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Do you have a favorite person in your life? If you do, how do you usually let them know that you appreciate them?

tristanandiseult3’s Profile PhotoMarie the Clumsy
Yes, of course there is a loved one in my life. Apart from his parents, this is my son. I'm not trying to show him my love, I'm taking it and giving it to him! I'm both his father and his best friend.❤
Do you have a favorite person in your life If you do how do you usually let them

What is something on your mind that you really wanna talk about ?

anonstar6478556’s Profile Photoanonstar6478556
I’ve been home for the most part since 2020 and it’s mostly my social anxiety that’s been holding me back from working somewhere but lately, it’s been harder to cope with the boredom that comes with not having variety in my life. I find myself complaining about the same problems to my parents who can’t really help me at this point since they think it’s up to me to make the change happen. My younger brother and sister are outside more often than I am and watching them leave while I force myself to repeat the previous day all over again just isn’t alright with me anymore.

Have you ever had a lot of money? What did you spend them on?

I am about to get a “huge” heritage of 5 million euros from a dying lady in Nigeria. It has been a bumpy road, but I can almost taste them now. So close.
First, I had to pay my lawyer for his trip here. Unfortunately, the authorities arrested him at the airport for attempting to launder money, so I had to bribe them.
After that, when he got out of prison, he got kidnapped. So I had to save his ass once again. Poor guy. Lawyer Saul Goodman, the guy from “Breaking Bad,” for god’s sake. I love that series.
But those kidnappers were the nicest people you could find. They told me I could keep the bag with the 5 million euros if I only paid them a few thousand euros for a new AC. Their hostages had been complaining about the dry air there. The bargain of my fucking life. They told me they knew how it was to live without money. You know you are poor when people in fucking Africa want to give you money. A big fucking shout-out to them. If you want to be kidnapped, contact those guys.
Anyway. When they released Mr. Goodman, he had to go to the hospital after suffering from a heart attack. Yeah, I cried too. I asked his doctor if there was anything I could do, and he told me that there was, actually.
They had to bring in an experienced cardiologist from abroad, so it cost extra to get him there. Otherwise, there was an 80% chance that Mr. Goodman could die.
Well, so I paid for his salary and flight. And since he hated to fly, I paid extra for a first-class ticket. It was a serious surgery, so the doctor couldn’t stress enough how important it was that this guy felt relaxed. Luckily, this doctor knew of a magnificent hotel. Like the doctor asked me:
“What is money compared to the inner peace of saving someone’s life?”
Shout out to Dr. Frankenstein's monster as well. I’m sorry. Dr. Frankenstein's cousin. I thought he said, “Dr. Frankenstein,” but only an idiot would have believed that. Didn’t Dracula kill him a long time ago? No offence to stupid people, but I feel sorry for you.
Now, he is on vacation—it’s a doctor’s order. I have paid for a few relaxing weeks on the Samoan Islands, and whenever he feels cured, he will deliver my money.
All this cost me a shitload of money, so I had to sell my house. But since I don’t own a house, I sold my friends' house. Oh, boy, they will be in for a surprise when they return from vacation. They think I’m watering their flowers. I did. Until I sent them to the hospital in Nigeria with a “get well soon” card for Mr. Goodman. There is no need to panic. I will repurchase it when he arrives here with my money.
Before publishing this, I got a message from Mr. Goodman: Unfortunately, he and his luggage went on different flights.
But coincidentally, he lives at the same hotel as Ace Ventura’s older brother, Big Case Ventura, and his nephew,Trace Ventura. I must leave because I need to pay for their flight to Paris.
Thankfully, I will get all the money back again when they sue the airport.

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Have you ever had a lot of money What did you spend them on

Hi Lex, 😉👋 who is your favorite Italian Renaissance artist? And why? Is there a particular work that fascinates you? Tell me something interesting you've discovered about this artist.

Brutalzone’s Profile PhotoSALVATORE BALESTRA
Hey brother! You've got me on this one. So many notable artists come to mind. Caravaggio was one of them. "The other Michelangelo of the Renaissance" (Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio). His most notable works were full of raw emotion... Brilliant use of contrasts and formidable diagonals, more common in Baroque masterpieces. An artistic visionary ahead of his time, perhaps bridging the Renaissance and Baroque periods. Tenebrism pushed to extremes in order to emphasize the illuminated portions in his works, often disturbing and filled with pain. An interesting fact which recently came to my attention, he apparently k!lled a man over a woman. 👀 Oh, those hot-tempered Italians... 🤣 Thanks for stopping by, it's good to hear from ya... 🇮🇹 👍
Death of the Virgin (1606) / Caravaggio
Hi Lex   who is your favorite Italian Renaissance artist And why Is there a

Do you believe that we are all hypocrital to some extent?

gawnferal’s Profile Photohudیٰ
Being not one has a price to pay or a cost to bear... If you think you can take this burden it is advise, please do try your limits... Either you will jam in or you'll at least be able to say that you have known yourself a little better this way...

I am engaged to a man jo extremely narcissistic nature ka hay also he wants a physical relationship nikkah ki baat ki usne but ghar walay aren't ready before 1 year and he forces me too be in a physical thing im not convinced and that causes fights between us (extreme) what should i do?

His intentions aren't good stay away from him, your mental health and self respect is more important. if he respect you he will wait otherwise get rid of this toxic relationship asap.

Where's your go to place when ya get pizza?🙂

itsmayorsixflaken’s Profile Photomayor sixflaken
By this point the only places I get pizza are homemade, store baught thin crust pizza that we add to at home, or a Domino's pan pizza without sauce (cuz they're alfredo sauce has either gotten too oily or they've started adding garlic) the pan pizza is the only Pizza I can get from Domino's if they don't put that God forsake and garlic sauce on the outside of it even when you ask/tell them that you have an allergy. I think the next time I get a pan pizza from Domino's I'm going to get it uncut and then fold it over and just bite it like a calzone 😂 #Chaos
Wheres your go to place when ya get pizza

According to research, the heart produces an electromagnetic field that exists about 3 feet outside our body. It allows us to read emotional energy within proximity. Have you ever experienced this? Is it more so with certain people than others for you?

tristanandiseult3’s Profile PhotoMarie the Clumsy
I never heard about it 🤔🤷‍♀️, but today in catacombs I met one funny guide who told me 👉 Madam, take the necklace from this statue... If I went from the front, the statue would hug me and stub me! 😱😅😂
According to research the heart produces an electromagnetic field that exists

Tell me one of your annoying habits.

gawnferal’s Profile Photohudیٰ
I have this habit of disappearing in the middle of a conversation or chat. When someone asks too many personal questions or when I can't match their energy, I suddenly close the chat because my social battery is drained. I reply after 2-3 days, making lame excuses that I wouldn't even accept if someone said them to me. Actually, this is my favorite habit. It's how I push people away 🤷🏻‍♂️

I wanna be someone's first choice

Why does being someone's first choice really matter? What is it that we seek from others which we cannot provide for ourselves? This senseless and unrelenting desire is what leads to our undoing. Your heart will never stop wanting because that's all you've conditioned it to do. You'll find no peace but the one you make for yourself.

Half of 2024 is nearly over..have you done all wanted to do this year or what plans for end of the year do you have coming up ?

missygls’s Profile Photoᴳᴸメ
Well, next week I'm going to visit @DovahMonah, then I'm taking my partner on a tour of my favourite places in the north east. We're going on a day trip to the coast for a friend's birthday after that, then we have a friend visiting from up north so he can come to a 2 day festival our friends are putting on. Then housesitting for my family, some other birthdays, and my partner's bands have some more gigs. And somewhere in all that I intend to write some more (and I'm waiting to find out by the end of this week if my novel has got through the first stage of a writing competition).
So... Just a few things going on 😅

Як ви уявляєте домашніх тварин у майбутньому? Будуть вони мати якісь нові навички або здібності? Можливо, вони зможуть набирати текстові повідомлення на смартфонах, лапою?

Курка може рахувати до п'яти, це межа здібностей, щоб могла вижити, так і у всіх інших тварин. Що було тисячі років з ними, то і зараз є. Хіба що можуть меншати, чи більшати пристосовуючись до умов природи. І це не покращить технології майбутнього. Хіба погіршить.. Хіба може на текстуру вплинуть, шерсть, колір очиськ. Дрібниці, понти, комфортне життя, і то завдяки ресурсам і працівникам внизу дає можливість людям, а потім і їхнім домашнім тваринкам відчувати себе фантастично. Але це всього лише обкладинка. Пилюка у очі.
A chicken can count to five, this is the limit of its abilities, so that it can survive, as well as all other animals. What was with them for thousands of years is now. Unless they can adapt less or more to the conditions of nature. And this is not to improve the technology of the future. Is it worse.. The maximum can affect the texture, wool, eye color. The little things, the ponts, the comfortable life, and that thanks to the resources and workers below, makes it possible for people and then their pets to feel fantastic. But this is just a cover. Dust in the eyes.

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People with short courses and diplomas are earning more than people with degrees. I have already got my degree and now i want to do some short courses or diplomas but i dont know a thing about it. From where i can do such courses

This is true. I’ve had a way younger colleague with a diploma in fashion she did from a polytech govt college, and she is so so good at it. Currently working on her brand, taking orders, while also working as a teacher in another college.
My personal opinion would be do internships rather than diplomas if you’re above 25. Experience gives you permanent knowledge that not even diplomas can ☕️

Will you be able to take care of your husband's sick parent? Despite the fact that this is not the duty of a Muslim woman🤔

If I love a person, then even if it is not my responsibility, I will take care of those whom my husband loves. It’s strange for me to leave him alone with his problem and make him worry about his parents, especially if they have health problems🤷🏻‍♀️

Good Morning Phoenix! What is your source of strength?

tristanandiseult3’s Profile PhotoMarie the Clumsy
Good morning beauty!!!! I find my strength in my higher power and my ability to stay positive when things are bad. This Is a prayer I’ve recited thousands of times “god Grant me the serenity of mind to accept that which cannot be changed; courage to change that which can be changed, and wisdom to know the difference “. But mostly my strength comes from my triceps !!! Btw Never fight a person with big tricep.

When people unfollow you on here, what goes through your head? Do you stop to consider if you said something “wrong” on your page?

I don’t obsess this much over followers. I use the mobile app anyway, so all I’ve been able to see is “1.9K”for the last several years. There was a time when I thought I owed my followers quality content and would obsess over making my answers perfect, but now I obsess over my real life responsibilities, and treat Ask.fm like a journal with prompts that occasionally writes back.

I often hear people, including married couples, saying that they don't want children, and the reasons are always superficial. Don't you think that's kind of selfish? I understand not wanting kids due to health/financial reasons, but losing your body figure, free time, job etc., aren't valid reasons.

Tell me you're not mature enough for this conversation lol. It's actually far more selfish to have a child that you then can't or won't look after properly. Nobody is obligated to have kids, mind your business.

it's nice that you have this mindset, but darling, this app is so 2014. we cannot resuscitate it even if we tried our best.

No need to be condescending. 🙂
That's okay. I'd rather it be passed its best, to be honest! When I used this back in 2014, trolls were everywhere. Literally every other 'question' was rude, a threat or inappropriate. Sure some of those trolls are still around, but I've met loads of cool people on here over the years. Can I ask why you are still using Ask if you think so lowly of it?

Why are some people obsessed with serial killer documentaries? Is there a part of us that likes to indulge in the macabre?

zaidwali915’s Profile PhotoZaid Wali
This has been a dilemma I've faced for a long time. I’ve kept a diary since college filled with notes on various cases and serial killers. While some people suggest I fantasize about these individuals,,, my true passion lies in understanding the psychological factors and motivations behind their actions.
I seek knowledge about the complexities of human behavior, not admiration for those who commit atrocities!!!! My curiosity is driven by a desire to explore the factors and outcomes, not to glorify violence.

According to research, the heart produces an electromagnetic field that exists about 3 feet outside our body. It allows us to read emotional energy within proximity. Have you ever experienced this? Is it more so with certain people than others for you?

tristanandiseult3’s Profile PhotoMarie the Clumsy
I think it's called a person's aura. In fact, sometimes I intuitively felt whether someone should be trusted or not, what kind of energy a person had.
Usually my intuition did not lie to me, but because of self-distrust, I sometimes ignored it's signals, which I now really regret.
According to research the heart produces an electromagnetic field that exists

Why do we lay in our beds at night , pretending to be asleep , till we fall asleep, then suddenly we are in this weird alternate universe, we wake up and its been like 9 hours, but it only felt like 2 seconds?

The last part is when you’re dreaming and are about to wake up. I always forget to turn my lights off and accidentally end up falling asleep (meaning I usually never intend to fall asleep lol).

Who's your Korean celeb crush??

This man, Hwang Inyeop <3
I've only seen his 2 dramas but the chokehold he has on me. 😩 I have seen many actors after him who did such impressive acting and are really handsome but my heart doesn't allow me to see them the way it sees him.
Whos your Korean celeb crush

Can someone pls tell me how to use this platform ? cause I’m new here.:

You can ask questions the way you just did and then have a conversation if you liked the response.
Follow people so that your feed becomes a little lively and you will also come across those answers which they like.
Baaki you will definitely encounter some creeps over here so just block them and move on
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where to buy unlimited mental peace ?

herpov’s Profile Photothe woman
I don't know if there's any such thing as complete or unlimited mental peace. I think there's no such thing in this world, there will always be something to take away your peace but I have a feeling that closest you can get to peace is when you have nothing, absolutely nothing. Nothing to lose, no one to lose and absolutely nothing to gain I think that's when you might be able to feel some peace, in complete isolation and abandonment.
Ps. Don't take my words on this, I have ADHD, we never find peace anyway.
Liked by: Abdul Samad Rida Warda.

Maybe it's your penance for a long past deal with the devil?

deeda_dahi’s Profile PhotoXalaam
Every time I die
I come back and try
I am not sure if I am evolved
But I know my soul is old
Perhaps I am repeating the same mistake?!
Forever redoing this level
Maybe it's my penance for a long past deal with the devil?
Whatever is true
I'll keep Learning and maybe
Next life won't be a redo
Maybe its your penance for a long past deal with the devil

If a person you know is doing something wrong/ bad to someone else couldn't it be you next time on the opposite side? Don't you think times change, coins flip and chapters close?

aleena_kamran1’s Profile Photoalee_naaah
I have been through this situation. Absolutely. It is important to remember that our actions have consequences, and what goes around often comes around. While it can be difficult to speak up when someone you know is doing something wrong or harmful, it is ultimately the right thing to do - not just for the sake of the other person, but also for your own conscience and integrity.
As time passes and circumstances change, we may find ourselves in different positions or facing new challenges. But by being true to our values and standing up for what is right, always no matter which side of the coin we end up on. 🌻

Do you fantasize to spend night under the northern skies?

This is like on my bucket-to-do list. I love them somuch. There is something so awe-inspiring and humbling about gazing up at the stars and feeling small in comparison to the vastness of the universe but beyond just being a beautiful sight, there is also something deeply calming and peaceful about being out in nature - especially when you are away from all of life's distractions and stresses. 🌻🌠✨️
Do you fantasize to spend night under the northern skies

picture challenge (nature/landscape/etc ? Show me the best click you took from your mobile. I may place it as my homescreen on permission.

mahnoorjadoon7’s Profile Photo✨ E N C H A N T R E S S ✨
It is hard to choose just one but here is this one, I likey it how it came out as a looking straight like a wallpaper, feel free to save it and keep it as a home screen. ♡✨️
picture challenge naturelandscapeetc 

Show me the best click you took from your

Fav versse of Quran?

chivalry19’s Profile Photochivalry
☆ فَبِأَيِّ آلَاءِ رَبِّكُمَا تُكَذِّبَانِ
This one. My nano jaan always reminds me to recite this and it reminds me that no matter how many difficulties we face in everyday life, we have a million blessings in life to be thankful for.
And this one too;
《 Allah does not burden any human being with more than he can bear 》 (Quran 2:286). — It brings so much motivation to a believer who is going through extreme hardship. The fact that a believer is being tested is itself proof that the believer has hope and the strength to overcome any situation as long as you leave things in his hand and have a strong tawakul. 🌻✨️

Not the first night you ruined but you should give some attention as I have nothing hide anymore and so much to tell

I am not sure whats going on inside of you.
But kid if this text was sent to me from let suppose any source.
i will surely UNDO, UTURN, REVERSE, UN LOVE, UN-BOYFRIEND, unfriend that person.
If you want attention grab it by right reasons the right MEANS, crying about it will never get you LOVE, but just Compassion.

If you can't sleep then you should know you left me restless and I am still thinking of you hope you find some kind of commitment for us as I'm really tired of playing and no gaining

if you cant say this directly, let me know her id i will convey myself.
And if just by any chance its for me i would like to inform you
I sleep 3 am may be 4 am, but i surely wake up after 4 pm. Still i can take a nap at (6 or 8 pm), may be 12 pm.. :)
So sleeping isnt my issue waking up is, is UNABLE TO KEEP AWAKE ANY HOW BE BLAMED ? IT WILL BE MORE RELATEABLE.

الحنين يلينُ القلوب ، مساحة بطعم الحنين ..🦋

AbdulNasser706’s Profile PhotoĘŋġ ŋaŝşeŗ .. سگون
Dreams are when you think that everything will be better than it actually is.
Nostalgia is when you think that it was better than it is now.
Reality is when there is what is.
And I prefer to choose happiness - this is when you don’t think about what is, what was and what will be :)

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