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What is your favourite quote?

"The best of us can find happiness in misery." - Fall Out Boy
Fall Out Boy - I Don't Care
https://youtu.be/Alh6iIvVN9oAisyahIsHere2’s Video 171926211395 Alh6iIvVN9oAisyahIsHere2’s Video 171926211395 Alh6iIvVN9o
Say my name and his in the same breath
I dare you to say they taste the same
Let the leaves fall off in the summer
And let December glow in flames
Erase myself and let go
Start it over again in Mexico
These friends, they don't love you
They just love the hotel suites, now
I don't care what you think
As long as it's about me
The best of us can find happiness in misery
I said I don't care what you think
As long as it's about me
The best of us can find happiness in misery
Oh take a chance let your body get a tolerance
I'm not a chance, put a heat wave in your pants
Pull a breath like another cigarette
Pawnshop heart trading up
On the oracle in my chest
Let the guitar scream like a fascist
Sweat it out, shut your mouth
Free love on the streets but
In the alley it ain't that cheap, now

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AisyahIsHere2’s Video 171926211395 Alh6iIvVN9oAisyahIsHere2’s Video 171926211395 Alh6iIvVN9o

Buena suerte en este martes 13

miriwiri5’s Profile Photowitch 46
@miriwiri5 💫 Sphinx, no vayas a la deriva, pásate ⛵
Ettoo... Igual, ten buena suerte en este último martes 13 de este raro año 🙌
(Supuesta peli anterior a la 1ª de "Piratas del Caribe")
"Piratas del Caribe (zero) El Wicked Wench"
Mar Caribe, siglo XVIII.
El "Wicked Wench" (después llamado "La Perla Negra") es un barco de 32 cañones, tres mástiles y velas negras.
El barco es construido como propiedad de la compañía East India Trading Company.
Jack Sparrow es un corsario y es nombrado primer capitán del "Wicked Wench".
Lord Cutler Beckett le contrata para comerciar con esclavos, pero Jack y Bill Turner dejan a los esclavos en libertad.
Al volver a puerto y conocer lo sucedido, Beckett hunde el barco, despide a Sparrow y le marca con hierro al rojo, la "P" de pirata.
Davy Jones es el capitán del "Holandés Errante", barco fantasma dominante de las profundidades.
Jack Sparrow, con ayuda de Davy Jones, recupera su barco hundido y lo rebautiza como "La Perla Negra".
El barco zarpa con el capitán Sparrow y la tripulación, a buscar el Tesoro azteca que fue robado por Hernán Cortés.
Héctor Barbossa es oficial del barco, lidera un motín, se proclama capitán de "La Perla Negra", y abandona a Sparrow en una isla desierta.
El capitán Barbossa, al mando de "La Perla Negra", encuentra el tesoro azteca de 882 monedas de oro, junto con una gran cantidad de objetos preciosos.
Derrochan el tesoro en comida, bebida y fiestas, cayendo en la maldición azteca de convertirse en esqueletos nocturnos inmortales.
Barbossa y su tripulación vuelven a recorrer durante 10 años los puertos en donde malgastaron el tesoro.
Necesitan recuperar todas las monedas del tesoro para romper la maldición Azteca.
Bill Turner es marinero en "La Perla Negra", a escondidas se queda con una de las monedas malditas, y antes de morir se la da a su hijo Will.
El joven Will Turner tiene la última moneda maldita colgada del cuello, recibida de su padre.
Jack Sparrow consigue escapar de la isla desierta en una pequeña embarcación.

(Y después viene la primera película)
"Piratas del Caribe 1 Maldición de La Perla Negra" (2003)
El Gobernador Weatherby Swann y el teniente Norringtton navegan desde Londres a Port Royal.
Ven los restos de un barco atacado por piratas y a un chico a la deriva.
Se trata de Will Turner, que va a ser cuidado por Elizabeth Swann, ambos adolescentes.
Jack Sparrow llega a puerto y se coloca de pie en el embarcadero mientras se hunde su embarcación.

(Para ver vídeos que no se ven en "Ver más": Pulsar en la fecha de cada respuesta)

Capitán Barbossa
https://youtu.be/XpX6Zh1bYaosalquial’s Video 171677236025 XpX6Zh1bYaosalquial’s Video 171677236025 XpX6Zh1bYao

Moneda Azteca maldita
https://youtu.be/9M_BhG43DJgsalquial’s Video 171677236025 9M_BhG43DJgsalquial’s Video 171677236025 9M_BhG43DJg

Elizabeth encuentra a Will
https://youtu.be/5lHHA16KC9Isalquial’s Video 171677236025 5lHHA16KC9Isalquial’s Video 171677236025 5lHHA16KC9I

Jack Sparrow llega a puerto
https://youtu.be/9rWai38hti8salquial’s Video 171677236025 9rWai38hti8salquial’s Video 171677236025 9rWai38hti8

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Buena suerte en este martes 13

Please pray for Karachi and the sacrificial animals. This city can not stand such heavy rainfall.

Adeeba_’s Profile PhotoAdeeba Mohammed Ali
I agree 💯
Even though this city is the trading hub but still nobody gives a damn to this city
I hope people are safe and sound but you won't believe this corrupt mafia is just looting this city nothing else ! Prayers for this city only 🙏

Tesla dropped some are you gonna dump ?

No, not at all - it is still trading much higher than it did when I acquired my shares. I believe it's a temporary slide because Gates dumped all of his shares recently. He seems to have a perpetual hard-0n for Musk and truth be told, Gates has always been a petty little weasel. As long as I remain ahead, I have no logical reason to "pull a Gates."

Hello would you like to know more about fx trade?

The thing with short term trading, whether in foreign exchange (fx), shares or bitcoin, is that you have no more idea than anyone else whether it's going to go up or down. Movement is dictated by sentiment, not by facts, and the market finds its own level. It's no better than gambling, but the costs, fees, and spread/margin stack the odds against you. It's a mug's game.

Dopasujcie piosenkę do swoich ulubionych par

- Esmeray & Klaus : Paradise by Coldplay
- Raphael & Britta : Violet Hill by Coldplay
- Cinar & Britta : Sweater Weather by The Neighbourhood
- Cinar & Sahbanu : Cosmic Love by Florence and the machine
- Ozan & Sittisah : For Blue Skies by Strays Dont Sleep
- Ozan & Nuray : Flawless by The Neighbourhood
- Ozan & Dilara : She is the sunlight by Trading Yesterday
- Yamac & Sahbanu : Running up that hill by Placebo
- Yamac & Mihriban : Lurk by The Neighbourhood
Dopasujcie piosenkę do swoich ulubionych par

Lanjut ahh Terus indra kenz itu kenapa sih? Binomo? Beneran kena tipu?

Jadi dia tuh katanya dituduh affiliator binomo gitu karna dia sering promosiin binomo gitu dan banyak orang yang percaya sama dia bisa sukses dan kaya investasi di binomo atau semacamnya gitulah dia kan dikenal crazy rich juga sempat diundang di tv juga kan nah akhirnya banyak yang bermunculan korban rugi akibat main trading begitu dan nuduh indra kenz penipu gitu sepahaman aku sih gini ceritanya. Ya intinya kalau mau main trading saham atau yang semacam ini, lebih baik cari tau dulu apa untung dan juga RUGI nya dan kalau mau investasi lebih baik dari yang kecil dulu jangan hanya mikirin untungnya aja tapi juga RUGI nya dan jangan mudah tergiur dengan pencapaian kesuksesan orang dan kekayaan orang dari trading atau saham semacamnya itu terus langsung investasi semua uang yang kamu punya. Inget semua ada turunnya.

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Most money you've made in an hour?

Through trading, I have earned and lost thousands in a matter of minutes. With my method, market movements aren't relevant because I cover both positions with stop-losses, hoping for the highest fluctuations. Yes, it's speculative insanity but it works. ;-)

Сейчас мне позвонили по телефону и сказали, что можно заработать деньги на trading platform , номер телефона +79610150957, короче надо перевести деньги 10000 на киви кошелёк, и я перевела 9000, тысячи нет, он ждёт, я поняла что это мошенник?

нет, мошейница это вы.человек вам доверился, рассчитывает на ваши инвестиции, ждёт, надеется и верит, а вы вола епёте.не надо так

What do u do for living

Day trading (investing and speculating), some consulting (not related to finance) and occasionally, I build / maintain high-end PCs (mostly for gaming but not exclusively).

in other word I hate them like for real 😂, yea it is a nice coincidence indeed I mean what are the chances😂, well thank you but basically I know you but don't yet😂😂😂. why don't they share their strategy with you ?? or the money caused them mania?😂

😶 i usually question people who don't like cats. what not to like about them?
Nope, i learn strategies from expert coaches. it's just i don't like the team spirit. they too positive, i mean positive in toxic way!
They all work in network marketing beside trading, and y'know.. networkers have to look happy and healthy all the time! and they suppose to be like role models and so!
tbh, I can't stand being in touch with positive people 😂 neither negative people. but +ve ones are most dangerous and irritating to me

هل فعلا في مكسب من موضوع العملات الرقمية ولا مجرد هوس ووهم؟

لو كان بتدير trading فيه مكسب و في خسارة لكن مفيش ضمانة أنك حتكسب
أما لو mining تكاليف كروت الشاشة و الكلفة التشغيلية مش حتطلع منها بتيجة كويسة

Oh a Muslim male had told me that men and women boys and girls cannot mix and mingle together. And if a man is texting a women who isn’t his wife it’s haram?

They can’t get physically close to each other or shake hands but they obviously can text and talk especially if it’s work or school related. Our prophet’s wife used to work with men and interact with them due to her work in commerce and trading so it is completely fine!

Hello,Are you open to new opportunities??Will you be interested in a new way of creating an extra source of income right off your phone, all by learning a Trading(Forex Trade) skill that will earn you up to $20,000 weekly/monthly..??? IF YES!! DM me on WhatsApp for More Info 👇👇👇 +1(419)777-5132.

ty for your message
Forex Trading isn't my thing
if anyone does want to supplement my income tho
I can offer a bit of part time philosophical discussion at knock down rates :)

Gue merasa udh ketinggalan dari teman2 gue, merasa ga bisa kayak mereka. Gue harus apa :')

Yaudah bangkit. Lakuin sesuatu yg bisa menghasilkan uang. Kamu ada bakat nulis, yaudah nulis. Atau mau jadi content creator, yaudah di fokusin ke sana juga. Atau mau main trading, yaudah belajar dari skrg. Jangan mikirin kesuksesan org lain, kita fokus sm diri kita aja. Semuanya bisa dipermudah kok jalannya. Asal ada niat, usaha, dan juga doa. Yuk bisa yuk!
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If you drink alcohol, have you ever gone to work while experiencing a hangover? 🥴 👍 🙃

redoasis2017’s Profile Photo★ ☮ ♫ ƬΣПΛᄃIӨЦƧ ƬӨMMΛY™ ▩ ♚ ☻
not really, but when i worked as a sales consultant, i chronically did not get enough sleep and had to buy coffee on the way to wake up a little. I love the taste of irish syrup. And then one day my usual coffee shop was closed and i had to take coffee from another. The barista asked me to show my ID (i was so sleepy that i wasn't even surprised), the coffee was too hot and i decided that i would drink it when i got there and changed. And here i am standing in a uniform at the locker and i realize that DАMN IT IS ALMOST PURE WHISKЕY. 450 ML OF ALMOST PURE WHISKЕY. AND I NEED TO BE SОBER AND IN THE TRADING FLOOR IN 5 MINUTES. How could i survive throw this day is a fuсking mystery.
And now that barista is my best friend)

What’s the difference between clean and dirty money

zamani_zii’s Profile PhotoPrimer Duchess
Money obtained from certain crimes, such as extortion, insider trading, drug trafficking, and illegal gambling is "dirty" and needs to be "cleaned" to appear to have been derived from legal activities, so that banks and other financial institutions will deal with it without suspicion.
Clean money comes from legal establishments like cleaners, Walmart, mom pop store, dirty money drug dealers , extortion money that get laundered thru legal establishments.

My boyfriend is so abusive but he is very rich. What should i do?

Red flag shouldn't be taken for granted girl 🚩.First stop trading your self-respect for the sake of money never rely on anyone's money rather than parents if you are prioritising "MONEY" be focused on your own career make yourself capable of earning. Secondly don't tolerate disrespectful behaviour, Be high on respect ,know your worth never be fooled by his words just watch his actions everything ll be crystal clear to you, If you think he's not right person for you leave him like a choice.

🧃┊ Gibt es Dinge die du gerne sammelst ? Wenn ja, welche c: ?

Es gibt jetzt nichts, was ich wirklich als Sammlung ansehen würde.
Ich habe immer sehr gerne Lego Ninjago geguckt und ich habe mir dort immer alles gekauft, was ich so im Laden gesehen habe, im Sinne von Zeitschriften. :D
Da hätte ich jetzt mehrere Zeitschriften, aber komplett verschiedene Ausgaben. Ich habe dort also keine genaue Reihenfolge. In den Zeitschriften sind aber auch "immer" Trading Cards, wovon ich ein ganzen Stapel habe. Ich habe mir aber schon länger nichts mehr dazu gekauft, also war es sozusagen eine "kleine" Sammlung meines jüngeren Ich's. :D
Sonst sind meine Regale "gefüllt" mit Nintendo 3ds/ds spiele, aber nicht, weil ich sie in dem Sinne sammle, sondern weil ich die Spiele haben wollte. :3
Ich habe dort also auch nur Spiele, die ich gut finde und bspw. Sonic kann man dort gar nicht finden. :)

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Yes getting married in young is very good idea as you are safe from many sins

I mean you guys only think from one perspective. You do realise that unfair treatment of your spouse is a sin right? Wives being ungrateful to their husbands is a sin that can put you in hell. You are simply trading the type of sin if youre marrying young (in a supposed immature state of mind). It does save you from a significant number of sins, only to put you at risk for other kinds of sins.

Share some good memories 😊

Ervilin’s Profile PhotoE R V I L I N
A lot of times I remember things based on what age I was, which I recall by remembering what grade I was in. Other times I just remember random bs. Like my mom was about to throw out this nice reclining chair we had, and I remembered going with her to look for it when I was younger and the salesman saying "if there are any problems with the chair, we will come out and fix it, and we will also replace the chair entirely one time". I told her that based off memory from 13 years ago. She had no idea that was even a thing, but it turned out I was indeed correct. As a child and all through my adulthood I have had difficulty expressing my emotions. My grandmother was the first person to start calling me "Spock" as a joke, but it actually stuck and became a running bit for most of my life. Star Trek was always popular in my family, and I have many fond memories of watching TOS and TNG with my mom and dad in the living room, while eating our dinners from TV trays. A few years ago he fought the battle against cancer and lost. I gave the eulogy at the funeral, and in the parking lot afterwards my mom handed me an envelope and told me that he had given it to her near the end, and that I wasn't to open it until the end of that day. Inside was a complete set of Tops collectible trading cards depicting the entire crew of the USS Enterprise. On the Spock card was a post it note, and written in a shaky hand was, "Always remember that Spock was half human. I love you." When my ex and I first started dating, we'd fallen asleep all wrapped up in each other. I woke up during the night and noticed how nice the feeling was, our arms and legs tangled together, the way she smelled, her breathing into my chest. Even though it was sort of chilly we didn't need the blanket like we usually did, and I thought to myself "man, this is the best".
A couple of weeks later we both happened to get foot injuries the same day. We booked our appointments to the university wellness center, and both went at the same time. For whatever reason, her appointment got done on time, but mine was 20 minutes off schedule. As she was finishing up her appointment, she walked past me waiting for the doctor in the examination room. I told her that I was still waiting to be seen, and I was going to tell her that she could leave if she wanted to, but before I got the chance, she offered to wait for me out in the waiting room. I had a rather tumultuous childhood, and that was the first moment in my life I genuinely felt like someone truly cared about me. Nobody saw it, but that was the only time I've ever had happy tears in my life. We broke up in May. I wish things had lasted longer, but I'm getting to the point where I can appreciate the good memories without longing for her. When you hit that stage, you can really be at peace with things.

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Haha, det skulle stå trading och inte träning 😭

Mrjensa’s Profile PhotoJens❤️
Registrerade konto, men första insättningen kräver 250 euro. När ekonomin är väldigt bra ska jag göra det. I reklamen säger dom att man kan tjäna flera hundratusen per år. Är nöjd med en tusenlapp 😂😂 En kille från indien ringde och pratade om bitcoun, väldigt irreterande. Då jag uppgivit mitt nr.

happy Juneteenth! what’s happening in ur neck of the woods today? is ur town doing anything special

I think that’s a U.S. thing.
Here we have an annual Freedom Festival fortnight towards the end of August through to beginning of September, to commemorate Yorkshire’s representation and campaigning in the UK parliament by one of our city’s MPs which was what first got slave trading mostly abolished in Britain in 1807 and later the full abolition of all slave trade including ownership in Britain in 1833.

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Damian Damiez
In February 2011, Bitcoin cost $1. 10 years has passed and BTC is $57,000. Having spent $100 to buy Bitcoins back then, you would have $5,700,000 today. This could be considered one of the best investments of the 21st century, unattainable for the stock market and other assets. After such a shocking takeoff, most people consider the lost profit and regret that "the train left". But professional participants in the financial markets may think differently. For example, Ari Paul, CIO and co-founder of the BlockTower Capital investment company, believes that BTC can potentially generate more than 10 times profit over the next two years. He suggests that the current bull market may last until the end of 2022, and Bitcoin by that time would be able to strengthen in the area between $100K and $400K. Apparently, Tesla also believes in the six-figure price of Bitcoin, with the latest news that the company has officially invested $1.5 bln in Bitcoins. Moreover, it is preparing to sell its electric cars for BTC. Seems incredible? But who could think 10 years ago that the main cryptocurrency would rise in price by $57k times.
I don't think its too late to invest, Bitcoin seems very well set to hit that 100k mark, you never knew 1btc would ever worth $57k 10 years after its creation, so I don't see any reason why you are not investing, starting with as little as $500 or even a $700 can make good profits for you. So invest now, get a good platform and a good expert if you can't trade. Investing in bitcoin is great, you can still invest now it's not late yet. Reach out to www. TradeAdvisor.Tech for Advise.

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”الحقيقة أننا جميعًا ننتظر، ننتظر رغم ضآلة الاحتمالات، ننتظر حدوث شيء استثنائي يقلب حياتنا.” -مساحة 💕

" مهما كانت أيدينا صغيرة احلامنا تداعب النجوم ".✨💗
"Whatever our hands a little dream of our trading success." ✨💗

Als je een eeuw uit het verleden in kon stappen om te beleven hoe het toen was, welke eeuw zou je dan kiezen en waarom? / If you could step into any century from the past to experience what it was like back then, which century would you choose and why?

LunarHuntress’s Profile PhotoYentl (only English and Dutch)
I'd go back to the 10th-11th century and see how it was like during the Viking age, to be amongst my ancestors ⚔ My hometown was in the past a huge viking trading settlement so it'd be sooo cool to go back and see how the area where I grew up looked like a thousand years ago 😊
Als je een eeuw uit het verleden in kon stappen om te beleven hoe het toen was

Hey DJW, I heard Pokémon Day is not too far away. Will you do a picture of your favorite Pokémon on a Trading card? It would be amazing to see your favorite Pokémon drawn in your style. People would buy custom made cards from you, Y’know?

I haven’t really drawn on trading cards too much
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If all the currencies in the world did not have monetary value, would our world be a much better place?

NicoleBuckleyyx’s Profile Photonikki ☻
Money really has no value until we give it value. If united states as a whole agreed to stop using money, what would the government do or businesses? It's crazy to think you are trading labor for "pieces of paper" to buy stuff you essentially NEED. The world does not know life without "money" or "trade".

Do you speak much Chinese at all? If so can you tell me how to say "I have been accused of insider trading and require legal representation"? Thank you 😊

Do i look like i speak fucking chinese im white stupid .
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Do you speak much Chinese at all? If so can you tell me how to say "I have been accused of insider trading and require legal representation"? Thank you 😊

我被指控從事內幕交易,需要法律代理 .... good luck lol 🤣
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