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What do you think of sex within friendship and courtship.

xoseph0112575’s Profile PhotoEquesTemplar ⚔️
I treat it quite well. I have friends and girlfriends for this. Now, for example, my young fan, who is 16 years old, is with me. He will be with me until my husband and wife arrive 🤗
What do you think of sex within friendship and courtship

What do you think about the level of importance that people have about university studies? Whether taking on a big or little importance, since not everyone thinks the same.

Everyone has their own unique path in life. For some, going to university and getting a degree is part of that path. For others, it's not, and that's okay. University isn't for everyone, nor is it the only way to find success in life!

Have you ever had panic attacs? If so, how did you handle them?

Yes, I still do. I went through a stage of having them several times a day and they were exhausting. I have a better combo of meds now plus I take valium if I feel one coming or if I am doing something that makes me particularly anxious i.e the train. If it's going to happen, it's going to happen there's not much you can do other than ride it out. Some are worse than others. Some are hyperventilating and others are going quiet whilst my hearts racing so fast I think I'm gonna die. Learning triggers has been a big help in me knowing I can take meds if I see that trigger etc. I've had a few in the last couple days.

What do you think is the most common complaint people in your country have ?

I'm British, we complain about everything. The weather, the government, the cost of petrol, queuing, the weather...
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what insecurity of yours holds you back the most? -

xdbhai’s Profile Photobakaaa*
I don’t really think there’s any good in store for me at least in this world. Like I try to think otherwise, my loved ones keep telling me otherwise but do I believe it? Are they convincing enough to change my perception? No.
I have these weird patterns in life (in a lot of things) that just won’t stop repeating. Not that I’m rotting sad but do I believe there’s a greater good for me ahead? No. Thou things might go worse in future. Things fuck up real easy for women, in non-reversible, irreparably damaging ways. I’ve seen it happen more times than I’d like to admit.

If you're rich, like really rich, owns a bmw, Audi, etc, there is no way any girl on earth would reject you. Agree?

if you think nothing could help you being a decent ass human so a girl wouldn’t reject you, then yes you should get like mad rich so the poor soul would get to enjoy atleast something in life.

What would you do if you get a revelation that we’re actually living in a computer simulation? Would it change anything in the way you are living your life?

daveb2186’s Profile PhotoDynamarmite
If this was discovered to be true, I think there’d be a debate at high levels about people’s “right to know” versus their safety.
We already know how humans can respond to the slightest stimuli that sets them off on prejudiced rampages when they can’t comprehend things, so the ideology of thinking of others as “you’re technically not even real” could become an absolute nightmare, especially for marginalised groups.

"I'm sorry who? Harley is my partner? I think that's what you meant to say little girl." He stepped closer to her until she was backed up to a wall. He puts his hands around her neck and looked deep into her eys. "You're my partner harley. You know that." He stepped back and got into his car

TheJokerRP’s Profile PhotoMistah J
❖As she was pressed against the wall, the blonde lost her breath, wanting to breathe and then grabbed the crazy clown's arms to pull them from her neck immediately by force, resulting in some scratches that she had left on his arms. With that, the blonde stopped on her knees to the ground, with one hand touching her neck as she coughed as she watched the clown leave the scene in his car.❖
— BASTARD! I hate you!!!

Who's your favorite on-screen couple?

paradiseeve5’s Profile PhotoDuaa.
1. Jack and Rebecca (arguably the best couple on the planet in every sense).
2. Lucifer and Chloe (the best friends turned lovers trope to exist)
3. Rafael and Jane (my girl really CHANGED this bad boy so yes ig there's still hope that you can really change him too sis🤡).
4. Michael and Holly (the only thing I thought when their story concluded was noo matter how weird or different you think you are there will be someone equally weird who'll love you for you).
5. Rapunzel and Eugene (The best couple in animation history).
6. Jack and Rose (Even though this b*tch let the poor guy freeze to death they were still cute AF).

هل تمتلك معلومة جديدة لم تكن تعلمها من قبل يمكنك مشاركتها ؟!

xTheMaestrox’s Profile PhotoThe Mask Of Destruction 8
I got something different that I couldn't learned from the past. The thing is this that you can't make others happy by giving the flower or something that you like most and think she would like it too, No you can only make them happy that want not that you want about themselves.

I think your downfall is that you don’t remember the lies you tell. That’s why it’s just easier to tell the truth. 💔 I don’t want to be your teacher. I want to be your lover

I am greatly conflicted, by those statements being put into one paragraph. Lol. Though I will say, we do not need a teacher. Especially one, of this realm. Lol. And, I don’t think any of us are open to any form, of romance. But thank you, for the offer. Lol.

What do you think about the level of importance that people have about university studies? Whether taking on a big or little importance, since not everyone thinks the same.

University isn't for everyone :)
If someone feels it's important to them, then go for it! Reach for those challenges!
Personally I didn't go to university. I'm not an academic in any shape or form. Pursuing my passions in a university environment would have been more detrimental to me personally.
For some it is highly important for the fields they want. But I've never understood why those who don't attend get looked down upon by others who do.
What do you think about the level of importance that people have about

I want to know who inspired you in life. You are intelligent woman and has good moral mind.😳 Who teaches you to think like this ?

From the little I could learn in life I learned all from my Creator. He is the best teacher and his book is the best moral guidance for humanity. And our beautiful Prophet ( Peace be upon him), who came to humanity with the pure and absolute truth, the words from the One true God. So all of goodness you see in me is a reflection of my beautiful religion, not me. And if you even like my moral attitude then you will absolutely fall in love with the moral character of the last Prophet Muhammad ( peace be upon him). The most beautiful soul I could study throughout history. The purest human soul who teached me everything I am today. Study this amazing man ( peace be upon him) and you will see the best example of a human with excellent character.

Do you think people who choose to work from home should be paid less?

Nope. People working from home actually cuts costs for their employers. Less computers running saves electricity costs, less bodies in the office means they can rent a smaller office space, and for jobs that cover travel time... No travel time! End of the day if the job is getting done it shouldn't matter where from and it shouldn't affect the pay.

What age is old to you?

It’s more about mindset and when I see someone in delicate health 🤷‍♀️ I think people make themselves old way too early. They accept their old and stop exercising and I think once you stop exercising you’re just going that much faster to your grave. Doesn’t have to be outside, whatever you like doing, just don’t think you’re too old to do it because most the time you’re not.

What do you think about the US abortion ban?

i'm pro-abortion, but more importantly, the government should never have a say in what a woman* does with their own body. with abortion banned in SO MANY states, millions of people are going to d*e. this isn't a pro-life rhetoric — this is solely pro-birth, because if they genuinely cared about "life" then there would be more programs in place to actually help women and children. they don't give a sh*t after the child is born. it's despicable.

What are your goals?

My goals over the last I’d say three months have really been focused on the present moment, making room for what I love, clearing out what I don’t. Clearing out my mental space of all the people that live there, ideas and thoughts about the past and far future. Just getting super organised to support what changes I wish to make and living more in the present. I think we spend a lot of our time so removed from our body and everything that it can provide.

What is one thing you want to do before you die?

puetz_jeghers’s Profile PhotoAyesha Hameed
I cannot do what my parents dis for me but before I die I wanna make it worth for them! I wanna pay them back and get them everything they can even think of however Iknow whatever I do cannot be eleven close enough to what they dis for me. :( but atleast this is what I must get them before One of us is no more!

why parents are often too much controlling ?

waleedbutt465’s Profile PhotoWaleed.
Because they literally own you unlike any other person in the world. 🌚
Not all parents are alike. Some won’t say a word and let their child do whatever. Too much of love can spoil your child obviously. They need to know what is acceptable and what’s not, since a young age.
Other parents never realise the fact that their child is a living breathing human too and after childhood they can not impose their own likes and dislikes and choices on them. Once they’re an adult, they’ll have their own pattern of lifestyle which can be influenced by their upbringing but not by them anymore. 🤷🏻‍♀️
I know what parents do is out of concern for their children but they too can go over board with it. Too much concern, too much possessiveness, even too much of love and care cuts out the breathing space for the other.
Nobody wants to write an essay of why they’re just feeling low. You’re human you’re allowed to have both happy and sad days. “Bas esy hi” needs to be enough you can’t always explain ku? Kis liye? The concept of “Personal space” does not exist within desis. Be it from parents side, be it from family, be it from siblings, be it for spouses. Let a person breatheeeee.
You can’t always possibly know what goes through someone else’s mind. It’s not possible so why tire yourself and them with the stupid questions?
Then comes the category of parents who can’t accept the fact that it’s their child who has to marry someone not them. So they don’t get to choose. Theak hai shit happens but where does it say shit won’t happen if your parents are picking someone for you? Ffs beauty and money isn’t everything. I’d never say it does not matter. Ofc it does but it’s not the sole criteria to settle down. Parents normally don’t give a shit about vibes and mental connection and I don’t think you can spend a lifetime with someone without it unless Ofc you just want to enjoy their status or literally only bow down to their looks which is more than common here. Pathetic honestly
The only problem parents and anyone who loves you have is not keeping a healthy balance.
If it’s control and possessiveness out of love it’s, over the board like the other person is an idiot and can’t live their life without it.
If it’s freedom and letting them have their space that too is overboard to the point they have children involved in all sort of evil and they still accept them. Just like women often stay back with cheating husbands lol.
They’re both stupid!
A healthy balance is needed which I don’t see anywhere honestly. It’s an absolute chaos out there. Crazy how you can be blinded by love to the point you’re hurting yourself or them.

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I believe pet names in relationships to call your partner can be cute, meaningful and affectionate, however I also see some of them, mainly on here by anons use pet names that are cringeworthy like “My little sun flower”. What is the worst/cringe pet name you received that made your skin crawl?

BlueEyesWhiteGuy’s Profile PhotoReaper
I really don't like "babe"... I don't know why but I hate it xD
Plus it just makes me think of the movie lol
But I think babe, baby, petal and chick are the ones that make me cringe the most lol
I don't like being called any of them...
I believe pet names in relationships to call your partner can be cute meaningful

What do you predict would be the long-term effects on mental health of children being encouraged to pick a gender and sexual orientation, rather than going with their genetics?

Well you can see that in a lot of older generations. People who were gay married people of the opposite gender and had children with them because of various reasons, but were never really happy. Some people even got depressed and after years many of those couples would get divorced.
I think it would feel very confusing and pressuring to be somebody you’re not. It’s like telling somebody with an atypical neurology (autism for example) to act neurotypical (free of autism and other neurodivergent patterns). That’s basically impossible and can lead to self doubt, low confidence and a lot of stress.
What do you predict would be the longterm effects on mental health of children

do you have a garden? if so, what do you mostly grow? if not, do you think you'd have the knowledge and patience to tend to one, or do you have a brown thumb like me ?

omfgkayy’s Profile Photoalt.m
I have a lot of indoor houseplants but not a garden. Once I got a little grow your own strawberries kit & I took care of them per instructions but they still died.....I was kinda bummed lol

What would change if the world had proof of the existence of aliens?

I'll add a pinch of rаcism - will humans even guess that this is the proof? I know scientists who are crаzy about this, but now there are not as many of them as in the last century. Most likely, in this case, politiciаns and journаlists will go bananas. Ordinary people, I think, will be dividеd into two camps - those who are delighted, and those who will be xenophоbes, that's for sure. Internаtional cоnflicts are likely to be conductеd cоvertly, while some countries will certainly begin shаdow preparation of weаpons for possible "repеlling an aliеn attаck", lol.

What is a prayer that you say?

“God, if you could make it your plan to smite [insert name here] I would really appreciate it. No rush though, I know you have certain things in place but like if you could rearrange a few things Thatd be great cause we both know that [insert name here] is not on the pathway to you so lets just speed up some things for all your other plans, yeah? It was great talking to you God, you’re absolutely wonderful. Thank you for listening. I know you’re busy.” 😂😂😂😂
Whats absolutely hilarious about this is every time I’ve actually done this, the person I’m talking about is suddenly no longer in my life and I have no idea what happens to them. 😂😂😂😂 even though its kinda a joke cause i never think God would change anything for me 😂

Is the term "Housewife" outdated and sexist? I saw women complaining about that term, saying that SAHM (stay at home mom) would be the correct term for a woman whose job is raising children and taking care of the house.

Personally I think those women who find the word "housewife" to be offensive should never visit websites like "pornhub, xvideo, xhamster or tubegalore" because "Housewife" is a popular category that millions of men enjoy but I am fairly certain these feminist women would find outrageous, appalling, abhorrent, disgusting, foul, gross, horrendous, loathsome, nasty, nauseating, obscene, rancid, shocking, sickening and deeply offensive.

1. Do you often go outside for a nice long walk? 2.Is it necessary for you to go on daily walks? 3.How do you motivate yourself for it? (4.What if there's absolutely nowhere to go?) 👣

M1ssSemy’s Profile Photos ⭐ i
I sometimes go for long walks, yes! But most of the time I have a goal in mind, that I'm gonna walk to the grocery store in the city center and back again with the grocery bags for example 😆 Luckily I have a job which already makes me spend quite a lot of time outside so I currently don't really feel a need to go for walks. Especially since I often work out just after I'm done with the morning shift. I think it wouldn't be too hard to motivate myself to go out for a walk, just put on my headphones and listen to either Critical Role or the Corridor Cast and I'm set 😁
1 Do you often go outside for a nice long walk  2Is it necessary for you to go

You try to understand other person's point of view or would love them to understand you ???

dictator_1059’s Profile PhotoThought snatcher
I think they both work together.... Everyone of us needs to be understood...... If we have that person whom we can rely on that's a blessing and in return you can give them all the understanding and love too.... I don't believe in comforting others when I will be carrying a heavy heart myself. So just be good to other and goodness will return to you for sure this is what I believe 🌻💛

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