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What are you studying and how old are you?

I have already finished my studies
I have finished Flight Attendance Program at the academy and have taken the cabin crew qualifying course from EgyptAir Training Academy and I was a flight attendant for 5 years
Now I’m trying to establish my own startup Tourism Agency with some of my friends, so wish us luck ✌🏻✌🏻
I’m 26 years old but I will be 27 soon

Do you like the 1st amendment and 2nd amendment (the right to freedom of speech and the right to keep and bear arms for self defense)?

It is not possible to maintain a constitutional republic or a representative or democratic form of government without freedom of speech. Without freedom of speech, you have tyranny. And without the right to bear arms you cannot protect yourself and your loved ones from tyranny.
The fight for freedom is the war that We The People find ourselves in and it is the major crisis of our lifetime. We must be willing to fight to protect our Freedoms for ourselves and for future generations.
"Live Free or Die" - State of New Hampshire Motto
New Hampshire takes considerable pride in its memorable state motto, “Live Free or Die.” The New Hampshire motto has featured prominently on residents’ license plates since 1971 and on the reverse side of the official state quarter since 2000. For tourism purposes, however, New Hampshire typically tones it down a bit, presenting itself as the Granite State or the White Mountain State, or opting for the purely aspirational abbreviated version, “Live Free.”

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Do you like the 1st amendment and 2nd amendment the right to freedom of speech

Does anyone have any idea of umrah packages? Like per person package for 10 days?

Untick and ask as a personal question, with a number you can be contacted at... You will get the call on monday... The call would be from a travelling and tourism company... It will address all your queries... Salamat rahiey 🙏🏽💐

اجمل موقف او اجمل ذكرى تتذكرها من طفولتك ؟

mshaqbah’s Profile Photo؏ــدنۨــٰٱ̍نۨ
The most beautiful memory from my childhood? 🙂 They are from summer vacations mostly. From age 7 till 15 every summer I spent 3 weeks in camp with other 200 children - it was about fun, tourism, sport, dancing and children loves ❤️😁 + 2 weeks with my parents and brother in the cottage in forest - every year in other part of my country ❤️👍
اجمل موقف او اجمل ذكرى تتذكرها من طفولتك

هل تجد العراق بلداً ناجحاً في السياحة ( إذا كان هناك اهتمام بهذا الخصوص من الدولة ) ؟ 🌸

mar95wnaj4285’s Profile Photomar95wnaj
رب الناجح لان اولاً العراق يعتبر قبلة لجميع شيعة العالم " سياحة دينية قوية " ، + سياحة اثرية ، + الجانب الترفيهي والطبيعة " الشمال والاهوار "
بس على هالاهمال هذا لوما النجف وكربلاء ننسى اكو شي اسمة ايرادات سياحية بالعراق 🐸
العراق احتل المرتبة ١٣ من اصل ١٧ دولة عربية بمجال السياحة لسنة ٢٠٢١
السياحة بالعراق جانب مهمل لكذا سبب اولاً ماكو تخصيصات مالية بيها حظ نشتغل بيها ونأسس استثمارات ومشاريع سياحية
ثانياً قطاع السياحة تم دمجة مع قطاعات صناعية اخرى رغم انو منظمة السياحة العالمية التابعة للأمم المتحدة " العراق عضو بيها " اقرت بأهمية فصل القطاع السياحي ومعاملته ك قطاع منفصل عن بقية القطاعات الاقتصادية ، وهذا الفصل يسهل الوصول لقيمة الدخل السياحي "Tourism Income " ..
الصورة الجوة مسح سوتة مديرية احصاءات التجارة سنة ٢٠١٩ توضح قيمة انفاق السواح في فترة الذروة بالعراق 👇🏼
لاحظي السياحة الدينية شتجيب مصايب
طبعا ايران هي اكثر دولة يجينة منها سواح بنسبة ٧٠٪؜ والباقي تركيا على لبنان على باكستان على عراقيين متغربين ..

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هل تجد العراق بلدا ناجحا في السياحة  إذا كان هناك اهتمام بهذا الخصوص من الدولة

If you had the opportunity to travel anywhere in the world right now, where would you go?

bombdiggityboo’s Profile PhotoPerson
Off the top of my head I'd say Dublin, Ireland! The weather isn't too bad out there yet and it's beyond peak tourism season. I'm not so sure about the fall colors or not, I think we might've missed that.
TBH, I just really want to visit there! First thing I'd go see would be the castles!! 😍I sooo want my own castle, complete with a mote, draw bridge and cannons! 😁
If you had the opportunity to travel anywhere in the world right now where would
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Ten things you love about Spring or other season 🙂

AdrianaRafaela98’s Profile PhotoAdriianna Rafaella
10 things I like about one season is too much 😅 but I try:
Summer👉 vacation with family, tourism, sunbathing, biking, swimming, visiting new places, trying new things, walking in forest, barbecue outside, meal in restaurants. Ufff 😅
Ten things you love about Spring or other season

Do immigrants undercut wages, decrease property value, increase the crime rate and terror threat, import diseases (corona), import negative aspects of the third world whilst simultaneously refusing to integrate and adapt to their hosts new way of life?

No. Employers who take advantage of immigration undercut wages. People who trash places devalue properties. Our interference and destabilisation of other nations increases terrorism. Tourism and holidays abroad have caused corona to spread. Your racism is based on flawed logic. Be better.

halo kak! aku mau nanya, biasanya organisasi (engeneering, leadership, ASEAN, ASIA, Internasional) yang bisa diikutin sama mahasiswa inter di korea apa aja? Terus aku sering liat post ka gas ada logo wowkorea nya, itu semcam intership or apa yaa? thx!

banyak organisasi disini yang bisa diiikutin, aku lagi ikut AYNK ASEAN Youth Network in Korea, organisasi pelajar ASEAN
WOWKorea itu semacam korea tourism ambassador dari seluruh negara asia + timur tengah~

With summer fast approaching, at least for me, how are the upcoming months looking like for you? Got any vacation plans? ☀️🏖

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Already paid 😍 - 2 weeks in August on 2 cottages - planned tourism in our forests and see some new things in Slovakia 💟👍
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Interesting question: If you had the authority or the legitimate power to control the global market and the economy today. How would you feel and react?

akalmulla_’s Profile PhotoAhmed
Nice question brother, to clarify I will talk about Kuwait in simple explanation not going into intense business words. Briefly we need to put our emphasis on up coming generation to build new system to avoid the corruption that is rife in the new government, I’ll focus on the generation learning system to raise up new generation with ethics and saving the planet environment,(i will raise up enforcement learning ethics from nursery and primary school) since I’m true believer of an implant that grows as a child grows.
•I will change the power of الواسطة to build productivity.
•I will take advantage of youth potential in placing them in the right place.
•I will open tourism and choose youthful ideas to make an economy move forward.
•I’ll definitely change some regulations and laws.
Eventually in time, everything will rebuild as a new global.

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I loved your answer, you answered more than I asked. 😍 I went to google to see some images of these abandoned buildings and there are some buildings that could restore and could bring money from tourism. Is tourism in your country good? The idea mentioned in the question below is very good. 😊

AdrianaRafaela98’s Profile PhotoAdriianna Rafaella
Some of the buildings can be restored, yes ✔
But nobody wants to. I grew up in Riga, I've seen so many abandoned buildings. One used to be right next to a huge shopping center named "Domina"
It used to be a world famous mini camera / radio fabric. But it was already collapsing, I have been in the building we took a tour, it was illegal to go in it, it was cool and frightening 😂
But they took so much time to bulldoze the thing.
I'm looking for a picture, but can't find any 😥😥
There's a webpage with abandoned houses 😂 but it's in Latvian. https://grausti.riga.lv/ you can click around and see the pictures of how bad the situation is. 😄
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3- Debatable question Do you think tourism does more harm to a place than good? Your opinion and we respect what you believe in🖐🏻

akalmulla_’s Profile PhotoAhmed
I’m not quite sure about my opinion, all I know is tourism revives the economy, and I guess tourist cause environmental damage in some places ( I’m talking about kwt) idk really what do you think?
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3- Debatable question Do you think tourism does more harm to a place than good? Your opinion and we respect what you believe in🖐🏻

akalmulla_’s Profile PhotoAhmed
First: i love how you pointed out the you respect the other opinion! Thats rare.
I don’t think tourism harm the place. The opposite. And honestly idk why there is such thing called “Tourism”! Don’t we live on the same planet? Why people have countries.. it messy. I belong here and there.. i am a human. I am a seed of this earth, I should go and come without this “airport thingy” but I think it’s all because of money! They make countries and if u wanna go to them u should buy money (even though that will leave people with identity crisis especially if his country or whatever he live in is bad, he start asking himself questions such as: who am i!? Am i Kuwaiti? Is that what identify me?) and that bring us back to main question is tourism does more harm? I think my answer now will be it does both harm and good. Idk.

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Our monarchy, castles and such brings with a lot of tourism so I don't think our tax money is going to waste honestly 😅

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
▪️ I think that even if there was no monarchy, people would still visit the castles but they do nothing but spend money.
▪️I visit castles, and palaces where I live, and the good part is visiting places where there was history. (💰)
▪️In my case, I would not visit Sweden, Spain, because of the monarchy but because of the monuments, among other things.
▪️But it depends on people's opinions, in this case yours is different from mine. We live in different countries. 🙂
+1 answer in: “No, since I also count constitutional monarchies like the one we have here in Sweden. That our king only acts as a symbol and do not have any power 😊”

What are some topics that interest you ?(:

LaAlex84’s Profile PhotoAlex
Tourism . Because I can get information of new tourist destination. tourism make me be happy and enjoy. Also I love traveling and visit have a lot of tourist destinantion. Furtheron to tourism I know about new route of tourist destinantion In Jakarta and arround Jakarta. I hope tourism of sector can crowded and can result of finance for Indonesia also World. I think so.

i just lost. saya coba nyari kan ka "tourism journal" tapi yg muncul kaya cuma articles atau a few pages of journals. i dont get it, how do you find a journal to read? how do you do it? do you just go to google and search science journal and got what u want or what?

Ya jelas tidak ketemu.
Bahasamu bukan bahasa ilmiah.
Yang keluar di Google jelas hasilnya adalah hal-hal yang tidak ilmiah.
Aku kasih contoh deh. Kalau kamu mau cari dampak kebanyakan makan yang manis-manis. Kalau kamu google "dampak kebanyakan makan yang manis-manis", kamu takkan ketemu jurnal. Cuma artikel.
Tapi kalau kamu cari "excess glucose consumption", dan kamu scroll ke bawah sedikit, kamu akan menemukan dua jurnal. Satu sudah disitasi 11 kali, satu lagi 376 kali. Dari situ, kamu baca dua jurnalnya. Kalau kamu kena pay-wall, kamu salin DOI jurnalnya, dan cari jurnalnya di sci-hub.tw. Sudah dibaca? Lihat sitasi dari jurnalnya. Jurnal pasti menyitasi jurnal lain, dan jumlahnya bisa belasan atau puluhan. Baru deh, kamu akan terjun ke dunia jurnal.
Masalahnya, kalau kamu tidak tahu apa yang sebenarnya sedang kamu cari, gampang sekali buat gagal googling. Bahasa ilmiah itu adalah bahasa yang harus kamu pelajari sendiri dari pengalaman. Sama seperti bahasa kantor yang banyak jargon, bahasa ilmiah juga banyak jargon. Gula itu basically glukosa+fruktosa. Kebanyakan makan itu basically excess consumption, atau excess intake. Bahkan untuk "tourism", kalau kamu cari "tourism" di Wikipedia bahasa Inggris, kamu akan dibawa ke halaman berjudul Tourism. Dan kalau kamu scroll ke bawah, kamu akan menemukan 126 sitasi (termasuk jurnal) mengenai turisme.
You have to ask the right question to get the right answer.
Pertanyaannya cuma apakah kamu tahu cara bertanya yang tepat. Dan cara untuk tahu adalah dengan belajar, dan berpengalaman.

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as a tourism study, I had a course, where I only talked about it. You said everything, what I learned in 6 months.

MartaAntunes8’s Profile PhotoMarta Filipa Ribeiro D.Antunes
Mindfulness is about love and loving life. When you cultivate this love, it gives you clarity and compassion for life, and your actions happen in accordance with that.
as a tourism study I had a course where I only talked about it You said
+2 answers in: “Even knowing that a country will only be rich if it has many cultures, why is it still not acceptable to have a plurality of cultures?”

Many people say that space tourism will get a lot more common in the future. Are you excited? Would you be willing to spend money on a short trip to space if the price wasn't too high? 🤔🚀

Well idk if it's not that expensive why not
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Many people say that space tourism will get a lot more common in the future. Are you excited? Would you be willing to spend money on a short trip to space if the price wasn't too high? 🤔🚀

Me and my friend were discussing this the other day as we watched the SpaceX rocket launch!
Once it had been commercial for a while and definitely safe I’d like to go up yeah!
But only with a friend not by myself 😂

Many people say that space tourism will get a lot more common in the future. Are you excited? Would you be willing to spend money on a short trip to space if the price wasn't too high? 🤔🚀

I can’t imagine ever being able to afford going on a trip to space, but sure!! I think it would be exhilarating, terrifying, and awe inspiring. Imagine being on the moon and looking back at earth... 😯

Many people say that space tourism will get a lot more common in the future. Are you excited? Would you be willing to spend money on a short trip to space if the price wasn't too high? ??

I'm not really bothered by that. I mean, there are plenty of amazing places that are worth visiting here on our planet and I'd rather do that! Space travel must be and exciting thing but it's just not my cup of tea. I'd be terrified and that would ruin the whole experience.
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Many people say that space tourism will get a lot more common in the future. Are you excited? Would you be willing to spend money on a short trip to space if the price wasn't too high? 🤔🚀

That sounds dope. Do take my money

Many people say that space tourism will get a lot more common in the future. Are you excited? Would you be willing to spend money on a short trip to space if the price wasn't too high? 🤔🚀

Nah I m not interested in floating in the air with my hair all over the place and also wouldn't like to recycle my urine and drink it. It is just so ewwww. Lol🤣

Many people say that space tourism will get a lot more common in the future. Are you excited? Would you be willing to spend money on a short trip to space if the price wasn't too high? ??

I think I would, but at the same time I tend to get dizzy real quick so I don’t know if it would be something for me
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Many people say that space tourism will get a lot more common in the future. Are you excited? Would you be willing to spend money on a short trip to space if the price wasn't too high? ??

Affordable space tourism is a very long way off, most likely beyond my lifespan. Would be fun to bounce around in low gravity though

Khoon ka rishta unse hota hai jo tumhari kadr kare, aaj pakistaniyon ki wajah se he tourism poora rook gaya hai. Pakistaniyon ne jaisa pakistan ko garibi or berojgari k ilawa kuch nai diya hai. They alsi killed their country own people like baloch people.

What on earth is berojgari?
+3 answers in: “Here is a question that millions of people want to know? Why do Kashmiris love Pakistan so much?”

Well not being rude I just wanna say that as of fact its not true now. Pakistan's image has grown better now. We are seen as a terrorist state no more. Pakistan ranked as No. 1 for tourism. And we saw a rise in the tourist numbers this year and net is full of videos of appraisals in this regard.

I know that. But still, if pakistan was ever famous that was bcz of terrorism, Pak was famous as terrorist country 😂 u can't deny this fact...yeah No doubt, now pak's reputation has become way better..❤️
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I'm Muslim ☪️ the translation of Islam by Arabic is Beace , I have a question please , I wanna say enough caz all the Arabic country now have a war inside and kill caz u midia we never do bad any thing but u do every bad thing , and tell us we are tourism good ,we kill original people of America,

Omg why you saying this me
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Hi I’m Selena,What’s your name? I would love to get to know you! Tell me one interesting thing about yourself❤️

rarelygomez’s Profile PhotoSelena Gomez
Hi I'm Haether.
One interesting thing about myself?
Well.. Idk hahaha

But, I study tourism business management, I'm entrepreneurship, I'm 18 years old, I love the languages, my favorites is English, Germany and Russian, my language native is Spanish.
And that's it..
Tell me about yourself💙

Hi Guys, I need some help related to research/project/assignment. The topic is Rural Tourism in Pakistan and Rural Tourism in China. If anyone of you know any content, documentary, book or any kind of source do let me know. Plus any of you who has ever done research please guide me. Tia.

zainiikamran_19’s Profile PhotoZainab Zahrah Kamran
For online research: Academia/Jstor
Plus the following books might aid you as well:
- Pakistan: A Hard country
- Pakistan at crossroads
- China-Pakistan Axis

London is far from cosy! its a warzone with knives its at the worst crime rate. Too dangerous to go to. A 10 year old boy walking with his mum got stabbed yesterday. It isn't a nice place anymore sadly.

Well true.. But as it was in 'zambezia' cartoon.. Don't mess up tourism and immigration..
I just tell my emotions based on short term stay. When you enjoy city. When you have no troubles at work. When you re chilled and relaxed..
Off course.. When you dive into routinethings change :)
+15 answers in: “Where would you choose to visit Paris, Egypt, or Britain?”

Lol think on facts yar its 21st century and just cox of Imran khan according to Forbes 2020 Pakistan is rank no 1 country as a tourism and bakaya leaders ne kya kia for tourism yehi bata dou Forbes ka tou pata ho ga tume zardari ne kya kia itni corruption ki kutte jaise dant le kar smile karta hai

Hahaha the best of whole is KUTTAY JAISY DANT 😂😂😂

Thoughts on 'Royal Visit to Pakistan'?💫💭

stunningali’s Profile PhotoAli Muhammad
Well it’s a positive news for foreign relations 💯 as well as free marketing for PAKISTAN’s tourism industry! 🦌
Finally 🇵🇰 PAKISTAN is getting the recognition it deserved!💯
And if any Pakistani is reading this please keep this in mind that the main reason we are getting this respect is not glaciers or deserts 🏜 of PK but our hospitality , positive behaviour and unique culture 🌸 so please maintain this :)
Thoughts on Royal Visit to Pakistan

hell not! other places much better than my hahaha i'll keep you optimistic!! so one day we will meet in same plane by coincidence ??. in near future netherland I hope so. and you? may i ask you what you do in your daily life time? College student?

No worries, You will travel wherever you’re pointed destination will be!! I mean yes!! bad circumstances but believe in yourself!
Well, I have a long list but first of all Dubai and then to Amsterdam only for tourism ! .. Although I don’t believe it would happen but why not “the coincidence ” ?
I am a 4th year student at Birzeit uni studying English language literature minor translation & Business administration which is ALOT but life is tougher than a couple of boring class and courses ??‍♀️
What do you do?
+24 answers in: “do you make friends easily?”

Tita is it weird that may stereotype ako about tourism students but it differs sa tingin ko sa mga flight attendant. Theyre relative but still different right?

Unless you belong to either program, mas mabuting huwag umasa o i-verbalize yang mga stereotype na iniisip mo dahil obviously negative siya. Mas magandang pagbutihin ang sarili mong pag-aaral at paghahanap-buhay para umasenso ka sa buhay at tuunan mo ng pansin ang sarili mo kesa maghanap ng mapupuna sa ibang tao. Walang kinalaman ang kurso ng tao sa pagkatao nila. Napakarami kong kakilalang tarantadong bongga ang mga kurso. Wala akong kakilalang tourism major at flight attendant na masama ang ugali. Pero baka kasi napakabusy ko sa pag-aasikaso sa sarili ko para mapansin.

But I’ve heard that many of them think they live in kuwait and arabic is the language here so why would they want to learn english which is soo wrong tbh

True, but we are in the era of evolution and most of the things around us Technologna education function needs English language beside the language of the Arab mother, as in the past the language was limited only to the countries around us and they all speak Arabic now the situation has become different and there is tourism and development and we must keep pace with evolution We live without forgetting our Arabic language, the language of Islam
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Where would you most like to travel in space? (Assuming you could go there instantly and survive the harsh conditions)🚀 Do you think space tourism will be big in the near future?Why or why not? What is the most interesting thing you know about space?🚀😀

snehm941’s Profile Photosneh
I would love to go everywhere really! But I would love to see a black hole.
I do think space tourism will be big in the future, once it gets less expensive.
And the most interesting thing I know about space is that it smells like steak!
Where would you most like to travel in space Assuming you could go there

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