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Трек по настроению 🤍

Two clicks, quick fix
No tricks
Don't wanna let you go
I am right but I am wrong
Do you ask me something
What d'you what d'you want me to say
Would you would you want me
To touch your lips
Was that your kiss, why
Should it taste like this
Bittersweet, but I am little bit better
Bittersweet, but I'm a little bit
Bittersweet, we got a little bit closer, closer
What what would it be
Bittersweet, but I am little bit better
Bittersweet, but I'm a little bit
Bittersweet, we got a little bit closer, closer
What what would it
Be good
I swear that's gonna be good
Forget it all, we did all that we could
Don't think we should let it down
Sometimes I can't help thinking 'bout you
Трек по настроению

I have discovered my motivations were purely platonic. I can love ya just the same, platonicly

RayvenStarz’s Profile PhotoRayvenStarz
I can relate to that. I have love for people but it doesn’t necessarily mean anything more. Everyone thinking everything is a crush, that I’m man crazy, that I’m flirting with their man… Ask is weird.

Salam people, Do you think we should be selfish at times in our LIFE? Why is that?

Shahroze_Shah’s Profile PhotoShahroze Shabbir
Walikum Salam 🚬
In my experience quietly doing what i have been doing all this time resulted in heights of success that i never knew existed🌚🌝. Its funny how u always discover most valuable things being selfishly alone most of the time. If you think about it rationally prophet Muhammad SAW spent years in a cave learning about the universe. "In the prophet's most poetic loneliness the multiverse bowed down"
As a human i am in awe of this discovery that i found myself working on sometimes thinking if every act is not a waste and means something. Then that event must have a meaning.🌚🌝

ᴅᴀᴍᴏɴ— https://ask.fm/the_salvatorebrothers/answers/170774468159

the_salvatorebrothers’s Profile Photosᴀʟᴠᴀᴛᴏʀᴇ ʙʀᴏᴛʜᴇʀs
Katherine’s gaze sharpened, her playful smirk turned into a scoff at Damon’s provocative answer. She wasn’t exactly sure whether it was an innocent taste of her own teasing or a rather clever attempt to see her reaction to the thought of Stefan and Elena together, which wouldn’t be surprising considering the recent turn of events and her confession. In fact, Katherine would be lying if she said she knew the underlying reason of her instant annoyance at the mention; perhaps the younger Salvatore, although not the chosen one, still tugged on the strings of her undead heart or maybe it was just the undeniable distaste of anything Elena, only strengthened by what her human copy had interrupted between her and Damon not too long ago. Regardless, Katerina chose to let the subject die down and not give it much thought. She turned her face away from Damon, pouting playfully at the nerve he must have had to compare Katherine Pierce to Elena even if that wasn’t what’s intended, she simply chose to focus on that for now. “ouch.”
The brunette’s thoughts returned to the mission ahead, the lack of plan keeping her on edge as her mind desperately began weaving through some thoughts. Damon’s voice interrupted the shortly lived silence once they reached the car. Katherine shook her head in disagreement before, opening the door and climbing in, waiting for Damon to follow before she spoke. “we’d be stupid to not expect Klaus to follow or even Stefan to go back. Klaus won Stefan in a deal, Damon. Your life in return for Stefan’s loyalty.” Katherine shared, eyes starring ahead as she continued thinking out loud. “the only way to get Stefan back is therefore, a deal. Get Klaus something he wants more than Stefan.” She stopped, her attention back on Damon, beckoning him to think along. Slowly, a devilish smirk began stretching her lips once the thought crossed her mind. “Klaus doesn’t know that Elena survived the sacrifice.” She started, eyes curiously scanning Damon’s feature for a reaction as she became certain he knew where she’s headed with that thought. “I’m sure sweet, selfless E-lena wouldn’t mind handing herself over to free Stefan.” Her suggestion was clear so was the distaste Katherine added to the pronunciation of her doppelganger’s name. Aware of the many holes her ‘solution’ had, she was rather curious for Damon’s reaction above all else, not to mention, just how fun it’d be to strike Elena out of their life once and for all. Katherine remained silent for a few long seconds as if to let the thought sink in before she spoke again. “or.. we can give him something even better, something he’d chased for 500 years.” She paused. “Me.” She exclaimed, surely she didn’t mean it, she mainly just wanted a reaction out of him but as soon as the words left her lips, the idea grew to become smarter;giving Klaus the illusion of that wasn’t at all a bad idea, if executed correctly,it could work despite the immeasurable danger for all those involved, especially the bait.

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ᴅᴀᴍᴏɴ httpsaskfmthesalvatorebrothersanswers170774468159

Feel like a loser all the time...i guess i'm not good enough in anything.. a complete failure in life and there is something hidden inside me tht is eating me alive.. n i'm drifting away from everything.

Been there I know how its feels but hey listen life can't be perfect as its all about ups and downs.
Why don't you see this way:
Maybe Allah is putting you in difficulty so you can reconnect with Him.
May be you need to change your approach for dealing with things.
Maybe you need to practice patience.
Maybe instead of thinking you need to act more
Maybe you are asking for what's not meant for you
And there could be numerous ways you can fix your life but remember that it can never be fully in your control.

Have you started thinking about Christmas yet, or is it too early? Who do you plan to send gifts to? 🎁

amycheetham09’s Profile PhotoAmy Rose
I'm not a massive christmas person, I love halloween so that's where my energy is at the moment. I have started thinking on amounts I'm putting aside for presents but I'm not shopping at least until spooky season is over, if not a bit later than that. I'm buying for a few select loved ones and all my pets (plus both of my grandma's dogs) 🥰

Something You want to share?👀

AwaisSahil’s Profile PhotoAwais Abbasiii
When I last visited Iqbal sahab, I was thinking about his nazm while saying fatiah.
Jis mout ka poshida taqaza ha qiyamat
Uss mout ke phande me giraftar nahi ma;
Har chand ke hun murda’ay sad sala walekin
Zulmat kudda’ay khak se bezaar nahi ma;
Ho rooh phir ek bar sawar-e-badan-e-zaar
Aesi ha qiyamat to kharidar nahi ma;
Allama Muhammad Iqbal
Something You want to share

What do you dislike in a person #things

All feminists, illuminate , feminine males those I hate.
I dislike the nonerealistic, over optimistic people who doesn't have proper assessment of the matter. Thinking life is all sunshine and rainbow.
And over emotional men who weep all the time like women.
And certainly there is no place for the damn liars.

How much time do you take for shopping

MuhammadAli191’s Profile PhotoMohammed Ali Baloucch
I hardly take 4 minutes,I step in clothing store ,see all the button down shirts quickly ,I clearly know what I want and what I dont want .I don't waste time thinking should I buy this button down shirt or not .I pick the best button down shirts give it on counter to make bill ,pay the price with debit card come out from there🙌😃😃😃

What is your MBTI personality type?

Hello there 👋
I’m not sure if that might interest someone, but here are the results about me:
You’re an ISTJ (Introverted, Sensing, Thinking, Judging)!
Serious-minded, individualistic and thorough, the ISTJ personality types like to plan, schedule and drive through to completion, in a logical linear sequence. Any deviation from the plan would be questioned and may take some convincing of its merits. The ISTJ is essentially the engine room, the behind-the-scenes worker making it happen. Concentration, willpower and persistence epitomises the ISTJ approach to work and to life and they will begin at the beginning and end at the. Spontaneity and flexibility are less important to the ISTJ. Conservative and risk-averse ISTJs excel when it needs a steady hand and they are unlikely to ever drop the ball.

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What is your MBTI personality type

Do you prefer short answer questions and more of the day to day or questions a little more elaborate and that require active thinking?

I like a selection of both!
There's times where I feel like really going through things I a detailed way, so having a more depthy question is great!
But then sometimes I just like to keep things short and sweet :3
Only thing I'm a bit eh on, are this or that questions... I just find them a tad boring at times. So I tend to just delete most of them :)
Do you prefer short answer questions and more of the day to day or questions a

Why did you refuse therapy?

I was forced into therapy for a different issue when I was a teenager and absolutely hated it. I’m sure the therapist I had was just a bad fit, but it really turned me off to the whole thing in general. I refused to believe that what I had was something that can be fixed with therapy or talking things out. In my mind, I knew what was really going on. That I was just a piece of shit that the world would be better off without. I'm an overweight high school dropout with a go nowhere production job that leaves me feeling cripplingly sore every day. I have no future, and no dude with a clipboard could understand or tell me otherwise.
Because I find that therapists are overly nice and it off putting. Like I just want to talk to someone about my problems that seems actullay human. No one is that nice. Even though I probably should, I can't because the ones around here are expensive and I'm not that rich.
One particularly self destructive night, my friend's mom convinced me to talk to a counselor. I figured to hell with it, what have I got to lose? At worst, I pay someone to bitch and moan about my life. I definitely didn't expect what I actually got out of these sessions. I was given the tools I needed to look differently at life, the world, and my role in it.
Fast forward four years. I'm currently in college working towards a bachelor's in computer science and got a job working in my dream field. I've lost 75 pounds, and have met and am now engaged to the love of my life.
I see no value in paying someone to pretend to care about my problems. And I'm also the most mentally stable person I know, with a full awareness of any issues I might have. I beat depression 9 years ago. By myself. Without the use of pharmaceutical medication or doctor assistance. There is no therapist alive that could do for me, what I already do for myself.. Everyone is different so you have to know that it isn't for everyone. Your standard answer seems to be try it, it can only help. Nobody can possibly say that with all certainty therapy would be good or bad for everyone. Just saying. When I started going to therapy I think that my dad didn't know what to think about it at first. I think that some people in his generation (he's 52y/o) have a stigma about therapy thinking that there has to be something very wrong with you for you to have to go to therapy. I went because I struggle with ADHD and anxiety and it really helped me. I think his opinion started to change once it started to really help me out. I still think that he would never go because of what he has thought about it his whole life but I think therapy could be beneficial for everyone no matter what you're dealing with in your life. It's just nice to have someone to talk to that you know will never share what you say with anyone.

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Good morning.i hope you are well. Nowadays, it is normal to hear the phrase: "It is your life and you must live it as you want." I would like to know your opinion about it and what you think or how it would define individual social responsibility. Do you think it has any connection to the previous?

When I hear that saying, I'm instantly like "well duh" lol
I think when people say that, it's normally cuz they are kinda judging your decision, thinking it's wrong! So they say that to make you try to think about it. Tends to come from a parental figure lol.
But at the end of the day, I'd prefer to make mistakes and learn from them in my own way than be constantly led.
Good morningi hope you are well Nowadays it is normal to hear the phrase It is
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If you felt uncomfortable at your workplace whilst being around your coworkers, how would you go about building your self confidence?

asgardarts’s Profile PhotoLivi;
✦ ───────────── ✦
. συт σf ρσтαтσ qυєєи
✦ ───────────── ✦
I feel a lot uncomfortable around people because there are just a few people who make me feel safe. So what I try to do is to focus not on them but always keep my goals in mind. I guess that's not the best solution for everyone but to me thinking of reaching my goals makes me happy that's why I push myself through tasks that make me feel uncomfortable because they have to do with communicating with strangers. Maybe in your example, I would make myself happy thoughts by trying to think about all the things I can do in my free time, maybe a new project in drawing? Or what to read next or probably looking for places in nature that give me a little energy back and make me feel at peace with myself.

It's always interesting hearing the biblical phrase, "You shall have no other gods before me." That implies either that there are multiple gods or that all gods are "created", perhaps, by humanity's collective will, and that some crave to be at the forefront more than others. Your thoughts?

DomUnleashed’s Profile PhotoDom
Before Christ, this related more to the idols, that people made themselves and worshiped them.
Right now, it can be strange for some people to think about making gods, so they might think that they’re alright, they’re never going to do such a thing, but you can “create” idols from very ordinary things in your life. So, if you’re a believer, everything that you give more priority over God, is considered “creating yourself an idol”. It can be watching tv shows, movies, spending too much time on your phone, or thinking about your job all the time. If those things are in a first place on your mind, they become your idol.

Wht you are thinking right now?

Ye jo anon aa k puchty hain COFFEE PEYO GE MERY SATH aur flan flan tou bai mery hath nahi tooty huay. Jb b mera dil kry ga khud bna k pee ln ge aur mein dil k hathon kisi رنج و الم mein nahi hn. Akely baith k b apny حلق sy chai paani اُنڈیل sakti hn.

ᴅᴀᴍᴏɴ— https://ask.fm/the_salvatorebrothers/answers/170705839935

the_salvatorebrothers’s Profile Photosᴀʟᴠᴀᴛᴏʀᴇ ʙʀᴏᴛʜᴇʀs
Her chest was still heaving as she struggled to catch her breath but she did her best to hide it, his cocky grin had enough pride and she wasn't willing to add even more to that.
His response returned her to reality after she shortly lost herself in thought. A smirk stretched her lips, was he really implying that he wanted to be her best? That meant he was planning to repeat this as much as she was but the idea of more 'practice' with other women didn't earn Katerina's liking. "Then maybe you should practice with the right person." She playfully added, eyebrows shortly raised as her gaze flickering between his eyes and lips.
His hand on her leg demanded the same closure her body so desperately wanted and her mind warned from but she gave in; this was something she needed as much as wanted for such a long time and she figured she wouldn't waste the chance even if her inner struggle became a bit more visible. Thinking about how hours back he could have actually died and none of this would have happened just because she was too careful around the brother, she truly chose. With that thought she moved closer, her leg hung above his hip as he'd requested, and her breasts pressed against his chest. The closure made her heart skip a beat once her gaze landed on his face, searching it for an answer to give. "You are the same. But you're also not. You're stronger, meaner, more confident. I mean I almost believed that you truly hated me until not too long ago. The old Damon wouldn't have pulled off such an act but there's something about you that's still the same, something here." Her fingers laid gently over his heart. "Something that you can't change even though we both know you tried. You care, Damon and that's not as bad as you think it is." She admitted as she placed her hand over his cheek, caressing it with her thumb lightly. "Answer me this." Her eyes were fixated on his. "if you didn't think you were dying, would you have ever told me what you told me?"

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How do they make you feel?

probably the easiest, but one of the hardest questions to answer and put everything exactly in words…
she makes me feel like i can just be me. the smartass, dumbass, and jokester me. i’ve known her for eight years, which obviously leads to a lot of history. aside from me loving her thats not just my girl, thats my bestfriend too no matter what. i’m not an openly emotional person, i’ll do whatever the hell i can to shove my emotions down. i’ve done that shit for years. it works for everyone…except her. everything i bottle up ends up just flowing out. part of that is me knowing i can trust her, she makes me feel comfortable, and i know she’s actually listening and cares. i used to not be like that to even her about quite a bit of things that were going on. something i had to work on if i wanted to keep my head above water. i tried talking to people, i ended up feeling like they weren’t listening, didn’t care, or didn’t try to understand. i get in my own head a lot, especially about kyara thinking i am who i used to be. i don’t ever want to be that person again. i snap sometimes or feel like i accidentally snap at her when she didn’t do anything. i’m still me, just not everything is the same nor do i think the same. i noticed most of the time how fast i answer her, i think i subconsciously freak out trying to answer her quickly so she knows i just didn’t dip out again. i wake up some mornings and i know that i’m walking a thin line that day, or i’m functioning enough just to keep my head above water. she’s either pulling me out of the water or shes there to catch me. i won’t ever be able to thank her as much as she deserves. this really isn’t half of how she makes me feel, theres a lot more honesty.

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-what are you struggling with right now?

SameerTar1q’s Profile PhotoSameer Tariq
You know this “all or nothing” thinking will be the end of me, one day and I’m well aware of that. I understand there are grey areas, everything in life isn’t black and white but I can’t really wrap my head around it in practical terms. I perfect everything I do. I don’t give a shit if I have less time, if I don’t feel well, I need to do everything in the best possible way or guilt overtakes me. 🥲
And it is because I am this way (even with my own self) I can’t stand mediocracy in anything. Everything needs to be “good” if not perfect or it just doesn’t cut it for me and I realise, at the end of the day, I am bothered by it but you know what? I’d rather go the extra mile and do BETTER than slack off and give my bare minimum.
Allah hi reham karey ku ke mujhey tou khud pe bhi reham nae ata. 🥲

I saw you play DDLV? Have you done anything decorating wise with your house?

I started decorating outside... but now I thinking of moving my house to the meadow!
I have decorated outside Mickey's house... but now the gap is huge lol
Also thinking of moving all the orb stones to the meadow to make a feature of them :)
I saw you play DDLV Have you done anything decorating wise with your house
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حد عنده حل للover thinking اللي بيجي قبل النوم بقعد بالساعات صاحيه لحد ما أنام 😣

ممكن بعد ما تقولي الأذكار تفضلي تستغفري لحد ما تنامي هتبقى مركزه ف الإستغفار بس وكمان لما تروحي فالنوم الملايكة هتكمل مكانك لحد ما تقومي ف دي حاجه حلوه ومع الوقت هتبطلي تفكير جربي كده..

Caw caw *a crow is perched on the vehicles at the construction site*

⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀╱╱ ⠀🐍【⠀ᴛʜᴇ ᴍᴀᴅ ᴅᴏɢ ᴏꜰ ꜱʜɪᴍᴀɴᴏ⠀】⠀⠀╱╱

⠀⠀Majima and his right-hand man, Nishida, were looking carefully at that crow.
The one-eyed man crossed his arms and frowned, giving the impression that he was angry. While the other seemed to be scared by this fact, thinking that it was because that flying animal.
【ɴɪꜱʜɪᴅᴀ】"I'm sorry, oyaji! I'll shoo the bird away right now—! AHCK!"
He took a hit on the helmet.
⠀⠀❝Are ya fuckin' deaf or what!? Didn't I ask ya let 'em know that our taxi service was closed!?❞
⠀⠀❝Now yer gonna tell that poor animal over there that can't ride in our cars for now. Hope ya suffer with that lil' face all sad when ya tell 'em. An' it'll be all your fault.❞
Majima finished by grabbing his shirt collar.
【ɴɪꜱʜɪᴅᴀ】"AAAH- I- I will, I-I will do it!"

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Caw caw a crow is perched on the vehicles at the construction site

Tu te douches combien de fois par jour ?

ztnarf’s Profile Photoeuh
Climate, skin type, activity level, environment will all be major factors. Generally, we shower way more than is good for us and wash away a lot of our body's protective oils. I shower every morning, and then after doing anything sweaty or dirty. I know it's more than I need to, but I feel shit if I don't shower first thing. If you're happy showering every few days, and you've got someone close who can tell you if you become smelly to be around, you're good.
I used to do once a week but felt disgusting so changed to every 2-3 days but people at school made fun of my hygiene so I now shower every day and still get called unhygienic so I honestly have no idea but I do know that I've never felt better since I started showering every day.
As a woman I will shower every evening during the work week because I work in nature and nature is dirty so I don’t want to drag that into bed. But I’ll wash my hair every 2 days and use dry shampoo otherwise it dries out. On the weekend I’ll take a shower every other day because I’m generally not covered in dirt. You still sweat (albeit mildly) doing "just go to school and stuff". And that's enough to produce BO. Seriously dude, unless it's constantly in the sub-zero temps where you live, show a bit of respect for the people around you and don't jam up their space with your musk. Deodorants can only do so much, and there's a HUGE difference between a deodorant and an antiperspirant. If you're just smothering yourself in Axe and thinking "I'm sweet" you're really not.
When I was about your age I had an internship and my boss at the time told me I stink. Just straight up told me, no subtle hints or anything. It was pretty embarrassing but it was an eye opener as well. Pretty sure other people noticed it but were too friendly to say anything. You may even feel you don't smell at all, but you get used to your own stink. Others don't. I mainly use pads now, but I still shower only twice/week. I will use a washcloth in the mornings, though, and I keep sanitary wipes in my purse when I'm on my period. I try not to use them all the time, though, because that can apparently be bad for the ph-balance (or something, I don't know, my ob-gyn told me to limit use because I used them a lot when I was an active camper). I shower as normal. I used to use those Summer's Eve scented wipes until I learned about important the ph-balance is and that I shouldn't be ashamed of my natural smell. So, you can use unscented, non-chemical, and unmedicated baby wipes. I didn't use them a lot, since I tried to change my pad often enough but if you're feeling a little icky, those are good. They are sensitive enough for a baby, so why not you? That's what I used to do before I got my IUD. I use baby wipes for a lot of stuff now, tbh.

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Seen a lot of talk about 'love language' and wondered what you consider yours to be? (The term love language refers tothe way that a person prefers to express love to and receive it from a partner. It is now often used generally to refer to many different methods of expressing love)

LouisaRHale’s Profile PhotoLou
Okay... I've been thinking about this for a couple of days.
I've never really been asked, do never really thought about it. And at first I didn't really know what mine is! But on reflection I think I know :)
🌸 Words of affirmation!
It means so damn much when my boyfriend says "I love you", or says encouragement. I do need to hear it.. I sorta just need that reassurance that I'm doing okay in life :)
🌸 Time!
Just giving me the time of day. His time means the world to me! Especially when he shares his interests with me :3
🌸 Touch!
Eh, I really like hugs and stuff! It helps give me that physical aspect and connection :3
Seen a lot of talk about love language and wondered what you consider yours to

If someone has cheated on you, how did you find out about it?

I was cheated on by my first boyfriend when I was seventeen. So you know, that kinda sucked, and it really did a number on my self-esteem, but the way I found out about it was pretty funny in hindsight.
Basically he went and BRAGGED about cheating on me to one of our mutual friends, thinking that he'd give him a pat on the back and congratulate him or something. Instead, my friend called him a dumbass and immediately told me about it.
You really gotta question the logic behind people's decisions sometimes... 😂

Say something nice about anybody you like? 👍 😇

redoasis2017’s Profile Photo★ ☮ ♫ tēຖค¢i໐นŞ t໐๓๓คฯ™ ▩ ♚ ☻
He's handsome, He has beautiful grey eyes, I love His voice, His hair is so crazy and perfect, He has beautiful smile (even when He says He has crooked teeth - I can't see it), and He's the only person who can tell me everything and I just believe Him.
He says that He's just angry today and I just know I am not the reason, I'm not overthinking like when my friends or family says the same thing.
He says I should go to therapy and His words just get to me, I'm not thinking "Oh, maybe He's wrong, maybe therapy won't help me" - no, He says I should go and I am going.
Really, He has something that nobody has, He's unique and I just love Him so much. ❤️
I just want to cry when I get that He probably doesn't love me. 💔

there is no concept of deep conversations in brown household. you be discussing a important topic / situation of life and she'll interrupt saying, "jaa gas band kar aa"

qasamakhtar’s Profile PhotoQasam
These angrez wannabes 247 disrespect their parents thinking they're different and better and cool. You're all totally shit personalities who are worthy of doing nothing. If your parents don't pay your internet bill, you have no longer access to Netflix and YouTube and continue being angrez wannabes. Worthless, jobless, lifeless, talentless, piece of shits. Get a life. Find it somewhere.

Everybody else skips the question. WHY NOT YOU. Communication was a problem growing up huh? You never felt heard and understood huh?

#silenceispower The only way to master your world is to learn to shut up, lol. Like literally. Shut up and LISTEN. Silence only comes from those who are extremely Powerful beings. They have full control over their emotions and heart. So, don't ever fool yourself into thinking that Silence is not a response... because you'll quickly be put in your place.

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