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Kamu dapat warisaan apa dari org tua mu nanti..

Don’t give up on working on your thesis! You know there’s time for you to rest for a while if you’re tired of it ^^
There’s nothing wrong if you’re taking a break for a moment since it’s good for your mental health as well.
I, myself also like to take a break from music by strolling around the park, reading books and so on :)

What are you doing this summer?

klonetron’s Profile PhotoHalbery Jones
This summer I’m going to finish my thesis and work.
My boyfriend and I will also go to Carcassonne and Paris this summer! 😄
After that, a Swedish boy from here will visit the Netherlands and we are going to places like Amsterdam, Utrecht, Efteling, etc. 😄
I also have a Coldplay concert planned in August 😍 and I’ll celebrate my birthday in July.
What are you doing this summer

Happy New Year❣️🥳🍾🥂

leahtvergara’s Profile Photo✿ ℓεαɦ ѵ. ♔
All this year I did not congratulate anyone and I was studying, studying and writing my graduation thesis and now I am happy that I accomplished this. It’s official! I graduated this summer with honors degree in geography!! ✨ 👩🏻‍🎓💃
and my ambition is to complete a master’s degree as well now💪🏻 therefore, no one gives up about achieving his dream and ambition, no matter how hard you is facing difficult days, do not give up on your dream and what you want.🙏🏻
Happy New Year

💫 what do you have planned for the upcoming week?

poetalunam’s Profile Photoleigh;
I do not have that much planned this week to be fair! (Compared to last week at least).
I’m working really hard on my thesis, so that will take most of my time. I also have some cleaning and working time planned and I am going to my boyfriend either Thursday or Friday. 😊
what do you have planned for the upcoming week

How different would your day be if you could just spend one entire day without your phone? Would it make your day better or worse?

fiezuqa’s Profile PhotoJess
I'd be a lot more productive, that's for sure! At the same time I'd loose much of the contact I have with my friends, since much of it is through social media! To combat the productivity issue, @LunarHuntress recommended the app "Forest" to me and it's done wonders! It basically forces you to not touch your phone during a set time, otherwise a tree that's been growing on your screen will wither! I can definitely recommend it, I'll certainly get use of it again when I'm writing on my thesis 😅😊
How different would your day be if you could just spend one entire day without

what do you do for a living?

WinterB3er’s Profile PhotoElle
I don't do anything for a living in that sense! I study to become an urban planner, am currently working on my bachelor's thesis! Yesterday I biked 25 km (16 miles) between two major cities in my region to document the biking experience! I also took a lot of pictures of bike roads, signs etc. My legs still hurt from that trip 😆
what do you do for a living

What's your favourite conspiracy theory? 🤯

M1ssSemy’s Profile Photos ⭐ i
"Thepseudoscientific theory claims that the Earth'smoonmayactuallybe an alien spacecraft. Vasin and Shcherbakov's thesis was that theMoonisahollowed-out planetoid created by unknown beings with technology far superior to any on Earth. Huge machines would have been used to melt rock and form large cavities within theMoon."
Whats your favourite conspiracy theory

How has life been treating you so far this year?

briskyfumes’s Profile Photocassiopeia
It's been... challenging to say the least. Have had to juggle a lot of things at once: Internship, exams from past courses, the musical, taking my driver's license... I almost hit the wall cause of it. I'm glad most of it is over now though, only got my bachelor's thesis left which I just started working on ✒️📃
How has life been treating you so far this year

I'm sure you'll do well💖 You are very good at speaking/writing and has a beautiful mind. All the best🍀And thank you for appreciating my thoughts too. I've been recuperating from cold and just been busy with life as usual. My 'To Do List' isn't getting any lesser😬 there's always something added on.

akciMMicka’s Profile Photo⚜️ M i c k a ⚜️
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. συт σf ρσтαтσ qυєєи
✦ ───────────── ✦
Thank you!
My meeting was okay, he didn't refuse my thesis but he wants me to find other examples of research papers, so he can see how I want to write my idea ( because he lacked the imagination of how I want to realize my thesis. So I guess, it's half a yes to my topic. X'D Oh, then I wish you good health and that you may recover soon! Of course, it's difficult to get the work finished that you needed to put aside while being ill. I hope you will be able to work on your list, so it will become smaller and smaller soon! :)

Hi Naina😊 I hope you've been well. It was nice to read the posts on your profile💙

akciMMicka’s Profile Photo⚜️ M i c k a ⚜️
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. συт σf ρσтαтσ qυєєи
✦ ───────────── ✦
Hey Micka,
I'm doing good today. Tbh, I am a little nervous because today I need to meet my prof. (online) and try to introduce and convince him of my thesis for my research paper. I hope everything goes well! Thank you for the likes, I also enjoy reading your thoughts (as you probably already know x'D) Are you doing well too? Is everything alright at your side of the world?

What's the happiest you've ever been?

As a kid my family and I used to go to a family restaurant called S&S Cafeteria, which served home style food in a sort of cafeteria setting. It was an amazing buffet without the endless trips. I would always get their hamburger steak and jello as a kid and always loved it. But around the time I was 8 or 9 they closed. Until 2 years ago I thought I would never eat there again. Apparently they had a sister location about 3 hours from my hometown. So when I found out I had to go there, this time by myself as a grown adult. I got my tray and suddenly I was a kid again with no troubles in the world. I got my hamburger steak and jello, and didn't feel any shame in the fact that I'm a grown man eating jello by myself. It was perfect. It couldn't have been happier. I think it was when I bought my house a few years ago. I had saved up cash for it and I own it outright. It wasn't too expensive but I own it and have amazing neighbors. It's a little bit of a fixer-upper too. The day I moved in I walked into an empty room and did a sort of "carpet snow angel" on the floor.
I had an Italian girlfriend a couple of years back and we went back there to stay with her old friends. The next morning I had a realisation that I had woken up in a house in the centre of Venice sharing a room with 3 incredible-looking Italian girls. At that moment I knew life wasn't bad and I could brag about that to my grandkids one day.
It was about three years ago. I had been informed that my master thesis was approved. My girlfriend was away on a bachelorette party so I was alone with the kitten we had received the day before. I spent the entire evening watching Archer, eating pizza and snuggled with the cat. It was wonderful.
Probably family bbq's when I was a kid. Grew up on a street where everyone knew each other and had family that lived on the street as well. That sense of community is really what my life is lacking these days. As a kid, you never think that the community will disband and family members would move away.
I get comments on my intelligence fairly often (i'm decent at maths and remembering facts. I'm not really that clever) amd my mum calls me handsome, but people complimenting my eyes is the only genuine compliment i get that i actually agree with.
When I met my current girlfriend IRL for the first time, when we fell in love for each other, in December last year, after knowing her for about 3 years on Discord. She's a golden person, I love her so much.

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Hi meine liebe geht es dir gut? Sotzt du schon an deiner Master Arbeit?Man hört so wenig von dir in letzter Zeit.

Lostgirl_inidenty’s Profile PhotoDonata
Tatsächlich hört man wegen meiner Masterarbeit weniger von mir als sonst. Aber auch sonst hatte das letzte Jahr in seinen Endzügen einige unschöne Wendungen genommen, die mich vom Schreiben abgehalten haben. Ich hoffe sehr, dass ich mich in den kommenden Monaten bzw. nach Abgabe meiner Thesis wieder vollkommen auf meine Stories konzentrieren kann und auch insgesamt aktiver sein kann. Doch manchmal hat das Privatleben Vorrang - wenn jemand genauere Fragen zu tvovl oder zu DIVINVS LVDVS hat, kann er/ sie mich immer auf fanfiktion schreiben.
Fühlt euch alles fest umarmt ✨

Yar wth, my thesis instructor called me tomorrow saying agr nahi ayin tou mat ana phir I'll give this feedback agay and my job supervisor said k Kal kisi haal me off nahi mil sakta, what one earth should I dooooo. Dono ka aik hi time he.

Instead of writing it here like this, write direct to your thesis instructor about everything in a simply honest, meaningful and subjective way... They'll understand i am sure...

Thank you so much for all the likes! Very kind of you. I hope you’re doing well?😊☃️❄️

jenylovespeace’s Profile Photo⊱ ❀ ✿ jeny ✿ ❀ ⊰
No worries! 😊 I'm doing well thank you, had an oral exam early today which I luckily passed! It was very important for me to check that one off otherwise I probably would've had to wait with doing my bachelor's thesis until this autumn 😅
Things are going more smoothly now with the internship and other things at uni, March is still gonna be a tough month for me but I think I'll make it! It's going well at the musical, we just opened up the ticket sales and me and the PR team are hard at work creating all the promotional material. Today I made a personal facebook header for everyone in the musical to use to spice up their profiles and to also spread the word 😁📣
Thank you so much for all the likes Very kind of you I hope youre doing well

Was war/ist für dich an deinem Studium das Herausfordendste?

yihab54326’s Profile Photoyihab54326
Im Bachelor war das meine mündliche Abschlussprüfung zu meinem Studienschwerpunkt. Diese war/ist, im Gegensatz zu den anderen Schwerpunkten wie Humangeographie und Raumplanung, sehr schwierig und unzugänglich aufgebaut. Es wurde über Studieninhalte hinaus ein sehr schwammiges Allgemeinwissen gefordert, über das jeder zu unterschiedlichen Anteilen verfügte. Das hat es mir extrem erschwert, mich auf die Prüfung vorzubereiten. Ich musste einerseits wöchentlich ein Buch zu Geomorphologie lesen und Fragen meines Dozenten beantworten, abgeben und im Plenum mit anderen besprechen, andererseits dieses ganze Wissen bei einer 30-minütigen Abfrage parat haben und noch extrem viele Dinge nebenbei wissen, die thematisch kreuz und quer verteilt gewesen sind (Braunkohlevorkommen in Deutschland, Flussgeschichte der Donau, Höhen aller Mittelgebirge uvm.). Das hat mich enorm überfordert, zumal der Unterricht komplett online war. Man musste in der Prüfung auch ständig irgendwelche abstrakten Dinge anzeichnen, die Umrisse von manchen Ländern auswendig können und die ganzen Nachfragen bewerkstelligen. Im ersten Zeitraum hatte ich ein komplettes Blackout und in dem einen Monat, wo ich noch eine Chance bekam, ging es mir psychisch einfach extrem schlecht, weshalb ich das komplette Modul wiederholt habe, mit einem anderen Buch und anderen Fragestellungen. Ich habe so viele Bücher gelesen, Dokumentationen geschaut, Dinge gezeichnet und gelernt, dass mir fast der Schädel explodiert ist. In der Prüfung selbst war mein Dozent wieder extrem unfair, hat mir vorgeworfen, ich könne keine Transferaufgaben bewerkstelligen und solle diese Defizite bereinigen und hat sich auch dauernd bei einer dämlichen Frage total aufgehangen, obwohl ich enorm viel zu dem Thema wusste. Am Ende bekam ich eine extrem unbefriedigende Note (10 Punkte), die meinen Mühen absolut nicht gerecht geworden sind, aber immerhin hatte ich es überstanden. Nicht einmal mein Geländeaufenthalt für die Thesis und das dreimonatige Schreiben waren so schrecklich gewesen wie diese Tortur vor einem Jahr. Deshalb habe ich die Uni gewechselt und mein Prof konnte sich bei der abschließenden Präsentation meiner Thesis einen missbilligenden Kommentar zu meiner Entscheidung, den Master wo anders zu machen, nicht verkneifen. Geographie ist an meiner Uni so ein elitäres Studium gewesen, wo so viele politisch korrekte Menschen auf einem Haufen vereint gewesen waren, dass ich das Ganze am Ende einfach nur schnell hinter mich bringen wollte. Im Master muss ich jetzt einfach so viel programmieren, dass mir wöchentlich der Kopf raucht, aber das ist mir trotzdem allemal lieber als das, was ich im Bachelor alles durchmachen und erdulden musste.

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Warst du schon mal in der Grube Messel? Wenn ja, was fandest du dort besonders spannend?

yihab54326’s Profile Photoyihab54326
Ich habe mich sogar für ein Praktikum dort beworben, weiß allerdings noch nicht, ob ich das tatsächlich machen werde, da ich nach meiner Thesis erstmal keinen Bock auf weitere Ausgrabungen habe.
Ich war selbst leider noch nicht dort, bin mir aber der vielseitigen und spannenden Natur- und Kulturdenkmäler bewusst, die dort zu finden sind.

What were some of the general highlights of 2021 for you? Was there anyone or anything that made last year better despite the circumstances? ⭐

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
full time job
choice of other potential career opps
finishing my thesis
my bestie qualifying as a Doctor [medical]
my Aunt who has dementia kind of seeming to stabilise a bit
meeting cool peeps on here

What are your goals for the upcoming period?

LunarHuntress’s Profile PhotoYentl
There are four main things I want to achieve before summer:
1: Do well on my internship. I really want to get the most out of it and get some valuable lessons on how it is to work practically in my field! Who knows, me doing well might lead to future work opportunities. 💻📒
2: After that's done with I'll have to write my bachelor's thesis, so I can get my bachelor's degree in urban planning! I have a few ideas of what I want to write about but I haven't made up my mind just yet. 🎓
3: Whilst all of this is going on I also want to finally get my driver's license! I'm not far away now though, I'll hopefully have the driving theory test in late January and my driving tests not shortly after! 🚘
4: I also want to work on my body, keep up my current workout schedule and eat better in general 🏊‍♂️
What are your goals for the upcoming period

Happy new years 2022

You had been teach me about mean of life, You make me be grateful and respect one of other, Also I could be survive and strong until now. You already gave me those lesson in life. Furtheron You accompany me in difficult and joyful as long as. Thank you for all 2021
I hope could be better more , Success in do thesis also Graduation on 2022
Happy new years

recycling a question that I got last year: has your year (2021) gone the way you hoped? professional? personal? 🗓💫

nurbzee’s Profile Photonurulhuda
Oof hmmm I never really do predictions or new year’s resolutions. I also tend to live in the ‘here and now’ so I don’t know exactly what I had hoped hahaha.
Personally was great, it was exhausting, but I felt myself growing as a person! I wish I was able to be in contact with my friends a bit more, but the covid measures didn’t make that easy.
I also had three getaways this year and I feel so happy about that! I never used to have that before 😍
Professionally it went semi good. I didn’t finish my thesis at the time I hoped it did. But I did start with my internship and worked my ass off for it! 😊😄
recycling a question that I got last year has your year 2021 gone the way you

Who’s ready for the New Year? Anything exciting? 2022 🥳💫

NineGDxFour’s Profile PhotoScorpioQueen™
I am!!
I’m going to start the year by going away on a holiday with my boyfriend 😊
Then I’m going to work on my portfolio that’s related to my internship. After that I’m going to work on my thesis. Hopefully I’ll have my bachelor degree in half a year 😊😄
After that I’m going to start working at a company that makes me very happy.
All this whilst also working on my body again 😊😄
Whos ready for the New Year Anything exciting 2022

Why don't you switch back? There's so much to learn in this field. Wo to aik course ho ga I guess ap logon ka. It's a whole world in Film making. Game development is really tough I swear. It's good but very difficult or Pakistan me achy studios I don't know hen ya nahi. Usually they work privately.

Saimusic’s Profile Photoᵃʳᵗᶦˢᵗ ˢᵃᶦᵐ
I'm in thesis year tu ab tu noo scenes. Ni photography 3 semesters tk parhi h. Ik gaming is so tough even I'm an average student in it but Pakistan mi iska bohut scope hu ra h ab. Pakistan mi bohut achy achy gaming studios h jo international level pe kaam kur re h.

Wie war dein Sommer?

Ziemlich beladen mit meiner Thesis, Praktika, Gedichten, Therapiesitzungen, Trübsal und Final Fantasy 14. Es war ein Sommer, der mich sehr ausgelaugt zurückgelassen hat, weshalb ich jetzt nur noch vor mich hinvegetiere. Wenigstens habe ich mit zwei Kommilitoninnen aus dem Japanisch-Kurs endlich eine wöchentliche Abend-Lerngruppe ins Leben berufen, damit wir zu keinen Weebs verkommen, die trotz der Vielzahl an Sprachkursen nur zusammenhangslos "Konnichiwa" und "Desu" verlauten lassen können. Wenigstens durfte ich zwei neue Katzen kennenlernen, die im Garten meiner Eltern ihr Unwesen treiben.

Joined Nust. Any advices??

Congratulations 🎉 Start working hard. They'll make you cry par ho jata hai bs give up ni krna. Seniors se puchty raho advice laity raho to easy peasy lemon squeezy scene hai. Societies aur events thoroughly enjoy krna part laina (if you're an undergrad because postgrad phase main time ni hota itna since 2 saal aur coursework, thesis aur internship manage krni hoti hai) and all the luck.

Are there any movies, shows or video games coming out anytime soon that you're really excited about? 🎬📺🎮

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
The question comes as if on cue, haha. After an eternally long FFXIV break (thanks to uni) and barely more than two days of playing since my thesis is almost finished, I ordered the Collecter's Edition of Endwalker, although I should definitely save up money and my laptop is - still - trash (I wouldn't say that outloud though; it might hurt his feelings). Also, I'm not even on Shadowbringers yet and definitely won't finish it by the November release, but at least I have something to look forward to now. ( ◜‿◝ )♡
Are there any movies shows or video games coming out anytime soon that youre

What are your plans for the rest of this week?

klonetron’s Profile PhotoHalbery Jones
I'm going to therapy, continuing to write my thesis and I am getting my second Covid vaccination on Saturday. My right side of my body is a little banged up (probably inflammation in my sternum, shoulder and back) and I'm having my left arm vaccinated, so that should be fun, haha.

Hey, wie war dein Juli bislang? Neue positive Erfahrungen gemacht? 🙃

bergmann2009’s Profile Photo【թ๏ฬשเค】
Och, ich habe mich heute einmal dazu überwunden, mit Kommilitoninnen etwas zu unternehmen und es war doch ganz schön. Der Abendhimmel ist auch so schön gefärbt Langsam komme ich aus meiner Social Phobia Bubble heraus, was ganz nett ist. Ansonsten ist es ein Alternieren zwischen Thesis schreiben, sich um Katzen kümmern, mit meinem Hula Reifen trainieren und zu viele Selbstgespräche bei Mitternacht führen. Es ist nicht der schrecklichste Juli bisher, aber auch der melancholichste.

you do Today what you plan for Tomorrow

today...work on my thesis, my turn to do the hoovering, went to Supervalu, complimented my fave sailor on her writing skills, had a session with my vibe, a run in the park, dinner glass of wine and onto ASK
tomorrow.. work on my thesis, go visit my Aunt, lunch with my friends in Wexford, drive back to Dublin, dinner and maybe go down to the local Spoons [it's posh] for a few scoops , as the Irish say

زاهر أنا لو عاوزة أهلي تقدير الجامعة بعد التخرج ف طريقة ؟ علشان بس يزود قبولي ف منحة برة ؟

لو منح على Thesis track شوفي دكتور في تخصصك( التخصص اللي هتقدمي عليه) اشتغلى معاه يديك research experience ويبقى ريفرنس ليكي
لو هتقدمي على حاجة coursework-based اشتغلى وخدي professional experience كويسة تفيدك في البروفايل.

Was macht ihr heute so schönes? ☺️

Ich saß an meiner Thesis, habe ein bisschen in meinem neuen Buch gelesen ("Schneeland" von Yasunari Kawabata), ein Ghibli-Liedchen geträllert und aufgenommen, Beastars neben meinem zwanzig-minütigen Hula Hoop - Training geschaut und fast wäre ich impulsiv zum Rewe gefahren, um mir Sushi zu holen.
Zum Glück ist mir der Tag aufgefallen, bevor ich überstürzt aus dem Haus geflitzt wäre. xd

Warum stehst du jeden Morgen auf? Was treibt dich an?

Akion’s Profile PhotoFeednant
Ich muss im Augenblick meine Thesis schreiben und obwohl ich absolut keine Lust darauf habe, weil gerade gefühlt jeder in meinem Umfeld seine Freizeit auskostet, mag ich diesen festen Rhythmus in meinem Alltag. Meist sitze ich pro Tag acht Stunden daran. Meine Eltern sind auch für einen Monat nicht da, weshalb ich in Ruhe meine Wochen strukturieren kann. Manchmal ist es ein wenig einsam, aber daran bin ich gewohnt. Zum Glück wuseln hier genug Katzen herum, die mich besuchen.
Anxiety treibt mich an. 🌝

You would have to be exceptionnally unlucky to permanently injure the nuts with one kick only. As for the question about repeatedness, it depends wether you mean like, more than one in a row, or, more than one but kind of regularly :p

May I make a suggestion? Why dont you do a research/study based on you observations? May be write a thesis? Clearly you have a talent for this!

Ich habe mal eine Frage an dich. Hast du eventuell Tipps, wie man seine Inspiration beim Schreiben wieder ankurbeln kann? ( ich bringe zurzeit nichtmal eine Seite zusammen..)

Das käme stark darauf an, ob du wissenschaftlich/sachlich, kreativ, formell oder poetisch schreiben möchtest. Bei der erstgenannten Option hilft mir eine Mindmap über das zu bearbeitende Thema und welche Vorgehensweise am Sinnvollsten ist. Momentan hadere ich jedoch stark mit meiner Thesis, weil mein Praktikum noch läuft und ich werde mich dem erst wieder widmen, wenn ich mehr Zeit dafür habe.
Da du jedoch von Inspiration sprichst, gehe ich davon aus, dass die Frage mit einer kreativen Intention korreliert. Eine sehr gute Freundin hat mich einmal auf die Idee gebracht, dieses Kartenspiel hier zu erwerben. Es setzt sich aus je vier Konzepten zusammen, die für eine (Kurz-)Geschichte essenziell sind: Setting, Plot, Protagonist und Special. Die Kombinationen dieser Konzepte können sehr unterschiedlich ausfallen und man sollte nicht zu viel nachdenken, sondern intuitiv und spontan vorgehen. Ich weiß nicht, ob das hilfreich sein könnte, aber mir hat es zumindest geholfen, die erste Blockade zu überwinden.
Ansonsten mache ich manchmal Bilder von der Natur, sehe mir diese an und versuche, daraus eine Geschichte zu basteln, wie ich das mitunter gestern in Angriff genommen hatte.

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Ich habe mal eine Frage an dich
Hast du eventuell Tipps wie man seine

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