worth it - it’s been so easy and with very little pain, as well! :)

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اه مدخن + ٢٤ سنة ف شوية اصفرار + ايه طريقة غسل السنان الصح + اسمه ايه معجون التبيض؟

التدخين كده كده هيعمل التهاب فى اللثة ونزيف و اصفرار فى الاسنان يفضل نوقف التدخين
Parodontax teeth whitening toothpaste
هيقلل النزيف و هيبيض الاسنان او
depurdent toothpaste
ده نتيجته فى التبيض احسن
والاتنين استخدام مرة واحدة فى الأسبوع
وباقى الاسبوع نستخدم
Sensodayne multicare +whitening toothpaste
لازم كل فترة تروح للدكتور يعمل تنضيف جير و تلميع للاسنان

What do you usually do to wind down the night before when you know you have to get up early the next morning? 🛌🌄

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Well, the first thing I do is try to keep busy and get a lot of stuff done during the day, partly so I have less to worry about in the evenings... But also because I'll be more tired that way! Falling asleep early is easier when you've had a really busy, hectic day.
Other than that, I don't do anything too different. My evening pans out the same as it normally would. I take a shower, brush my teeth, do my skincare routine, get into bed and wind down with a book or netflix for an hour or so before I sleep. Though I may cut the netflixin' short if I have to be up early in the morning...

"Like y'all said, dis is where I live, and I'm not toleratin other demons tresspassin"

forgottenfifth’s Profile PhotoShadow
“ᴛʜᴇɴ ᴘᴇʀʜᴀᴘꜱ… ʏᴏᴜ ᴛᴡᴏ ᴡᴏᴜʟᴅ… ̶E̶N̶J̶O̶Y̶ ̶A̶ ̶P̶L̶E̶A̶S̶A̶N̶T̶ ̶T̶R̶I̶P̶ ̶E̶L̶S̶E̶W̶H̶E̶R̶E̶…̶”̶ *Its grin cracks open, teeth chattering as its eyes roll back into its head. The demon grows larger, filling up the room with darkness.*
Liked by: Nova Shadow Vio

Podoba mi się nowy singiel Demi, jest cudowny! Wpada mi w ucho, a teledysk ogólnie jest świetny, taka Demi mi się podoba>>>>> Czekam na albumik i mam nadzieję, że będzie lepszy niż dwtd!

bieberjustinfacts’s Profile PhotoJustin Bieber Poland
Masz rację wpada w ucho! Na teledysk mieli fajny pomysł, ale miałam wrażenie, że byli skrępowani..nie wiem dlaczego, ale troszkę to dla mnie sztucznie wyszło.
Ja ogólnie chyba należę do mniejszości, ale moimi ulubionymi albumami Demi są dwa pierwsze, dlatego jestem podekscytowana nową płytą bo to dla nich powrót do korzeni. Jednak z drugiej strony mam wrażenie, że jej wokal trochę nie pasuje do takich mocnych dźwięków..
Ta piosenka mi się podoba, ale ja już długo obserwuję Demi i mam problem żeby uwierzyć w to co mówi..Znowu się okazało, że ostatni album nagrywała pod wpływem i teraz jak słyszę, że tym razem była trzeźwa i to jest jej jedyny szczery album to jakoś gasi to mój zapał 🤷‍♀️
Dodaje ich pierwszy występ na żywo ze Skin of My Teeth 😊
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BA_wpg84NuwMuzyczneRecenzje’s Video 173171476904 BA_wpg84NuwMuzyczneRecenzje’s Video 173171476904 BA_wpg84Nuw

*jokes on her, there IS no ground, the dust of her host just falls infinitely downwards, he just looks down at her in contempt, sneering at the parasite wrapped feebly around his arm*

forgottenfifth’s Profile PhotoShadow
You think you've win, don't you? How would you feel about THIS! *Neons tentacles then wrap firmly around Shadow to ensure he can't escape as she lunges herself into his eye, and actually ripping his eye out with her teeth so she can slip inside his head to possess him or so she thought..but when she ran into his head..it was nothing but darkness, he doesn't have a Soul..?* what is this!? Aaah!!! I can't see the exit! There's nothing here to possess! No Soul!? No nothing!!
Liked by: Nova Surge Shadow

"Y'all look fun ta mess wit" *he just shrugs* "Are y'all gonna hit me? Not gonna work out da way y'all tink it will." *he leans back against the wall crossing his arms, one eye closed his crimson eye almost seems to glow as he flashes a fanged smirk*

forgottenfifth’s Profile PhotoShadow
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀╱╱ ⠀⠀ˊ⠀⚠️⠀ᴛ̛ʜ̕ᴇ̵ ᴍᴀᴅ ᴅᴏ͠ɢ ́ᴏꜰ ꜱʜɪᴍᴀɴ̢ᴏ͜.̨⠀⠀⠀╱╱
⠀⠀❝. . .Tch.❞ He gritted his teeth, silently cursing the waste of time. His mind was only focused on one thing, the words that a certain person wished against him.
And he needed to fulfill it…if it was the only thing he could do to make something right.
Goro finally looked at Shadow out of the corner of his eye, not at all happy. With that look he was enough to say "get the hell out of here."
⠀⠀❝If yer lookin' for a fight, come back later. Gotta work to do.❞ He turned his back on him, moving on trying to ignore the boy.
Liked by: Vio Shadow Nova

Do you like to roleplay?

devinbud94’s Profile Photodudette
The truth is that I do not have the need to roleplay or to flirt because reality is difficult enough without adding layers of complexity to it. Heck, I have enough trouble getting out of bed and remembering what day it is or what my name is to assume the added responsibility of assuming a fake name, a fake persona while attempting to attract and develop an intimate virtual relationship with an anonymous female who claims to be 20 years old but in reality is a 70 year old man who is 4 ft tall and weighs 400lbs, balding, with false teeth, bad breath, a nasty disposition and unable to walk 100ft without calling 911.
No thanks. 😂
Liked by: Nitu. Aisyahpotated

Do you like your teeth?

No thru being big wuss as child not attending a dentist I've had 6 teeths out at age of 18 I've got dentures probably the younger adult to have them.. go to dentist kids why you can or you be half gummy bear like me 🤷‍♀️
Liked by: totaa ٠' UrDaddy

Do you have any kissing tips? cuz I'm kinda new at this

Here are some tips for newbies and especially for the first few dates (assuming you also don't know the person all so well and there's no prior intimacy of any form):
- You need to make sure that the mood is right, both of you want it and it's not pressured
- For the sake of all that is good in mankind, DON'T start the kiss with an attack of teeth and tongue.
- Gradually introduce tongue
- Hold the person's body closer to yours
- When biting the neck, ears, or lips, DON'T bite too hard and avoid anything that might cause bleeding
- Don't suck the person's neck while biting/kissing it to avoid hickies
- If you do end up with hickies use a heparin ointment on the affected area and massage it
- If you are nerdy and can understand life only through math and logic, look up videos on youtube that teach different kissing techniques
- Practise kissing using a tomato cut in half, or on different creases/dents on your body (i.e. the area between your hand and wrist)
- Conversation and talking are very important during kissing. Don't be scared of letting your partner know it's okay, calming them down, or asking them to try a different rhythm/method.
- It will get better with time and especially if you stay with one partner

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women always whine about about how guys cheat on them... please.. what else do women have besides their looks.. and once that looks is gone, or someone hotter comes along... why should a man stay with you? any woman can be replaced any time... no big deal...

Say that again in 50 years' time when your saggy skin clings to your bones, aching joints cracking as you walk, greying hair falling out in clumps, teeth yellowing and hollowed out, and a bun of a stomach protruding out. Let's check in with you when people starts to kick you aside without batting an eyelid. Like what you are doing now. What goes around, comes around. Surround yourself with impermanence will produce a very bitter and lonely future. And then, you'll rebut with a loud denial of that happening to you. Well, time will tell.

What has teeth but cannot bite?

BradJones427’s Profile PhotoBrad
My graphite and carbon friends, do not bite my loved ones, my educated combs and combs🖤🔥
Мои графитовые и карбоновые друзья, да не кусают моих близких, мои воспитанные расчески и гребни🖤🔥
What has teeth but cannot bite

"D-Dammit, I thought he was going to leave me alone" *She glares unsure what to do, Majima wouldn't forgive himself if she were further injured, but she's more likely to survive a gunshot wound than he is*

onryotatarigami’s Profile PhotoNova
⠀⠀//I'm going to refer to the crazy one as "Goro" from now on because I get confused ;;//
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀╱╱ ⠀🐍【⠀ᴛʜᴇ ᴍᴀᴅ ᴅᴏɢ ᴏꜰ ꜱʜɪᴍᴀɴᴏ⠀】⠀⠀╱╱
⠀⠀Hearing the confirmation that this was the guy who caused harm to her, an anger grew strongly in Majima. Gritted his teeth, glaring at that man in the distance.
One of his hands explored the bottom of his snake jacket and reached for a spare pistol he had.
But a shot did not allow it.
Goro shot him in the shoulder to disable the arm that was peeking through the clothes. A noticeable groan sounded, blood overflows from his body from that point but nothing that could stop him completely.
@ONEEYEDDEMON ; ❝I'm not here to harm Nova-chan... I gave her my word not to.❞
⠀⠀❝Don't call her that, ya fuckin' dipshit—❞ Majima paused, trying to lower his voice just to talk to Nova. Apparently he still didn't know that really was the alternate one.
⠀⠀❝W...Who's this guy?❞

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Have you ever lost your friend? If so, how did you overcome?

Depends on the definition of “lost.” If you are referring to a friend just deciding to not be friends anymore, I get quietly mad, then sad/self-conscious, and then eventually I remember the reasons why they left and just realize they aren’t worth the time if they don’t value friendship as much as I do. Unless I’m the one that fucked up… still working on figuring that one out. If you are referring to a friend passing, it’s pretty easy: you don’t. I knew a girl who was one of the few people in this world that day 1 I felt I could talk to about anything and would genuinely listen and understand. Even about the darker stuff in life. Apparently there was a reason she was so understanding of the struggles I (or anyone who has a diagnosed mental illness) faced, because she left a few years ago. She was 20. It’s completely earth shattering. In my case, when I found out my mind became useless. There was no such thing as logic, and the world physically felt far away. All I was at that point was a mass of negative energy and emotions… at least that’s what it felt like. I didn’t have to do anything generally speaking, but I was at a complete loss as to what to do, think, or feel. Basically you run on autopilot until the shock fades. What I’m getting at is over time the mind begins it’s sluggish return to what I feel is an imitation of my mindset prior to that day. Eventually, you can do basics again such as brushing teeth, showering or just being able to sleep for 7 hours. At some point you finally reach what feels like a close experience to normalcy, but it will always feel just slightly different. You overcome the shock, but you never overcome the devastation of it all.

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hair or teeth what is more important to look good ?

Teeth siguro HAHAHA. Medyo understandable naman kung magulo ang buhok, baka galing byahe lang. Pero pag nakita mo siyang nangingilaw at may tinga pa, parang nakakahiya. Di ka na pwedeng mag reason kung bat di ka nag toothbrush HAHAHAHA.
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I’m confused… why did Ask get rid of the VIP+? I just got a notice today and haven’t seen anything about it until now.. so now I’m not VIP how lame…

I do not know.
The honest truth is that I do not care about something as superfluous as VIP status. I would prefer to concentrate on my writing without the distress caused by earning enough points or likes to be considered worthwhile as implied by VIP.
Sometimes I laugh because VIP reminds me of high school when in our year book the writers would list:
- most attractive couple
- most likely to succeed
- most intelligent
- most athletic
But nowhere did they list:
- most kind
- most humble
- most loyal
- most honest
- most sincere
And so I ignore such superficial and juvenile labels, categories and self imposed boxes that are imposed upon us by moderators, writers and editors whom I most likely share no common interests and would probably bore me to tears resulting in wailing, gnashing of teeth and increased probability of aneurysm.

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Has it ever happened that you swallowed something you were not supposed to? 😶

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I almost swallowed my silver earring.
It was already in my throat but I did like the weird cough and thank god it came out 😂
I was pulling it out of my fingernail with my teeth. (Totally normal..)
The rest was probably something poisonous like spoiled foods/drinks or just battery juice because I'm stupid sometimes.

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