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وطالعت فلم TheFaultInOurStars للمرة ال7 تقريبا من اجمل الافلام الي شفتها، الي شافه يعطينه رايه والي ماشافه نصيحة يشوفه ✋

اي وايد حلو الفلم مستحيل اطالعه و ما اصيح :)

You got le facts right c: Shatuurr :p And I've never seen you before around school tho o.O And yeah TheFaultInOurStars is my favv c: and I CAN'T WAIT FOR THE MOVIE, We should talk more lol

iStanForMathers’s Profile Photohilda
Awh haha, you don't see me around school because I am the type of person who goes straight home because he misses his bed,
Yeah sure maybe on kik? it's iEcosan. c:

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