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Do you exercise? What's your favourite exercise? Do you own any gym equipment? 😁

M1ssSemy’s Profile PhotoStar. i
I do exercise! I either go swimming, both with a swim team and alone or I head to the gym! When I swim I like to put on paddles and a snorkle and just swim laps upon laps, I find it very relaxing! Not in that it doesn't tire me but it's a good way for me to clear my head 🏊‍♂️
I own some resistance bands, jump ropes and a "multi trainer band" but I very rarely use those at home to be honest with you 😅
Do you exercise Whats your favourite exercise Do you own any gym equipment

Have you ever had tension happen in the workplace between two coworkers? How did management handle it? And have you ever never clicked with someone you worked with? How did you get through it? 🤔

Coolio247’s Profile PhotoJustine Coolioness
Yup... I had tension with the boss.... Never ever piss off a dogs trainer like myself... The dogs do exactly as I say 😈
At an Animal shelter I had the manager quit on the spot... Now I own the place 😎

*Shadow actually bothers to take time to dig two graves, one for the beheaded boy, and another for the limbless boy back in the cave, he doesn't know any prayers or anything but he at least can put their bodies to rest*

forgottenfifth’s Profile PhotoShadow
Footsteps, in the snow. Accompanied by haggard breathing. Unlike previous foes however, no attack follows, instead an undead canine looking creature limps slowly over.
It ignores the shades presence completely, collapsing upon reaching the grave of it's long dead owner, before letting out a dying roar that oddly makes Shadow feel something wholly unknown to him:
Warmth, inside and out.
The Typhlosion was unable to save it's Trainer, but lived to see Blake put to rest.
The waiting was finally over.
Shadow actually bothers to take time to dig two graves one for the beheaded boy
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Cette attirance pour le micro, elle a toujours été là pour toi? 😼

Feanor89’s Profile PhotoFeanor
Alors non.
Enfant je n'écoutais jamais la musique donc à aucun moment le micro ne m'atrirait.
Il m'a fallu arriver à 14 ans pour commencer à trainer dans les studios de radios pour avoir cette envie de dingue de parler dans le micro.
Si un jour tu me vois en live sur une scène tu vas te dire "ah oui en effet, sa vie c'est ça".
Pour tout te dire, à ce jour je ne me dis pas vraiment pizzaiolo, mais animateur qui fait des pizzas.

Trainees or trainer shoes that are advertised as “anti-slip” and “waterproof” but your feet feel like they been soaking in a pond and you have done your back in from lack of grip on sidewalk or town centre. Lying barstool companies. 2 things in Britain can ruin your day - the weather, and falling.

Trainers are no good in rain when it heavy I'm known to use my hair dyer to dry inside of my Trainers 😆
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As-tu une idée stp, pour Halloween j'ai un superbe masque en latex de zombie mais niveau vêtement que faire ? les trainer dans la terre pour qu'ils paraissent usés ?

Euh si tu veux teindre tes vêtements sans les mettre dans des trucs vraiment sales je pense que tu peux utiliser du café soluble. J'ai testé que sur des draps pour une pièce de théâtre et sur du papier, mais ça marchait plutôt bien.
Sur des tissus synthétiques ou déjà colorés jsp.

Pas étonnant que les Européens ne connaissent rien à la géographie, il n'est pas pratique pour eux de se souvenir des noms de tous les pays qui ont pillé et volé leurs matières premières dans le monde. 😂

Je suis bien d'accord, à force de pratiquer on oublie, surtout quand ce n'est pas bien enseigné... On fait toujours la leçon aux ricains quand ils sont nuls en géo, mais je doute que les fronssais sachent placer de nombreux pays africains... Il faudrait mettre au programme scolaire ce que l'on a piqué à qui, y compris les personnes... moyen ludique d'apprendre l'histoire et la géo... voire même extérioriser un peu le malaise blanc, l'accoucher et le soigner un peu... c'est bien mieux que de traîner ce non-dit...

How’s your day going?

cciicc_699’s Profile Photoلـَــ
It’s the end of it so it was as following: sweet, productive, active, some annoyance was there too (maybe to create the normal balance), my trainer praised my performance, was happy to find a chocolate I like so shared it with few strangers (now it sounds weird!) why I’m even sharing these details 🤔 A busy day, but I’m satisfied alhamdulilah. How’s your day Exol?
Hows your day going

Напиши название твоей любимой песни 😌

Одна из....
Без названия , догадаешься?
Et si tu n'existais pas
Dis - moi pourquoi j'existerais?
Pour trainer dans un monde sans toi
Sans espoir et sans regrets...
Напиши название твоей любимой песни

Kak aku ada bukti foto dia suka jalan-jalan sama cewek2 lain, tp selalu ramean fotonya, kadang aku bingung itu bisa dijadiin bukti atau gak, soalnya pekerjaan dia trainer kak, jadi memang beresiko dia deket sama banyak orang, tp aku gak suka liatnya

Lho, kalau gitu, bisa jadi orang lain salah paham. Dan kalau kamu percaya sama dia, kamu akan dukung dia, dengan segala risiko pekerjaannya.

Ein Trainer bei mir im Fitnesss is mega Hot und immer voll nett zu mir. Kommt immer von allein zu mir wenn ich da bin und redet ne Weile mit mir,meint ihr er steht auch auf mich?

Es ist als Dienstleister der Job eines Menschen, nett zu den Kunden zu sein.
So wie wir Ärzte, Krankenschwestern etc.
Nur, weil wir nett sind, heißt es nicht automatisch, wir wollen euch auch privat kennenlernen.
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Hai mai avuto un personal trainer?

Fiorins_99’s Profile PhotoEdoardo Fiorini
Me ne servirebbe uno e anche un/una nutrizionista, attualmente vado ogni tanto da una trainer, ma per ora non vedo miglioramenti, e a volte mi faccio anche male alla schiena con gli esercizi, nonostante sia migliorata 🤔 Questa trainer mi spiega bene come fare gli esercizi anche adeguandoli alla scoliosi, per la quale bisogna avere degli accorgimenti inizialmente.

What is your opinion on keeping sea animals captive at places like SeaWorld?

LouiseDooley’s Profile PhotoOrion The Huntress
Capturing whales out of the sea to put them in a stupidly small enclosures where they are bored out of their minds, stressed & used for entertainment? I don't like it. If you have ever seen the documentary about the trainer who was scalped during a live show at this place then you'll know that only happened cause he didn't get given a reward when he should have done and got pissed off. If they didn't use them for entertainment and had them in larger spaces then I wouldn't mind so much.

Wenn du morgen im Lotto gewinnen würdest, wie würde sich dein Leben ändern und was würde sich überhaupt nicht ändern? Welche 3 Dinge würdest du dir als Erstes anschaffen?

XxSuperwomenxX’s Profile PhotoEponomasie
Auch wenn wir hierbei von einer entsprechend großen Summe ausgehen, würde sich prinzipiell 'erstmal' nicht viel ändern. Zum einen würde ich mich um mein Auto kümmern, was nun eine gewisse Zeit nicht mehr angerührt wurde und zum anderen würde ich die letzten Rechnungen meiner Eltern begleichen, um diesen ein ruhigeres Gewissen zu ermöglichen. Anschließend würde ich mich mental beinahe vollständig auf meine beruflichen Aspirationen als Personal Trainer fokussieren, nebenher aber weiterhin arbeiten, wenn auch im geringeren Maße. Zumindest würde ich das so lange tun, bis ich mir das nötige Wissen angeeignet habe, um in dem Beruf gänzlich durchzustarten. Einiges von diesem Geld würde demnach in die wesentlichen Vorbereitungen fließen - ob in Kurse, Lernmaterial oder dem rechtlichen Firlefanz. Sofern ich dann alles erfolgreich und hoffentlich ohne übermäßige Rückschläge aufgezogen habe, würde ich mich über andere Investitionsmöglichkeiten erkundigen - Aktien, Immobilien/Land, Edelmetalle oder Sachwerte kämen mir da in den Sinn. Das alles, während ich meinen Eltern ein, so hoffe ich jedenfalls, sorgenfreies Leben gewähre.

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Do you have your life together in your opinion

When I was 16/17, I was training for anywhere up to eight hours a day to get onto the Olympic squad. I was already captaining our international team, I was on the GB pathway. And I was doing all of this whilst putting myself through the Open University so I could study at the same time - I started uni at 15 on a scholarship because I was actually pretty smart. I was also in a highly abusive relationship, so I was regularly injured at the time as well. My mental drive was absolutely insane. I didn't miss a day unless I was physically in hospital. I was also going through my personal trainer exams and I was one of the best aspiring female coaches we had. A few months later I got out of that relationship and fell disgustingly in love/moved in with my best friend.
Now I'm 25, it's almost ten years on. I cried during Chicken Run, went out with an ex who is as useless as I am and fell downstairs today because I snorted too hard at something the dog did. I have clearly peaked. Alllll downhill from here 😂

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Perché dici di andare dallo psicologo per ogni cosa? Non bisogna anche cercare di essere psicologi di sé stessi?

Lo dico perché ci sono questioni che da soli non si possono risolvere e serve necessariamente un aiuto esterno, un professionista competente, una spalla.
Essere il proprio personale psicologo vale se si ha la grandissima facoltà di essere oggettivi e distaccati sopra ogni cosa, quindi capirai da te quanto questo sia improbabile se già di base si hanno problemi con la propria persona (tolto il fatto che anche gli psicologi non si analizzano da soli, ma vanno in terapia da altri).
Per la stessa logica, quelli che vanno in palestra e si fanno seguire da un istruttore potrebbero semplicemente essere personal trainer presso se stessi e invece no, sai com'è, non hanno le conoscenze per poterlo fare.
È semplice se ci pensi, non parlo a casaccio.

You have a nice ask profile, and you seem like a very nice person. And I just found you are a personal trainer, I didn't know that when I asked you for the recipe. ^^ I admire you for that, It was one of my dream jobs/hobbies, while owning a gym with nice restaurant in it serving healthy food. 😇

Awwww gracias! ☺ That is very kind of you to say 😊 Sí! Is very rewarding career. Here is kind of hard now because of COVID but always good to have dreams and set goals 🙂👍

How many jobs have you had?

17 according to this, though it doesn’t count the various jobs I had while training, nor the various co-curricular jobs I had such as national trainer, youth worker, regional training coordinator, training advisor, or conference organiser, while doing other work. If so we can probably bring that 17 to around 24.
👨‍🏭 Plastics factory worker (W/X) Private Sector
👨‍💻 Accounts trainee (F/T) Private Sector
👨🏻‍🌾 Farm worker (W/X) Private Sector
👨‍💻 Administrative Asst (F/T) Public Sector/Government
👨‍💻 Guarantee/Insurance Asst (F/T) Private Sector
👨‍💻 Financial Control Asst (F/T) Private Sector
👨‍💻 Credit Control Asst (F/T) Private Sector
👨‍💻 Insurance Administrator (F/T) Private Sector
👨‍💻 Purchase Accs Assistant (F/T) Private Sector
👨‍🏫 Training Administrator (F/T) Private Sector
👨‍🏫 Youth Development Manager (F/T) Charity Sector
👨‍🏫 Student CoOrdinator (F/T) Public Sector/Education
Asst Director Operations (F/T) Private Sector
👨‍🏫 Senior Training Advisor/Consultant (F/T) Public Sector/Education
👨‍🏫 English Teacher (P/T) Private Sector
👩🏻‍🎤 Musician (P/T) Self Employed
👩🏻‍🎤 Festival Organiser (S/V) Community Sector
P/T = Part Time work
F/T = Full Time work
W/X = Work Experience placement
S/V = Seasonal/Voluntary work

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Is being fat healthy?

Put it this way, when I was doing exercise videos online, there was this one guy who was killin' it. He was also wayyyy heavier than I was. It's not always about weight. He was a million times fitter than me, and keeping up with the main personal trainer while I was on the floor dying. 😂
A larger person can often be a lot healthier than a skinnier person.

Sono personal trainer io che ti ho fatto la domanda e la chiave sta nel non demoralizzarsi,soprattutto non devi perché sei già bella così come sei,ricorda che dobbiamo migliorare non stravolgerci quando non è necessario

mi capitò di avere una conversazione simile in cui mi venne detto da un ragazzo che stava studiando per diventare personal trainer che partivo con una “””buona base””” quindi grazie del supporto morale ma in questi casi la testa fa veramente il 90% del lavoro in quanto:
1. è sempre questione di come mi vedo io, di quello che voglio cambiare, quindi ok il parere, ma alla fine devo comunque essere soddisfatta io;
2. è tosta per me perché già avendo carenza di autostima su questo punto di vista, non riesco ad essere costante;
3. sono una sfaticata, ahahaha.
già che ci sto provando è tanto, però me lo devo, quindi spero di durare al più lungo possibile

Ti piacerebbe avere un fidanzato personal trainer?

sto cercando di mettercela tutta per impegnarmi ed essere costante anche se è difficile, ma voglio e devo farlo per me stessa quindi ci provo… anche se sinceramente ho bisogno di qualcuno che mi rompa proprio le scatole e mi tenga motivata anche con la cattiveria ahahaha
su questo aspetto tendo a demoralizzarmi con molta facilità…
in caso non dovessi farcela sì, mi piacerebbe un personal trainer, uomo, donna, gender fluid o non binary non mi interessa ahahaha basta che mi stressi e non mi faccio perdere la retta via
((((((non cerco fidanzati))))))

People who don't exercise, why? People who do exercise regularly, what advice can you give to those who want to change their fitness habits?

I hate exercise. I find it boring. Always have. A couple of months ago I got dragged to a Crossfit session with a friend and I loved it! I'm easily the most overweight and unfit person there and no one gives a shit. The others are deadlifting 50-60kg++++ weights and I'm using a broomstick to practice technique. There's always an extra trainer on and there is a massive focus on safety. We always warm up and practice the movements before getting into it. We fist-bump each other at the end of the session. It's a great community, I love it. TL:DR Find something you like doing and it wont feel like exercise. I found Crossfit
I used to never exercise because I was out of shape anyway and that initial hurdle is literal pain. Once your body starts producing endorphins it's not that bad. So it took me a terribly long time to find a mode of exercise which allows me to ease into a fitness lifestyle at my own pace. Walking. shitloads and shitloads of walking. It may be inefficient, but I feel better and look better.
What actually got me back into the gym the last few months (my work has a gym) is realising that I want to read more books. So my gym trip is 2 mins stretching, then alternating between free weights and sitting on the exercycle for 15 mins. I read while I bike.
I go either 6 or 7 times a week, depending on how I feel I've done that week. There are plenty of days that I want to skip or I'll get lazy with my reps/sets. I always catch myself and audibly ask myself, "WHAT IS YOUR GOAL? WHY DO YOU WANT TO WORK OUT?" in my Arnold Schwarzenegger voice. If I need extra fuel I just think of my ex and BOOM double my rep/set count haha also I go immediately after work. In my early days, if I went home first I wouldn't go to the gym. Nowadays it's so routine that a day without the gym feels empty, just like the rest of my life. Lifting gives me purpose, a sense of belonging to something, and a great outlet for frustration to be released productively.
I was always chubby but it never really bothered me until I fell in love with somebody. I always knew there was zero chance that person would ever love me back (for several reasons), but still I wanted to look good so they'd think the best about me. (I know this sounds stupid but I was 15 at the time.) And after Christmas when I felt like I just gained a lot of weight I mentioned to my aunt that I'd like to lose some weight. She recommended me a few videos and that's how I started. And yeah, at first it was really difficult but after a few weeks I actually started to enjoy those workouts and now I can't imagine not exercising.

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Hâte de finir l'année ?

Pas spécialement, le temps avance à son rythme et ça me convient très bien.
En revanche je me suis promis de prendre l'automne pour m'occuper de tout ce que je fais traîner depuis plusieurs mois et gagner en sérénité. Courir à travers les frontières est exaltant mais épuisant, et il est temps que je pense à me (re)poser un peu. J'avoue être impatiente d'avoir atteint ce stade.

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