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What is something you truly need? Not a want, but an actual need. 🤔

edraegen’s Profile Photoʎǝɹɟɟǝſ™
Time off from work lol
It's become quite stressful due to being painfully understaffed. Thankfully we are now fully staffed but gotta wait for the newest members to finish training!
Honestly my boyfriend and I (we work at the same place) just wanna get away for a week to Wales. Go to our favourite holiday village :)
What is something you truly need Not a want but an actual need

Qué hiciste el día de hoy? Cómo va el trabajo? n.n

jayskye’s Profile PhotoJayden
Otro día sin hacer nada, jajaja. Debido a que hice un training online hasta recién el lunes, cuando debí haberlo hecho el viernes (no fue mi culpa, fue culpa del PM que renunció sin avisarme bien qué onda con todo lo que tenía que hacer), mi fecha de ingreso volvió a posponerse hasta el 8 de agosto, así que tengo otra semana de semi-vacaciones pagadas xD La nueva PM no ayuda en nada; todas las dudas y problemas que he tenido en lo que va de la semana, he tenido que resolverlos yo solo. Además de eso, recibí un equipo de cómputo que aún no sé qué es porque no lo he abierto. Ya mañana te platicaré el chisme de qué me mandaron ewe

If you have to work every weekend, (usually), do you get a couple of days off in the week?

Normally yes :)
Like this week I have Thursday and Friday off, which is good cuz I will have worked 6 days in a row lol
I'm doing the close today. I'm training the new assistant manager how to do them. So least I'm not on my own at 9pm lol
If you have to work every weekend usually do you get a couple of days off in the

حضرتك ليك كورسات أو ناوي تعمل كورسات؟

حالياً بحضر ماتريال ل مش مجرد كورس هو نظام تدريبي كامل (Full training) بحاول أغطي فيه كل اللي ممكن حد يحتاجه في المجال من أوله لاخره .. وإن شاء الله بمجرد ما اخلصه هتكلم عنه قريب بإذن الله وإن شاء الله يبقى مفيد للجميع

What are your thoughts on AI?

myssiing’s Profile PhotoTara Foulkrod
I am all for it!
Today....surgeons receive a minimum 2 years of extensive and lengthy training to equip themselves with various technical skills. Which school did they graduate from? Did that school provide the latest greatest technology? --->But with AI technology, numerous Physicians can enter their data and AI can provide complementing surgical skills to provide the best possible care for patients by enhancing diagnostic and prognostic outcomes in clinical treatment and help Physicians...with decision making, during surgical interventions to improve patient outcomes.
I hope in my lifetime, we will see robotic AI. A doctor could be 1000 miles away and perform a surgery, as if they were there.
What are your thoughts on AI

Often people complain about tropes and cliches in books/film. Are there any you genuinely enjoy?

DionysusArius’s Profile PhotoMerecas
I don't know if people necessarily complain about it's inclusion but I always love me a good training montage 😆 It never fails to show a character's progression in a fun and exciting way, especially if it's paired with some kick-ass music. Whenever one is featured it tends to become one of my favorite moments of said movie. From Rocky to The Incredibles 😁
Often people complain about tropes and cliches in booksfilm Are there any you

Diet or regular exercises, which one is more difficult for you?

paradiseeve5’s Profile PhotoDuaa.
Proper diet isn't much of an issue and I usually eat five to six small meals per day. With exercise, things have been more of a challenge and I've been forced to make adjustments, especially over the past few years. Prior to my surgeries a few years ago, I practiced T'ai Chi regularly but that was about it. After my surgeries, I had many sessions of physical therapy which included Yoga. I've returned back to T'ai Chi after my therapy was over and I started training with free weights. When I fully regained my mobility, I started skiing again and I took Aikido for a brief period. Currently, I work out with weights, I still practice T'ai Chi, meditate daily and I've moved to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. I would ski every day if it were possible but I can only enjoy it in the Winter months. Maybe I should embrace my inner hermit and move to the mountains... 🤣

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Diet or regular exercises which one is more difficult for you

Between 1 and 10, how much do you like me? 😹

redoasis2017’s Profile Photo★ ☮ ♫ tēຖค¢i໐นŞ t໐๓๓คฯ™ ▩ ♚ ☻
10 out of 10, you are cheerful and creative, I will not get bored with you, thanks for the questions, I will briefly answer your block
10 из 10, ты веселый и креативный с тобой не соскучиться, спасибо за вопросы, коротко отвечу на твой блок
1. Time flies when communicating with my people and what I love
Время летит при общении с моими людьми и любимым делом
2. My parents are great for putting the right foundation in me, and I raised myself
Мои родители молодцы, что вложили в меня правильную основу, а воспитала я себя сама
3. Lately I'm even happier than usual, I had a lot of life lessons
В последнее время я еще более счастлива чем обычно, у меня было много жизненных уроков
4.Cake "Strauss" ; Торт "Штраус"
5. Yes, of course I can roll my tongue into a tube, my training was not in vain🤣☝️
Да, конечно умею сворачивать язык в трубочку, мои тренировки не прошли даром🤣☝️

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Between 1 and 10 how much do you like me

Would you rather be a plant or an animal?

theyadoremitch’s Profile PhotoChichie Vertier
Lol I'm good with animal. Fun fact is there is kind of something in-between actually. In a funky kind of way all life evolved from an original root kingdom of microorganisms. So there is technically a bridge between plant and animal. Closet thing we have now is so called "Plantoids" which isn't an official term relax lol. They are things that are plants, but behave like animals. Like plankton and some algae. There are also multicellular animals that you need a microscope to see and probably couldn't pick out from an amoeba without training.

training day و Amadeus و there will be blood جامدين، اتفرجت عليهم ف المصيف مع صحابي وعجبونا كُلنا شكرا يا سُهيلة 💕

Kh23alid_7assan’s Profile Photoدؤلد
حمدالله على السلامة يافنان❤️
ماعرفش ايه training day ده اصلًا بس يعني مفيش داعي للشكر مبسوطة انهم عجبوك

Are you a “because I said so” parent or will you put in the work and explain the things they can comprehend?

a_suomynona’s Profile PhotoWFT
One of my strengths is being able to break down difficult concepts into their separate components and explain how each component functions and how they relate to the overall performance of the system and what the symptoms are when a specific component or sub-system fails.
I use this skill whenever I teach or assist someone who requires help. For example, sometimes when I teach guitar I will have a student who does not want to read music. So before I accept any student I meet with the student and parents and ask a few basic questions:
1. What style of music do you enjoy?
2. Who are your favorite musicians?
3. Why do you want to play guitar?
4. What are your expectations (both from student and parent)
Then I explain what my expectations are, which are non-negotiable. I explain why reading music is essential and why learning scales and arpeggios, harmony, ear training and practicing are necessary. I also explain my what my mission statement is and provide a course outline.
I explain that each week I expect the student to be on time and prepared. As the student is learning various keys, chords and notes I provide written exercises and appropriate songs to play to reinforce concepts. And I demonstrate each concept before the student performs the specific exercise.
I prefer 1:1 lessons because I believe they are more effective than group lessons. Students learn best when that have dedicated instruction. When the student is ready, I will take them on gigs to get real life experience performing. And another skill I have that I like to use with subjects like math is to solve a problem 2 or 3 different ways. One of the major problems I see with "professional teachers" is that often they do not know the subject matter and, in the case of math, they can only regurgitate how to solve a problem one way and they never answer the question: "how would you use this formula in real life." That is total b/s. This is one of the reasons I love music. I do not just show the student one chord. Hell no! I show them every chord in every inversion and I expect them to master every chord in every key. Now you might say, but what about the music student who wants to play Peter, Paul and Mary? Well... I won't accept that person as my student. Sorry folks.
I made a promise to myself to never teach music just for the money which is why I refuse to teach 30 minute lessons. If and when I teach again, they will be 60 minute lessons. Heck by the time the student takes out the guitar and sits down and tunes the guitar, we lost 10 minutes. Plus I need 30 minutes to review and listen to his previous weeks lesson and then 30 minutes to assign a new lesson.
So yes I put in the work which is why I have had students go on to perform live and play in various ensembles. And unlike my peers who might teach a handful of chords in the first position and can only play songs in 2 -3 keys, my students learn hundreds of chords and understand harmony.

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Tenéis algún tip para aprender algún idioma?//Do you have any advice for learning a language?😊😋

Brian, you know, of course, a lot of advice, but I’ll take the main thing, and this is: constant training and desire, reading, try to speak out loud more, not be afraid of mistakes, and of course communicate with someone who knows him with a bang, either a carrier, or that who speaks it freely, who can correct you in pronunciation, stress and rules💫
Браян вот знаешь конечно, куча советов, но я возьму основное, а это: постоянные тренировки и желание, чтение, стараться больше говорить вслух, не бояться ошибок, да и конечно общаться с тем с кем его знает на ура, либо носителем, либо тот кто владеет им свободно, кто сможет тебя откорректировать в произношении, ударениях и правилах💫
Tenéis algún tip para aprender algún idiomaDo you have any advice for learning a

لو عاوزة اعمل CV ي جماعه ومحتاجه مساعدة بنروح مكان معين زي مكتبة والا بنعمل اي لاني مش عارفه 🌸🖖

دي ناس بتعملهولك جاهز لو عايزة
ولو مش عايزة فَـ هم عاملين فكرة وأمثلة ع البيانات المطلوبة
هوتكلفته ١٠٠ ج نسخة بروفشنال بيكون تصميم (( ديزاين)) + cover letter كمل البوست للنهاية ضروري علشان تشوف البيانات المطلوبة.
البيانات هنبعتها ع الواتس 01012310445 والتصميم بيخلص في خلال 48 ساعة بعد مراجعة البيانات الي حضرتك بتبعتها
النسخة بيكون معاك 6 شهور تعدل فيها براحتك بتقول ع التعديل وبتستلم التعديل بعد 48 ساعة .
وطريقة تحويل التكلفة 👇 كالاتي والدفع بيكون مقدم .
أي مكنه فوري في سنترال او سوبر ماركت وبتقوله عايز احول فودافون كاش مش رصيد ع الرقم 01012310445 هيقولك كلمه علشان ياكد الرقم التاكيدي بعدين حضرتك هتكلمنا علشان ناكد وهينزل الايداع مش شرط كون معاك خط فودافون ... او لو عندك محفظة علي طول تقدر تحول..
البيانات كالاتي بالامثلة يعني احنا كاتبين تواريخ وكورسات بامثله تسهيل لحضرتك علشان البيانات تكون مبعوتة بصورة صحيحة :-
Personal البيانات الشخصية
Data of birth
Education التعليم
Grade may.2010 example
Work experience الخبره
Name of company
Date april2010- April 2013
Courses الكورسات
English course at name of places..... jan to feb 2019
Training التدريب
Training at...... incllude .....
Date may.2010 - June.2010
• دي البيانات المطلوبة بامثلة علشان تبقي واضحة النسخة بتاخد ٤٨ ساعة.

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During a busy work / study week, how do you usually like to spend your days off? 😌😴

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
✦ ───────────── ✦
. συт σf ρσтαтσ qυєєи
✦ ───────────── ✦
Currently, I'm having one of those busy weeks because this weekend I'm about to present the work I have put into the musical. So... every day I'm around many students and this is just too much for me, as an introvert. I know I love to sing and to dance with them (although I probably s*ck at dancing) but I really enjoy it. But this hardcore long training session k*ll. me. literally.
So I like to spend my days in my bed. Alone. Me and my bed. maybe a book or a good series. That would be great.

Hello sir, I kinda need your opinion regarding my career. What do you do if a few of your colleagues don't respect you because of rumors that you never do? I don't why but I don't feel like I wanna work there anymore. My job no longer excites me.

Thank you for your question.
I can only answer this question based upon the information you provided and how I would react based upon my own experience. I would never quit a job because of rumors or gossip. My opinion is that those people who gossip and spread rumors are broken people who feed off the pain, suffering and misfortune of others simply to make themselves feel superior or important. Therefore, it is best to ignore rumors and reject those people who gossip.
The question you should be concerned with is this: "Do you like you job?" Any decision you make should be based upon whether or not you enjoy the work you do. If you do not enjoy your work, make a list of the types of employment you can visualize yourself doing. Keep in mind that some jobs require specific training, certifications, degrees where other types of employment simply require on the job training. Remember that every decision you make has consequences, including quitting a job.
If you depend upon the money you earn from a particular job, but do not like the job, then you need to decide what type of job you would like to perform. Once you decide what it is you want to do, set that as your goal and write it down and post it somewhere that is visible (on a mirror) to remind yourself each day what your goal is and if you are actually taking the daily steps to work toward your stated goal.
Achieving goals can be arduous and time consuming and as such, require persistence, self discipline and dedication.
- If your goal is realistic, you can achieve it.
- If you believe in yourself and are committed to your success, you will realize your goal.
Good Luck

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In what ways can you let a person know that they are being unprofessional?

akciMMicka’s Profile Photo⚜️ M i c k a ⚜️
Explaining what the company particularly needs from an employee, like punctuality, regularity in work.
If work performance is not upto the standards established then it can be easily conveyed to the person.
If there's a fresher in the work field then the company must give them the necessary instructions and also the training sessions. 🤔

Positiv denken!“ „Optimistisch bleiben!“ „Krisen als Chance begreifen!“ Der Imperativ des Glücks springt uns aus vielen Selbsthilferatgebern und Werbungen entgegen. Sind wir umgeben vom „Glücksterror“, dem Zwang zu bekennen „Es geht mir gut“?

XxSuperwomenxX’s Profile PhotoEponomasie
Mit dem Glück ist es wie mit jeder anderen Fertigkeit, in der es meisterliche Grade zu erlangen gilt, der letztliche Erfolg läßt sich
nicht erzwingen.
Es beginnt mit dem erlernen der grundlegenden Fertigkeiten, deren Training und mündet irgendwann in der Verinnerlichung dieser, dem "glücklich sein".
Das ist aber ein kontinuierlicher Prozess, der sich nicht beliebig, durch Ehrgeiz oder Fleiß und Disziplin beschleunigen lässt.
Es passiert, wenn du bereit dafür bist.😁

Is it alright if i still wear training bras at 18

Honey، I'm in my 20s and I'm not comfortable with normal bras either.
I used to wear training bras but then they got uncomfortable too, so I switched to sport bras.
Moral of the story love: there's no bra manual here, or life manual even, you wear whatever you feel comfortable in, and you must feel confident in your choices dear, okay?
Wear a training bra until you're fifty 🔥🔥🔥 And if anyone says anything mean about it, well just send them to me ☺️🔪✨✨

Are you srsly worried about your boobs being saggy?

I mean not rn no but in the future.. I probably won't care then either 😂 I think wearing my bras all the time as a kid actually grew my titties cause I didn't start out in a training bra like I was supposed to my mom was just like here 👙 😂
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Lyon bemerkte nicht einmal, wie seine Mundwinkel mit jeder Minute höher wanderten. Jede noch so kleine Berührung Juvias füllte sein Herz mit den berauschenden Glücksgefühlen. Selbst als Juvia von ihm abließ um zum Kühlschrank zu gehen, hörte er nicht mit grinsen auf. Mit verschränkten Armen [1/4]

xLyonVastiax’s Profile Photo❆ Lyon Vastia Virac ❆
lehnte er sich gegen die Kücheninsel und schielte zu Juvia rüber. „Sandwiches und Obst klingen gut. Sehr gut sogar." Lyon hatte auch keinen großen Hunger. Die Vergangenheit und das, was noch auf ihn zukommen würde lagen noch schwer in seinem Magen. Er schob den Gedanken daran beiseite. „Du hast mir noch nichts über deine neuen Bekanntschaften erzählt gehabt. Wie waren sie so und wieso habt ihr euch wieder auseinandergelebt?" Er konnte seine Neugier nicht leugnen. Vier Jahre waren keine kurze Zeit. Sie hatte mit Sicherheit viel erlebt gehabt, so wie er auch. „Ein Tee wäre nicht schlecht. Kann ich dir irgendwie behilflich sein?" Zuerst hatte Lyon etwas gezögert, diese Frage zu stellen. In den vier Jahren hatte er die eine oder andere Küche in Brand gesetzt gehabt. Auch, wenn es bei einem Sandwich eigentlich keine Probleme geben sollte...
„Oh? Du meinst wahrscheinlich Menma und Add. Die beiden haben sich eigentlich immer gut um mich gekümmert, zwar sind sie sich oft in die Haare gegangen aber schlussendlich waren sie ein Paar.“ Der Gedanke an die beiden Männer brachte Juvia zum Schmunzeln. „Ich weiß gar nicht wie es dazu kam. Jeder verschwindet ja eher plötzlich.“ Die Dame holte einige Früchte aus dem Kühlschrank und fing an sie gründlich zu waschen. Ein Lächeln schmückte ihre Lippen, als sie seine Frage vernahm. „Ich schaffe das schon alleine.“ Kurz nach ihren Worten, bereitete Juvia dann auch schon den Tee vor. Es dauerte nicht lange da servierte sie diesen auch schon und fing an das Obst zu schneiden und die Sandwiches vorzubereiten. „Ich bin Add für sehr vieles dankbar. Ich glaube ohne ihn wäre ich heute gar nicht mehr hier.“ Die Worte trafen selbst sie wie ein Schlag. Der Mann war wahrlich ihr bester Freund und sie hatten so vieles zusammen erlebt. Seien es kleine Auseinandersetzungen oder amüsierende Momente. Training oder entspannte Tage. Kurz wischte sich die Dame mit dem Handrücken über die Augen, lächelte den Mann ihr gegenüber dann wieder an. „Wie sieht es eigentlich bei dir aus? Du hast von einer Familie geredet. Wie waren sie so? Wo sind sie jetzt?“ Während sie ihm die Frage stellte, packte Juvia alles nötige nun in einen Korb und holte noch eine kleine Picknickdecke hervor.

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Lyon bemerkte nicht einmal wie seine Mundwinkel mit jeder Minute höher wanderten

What do you usually do to wind down the night before when you know you have to get up early the next morning? 🛌🌄

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
If I’m up really early it’s very difficult. In my last job I might have to be up at 4am to travel from the office in Edinburgh (Scotland) up to Inverness to give a 9am presentation. Then onto Dundee Uni to run training in the afternoon, and then speaking at a conference in Perth in the evening.
I’d get home from work the night before and lie down and try to sleep, but I wouldn’t be able to sleep properly until I’d finished everything I needed to do everywhere!
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03 : sᴄʜʀᴇɪʙᴇ ᴇɪɴᴇ ᴋʟᴇɪɴᴇ sᴢᴇɴᴇ ᴀᴜs ᴅᴇɪɴᴇʀ ᴋɪɴᴅʜᴇɪᴛ ᴀᴜғ ᴏᴅᴇʀ ʙᴇʀɪᴄʜᴛᴇ ᴠᴏɴ ᴇɪɴᴇʀ ʙᴇsᴏɴᴅᴇʀs ᴇɪɴᴘʀᴀ̈ɢsᴀᴍᴇɴ ᴇʀɪɴɴᴇʀᴜɴɢ ᴀɴ ᴅɪᴇsᴇ. ✿.

thinkthrough’s Profile Photo❴ • Rome and Ami • ❵
Einer geschärften Klinge gleichend schnitt die brennende Kälte der späten Herbstnacht durch das dünne Hemd des Jungen. Seine nackten Füße flogen erst über den harten, grauen Beton des Gehweges und schließlich über den weichen, gepflegten Rasen des in unzähligen Farben erblühten Dachgartens. Grölend und brüllend waren ihm die erbosten Leibwächter dicht auf der Spur – ihre schweren Stiefel hallten zuerst durch die atemberaubenden Hallen des riesigen Palastes, ehe das grüne Gras des Rasens die Schritte verschluckten.
Das fahle Licht des am wolkenlosen Firmament erstrahlenden Mondes benetzte die gebräunte Haut des Jungen, welcher kaum älter als sechszehn Jahre alt war und mit gerunzelter Stirn durch den riesigen Garten sprintete. ‚Denk nach! Denk verdammt nochmal nach!‘
So oft war er nun schon kopflos in all die dunklen Falltüren gesprungen, die das Leben mit all seinen sadistischen Launen für ihn offengehalten hatte, aber immer wieder war er aus diesen gefährlichen Zwickmühlen entkommen. Doch all das nützte ihm nun nichts mehr.
Hinter ihm explodierte das dunkle Donnern tödlicher Schüsse – zwangen ihn dazu, seine Richtung zu ändern und im Zickzack zu laufen; fast einem Betrunkenen gleichend. Aber all das würde nur das Unvermeidliche hinauszögern. Die Soldaten waren unbeirrt auf ihr Ziel fixiert, auf Dominanz und Tod – und zwar auf seinen. Es gab nur einen einzigen Ausweg und es wäre ein verdammtes Wunder, wenn es tatsächlich funktionieren würde.
Unaufhörlich hämmerte sein Herz gegen seinen schmerzenden Brustkorb. Seine Lungen pumpten. Ein elektrisierendes Gefühl übermannte seinen strapazierten Körper. Am Ende war auch er nur ein Mensch – ganz gleich, welches Training er auch durchlaufen hatte. Dennoch verlangsamte er sein Tempo nicht. Er konnte es nicht, nein, er durfte es nicht. Er durfte die Kontrolle über seinen Körper nicht seinem Gehirn überlassen. Denn sein Körper wusste, was zutun war und er wusste, wie er es anstellen musste.
Unmittelbar neben ihm zerfetzte eine der glühenden Kugeln den Ast eines Baumes. Scharfe Splitter schrammten durch sein gerötetes Gesicht und hinterließen blutende Wunden. Das Los, das die Soldaten für ihn bereithielten, war von unbarmherziger Gewissheit. Das steinerne Dach, das auf dem beeindruckenden Palast thronte, hielt eine aberwitzige, eine verzweifelte Chance für Noah bereit – wenn er das Vertrauen besaß, sie zu ergreifen.
Er wurde nicht langsamer.
Als er sich dem gläsernen Geländer näherte, breitete er die Arme aus – und sprang.
„Ich liebe dich, Noah!“
Dem verzweifelten Schrei einer Krähe gleichend, erfüllte die laute Stimme eines blonden Mädchens die nächtliche Dunkelheit. In einem edlen Gewand gehüllt, stützte sich die schwer atmende Adelstochter an dem gläsernen Gelände ab und blickte in die schwindelerregende Tiefe, in die ihr Geliebter gesprungen war.
Es war das erste Mal, dass diese drei Worte ihre zarten Lippen verlassen hatten.
Und es waren auch ihre allerletzten Worte gewesen.

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03  sᴄʜʀᴇɪʙᴇ ᴇɪɴᴇ ᴋʟᴇɪɴᴇ sᴢᴇɴᴇ ᴀᴜs ᴅᴇɪɴᴇʀ ᴋɪɴᴅʜᴇɪᴛ ᴀᴜғ ᴏᴅᴇʀ ʙᴇʀɪᴄʜᴛᴇ ᴠᴏɴ ᴇɪɴᴇʀ

What's your plan 5-10 years from now?

I will work as a Lawyer, my choices are to be a Criminal defense Lawyer or a Prosecutor which is risky and dangerous or be a Civil rights Lawyer and probably join PAO for awhile to gain experience till I join up with a Lawfirm. I probably will move somewhere else probably in Cebu or Davao, Manila is also an option.
Also I realllyy want to have some form of Military training, working for the Coastguard/Navy/Army is an option.
Aaaand lastly, Travel the Country and conquer my fears.
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Do you experience cabin fever?

I do not like being in small spaces for too long. I am more of a get up and walk around type of guy. In fact, one the requirements I have in every house I have either built or purchased is that I have a room dedicated for my musical instruments, amplifiers and computers. And this room must be isolated from the rest of the house so that I can practice without being heard or disturbing family members or neighbors. This requirement stems from my childhood when either I would turn my amp on to practice or I would have my band rehearse at my house and had to listen to the multitude of complaints concerning: it's too loud...I don't like that song.... your out of tune...when are you guys going to learn how to sing.....you suck...etc, etc, etc.
One of the aspects of great music and musicianship that 99.99999% of the human race doesn't comprehend, is to get proficient on any musical instrument and to then create music and put together a band that sounds excellent takes thousands of hours of hard work And during that time the musicians and composers make thousands of mistakes trying to perfect their technique and their sound.
Anyway... I get frustrated and bored trying to justify my music. So my solution is to have a sound proof room that is isolated from humanity so I do not "offend" anyone while I practice and make mistakes and grow and learn so I can walk on stage and entertain.
This is why I believe that music should be mandatory in every school curriculum in every school in every country in the world. If you want to solve most of the problems that humans face (war, violence, greed, selfishness, impatience, negative attitudes, short attention span, inability to concentrate, stage fright, fear, inability to work as a team, unable to listen, hear, negotiate, compromise and think outside the box.... make them learn how to play a musical instrument well enough to play in a youth symphony, stage band, orchestra, big band, rock band, blues band, jazz band, bluegrass band, classical orchestra. Force humanity to train their ears (ear training) to hear frequency. Why? Because our universe's most fundamental component is vibration (frequency) and yet most people understand nothing about frequency and do not sense vibration as they should. Perhaps that is why so many people never learn to listen properly and base most of their sense of reality on what they can see and not on what they can hear.
The sense of hearing is critical to our survival as a species and this is precisely why music is essential. As an experiment, try to imagine learning language and acquiring speech without being able to hear (deaf). Have you ever heard a deaf person speak? That simple observation demonstrates why music, sound and ear training is essential. And yet, how many folks reading this have ever played a musical instrument? Do you know why? It is not cost. It is not lack of opportunity. The reason is because learning music is difficult.

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What Is The First Thing You Think Of When You Wake Up?

anonymous_atticus’s Profile PhotoPaxton Hall
Make your bed.
Every morning in SEAL training, my instructors, who at the time were all veterans, would show up in my barracks room and the first thing they do is inspect my bed. If you did it right, the corners would be square, the covers pulled tight, the pillow centered just under the headboard and the extra blanket folded neatly at the foot of the rack. It was a simple task — mundane at best. But every morning we were required to make our bed to perfection. It seemed a little ridiculous at the time, particularly in light of the fact that were aspiring to be real warriors, tough battle-hardened SEALs, but the wisdom of this simple act has been proven to me many times over. If you make your bed every morning you will have accomplished the first task of the day. It will give you a small sense of pride, and it will encourage you to do another task and another and another. By the end of the day, that one task completed will have turned into many tasks completed. Making your bed will also reinforce the fact that little things in life matter. If you can't do the little things right, you will never do the big things right.

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What Is The First Thing You Think Of When You Wake Up

Who Had The Most Positive Influence On You?

anonymous_atticus’s Profile PhotoPaxton Hall
I have been a Navy SEAL for 20 years. But it all began when I left Texas for Basic SEAL training. Basic SEAL training is six months of long torturous runs in the soft sand, midnight swims in the cold water, obstacles courses, unending calisthenics, days without sleep and always being cold, wet and miserable. It is six months of being constantly harassed by professionally trained warriors who seek to find the weak of mind and body and eliminate them from ever becoming a Navy SEAL. But the training also seeks to find those students who can lead in an environment of constant stress, chaos, failure and hardships. To me basic SEAL training was a lifetime of challenges crammed into six months. It was a great equalizer. Nothing mattered but your will to succeed. Not your color, not your ethnic background, not your education and not your social status.

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If you see someone drowning will you just watch or you'd jump and drown with them 🙂

Well I'll scream for help, I'll do everything in my power, but there's no way Im jumping!
First of all, I don't know how to swim. and even so, rescuing someone requires professional training.
Second of all, I'm TERRIFIED of the sea!
We all gonna die eventually, I'll have to let them die on their own, I'm sorry
If you see someone drowning will you just watch or youd jump and drown with them

What are you studying and how old are you?

I have already finished my studies
I have finished Flight Attendance Program at the academy and have taken the cabin crew qualifying course from EgyptAir Training Academy and I was a flight attendant for 5 years
Now I’m trying to establish my own startup Tourism Agency with some of my friends, so wish us luck ✌🏻✌🏻
I’m 26 years old but I will be 27 soon

What is a memory that never fails to make you happy when you look back on it? 😊💭

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
All of the times when my friends and I were goofing around - singing and dancing to Korean pop music, challenging one another to arm and thigh wrestling duels, training and lifting weights in the funniest of ways at the school gym, watching and fangirling over hot celevrities in shows, playing games like poker and charades, laughing hysterically over jokes and embarrassing incidents, stealing each other's food,reading in comfortable silence, drawing each other's portraits, tickling each other, jumping on each other's back for piggyback rides, braiding each other's hair, plamning and executing birthday surprises,, kicking off our shoes and sleeping on school chairs or benches like homeless stragglers and using each other as pillows.

مازا تفعل لتخرج من العزلة؟🧎🏻‍♂️

cciicc_699’s Profile Photoأنا واشياء اخرى
My new roommate and I (the one who asked if I like cutting vegetables) conduct daily sessions of:
- Exercise (strength training and cardio)
- Work and study
- Philosophical contemplations
- Problem solving and scheming
Isolation and solitude is good for introspection but in my case (prolonged periods of it) does not serve my goals.

Why can’t we have Police hero like in movies who is brave enough to enter the damn school and kill the shooter?

Active situations aren't anything like Hollywood productions. I have never had any trouble responding and / or following orders and I've put my personal life / safety on the line many times but of course, every situation is unique, there are various training methods (some more effective than others) and we all address emergencies differently. It is my hope that every emergency responder receives adequate training and has the tools which are necessary to perform his or her duties. It isn't a perfect world and calamities will occur, but we aren't going to minimize tragic occurrences until we stop politicizing every horror and diverting attention away from the issues which *must* be addressed: mental health, safety and *responsible* ownership / training of firearms.

What do you think should be done about all these shootings?

First of all, we can stop pretending that people who commit such horrible acts aren't deeply disturbed. A sane / rational person would never do something so heinous. Secondly, we need to implement stronger security measures. If we can take such steps to protect banks, courthouses, government buildings, museums, etc., we can certainly do as much *and more* to protect children. Thirdly, we need to stop vilifying and blaming firearms. They can be used to protect lives too and in the recent incident, it was an armed law enforcement officer who was able to neutralize the perpetrator, probably saving the lives of others who might have been shot. As previously mentioned, my city has Safety Agents in every school and we do not have such incidents. Lastly, we must encourage responsible citizens to protect themselves and their communities. This can be done with periodic training, certification and other proven methods. The problem isn't difficult to solve but unfortunately, there is no willingness to take corrective steps because the primary objective has always been to disarm the population and leave us weak and vulnerable. Anyone who does not recognize such a blatantly obvious agenda is incomprehensibly ignorant.

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https://ask.fm/feytality/answers/169815320120 Was ist HIIT?

tittengrabschernumberone’s Profile PhotoPapiertiger.
Nennt sich "High Intense Interval Training", wo man in sehr kurzen Abständen extrem verausgabende Bewegungen mit wenig Pause dazwischen aufführt, bis man erschöpft ist. Sagen wir einfach, ich bin langsam kein Fan mehr davon. Will mittlerweile nur noch Sport machen, der mäßige Beanspruchung inkludiert, dafür aber etwas länger ist, wie beispielsweise mit einem Hula Hoop Reifen.

What is the most important thing a person can do to improve themselves?

First, the problem(s) must be identified. What could benefit from improvement? One's health? Education? Existing skills or abilities? Financial situation? We cannot hope to improve ourselves (or our lives) until we can determine which areas need attention. One should begin with a thorough / honest evaluation and assess what is lacking, what may be done and how to proceed. If the goal is to lose weight or get in shape, perhaps a change of diet and an exercise routine would be in order. To improve the mind, one could read, study, take a course or pursue higher education / training. Before we embark on any journey, we must decide on the destination and choose the proper vehicle to get there.
What is the most important thing a person can do to improve themselves

Say something profound!

Here is something profound that the MSM is attempting to deny and spin.
- Elon Musk is voting Republican.
- The Ministry of Truth was disbanded.
- CNN+ is dead.
- CNN has been removed from all Airports in America.
- Free speech on Twitter is being restored once Elon buys it.
- Disney lost $600 million after protesting Florida's Parental Rights Bill and cancelled their mandatory "Employee Wokeness" training.
- Netflix lost half a million subscribers during 2nd quarter and issued an internal memo rebuking woke activist employee's.
- Kyle Rittenhouse acquitted of all charges in unanimous verdict.
- Joe Biden's approval is in a free fall.
- Hunter Biden is being investigated.
- Parents are taking control of school boards across America.
- Durham indictments are in full swing.
- Supreme Court issues a controversial opinion that has outraged the Woke activists.
- Glenn Youngkin won the race for governor in Virginia.
- Doug Mastriano won the republican primary for governor in Pennsylvania.
- Trump increased his republican primary wins to 85 - 3.
All across America, conservatives and classical liberals are standing up for Faith, Family, Freedom and are rejecting the progressive liberals and their Woke Cancel Culture and Marxist religion of hate, conflict, racism and division.

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Suggest some good business ideas.🥺

There is no free cup of tea young lady... If you really wanna do some business you gotta learn it first... There is this training coming up in a couple of months for intermediates and beginners to learn about franchise business and how to sustain a business... Its a paid program of one month weekend classes... If you wanna..., just let me know, will share the details with you...

Stell dir vor, es gibt ein Gym wo man 1000€ Jahresabo auf einmal bezahlt. Für jedes Training kriegst du aber 5€ zurück. Würdest du gewinn machen oder würde dein Geldbeutel bluten ? 🧚🏼

Nach meinen Berechnungen würde ich die 1000€ nicht schaffen, dann müsste ich ja fast jeden Tag ins Gym gehen… aber auf meine Berechnungen ist auch kein Verlass…🤣

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