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Amongst rain and wind, what do you prefer more?

gawnferal’s Profile Photohudیٰ
If I had to choose one, I would say rain. I love the smell of rain somuch and the tiny little droplets on the plants and everywhere around make me so happy like I become a pup to sniff the air and the mud. Plus, It has a calming effect on me and is perfect for cozying up inside with a good book or movie. 🌻✨️
Amongst rain and wind what do you prefer more

What’s something interesting you’ve learned of/about recently? 💁

anonamouse89887’s Profile Photoanonamouse
Lately, I have been reading a lot about wine-making, and the process of making your own wine from home. My fiancé and I often like to go berry-picking during the summer months and we decided that this year, rather than using those berries to make jam or putting them in cakes, we'd try our hand at making strawberry wine!
I'm quite excited, though also a tiny bit nervous. Even though I've done my research, it's a tad nerve wracking doing something new for the first time.
I'll keep you all posted and let you know how it goes! 😊🍷

How do you feel when you look up at a starry night sky?

zaidwali915’s Profile PhotoZaid Wali
tho i never liked visiting our ancestral house but i really miss staring at the starry sky whole night long!
it j made me feel tiny like the things that were going on in my life were too little and subtle. I felt a sense of comfort while i looked at that vast majestic sky!
i was never a happy kid but the starry sky was my JAAN:)

How do you feel when you look up at a starry night sky?

zaidwali915’s Profile PhotoZaid Wali
I think that we take ourselves very seriously. We give a bit too much importance to our problems, though we are nothing more than tiny particles of sand on the seashore. Our existence in this universe is almost negligible.

How do you feel when you look up at a starry night sky?

zaidwali915’s Profile PhotoZaid Wali
Ya khuda! I can go for miles on this. Whereas the vastness of the void of the sky makes me feel small and insignificant. Yet it reminds me that God created me out of stardust to have a conscience and a mind to comprehend the possibilities and impossibilities. I am small and insignificant yet my tiny brain can see and appreciate the beauty of the cosmos. Am I not important then? Indeed what piece of work is man?

What's the weirdest or most unexpected thing you've ever collected?

Hehehe, well, don't judge me.
When I was a school girl, my school had all these carved and painted tiny pebbles laid out on display in our 'Assembly Area'. They fascinated me so much that I began pocketing them now and then only to make my own 'Assembly Area' in my balcony, back at home.
Needless to say, when my mother found this 'area' in the making, she wasn't exactly happy. Instead, she made me keep all those pebbles back from where I had been 'sourcing' them.
There you go. It's a relief nobody knows me in real life here. 🥲
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Поделитесь своими впечатлениями от путешествий, расскажите о том, что разочаровало вас больше всего, а что наоборот приятно удивило✈️

Vierral’s Profile PhotoAlina Vierra
It's so long , if ever , that I've been impressed . . . . in such a way .
When expectations have long died, disappointment lies extinct , and fossilised in decomposed hope .
Pleasant surprise , . I can feel in my recall . . . . 'numb wonder' ~ can anyone imagine such a condition ?
The second-last time I flew , home from Greece . The craft gave a horrific , prolonged creak-snapping groan ran through the cabin/ fuselage on each manoeuvre ~ climbing, levelling out ~ pilot seemed to be throwing it into each change .
It was forgotten on the longish flight to Glasgow (lived near Aberdeen at the time)
Drank lots of small bottles of sparkling wine , using up lots of Drachma (yes it was before Euro-isation, May 1987 to be precise ~ my oldest had celebrated his first birthday in Tolo )
The sun rose brilliantly, high above the cloud level . . . . when we dived recklessly down through the cloud toward Glasgow , again that dreadful cracking noise shot along the structure, we dived into hell , after the brilliant sunshine in was black as night in the Glasgow rain . . . . . the next day that plane fell out of the sky , killing all .
Next time I flew , it was a tiny Cessna , xmas eve , '95 ~ first access to my 3 , then aged 6, 7, 9 . . . after their ma had bailed out . 9-yr-old piloted quite a time (he who was one yr-old in Greece . [After 5 month passive battle for access]
I soon got full custody ; after countless rescues from their ma being arrested for drunken insanity & assaults . . . .
many happy landings , bumpy flights
I'm easy to please , never surprised
*a day at the races, 15 yrs ago*

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Поделитесь своими впечатлениями от путешествий расскажите о том что разочаровало

Do you think mainstream media has overhyped skincare? I have a 20 y/o relative who's really into skincare, but she uses all the wrong products. You don't need stuff like retinol, glycolic acid, hyaluronic acid, etc. in your 20s. Those are 30+. At 20, sunscreen, vitamin C and moisturizer are enough.

We all have different skin types and needs. Anyone of any age can use hyaluronic acid under their moisturiser? It’s hydration and good for dry skin? I don’t see an issue with younger folks using glycolic or salicylic acid as long as they don’t over do it. I’d rather them do that than use a harsh scrub on their face! Vit C doesn’t agree with my sensitive skin but there are other skincare ingredients that do. Retinoids can help with acne and is often prescribed for it. Yeah it’s a bit early to be using high strength retinols for aging but I don’t see anything wrong with using a tiny bit of something less strong as long as they know to use it at night and wear their spf? I would say teens don’t need to be doing it though and they can damage their skin barrier if they mix and match the wrong products but using other basic skincare at that age is fine in my opinion 🤷🏻‍♀️

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What are your thoughts on sarcasm? Does it make you more friends or enemies?

tristanandiseult3’s Profile PhotoMarie Serendipity
I think I am not too sarcastic person and I dont like when someone is too sarcastic to me. It can be light and good sarcasm for laughing but it can be offensive and hurting sarcasm and make you cry. It depends on the actual psychical feeling of person towards whom people are sarcastic. There is very tiny border. 🤷‍♀️ From yesterday I have 2 stories for this 😁:
In the office we were celebrating BD of our colleague and farewell of the second one because she found other job.Our Czech colleagues gifted them both handbags. It is not custom in our office, we usually buy flowers and chocolate. So I told to the first one 'Omg Alena, do you celebrate 50?' 😉 And on the address of the second one I told -'Seems I should find new job to get handbag here!' 😜 All people around including 2 celebr. colleagues were laughing. Do you think it was too sarcastic from me? 🤔

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how can dentists detect if you have gum disease or any dental issues? do they need a x ray to see in depth?

They examine your gum and then they use something called a probe, which is like a tiny ruler that gets inserted around your teeth to measure the space. The space shouldn’t be larger than 3 millimetres.
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What was the last thing that happened to you that had unfortunate timing? 🙃 (Today at the library, the fire alarm went as I was 15 min away from finishing an assignment)

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
When I go to do my monthly blood tests, the only day I go to the tiny clinic, there are about 100 people sitting in the queue. I'd have a pass since I have a privilege, but this specific clinic doesn't allow any other options. 🤨 I check things out and end up going upstairs to another clinic. I press my button and go in in a matter of minutes. This happens every single time.

⠀⛓ ﹔⠀Hades remained stoic during the process in the expectation of regenerating body and soul of the God of Death.

HELLBXNT’s Profile Photo⛓ ﹔⠀ HADES
*A swirl of darkness and black feathers appear after Hades had returned the Gods own type of magic back to him, they thought he was completely gone but the Gods Soul was still inside the robe Geno had handed over to Hades, unlike normal monsters, the Gods Souls don't shatter when their body is destroyed, after a few minutes, the darkness and feathers disappears with a very small, tiny figure laying on the floor where the robe once was, Reaper was back but he was very very small*
Hades remained stoic during the process in the expectation of regenerating body

If you found out a society of very tiny aliens had made your least used cupboard into the place for their new civilisation, how'd you react? 👽🗄️

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I would build them a whole world out of legos that they could live in. They would be my friends and hopefully they can teach me a couple things as well!
If you found out a society of very tiny aliens had made your least used cupboard

Why we become so irrelevant to our existence. Sometimes, we feel we should not existed in this world. Why ?

Because sometimes you’re not on your best behavior or something is upsetting or maybe you didn’t get what other people have or what you wished for and now you’re living an ordinary life which you hate because you can’t even control your mind and realize that how tiny you’re in this vast universe and you can only live happily when you realize that it’s just a test and you are playing your part and when you start asking yourself these of questions you’ll learn you’ll grow and you’ll heal sooner or later!

What do you consider the biggest fashion mistake in history? What made it silly or ridiculous?

tristanandiseult3’s Profile PhotoMarie Serendipity
'fashion' , means nothing to me , did it ever ? ~ maybe , in '77 !
Ripped clothing ~ nuts! ~ at least back then , held together with safety pins . . . . I once made fine jewellery from ten-thousand tiny safety pins .........
But the biggest mistake in history ; is askFM's app . I had to resort to it tonight , but never again , it's without character nor function ~ from a large chromebook anyway . . . . and , sacrilege, it's impossible to mass-translate at the level I need ~ 95+% of my followers/followees are non-english-first-language . . . .
~ 50 years & still Rokkin (since '74)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2FfiGczFnIgigotamatch’s Video 174160234362 2FfiGczFnIgigotamatch’s Video 174160234362 2FfiGczFnIg
*this must end*
What do you consider the biggest fashion mistake in history What made it silly

Did you have Covid-19? Did you think were gonna d1e when you got sick?

I had covid two or three times. I didn’t think I was going to die. There have been two times I was really ill though. One of the two times was in February 2019 and it isn’t sure if it’s actually covid or something else, because we didn’t have tests back then, nor any knowledge.
The second/first time was just a tiny cold, nothing more than a runny nose.
The last time was heavy. I was ill and my whole airway path was infected. It was hard for me to breathe, but I didn’t land in the hospital so that’s good. I also didn’t think I was going to die even though I felt weak and terrible. The last time gave me long covid which I’m still battling with sometimes.
The only time I thought I was going to die that is related to covid is with the second covid shot! I got so severely ill, I was completely exhausted, even laying down had me feeling completely exhausted. 😩 I called my GP out of fear for the third shot, asking if it’s okay for me to take it.

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If you found out a society of very tiny aliens had made your least used cupboard into the place for their new civilisation, how'd you react? 👽🗄️

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
"Hey guys, since you're gonna be crashing there rent-free for the foreseeable, could you do me a solid and take care of any bugs you come across? We get so many during the summer. Thank yoooouuuu~"
.... Hopefully the interaction wouldn't end with them vaporising me with their tiny alien ray-guns. 🤣

What would you do if you had a magic wand?

Arooshaa_4’s Profile PhotoAroosha
Probably using it to turn all the mundane tasks in life into fun games like doing laundry could become an epic quest to conquer mount dirty clothes, while washing dishes might involve battling a fearsome creature known as the plate monster. — and of course, no game would be complete without some adorable animal sidekicks to help you on your journey - maybe a tiny hamster wearing armour or a fluffy bunny with magical healing powers. 😤

How do you make the most of your shampoo without washing away the majority of it away?

What do you mean with ‘washing the majority of it away’? You’re supposed to wash your shampoo away after you’re massaged it all over your scalp, it’s not a leave-in kind of product.
I wet my hair for a while before applying shampoo, this way my shampoo spreads much better over my scalp. I use a tiny bit, about the length of one index finger, and I rinse twice with shampoo. This way I’m able to clean my hair well without using a lot of product.
I also make sure that my hair doesn’t touch the shower stream when I’m applying and massaging, so I don’t rinse away my shampoo before I completely divided it all over my scalp.
How do you make the most of your shampoo without washing away the majority of it

If you found out a society of very tiny aliens had made your least used cupboard into the place for their new civilisation, how'd you react? 👽🗄️

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Well, first of all, I'd probably drop whatever I was holding and do a double-take that would put a cartoon character to shame. Then, after the initial shock wore off, I'd introduce myself like some kind of interstellar ambassador.
"Hello there, tiny aliens! Welcome to the cozy confines of my least-used cupboard. I hope you brought snacks because, let me tell you, living rent-free in my pantry comes with a strict snack tax!"
I'd probably set up some tiny surveillance cameras just to make sure they're not plotting to take over my kitchen. And if they were, well, I'd negotiate. Maybe they could teach me some of their advanced technology in exchange for exclusive rights to the cookie jar. It's all about diplomacy, folks.
But really, it'd be a win-win situation. They get a new home, I get to brag about having extraterrestrial tenants, and maybe, just maybe, we'll become the best of friends. Who knows, maybe they've got some kíller recipes for microwave lasagna up their tiny sleeves.

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Say you were a cook in a kitchen and suddenly a talking cockroach came up and told you in a very poetic way about his dream to become a cook, just like you, how'd you respond? 👨‍🍳 (Inspired by this year's student musical I was part of)

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Gregor Samsa:
"In the shadows, I, Gregor Samsa, dream with fervor. My tiny heart beats with a longing to transcend, to dance amidst spices and flames. I yearn to wield a spatula with grace, to infuse each dish with the depth of my soul. Society scoffs, but I cling to my dream, for within me lies a spirit indomitable - a spirit that seeks to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary, to carve a path of culinary wonder amidst the darkness of my existence. I aspire to weave tasteful magic like you, my human friend. With antennae aquiver and mandibles twitching, I long to sauté and simmer, to create feasts fit for royalty."
"Gregor, my friend, I appreciate your ambition, but let's face it, your dish would be more 'roach-infested' than 'Michelin-starred.' But hey, if you ever need a taste-tester, I'm your guy. Just hold the extra legs, okay?"

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How's the weather inside you🌓

zainali1000’s Profile PhotoZain Ali
Have you ever been so sad about something that you start crying just in the midst of doing some tiny, everyday thing? Even when there are people around? Because you can't hold in your sadness anymore. And then when someone looks at you, you avoid eye contact and stop crying and continue to act like everything is normal. You go back to doing your everyday thing, while your heart is breaking inside your chest. And you know if you looked anyone in the eye in that exact moment, you would lose it. So instead of crying and breaking down in front of family or friends, you say something as a defence mechanism, to show everyone that you're strong and nothing is eating you alive. Even though it's the only thing running through your head, every second of every day. But you couldn't share it with anyone because no one has a clue of the pain you're going through, and you know nobody ever will. So you keep everything inside and act like you're the strongest person and nothing can break you.

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What would be the best thing that could possibly happen? 🤩 Like if your innermost dream came true!

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
* I won lottery, for my dream to come true I'd only need like 10k. Maybe 15k tops for my purchase. 🙄
Technically I could afford it if I had 3k more, but then I'd be short of money and if I wanted to fix something, I couldn't.
Look at the kitchen in this "trailer" 😂
AND THE DINING TABLE? WINDOWS? Such a perfect tiny house for summers. 😭😭😭😭😭😭
I'm realistic here and I know that I can't afford a 200m² house with a pool, but this, 38m² 3 room house on wheels + toilet + bath is the most realistic dream!!!!!
I'm going to buy lotteries today. What if it comes true afterall? 😭👀
What would be the best thing that could possibly happen  Like if your innermost

I have a stalker and he’s come to my town.😭 My town is so so so tiny and nothing is here. Took photos and left. My friend seen him. What should I do??

sounds like we have a similar story. small town (no reason for them to be there). photos. actual delulu. i take it as a compliment tho. like i must be pretty freakin awesome for you to take time out of your day to visit where i was born and raised/where i live. BUT in saying that if it is bad seek advice/help.

╚»★ᴇɪᴅ ᴍᴜʙᴀʀᴀᴋ ᴍᴜꜱᴀʟᴍᴀɴᴏ★«╝

sanaqamar00’s Profile Photo⊱፧ꜱᴋ፧⊰
Ya Shalamaar me ak barg-e-zard kehta tha
Giya wo mousam-e-gul jis ka raazdar hu ma
In the Shalamar garden a yellowed leaf was saying
“Gone is that spring of which the confidante I am
Na paimaal karain mujh ko zaeeran-e-chaman
Inhi ke shakh nasheman ki yadgar hu ma
The garden’s visitors should not trample me down
The memory of the branch of their own nest I am”
Zara se patte ne betaab kar diya dil ko
Chaman me aa ke sarapa gham-e-bahar hu ma
This tiny little leaf made the heart restless
One coming into the garden complete mourner of spring I am
Khazan me mujh ko rulati ha yad-e-fasl-e-bahar
Khushi ho Eid ki kyunkar ke sougwar hu ma
In the autumn I am crying in remembrance of the spring
How can I get the happiness of Eid as griefstricken I am
Ujaar ho gye ehd-e-kuhan ke maikhane
Guzishta badah praston ki yaadgar hu ma
Devastated have become the olden days’ tavern
A memorial of the olden days’ wine drinkers I am
Payam-e-aysh-o-massarat humain sunata ha
Hilal-e-Eid hamari hansi urata ha
It gives the message of pleasure and happiness to us!
The crescent of Eid is making fun of us!
Bang-e-Dra 127
Dr Muhammad Iqbal

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ᴇɪᴅ ᴍᴜʙᴀʀᴀᴋ ᴍᴜꜱᴀʟᴍᴀɴᴏ

"ah-luego" is just the shortened version of "hasta luego". Hasta luego is more formal. Same as "Pa" and "para" i.e Para comer/ pa' comer. Only the grammar snobs/elitists will correct you for speaking like that, lol.

Yes, but in certain places they don’t use it. So maybe my friends are grammar snobs, or maybe their town just doesn’t use it, I don’t know.
I’m just glad it’s not as complicated as Britain for accents and dialects! For such a tiny island, Britain is wild for hugely different accents and dialects.

Late night thoughts;

lost_duck’s Profile PhotoGE
I stopped enjoying movies that are a tiny bit unrealistic, I don't like their happy ending, I just think it's not fair and deceiving and my mind just keeps focusing on that and I lose track of the events in the movie itself, it's probably just me but I know that people get superstitious and desperate when they're in a really bad state and they hold on to anything ,drama is supposed to be somehow based on real events so I don't want butterfly scenes , I wanna know the truth

Do you think you should embrace rejection? And why?

It depends what type of rejection it is and what you mean by ‘embrace’.
I think ‘accept’ or ‘understand’ rejection would possibly be better terms, though you can also learn from it.
Since my first attempt at getting a book published in 1984 I’ve had hundreds and hundreds of rejections from publishers over the years.
I filed them all in submissions/response folders and kept a note of who gave useful feedback.
One well known fantasy agent said my work was “nicely written” and recommended submitting to them again; Salman Rushdie’s agent said my writing was “very intelligent”. These tiny passing comments almost made the rejection worthwhile, whereas places that would just send a brush-off letter or a rejection slip probably meant your submission hadn’t been read.
I don’t know if this means I was “embracing” rejection, but writers usually see it as a natural part of the job.
Tolkien had LOTR rejected 25 times before it was eventually accepted by G Allan & Unwin; I’ve never tried to be that persistent with one publisher!
(Of course these days with digital POD, self publication is an increasingly common option.)

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كيف حالك أيها العابر ... ؟ ‏القلم لك ‏أكتب لي ما تشاء ... ‏إقتباس ، حكمة تؤمن بها ، كلمات عابرة ، خاطرة ، ‏شيء تؤجر عليه ، نصيحة ، دعاء ،إنتقاد ... ‏أترك ما شئت ...

fdaie’s Profile Photoراحليـــن
Live with a humble heart and trust in Almighty, accepting every moment predetermined by Him.
You will be hurt, scared, uncertainty or life’s difficulties will torment you from inside, but if you manage to gain strength and retain a tiny glimmer of faith in yourself, and not let it go out in the most terrible storms, then you will illuminate your entire future path with light from Allah.
Do not despair and do not be afraid, hope and believe, be a person of strong convictions.

В скільки років в тебе появилася домашня тваринка ? 🐵

fluff3350’s Profile PhotoВедьма Авокадо
🍀Непамятаю точно, але мабуть у років вісім, дев'ять. Це був пес, га-гав, такий типу ніби і вівчарка а ніби весь білявий.🐺 Ніби у грі Tiny Toon Adventures (nes), один з лихих персонажів, накачений цуцик у темних окулярах, який кидався гантелями.У другій частині він виріс у цілого боса. 😎 Якось так.😉✨🐗

ADORABLE little imp! Such a cute tiny face! How do you ever get anywhere on time with such cute lil doods dotted around the place 😂

DovahMonah’s Profile PhotoDovahMonah
😁 they don’t stay little and cute for long DM, but May this little fella will look almost full grown, and you have to go 👀 for them, they hide behind even a tiny piece of grass when they hear you 😈

How different is your style of clothing now compared to 8 years ago? 👕🕗

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
It's really not any different lol. I don't wear as much tight clothing anymore & I don't go out & about in just tank tops anymore but other than that not much has changed. Obviously not as tiny as I was 8 years ago but🤷🏻‍♀️ I've had 3 more kids since then lol
How different is your style of clothing now compared to 8 years ago

Hopefully your daughter gets a mention, if not have you thought about getting her a tiny gift to show you appreciate all her work? Mom used to do it for me and sis, not that sis every needed moms but I loved her effort for me 😂😂😂😂

Bearhead01’s Profile PhotoGilbert Thomas
She got 2 awards yesterday . One for her excellent work in English. Her teacher said she was most impressed with her work 🥹 She even got up and talked about what work they’ve been doing in class. I am very proud of her ☺️
I always get a little present after each term ends for all her hard work and effort 🎁😊

How would you react if you learnt that tiny "borrowers" existed and a family of them were living in the walls of your home and had secretly been taking various small stuff without you knowing? Would it surprise you? 🏡🔎

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Honestly, I think they are in my house. Every single time keys, wallets etc go missing. I ask them to put them back. They appear in the strangest of places.
How would you react if you learnt that tiny borrowers existed and a family of

🥱 if you had a pet which would you prefer ? ( Type Any)

I have pets I got Cats I used to have a golden doodle that i rehomed to someone else to take care of the pup !! And I had a small tiny cockapoo Puppy awhile back when I was younger that I had to put down cause she was sick and nothin could help her get better !! I had a iguana !! But I always been a cat / dog person growing up

What's your favorite kind of dog? What's a hard breed to care for?

David_Blanes’s Profile PhotoJluen (Dante is dead)
Brindle Mastiff has always been my favorite, I have 5... I trust these Gentle Giants with a newborn... Always loyal and protective.
Hard to say what's the hardest...for instance Huskies tend to escape a lot... Tiny dogs have health issues... short hair breeds have joint issues... "Bully Breeds" are stubborn... So "hard" in what aspect??
Whats your favorite kind of dog Whats a hard breed to care for
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LMFAO I remember your pathetic husband from high school. Guys named him "Tiny" because he has such a tiny dxck. They constantly made fun of it in the showers

Lmfao I went to high school with my husband you ignoramus lmfao yall just sput anything put of that hole you call a mouth 🤣
FYI, people were scared of my.husband, so nice try.

Some funny incidents of your students ..

Danyal_H’s Profile Photoدانیال
Two girls came with a complaint against a boy of their class (all in 3rd standard btw) that boy had tiny heart shaped stickers that he had put on his chest. He told the girls he liked them and pulled one from his chest and pasted it on their hand. He was literally giving those girls his ‘heart’.
Tbh i did not have the heart to scold that boy. It was so adorable i was kinda jealous of those girls! 😂 i felt bad the headmistress punished him. His ‘hearts’ were confiscated like contraband 😭

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