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Do you feel like everything normal is slowly being taken away?

deeda_dahi’s Profile PhotoZalaam
Normal is basically every thing we are used to of.... its a tale of a specific time, place and people......
What was normal for us isnt the same for this generation, won't be for the next....... from clothes to decency, from thoughts to deeds, from wishes to needs.... every normal is under a threat, it always remains so, it always will be......

If you miss someone you haven't talked to in ages, but you don't want to message, because you feel as though they should've made the effort to contact you. What's that, is that pride? is that selfishness?

I think it is a combination of pride, fear and setting false expectations.
- Pride: sometimes pride makes us react to things we do not understand or agree with like children. It's like saying: you hurt me so I will hurt you. You ignore me, so I will ignore you.
What makes this behavior childlike is the evidence is based upon fear, distorted perceptions, false expectations, and an unwillingness to seek truth and negotiate or comprise. Juvenile to say the least.
- Fear: fear of the unknown. Fear of rejection. The only way to overcome fear is to confront it head on.
- False Expectations: this is a common charateristic of failed relationships. When we project our thoughts, our feelings and reality/expectations upon our relationships, we are setting our selves up for failure. Why? Because often times those expectations are not realized because the recipient is either incapable or unwilling to meet your expectations and that sows the seeds of discontent and anger which slowly eats away at the mutual trust required to sustain a healthy and vibrant relationship.

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3am thoughts right now

I just hate feeling the coldness of my hurt numb my body and whether i decide or not to be cold i hurt myself either way. My room’s pretty cold rn but my heart feels colder than ever. I just dont want it to take away my kindness bec everyone is not the same and i dont want to hurt anyone else bec i know how it feels to be left alone hurting. You have everyone yet you’re still alone left with nothing but heart ache.

Do you have negative thoughts?

zainabem48’s Profile Photoزَيْنَبـــ✨
‏كن صريحًا صراحة مهذبة في علاقاتك، فلا تُشعر مُخالطك الأُلفة وأنت تُضمِرُ الوَحشة، ولا تُعطيهِ القَبول وأنت تُخفي الرّفض، واجْعله يستشعر موضعَه منك بلطف، ويعرف قدره عندك برفق، وأرِحْ بالَك من توقّعاتٍ تضيع، ورجاءاتٍ تخيب، وعتاب يطول .
الله غالب ♥️🌻

Do you have negative thoughts?

zainabem48’s Profile Photoزَيْنَبـــ✨
We all have our negative thoughts that we can't get rid of no matter how much we try to, but we shouldn’t allow ourselves to indulge in these negative thoughts most of the time because this affects our lives in general. On our careers, our mental and physical health and on our relationships with those around us and those who care about us. I know it's easier said than done but we must try again and again to banish these negative thoughts as much as we can. Maybe they won't disappear completely and that's okay by the way, but at least they won't be the thing that’s controlling our lives anymore.

What's the secret of a happy life, according to you?

syeda9’s Profile PhotoSyeda
that you make your mind that happy life is not dependant on people ,Richies ,Job ETC to be happy it takes nothing just a moment when you finally escape from all those thoughts you wake up with every morning and take them to bed with some extensions attached lol " Be Happy , There is no ans to 'How to be happy'.

What are your goals?

My goals over the last I’d say three months have really been focused on the present moment, making room for what I love, clearing out what I don’t. Clearing out my mental space of all the people that live there, ideas and thoughts about the past and far future. Just getting super organised to support what changes I wish to make and living more in the present. I think we spend a lot of our time so removed from our body and everything that it can provide.

Здравствуйте! Вы не могли бы мне перевести , что он говорит? 🙏🥀🎶 https://youtu.be/FDsQbht0uMA

Mashulchonysh’s Profile PhotoMaria
Алло, это удовольствие!
Для этого еще нет опубликованных текстов ~ так что это было немного сложно!!!
Но My Viki смогла подтвердить, что это хороший перевод ~ потрясающе!
И, конечно, в монологе есть пробелы. . . Я надеюсь, что вы сможете узнать их. Если нет, я могу сделать это снова ~ теперь это будет легко, я распечатал это !!
"А потом
Мне вдруг показалось, что я смотрю на эти мысли с другой точки зрения и мне стало интересно, кто это осознает, что я думаю ~ и вдруг я погрузился в это обширное удивительное чувство свободы от себя, от своих проблем, я увидел, что Я был больше, чем то, что я делаю, был больше, чем мои мысли, я был всем и всеми, я больше не был частицей вселенной ~ Я БЫЛ вселенной. . . .
. . . . удивительное чувство свободы. . .
. . . . я был всем и всеми. . . .
(инструментальная... и так далее)"
"And then
I suddenly felt like I was looking at these thoughts from another perspective and I wondered , who is it that's aware that I'm thinking ~ and suddenly I was rolled into this expansive amazing feeling of freedom from myself , from my problems , I saw that I was bigger than what I do , was bigger than my thoughts , i was everything and everyone , I was no longer a frangment of the universe ~ I WAS the universe . . . .
. . . . amazing feeling of freedom . . .
. . . . i was everything and everyone . . . .
(instrumental . . . and on & out) "
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FDsQbht0uMAigotamatch’s Video 170793967482 FDsQbht0uMAigotamatch’s Video 170793967482 FDsQbht0uMA

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igotamatch’s Video 170793967482 FDsQbht0uMAigotamatch’s Video 170793967482 FDsQbht0uMA

do you believe in "what goes around comes around"?

In a sense, yes I do. I believe that heaven and hell exist within our minds and are a result of our thoughts and actions. When our thoughts are positive, our behaviors and actions are also positive and benefit our society, our family and ourselves. Likewise when our thoughts are negative, dysfunctional or evil, that too is reflected in our behavior and within our community and society.
If, for example, the United States decides to sanction Russia because of Russia's invasion of Ukraine and Russia controls the worlds food production, energy production, fertilizer and the raw material used to manufacture computers, automobiles, batteries, steel, iron and many other products, you can expect an equal and opposite reaction that will have negative consequences for those countries responsible for the sanctions.
The old saying: "You live by the sword, you die by the sword" is true. If you pay attention, you will see this boomerang effect that proves that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

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How do you know when your body needs rest? Do you listen to those signs?

akciMMicka’s Profile Photo⚜️ M i c k a ⚜️
Yes, I listen to those signs and take actions accordingly. Some tasks I have already pre-determined in my schedule so it makes me happy. 🌞
1. If I'm having a bodyache then taking a rest.
2. Over-evaluating, I like it sometimes though because it covers optimistic and unusual questions / thoughts. 😂
If overthinking increases, then I change my mindset. 😉
3. Not spending excessive time on social media apps. I don't like it. 😅
4. If feeling excessive tired then taking a nap or sleeping early. 💫😴
5. I listen to my instinct. It tells me what I need to do. 😇

I hate the thoughts that come to my head like I don’t want them but, they still come back

Cancel those expensive talk therapy sessions. They will drain your wallet and you will be infinitely more befuddled. Please consider donating a portion of that substantial savings to your favorite charity. It could do more good and encourage better thoughts...
I hate the thoughts that come to my head like I dont want them but they still

Hi, just wanna know other's thoughts on this one. You'll have a celebration with fam, you invited your best friend. Then, your best friend wants to tag along some of her friends that you don't even know. Will it be fine with you? Given that you are an introvert person.

junrevlue’s Profile Photojunrevlue
No, it won't be fine with me. If I wanted to invite other people, I would've. It was inappropriate for her to invite others since it's ur family celebration and she wasn't even the host in the first place to invite other people
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i think a lot of people don't understand that just because you're active on social media it doesn't necessarily mean you're in the mood to socialize. some people use it as a form of distraction.

exactly — i'm almost never in the mood to socialize, it takes a lot out of me to just hold a conversation. but it's easier to just scroll through social media and collect my thoughts on twitter or askfm, it's less strain.

Penny for your thoughts?

My heart is heavy and breaking..
Despite not living in America, and not directly being a part of this, it destroys me.
Today is not a break through. This isn't even a step backwards! It's a full stop, 180, sprint backwards!
This is a defining moment, and not a good one. The darkness is so heavy to express. Women have just had their rights completely stripped away. I know some will say "it's only abortion" or "this will stop the k*lling!" It's not like that..
The rights to our own bodies has just been taken from us. We have no right to our own flesh and blood. We have no right if we are violated. Our only "right", is to be quiet and know our place. NO!
To quote someone I follow on Twitter... be gentle to yourselves today! Take care of yourself and your loved ones. This is now a terrifying moment. Because if they can take our rights to our own bodies... what else will they take? :(

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Penny for your thoughts

The Supreme Court overturned roe v wade. Thoughts?

It’s only 8:30am and I am done with today….. I had an abortion in March 2020…when I was 18….my body my choice….you aren’t the one having to go through all the rounds pregnancy does on your body…I am…you aren’t the one that has to go through labor and delivery…I am…you aren’t the one that has to put up with the unwanted kid for the next 18 years…I am….and before you say don’t have s*x then….what if you are r*p*ed? How is that fair to have to have the r*p*st baby? Why can’t men control themselves? So many women are going to suffer severe consequences….because they are going to think of ways to abort the fetus….if there’s a will….Theres a way… Honestly I’m about to get on the next flight out BACK to DC….March my a** to the Supreme Court and protest!!!!

This app has really died away since I last used it, why do you still use it?

I still get quite a lot of personal questions, and I enjoy answering questions in general. I also use this app as like a little diary, where I can write down my thoughts and feelings without feeling judged. Even though a lot of people have unfortunately left, there's still a small handful of people on here I really get along with and appreciate. I like reading their answers as I find them interesting, and I like to know what's going on in their lives and how they're doing. 🙂
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3:50:15 am thoughts?

sauddogar1410’s Profile PhotoSaud Arshad Dogar
- "زندگی ابھی ختم نہيں ہوئی, بس فرق یہ ہے کہ اب میری ڈائری میں اللہ سے شکوے کم ہو گئے ہیں ۔ میں نے ان چیزوں پہ راضى ہونا سیکھ لیا ہے جو وہ مجھے دیتا ہے, اور ان چیزوں کی تلاش چھوڑ دی ہے جو لاحاصل ہیں ۔"

Why does everyone bully me and abuse me?

Only you can answer that question.
When I was young, I too was bullied and abused.
Do you want to know why?
Because I had low opinion of myself and I thought I deserved it. Once I met my wife, she taught me that I was a good person who was valuable and was deserving of love. She insisted that I defend myself and not tolerate my fake friends and family who repeatedly insulted and degraded me while simultaneously using me.
It took a few years for me to appreciate and fully comprehend the lesson my wife was teaching me but eventually, I stopped being naive and learned how to set personal boundaries with people and not tolerate their constant insults and condemnations.
Here is the essential lesson I learned: If you do not love yourself and care about yourself, nobody else will. If you believe that you are inferior and not worthwhile, other people will also believe that you are inferior and worthless too.
Remember, thoughts precede action and therefore affect your behavior, performance and productivity. So it is true that you become what you think and if your thoughts are negative or self destructive, the wolves will attack, abuse and devour you.

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What are your thoughts on a 19-year-old girl sleeping with a 48-year-old man?

As I have said before, age does not matter to me. In fact, I see age as a form of discrimination. Humanity would be better served if we focused on content of character and stop perseverating on superficial things like age, religion, race, education, skin color, gender, etc.

Psychology says You will be happier if you are not attached to anything.

yepitszakaria’s Profile PhotoMohammed Zachariah Bin Ahmad
The less i understand, the more i will be happy. Sometimes i think it's not bad to be a fool, You don't have many thoughts about your surrounding. You don't know your responsibilities ,you don't care at anything. You don't have the sense what other thought about you, you have no worries, actually you don't know what is it?
Think about your childhood?

Is it just me or ang babaw pag titignan mo yung age bago ka magkagusto sa taong yun? Usually issue is maturity pag mas bata, pero ang daming matatanda na immature pa naman. So any thoughts? DISCLAIMER: ekis talaga pag minor.

Them who knows their business know what to do with the age. If you think you are capable of getting even with them, prove it than fretting about how they do their business.

opinion on gay people?

listen up, peeps: it’s 2022, ffs, and not everyone is gonna love what you love or who you love. BUT they’re still people with thoughts, feelings, emotions and when they bleed, they bleed red too #loveislove ❤️💜💙💚💛🖤🤍❤️‍🔥

Night Thought's ... 💭 🍃

Ar_attia’s Profile PhotoAr_attia
الليلة الأخيرة هُنا ..
هُنا حيث كنت أنا ..
هُنا ضحكاتي وذكرياتي وأحزاني ..
هُنا أصدقائي ..
هُنا مكاني المفضل ..
هُنا كل شئ أحبه ..
وها أنا أودع كل شئ أحبه في نفس اليوم ..
فقدت كل شئ أحبه في نفس الدقيقة ..
هنا تركت قلبي ..

Night Thought's ... 💭 🍃

Ar_attia’s Profile PhotoAr_attia
‏الاوحش من انك لوحدك ، انك اتعودت على كده ومش رافض ان حد يدخل حياتك لا انت مش عارف تدخل حد حياتك او تخليه اساسي في حياتك ، الكل عندك واحد ، وانت زهقت من وحدتك '''''🎶🖤

Have you ever cheated

No one in their right mind would ever answer this question honestly, unless of course they want a divorce or excuse to end a relationship.
A better question might be this:
Why did you cheat?
The assumption, of course, is that everyone cheats and so one must first define the word "cheating." What constitutes cheating? Is it a physical act or could it be a specific thought process? Is it possible that entertaining the thought could be considered a form of cheating?
I recall be taught as a youngster that "it is the thought that counts." hahaha... so if indeed thoughts matter, then perhaps everyone is guilty of cheating, right?

What do you crave for?

It sounds really blah, but self-acceptance, some days. I was trying to think back to a time before I felt that my body took up too much space, and I remember having thoughts about my legs being bigger than other girls at prep school. These memories date back to when I was 6, dude.
It's just tiring and it's tiring trying to re-eductae the whole time. I'd just like to put it down some days, yknow? A little bit of peace would be really nice.

Thoughts on this in the new buzz lightyear movie 2 females were seen kissing and it got negative reviews for it saying its inappropriate and shouldn't show the same sex having a relationship. Thoughts on people who complain about that?

They need to grow up. It says something when the kids are more grown up about it than the adults.
The only thing that weirds me out from the posters I've seen for that film, is seeing buzz light year as a young man haha.

Thoughts on this in the new buzz lightyear movie 2 females were seen kissing and it got negative reviews for it saying its inappropriate and shouldn't show the same sex having a relationship. Thoughts on people who complain about that?

It’s 2022, people should be used to seeing same-sex relationships by now and it shouldn’t be a problem letting their children see something like that. The only problem I would have with this movie is if it just wasn’t good.

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