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I have a crush on my colleague, she's definitely not out of my league, but one thing prevents me from trying to get closer to her, which is me thinking that I'm not good enough for her, and that my low self-esteem illness and socially unstable personality isn't suitable for her balanced self.

kami2492’s Profile Photoكامي
Why should a man with a low self esteem be desirable? Work on your mental perception first. The dating world isn’t fair or just. It is a game with unwritten rules..

What are some unique Christmas traditions from around the world that you find fascinating? 🎄 🎅 🎁 🌰 😇

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I’ve always been fascinated by parents who tricked their kids into thinking that Santa brought them presents while they were asleep considering the fact that that’s deliberately lying to your kid(s)which I find is wrong and believe that it’s still important to be honest with them, even if they’re just kids. It’s wrong to lie in general but lying on a holiday doesn’t make it any better or right in any way. Talking about the history of Christmas and who Santa was in the past would be a better way to celebrate Christmas imo 🙂

صباح الخير let's go thinking 🤗🌹

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مُُعظمنا عايش في الحياة مُجبر على حاجات كتير؛ اللي هو ماشيين بالمُتاح مش باللي إحنا عايزينه، كُل المواقف والأحداث اللي بنعيشها مش على هوانا حرفيًا ولكن مَفيش بدائل أساسًا، وأصبحت حياتنا عبارة عن أمر واقع وبدائل لحاجات كنا بنتمناها .. وللأسف ولا مرة كنا بنملُك زمام الأمور أو عندنا رفاهية الإختيار!

It's been 2 years my relationship has ended. She left me for another guy.. I can't stop thinking about her. I want to let go but her memories haunt me. How do I move on and forget her?

Get yourself busy in things you enjoy and build your own portfolio. You might miss them but after a while there’s nothing more enjoyable than focusing on u 🌻

It's been 2 years my relationship has ended. She left me for another guy.. I can't stop thinking about her. I want to let go but her memories haunt me. How do I move on and forget her?

Consult a good psychiatrist becuz it disturbs mental health too . Please don’t think it as bad , I m not enemy , I m not joking or hurting you in any way, and I m telling truth my God knows that it disturbs mental health !

Someone told me lately the thing you are doing isn't right ethically, my reply was I'd rather be a bad one in the story! Just thinking how toxic was that if I did that for my mental peace 🙄

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it was perfect, it is to be loved as a part of yourself and definitely trying to be good in other peoples' eyes is not the way... we must never regret choosing our path and thinking for ourselves independently...

Someone told me lately the thing you are doing isn't right ethically, my reply was I'd rather be a bad one in the story! Just thinking how toxic was that if I did that for my mental peace 🙄

aleena_kamran1’s Profile Photoبھٹک رہی ہوں-
Every time you get hurt keeps making you a little dead & heartless just to protect yourself, it's human nature mostly but then you get to the point where you prioritise hurting others for the sake of your peace but the problem is, if there is any good left in you, you still feel guilty & know that you shouldn't have done that & hence another torment begins...
Such a person may want to turn to Allah for help, read the Quran with translation & hadiths... Then they see that cold-heartedness is a curse & not a good thing & then if they keep praying, Insha'Allah Allah will bless them with the peace of the heart & mind...

⚠️ Stop dating broke men. Stop helping struggling men. Stop loving men at their lowest. Stop feeling pity for men who can’t make a living for themselves. Men NEVER look back after finding themselves. Because at the end of the day. While you’re pouring love and care into him, he’s only draining you

-If this a woman writing this and not just to trigger reactions…-
I hear you, it’s better to be with someone who can take care of you and is stable especially financially. Just hope that man sees that you’re worth being his woman and what comes with that. Wanting a “ready made product” can come with rules that you might not like. And if she finds a man like that, then it’s up to her to prove she’s worth all of that.
As long as a good man has ambition and has a plan and puts it into motion, he won’t always be broke and struggling. It might be a while, but if they work at it and let YAH help guide them it’ll happen. A woman who sticks thru it with him on his grind will be rewarded tremendously once he gets there. I’ve seen in my family and my peers, they stuck it through with their men and don’t have to worry about anything because they’re were in the mud with them. It’s a beautiful thing!
And to the men who see this post(rather 18+ or younger), rather this is a troll post or not, there are women who think like this and they’re right in a sense. More reason for you to get your weight up and do what you gotta to make your goals and dreams happen. It can be rough and feel pointless and might even feel lonely, but you can do it! And if you have a woman (or women, whoever holds you down) who helped you and stuck by your side through it, treat her well. It seems to be rare today to find that. They’re a needle in a haystack but they’re out here
And should you be look down or passed over due to where you are now, know that it’s not temporary but it’s all up to you. And if/when you make to the top or elevate (whatever that looks like to you), and I say this with love.. you don’t have to fully dedicated to ANY woman once you get there and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Think about it, if women who think like this won’t be there at lowest, and only when you’re glowing, she’ll more than likely dip out once she gets a feeling that you might have a downfall. I’d say don’t deal with chicks like that but that’s one of the reasons chicks that operate like this get used for “recreation” and not seen as serious(with exceptions of course). Sad truths, but don’t let this fuck with you. You’re a human with a soul and essential to the society and life. You’re not a utility. Good luck out there and God bless!
TLDR: Women are right to think like this and not wanting a dude whose not up now, especially if she gives them a chance and it doesn’t work. But don’t let that get you down, there’s women who will work with you and see past that if they believe in you. Treat her like a queen so long as she holds you down and if she leaves and/women look over you or don’t acknowledge you… when you’re up move how you think/want to out here. Some of these chicks are finish line straggs/slores and they still out there doing them til you make it happen, go about that how you will. All this means is you really are the prize (in this way of thinking).
Have a good day everyone!

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Stop dating broke men Stop helping struggling men Stop loving men at their

In which country, best education is available and why?

zeldalink1’s Profile PhotoNavpreet
In all honesty, Gaddafi's Libya ✌️
Education (including attending university ‍🎓) was free to anybody and everybody there, and literacy rates rose significantly between 1969 and 2011 🙃
The only downside was that the Libyan education system under Gaddafi didn't tolerate critical and independent thinking 🥴
In which country best education is available and why

If a woman asks her male partner “What are you thinking?” What is the correct response? Is there a correct response?

Neo_gs’s Profile PhotoSquanchy
Lol, Reminds me of this meme... 🤣
I don't think there "is" a correct response, lol.
If you tell her "Nothing" she'll just think there's something wrong or something you're not telling her or your cheating lol... In our minds, thinking about "nothing" is literally impossible!! Like, why else can we not fall asleep at night? Lol (P.S. I'm super envious how my fiancé can sleep in like 2 seconds whenever her wants... I wish I could turn off my brain, toooooo! NO FAIR!😭😤 *Pouts*)
If you tell her what she "wants to hear", it'll sound like TOTAL bologna... BA... LOG... NAW!! If she's a wise woman, she's not gonna fall for that hog wash 😝
If you're "actually" thinking of something, but it doesn't pertain to anything in the moment and just random, utter, nonsense... Well, I'm not really "sure" what her reaction that would be? But I can imagine bewilderment on her part, lol.

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If a woman asks her male  partner What are you thinking  What is the correct

There is always a point in our lives when everything seems boring and detached FromTime2Time. Watching your favorite shows, listening to songs, scrolling on social media, eating your favorite food... But there's one thing and it's different for everyone that never feels boring. What's that for you?

OneFinalTime__Maybe’s Profile PhotoAhmed Imran Hashmi
Playing sports. For me, the whole world could be falling apart and if someone asks me to go play my fav sports I’ll say Yes without thinking twice, I never get bored of it. Ever.

Someone said "It’s not the economy, it’s your income, and your income is directly related to choices you’ve made" do you think that's capitalist thinking?

yeah — your income is driven by the way the market is in the economy, not due to the choices you've made. your experience, education, etc., do play a role in what your salary is, dont get me wrong, but it's largely governed by the industry market and the economy.

Feminine archetype test: https://www.wherewonderwaits.com/feminine-archetypes/#feminine-archetype-quiz

Tʜᴇ Sᴀɢᴇ, or Wise Woman, is a truthseeker at heart. She is a brilliant thinker, driven by a desire to know. That includes both the outside world as well as her innermost self.
The Sage Archetype is characterized by head over heart. She does not easily get carried away by her emotions – her natural tendency is to prioritize logic and purposeful thinking in her decision-making process.
The Wise Woman‘s true purpose is closely connected to helping others with her insight. An overly mind-focused person might easily become manipulative or egocentric – the antidote is giving.
In times of emotional turmoil, she can be a grounding force for others and balance those overwhelmed with her cool assessment.
From early on, the Sage possesses a lot of maturity, aka, grown-up energy: she likes to plan ahead, is very stable in her life, makes smart decisions, and emanates calm confidence.
She may come across as ‚wise beyond the years – which is why this archetype is so closely connected to the image of a wise elder.
With her rational-minded spirit, she may feel more at ease among men. When growing up, the Sage is often ‚daddy‘s girl‘ and later tends to have more male than female friends.

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Feminine archetype test

Feminine archetype test: https://www.wherewonderwaits.com/feminine-archetypes/#feminine-archetype-quiz

┃ Ʈᖾᥱ ᒐoʋᥱɾ. ┃
With her natural connection to sensuality, the Lover has a very special magnetism that quite literally can make people stop and stare. She is fully connected to her senses and her radiant, almost electrical energy mesmerizes. Passion is what best describes this feminine archetype – she has an incredible capacity for connection and creativity. While she may tend to scatter her abundant energy across several projects, she always pours her heart and soul into anything she does. The playful, passionate Lover is highly connected to her body. This sensuality does not necessarily have to be sexual, it is much rather how she walks through life. However, especially for the Lover Archetype, sex can be a deeply spiritual practice. The Lover is 100% pleasure-oriented. She loves to flirt with life – to her, it is all a great adventure and she fully believes in abundance. Never tired to explore, she loves diving into new experiences, connecting with others and expressing herself to the fullest. The Lover has a gift for bringing beauty into this world. She is one with the life source and, as such, adores the act of creating. Her limitless soul is best expressed through art, whatever form it may take. Her decisions are rather guided by emotions than by the thinking mind. The Lover Archetype is often a deep feeler and has a high capacity for experiencing the full range of human emotion. The Lover Archetype‘s impulsive decisions and sponteaneity can be a curse and a blessing. One thing is guaranteed though, you will never feel bored around this archetype – the Lover has a gift for making other people feel alive and awakening their adventurous side. As she deeply desires intimate relationships, connecting with others is one of the Lover‘s highest priorities. The Lover wants to be desired, to receive and give love and live in a state of intimacy and connection. The Lover lives life in a perfect flow state while savoring all the pleasures life has to offer.

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Feminine archetype test

Do you ever think about people from your past whom you haven't seen in years? This song got me thinking about this girl who was my grandma's neighbor. Whenever I visited grandma, I'd hang out with her. She was around my age, and we'd listen to music on her iPod, lol. I wonder where she is now.

Yes, I still think about my peers from high school even though I haven’t seen them in years. I have some of them added on Snapchat and follow a few of them on Instagram so I know what some of them are up to these days but still feel the disconnect since we don’t talk to or see each other anymore. I’m just upset that none of them bothered to reach out to me despite saying hi to me when they’d see me at school and I myself have reached out to a few of them only to get blocked without an explanation. But sometimes, I also think about my childhood friends and what they’re up to these days since I haven’t seen some of them in 10+ years without any phone calls in between, especially my friend back when I was in second grade who went back to Turkey (where she’s originally from) after a year of staying in the US. She’s probably more fluent in Turkish than me at this point and maybe she lives a more “interesting” life than I do these days but I’m hoping that I’ll get to talk to her in the future (that is, if my mom still has her mom’s phone number/contact info).

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For those of you who are single, are you content in this season of your life? Why or why not?

I’m definitely not content but my parents think it’s best if I stay single for now, just because I don’t have my life “together” at the moment. I just want to have a partner that I can do anything with and someone I can reach out to without being reluctant while doing so and since that’s missing, I feel like no one really cares enough to make time for me or check up on me regularly. I’d feel less alone while staying home all the time and only going outside to buy something or attend my in person classes if I had a partner by my side. It would be amazing to have a best friend as well as a lover all in one person who I can wake up thinking about and go to sleep with them on my mind, knowing that I don’t need to worry about others (outside of my relatives/family members) or my friends leaving me anytime soon as long as I have them.

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Is it my depression that probably makes me feel indifferent towards many things and not find fun activities like gaming to be fun?

yes. talk to a doctor, there are modern meds without the severe side effects that used to be the big concern with folks. Things are better now. It's easy to treat depression with a little trial and error and hopeful thinking.

You got the key to my heart

I’m thinking of being a Dolls Kill merch reseller on apps. Sometimes you can get merch items for super cheap on the auction. I wouldn’t mark them up to insane prices like some do but to make a little profit on them. I have this thing where I can only sell things that I own myself. Like I don’t want to sell things I don’t like. I’d want my store to represent my own taste. I’ve sold things on Listia before. It was just extra nose rings that came in large packs. That was fun.
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What's one challenge that shaped who are today more than any other ?

Nice question!
I have several but the one that really challenged me was when my mom go laid off when I was in high school. I practically had to figure out how to complete my school work and work enough to help sustain us both. She never asked me to do that but I did it without thinking if that makes sense. I definitely feel like it helped me become more mature at a young age and learn certain values. I don’t regret that life experience whatsoever. It really challenged me for the better.

Związek czy przyjaźń?

Fruubus’s Profile Photoa̷nett
PL: Najlepiej żadne z powyższych, przestałam wierzyć zarówno w miłość, jak i w przyjaźń.
Nie wiem, może pewnego dnia ktoś odmieni moje myślenie, może zdarzy się bohater, książę bądź księżniczka na białym rumaku, nie wiem, zobaczymy.
Póki co jestem zniszczonym psychicznie dzieckiem, które boi się uczuć i emocji.
A przecież uczucia i emocje są rzeczą ludzką...
Ja jestem jedną, wielką, chodzącą sprzecznością...
ENG: Preferably none of the above, I stopped believing in both love and friendship.
I don't know, maybe one day someone will change my thinking, maybe there will be a hero, a prince or princess on a white horse, I don't know, we'll see.
For now, I am a mentally damaged child who is afraid of feelings and emotions.
As I said, feelings and emotions are human things...
I am one big, walking contradiction...

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Why do you suppose the demons in your head are afraid of love?

I know someone like that. I’ve recently figured out why he changed so drastically and has always said things like “what am I?” and thinking everyone is scared of him. He’s got some kind of attachment. I used to want to reestablish our long ago relationship various times throughout my life and he would always say that for my good that he wouldn’t do it. I mean we all have attachments. That’s what thoughts are. But not all are dark of course. I always sensed a darkness about him. It’s part of why I was always so drawn to him. I told him that about two years ago. He didn’t like it but he knew what I meant.

What are things in life you cannot get enough of?

I can't get enough art. I can't get enough making it, selling it, thinking about it, seeing it. My sister reminded me today that there was a period of my life without an art community, particularly when I was still trying to please our mom, and struggling mentally and emotionally. Now I'm free of that, I'm healthy, I'm medicated, and my art is all over town. I am flourishing

How do you define “smart”?

Lana_G_Hadeed’s Profile PhotoLana
Intelligence is so hard to define or measure. Everyone has different ways they are intelligent. Majority of people are intelligent in one aspect of life. Its rare to be someone who is intelligent about everything which is why they are called a genius but people need to stop looking down on themselves because they may not be that level because its just not obtainable for everyone and thats ok. Theres just no one way to define “smart.”
People think Megan Fox is dumb because listening to her talk is painful but she knows what shes doing & she made a career for herself with it which I look at as smart - its just not everyone else’s way of thinking but we all have to admit it was a smart play. So, theres so many different levels. I could go on & on but I should stop rambling lol

Would you raise your child the way your parents raised you?

Lana_G_Hadeed’s Profile PhotoLana
Yes & no ; theres a lot of things they taught me that I really appreciate such as; critical thinking, independence, & how to maintain more logical rather than react to my emotions.
But, I would definitely be there more for my kids. Show up when it matters & be a big part of there lives.

What is the weirdest thing you have done?

Once I was in the middle of an extremely busy ER. A patient was going into diabetic coma, and I urgently wanted to look at his blood gases level to confirm my diagnosis. His attendant came, all relaxed and everything, not realizing the graveness of the situation. I told him, 'Uncle yeh sample jaldi se bhaag ker le ker jayen, mareez ki halat achi nahi hai' The attendant literally ran after hearing this, poor man. Uske bhaagne per mujhey afsos bhi howa lekin us sey ziyada hansi bhi aayi. Itne mein next patient agaya and I had to tell him, 'Ek minute rukiye ga, mein pehle hans loon'. Lo and behold, the next patient did step back, waiting for me to finish my stupid laughing fest, and then came once when I was done. 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ These people could be so simple, it almost hurts your heart thinking of their simplicity.

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What makes life enjoyable for you? What advice would you give to people struggling to know what to do in life?

My loved ones, my hobbies, my interests... But even those things sometimes aren't enough if you're really struggling, and that's not because you don't love them enough or you're not trying enough; it's just that life is f*cking hard, and society has conned us all into thinking that we have to be perfectly balancing our work/home/social/parent (if applicable) lives at every given moment whilst also managing to eat 3 healthy meals a day, do enough exercise, get a minimum of 8 hours of sleep... I mean, where tf are all these hours in one day?! No wonder we're struggling, the expectations are set so high we're doomed to fail from the get go! And that is a really difficult reality to make peace with, which doesn't help. But once you do start to make peace with it, life becomes so much more enjoyable. So that's my advice more than anything else; make peace with the fact that, by society's standards, you are going to fail but f*ck society, do your best and be happy.

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Are you really getting to know yourself this year?

I haven’t really been living in the moment these days and have been constantly thinking about the things that happened in the past or found myself being worried about my future instead but also not taking much action to change my life either. I know what I desire but am instead settling with what I want due to being unsure of what I’d like to do for the rest of my life. I’m not sure if having a job where I have to interact with people a lot would be good for me (considering how much I value and enjoy my alone time a lot and am also not the most patient person either) or if it would be more beneficial as well as realistic to have a job where I hardly have to interact with others and hardly ever get out of my comfort zone. I think I know myself enough but that still doesn’t seem enough to me. Hopefully, I’ll make some progress and change my life in some ways this upcoming year, rather than continuing with the same lifestyle/routine I’ve had for the most part since the pandemic started. I’ll figure out my path with trial and error I guess 🤷🏻‍♀️

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